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psycho 04 / taehyung

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warning and a note: this chapter has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife&rope) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: not putting a summary because I might spoil stuff idk

chapter 01 | chapter 02 | chapter 03 | chapter 05 | chapter 06—> new!

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So, which one is mine?- Request by Anonymous

Summary- REQUEST BY Anonymous- Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Best friend X Mark were they always have matching hair colors and Amy & Tyler (Readers boyfriend) find it cute and Tyler or Amy posts a pic of the pair while tagging the other (Amy Or Tyler) with the caption “So which one is mine?” Please and thank you!!

Word Count- 778

Pairing- Best Friend!Reader x Mark, Tyler x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, a little angst, breakup

A/n- Thanks, anon, for the awesome request. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you like it! I don’t usually write Tyler x Reader things, but I tried! And, I gave her ex a cheesy name because I’m too lazy to do anything else. I hope this story does you justice, anon!

Tags- @lapseasteelis @mycuddlycorner @winchester-negan-one-shots @not-moose-one-shots @dannnyphantomm

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How To Shade

Like this: >.>

…juuuuust kidding let’s see what this is…who are we shading today huh huh huh

[before you move on to shading though, make sure you erase the super sketchy lines of your drawing so that you know exactly where to shade. Sometimes I’ll erase entire areas and redraw with one thin line but that’s probably weird and just personal preference (I like to always start with a “clean slate”, gosh that’s cheesy). I used 2H for drawing, so the lines don’t really show up well, but it’s easy to erase] Pencils used for shading: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

Whobody’s eye is this, and why didn’t I finish shading that eyebrow holy crap

[shading the eye should take quite a while, since it becomes the focal point later on - our eyes tend to gravitate to the eyes in the drawing. It looks quite creepy until step 3, so don’t worry if it’s really strange at first! Important tips to remember: try to draw in a pupil even when you can’t see it in the reference picture; completely shading in the iris without a pupil will make it look flat and awkward. Having a highlight would be nice too! Also, the whites of the eyeballs usually are not completely white. The important thing is to observe all the shadows that fall on the eyeball, as well as the surrounding area, so don’t forget shading around the eye, because it contributes greatly to the portrait’s likeness.]

And the other eye just magically appears. After the eyes it’s the nose, then lips, then Taeyang magically appears to warn me on copyright thingies of his song (what is wrong with me)

[Don’t stress too much about the other eye! As long as your proportions are right, the corners of the eyes line up, and the size of the pupils are the same, you should be okay. Perfect symmetry is not usually the case; the shape of his eyes are slightly different. Shading the other eye with the same techniques will give you “uniform-looking” eyes. For the nose, I find it easier to locate and shade the nostrils first (lmao), then expand my shading from the tip of the nose, and also from the corners of the eyes downwards. From the reference picture, Yixing’s nose highlights are kind of strange, so take your time to make sure you’re shading the right places according to the reference, and not just what you think it should look like. For lips, it’s pretty much the same process. I draw the dark crease line first, then expand my shading out from it. So far, it seems that my routine is to shade the darkest parts first, then base the lighter shading off of it. Don’t do this if you’re painting, especially with watercolours - it will smudge badly! …But that’s a totally different thing…]

Mr. Photographer, Xing Xing is ready for his closeup (what the heck)

[He has a deep crease down the middle of his lower lip (I’m not a creepy fangirl), so draw that in first. Make sure to leave strips of lip out - don’t shade it, that will be the highlights. Don’t forget to make use of your many different types of pencils to achieve those lights and darks! There’s no need to be super meticulous about how many creases there should be, etc. Spending more time on it doesn’t mean that it will turn out better, because sometimes if you overdo things, it’s hard to go back! The highlights will never be the same…What’s also super important is the shading around his lips. It would be weird if you have a very well shaded pair of lips floating on top of a blank face. Yeah.]

The longer you stare at it, the weirder it looks. Don’t look…( I have 192348719234 wips at around this step because necks are so boring, right)

[Finishing the face is like 90% of the drawing done, but that also depends on your style and what you chose to include. Neck shading… it’s the same thing as shading the face. A thing that happens often is that people only shade in the darkest areas, and don’t do anything with the intermediate values (wow math). So remember, once again: you have a range of pencils, try to use them all to create a range of values instead of just a light and a dark. Yixing needs to be the epitome of fifty shades of grey] sorry

next step, hair :DD

-except that’s for another tutorial which I’ve already done! [Here!] I hope this helped! 

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Hey girl. There's this guy that I like. He's everything that I have ever wanted in a life partner. He has morals and values that align with mine and he's a good muslim. He told me very early on that he was seriously trying to get to know me with the possibility of marriage. We're on the same wavelength & just click. Anyways, I'm holding back (my guard is up high) because I dont think my family would be open to someone from a different culture & that he is from the States and I am from Canada.

Hey! I know it can be hard. Especially when you have traditional parents who want you to marry someone from your culture because they think it’s just easier that way - same language same understanding etc. but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. To be honest with you religion is the bigger picture, culture will always be there but what you and everyone should be looking at is the Religion. As for your guard, it’s totally fine. Everyone’s guard is up in the beginning. You have to find your comfort zone in the conversation with the man you’re speaking to. InshaAllah it all works out for you. I’ll leave by giving you this quote from IslamQA. ☺️

“"Indeed, the sharee’ah commands the guardian of a woman, if a person comes to propose marriage who is religiously-committed and of good character and attitude, to hasten to arrange the marriage, and to beware of rejecting him and not accepting him, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If there comes to you one with whose religious commitment and character you are pleased, then marry your daughter [or female relative under your care] to him, for if you do not do that then there will be much tribulation and mischief in the land.” They said, “O Messenger of Allaah, what if there is some other objection?” He said, “If there comes to you one with whose religious commitment and character you are pleased, then marry your daughter [or female relative under your care] to him,” three times.”“

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Do you have anything good on line art in SAI? I've looked in the #inking tag and I can't quite make sense out of it.

There are some features intended to aid inking in SAI, but I personally don’t like them very much for a couple of reasons:

the first being that I’m mainly a painter so inking isn’t something I do a great deal of (especially not with the vector layers!)

the other being that I use lots of different mediums and programs - so things like stabilisers? They’re not very useful in the long run, being able to draw a neat line in sai with the stabilisers on doesn’t let me do the same in tvpaint, or on a light table!

I personally keep it on 0 and don’t really recommend going above 3, purely because I think it’s better in the long run to teach yourself to draw smooth lines. If you find yourself relying on them, I’d suggest gradually reducing the amount SAI smoothens your lines!

REGARDLESS, the actual process of inking in SAI is the same as anywhere else.

If you’re finding the stuff in my inking tag a little confusing, then allow me to break down the basics those posts are talking about for you!

First, there are two things you are aiming to give the illusion of in inking whilst only using two colours: Distance and light.

Distance is the easiest to understand and show. Remember on the old windows computers how there was always a photo like this on there?

This is a great example of what we call ‘atmospheric perspective’, wherein the further away something gets from the viewer, the more particles in the atmosphere begin to filter the light and make things hazy.

Or more simply, the contrast is reduced and the colour gets closer to the sky. So, when colouring, the further something gets away, the less contrast there should be and the more it should blend in with the atmosphere. Most often this is blue, but indoor it could be yellow, or in the evening it could be red.

When inking, the way to show less contrast is to reduce the lineweight:

This is useful to remember for backgrounds obviously, but also if you’re foreshortening something, the closer something is the thicker you want to be making the lines. This post shows off this concept very well!
How extremely you vary the lineweight is up to you, in this post I’m varying it a lot to make it easier to notice.

And the other thing is shading, which you’re probably most familiar with. As things get darker, the thickness of the line should increase. To show you what I mean, here’s the same sketch but inked to two different light sources:

Looking at these two pictures, even though there isn’t really any shading you should get a sense that the light is coming from different places, right?

If you look at western comics, DC in particular and especially the ones from the last couple decades, a lot of the shading is incorporated into the linework itself.

That’s what this post is about, and it’s basically just what happens when you increase the lineweight in the shadows so much that they become the shadows, and the lost edges discussed in the post are what happen when the lines in the light get so thin they disappear.

When you combine these two concepts, you get things like explained in this video, and this video!

As for producing clean lines themselves, you want to use as few lines as possible.

That’s what these exercises are for!

in particular, the one on the left here:

The exercise is to draw a curve (or well in this case circles) which meets three of the dots you have put down. The aim is to improve your line drawing aim, so that when you’re inking you can draw curves that follow your sketch with one line:

I hope that helps! Just keep in mind: use as few lines as possible, and vary lineweight according to the light and distance

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do you have any tips for differentiating between wolves and agouti dogs? I can usually tell the difference naturally, but I can't really back it up because I don't know what the differences I notice actually are. I just see a lot of people with GSD/malamute/husky mixes claiming that they're wild wolves and I don't want to correct them without having my own shit together first.

I’m so bad at explaining this too, but I’ll try! :) 

Firstly, the agouti color is very unatural type of gray for a wolf. It’s way too plain gray. Instead of having just one shade of gray, wolves usually have a lot more brown, black and/or white in their fur.

[x] [x]

Another way to distinct a wolf from an agouti dog can be the charachteristic back markings of the wolf. Some dogs (including agouti dogs) might have something similar, but it’s never quite the same! Below is a picture of a wolf where the markings are quite distinct and easy to see. Some wolves have less distinct markings, and summer coats tend to be more blaze than winter coats, so they might not always be so easy to see. Anyhow, most wolves have it so just look closely. 

Back markings on a light black wolf: 

[x] [x]

However, I think what is best is to learn the differeces in body type between wolf-like dogs/dogs and wolves rather than color differences. Especially when it comes to wolfdogs seeing as the mix can have the color of a dog, but still have wolf in them. How people indetify wolfdogs is to look for wolfy traits in the body building rather than the color. Like this wolfdog below that has a agouti-similar color which is not a natural color for a pure wolf. Still, the dog has some wolf in him.  


The wolfy traits I see on the wolfdog above is mainly in the head. The head itself is very slim, and the facial feautres as well is pretty wolfy - long narrow snout, yellow wolf eyes etc. Agouti dogs that are often mistaken for wolves are typically huskies and malamutes. These dogs have shorter more compact head shapes, shorter legs and a more compact body, curled tails or wavy tails (wolf tails are always straight and they are hanging straight down for most of the time. Lips are more droopy, ears are a little longer whereas wolves have shorter ears, and they stand a little more outwards on wolves rather than straight up. The fur on these dogs also look more dense, probably because wolves have a lot more and a lot longer cover hairs. Facial markings are also very different from wolves and huskies/malamutes which is a very easy way to determine whether the animal is a wolf or a dog. 

German shepherds of working lines are also often mistaken for wolves, but once you learn the difference they don’t look like wolves AT ALL! There’s no similarities whatsoever. Yes, both have standing ears, but that’s about it. Wolves have small ears pointing outwards, while GSDs have big ears pointing upwards. The backs on even the working line shepherds are more slope than with wolves. Head/neck are placed very different. Shepherd muzzles are wide and shorter than the wolf’s narrow, long snout, their tails are too long and often have a swing at the end.

[x] [x]

Differing wolves from dogs is one thing, but differing wolfdogs from pure dogs can be even trickier as the dog and wolf traits melt into one another. It takes a lot of knowledge and training to see the difference sometimes. You have to know the charachteristic of the body types and body features of not only wolves, but a lot of different dogs too. If you want to learn how to separate dogs from wolfdogs I recommend that you follow blogs such as yourdogisnotwolfdog. They consists almost entirely of posts explaining how they know the animals is a wolfdog or a pure wolf. 

Hope this helps at least a little! 

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hi, um, this is a question to the admin! can i see perhaps a sketch or whatever of when you start to answer your asks? im trying to get better at drawing cats and youre so good at drawing them, so i hoped i could get a little help from a pro ;w;''

⁀⊙﹏☉⁀ well I’m no pro but I can take you through the steps that I’ve gone through.

Firstly I do have to say I’ve been drawing since I was tiny, like 3 years old kind of tiny, and what I see is that the more a person draws anything (even subjects unrelated to what they want to learn) they will get better at drawing anything they want to draw. So get a sketch book (if you don’t already have one) and just draw. Draw anything, draw from real life, draw from your imagination, just keep drawing because it does help A LOT.

you don’t have to show it people or finish your work in it, but being able to draw on paper is always great!! (and the same goes for digital, your skills won’t just transfer magically, it takes work like everything else)

Now when it comes to drawing cats I started out looking at references of cats, and I mean literally just looking up cat pictures and seeing how they


External image


External image

anything, I’d draw from that to understand their poses, how their bodies move, how their muscles work ect. Always start from real life. (If you want to do cats I suggest looking at different breeds, bald cats are especially good for understanding how a cat works since they show muscles and structure better than a fuzzy cat)

External image

you can just draw over these poses to get general ideas of how things work

and this isn’t a stressful thing it’s just scribbles that will help you understand cats bodies better. This is absolutely important to drawing cats because understanding them is a good thing to know before playing around with them.

however when it comes to catstuckk they’re not realistic cats at all, they have cat like structure that’s been changed to make it funnier and more cartoonish, they usually start out as below

depending on the cat the line of the head to the tail might be important but for others it might be the round belly and chest, and these lines are nothing more than just shapes, things that help set up poses.

To be honest when drawing certain poses I might have one or two lines (much less than above). The ones below are good examples for how they look if I’m just doodling them around (not erasing any guidelines)

One thing that a lot of people overlook is how much more fun a drawing or character is when it’s radically different from others around it. Simply changing the shape from thin long ovals, to round circles, to squares or triangles makes them all different, so play around with shapes and body types. So that your characters don’t look the same!

Since these are cats their fur (or lack of) can also aid in their appearance and I’m not talking colors I’m talking fuzzy messy cats like Karkat to slicked back cats like Kanaya. It helps bring out their personalities. Everything can be played around with to bring out something in each cat.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting because you might end up with something different like Eridan, don’t stop doing it if you like it (even if people send messages saying he looks gross and being a bald cat doesn’t match him) because being different is always a good way to work, and he is totally a sexy cat, Fef definitely thinks so.

so basically just keep practicing because it’s not an overnight thing it takes time (months and years) eventually no matter what YOU WILL GET BETTER!!!

baby kitten sends encouraging feelings to all the people!!! GO DRAW!!

Hey, can we talk about Bumi for a second?

This picture/scene to be exact:

I’ve been mulling it over and realized that I would actually be a little disappointed if Bumi turned out to be an Airbender….

Quite frankly I liked the fact that Aang and Katara had a kid who couldn’t bend. Sure, I  felt bad for him at first but as the season progressed I began to see him as “equal”.

Yes, I know, “how dare you view him as less just because he can’t bend?! what about Sokka? June? Suki? etc” Yes, I realize it sounds bad but before I really did sort of view him as “less than” his siblings who could bend. Not in terms of “he’s not human” but as “oh the non-bender of the bunch”. And honestly I felt that there were certain times in the show it seemed that other characters shared somewhat similar beliefs.  

Remember Tenzin was with Aang most of the time and I’m sure Kya and Katara spent quite a lot of time together since Kya’s a waterbender and all. I just fell that Bumi was always kind of left out…but I imagine Uncle Sokka had a very heavy influence on him/they spent a lot of time together. 

Anyway, as the show progressed and we learned more about him (his wacky adventures/ military accomplishments), he showed that its possible to achieve greatness with our without bending. Bending doesn’t determine one’s fate or worth. That even though the rest of the world may have looked down on him due to his parents history/position he was still “worthy”. Also I want to note that Katara and Aang being well Katara and Aang made the fact that he wasn’t a bender worse. Its not necessarily the fact that he’s a non-bender…it’s who his parents are which made it seem odd that he was a non-bender. I guess that’s why I never compared him to Sokka, Suki, etc because they weren’t exactly in the same situation.

Now I won’t hate Bumi if he can bend, which I think he will be able to looking at this picture

(guy on the left…yeah I’m thinking that might be Bumi BUT I COULD BE WRONG. He’s even dressed in the airbender attire and yeah. I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet…hoping I’m wrong though)

I don’t know. I would just sort of be disappointed if he could. ESPECIALLY if people start to treat him differently because he’s no longer the “Avatar’s kid who can’t bend”.

There’s also a side of me that would be happy for him though. Not only does he get to learn more about his father’s culture he gets to be a part of it. Perhaps he’ll even have a closer relationship with his siblings because of it? So I suppose it’s sort of a win-win situation, right?

ok rant over.  

about the body type discussion

it’s true that they look kinda different here, especially ichimatsu looks more chubby, but i think it’s just because of the clothes he’s wearing and because of the animation

if you look at some other pictures they all look more similar

also it’s been confirmed

PERSONALLY i like to think they all have the same body types cause it just adds to the humor of them looking alike, but please, go ahead and keep on drawing them with different body types. i think it’s a funny thing to imagine :D


I always love to watch light patterns. How sunbeams slowly crawl through my room to highlight different aspects. Or how the lantern just outside my bedroom window projects the same shape every night on my wall. How the shade changes as time goes bye. How the lighting produces shadows. And especially how lighting can make you look at things in a completely different way. 

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haha, yes you can do with you hair what you want.But the undercut already grow longer then a few months ago. I think you will look pretty good a long undercut. And yes you can get a bob after it, keep it or maybe even making new dreadlocks. The dreadlooks looks awesome, good choice to keep that in every chase : )

haha, that what happens when hair grows, it gets longer. I don’t think I’d ever get my whole head as dreadlocks. I enjoy wearing fake one’s with my real one’s, to change style, color, length. If I had my whole hair dreaded, adding fake one’s would be too much. I have very thick hair, so there would simply be no room anymore for fake dreads, leaving me with the same haircut everyday, every week, every month and that’s just a nightmare for a chameleon like me!

Originally posted by failgifs

Also comfort wise. I have a few friends who got rid of their dreadlocks because especially sleeping was uncomfortable, and dreadlocks take SO long to dry, even longer if I had more than 14 dreads. And I wash my hair weekly and I wanna keep on doing that, and yeh. Shit would drive me crazy.

Here’s a bunch of pictures to show you how different my hair looks, with just adding the fake dreads, not needing to dye my real dreads, therefore keeping them in healthy condition, whoooo. \o/

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been commenting on my photos saying I’ve gained weight/just making judgments about my body in general. First of all, I’ve weighed the same amount for over 3 years, so no, nothing’s changed. Depending on the angle, people’s bodies look different (I feel like this is obvious). My body may not look consistent in pictures because unlike many other people on social media, if I like a picture I’ll post it even if it’s not my “best” angle (especially if it’s a picture with Rihanna!!!). That’s not the point of this post, though. The point of this post is to tell you that when you make rude comments about my body/weight, it is not me you’re affecting. I’ve been dealing with people’s negative comments on social media for years- I’m used to it and they honestly don’t affect me anymore. I know I’m healthy and happy and that’s all that matters to me, random people’s comments don’t change that. But those mean comments DO affect the people who follow me on Instagram that are struggling with body image issues themselves. When someone is on my Instagram and sees people calling me (someone who generally fits society’s standards of thinness/beauty) fat, ugly, and disgusting- how do you think it makes them feel? Basically what I’m saying is that your words affect more than just you and one other person. Be considerate. Watch what you say. And treat others as you’d like to be treated.

CeCe Drake is Bethany Young

Bethany has to be someone we already know just going by a different name or we would have seen a picture, especially since this is a missing mental institution patient. I also found it suspicious that at the “Truth or Dare” game at the Kahn cabin, Eric Kahn says, “CeCe Drake, back from the dead”. Is this a reference to Bethany being ‘dead’? If my Jessica/Marion sisters (possible twins) theory is true and Bethany is in fact Marion’s daughter (after all, Bethany did call Jessica ‘Aunt Jessie’), CeCe totally fits the bill. Who else could look so much like Alison, would be wearing the same infamous yellow shirt (Bethany’s favorite color and also very much like the matching yellow dresses) and would be considered a “toxic relationship” to Ali? Jessica also seemed to be helping CeCe after Wilden’s murder. Why would she do that? Who knows, she may be the blonde girl Dr. Palmer was referring to and even the “unstable patient” that pushed Marion. Wasn’t CeCe in Radley at one point? We all know she pretended to be Alison there. Just some food for thought. I still think “Bethany” is alive and Sara Harvey is in the grave.

Note: If I am right in my other theories that I have posted over the past few days, this would make CeCe Wren’s half sister, Toby’s sister (maybe even twin) and Alison and Jason’s cousin. I know Jason and CeCe dated, but maybe that was another lie to cover things up. We never did see any romantic interaction between the two of them.

AN: So, before we get down to it, this is basically just so you all can get an idea of what I do, I suppose. Thought I might start with some wholesome nonsinful kagehina. Hope you enjoy, children.

It took Kageyama quite a while to figure out what it was he was feeling. In regards to relationships, he had never had any close ones. Everybody he met either bothered him severely or had never been around enough to do so. So it would make sense that it had taken him almost a year to finally figure out that he and Hinata were friends. And how strange a realization that was; had he ever even had a friend? He couldn’t recall any point in his life where he did, but then again, how could he be sure? Did he even know what a friend was? Of course, once he started thinking about it hard enough, he went to the only place that he felt safe enough to ask such a question: the internet.

“A person whom one knows, likes and trusts.”

He thought to the entirety of the volleyball team, many of which he knows he is not friends with. Were you even allowed to be friends with your senpai? He decided that was a question for another time. Then there was Yamaguchi, who he didn’t quite like very much, he spent too much time with Tsukishima, and he was definitely not friends with Tsukishima. And then there was Yachi, and she seemed to like him to some extent. Once he thought about it, he supposed he did like her, or at least, he certainly didn’t hate her. But Hinata, Hinata was something else.

A person whom one knows, likes and trusts. Yes, he knew Hinata. Obviously. But did he like Hinata? He wanted to say no. He really, really wanted to say no, he was so stupid and loud and annoying, that dumbass, but, he wasn’t sure he did hate Hinata. Even with his stupid voice and his stupid bright hair and his stupid enthusiasm, he was still sure that of all the people on the team, he liked Hinata the most. Why, though? What was it that he liked so much about him? He gave up trying to figure it out once he started to frustrate himself.

Then there was trust; did he trust Hinata? Of course he did. With his life, perhaps not, but with volleyball? Completely.

So, then, that was that. They were friends. Despite not knowing why they were friends, why he decided he was okay with them being friends, he yielded to the idea of it, and went about his daily life.

Or, at least, he tried to.

Something about acknowledging their friendship made it that much harder on Kageyama to actually be friends with Hinata. All of a sudden he was bombarded with reminders every time they were around each other that they trusted one another, liked one another, even if just a little, and, frankly, the entire ordeal made Kageyama indescribably uncomfortable. And it showed.

Kageyama had been off on his tosses all day, and Hinata was getting very annoyed, very quickly. During break, he pulled Kageyama (who had a very sickly looking expression) to the side, where he placed the back of his hand on Kageyama’s forehead.

“Oi— what the hell are you doing, dumbass?” he said, swatting the shorter boys hand away. He pursed his lips in a frown and looked up at the taller,

“What’s the matter with you today, Kageyama-kun? Are you sick? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

Kageyama huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest,

“What’re you talking about? I’m fine. Dumbass Hinata,” he muttered.

“Then what’s your problem? Your tosses have sucked all day!”

Hinata expected Kageyama to grab his head or yell or anything that Kageyana would normally do after being insulted, but instead, he watched as Kageyama’s expression changed from one of irritation to one of confusion, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable with the entire conversation. Kageyama opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped abruptly by the loud voice of Nishinoya, his hands cupped around his mouth as he shouted at them to get back to practice, we’re starting again, hurry up! Kageyama glanced back at Hinata, who shrugged and made his way back over to the court. Kageyama’s shoulders tensed, and he was suddenly very frustrated, but opted to bring it up again later, nonetheless. With a fresh scowl on his face, he made his way over in Hinata’s wake.

By the end of practice, Hinata and Kageyama collected their things and left within minutes, being that it was Nishinoya and Tanaka who would be staying behind to clean up this time around as a punishment (“Launching Noya-san over the net to see how far you can get him is not a wise way to spend practice time!”). Fifteen minutes later, they were almost to the crossroads where they would separate for the night. Kageyama walked silently with his eyebrows scrunched together as he thought long and hard about earlier, before Hinata interrupted his thoughts,

“Kageyama,” he said, getting the taller’s attention, “are you really okay?”

Kageyama stopped in his tracks, causing the shorter of the two to stop walking as well. They watched each other for a moment before Kageyama hesitantly asked the question that had been eating at him all day,

“Are we friends?”

Hinata looked taken aback by it, and could only manage a rhetorical “huh?” in response. Kageyama felt sort of sick at the situation he had found himself in, and almost opted out of continuing,

“You're— I’m,” he began, feeling very embarrassed, “you’re my friend, aren’t you?”

The way it came out made it seem more like an accusation that a question, and Hinata continued to stare as he took in the situation. Kageyama thought he might be in shock until he let out a short laugh that made him jump out of his skin,

“Yeah, we’re friends. I thought you already knew that, Bakageyama!”

Relief flooded Kageyama, and he was too caught up in the feeling to wonder why he had been so worried in the first place. Surely it wouldn’t have upset him if Hinata had said no. Right?

Hinata had started onward down the path again, leaving Kageyama to stand in shock behind him,

“But I’m still going to beat you one day!” he said, throwing his head over his shoulder. Kageyama was snapped from his state of bewilderment and hurried after his friend. His first friend.

“Yeah right, dumbass Hinata!”

Their first year had ended on a good note, with the confirmation that Hinata and Kageyama were, in fact, friends. This confirmation had lead to many different reactions on Hinata’s part, and it soon became a regular occurrence to find Kageyama at the Hinata household. He enjoyed his time there, to say the least. Hinata’s mother was very nice, and she cooked well, he decided not long after visiting for the first few times. He liked Natsu as well— or more accurately, Natsu liked him. This surprised him, he was positive all children hated him, but Natsu was the exception. It seemed like all the Hinata family was an exception for him. It made him happy, even if he would never admit it to anyone.

Along with this, Hinata had begun inviting Kageyama out to places as well. Never anywhere too outstanding, but he would text Kageyama whenever he and Natsu went out to the park or to the aquarium (“Natsu wanted me to ask— she misses you, so you have to go.”). This was also a common occurrence now; Kageyama and Hinata texted often. In fact, any time they were apart, they seemed to be texting one another. They weren’t entirely sure when this started, but neither of them were complaining.

And things went on like this for the entirety of second year, and most of third year as well. Until the end of their days at Karasuno drew closer, and things started to change for Kageyama.

They had changed a lot over the course of their time together. Kageyama had grown to be a very open person in regards to making friends and letting people into his personal life. He was closer with his teammates than ever before, especially his red-headed decoy. Hinata had changed a lot too. He was taller (though not by much), faster, and his hair was now long enough for their elders to start complaining. But he was still the same old Hinata when it came to personality. He was still loud and enthusiastic, and still just as happy to be Kageyama’s friend as always. But something still seemed different. A strange kind of different.

Kageyama didn’t look at him the way he did before. He used to find all sorts of things about Hinata annoying, but now it bothered him immensely to picture Hinata without any of those traits. His ‘dumbass’s didn’t hold the same meaning they used to; he never said it to hurt Hinata. He didn’t want to hurt Hinata. In fact, he hated seeing Hinata hurt, physically, emotionally, any way. But this was the extent of his change in perspective, until the end of their third year, just a week before graduation.

Kageyama was stood outside the door of the Hinata household, looking down at his phone screen and the text from his friend displayed: 


He was slightly worried (Is he injured? Is Natsu okay? Did he get sick? What an idoit, he can’t get sick, he has practice tomorrow.) but decided not to show it as he knocked on the door. Not three seconds later did it open, and Kageyama began his interrogation,

“You tex—”

“I got in, Kageyama!”

The redhead had thrown himself from the doorway and into Kageyama with his arms draped around the taller boy’s neck, his head over his shoulder as he yelled. Kageyama froze instantly, and an unfamiliar warmth crawled up his neck and over his face at the affection. His hands twitched as they moved to rest on Hinata’s sides. He attempted to speak, but suddenly felt as though someone had stolen the air from his lungs. Before long, Hinata had pulled back, hands resting on Kageyama’s shoulders with a paper clenched in his fist. Kageyama looked down at him, with his face lit up like the sun, over — what exactly?

“Huh?” was all he could muster, still feeling slightly disoriented, his hands still on Hinata’s sides. The shorter of the two jumped up and pulled the paper out in front of Kageyama’s face for him to see,

“I got into the same school as you on a volleyball scholarship,” he yelped, “we’re gonna play together on the college team!”

Kageyama could not find any words, he was too overcome with relief and— was that happiness? He wasn’t going to think about it too hard. He could pass his relief off as being due to not having to readjust his tosses to someone new.

In his silence, Hinata had removed his hands (albeit to the disappointment of Kageyama, but he didn’t need to known that) and huffed,

“You’re not excited for me, Yamayama-kun? How rude!”

Kageyama flinched slightly, realizing now that he still had not said anything,

“I knew you would, why should I act surprised?”

He intended for it to be snarky, a quip at Hinata’s expense, but the reaction he got was nothing that gave him this impression. Instead, Hinata looked up at him with genuine surprise, and then smiled, his brightest, happiest smile at the compliment he hadn’t know he’d given him in the first place. He’d said what he was thinking, but, he asks himself afterwards, what does that say about what he thinks of Hinata?

They started college not long after; they shared a dorm room, went to practice together, spent free time together. Everything they did was together. Kageyama was content this way. Living casually side-by-side with Hinata. And then, things changed again.

“She’s so—” Hinata muttered, head in his pillow, “she’s so cool.”

Hinata was crazy about a girl. He met her in his Behavioral Sciences class, and apparently, she was very, very cool.

“She just makes my head go uwaah! You know?”

Kageyama, on the other hand, was not very cool. In fact, he was very, very not cool with the situation. Something about all of this bothered him beyond belief. He wouldn’t shut up about her, and he thought if he heard another word about her he might scream.

“What should I do?”

“Don’t ask me, stupid, do whatever you want.”

Kageyama had grown exceedingly cold towards his roommate since the beginning of this entire ordeal, and Hinata had noticed, but decided not to ask about it. It was exam time; he was sure it was just the stress getting to him.

Stress was right, but the source if it, that was a whole ‘nother story.

All of this anger towards a girl he had never met was driving Kageyama insane. Why was he so mad about this? Why did he find her so annoying? He didn’t even know her! After mentioning this to Noya, who he was till in touch with (he decided Noya might be best to ask, he wasn’t observant enough to understand he was asking for himself), he did not get answers he liked.

“Sounds like your friend is jealous.”

Jealous. Fantastic.

“Yeah,” Noya said as they walked across campus, “you need to tell him he better confront them about it. It’s only gonna get worse if he doesn’t say something.”

Kageyama said goodbye soon after, telling Noya he had a headache. It was not entirely a lie.

So, he was jealous. Jealous of this girl he had never met before, because she had Hinata. But, Kageyama had Hinata, didn’t he? They were friends. They did everything together. But, friends. That word didn’t taste right on his tongue anymore. He and Hinata were friends. Hinata and this new girl were not. That was the difference. Hinata did not want to be her friend. Hinata wanted to be a lot more than friends.

Kageyama felt sick.

This realization had hurt. He had never, in all his years, had feelings for a person. And what’s worse, they’re for a friend, who he wasn’t sure had any interest in guys. And meanwhile, Hinata was living it up with the girl he so hated. They weren’t dating, but they were enough to make Kageyama want to curl up and disappear. He was sure he was going to have to live with this feeling forever, but then, like they always do, things changed again.

Hinata walked into their dorm room, closed the door and stood with his head rested against it. Kageyama watched as he turned slowly around to face him.

“It ended before it even started. How stupid is that?”

Kageyama didn’t say anything as Hinata walked over to the bed Kageyama sat on and took a seat next to him, back rested against the wall. Neither of them spoke again for the remainder of the night. But, as horrible as it was, Kageyama felt happy. Hinata was his again. Things were going to be alright.

They weren’t.

Hinata was all kinds of wrong afterwards. Kageyama hated it. He wasn’t nearly as cheerful or enthusiastic. He had no idea what to do. But his steadily growing feelings for the boy had been urging him to do something, and he tried not to think too much about it or he would end up doing exactly what he shouldn’t do, he really, really shouldn’t, but things never seem to go the way you want them too, do they?

It had not been Kageyama’s intention that night, sitting up against the wall with his orange-haired companion beside him. But, he had looked so hopeless, his knees brought up against his chest, arms crossed over them and his head rested on top. He looked so small— and while Hinata had always been small, he had always somehow made himself feel big, like he was the most important thing in the room, or perhaps that was just how Kageyama saw him. Now he looked tiny, fragile. And Kageyama could not stand it.

He didn’t know what it was that had clenched in his chest and forced him to turn his head, to lift his hand to Hinata’s face, warm against his fingers, and lean down before either of then could question what exactly was happening— Kageyama doesn’t know what made him do it, but he certainly does not regret leaning down to press his lips against Hinata’s.

It feels short— much too short, Kageyama thinks —but the way he finds himself out of breath when they pull away makes him think that he could’ve been kissing Hinata for years, for all he knows. He feels unusually nervous when he looks at Hinata, at the way he sits quietly with his lips just barely parted, a light flush settling over his cheeks. He doesn’t say anything, and Kageyama thinks that maybe that was the wrong thing to do.

But then Hinata is reaching out to rest his hand on the back of Kageyama’s neck, and he stretches himself to reach the taller boys lips from where he sits, and Kageyama forgets how to breath all over again.

Neither one of them thinks about classes that are only hours away.

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