especially if its unintentional

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i’m gonna be real honest with you here: what was extremely unhealthy for me was holding IN all my criticisms for this show. it actually feels really comforting to voice my frustrations with the show’s problems (especially in terms of its unintentional but still very apparent racism, fatphobia, and toxic relationship tendencies) and seeing that there are many others who share the same grievances.

also, i don’t think i only focus on the bad of the show?? of course there’s good stuff in it (and i do try to talk about those good things every now and then)! i used to really love this show. being queer, chubby, and a woc, it meant so much to me with its diverse representation and it was even my favorite show at a point. but recently, while there are still some good episodes now and then, i just can’t deny that the show has been lacking in many aspects, even to the point of being hurtful. if this show was bad from the start, i wouldn’t even bother with having this blog. but it’s because the show has become such a disappointment to me, i (and my two dear friends) have created this space to vent with others. i would LOVE to see this show get back up in quality. i promise if that day comes, i will gladly sing this show’s praises.

plus, it’s not like i’m on this blog 24/7 trying to find every way to shit on the show. i honestly do not have the time nor energy to nitpick this show to death. a lot of su critical blogs are just side blogs for fun and venting.

this post sums up my feelings fairly well, too.

i’m also gonna take this time to address something: if you’re new to the su fandom and/or you JUST want to see fan art, gifs, etc. feel free to blacklist the “su critical” tag! that’s the tag we use (as well as the “su discourse” tag i think). heck, that’s WHY we made the tag, so the main su tag wouldn’t get flooded. and (as this blog’s description says) if we have said anything genuinely harmful or you want anything tagged specifically, please let us know! you can even block this blog and other su critical blogs if it helps you.

and hey, if you like the show, that is totally fine! we’ll just do our best to stay out of each other’s hair.


- mod b