especially with that stubble


This is something I don’t feel is talked about enough between trans people and these are just my own experiences so yours may be different.

Now in November I did not have the money (200 plus dollars) for my doctor visit and all the tests so I have not been on hormones since and it has been a struggle EVERY DAY. These are a few things that have happened (tmi in some parts mentioning anatomy)

First thing I noticed was more irritable and tired as the hormones came out of my system.

I cried a lot… I got wrote up at work and full on bawled when I hadn’t cried in months.

I noticed the longer off of T the longer it took/takes for hair to grow in on my face especially and its not as thick. The stubble I had at 3 weeks back on T to now is almost nonexistent (they tell you the facial hair is a permanent thing)

I personally feel like my face has changed its shape some and my voice is higher again (my husband corrected me and said it is the same as it was in November, it resonates different in my head) my voice used to resonate very deeply in my throat and chest and now to me it sounds more nasally.

I frankly never passed to begin with but now I feel like I am more “feminine”

I was losing a lot of inches but not losing any weight due to gaining muscle. Now I am dropping weight like no bodies business and losing inches to the point none of my pants fit (hey that’s great but I don’t wanna lose the muscle!)

I also feel a lot weaker than I did on T. I am still capable but not as much as I was.


Any growth I had down below seems to have went away and I also no longer grow “hard” as I once did. I also have a harder time orgasming than I did while on T.

My sex drive also has stabilized and went down. I am back to not caring about sex while on T that’s all I could think of (I have always identified as sort of ace. I feel no sexual attraction towards people but like the feel of sex)

Anyway, these are my experiences in detransitioning to a point. I didn’t want to and just waiting for my health insurance to kick in, in feburary and I plan on going back on T.

This is a really helpful first-hand account, thanks!


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heey so i just saw a turkish actor called ekin koc when i first saw him i was like OMG HE SHOULD be CAL idk though i wanna know what you think

Not gonna lie I have a thing for Turkish actors specifically Kaan UrgancıoğluI. I watch Turkish dramas even though I have no idea what they are saying lol. As always I got side tracked…..
But back to the question I can totally see him as Cal especially when he has stubble :)