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please hints/advice on how not to exceed 2mb in gifs? i always reach 2.5/3mb and then have to delete parts of it and then it looks too quick :-(

sure!! firstly: tumblr has recently updated the gif limit to 3mb so you can now upload bigger sized gifs! but apart from that, here are some things you can do:

  • darken the gif (especially neutral and black tones)
  • desaturate really bright background colors like blue, pink or green
  • put a bw filter on top
  • reduce the number of colors in the save for web menu
  • change the diffusion method (sometimes using pattern will give you a smaller sized gif than selective diffusion, and vice versa)
  • make the dimensions smaller (ex. go for 268 instead of 540px!)
  • delete frames from the gif

honestly we prefer to just delete frames from the gif itself!! we’ll usually take frames off the start / end until it’s under 3mb ;; mainly because all of the methods (except for the last two) tend to reduce quality?? we’d rather go for a higher quality but shorter gif~ but obviously this is all up to you!! hopefully this helps ♥︎


Think there aren’t qualified women in tech? Here are 1,000 names that aren’t cis men. No more excuses.

  • In March, Goldman Sachs hosted a two-day technology conference in which 93% of the speakers were men.
  • In January 2016, the World Economic Forum hosted an all-male panel on women’s equality (the woman pictured was the moderator).
  • In April 2016, PayPal held another all-male panel on gender equality.
  • At Business Insider’s Ignition 2016 conference, a panel on smart bots included exclusively male panelists.
  • So this month, I set out to find these “elusive” figures in tech. I put out a call on Twitter, asking for people to send me their recommendations for cis women and others who aren’t normally asked to speak — including women (especially cis women of color and trans women), non-binary folks, and anyone else identifying as LGBTQ.
  • I got over 1,000 responses in under 24 hours. Read more (5/2/17)

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slightly controversial opinion: 

body hair positivity is utterly meaningless if it doesn’t include or center women of color and trans women 

women of color and trans women face the most egregious mockery of their body hair 

AND they’re consistently misgendered and denied their womanhood because of their body hair (especially if they’re trans and nonwhite) 

there are white women, including white wlw (especially gnc white wlw) who are shamed for their body hair but frankly their struggles with body hair are incomparable to how women of color + trans women (especially gnc wlwoc and trans woc) struggle daily with body hair 

trans women are assaulted and even killed if they don’t pass and are thus pressured to conform to femininity in ways cis women aren’t 

women of color are coercively masculinized and desexualized if they don’t conform to femininity and face a constant, exhausting stream of rejection from their communities and from white people because of body hair 

both trans women and woc are punished if they don’t painstakingly rid themselves of body hair or if they do choose to then they participate in painful, time-consuming, and usually expensive processes to get rid of body hair 

consider religion as well - jewish, muslim, hindu, and other nonwhite women who are religious have unique struggles with body hair as well

in essence, body hair positivity that doesn’t emphasize woc and trans women’s conflicts with body hair and how it relates to their sense of self/how others conceive of them is truly purposeless and only serves to cater to cis white sensibilities 


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Gene Kornman (1953) /                         Marilyn Monroe photographed by a fan in NYC (1955)                                  

One of the most iconic faces of pop culture knew precise makeup techniques: Quoting Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist, Allan Whitey Snyder: “Marilyn had makeup tricks that no one had or knew. Most of them she didn’t learn from me. She discovered it herself”. In fact, Marilyn did her own makeup for many occasions. Photographer Sam Shaw talked about one day while she was getting ready. “I asked her: ‘Marilyn, don’t you think that this makeup is a little too much?.’ 'Sam, you don’t understand’, she answered: ’This make-up is for my fans, those people waiting inside the movie houses, or outside on the street waiting in the crowd at an opening. They are the people the studios won’t let close to the theatre unless they pay to get in. When I arrive there I’ll turn to wave to them and they’ll see me and won’t be disappointed. My fans want me to be glamorous. I won’t disappoint them.’                                                                                                          

Skin: Marilyn liked her skin with a flawless finish, but yet glowy - you note in many picures that her cheeks, tip of the nose, and under brow area are glowing, she liked the effect that it gave, especially with the studio lights

Eyes: Marilyn expanded her eye crease by overdrawing it with brown eyeshadow. Her eyeliner was not too thin or huge, and it always gave the classic cat eye effect. She also drawn with brown pencil a line in the under eye area to fake a 'shadow’. She prefered individual fake lashes, applying them in a way to maintain the shape that she wanted for the eyes. She also arched her brows with eyebrow pencil.

Lips: By far, the most iconic part of Marilyn’s makeup are her lips. As you can see in her makeup free pictures, they were by far not as plump as they appeared to be. Marilyn always overdrawn her lips, (so did almost all the other female stars on that time period), but she had a especial trick - Marilyn used at least 4 different colors of red lipstick to create a 3D effect; the lighter shades on the center of her lips, and the darker ones on the edges. She applied vaseline to finalize the glossy and plump effect. Her beauty mark was not fake, in fact, you can slightly see it in the makeup free picture - but it’s not as noticeable because it was almost the same color of her skin, so she enhanced it with makeup.  

“One can never wakeup in the morning, wash the face and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knew every trick on the book to compose her look” Photographer (and Marilyn’s friend) Milton Greene

I think one of the things that white feminism / terf feminism misses completely about WOC is that there is a difference between being sexualized and being found attractive and how that affects women of color as a result.

White women in the media are both sexualized and viewed as ideal and conventionally attractive, white women tend to take a position that pushes back on all forms of the male gaze which includes both sexualization, and being viewed as conventionally attractive.

Which is fine because of their dominant position as the apple of men’s eye they’re never going to doubt themselves as the most attractive species (even when it’s unwanted and generally unfavorable, and comes with a strict set of rules and beauty standards, because even if a white girl feels ugly, internal racism is still going to make her value herself higher than brown girls) but generally when white women reject beauty standards, they have enough support that it doesn’t adversely affect their mental well-being.

Now onto WOC. The system is completely different, woc are considered play things and sexual objects in a way that is unparalleled by their white counterparts. White women don’t /want/ to feel beautiful woc never /got/ to. And that matters, in a world where beauty, especially for women, determines worth, when women of color were never considered beautiful in the first place, their self worth is nonexistent.

So when woc say things like “I want to feel beautiful” a lot of white women mistake that for “I want to look good for men” which can be true if you’re white (even though everyone should be allowed to feel attractive in whatever way they want)

But with women of color the meaning shifts to more like “I want to feel like I have value, I want to feel loved and respected and to be attractive. Eurocentric beauty standards have never fit me, and with those being all the media I ever consumed, they’ve cemented themselves in my brain, I deserve to be desirable in a non inherently sexual way.”

And white women literally can’t empathize with this, which is okay! But there has to be an understanding that feminism isn’t one size fits all in which white women are the proxy.

the entitlement that gay white women feel they have over women of color (especially brown women) and our bodies and the fact they defend and consume racist stereotypes and caricatures of us in their fan content while also harassing real live people saying shit like “i want you to beat me up till i can’t walk anymore” in the notes of a simple selfie is honestly disgusting and has been need to stop.

we aren’t your playthings, we aren’t your pets, we aren’t just inanimate objects that you can dehumanize and fetishize. grow up, take accountability, and learn that.

i can’t get over how in season one it felt like all sun had was her dog? and her connection to the cluster primarily consisted of saving their asses. and suddenly she has her prison family, her teacher, even the fucking detective assigned to steal back her freedom, surrounding her with love and acceptance on all sides.

and from the holiday ep, the cluster converged, all for her. she’s not just Jean Claude Van Damme Korean Lady, the one who supplies physical labor for nothing but an occasional thank you. she’s precious to them. without a second thought, they save her from assassins, break her out of prison, put together a legit heist to end her quest for vengeance.

and all along they  tell her we’re here. we got your back. we love you and we’re not going anywhere.

it just makes me really emotional


RICK GRIMES IN EVERY EPISODE 1.03 tell it to the frogs
   ↳ “I felt like I’d been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else. For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from ever.”