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I am Theon Greyjoy, last living son of Balon Greyjoy. And she is your rightful ruler. Those of you that have sailed under her, and there are many of you here, you know what she is!

I started reading Game of Thrones. It was really good idea and i got a lot of ships, like:

Jon x Ygritte, Jaime x Brienne, Arya x Gendry, Theon x Robb, Tyrion x wine, Starks x happiness, Joffrey x poison, Ramsay x maximum security prison, Theon x happienes…

Jon Snow x reader- Not Good Enough

You walked around the hall of Winterfell as you made your way to Jon’s chambers, waving to people as they passed. Once you reached his door, you saw that it was slightly open already. You walked in slowly to find Jon lying on his bed, napping.

You let out a slight giggle at the sight. Jon always looked so innocent when he was asleep. You closed the door behind you, causing Jon wake up with a jump. You laughed even more as you watched him look around confused until his gaze landed on you.

A small smile appeared on his face the moment he saw you, but it quickly disappeared. You watched him in confusion as he got up and instead of walking towards you and bringing you into a warm embrace, went over to the window and looked out it.

“Jon?” you asked, slowly walking over to him. You gently placed your hand on his shoulder and could feel him flinch at your touch, slightly pulling away. You could tell he was holding himself back from looking at you, touching you, doing anything to you.

“Jon. Look at me, touch me, do something.” you said, walking in front of him and moving your hand from his shoulder to his cheek. This time, he melted into your touch, placing his hand on top of yours and gently kissing your palm. A sense of relief washed over you as you felt Jon’s soft lips against your hand.

“I try but I can’t stop myself.” Jon laughed into your hand.

“What do you mean?” you asked. Jon stopped and looked you with a loving yet serious gaze. He let go of your hand and moved his hands to your hips, letting them rest there as you brought your to his chest.

“I’m not good enough for you, but no matter how many times I tell myself I must let you go, I can’t.” Jon said, his gaze slowly softening and turning into on of self pity and loathing.

 “And why wouldn’t you be good enough for me, Jon Snow.” you asked, wrapping your arms around him.

“Because I’m a Bastard.” Jon sighed, letting you go and walking over to a wall to leaning on it, folding his arms over his chest as he did so. He only moved a few feet away, but seemed like he was trying his best to put some distance between you two when all you wanted was to have him near. You let out an irritated sigh as you walked over to Jon and leaned on the wall next to him.

You constantly heard this from him. He was a great man, but he considered himself less then dirt and it didn’t help that Lady Stark made sure he was treated that way. You hated how she looked at him with nothing but contempt, made sure he was always separated from the family in some way, making him feel like an outsider who didn’t belong. He was still a Stark, had Stark blood running through his veins, no matter how much Catlyn hated it.

“Don’t think that. I hate it when think like this. You are just as noble, kind, strong, and loyal as any of the other Starks. You have so much Stark in you, your father said it himself. The only person who is more Stark than you, then anybody, is Arya.” you laughed slightly. Jon laughed as well, but you could tell he needed just a little more convincing and you knew just what to do.

You got off the wall and stood right in front of Jon, cupping his face in your hands. You made sure that the space between the two of you was nonexistent and that he couldn’t look at anything besides you.

“You know that I don’t care about your birth. You could have been born a full Stark or born to a peasant family in King’s Landing and I wouldn’t care. I don’t love you because of your status, I love you because of you and who you are. You being a bastard doesn’t change who you are, only how people see you. When I look at you, I don’t see a Bastard, only a good, strong and kind man. And the man that I love. When will you realize that you are then enough for me?” you asked, gently stroking his cheeks the whole time, hoping that he would finally believe what you say.

Jon looked at you for a brief second before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you even closer against, crashing his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck to keep yourself steady.

Both of you pulled and rested your forehead against each other, with Jon still holding you close.

 “I love you (F/N). I love you so much to the point it’s hard for me to keep my hands off you whenever you’re near.” Jon smirked.

“You never even try to keep your hands of me.” you stated as Jon began laying light kisses on your neck. Even in public, Jon shows how much he loves you to everyone, especially to Robb and Theon. Those two have made is very clear that they want you. You often have to swat at him and tell him to stop, only in public though.

“Aye. Do you want me to stop?” Jon asked, beginning to push you towards the bed. You slowly laid down as Jon hovered above you still kissing your neck before moving up and recapturing your lips.

 “Never.”  you smiled into the kiss. Jon pulled away for a brief second to meet your gaze. He looked at you with so much love in his eyes and his smile does just the same, you could hardly believe how much he loved you.

And you couldn’t believe how much you loved him. You would risk anything for him. You were born to a wealthy family and your future was secure if you married well, but you would gladly give all of that up for him. He was all that you needed and more then enough.

 That night, you showed each other just how much you loved each other.

When you awoke, you were snuggling with Jon. You looked up at him and smiled, letting out a content sigh.

“Marry me.” you heard Jon say. You froze and sat up right with Jon following you. You proceed what he said for a minute since you did just wake until you screamed when you realized.

“Yes! Of course!’ you yelled, hugging Jon and tackling him to the bed, planting light kisses all over his face.

 Now some people said that you just throw your entire future away, especially your family and other high born nobles.

But you didn’t care. Jon was more then you could ever ask for and he felt the same.

The Drowned God’s Daughter

Pairing: Theon Greyjoy x Reader


A/N: My first Theon, yayyy!! This story was made possible by an argument had between my boyfriend and I that went a little something like this. “No there can’t be mermaids in Westeros”. “There’s literally dragons and a woman who brings people back from the dead”. “Ok, but there can’t be mermaids”. “Ok, but have you seen what the Night King can do”? Followed by silence and a winning argument.  

Prompt; Theon has finally gotten away from Ramsay, but still finds himself struggling with his true identity. While on a ship travelling to the Iron Islands, a storm hits and Theon “falls” overboard. In Westeros, mermaids are said to serve and attend those ironborn who drown in the sea. As you watch Theon slowly give up on life, you go against your duty and try to save him instead. 

Theon is nervous. More nervous than usual today. His hands won’t stop shaking and he feels like his heart is going to fall out of his ass at any second.  It’s not like going home is a scary thought; it’s the going home alone that has him on edge. With Yara gone, he is supposed to be the King of the Iron Islands but he can barely remember his own name. 

He knows Ramsay is dead, people have told him time and time again that Sansa had gotten justice for the both of them. But, Theon still finds himself looking over his shoulder every few seconds waiting for Ramsay to be there wearing a giant smile and aiming a bow and arrow at him. Sometimes the worry is so real that he actually does see the bastard standing there and it sends him into a panic. 

It’s the kind of panic that Theon realizes he will never shake. The anxious feeling only fuels his confirmation that he cannot rule these Iron Islands. Sure, the Dragon Queen and her new husband had given him an army so large no one would try to usurp him, but he shouldn’t need them, he needs to be as strong as Yara. He can’t be as arrogant as the old Theon and he cannot be as cowardly as Reek. He needs to find a balance between the two that he fears will never come. 

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modern au where jeyne and theon end up becoming unlikely friends and every so often when one or both of them are feeling down they get together for movie night and stupid selfies and delivery pizza and hot chocolate, because okay their lives aren’t perfect but they deserve some fucking happiness

a/n: i wrote this because i need a backrub. that’s it. that’s why i wrote it. and it took me three goddamn days.

if you don’t have inherent womanly wiles, store-bought is fine

[jonxsansa, modern au ~3k+]

The Stark estate is a madhouse on weekend mornings. They’re late to bed but early to rise, still riding on the high from the night before (with a little help from a few ibuprofen and several cups of coffee each). The kitchen is a mess of sugar cereals, sausage and bacon snapping on the stove, dogs begging for scraps, loud music, and Robb’s attempts at keeping time to the beat, using his cutlery and mug as a makeshift drumset.

Sansa is up first every morning to beat the rush. Not to mention, she makes the best pancakes, so she’s needed in the kitchen before her ravenous siblings if she wants to avoid a replay of the last time they were left alone with the oven. She’s not sure that Bran’s eyebrows would grow back a second time, and Arya would certainly be at risk of busting her gut from laughing that hard again. Dramatic, perhaps, but Sansa likes to get a jog in while the sun rises, anyway, and she prefers to come home to a smoke-free kitchen.

The midsummer heat is stifling, and Sansa is slick with sweat when she returns from her morning run. Her siblings have just trudged downstairs, groggy but nevertheless ready for the day. Bran passes her a cup of the Irish cream blend as soon as she steps through the sliding glass door.

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half brother

@jonsa-countdown - this is written for day 3 - childhood theme. this is my headcanon on why sansa calls jon her half brother. it is a continuation of my Jon’s first kiss one-shot. I am sorry that the writing was rushed!

Ever since that day she found him crying, little Sansa took him under her wing. No one knew - it was their secret. She put her tiny finger on his lips and breathlessly whispered not to tell anyone and that was what made it even more special (although he knew and suspected that even she knew that it was better that no one found out, especially Lady Stark and Sansa’s septa who always looked at him as if she smelled something bad).

After Sansa’s lessons and his chores, they would meet up in the Old Keep, near the broken tower, for half an hour. Jon thought she was mothering him when she tsked and clicked her teeth at the new cuts and bruises he sported, admonishing him to be more careful. She would then tend to them, cleaning them gently with her embroidered hankerchief moistened with water. And it was true what she said before - her butterfly soft kiss on his scrapes always made him feel better.

Jon knew that Robb and especially Theon would tease and scoff at Sansa mothering him, but it felt good. He still yearned for the quick kisses and hugs that Lady Catelyn gave Robb and Sansa, that he knew were never for him. He was not her child, she made sure he never forget that, but in the Old Keep, he forgot. Sometimes he would close his eyes, pretending that it was his mother taking care of him. Other times he pretended she was his sweet lady wife when he saw Lady Catelyn fussing over Father. Jon knew that he was worst than craven to imagine that.

So that was why it hurt so badly when little Sansa corrected Theon and told him in the loudest and clearest voice that Jon was not a bastard - he was her half brother. His heart clenched as he saw Lady Catelyn looked approvingly at her minature likeness while Robb was laughing at his little sister, mimicking her hands on the hips stance.

At first, Jon did not want to meet her at their hiding place. She probably would not be even there. But then he went there anyways because he wanted to cry and did not want Robb or Theon or anyone to know.

When he finally got there, he heard her cry and immediately ran to her and held her.

“You did not come,” she blubbered, her blue eyes filled with tears.

Jon kissed her forehead and whispered that he would always come for her until she stopped crying.

“Why did you call me half brother?” he finally asked, wondering if this was something Lady Catelyn told her to say or something she overheard and innocently repeated.

“You’re my brother and my other half, just like Aemon the Dragonknight and his sister, Queen Naerys.”

lady-heart-stonecold  asked:

Hi! I'm loving your blog, especially your headcanon with Theon because he's my baby. hahahaAnyway, you could maybe do another, where the reader is Ramsay's sister and Theon / Reek is totally attached to her, because she's the one who keeps him sane?ps * Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I'm doing the best I can, whatever

  • They escape to the forest to spend time together when Ramsay is busy with something. They kiss slow between little anecdotes about his life, he does not talk about himself as Theon, but he likes to talk about what flavours he likes the most or which season is his favourite. 
  • She’s a bit cruel when Ramsay is present, nothing humiliating, for example, she lets things fall over and over so he has to pick them up. It keeps Ramsay thinking she considers him her pet and Theon prefers to be close to her than the young Bolton. 
  • He wanders around the halls near to her bedroom and sometimes he just spends time watching her. That’s why they talked alone at first, she caught him staring into his bedroom. He expected her to punish him or to tell Ramsay about it, but she just prepared a bath for him. She usually makes him take a bath if anything more intimate could happen. 
  • Intimate things are mainly Theon pleasuring her (for obvious reasons). That made him think she may just be using him since there was no chance of marrying and the relation was more sexual than affective. 
  • He decided to just push her away and avoid her as much as he could, which made her think Ramsay had done something serious to him. Her worry made Theon realize that she did appreciate him. 
  • He spends his days waiting for next time he will be able to see her or which excuse he could use to go find her. He goes to sleep thinking about the way she laughs, how her hair smells, her lips…
Blue Pencils and Bravery

Written for Day 8 of Jon x Sansa Fanfiction’s 15 Days of Valentine’s challenge.

The summer Sansa Stark turned twelve, the Manderlys moved out of the house across the street, and a woman and a boy moved into it.  From what Sansa could gather of her parents’ dinner table conversation – which was admittedly not much, since Arya and the boys always did their utmost to ensure that their parents never had any dinner table conversation at all – Lyanna Snow had just gotten divorced and been awarded sole custody of Jon, her twelve-year-old son.

Sansa did not see much of either of her new neighbors until her first day of sixth grade, when she found she had been assigned to the same homeroom at Casterly Rock Preparatory School as Jon had.  Even then, she did not notice him much because he rarely spoke to anyone.  He blushed red as a beet when Mrs. Mormont introduced him to the other students on the first day of classes, an action he repeated the next day when Sansa politely offered him the blue pencil he had dropped on the hallway floor.  He muttered a quiet “thank you,” pushed a lock of his curly brown hair behind his ear, and placed the pencil right next to it before heading back down the hall. Sansa cringed when she saw him do it, for she knew that many of the other students would laugh at him.  And laugh they did.

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mrsiriusblack  asked:

i actually thought of you when i was watching that theon/jon scene. i was like whoa they really not going to mention robb? okay.. and then i thought of you like "that robb blog is gonna be pissed" it was really weird how they only mentioned ned though for real

First, I love that you think of me as “that Robb blog”, seriously, I don’t know why but that makes me very happy :D I’m very proud to be known as a fan of his, because Robb is freaking perfect.

And second, it is weird. At first I actually, genuinely thought “…did D&D confuse Robb’s name with Ned’s?” because the idea that Theon betrayed Ned was so ridiculous. Ned was already dead when Theon went back on his word and betrayed Robb, and took Winterfell. Yes, Theon betrayed the morals that Ned had been trying to teach all his children (+ Theon), but that’s hardly the same as literally betraying and deserting your best friend on the battle field when he needed you the most. 

And most of all, why would it be Ned that Jon and Theon talk about anyway? Based on this season, I’m not sure if D&D have ever even cracked open the books George R.R. Martin spent ages writing, but if they had, they would have known that Robb, Theon and Jon were like a trio of friends, spending their entire childhoods and young adulthoods together. Jon and Theon never got along that well, but they both loved Robb. And that was the whole point. That was why it hurt so much for Jon to see Theon, and that is why he was so angry. 

Despite what most people probably think at this point, I don’t enjoy hating on Game of Thrones. It’s my favorite show, or what it used to be is, anyway. But it’s so hard for me to deal with all this crap they keep delivering, and on top of that, dissing my absolute favorite character for no reason whatsoever. Erasing Robb from ever existing is not okay, and frankly, it’s bad writing to try to do so. And sadly, since Jon and Theon (especially Jon) have both fallen victim to said bad writing, I can never look at them the same way, and I can never fully see them as the people who loved Robb anymore, because they don’t. But to be fair, who out of the Starks even does on the show anymore?

a few words concerning Jeyne Westerling, Jeyne Poole and their importance in Robb and Theon's storylines

Along with a nice epilogue about how much D&D could have gotten it a lot better when talking about the adaptation.

[this meta is dedicated to emiliosandoz - she said she’d post hers on Theon if I dusted this off from my drafts and actually finished and I’m upholding my part of the bargain]

with this, I mean how the fact that Jeyne Poole isn’t the show so far and that Jeyne Westerling was changed into a new character with a different name, are both imo pretty bad moves. Meaning: it probably doesn’t change *too much* in the big picture and it certainly isn’t as horrible as some of the book/show divergences until this point (I mean, the basic economy of the story and the basic outcomes didn’t change, but the way it went changes things a lot) it still shows that they missed one of the most interesting parallelisms going on with Robb and Theon’s storylines and that they also missed a good part of the entire point of both narratives.

(Disclaimer the first: obviously I have no clue if they’re still planning to introduce Jeyne Poole - I should hope - but even if they do and she’s everything she is in the book it still doesn’t work because of the changing-Jeyne-Westerling-to-Talisa deal.) 

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The Silent Songbird

Fandom: Game Of Thrones
Pairing: Robb Stark x Reader
Warning: none? ^^
An Robb stark imagine where y/n is really shy and loves Robb but is to shy to speak and everyone she does is as quiet as a mouse and Robb loves her but he thinks she loves Jon because he’s the only person she talks to and the Robb flirts with a girl in front of her and y/n runs away crying? - by anonymous

Originally posted by besidethewall

You placed the clothes into the big wooden cabinet, arranging it from shirts to trousers and the heavy cloaks which were hung in it. You always admired how soft a fur the Stark’s coats were since the little thick coats you had at home were worn out and not soft at all.
“Good day, (Y/N).” You suddenly heard a deep voice say behind you and nearly jumped out of your skin. You weren’t good with people at all especially those who were ranked higher. Actually you were really shy and most of the time your mouth didn’t even leave a word.
“M-m-milord.” You stuttered as you turned around and made a curtsey before you rushed past the red-brownish haired lad. This was what always happened especially when Robb was the one talking to you.
With your cheeks burning a bright red you rushed through the castle desperate to get into the kitchen to prepare the Starks meal for the night.

Hours later the whole family was sat at the table that you had set some time ago. They were all eating while talking about things that didn’t really interest you. Sansa was raving about some prince in a story while Catelyn was scolding Bran about climbing up the walls of Winterfell again.
You just stood beside the table with the drinks watching their plates and glasses so nothing would be empty for long. Your mouth was sealed and you did your best to be invisible besides sharing a few smiles with Jon who was just as quiet as you.
The moment Theo put down his cup of wine you were there to fill it, bending over slightly beside him.
“My aren’t you just ravishing thing.” You heard Theons voice and instantly cringed but before you could move away quickly his hand was already at your waist and the other was playing with your hair. Your face immediately went beet-red as you thought of a way to get away without offending anyone.
You were frozen in place with your heart beating frantically. But not like it did when Robb was talking to you but rather like a rabbits heart must race when the fox has spotted it.
“Leave her alone Theon.” A raspy voice said and Theon froze a bit. “You should pay Rose a visit she at least is consent with your touch.”
You sighed a breathe of relief when Theon’s hands left your body and pulled away instantly earning a worried glance from Robb. You instantly looked down at the floor before your eyes could meet the blue eyes of the young lord.

After the meal was finished you were off to preparing the beds while other maids cleaned the dirty plates. When you got to Robb’s room he was already in there which was quite unusual. You were used to Bran, Rickon or Arya to be in their room directly after the meal since they needed to go to bed earlier. But Robb, Jon or especially Theon being in their room at this hour was strange.
“M-milord.” You stuttered making a curtsey before going to work. You felt his eyes on you as you pulled the covers back and laid out some blankets if the night would cool down even more.
“Thank you, (Y/N).” He said with a warm smile when you were finished. They boy opened his mouth again as if there was something else he wanted to say but no word left it and he closed his lips again.
You longed to say something too but you were too shy. So you just felt your cheeks burn again as you turned around and rushing to the door.
However you changed your mind and turned around to the auburn haired boy again and mustered up all your courage. “T-thank you f-for y-your help at d-dinner tonight, milord.”
His smile grew a little bigger when those words left your mouth and your face grew even redder.
“No problem. He won’t touch you again, I’ll make sure of it.” You couldn’t help a small smile creeping onto your features as you did your curtsey and took your leave.

The next day you were on cloud nine. It wasn’t as glamorous as in Sansa’s songs but you didn’t care. Your lord had come to your rescue and he had called you by your name. You weren’t aware that he even did know your name up until now. And then the way it sounded rolling off his tongue.
That’s until you got down to the stables where you were met with the young lord. But he wasn’t alone this time. He was full on flirting with a maid. You tried to ignore them and did your task trying your hardest to stay invisible as you always were while feeding the horses with some apples.
However it was hard to see with the tears already brimming in your eyes and so it happened you bumped into an open stud door which closed with a loud bang and caused the flirting love birds to jerk to you in shock.
“(Y/N).” You heard Robb call your name with his raspy voice. He looked a little startled and guilty as though he had not wanted you to see this.
“Milord.” You made a short curtsey before you turned around and ran off, the tears now flowing freely down your cheeks.
“Oi, (Y/N).” You heard the young lord scream but you didn’t care. You were such a fool for thinking he’d be into you just because he kept Theon from harassing you.

[ AO3 ]

Fandom: ASoIaF / Game of Thrones

Word Count: 3,575

Chapter: 1/?

Summary:  AU in which Theon returns to Robb instead of attacking Winterfell. Things don’t go much better for him.

Apparently Northerners didn’t learn to not kill the messenger– especially when Theon himself was taken as ward for a situation just like this. When Robb refuses to behead Theon for his father’s betrayal, nobody is pleased. As the men march back North to fight off the assaulting Ironborn, Theon finds himself stuck with guard duty of perhaps the only man hated more by the Northerners than himself–- Jaime Lannister.

“Theon betrayed the Starks! He should’ve gone back to Robb and fought against the Ironborn what a traitor!!!" 

…to all those who said this, I offer this fic. What I imagine would happen if Theon were to disregard his father’s choice, and instead return to the Stark host with news that the Greyjoys are in open rebellion and plan to attack the North while the Starks proceed south to King’s Landing. I also wanted an excuse to write a full interaction between two of my favourite characters, Theon and Jaime.

“The isles will only remember me as Theon Turncloak. Every commoner will learn to curse the very mention of my name.”
“Aye, they may. But it is your father who has broken his treaty. He is the traitor, not you.”
“I’ll still be son of a traitor, then.” And who would trust a man who turned on his own father?

Imagine....Theon x Reader

((I hope this doesn’t suck completely. I fear I’m getting a bit of writer’s block again…hopefully it won’t stop my writing too much.))

Word Count: 2,062

It was an instant attraction, something you definitely did not mean to happen. You arrived in Winterfell betrothed to Robb Stark, the heir of the North, and you fell for his best friend, Theon Greyjoy. You were going to be the Lady of Winterfell, birth sons and daughters who would marry into other great houses and better the fortunes and future of House Stark. You were going to try your hardest to follow in the shoes of Lady Catelyn of House Tully and Lady Lyarra of House Stark. But…then it happened…then Theon Greyjoy happened.

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Sweetness (Theon x Reader)

Originally posted by hodorhodorhodooor

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Theon Greyjoy

Persona: Female

Word Count: 738

Request: Could you do a Theon Greyjoy fluff where he’s super sweet to the girl and mean to men who like her? Doesn’t have to be exactly that.. I just love your theon stories. 💚 

A/N - This is for kentuckyfriedcarlos, I haven’t wrote Theon in ages so if he feels off sorry! Here’s to a new season! <3

You woke up with a grin, jumping out of bed you rushed over to your wardrobe and started to pull out a dress. You didn’t bother waiting for your handmaidens as you pulled on your brand new dress. You were excited to show it off, especially to Theon: he always had something nice to say about you. There was a knock on your door and you pulled it open, “I’m already dressed”, you smiled at one of your helpers, she smiled back and said teasingly, “Someone’s eager to get to Lord Greyjoy”. You rolled your eyes in a playful manner, “No I just want to show off my dress”. One of your maidens looked to the other, “Yes to him” and they all giggled while you walked off.

Walking down the halls you noticed how many men, and a few women, glanced at you, all the while you continued making your way to the food hall with your head held high. You knew your way around Winterfell, it was after all your second home.

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