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Also this turned out longer than expected so I hope it’s good

33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.“

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members: yixing, chanyeol, baekhyun.

; does the heart know what it wants?

A/N: @layxvodka / @everythingallcaps, this is for you, zoë. happy belated birthday! hopefully, this is okay enough… sorry. idk what this is.

masterlist // get to know me

     Honestly, you never liked it when guys looked at you, but when you noticed three amazingly hot and handsome guys have their eyes trained on you, you were sold to making each second they looked at you a long-lasting perfect first impression.

     After a few hours of quietly, you learned that the tallest of the three with fiery red hair and manly charms was named Chanyeol who liked to play games and have fun. The shortest and cutest one wad Baekhyun who had even more mischief in his eyes than Chanyeol’s. The quieter one was Yixing, a guy who could do both cute and manly.

     And thankfully, it was a long-lasting perfect first impression. Three months later and these hotties/cuties (you’re still trying to figure it out) have become your ultimate best friends and flirts.

     Each day always had Chanyeol’s sweet morning texts and deep conversations, Yixing’s brunch dates and bouquets of flowers, and Baekhyun’s karaoke nights and sweet songs he’s written for you. Each day was something special, moving your heart by their cuteness and hotness (you figured it out). The moment these boys entered your life, each day was different from the other and each day made you fall in love with them, most especially on your birthday.

     A candle lit dinner with these three handsome men was enough to make your heart burst into millions of butterflies. Each wore their best, all in suits, leather shoes, and gold Rolex watches. The only thing different between them all was the roses they held in their hands.

     A purely white rose on Yixing’s hand, a blood red rose on Chanyeol’s, and a shy pink held by Baekhyun’s fingers. They all smiled at you as you greeted them with a hug. Baekhyun was the first to speak. “Happy birthday, love. We have a surprise for you later.”

“You didn’t have to make me a surprise, Baekhyun. It was enough for you hunks to invite me to dinner, so thank you very much for inviting me to dinner,” you said, the heat of embarrassment spreads through your neck as you watched them gawk at your midnight blue gown.

“No, thank you, beauty,” Yixing said, taking your hand in his and helping you to your seat, “a lady like you needs to be appreciated.”

“Especially when you’ve spent the last three months, thinking of who you love more,” Chanyeol spoke up, smirking at your confused face, “so tell me, babe. Who do you love more?”

     Three expectant and devastatingly handsome men looked at you with hope, desperation, and love in the eyes and you could not feel more nervous than ever. It was your birthday and they were pressuring you to choose between the three of them you loved most.

     But there always has been one that stood out and you wanted the other two to stop flirting with you and let you kiss his lips and feel his hands on your waist without them bothering you.

     When you let the color of his rose and his name slip out of your lips and echo in the air, he smiled as the other two nodded.

“We’ve always known you loved him more than the two of us. We just wanted you to say it already. Surprise, love.”

     Your cheeks burned as the realization settled in you that finally you had confessed it. You brought up your eyes to his and they were still on yours, dazzling with a new confidence. “So you love me?”

“Yeah, I do,” you replied with a gentle smile, but his was gentler and more loving. “Glad to know.”

     There’s a long calming silence between you two as you shared the same stare at each other. The other two laughed quietly, quickly leaving the table after watching at how your eyes have permanently settled on him and finally enjoy that moment you’ve been longing for since the day you’ve met him three months ago.

Some things my teachers have done this year
  • My maths teacher didn’t let a girl enter the class even though she was a minute late
  • The next hour she asked him to explain what we had done, he said that she should have been here
  • My french teacher gave a girl detention because she had forgotten an essay
  • Later we found out that the teacher had the essay but she still gave the student the detention because, I quote “Students should not be forgetful”
  • When a student’s phone rang in the middle of a physics lesson, my teacher decided it was more important to talk about disruptive students instead of talking about the lesson
  • Next day, we had a test, on the lesson we were supposed to finish yesterday. We all failed.

ravenhowl-in-shipland  asked:

Your Sleeping Beauty/Yuri on Ice AU is really incredible and full of warm colors ^(*0*)^ I especially like the last pages you post, with the three fairies ! It was so well done and beautiful ♡ Let me give you hug as a reward for your hard work (>*^*)> Thank you for these amazing masterpieces !

Hello! Thank you so much >///< I’m glad you loved the last part, I’m happy enough to know you guys appreciate my work <3

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Lovers From The Past (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 11

Archived | Posted December 5, 2015

Shit is about to go down, people. Prepare yourselves~!! This is on of the longest parts so far of the series, just so you know haha. Hope you’ll like it and enjoy~ ^^

Summary: You knew what you had to do. The time had come…

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21]

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This scene was so important.

The reason being, that, this line has given us more insight to Felicity’s character and her past than anything we’ve got in the last three seasons.

Especially when you pair it with the line that Donna has

And I can just picture Felicity as this little girl, completely idolizing her father and see how much her mother loved him,

And then he left.

And Felicity was left to deal with the wreckage.

She saw how her mother was probably destroyed by him leaving.

She probably saw how her mother didn’t know who she was without her father.

And promised herself, at a very young age. That that would never happen to her. She would never lose herself in a guy. She would never get so caught up in a guy that she wouldn’t be able to pull back. She would keep enough of herself that if he ever left, she’d survive. She could control her life, she could control what happened to her, and her choices.

And then Oliver walked into her office.

And he was this broken hero.

And she fell in love with him.

And she almost lost him, and then he asked her to run away with him.

And there was no question, no hesitation, she ran.

And they lived in this little happy bubble for months. Where the scary, dark outside world couldn’t touch them.

And now that bubble has burst. And it’s all happened so fast, too fast.

That Felicity is realizing her worst fear has come true, she’s done the one thing she swore she’d never do. She feels that she’s been so caught in Oliver, that she’s missed things. She hasn’t noticed because she was so lost in him. So lost in their life together.

And that terrifies her, that lack of control, terrifies her.

And I love her realization, with Mama Smoak’s help, that it’s not that she’s lost herself in Oliver. It’s not that she’s become someone that she isn’t. It’s that with him, she’s become the person she was always meant to be.

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“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.” Henri Nouwen

Demon!Luke (Part Four)


Luke decides to take you home, bad things happen. Not to forget that Calum finds you and Luke getting intimate. 

RATING: PG (13+)
OTHER: should i make this longer like a fanfic? (it wont be longer than 8 chapters) or should i make ONE LAST part? /// sorry for being so late again! + gif is not mine

             “I swear you’re not just another victim,” he mumbled. You were completely speechless. There was only one word to describe your feelings– played.

             “Victim? What the hell is that suppose to mean? This is all so pathetic, you’re pathetic.” You were blunt. Your face was red and it seemed like you were more heated than hell itself. “You know what? I don’t care. Your secret is out, now, Luke. Just take me back or kill me.”

             Luke was breathless, even for a dead soul. “I don’t want to kill you,” he said. He was calm, relaxed and over-top nervous. Anyone could tell that he was trying to say the right things. Luke was stuck. All through his course of being a demon, he always knew what to do, it was always simple for him. In this situation, it was tough. Luke was scared– not the kind of fear of death because he was already dead. It was the kind of feeling where you’re just stuck because you’re just so scared of saying the wrong things to a person you don’t want to lose and Luke didn’t want to admit it, but you were the person he was afraid of losing. “I’ll take you back.” His voice was shaky. “B-but, I’m not going to leave you alone.”

             You were fine with that. Secretly, you didn’t want him to leave you alone either, you just wanted him to apologize, really. “Okay, whatever. Let’s go.”

             With just a blink of an eye, you were back in your dorm room. Luke was still clinging along with you but you acted as if he didn’t exist anymore. The first thing you did was check your phone. The anxious feeling hit you when you saw the endless line of messages that were sent to your phone.

             Yesterday: Calum - Missed Calls (30)

             From Calum: loser

             From Calum: hey

             From Calum: wtf answer meee

             From Calum: it’s been like 4 hours, I’m being super clingy but I’m getting really worried. Please reply to me. Love u

             From Calum: IT’S BEEN A FUCKING DAY :( miss u

             From Calum: okay, so haven’t seen that blonde friend of urs around either hm

             From Calum: fuck you

             From Calum: jk love u, and I’m kidding. I trust ya.

             From Calum: I hope

             From Calum: Okay, it’s officially been a day and 18 hours and you’re still missing. Some teachers are starting to get suspicious but I told each and every1 of ur pros that u got the flu or some shit lol. Some of the people on campus here know you’re not sick (I dunno how) and they’re worried about you and so am I. So if you could at least tell me where you are or what’s going on, that’ll be great because ya know I’m always gunna be ur bff at the end of the day .

             From Calum: I miss u 2.

             From Calum: Okay so, that luke kid just gave me a visit at liikeds 3am and he says youre wit hh im ebcasue you’re leacvingme for him w hat

             From Calum: I ’m kinda sad now

             From Calum: don’t worry. I luh u and I wont believe him till you tell me.

             Panic immediately flushed over you. You were gone for nearly two whole days. especially read the three last texts.

             You turned around, facing Luke with a furious expression. He walked over towards you, closer. He had a smirk on his face, again. Hey, what’s new, though?

             “Calum told me that you came by and gave him a visit last night and you told him some shit that wasn’t true at all, why’d you do this?” You sternly asked. There was a pleasant feeling that was poking your back; all because of Luke and his words.

             “Was bored, sorry.” He haughtily replied.

             You rolled your eyes at him, walking past him and heading straight to the door. You were heading to Calum’s place so he could stop worrying about you. There was also this tempting urge to confess Luke about how his true identity was a demon but you knew you wouldn’t, even if Luke never told you there was some kind of rule like that, you still wouldn’t ever tell.

             Luke was following you. You felt his pitch-black eyes burn into your back as he walked slowly behind you, not catching up with you on purpose. You acted as if you didn’t care, but god, you just wanted to have a quiet late night walk with him and talk about the pointless things and to get him know him even better. But you knew that you couldn’t break down his walls till you broke down yours.

             As soon as you hit the boys’ entrance of campus, Luke caught up with you. “Why are you going in here?” Luke asked. He crossed his arms, tilting his head; full of arrogance. “You know, it wouldn’t be a good idea.”

             You scoffed. “Says you.” You push pass him once again, entering the building.

             He grabbed your arm gently, but you felt a scratch that left a stinging sensation on the skin on your arm. The red mark slowly faded into a black mark.

             “Luke… what the hell did you do?” You were whispering-yelling. “What is this?” You pointed towards the now completely black coloured scratch mark.

             He kept muttering cuss words before he could finally calm down and explain.

             “I– fucking like scratched you.” He was angry, frustrated. “It’s a demon scratch, it lasts between four days to a week,” he explained, simply. It didn’t sound bad at all.

             “So, it’s just like a normal mark besides the weird colour side effect?” You questioned, not daring to touch the injury.

             Luke shook his head, his skin becoming paler than usual, which was surprisingly possible.

             “No. There’s side effects..” He grumbled. He made it seem as if it was your fault. “You’ll feel like your dying. You’ll feel miserable and there’s going to be something else but you can just wait to see what that is.”

             The anxiety level of knowing the last symptom was high and aggravating. It wasn’t even a dead minute and it was pissing you off to the highest, but you still somewhat managed to shrug it off.

             You walked away, walking back to where you needed to go. Luke followed you, which was obviously nothing new.

             Luke stopped you, speeding to grab you again. Instead of grabbing your arm, he wrapped his arms around your waist. “I heard something. Just stay still, I’ll protect you.”

             You tried to rip away from him but he wouldn’t budge. “There’s nothing here. Let me go.” You said. He did as you told and released his arms away from your waist.

             You turned away to face Luke, with a sarcastic smile. “There’s nothing threatening here but you.” You commented with a stiff chuckle. He rolled his eyes, biting on his lower lip. The intensity between the two of you was insane. If either of you two walked another step, you’d be kissing.

             “Shit. We’re so close.” He murmured, still playing around with his lip. The urge to kiss him was real, but you couldn’t give in. It’d show that you’re weak.

             He knew that and he knew that you wanted to kiss him that, but he didn’t care because he kissed you right at that moment. It felt good. You tried not to kiss back but you did, because it felt good and his lips always gave you an intensity you never felt ever before.

             The thought of Calum stabbed you immensely for a moment, but you still couldn’t help yourself. Luke kissed better and that was the truth. Guilt flushed over you, but pleasure filled you even more.

             “That was–” you cut him off before he could finish his sentence, but someone cut you off before you could start speaking.

             “Seems fun.” A voice said. It was Calum. You were horribly speechless. You didn’t know what to say. It was like your mind went into a void.

             “It was nothing. It’s not what it looks like,” Luke said. Oh god, how cliché was this guy. Luke was stiff but his tone was tough. Even if Calum was angry, I knew he was intimidated by Luke at a major amount because he claimed that Luke was ‘scary’ which was somewhat true, but Luke was more of a friendly dick in my eyes.

             “Y/N, what do you have to say…?” Calum questioned but it was more like a way to say, ‘i’m breaking up with you,’ and surprisingly, nothing hurt. The guilt didn’t hurt— nothing did. It was just guilt.

             You knew what was right, you knew what to reply with even if it would hurt you and Calum.

             “Luke is wrong. It is what it looks like. I’m sorry Calum and I understand that we’re going to breakup and if you aren’t going to breakup with me, I will because you deserve someone better. I’m sorry.” You said. Luke watched you speak like you were a work of art.

             Calum agreed. “This is so hard to take in, y/n.” Calum said. He began to take in deep breaths. “You’re right, though. We’re over.” He was apologetic. Calum waved a farewell, gave Luke a revolting glare and left. Watching him leave hurt more than the words itself, even though you knew you’d be seeing him again.

             The words and realization didn’t hit home and it didn’t hurt as much as you expected it too. However, it did hurt enough to get some tears run down.

             Luke and you walked outside of the boys’ side and walked back to your side. The two of you sat down outside on the steps of the entrance.

             “Well that was interesting,” Luke commented.

             “Shut up.” You snarled, sniffling the last of your minute tears. He put his hands up in defence, jokingly.

             He wiped off the tears on your face. His eyes went black for a moment but quickly flashed back into his regular bright icy blue eyes.

             “Why’d you do that, hm?” He asked, cockily. “Do you like me or somethin’?” He grinned, nudging your side. He exploded your nerves, throwing them all over the place.

             “The quite of opposite, really,” you barbarously replied. “You see, you go from wiping my tears to a complete douchebag so I can’t really say anything for that.”

             He shrugged it off.

             “What about Calum?” He asked. “I thought you were in love with him. Was my kiss too good that you fell out of love babe?” He was sarcastic but it was annoying. The pet name was setting your bomb off. His constant taunting was annoying, yet, you somehow enjoyed it at the same time.

             “I did it because I love him as my best friend. He’s my best friend, always will be. I don’t fit his girlfriend role because I’m not good enough for it,” you explained. You kept your cool. “Calum’s kisses were good, though. They weren’t the best but they were better than yours.” You lied, but you needed something to say to tick him off.

             Luke laughed. “I know you’re lying,” he said.

             You didn’t reply, it was better off to not keep the current conversation conversation going.

             Luke broke the silence.

             “You know, if I was human and still looked like this, I would chase after you.” He confessed. He referred to the body he was possessed in currently.

             “But you see, I’m not. I’m not eighteen years old anymore. I’m just stuck looking like I’m eighteen. I’m a fucking demon who kills humans like you for fun. I’m a torturer,” Luke said. He spoke like he was in pain. He was irked at himself, for being what he is.

             You stayed silent, letting him continue.

             “I live off of human torture. All demons do. We don’t feel. But, I don’t want to hurt you anymore because I’m starting to feel something I cannot describe but I can assure you, the feeling isn’t fun.” He added. He sounded so vulnerable, so different.

             “I also just want to say that it hurts when I see you with Calum, the love in his eyes and the laughter he receives from you makes me hurt. Demon’s don’t feel because it’ll make us stronger so I’m confused why I felt hurt for the period of time you spent with Calum. Y/N, you are something I like. I want to say something bigger but I can’t, it’s not allowed for demons like me.” He was so concentrated on speaking. His voice was soothing and deep.

             Of course, you were confused. You had only met Luke only two weeks ago. He wouldn’t have known any knowledge between you and Calum during that time.

             “Luke, do you l–?” You were going to ask him something.

             He was gone.

             There was so much that needed to be revealed and answered.

× × ×

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Liam Dunbar imagine// what happened to best friends? [part 1]

omg my first ever imagine (so don’t kill me if it’s really bad)! I originally wrote this for a writing contest a couple of weeks ago, however I don’t think it ever got posted for whatever reason. I should be studying for my exams, what am I even doing with my life. Well if any of you guys actually somewhat enjoy my writing, I’d love to take requests, because that will be awesome. 
“you shouldn’t be with him/her (Hayden), you should be with me instead”
“you should hate him, but you didn’t… not even a little bit.”
“seeing them together broke your heart”

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Liam Dunbar, Hayden Romero
Warning: may be a little cursing
Word count: 1.6k
Gemma (


You watched your best friend, Liam, from across the corridor as he laughed and consistently gave Hayden quick kisses from time to time. You were definitely jealous, but you knew better than to ever show it. You have been Liam’s best friend practically all his life, although he will never know how much more he means to you. You love him and not only did the idea of Liam and Hayden make you green with envy, but seeing them together broke your heart.

And not only did it hurt to watch Liam become so happy with someone else, but ever since he asked Hayden out three weeks ago, he’s been ditching you and cancelling your usual Friday night movie nights. It angered you but you kept it bottled instead, because if Liam knew how you really felt, your friendship would downward spiral like no tomorrow.

You understood initially why Liam began hanging out around Hayden, because of all the drama with the Dread Doctors. You were only human, so there wasn’t much you could do to help, so you stayed out of the pack’s way. Although, completely ditching you to spend time with Hayden every single day was ridiculous and you wondered how it didn’t suffocate her.

You watched as Hayden gave Liam a final peck on the lips before making her way to her next class. You smiled, knowing this was your cue to finally talk to him. You hadn’t spoken to him in what felt like ages, simply because Hayden was always around.

“Hey Liam,” you beamed. “Are we still on for movie night tonight?”

You waited nervously for his response, especially since the last three weeks he has been blowing you off to go “study” with Hayden. Your palms became sweaty beneath the heavy books you were carrying and you could feel your heart rate slightly begin to rise, preparing for yet another ultimate disappointment.

“Of course!” Liam said, flashing a smile. “Wouldn’t miss it for anything!”

You grinned and you could feel your body slowly return to a state of homeostasis. You were surprised, but also excited. Friday nights were always the best with Liam. You always had a lot of fun mucking around and eating junk food, and usually, he’d stay the night or you would sleep over at his house.

The best part about the sleep overs were staying up all night, talking about anything and everything. Whether it was about future prospects or just all the stupid things you used to get up to when you were younger, the conversations were always far from boring. And even when the conversations stopped and the room would become silent, the silence was never awkward. In fact, it was rather comforting.

“I’ll come past at 7.” Liam said, interrupting your internal thoughts.  “And I’ll bring lots of junk food too!”

You let out a sigh of relief and clasped your hands together. Your movie nights usually consisted of heaps of junk food and countless amounts of movie marathons. Perhaps you were finally starting to get your best friend back.

“I’ll see you then.” You grinned. And you swear, for the rest of the day you could not wipe the smile off your face.

[Later that night]

You hugged your knees tighter into your chest and the glowing red digits from your digital clock on the dining table read just past midnight. The half empty pizza box and untouched bag of lollies and chocolate remained on the floor. Liam was about 5 hours late, and he hasn’t even bothered to text you or call you to cancel tonight’s plan for the fourth week in a row.

You pushed back the beginnings of tears as you sat in complete and utter darkness. You were alone, as your parents decided to go away for the weekend, leaving you with a free house. A perfectly free house for you and Liam to hang out at tonight, but once again he was a no show. You wanted to scream and throw things at a wall and witness it shatter in front of your very eyes. But you remained calm and still. You should hate him, but you didn’t… not even a little bit.

Within moments you heard the doorbell ring. You knew it was Liam but you nearly didn’t want to answer it. You opened the door and watched as he casually made his way in. It took everything you had to ensure that you didn’t slam the door in his face.

“I’m so sorry.” He began. “I was with Hay-“

“Hayden?” You finished. “You’re always with bloody Hayden.”

“Well yeah.” He stated a little too comfortable. “She really had to talk to me.”

As every second went by, you could feel your blood boil and the anger and frustration run through your veins. You weren’t upset anymore and you didn’t hate him, but you were most definitely furious.

You and Liam rarely ever had fights, whenever you had been angry with him in the past, you usually swept it under the carpet and moved on. That was just the type of person you are. However, right now in this moment you were beyond upset. Three weeks of cancelled plans, three weeks of practically ignoring you unless there was a pack meeting and three weeks of watching your best friend slip through your fingers was something you were definitely not going to just sweep under the carpet.

And you knew Liam could sense your anger, because his features quickly softened and he genuinely looked sorry. Nevertheless, you weren’t so keen on forgiving him yet. You wanted him to know how angry you are and how he is going to need a lot more than a silly apology to make up the past three weeks.

“Y/N” he said gently. He stepped towards you and you stepped back, not wanting to be within two meters of his presence. “I lost track of time.”

“I’m surprised you even rocked up.” You hissed. “What an effort.”

“I know I stuffed up.”

“Thanks for pointing out the obvious.” You said sarcastically as you turned your back to him.

“But Hayden really needed me tonight.” Liam continued.

You balled your hands into fists as you felt several tears stream down your hot cheeks. All he ever thought about was Hayden. These past three weeks have revolved only around Hayden and it was driving you insane. What about me? I need help too. I need my best friend.

“I need you too, you know!” you snapped.

You watched as Liam’s face stiffened, his blue eyes becoming full of concern. You knew he felt sorry for you, but you didn’t want his sympathy or his pity.

“Hayden’s my girlfriend.” Liam said quietly. “I had to be there.”

“And I’m your best friend!” You shouted. “Did you suddenly forget about me?”

The tears that stained your hot cheeks were becoming more evident. You began to pace around the room, avoiding Liam’s eye contact at all costs. But you weren’t done yet, all the bottled up rage from the last three weeks were making its way to the surface and by this stage, you couldn’t control yourself.

“Where the hell have you been lately, Liam?” you pondered. “Because I can’t even remember the last time I had at least a five minute conversation with you.”

“Y/N…” Liam interrupted. But you kept going.

“And the fact that you couldn’t even spend one damn night with me tonight just makes me so angry!”

You ran your hands through your long brown hair in attempt to calm you down, but it wasn’t quite working.

“Everything revolves around bloody Hayden.” You continued. “And to think she hated you no longer than two months ago!”

“Y/N” Liam started. “Please let me explain!”

“I hate this so much!” You cried. “Because you shouldn’t be with Hayden, you should be with me instead!”

You smacked your hand over your mouth almost immediately, realising what you had just done. You mentally slapped yourself and you wish you could take it all back. You basically just confessed your feelings to Liam in the middle of a heated argument and you knew there was no escaping.

“Wait, what?” Liam asked. He gripped your wrist, forcing you to look at him. His grip was strong and you knew he wanted to sort this out instantly. But you didn’t.

“Forget it.” You choked. “Just please get out of my house.”

His baby blue eyes usually made you weak at the knees and sometimes you found it difficult to breathe, but within this moment, you just wanted him gone. You needed time and space to think this through and most of all; you just need to be away from Liam.

“Y/N.” Liam said tenderly. “We should talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” You spat.

“Yes there is!”

“Not now.”  You began. “Not yet.”

Liam released his grip from your wrist and followed you as you made your way to the front door, indicating to him that he needs to leave. He walked outside and turned around to face me one last time tonight.

“I’ll come over tomorrow and we’ll sort this out.” He stated.

“No, we won’t.” You half laughed. “Not for a while.”

“But Y/N…”

“Good night Liam.” You said, as you shut the front door.

You slide down your front door as the tears begin to pour much more freely. You couldn’t quite recall how long you sat there and cried that night, but this broken heart was not about to mend anytime soon.

:) xx

Liam Dunbar {W.C #30}

Submitted by; @admiresprayberry

“you shouldn’t be with him/her (Hayden), you should be with me instead”
“you should hate him, but you didn’t… not even a little bit.”
“seeing them together broke your heart”

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Liam Dunbar, Hayden Romero
Warning: may be a little cursing
Gemma (

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the M. Brown case ? Do you think it was right for the police to shoot as "self defense" , I've been seeing this a lot on my dash and ppl defending the officer because he felt he was in danger and frankly I think it's bullshit but as a martial artist what are your thoughts?

The kid was unarmed. That alone, should have made the cop’s whole case fall apart, whether or not the kid launched at him.

Cops are supposed to be trained to deal with this stuff while causing minimal to no damage, and shouldn’t even draw their weapons unless there’s a possible threat to them, the public or even the attacker him/herself.

I’ve seen cops learning self defense and restraining techniques, but they don’t have the discipline, nor the dedication to be able to apply these things correctly. This is why when you see a cop fighting, it’s usually an unnecessary push and shove kind of fight, and they end up needing 3+ buddies to help them. Now, instead of getting better at this, they go for what they believe it’s easier. Draw gun, shoot, say it was self defense.

It’s too easy for them to get away with things like this by simply saying “I feared for my life”, “Self defense” and/or “There was probable cause for…”, even if they are lying and just didn’t want to deal with a situation correctly.

Those words are being abused. It’s as wrong as it is scary, because if they can get away with this relatively easy, imagine what else they can get away with eventually. They just need to figure out the right thing to say in court and there, no charges, even if the evidence is mostly against them. They don’t even get sent to any sort of training to learn how to deal with these situations better.

I remember a time when cops weren’t even supposed to draw their guns unless an attacker drew a weapon, and even then, cops weren’t supposed to open fire unless they were shot at first, or directly attacked and had no choice, in the case of knifes or blunt weapons.

Heed this, though: Supreme court judges have said that a cop’s job isn’t to serve and protect the people, but to enforce laws.

If this is strange to anyone, then simply listen to a cop talking. You can answer their questions and all they will do is ask again and again. What they are looking for if for you to slip up on your answers, so that they can pin whatever they are looking for on you.

They are also trained to suggest and manipulate, e.g. if you refuse to a vehicle search, they’ll say “Why not? You don’t have anything to hide, right? So it’s okay if I search, I won’t find anything, right?” and if you agree with their statement instead of saying “I don’t consent to a vehicle search” then you’re actually giving them permission, because in the statement you agreed with, he said “it’s ok if I search, I won’t find anything, right?”

A cop is a manipulation machine, looking to fill up a monthly quota. This sounds strange, too? Well, pay attention at the amount of cops you see during the beginning of the month up to the third week, and compare that to how many you see the last week of the month, especially the last two-three days.

So we must always be careful when dealing with cops, and we must always know what to say, when to say it, and even how to say it.

Of course, not all are like this, and I have personally met really good, honest, humble and helpful police officers, who are definitely getting their positions smeared, because of the bad ones, but in the same way they treat pretty much everyone as a potential enemy until they see someone isn’t a threat, in the same way we must be weary of them.