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Cuddling with bucky at home while it rains! 💕

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The rain was beating down hard, the windows rattling. You yawned, snuggling deeper into Bucky’s embrace, reveling in the warmth he provided. His arms tightened around you and you smiled at the sound of his metal arm whirring and the plates clicking. Despite him detesting his vibranium arm, you loved it dearly. Its sounds and quirks were now a part of you and you couldn’t imagine Bucky without it.

You leaned your head on his shoulder, eyes fluttering closed. Bucky smiled and turning his face to press a kiss to your forehead. His right hand was drawing nonsensical patterns on your shoulder and it felt good, prompting shivers to curl down your spine and all throughout your limbs.

“Do you know I love you very much?” you said softly, your head pulling back to press a kiss on his scruffy jaw. He hadn’t shaved in over three days now and you were enjoying the stubble, especially how it felt on the inside of your thighs when he teased you endlessly.

Bucky gasped in mock-surprise, a wide smile upturning the corners of his lips as he glanced down at you. His arms pulled you closer to him and he squeezed you tight. “You do? Well, what do you know? I love you, too, doll.”

You chuckled, wrinkling your nose. “Good. Because if you don’t, we have a problem.”

“The only problem here is that I think I love you more than you love me.”

You gasped at this. “Absolutely not!”

“Absolutely, yes!” he said with a laugh.

“How dare you say that, James Buchanan Barnes?”

He laughed loudly, his smile so wide it crinkled his eyes. You couldn’t help yourself and laughed along with him. He was beautiful when he was relaxed.

“Alright, alright. Equally,” he said. “Truce?”


You shook hands before you cuddled back into your boyfriend’s embrace, feeling like the luckiest person in the entire world.

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That Malec drawing honestly looks like the screencap with a filter on it. Do you have any WIP pictures of it? I'm sorry if this comes off as accusatory, it just doesn't look hand-drawn, especially with a track pad. My sincere apologies if it is. :)

Sorry, I don’t :( I don’t save my projects when I’m finished because if I keep the psd file, I’ll always find something wrong and go back and change things and then I’ll have 20 versions of the same drawing with slight differences. That’s how I am with most things in my life. 

I honestly don’t think it’s that good, I didn’t get Magnus’ hair right, where it’s really short, their lips aren’t right either and Alec’s rune isn’t rotated properly, especially towards his Adam’s apple? I realize now looking at it, Magnus’ stubble is all wrong at the corner of his lips, I didn’t connect the top stubble to the bottom stubble, ugh. 

Other than explaining the process I did, I can’t show you any WIPs! I’m really, really sorry!