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officialmadalinaghenea: So proud to announce my movie ‘SMITTEN’ has now been officially launched at the Cannes film festival. Rosalia is my first main role in an English speaking movie, a movie directed and written by Academy Award winner Barry Morrow! Big thanks to the whole film crew and especially to Barry and his amazing wife, Birdy! Dreams come true! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎞📽📽📽📽📽

So I got the Hedwig kiss at the 10/25/16 show in SF. It was amazing! This is him and I at stage door after, taken by my incredibly supportive boyfriend who understands that Darren is my ultimate celebrity crush. I am unable to make words or comprehend what he is saying because just before when he gave his obligatory “be patient” speech to the line, he said he would get to everyone, then recognized me in the crowd, pointed and said, “especially you, Mama” and I died. 


Darren Criss* singing “Not Alone” with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra led by Luke Frazier, NAAP’s Broadway Community Chorus and his band. He is performing as part of After the Storm, a benefit concert for the Philippines at The Kennedy Center. *Bonus Darren babble at the beginning.  

I love it, man. It is the best. It is an old cliche but a good one, that the Broadway community is a family and I think that goes for Broadway fans as well, the people who come back. I can’t think of another industry that is so tied in with the vitality of a city. I mean, Broadway isn’t just this thing that, oh, it’s its own entity, like Hollywood is its own entity. New York City is Broadway so the support that is has of the community is just, I don’t know, so infectious, especially during the summertime.

Darren Criss, Live with Kelly and Michael


Dear Darren Criss fans,

I have seen a lot of you post that you will be at the stage door pretty much every night. Stop yourself. I know you love him and he’s your idol and all that but make room for people that came to see the show, people that travel long distances to see the SHOW. Don’t hog a front space every night. That’s not right, especially if you didn’t even see the show..


#gleegoodbye I just love the two final episodes. 2009 is a flashback to the glee we used to love. Before watching it, I didn’t realize how much I love the annoying Rachel, the super gay Kurt or the nerdy Artie from season 1. And for the record, although season 1 is the best, I still don’t like it as season 2 and 3.

But que sera – what will come will come. Here comes the last episode of glee. All the songs from “Dreams Come True” are wonderful, and “I Lived” is a perfect song for the end of glee. I love to see how all the characters achieve their success and Klaine’s happy ending.

I wanted to say many things, but then my words just didn’t catch up with my emotions so I’m gonna do this simply.
Glee is something that meant so much to me, to my life, without it I would have never had the courage to be who I am and follow my dreams. Thank you all the amazing cast and crew who have contributed for this show. Especially Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, who have brought a little hope called “Klaine” to my world.
No, I’m not ready to say goodbye, it’s never easy to let go what you love, and for me, there’s no farewell at all. Forever in my heart, one of the most precious things in my life, GLEE remains.

Glee needn’t be realistic, glee is an imaginary world where all dreams come true and we can be who we all. That’s how our world should be! I don’t have the power to change the world, or at least my country, but I do not choose to live the life I couldn’t be myself, so I’d made a decision to study abroad, New York – America is my dream goal.

Though I still have a long journey to the American dream, I will work harder and harder every second of my life till I get there.

I swear I will live.

I swear I will get there.

Wait for me, America!

And one day, maybe twenty years from now, when I listen to their song again on the radio, I will just pull over and cry about how it was so meanful to me.
From 2012 to 2015
Thank you glee!

2:27AM 2015 MAR 22

This blog is dedicated to glee and Klaine. Forever.

So I did manage the stage door despite a huge crowd and no real desire to push it, and it was lovely to get my playbill signed and see Darren’s beautiful self up close. Thanks to itza322 for shoving the playbill in my hand and pushing me up to the rail when people cleared out, haha.

Darren was incredible. I was seriously impressed. He was 100% Hedwig and gave me chills. The last part of the show especially…there were many tears.

Just a PSA about fans and some fans sense of entitlement.

Just because your favorite celebrity loves cameras and takes pictures as often as they possibly can with fans, paps, or just on their own, it does not make that person any nicer than a celebrity who is not quite so fond of taking pictures, or is a little more reserved when it comes to stopping for fans, or simply just does not like it.

All it means is that one celebrity is a little more out-going and the other more reserved.

This is especially true when you have a celebrity like Darren Criss, who will just about stop to look into any camera he sees, lol, and who also has not exactly, directly, received any intense fan negativity, and so has no reason to be cautious with fans asking him to stop.

The Darren Fans following the cast in New York all know that Darren will probably stop for them at some point, and they are also extremely vocal about it on twitter when Darren does stop. Darren fans tend to be as extroverted as he is and many follow Darren from place to place like it’s their hobby, so Darren recognizes these familiar faces all the time, and because they have no worries about asking Darren to stop for them, or Darren sees them and stops for a chat, other less vocal and extroverted fans in the vicinity will then also get more opportunity for a photo or autograph with Darren.

The rest of the Glee cast shooting in New York at this point consist of Chris and Kevin who are known for their shyness and reserve, but who are also very well known to be absolute sweethearts with massively big hearts, (and they are both just so cute and sweet and kind when someone does get them to stop for them), and Chord, also a sweetheart (I know less about Chord, but all reports by those who have met him say he also is a darling), who although a little more out-going than Chris and Kevin, is still not overly outgoing and extroverted with strangers, which, at the end of the day, is what fans are.

All four men are sweethearts, but please stop making out that a celebrity has to be nicer or sweeter, or a better human being than the others, simply because they are perfectly comfortable with stopping for fans, and absolutely love all the attention they are getting. Darren, in many ways, seeks out the attention and will draw attention to himself and also actually ask fans if they want a picture, etc, He is loving it all. He is in his element.

Chris, Kevin and Chord are all much more reserved and try not to attract too much attention, as they are not comfortable. Also, Chris especially, (and to some extent, Chord), has received so much negativity from so-called fans recently, (the KLaine/crisscolfer tin-hatters have a lot to answer for) to the point of extreme harassment and bullying over twitter, and Chris’ friends and family have also been targeted for hate, so he is, naturally and extremely understandably, going to be very very wary of stopping for fans. Even so, Chris did stop and sign and say hello to fans which was really lovely of him. He is just a lot more cautious and a lot more ‘gentle’ about it.

They are all very different characters and extroverts are not better people than introverts, simply because they give you, as a fan, the picture/autograph/chat that you are wanting.  

Every single one of the Glee cast is lovely, but it seems that many fans are trying to push the cast who are the most responsive to fans encounters to the fore and say that that makes those cast members better and nicer than the others. No, it just means that you, as a fan, are probably going to stand more chance at meeting your favorite because they are much more comfortable with the attention. It does not make them better human beings than the others simply because they give you fans what you want.

So please respect that every celebrity has the right to stop or not to stop, and if they don’t stop, or they want to try to avoid attention, it does not mean that they are horrid or rude or nasty, divaish, especially when all accounts of them by those that do know them or have met them, very much state the opposite.

Just count yourselves as lucky if the celebrity you follow is much more comfortable and outgoing than another, but don’t act like entitled fans and say that your favorite is better and nicer and kinder than another celebrity, or that they appreciate their fans more, simply because your favorite is more comfortable with the attention.