especially with people who dislike him

Creating Likeable Characters

Sometimes it’s difficult to make your characters likeable as they are tested and are pushed to further and further lengths. Sometimes they have to make hard decisions, and sometimes the pressure gets to them and they mess up, hurt another character or an innocent bystander. How can you keep them likeable throughout the whole plotline?

- Keep their motivations pure.
It almost always comes back to the heart – if their heart is pure, and that’s established early-on, the audience is more likely to root for them.

- Give them flaws – make them human.
Not every character has to have some huge problem, like an addiction or a traumatic past or a disability – if your entire cast does, it’s no problem, but it’s not necessary. But every character has to have some flaw(s), whether it’s cheating at card games because he can’t stand to lose or being too-closed minded or closing off when she gets too emotional. If your character doesn’t have a flaw, they start to come off as too perfect, too angelic, pretentious.

- Give them permission to mess up.
This ties in with flaws – if your character is inclined to make a bad decision at any point in the plot, don’t steer him away from it because “oh no he’s my protagonist and he must be Good and Whole and Pure and All-Knowing”. Let him walk into that ambush despite the sick feeling in his stomach and get half his army killed; let her rush into a confrontation with a bully and get into a fight with another girl who has a switchblade. Let your characters mess up – it shows that they’re human.

- But if your character messes up, let them own up to it eventually.
The general who killed half his army by ignoring the unease in the back of his mind might cry over their makeshift graves long after the rest of the platoon is asleep; the girl sitting in the infirmary might feel remorse for knocking her opponent’s block off. Or your characters might argue and might be stubborn and might not apologize for weeks. But let them apologize eventually. This goes back to the heart, and what the character knows is right.

- Relationships with other characters are vital.
That’s not to say a loner character can’t be likeable – but the audience’s perception of a loner character is determined by the thoughts/words of other characters. Characters all color each other and define parts of each other, just like people do to each other in real life. If your character is a jerk to other characters and other characters don’t like him (especially if the characters who dislike him are likeable), the audience won’t like him either. The character’s image depends not just on himself, but on his supporting cast.

Hope this helps! - @authors-haven

this boy’s connections never seem to stop amazing us! i’ve brought up taehyung’s sag rising and sun/jupiter in the 1st house while trying to explain his social butterfly ways, but i don’t think i’ve expounded on one of the most important placements behind it: his libra midheaven.

the midheaven (abbreviated as mc) is an often overlooked angle, but it holds almost the same importance as the ascendant. the ascendant (your physical face) works in tandem with the midheaven (your public face) to create a totally unique persona. the mc is so prominent (if not poorly aspected) that people may think your mc sign is your ascendant or sun sign (which i actually did with jimin. i thought he was a pisces rising when in fact he has a pisces midheaven!)

back to taehyung. the midheaven also rules the career. how you behave in the public eye correlates to how you will behave at the workplace. with a libra mc, it’s no wonder taehyung has the ability to charm the pants off rookies and respected sunbaes alike. libra is the sign of diplomacy. libra mcs are about as agreeable and friendly as they come. they can quite literally get along with anyone, which is why their circle of friends seems unending. as the blogger behind says:

“You’ll find many famous people with a Libra Midheaven who are renowned for being so adorable, impossible to dislike, and totally beautiful. It’s funny because the Midheaven doesn’t affect your appearance yet having this placement just makes you so highly appealing that people can’t help but pay homage to your beauty, on many levels.”

this is especially true in taehyung’s case, whose flawless features have earned him the title of CGV, short for computer graphic visuals. being under venus’ influence, talk of libra midheavens’ beauty, grace, and sweet personality is never short!

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Where we’re sitting at the poker table

What if it’s significant in some way?

So we’re sitting directly across from Mark, right? And on Mark’s right is the Detective, on his left is the Butler.

Who’s on either side of us?

Damien and the Colonel.

Damien is probably on our left, his right, since we’re his right-hand, close friend, district attorney to his mayor. Which leaves the Colonel on our right.

Damien and the Colonel aren’t on the best of terms, so we’re sitting between them. Mark and the Colonel aren’t friends, so Tyler is sitting between them. The Colonel isn’t sitting directly across from Mark, probably to keep animosity between the two of them down as much as possible.

The Detective is directly across from the Colonel. The Colonel doesn’t seem to get along with anyone, as we can see in the drunk montage, so no matter where he sits, or who he’s looking at or not looking at, he’s going to get himself in trouble.

Maybe this is why the Detective is sitting across from the Colonel. He wants to keep the Colonel from hurting anyone, and if he does, to try to keep it aimed at himself.

We and the Butler are sitting right next to the Colonel, probably because the Colonel has little to no reason to dislike us (especially since we literally just met him), and if he becomes enraged he’s less likely to attack either of us when Mark is so close.

Now, to Damien’s left is the Detective. Maybe because the Detective trusts the Mayor? At least enough to not worry about sitting right next to him.

The Detective and the Butler are on either side of Mark. Because they’re currently in his employment? The two people who currently work for the same employer (not including the chef of course), sitting on the same side as their employer, while their employer’s estranged friends sit together on the other side of the table.

And we, Damien, and the Colonel are estranged friends. None of us have seen Mark in some time (maybe even years), while the Detective, the Butler, and the Chef have been in often to constant contact with him.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of right now. If anyone wants to add to this, use this for anything, feel free. And I’m gonna tag some people who might want to see.

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Fic thing: Everyone loves Yuuri, Just Ask

send me a made up fic title and i’ll write a fic for it

Everyone loves Yuuri, Just Ask

Like… Was that even a question?

Who doesn’t, in their right mind, love Yuuri Katsuki?

The whole Russian team loves him. Even Lilia, who doesn’t show her affection so often, was caught smiling at Yuuri one day at practice to everyone’s surprise. Even Yuri, who liked to act like he hated everyone, went straight to Yuuri when he’d gotten that video game he was waiting for so long, excited to let him know about it.

And it wasn’t only the Russian team. All competitors had great respect for him, and more often than not Victor would see them complimenting Yuuri after his performances and asking for advice. Journalists were especially eager to interview him because Yuuri was always so adorable it was guaranteed people would watch his interviews. Everywhere Yuuri went he’d bring out the best in people.

Truth is: everyone loves him. There’s nothing to dislike about that lovely boy. 

Except that Yuuri doesn’t seem to think it that way. 

And that was fine, Victor reasoned. Yuuri has his own reasons to think he was not that great (even though he was fucking wrong), reasons that got out of his hand to deal with, that made it not so simple for Victor to show Yuuri that he was the greatest gift to humankind since the invention of cream cheese. But that didn’t stop him from making Yuuri notice how much he was loved. 

“Yakov isn’t one to spare compliments,” he commented one day as they were heading back home. “In fact, I don’t think he compliments me nearly as much as he compliments you. You’re so talented, Yuuri.”

To what Yuuri would blush furiously, attempting to hide his face under his thick scarf and change subject to what they needed to buy for dinner. 

“Hey, Yuuri,” Victor heard Mila call him from the side lines when she arrived for the evening training session. “Thanks for helping me out with homework yesterday. That formula you taught me made so much more sense than the one I was previously trying. You’re a genius!”

And Victor could practically hear Yuuri’s hands waving dismissingly as he stammered that there was no need to thank him.

“Yo, Katsudon,” the other day Yuri popped into the dressing room as they were about to leave for lunch. “That game you recommended me was really sick. I beat it overnight. So cool!”

“You what?” Yakov yelled from the corridor.

And Yuri joined them for lunch while blabbering excitedly about said game, smiling and laughing at the impressions Yuuri exchanged with him in a way Victor had never seen before.

So why was it that Yuuri couldn’t see the positive effect he had on people?

They laid in silence one night, Victor in Yuuri’s arms, each of them recollected to their thoughts when Victor broke the silence.

“You’re an angel, you know?” He blurted out, causing Yuuri to stir under him. 

“Vitya…” Yuuri had a smile in his voice, smoothing Victor’s bed hair as if to say yeah yeah.

Victor brought Yuuri’s band to his lips and kissed its back, “I’m serious,” he murmured, brushing his lips and inhaling his scent with eyes closed. “You’re the best thing to ever happen.”

Yuuri breathed a short laugh, kissing the top of Victor’s head and humming noncommittally. 

“You think so?”

“I’m sure of it,” he rolled on his stomach to look at his fiancé, a soft smile playing on his lips. “You’re a ray of sunshine in a long, cold winter.”

 “Oh, my god,” he chuckled, cupping Victor’s face between his hands. “OK, Shakespeare, what do you want?”

“I want you to love yourself like I love you,” Victor kissed his palm, voice playful and daring. “Or… Maybe just a tenth of how much I love you. And I love you very much, you know…”

“You do?” Yuuri smiled, shimming closer to Victor, who made a soft sound of agreement. “How much?”

Victor paused for a moment to think, fluttering his eyes shut as he gently kissed Yuuri’s hand. 

“More than… More than Yakov loves screaming.”

“That’s… A lot, indeed,” Yuuri breathed, brushing the pad of his thumb on Victor’s cheekbone. 

“More than JJ loves himself.”

“Wow, Vitya,” he laughed, kissing his lips gently. “I’m not sure I can imagine how much love that is. Care to give me an example?”

Everyone loves Yuuri. But no one loves Yuuri as much as Victor.

On Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

I saw a post literally comparing Amilyn Holdo to Umbridge and I feel like in general people don’t like her that much, because yes, she wasn’t the friendliest character in the movie. She wasn’t nice to Poe, and I think people dislike her for that, but I’m pretty sure there was a good reason behind it.

First of all, it must be noted that she is under no obligation to tell Poe her plans at all. She’s the commanding officer, and he’s just a captain, one who was, just a few hours ago, demoted for disobeying direct orders from General Organa. So Holdo doesn’t have to explain him anything, especially after he goes up to her and starts telling her things she already knows as if she’s not competent enough.

I think that Holdo actually knows about Poe more than he imagines, she knows who he is, she knows he was demoted, she knows why that happened, and I think she knows the type of person he is. I believe, being good friends with Leia, she’d heard things about him from her, and there’s a good chance she knows that Leia was looking at him as a possible future leader of the Resistance.

And  knowing all that, she decides to teach him a lesson. Maybe a couple of lessons in the same time. She knows Leia didn’t like his actions at the beginning of the movie, but Leia isn’t there to make him understand why what he did was wrong, so Holdo decides it’s her responsibility to teach him that a) people are the most important thing the Rebellion has b) one must obey their commanding officer’s orders without arguing. Yes, even if they don’t know the reasons behind these orders. Basically, Holdo tries to discipline Poe and show him what subordination is, so she intentionally withholds information from him. He must learn how to trust the officers in charge, and he must learn that their orders are important.

Actually, Holdo does explain some things to Poe, in her special way: first the whole spark speech, and then she tells him the hope is there even if you don’t see it. Her speech about not having to see hope is the gist of the second lesson - you don’t need to understand what your Vice Admiral is doing to believe her. 

And even if she was just being a secretive bitch, who can blame her, really? We know from Rose that some people tried to flee from the Rebellion, so where’s the guarantee that there’s not one person on board who might sell the Rebellion to the First Order because they’re scared for their life? I’m not saying that Holdo believes Poe is a traitor, but once she tells him her plans, he may tell them to someone else, and then that person will tell them to someone else, and that someone will sell them to the First Order. Her whole plan was working on fleeing the ship stealthily, unnoticed by the First Order, and we can’t blame her for wanting to keep at as secret as possible. After all, her plan failed exactly because Poe learned she was preparing the transports. He tells Finn and Rose about that, DJ hears it, tells it to the First Order. So if everything went as she planned and Poe didn’t ruin things (without wanting, of course, but still), the Resistance would be safely delivered to Crait and Poe would see, once her plan was fully realised, that he was wrong in doubting Holdo’s ways, and would, supposedly, learn from it.

She failed, however, the way everyone in this movie fails, but I do think Poe learned his lesson, even if partially.

So her attitude towards him was, I believe, mostly an act. She doesn’t have any ill feelings for Poe, as we can see in the end, when she’s caressing his cheek, telling Leia she liked him. (Even during their confrontation, Holdo just lets him shout at her and question her methods without taking any real action against him.) I think that, in general, she liked him, but thought that there were things he needed to learn, and that was the reason she behaved towards him the way she did.

Amilyn Holdo was an amazing, brave, intelligent woman, the one who didn’t care about the way people saw her, the one who was ready to do anything to save her people. She was a star, and she went out like one.

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So what are your thoughts on Keith's vlog? I personally feel like it vindicated your metas about Keith being lonely rather than a proud loner, him wanting to connect to people, being well aware of his flaws, especially his shortcomings to socialize and befriend people and disliking that feature. However, there are a lot of people complaining that the vlog "proved" that Keith's a jerk who treats others badly and wallows in self-pity.

I think that it contextualized/vindicated a lot of reads on Keith that I had before. No accounting for how some people will read it, obviously, but personal things that I think are very interesting:

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So I’ve been thinking about this all day, and I can’t help but wondering…

What if it’s Lotor that reveals Keith’s Galra heritage to Voltron’s allies?

I know, I know, another Lotor manipulates Keith theory from me?

But hear me out.

It’s already been suggested that Weblum Galra was one of Lotor’s Generals (or even Lotor himself), and as someone smarter than me pointed out in another post, that means that said WG might have heard Hunk refer to Keith being Galra. So rather than him finding out later, there is a chance that Lotor knows about Keith’s heritage going into the season.

How beneficial would it be for Lotor to use that knowledge to drive a wedge between Voltron’s allies and the paladins? Especially Keith? The people that Voltron have allied with have very good reasons to dislike those with Galra blood, and though Keith’s a paladin, I doubt that he’s going to be an exception.

With Shiro gone? Lotor would be in the perfect position to set himself up as the only one who could really understand and accept Keith. Especially if one of his Generals is related to Keith.

Just something to think about.

I normally choose to post Mashima’s artwork here, and nothing more. This blog was not made for any purpose but to share Mashima-senshi’s art, I have had no intentions of speaking out, or spreading any word. However, I was greeted with this in the mailbox and this is not okay

Here are the reasons as to why:
1. Anon hate is never okay. It shows that you are a coward who do not have the guts to speak out with your identity attached, likely because you’re afraid of the repercussions. If you do not have the guts to speak out openly about your apparent disgust, you do not have the right to speak out at all, especially not a blog where his work is being shared and loved. That being said, hate in general is not okay. 

2. If you would like to word your dislike for a well-known artist, kindly structure your distaste clearly. We Do Not Type like this in a normal setting. I assume you were attempting to state your opinion of “Hey, do you know that Hiro Mashima’s drawings are disgusting? I hope someone will fucking kill him one day. He is not a great artist at all in Fairy Tail. Story is horrible!!!” At least, that was my inference, I had a little trouble at the end. 

3. Let’s break down point 2, shall we? Firstly, we do not need to know that you find Hiro Mashima’s drawings disgusting. What are you doing on a blog that does nothing but post Hiro Mashima’s artwork if you find it disgusting? It seems you may have a problem. If you find something disgusting, I suggest that you stay away from it. Perhaps you can try a blacklist function, it is easily found with a quick google search. Going to a blog that posts nothing but something you find disgusting may mean that you have an issue, please see a doctor if it persists, it is not healthy for you to continually visit something that contains things you find disgusting.

4. Secondly, hoping that someone will be killed simply because you dislike their drawings is a very dark thought. It is extremely unhealthy to channel so much hate over drawings that does not belong to you, and can be avoided if you take the steps suggested in point 3. Mashima-sensei has done nothing wrong to you, it is not as though he has threatened your family, or harmed you in any manner; such hate is unwarranted, especially if your only beef is with his drawings. If you phrase this in another manner, it can be taken as a death threat, and you may and can be reported for that. That will get you in a whole lot of trouble, as the police may be involved. 

5. Thirdly, we have established that you find Mashima’s artwork disgusting, and in your opinion, lacking. However, do note that the term ‘great’ is a subjective term. For example, you may think that you’re being oh so very great when you send an anon hate ask like this to a Hiro Mashima artwork blog, but in my personal opinion, I think such an action is quite the opposite of great. On the other hand, I’m sure many others following this blog for his artwork would agree that his artwork is rather great in their opinion. As this is a subjective determination, I will leave this as such.

6. Based on inference, it seems that you were attempting to tell me that his art in Fairy Tail is not great. Please be gently reminded that Fairy Tail belongs to him. He created the manga, and the style, and the art for the characters. Be mindful that the canon appearance, art style, literally everything, belongs to him. You may think that it’s not great artwork, but in Fairy Tail, it’s as canon as it is, which technically makes it the greatest, especially if you’re measuring upon the likeliness of artwork with canon. 

7. If you find that the story is horrible, you may choose to drop Fairy Tail like I know many have done. What is the issue here? I find it hard to understand why you continue to apparently torment yourself with art and story that you do not like and find horrible. Like previously mentioned, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, What he chooses to do with it, and what he ultimately does with it, is his own choice. You have no right to dictate his actions or decisions. If you dislike it so much, please leave the fandom. No one is stopping you.

8. Lastly, I just want to say that I do not advocate hate in any forms. If you dislike something, the smart move is to unfollow, blacklist, and avoid. Going forward to send messages like such to a blog that enjoys what you do not is honestly not the action you should be taking. You take the fun and happiness out of others because you dislike something. One can not expect everyone to like the same thing, and on the same note, one cannot expect everyone to dislike the same thing. You would not like it if I came up to you and said horrible things about the things you like, you would not like it if I came up to you and said that someone you like, and I quote “I wish someone will fucking kill him one day.” Even if you can not enjoy something, you should not take that enjoyment away from others. It is never okay to hope for someone’s death, especially over such a small thing as artwork or manga that would not be detrimental to your life. 

People who come to this blog came here for Hiro Mashima’s artwork. If you do not have that intention, or like them, please just leave. There is no place for your hate here. This is a place for people who enjoy Hiro Mashima’s artwork to unite and connect. 

If any word is spread in this post, let it be this.


Sheith Headcanon #1

I have a tiny little headcanon that Keith has serious problems with being praised/recognized for anything. (Bear with me, it might not be what you’re thinking, or it might be exactly what you’re thinking.)

If anybody at the garrison praised his flying skills, he’d turn around and walk away if he could, and if he couldn’t, he’d give a barely hidden grimace and avert his eyes. Because of that, he had a reputation amongst his peers as 1. someone who was humble (for those who truly recognized his talent) or 2. someone who thought he was too good and mocked the praise he received (for those who disliked him for whatever reason).

However, none of them were right.

As Shiro has come to realize, Keith just gets incredibly, and he means incredibly, embarrassed whenever anyone praises him. What other people saw as being snide or humble whenever he averted his eyes was actually just him being too embarrassed to maintain eye contact. Initially, Keith’s reaction whenever Shiro ruffled his hair and congratulated him on completing an especially difficult manoeuvre had confused him but then he noticed the tips of Keith’s ears gradually getting redder and he just understood.

Once he discovered this little fact (there was something so very endearing about the way the usually unflappable Keith would get reduced to a pile of overheating goo at the smallest praise), Shiro would sneak in a few surprise attacks here and there. If he was feeling particularly devilish, he’d corner Keith (sometimes physically, like when he had him pinned to the mat during their sparring sessions) and just let an onslaught of praise flow free. His grin would widen as Keith gradually got redder, his eyes looking everywhere but at Shiro. Keith would squirm, desperate to get away, embarrassment etched deep in his face.

There was that one time when Shiro cornered Keith in the hall at night to congratulate him on breaking another one of his records and he watched as Keith tried to thank him, fumbling on his words and eyes staring resolutely at some far away place to Shiro’s right as redness spread all over his neck and ears. 

When Shiro, barely containing a grin, continued on with an air of fake innocence about that really difficult manoeuvre that Keith took one day to master when it usually took people a few weeks to do the same, Keith could feel his face explode with heat. Instead of hiding behind his hands, he used his forearms, as if they could physically block the words coming out of Shiro’s mouth. 

Sadly, for Keith, that did not stop Shiro at all and the man moved on to Keith’s artful take down of their instructor during his last sparring exam. At this point, the noises coming out of Keith’s mouth made absolutely no sense, a mess of begging for Shiro to stop mixed with a few ‘thank you’s here and there. Anything to get him to stop

Feeling like he would spontaneously combust from the embarrassment, Keith tried pushing past Shiro and running away. When that failed, he dropped to the floor in a crouch, face still hidden. 

Finally taking pity on the young man in front of him (Shiro’s heart could only take so much fondness), he stopped and squatted down. When Keith tentatively lifted his head from where he hid in the nook of his elbows as the silence stretched on, Shiro noted with a jolt (that went straight to his heart) that Keith’s eyes were actually glistening with embarrassed tears. 

Shiro took a moment to compose himself (’the usually calm and collected Keith got so embarrassed he teared up’ his mind was still reeling) and wished Keith good night with a fond smile, hand clasping his shoulder briefly. Shiro then got up and left, throwing one last ‘good job’ for good measure.

ラブユーブング2 -穂積汪編- (Loveubung 2nd Season • Hozumi Ou)

A’sRing has announced a second season of ラブユーブング (Loveubung)! In case you wanted to cry over more personified sex toys. ( • v • ) 

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The toy that you eventually decide to purchase on that mysterious adult products site is a vibrator created for “middle-experienced users” in mind. 

Ou, the aforementioned toy, is pretty dedicated and determined when he decides to do something, but always makes a point to prepare himself with great care to prevent failure in anything he does. 

However, because of this tendency, Ou is quickly put off guard and bewildered when confronted with something unexpected.

He is upfront with the things he likes and dislikes, and honestly conveys his feelings and thoughts. 

People who are generally agreeable and somewhat indifferent often like him, especially those of the same gender as him. 

Ou doesn’t really have an interest in housekeeping, so he’s quite bad at it. 

CV: あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)

Release Date: March 29th, 2017.

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do you think that sanji thinks that zoro doesn't like him? i mean, mutual respect is there, sure, but like you said, zoro's been the instigator for most of their fights and has never even said sanji's name in canon. knowing sanji's low self-worth, he could interpet zoro's gruff behaviour as a sign of dislike or even contempt. your throughts?

nope, I genuinely don’t think so !!

at its core, when everything else is stripped away, Zoro and Sanji’s relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. not hatred. not contempt.

this means, they know that deep down they care and respect each other as nakama. their behavior is rooted on healthy rivalry, not malice: both parties see each other as equals, and the rivalry pushes them to strive to be better versions of themselves.

you said that Zoro instigates most of the fights, which is true, but don’t forget that Sanji reacts to it all the same – there are equal reactions from both sides. they dish out not despite their respect, but precisely because they know the other can take it. Zoro starts the fight because he knows Sanji wouldn’t take it negatively. Sanji responds in equal because he knows Zoro wouldn’t expect any less.

this is also coupled with the fact that Zoro and Sanji have very similar thought process when it comes to things that matter the most:

  • a lot of their team attacks don’t require them to discuss it beforehand (breaking the walls in Water 7, protecting Vivi in Alabasta, the team attack during Davy Back Fight, etc)
  • whenever there’s an outside force they instantly stop fighting, band together, and take equal leadership positions (this is exhibited as early as when they first met Crocus and Luffy was off with Laboon, or in Water 7, when Usopp tried to challenge Luffy and Sanji immediately agreed with Zoro’s POV and shut down opposing opinions)
  • the most popular example is of course Thriller Bark, where Sanji understands Zoro well enough to keep the whole thing as a secret, and Zoro trusts Sanji to keep the secret. all these without a single word exchanged between them. they just knew.

also !! I know I talk a lot about Sanji’s self-worth, but I actually think it’s more complicated than just him thinking “I am useless, people hate me” because 1) he clearly no longer is 2) the Straw Hats, including and especially Zoro who sees him as an equal, would be the last people on earth who would make him feel that he’s useless and disliked. if a strong guy walks up to you and thinks you’re worthy of challenge, would you think he’s putting you down? I wouldn’t. I’m sure Sanji sees it as both a compliment and a challenge.

I think – this may sound contradictory, but bear with me – Sanji has low self-worth, but not self-esteem. this means he knows he’s good enough to contribute something. however, this also means that he thinks he’s good enough to be sacrificed. he doesn’t want to die, but he also sees himself as living on borrowed time, so he throws himself in front of a bullet every time the situation calls for it. this is shown over and over again in Drum Island, in Thriller Bark, in Dressrosa, in Whole Cake Island – it’s not “I’m useless, take me instead of my crew”; it’s “i’m a good enough sacrifice, take me instead.”

tl;dr, Zoro starts all the fights with Sanji because he knows Sanji well and knows Sanji won’t take it the wrong way. conversely, Sanji may have self-worth issues but he’s not a weak blushing flower who would cry just because Zoro calls him a dartbrow. their rivalry is healthy in the same way any young adults would tease and call each other names: lightly, respectfully, and – even when they will never admit this – affectionately.

and at the end of the day, they know the other always has their back in a fight. it’s enough. it’s more than enough.

ALEKSANDER (ALEC) | 6′3′ | 26 (792) | LXXIII

It’s easier to list the kinds of things he dislikes, but he’s got an aversion to emotionally driven people, and doesn’t like those who are nice with ulterior motives or for selfish reasons. He’s very distrusting of people who are kind and expect something in return for it, or whose charitable nature only extends so far. Although withdrawn he’s relatively easygoing, and enjoys being around others, especially when he can just casually observe what’s going on around him. 

That’s his natural hair color and he would really prefer if people didn’t mess with it, he’ll let you if you’re close to him though. When he does eat (human food) he prefers things that are really salty (he really likes french fries).

He loves praise or compliments, but hates being called “cute”.

hmm, that’s a bit of what i can think of for now!! but, the more i draw the more i’ll know, i’ll probs get into his relationship with darien at some point toooo


I’ve always been okay that my favourites are unpopular or disliked. Maybe I’m just lucky but the people who dislike my favourites have always been cool about it. to each his own and all that. Yet, I’m appalled by how intense hatedoms can be in this fandom, despite the heavy grey&grey morality in effect. I’ve especially felt unsafe because my favourite character is Loghain, because of his hatedom being unable to accept him having good qualities evidently. I’ve even been bullied because I like him

Jeorge Appreciation

As a character who has gained a lot of visibility due to his inclusion in Fire Emblem Heroes, there is a lot more to Jeorge than what meets the eye. Allegedly known as the “best sniper on the continent”, Jeorge is neither your typical snobby nobleman nor defined by his loyalty to his country. Realistic and level-headed, Jeorge sees things for what they are and acts accordingly.

Jeorge was born into the House Menidy, one of the five powerful noble families of Archanea ruling under the royal family. The Menidy family is known for their trickery and cunning ways, which Jeorge has always despised. Because of this, Jeorge has longed for a free lifestyle and no longer associates himself with his house. One particularly rebellious act, for example, is how his family wished he be wed to Midia for the purpose of gaining more power, but Jeorge ended the relationship. Despite Jeorge disliking the nature of his house, he admits that at heart he is at least partially the same, and he is willing to rely on calculating methods (i.e. viewing people as chess pieces) to protect the men who serve him and defend his country, especially Princess Nyna.

In FE1/11, Jeorge was captured by Dolhr soldiers while defending the Archanea castle. After escaping and waiting in a nearby village, he waits to join up with the Archanean League because he heard Marth allied with Princess Nyna. After the war ends, he helps rebuild Archanea and is promoted to archer-captain.

In FE3/12, Jeorge first appears as an enemy at Olbern Castle in Grust, ignoring General Lang’s orders to defend it and instead telling his men only to attack if Marth’s army engages in battle with them. After the castle is breached, Jeorge is sent to guard the northwestern fort near Cashere Bridge to prevent Marth’s army from leaving the country. However, he betrays the empire and joins the Altean army in order to restore Archanea to its former glory. After the second war ends, Jeorge establishes the Archanean free knights who protect the citizens from bandits and consists of Astram, Midia, Gordin, and Castor.

Although Jeorge does not show much of a personality due to limited dialogue in FE1/3/11, Jeorge’s support conversations in New Mystery of the Emblem portray him as a person who, while serious and collected around his superiors, is easily amused and not afraid to tease or joke around with close friends. In his support conversations with Astram, Jeorge teases him for talking about Midia’s beauty. In his support conversations with Gordin, Jeorge admits he’d been watching Gordin practice archery initially with the intent to have a good laugh. Furthermore, in his support conversations with female Kris, she mentions she’s heard frivolous rumors about him and doesn’t believe him when he implies he likes her romantically. However, Jeorge is shown to care deeply for those he chooses to care about and is a good friend for Astram to lean on and mentor to Gordin.

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I just love the fact that Magnus' clothes are so very real to who he is, if that makes sense. Sometimes the term "glittery", or full of glitter, or saying he leaves glitter everywhere, especially in fanfics is so tiring to read/hear, because oftenly people seem to reduce who he is to this, even when there are so many interesting layers regarding him as a whole.

I agree! I disliked the way his clothes were described in the books; it was over the top and made it clear cc had no idea what fashion even was. a lot of this has carried over into fan fic which is irritating but at the same time i blame the books for emphasizing it so much.

magnus on the show is elegant, but also has edges of eccentricity that makes him stand out, and i love it. i love that they add hints of shimmer and shine to him with things like rhinestones, metal detailing, and snakeskin without dousing him in hilarious amounts of glitter. his color choices are bold and rich, but not obnoxiously colorful, and i like that his makeup choices are similar.

everything about him speaks of a man who has refined his tastes over centuries, not for the sake of those around him but strictly for himself. wardrobe honestly did such a great job rendering his look for the screen and they deserve all the credit in the world.

Treebros Headcanons

So idk I’m doing a treebros blog and I’ve recently come up with a lot of headcanons for Evan and Connor, so yeah. I tried to keep away from any headcanon;s I’d seen a lot of ie Evan is bi Connor is gay and so on.

Since Evan’s been taking anxiety meds for years he ended up learning to dry swallow pills if he was in a hurry or had an attack with no water. 

Evan is allergic to cats and peanuts and at one point thought he was lactose intolerant but it turned out to be false, though he still dislikes the taste of plain milk.

Evan likes Connors hoodie he often steals it or Connor will let him wear it, especially if Evans freaking out cause it calms him down a bit.

Evan may be shy as all hell but he’s fairly touchy with people he’s very comfortable with ie Jared or people he likes (who he also trusts). During panic attacks he craves physical contact, again with someone he trusts, because it helps ground him in reality. 

Evan likes playing with Connors hair because well have you seen it it’s amazing.

Evan can’t really braid hair but he does try to braid Connors every once in a while, with very mixed results.

Evan actually is a really good at photography. He mainly takes pictures of trees but also likes other aesthetically pleasing subjects. He also might have a tendency to take pictures of Connor when he’s not doing stuff, but never tells him about it. He also has a fairly fancy camera his mother got him for his sixteenth birthday that he treasures and is very protective over.

Connor tried to convince Evan to get a piercing but Evan was too scared they did compromise and Connor found some of his old fake piercings and had Evan try them out. Evan was neutral about them while Connor took at least twenty pictures of the moment and has them saved on three different places.

Connor convinced Evan to start painting his nails, while Connor prefers black Evan likes a deep royal blue.

He’s also tried to paint Connors nails but was shaking too much and the polish got everywhere, he still gets teased a bit for that. 

Connor can cook, like surprisingly well. He’s self taught mainly but learned through watching his mom or any cooking shows, however he’s usually too lazy to actually cook for himself.

Connor has 2 cartilage  piercings on his right ear and an industrial piercing on his left ear along with the standard ones he has. 

He once got a fake nipple piercing to piss off his family he got his car taken away but he said it was worth it for the look of horror on his parents faces.

He plans to get an eyebrow piercing and either a horizontal lip piercing or nostril piercing one day.

Connor wants to get a tattoo on the back of his neck, when he was younger he wanted a feather but after meeting Evan he decided on a pinecone. 

Connor has a variety of pet names for Evan which include Fern, Peach, Marshmallow, my moonlight, Pinecone, or his personal favorite bean. 

Evan has few for Connor as well including angel, Sugar Maple, and raindrop however Evan uses pet names a lot less than Connor.

Connor likes to draw and one of his favorite things to draw is the sky, specifically the night sky. He’d always loved space and would often sneak out his window which and onto the roof and just stargaze. When he got older he went there when he wanted to escape or hide and despite it being a good spot to smoke pot he avoided doing it there since it was a special place to him. 

Despite painting them regularly Connors nail polish is almost always chipped since he has a habit of picking at his cuticles.

Connor originally grew out his hair to piss off Larry but ended up liking it and keeping it that length for himself later on in life. 

Connor genuinely loves when Evan babbles about trees and finds it endearing and utterly adorable.

He also tries to plan dates around Evans anxiety opting for staying away from movie theaters or nice restaurants and instead planning movie nights at one of their houses or smaller less crowded restaurants and shops, and always orders for Evan. 

He normally  keeps part of his hair in front of his face, it’s mainly for the look but it also makes it easier to hide his face and eyes if  he ever cries in public.

Connor uses eyeliner because it makes him look pretty.

Connor was tempted to go to prom in a dress and tried convincing Evan to do it too but decided against it after Evan nearly passed out while looking at dresses and Connor pulled some out and tried to get him to come try some on.

Despite this Connor has gotten Evan to wear a skirt before, and though its too much of an attention grabber for Evan to ever wear in public he will admit they do feel pretty nice and look pretty good on him, not that he could ever admit this.

Connor has actually worn a skirt in public mainly as a joke but honestly it wasn’t that weird to him since he always hated the how gendered fashion and the expected of  how people were suppose to dress and look was a bs notion.

Connor will sometimes put his hair in elaborate updo’s or braids, Zoe occasionally helps him with it. 

Connor is very much into public displays of affection and if he had it his way, he’d much more affectionate in public but Evans anxiety tends to act up when he displays too much so he tries to keep it to a minimum.

Connor is just tall enough to put his chin on the top of Evans head, he also does that more than Evan likes but never tries to stop him.

Jared has a playlist on his phone for the treebros mainly full of the most cliché or memeish love songs or songs about sex or gayness that he will shuffle through whenever he thinks the two are being too grossly coupley.

Jared is also their number one shipper alongside Alana who once wrote a crack fanfic about a love triangle between Evan Connor and Trees, Connor treasures it while Evan tried to delete it from Jared’s computer, sadly it had already been posted and Evan will never live it down.

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  • Who asks the other on dates: 

Eren! He can be surprisingly romantic okay he tries so hard

  • Who is the bigger cuddler:

EREN my god he’s nuzzly

  • Who initiates holding hands more often:

Mikasa :’) Eren doesn’t pull away nearly as much as you’d think, especially when they’re like. Official.

  • Who remembers anniversaries:

Definitely Mikasa, though Eren isn’t forgetful either

  • Who is more possessive:

Mmmm technically Mikasa but tbh she’s not as possessive as people think?

  • Who gets more jealous:

Eren can be too oblivious sometimes to be jealous but Mikasa has her moments. Not too much though.

  • Who is more protective:

Oh come on we know the answer lmao

  • Who is more likely to cheat:


  • Who initiates sexy times the most:

Mikasa :^)

  • Who dislikes PDA the most:

Eren lol he gets a bit self conscious but hey he relents

  • Who kills the spider:


  • Who asks the the other to marry them:

Eren asks Mikasa <3 I can see him trying so hard to be romantic too but he fumbles on his words and gets frustrated and it ends up like “DAMN IT MIKASA MARRY ME” and she’s like :0 “Yes, always yes.”

  • Who buys the other flowers or gifts:

Again, Eren tries very hard to be romantic at times lmao

  • Who would bring up possibly having kids:

Mikasa would bring it up but it’s not like they even need to because Eren has negative pull out game and every one of their seven children is a blessed oops a truly happy accident 

  • Who is more nervous to meet the parents:

Pfft, Parents…that’s hilarious,,

  • Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:

EREN he slowly slinks back to the bedroom and climbs into bed like a clingy koala “Mikasaaaaaaaaa forgive me”

  • Who tries to make up first after arguments:

Mikasa, I’d say

  • Who tells the other they love them more often: 

Mikasa, as Eren’s better at physical expressions of love 

Analyzing Sheith, with a dash of discourse.


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“Cordially inviting any and all anti’s to come at me bro Whether it be…”

Can I just add, that many antis throw around the word “pedophilia” and first of all, that’s a disgusting accusation to make of someone imagining FICTIONAL characters in a relationship. And second, it does not apply. Like the literal definition does not apply. Would a 25 year old with a 17 year old be cool IRL? Probably not but it’s not pedophilia and it’s also FUCKING FICTION JFC. God I wish I had the time to worry about what fictional characters people shipped.

Sorry for that brick I just have been wanting to say that for so long, hope you have a spectacular, wonderful, idiot free day &lt;3

You may definitely add that. I certainly forgot to. 

It really depends heavily on context for that 17-25 thing. It depends on the relationship and maturity levels of the two people in question. I know there are 25 year olds that are still running around this site screaming about “problematic ships” like its the fucking plague. And then there are people in my life who grew up in drug houses, who struggle because their families entire line of poor credit, bad choices, substance abuse and felonies makes it nearly impossible for them to get jobs and basic debit/credit cards, who dug around in dumpsters for food during their childhood– and you can bet they grew up incredibly fast, and incredibly hard. 

Biology plays a part in it to a degree too-Female brains tend to fully develop ages 16-25? (dont cite me on this, im just going off of memory) and for male brains I think they finish developing around like, 18/22-30??? I’d have to look it up again, but you get my point.

Theres a lot of factors that go into play- The maturity levels of the individuals themselves, and the actually Nature of the relationship itself, I think.

Lets take Sheith, for example. 

We have seen maturity and selflessness exhibited in both individuals; Both of them have had to go through very hard experiences; Keith being an orphan with abandonment issues, yet still carries some incredibly strong morals and a fierce love for people and a desire to protect others.; Shiro has been enslaved, amputated and experimented upon, and forced to perform in bloody, gruesome, arena’s. He’s been through Hell, and still he has retained a sense of calm, patience, and compassion. 

So we know from this that they’re both plenty mature enough– But what about the nature of their relationship?

Honestly I think this one of the most healthy ships out there for the sheer amount of love and compassion and respect between the two, even without picking apart just how well they compliment each other. 

Again, starting with Keith; This is a highly individualized person that does not like authority. He’s not going to want to feel like he has to explain himself to anyone or meet anyones arbitrary standards; Does not like, and possibly feels threatened by rules and restrictions as that threatens his ability to do his own thing. He makes his own rules for himself and his own personal values to which he will adhere strictly. He’s intelligent, but it’s shown and seen through his actions– Not explained through word of mouth, and most likely never will be. Trust and abandonment issues, as well as his orphaning, may lead him to difficulties communicating with others, being vulnerable, and expressing emotions or showing weakness, making him a very secretive, private person, that most likely finds both comfort and fear in Isolation. Comfort, because no one can hurt you, and you can sort everything out yourself and have complete control when you’re alone; Fear, because it’s very easy to keep isolating yourself and never stop, even though you want, like, and need people in your life, but may be hesitant to go to them for fear of getting hurt or abandoned, especially if you reveal your softer, more unprotected sides. Keith, as a character, may even be scared of his feelings. 

One of these belongs to every paladin okay, thats all I’m sayin’. 

In conclusion, Keith is a very private, lonely person with a history of trust issues stemming from abandonment and a dislike for authority, making him not the easiest person to get along with.  He needs someone who will have the patience and respect that will allow Keith to open himself up to them on his own highly secretive terms, someone who is open minded, patient, and understanding, in order to understand someone as rare and unconventional as Keith (He’s not exactly going to come with an owners manual or introductory pamphlet y’know?). He needs to feel safe, comfortable, and not judged by a person in order to place so much trust, value, safety and security with them. If someone tries inauthentic, underhanded, or forceful means of manipulating someone like Keith into anything, you know Keith won’t be having it. 

Shiro is kind of the epitome of all of these traits, and we don’t just see him using them to understand Keith, but we see him using them to understand other members of his team as well (like Pidge or Allura). Once Shiro has a good understanding of someone, he waits until an appropriate, non-threatening time arises in order to build his team members up, give them advice, solace, or whatever he thinks they may need that he can give them. He uses a very open, friendly, safe, respectful and non-threatening communication style in order to build up people around him; This is an incredibly rare and beautiful kind of person, imo, at least in Shiro’s case, because we can see how very dedicated he is to doing this, and that he makes it one of his biggest priorities. 

This makes him pretty great for Keith, but there are plenty of reasons why Keith is great for Shiro too.

From episode one, from Keiths very introductory sequence, we see him caring, for and sacrificing for Shiro– Going out of his way to make sure Shiro is safe at all times, or backing him up; Whether it be in or out of Voltron, Keith is literally Shiro’s right hand man. Keiths love for Shiro is very similar for Shiros’ love for Keith;  It is a respectful, kind, and appreciative, thankful kind of love. It is built on and never runs out of trust, and only seeks to lift the other up, and make sure the other is okay, without breaching any boundaries. 

Shiro, from his iron devotion and love for others, strikes me as the type of person that forgets to take care of himself, in lieu of others and their importance, valuing it over his own. Keith, being a very confident, straight forward, and protective person, is perfect for Shiro in that he can and will make sure Shiro does get the self-care he needs, but without threatening or stomping upon Shiros virtues, or his mission. Shiro, for all his dad-jokes and stereotypes, honestly might need the child harness more than Keith does for his sheer scary-levels of willingness to sacrifice himself, like he means nothing- Or at the very least, nothing in comparison to others. Shiro, just like Keith, doesn’t know when to stop and take a break if others don’t make him/tell him too. And even then, Shiro might not understand or believe it, simply because war and soldier-trauma is like this. 

Shiro needs someone who is confident, straight forward, and strong enough to take care of Shiro as Shiro takes care of others. He needs someone who will be considerate and kind to him when no one thinks to be, or knows to be. He needs someone who will keep a close eye on him and watch and listen for when he’s breaking, when he needs help, whether he knows it or not– He needs someone who will be aware of just how much Shiro himself may not know it too. And he needs someone who will do this genuinely, authentically, respectfully, and patiently. Issues like these are incredibly painful for both parties to go through, and they may never heal. A spouse who deals with this may have to come to accept this as never-changing, and to do that… Takes so much genuine love and self-sacrifice? It’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful, as it is a gruesome reality. It’s not sexy, cute, or fun– It’ cold and it’s harsh and to persevere in your attentive care of someone in spite of such hard issues, especially when coupled with things like PTSD, is about as Real as you can get.

The reason Keith fits this bill perfectly? Is because we already see him doing this for Shiro in canon. 

We see it in anytime Keith flings himself into action in order to save shiro, whether it’s well-thought out or not. We see it in his respect, adherence, and boundaries. We see it in how he trusts Shiro to keep throwing himself into battle and come back to him, amidst a respectful but attentive observance of his person, his space, his wishes and his safety. In Keith we see he’s developed his own very deep and respectful understanding of Shiro and how he works, just as Shiro has developed an understanding of Keith– they both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and give each other trust and patience. 

Like, I really can’t think of a more healthy relationship yo. Fuck ages man, these two are good for each other, these two honestly keep each other sane and safe, and uplift the other, they have a rock solid understanding of the other, and their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and they communicate in succinct, blunt, non-threatening ways build on trust. Even if they disagree or say harsh things to each other (Like Shiro reprimanding Keith for reprimanding Pidge, “That’s not how a team works.”, or giving him criticism. Or Keith pleading with Shiro in his BOM-nightmares.), they do not stay mad or hold grudges, which tells me that they never assume bad intent of the other either, even though it would be very easy to. 

My god like theres so much healthy shit in this ship it’s actually hard to cover everything, they both exhibit so much. 

Overall I really think like the last thing I’m worried about with these two is fucking AGE y’know? Clearly theyre mature enough to take care of each other; Does anyone really think either of these people would abuse the other? Because I certainly don’t. It wouldn’t just be wrong, it’d be completely out of character. Keith and Shiro simply care, value, and love each other too much for that. 

Feel free to add to this, if you’d like.

I never understood why people who dislike Daenerys talk about how Jon is falling for someone *~ evil ~* but ship Dany with Drogo and/or Ygritte with Jon.

For on-screen chemistry purposes? Hell yes, especially Jon and Ygritte. Their chemistry surpasses Dany/Jon’s by a mile and I like Jonerys more. Their chemistry sparked the second Ygritte told him to create a new life with a woman and away from the wall. I’d prefer them over any couple on the show from this perspective. Drogo and Dany were nice too, but most of their scenes made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons.

But from a CHARACTER perspective? You have to be out of your fucking mind.

Ygritte, as a wilding, killed for sport. That’s all she bragged about? They killed Olly’s family in front of him and for some reason people shun Olly for wanting revenge. She deserved the ending she received despite me loving the couple. She shot Jon full of arrows for not only keeping his promise to the North, but for not wanting to be a part of their savagery. Hell, she killed a random old man. So just imagine what she would’ve done to him had they somehow worked and Jon crossed her again? They wouldn’t have lasted anyway because Jon didn’t like the shit that they did.

Drogo was a sick fuck too. Do I even need to go into detail with him? The rituals he and the Dothraki engaged in were so satanic and dark. Not to mention that his first two sexual encounters with Daenerys were indeed, rape. The third she had to take control and seduce him just so that he wouldn’t destroy her in bed like he did the first two times. The world he would’ve brought Daenerys in would’ve been pretty horrid.

Both Jon and Dany fell in love mainly out of unwillingness and mostly for survival. Jon refuses sex with Ygritte, she pretty much discovers that he’s still a crow. And good lord if Daenerys said no to Drogo, who knows what he would’ve done.

You don’t have to ship Daenerys/Jon at all, especially since D&D is force feeding them to us instead of taking their time, but to say that you miss these characters with their old lovers based off of the story and not screen spark, you have to be sick.

And goodness, am I the only Jonerys fan who wishes that Sansa will find a man who won’t defile her? She deserves love so much. She and Jon would make me so uncomfortable, but hell give her a random prince. She’s the unluckiest character on the show and if I was a major Sansa fan I don’t think I would’ve lasted that long.