especially when you do homework

Being Lydias younger sister and Dating Liam would include...
  • Meeting Liam before he gets turned into a werewolf
  • You watching him at lacrosse practice
  • “So, sweet sister, who are you watching?” - “What makes you think I´m watching anyone? Maybe I´m just interested in sports” – “(Y/N/N), I´ve got an IQ of 170 and you haven´t been interested in lacrosse since day one at this school. Sooo … who are you checking out?”
  • “Coincidentally” running into him in school
  • Liam being totally smitten at the second he sees you
  • Study dates in the library
  • Shy glances
  • “Just ask him out!” - “It´s not that easy Lyds!”
  • Until suddenly Liam starts avoiding you
  • And even if haven´t inherited Lydias Banshee powers you can sense that something is wrong
  • You telling Lydia about his change and Lydia – lip biting and hesitantly – telling you about the incident with Scott
  • Agreeing to the packs plan in order to keep Liam safe
  • “What the hell, (Y/N), you´re in this to?” - “I´m sorry”
  • Going after Liam when he escapes
  • Although Big Sister Lydia does not approve
  • “I know you like him, but in his current state he could seriously hurt you.” - “I know. I don´t care”
  • Finding Liam in the woods and comforting him, reassuring him that it will be alright
  • Explaining everything you know about the supernatural world
  • Which leads to more study dates
  • Which leads to an “Maybe we could go out sometimes … like, on a real date?”
  • Lydia helping you with your clothes and make up
  • Giving you advice
  • “Since you know each other for quite some time now, so a little bit kissing might be tolerable” – “Lydia!”
  • Eventually there is a lot kissing that night
  • And more dates to follow
  • Puppy Love
  • She´ll never admit it, but Lydia is shipping the hell out of you two
  • Cuddling and making out all the time especially when you´re supposed to do homework or stuff like that
  • Kisses. Of all kinds. Everywhere. Anytime.
  • Tons of PDA
  • Tons of cute nicknames that make Lydia and the rest of the pack aw at you
  • “Babe”, “Baby”, “Cutie”, “Doll”, Teddy" etc.
  • Helpihim with his I.E.D.
  • Liam always insisting on going on missions with you so that he can protect you
  • Sometimes getting a little overprotective
  • “I will be fine, baby. I´ve been dealing with this for a while now, it´s practically in my blood.”
  • Supporting each other no matter what – you are the Power Couple
#1 - What He Does to Annoy You

luke: i feel like luke would always be the one to poke you or squish your face or tickle you. he’s a really playful guy, and when you’d get annoyed and groan at him he’d just giggle like a schoolgirl. he’d especially annoy you when you’re doing things like working on homework or reading.

michael: as we all know, michael is always really loud. so i think if he ever wanted to annoy you he’d start shouting random, hilarious things or ramble on a lot. basically just your typical rowdy boy.

ashton: i have no doubt that ash would just tell the same jokes over and over, poking you until he got your attention. “y/n y/n y/n” “what ashton?” the he’d tell a joke that you’ve heard a thousand times before and you’d just roll your eyes.

calum: cal probably wouldn’t be all that annoying. the only somewhat annoying thing he’d probably do is bring up the most random and irrelevant topics. you’d be in the middle of a netflix episode and all of the sudden he’d start talking about coffee. 

Ten Days- Day 1

I sat still on the soft, brown couch of my living room, my eyed glazed over as I stared towards the direction of the illuminating tv. It was an odd feeling, having your thoughts race at a million times per hour and yet feel numb and blank at the exact same time. 

 A shuffling noise in the direction of my front door caught my attention, and I blinked back into reality, drying off the tears that had come about due to my staring and therefore literal drying out of my eyes. I cleared my throat and stood up, subconsciously dropping the remote from my hand and reaching the door just as the doorbell rang. 

“I got it.” I said, as loudly as I could. Of course that was barely a whisper. 

 I met his chocolate brown eyes as soon as the door had swung wide enough to reveal them. 

“Hey.” He said with a small chuckle. 

 "Uh…hi Shawn.“ I answered. "You’re here.”

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Family Matters

Okay so as far as Malec week goes this fit much better with Day 2 but I’m terribly late and putting it up today.  ALSO this was for Anon who prompted “Don’t you ever do that again”   

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Magnus looked at his watch and silently rejoiced as he saw it was only four in the afternoon and he would get an hour or two alone with Alexander before they had to pick up their son, Max, from the birthday party he was at.  Max was going to mundane school, as decided by the three of them, and was doing well with lots of friends and interests.  They had a good and happy life, and Magnus had never expected it quite like this.  He never expected them to be so traditional while still living in the loft they loved and Alec slaying demons as often as he could.  They still had everyone over for dinner now and again, thought it was a tight fit now with a few kids thrown into the mix.  Life was good, and it was only sweeter when he had a few hours to spend with the love of his life uninterrupted.

Magnus stopped off to get some flowers for Alec, who at first denied he loved them but Magnus caught him smelling them every morning as he walked by the front table they rested on.  Roses were his favorite in any and every color so Magnus got an assortment along with some massage oil.  They may not be able to do romantic late at night anymore, but the middle of the afternoon worked just as well.

“Alexander, guess who’s home early?” Magnus called as he entered the house.  He slipped off his shoes and went to see where Alec was.  He didn’t have to go far to see Alec lounging on the couch with a book open on his lap and a glass of wine next to him on the table.  The look on his face said that today hadn’t been the smooth sailing Saturday that was anticipated.  Alec looked frustrated and slightly annoyed for a brief moment before his expression cleared and the smile appeared that Magnus had loved since first setting eyes on it.  

“Magnus, hey!” Alec pulled the blanket aside and gestured for him to sit.  “I am honestly so, so glad you’re home.”

“Are you not normally?”  Magnus teased as he unveiled his surprise.  The grin Alec sported made every extra second worth it.  

“Magnus, those are gorgeous!  Wait, I didn’t forget a special occasion, did I?”  Alec worried his bottom lip between his teeth and looked up at him with anxious blue eyes.  Magnus effortlessly snapped up a vase for the flowers and put them on the coffee table.  He sat next to his husband,who scrambled into his arms at the first opportunity as he always did.

“No, my darling, I just got them because I love you.” A pink tinge appeared on Alec’s cheeks at his words and Magnus pulled him in for a tender kiss.  After a few moments Magnus slipped his tongue between wet, soft lips to deepen the kiss. Alec moaned softly and was completely pliant under his hands before pushing Magnus back gently as the warlock’s hands slipped under his sweater.  

“We aren’t alone I’m afraid,” The regret in Alec’s eyes was palpable as his eyes flickered from Magnus’s eyes to his lips.  Magnus groaned in frustration as he thought of the massage oil that would no longer be used that night.

“What?  I thought Max had that party to go to?” Magnus played with the hair at the nape of Alec’s neck and felt the shadowhunter stiffen under his hands.Alec sighed and rolled his head back to rest on Magnus’s shoulder.

“I told him he couldn’t go.  He’s grounded for a week as a matter of fact.”  Alec shifted so they could look at each other more easily, though he was still as tangled around Magnus as possible.  “I found out he was failing math.  He failed and on top of that he lied to us about his report card. They came out last week. Max has been hiding it from us so he could go to the party.  He’s in middle school and already hiding things from us.  I told him he was in more trouble for lying and hiding thing from us than for the actual grade.  He thinks school is a waste of time now because it’s hard.  I’m even more angry that the only reason he’s failing is that he hasn’t been doing his homework.  He knows the material but he won’t do the outside work.  Which means he’s lied to us countless times before now.”

“I’m guessing your judgement didn’t go over well?”  Magnus brought his hands up to massage Alec’s tense shoulders. It was often up to Alec to play bad cop, and Magnus knew he hated it.  .

“No, not even a little.  He threw a tantrum and stormed into his room. He yelled and slammed things.  It was awful.”  Magnus kissed his cheek and disentangled himself from his husband.

“Look, why don’t you look at what you want us to order for dinner and I’ll go talk to him.  He shouldn’t talk to you the way he does.”  Magnus frowned, all to familiar his son had a sharp tongue when he was angry.  He had been witness to a few fights between father and son.

“He’s just moody and a teenager.  I know he never means what he says.” Alec shuffled through the menus they kept in the small drawer of the coffee table.  The way he wouldn’t meet Magnus’s eyes told the warlock that no matter how much Alec tried to dismiss it, whatever their son had said had hurt.  

“Let me talk to him, okay?  I support what you did.  He can’t be lying to us, or failing his classes for being lazy.   You’re a wonderful father Alec, don’t worry.”

“Thanks for that,” Alec said quietly.  Magnus kissed the top of his head before heading down the hall to their son’s room.  He hated having to discipline Max over anything and would rather go back to the days when any misdeed could more often than not be laughed off as childish antics.  The closer Max got to being an adult, the harder it was going to get.  He was only thirteen, but that felt so much older these days.

“Max?” Magnus knocked on the door.  “Let me in so I can talk to you.”

“Ayah?” Max immediately opened the door with red eyes but a smile on his face.  “I thought you weren’t going to be home until later?”

“Surprise,” Magnus said dryly.  “Mind if I come in?”

“You’re angry,” Max stated with a slight wince.  “You talked to Dad already, damn.”

“Your dad told me about you failing yes,” Magnus affirmed as he sat on Max’s desk chair.His son closed the door softly and stood fidgeting.  Magnus wasn’t often the one to discipline it was true, but it was also true he put up with a lot less than Alec.  “I also know you two were fighting and your father’s face tells me that you said things you shouldn’t have.  Max, you know I don’t tolerate anyone treating your father poorly, and that includes you.  What were you thinking lying to us like that?

“I knew he wouldn’t let me go!” Max whined. “ I knew he’d see that I failed and ban me from the party.  This was going to be such an awesome party and everyone else is going!”

“Your father had every right to ban you from going.” Magnus said firmly, in full support of Alec’s decision. “He caught you lying to us for various things.  You have to be doing your homework, especially when you tell us you have.  School and education are important. You need to apologize to Alec for whatever you said and come join us for dinner. Alright?”

“Yeah,” Max pouted as he sat on his bed sullenly.  Magnus stood and leaned down to brush his son’s hair from his forehead and kiss him fondly.  He headed out to see what Alec had decided on for dinner.

Hours later, after a movie marathon and pizza to put them in good moods before bed, the house was quiet and all the occupants were fast asleep.  That wasn’t meant to last as long as Magnus would have liked it to.

He was woken by a scream that chilled him to the very bone. It sounded like someone was being tortured to death in the worst way possible.  Magnus was instantly awake and sitting up in bed to look around to see what was happening. It only took a moment to see exactly what was wrong and Magnus had to fight the urge to scream himself. Their room was covered in spiders. There were some the size of your hands on the walls with their eyes glittering at you, and dozens on the floor in various sizes scuttling around.  Their bed was completely covered with tiny spiders all over it, and all over them.  The one who screamed could only be his husband with his phobia of the creatures. Magnus had often found his fear pretty amusing in the past, but now it was anything but.  Alec had been brought to tears and was curled up on his side while shivering uncontrollably and trying to avoid touching any of them.  

Magnus took a deep breath and tried to find out how a horde of spiders had appeared in their apartment out of nowhere.  He shuddered as one crawled up his leg and snapped his fingers to make them all disappear.  

“By the Angel,” Alec’s voice was shaking as he opened his eyes at last.  “That was horrible. I don’t think I can move.”  He hadn’t stopped shaking yet, and absent tears kept slipping down his nose.

“Are you alright?” Magnus pulled Alec to him and cradled him to his chest.  “They’re all gone, okay?  No more spiders in here.  You’re okay, darling.”

“I have never, ever seen that many spiders before.”  Alec lay still for a moment before swiping at his arms absently.  “I can still feel them all over me.  Magnus…”  The last word was said in a whimper.  Magnus kissed his temple and rubbed up and down his husband’s sides.

“Go on and take a shower.  It’ll help get rid of that feeling.” Alec shuddered one last time before nodding and hesitantly making his way into the bathroom.  Magnus waited until the shower turned on to know Alec was okay before heading out into the hallway.  He had quickly figured out how that many spiders had just appeared.  They had been magically summoned, and there was only one other warlock in the house at the moment.

“Maxwell Raphael Bane, you get out here right this instant!” Magnus’s voice thundered in the quiet hallway.  The door creaked open and Max slipped out looking honestly afraid and very remorseful.   Magnus clenched his hands into fists and straightened them several times to try and stop them from shaking in anger.He had to forcibly remind himself that this was his son and he was just as precious to him as Alexander was.  He hated when the two of them fought because he was always forced to pick a side.  

“Ayah, I’m so sorry,” Max pleaded with him as he backed up against the wall next to his bedroom door.  “I n-never meant it to happen like that.  It was only supposed to be one spider, not dozens!”

“There are so many things wrong with what you just said.” Magnus muttered as he took his son by the shoulders and looked at  him firmly. “First of all, you never use magic that we have not practiced.  You know that by now.  Bad things, disastrous things, can happen when you don’t let me teach you.   We haven’t gotten to summoning things yet and you never should have tried it.”

“I know,” Max’s voice was small as his cheeks burned pink with shame.

“More importantly,” Magnus’s voice grew louder as he addressed the more important point.  “You never, never, use your magic to harm anyone.  You know very well that your father is terrified of spiders.  I don’t care how angry you may get, you don’t use magic to hurt people.  I taught you to be a better man than that haven’t I?”

“Yes, Ayah,” Max was biting his lip as he glanced at the closed door down the hall.  “Is Dad okay?  Was he really scared?  I thought you two were only joking when you said Dad was really that afraid of spiders. I thought Dad wasn’t afraid of anything.”  

“Everyone is afraid of something,” Magnus confirmed. “Your dad will be alright.  He’s shaken up, but he’ll survive.  You will profusely apologize to him first thing in the morning.  You will stop lashing out at him for mistakes you make. I don’t know what you said to him this afternoon, but I do know you hurt him a lot.  I do not let anyone hurt your father, you hear me?  I’m not going to be putting up with this anymore.  Alec has done a lot for you, given you everything he’s got, and you are doing him a disservice by behaving the way you do.”

“Are you lecturing at three in the morning?” A sleepy voice said and two pairs of eyes turned to see Alec drowned in one of his old sweaters and a pair of boxers with damp hair over his forehead.  Magnus thought he looked adorable, but was concerned at the way Alec was folded into himself and red-rimmed eyes.  

“Feel better, darling?” Magnus asked as he opened his arm to invite Alec for a hug.  Even after years together Alec never passed that kind of invitation and in moments was folded under Magnus’s arm.

“Yeah, mostly.” Alec turned his head to peer at Max.  “You summoned those things then?  Really?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Max said earnestly as his eyes watered.  “It was an awful thing for me to do and I never wanted that many to appear!  I was just angry with you and all my friends were telling me how fun the party was.   I never wanted to make you cry.” Max finished softly with tears of his own escaping. Instantly Alec left Magnus’s side to wrap their son in a tight hug. Magnus frowned, unsure if Max should be forgiven quite so quickly.  Then again, he wasn’t exactly surprised.  He had always said Alec was the most loving person he knew.  

“OKay, no more tears,” Alec whispered as he kissed Max’s hair.  “I know you’re sorry.  We all make stupid decisions when we’re angry.  I just really hate spiders is all and being this tired didn’t help my reaction any.  It’s okay, love.” Magnus felt his heart warm as he watched them together.   They were his entire world, and even after being startled from sleep in the middle of the night he still felt like this was the best life he could have ever asked for.  

“Back to bed, for all of us,” Magnus announced.  He pulled Max to him for a hug as well before shooing him towards his room. “We’ll go get breakfast in the morning from Taki’s.”

“Yes,” Max and Alec both cheered quietly making Magnus chuckle. They parted ways to climb into bed.  Magnus held Alec to him tightly and rubbed his back softly.

“Are you truly alright?” Magnus had to check one last time.

“I’ll be having a nightmare or two about that.” Alec joked as he nuzzled Magnus’s chest.  “That was like a horror movie come to life.”

“I didn’t know you could do that, summon so many,” Magnus mused, trying to find some amusement in it.  “Not that that would be something I was ever inclined to try.”

“You won’t tell anyone I cried, will you?”  Alec peered up at him through the darkness.  HIs blue eyes seemed much happier than a few moments ago.

“I’ll ,keep it a secret, promise.” Magnus kissed his forehead.  “I love you Alexander Lightwood, almost as much as I love Max.”

“He’ll be as great of a warlock as his Ayah one day,” Alec predicted as he settled down to sleep.  “You better watch your title Mr. High Warlock, or it’ll be taken out from under you.”

“Funnily enough, I’mn not sure I’d mind all that much,” Magnus mused as he slowly fell asleep.  Yes, this life was better than anything he could have dreamed up.  

what he does when you’re doing homework [4/4]

michael :

when you’re working on homework, i bet michael would actually find it really hot just because you’re so concentrated and you really want to finish the work. so he’d probably just keep lingering around you, doing harmless but needy things like kiss your neck or wrap his arms around your waist and even let out the occasional whine because he wants to cuddle you so badly but he can’t because you keep shooing him away so you can finish.

luke : 

if you were doing homework, luke could probably tell you’re super stressed so he’d urge you to take a break even though you said you were fine, but when you finally snap at him, he would just sigh and wrap his arms around your waist, pressing soft kisses to your back and shoulders and neck and you’d finally be at ease, and i mean, who could stay mad at this giant cuddle bear?

ashton :

ashton would probably love when you’re doing homework because he’d sit there and constantly pester you if you needed help to which you would always reply no but then you would stumble upon a problem or equation you didn’t get so you’d have to hesitantly ask ash if he could help to which he’d spring up out of his chair and scoop you up so you were now sitting on his lap and he’d explain the problem to you and reward you with kisses if you got the answer right

calum :

calum would also probably find it really hot when you were doing homework, especially when there was also music on because then you’d just be kind of dancing in your chair while mindlessly figuring out problems and he’d also love it because he thought brains were hotter than actually looks and you being extremely beautiful would also be a bonus