especially when its racial

…anyway it’s 2017 why do non-black millenials still think it’s ok to use the n-word in any context whatsoever lmao

Winteriron Aristocats AU Y/Y?

Just finished watching Aristocats again and all I can think about is winteriron because obviously this ship has taken over my life.

For those of you who haven’t watched Aristocats, it’s about Duchess and her kittens kidnapped and thrown away by the owner’s butler when he heard that the cats will inherit the owner’s fortune instead of him. They met an alley cat, Thomas o’Malley who helped them return to their owner (and flirts shamelessly with Duchess in the process). 

And then obviously they fell in love :3

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OK now what’s the winteriron AU you say? Well imagine billionaire Tony Stark and his kids (course the AU can have kids or no kids, I’m just a huge sucker for dad Tony). One day Obie overheard Tony telling his lawyer/PA/Jarvis that Stark Industries would stop making weapons, and he arranged for Tony to be kidnapped when he was in Afganistan (maybe the kids are kidnapped too to make sure that SI would fall into Obie’s hands with no heir in line)

The Ten Rings used the kids to ensure Tony’s compliance, but with Yinsen’s help they managed to escape. That’s when they run into Bucky.

Here’s where it can go two ways, either Bucky is a suave playboy informant/soldier/bodyguard-for-hire that Yinsen knew from a friend of a friend of a friend and they hired him to take them back to USA safely under the radar. Can’t risk Obie finding out they’re still alive until Tony is back in the tower.


Bucky is the Winter Soldier who they run into completely by accident, and somehow Tony and the kids manage to trigger a bodyguard protocol in him so now it’s his mission to keep the kids safe 

I mean either way they’re completely smitten with each other by the end of it of course. 

(The howling commandoes are totally the scat cats, them being a multi-national gang and stuff)

(I can picture Bucky being mesmerized by Tony’s eyes like yep pretty sure that’s a thing right there)

(There was one scene where the geese thought o’Malley and Duchess are married and I can just picture Tony going

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Because imagine Tony and Bucky with the kids eating at a diner or something and ppl think they make the cutest family)

(And the ending scene too where they have to say good bye and Bucky is all like ‘well, I guess they don’t need me anymore’ but he came running the moment he heard Tony’s in trouble)

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Come watch Inhuman Condition!!!
  • It’s a webseries about a therapist with supernatural patients, who are marginalized in society.
  • There’s a parallel to how black people (especially black men) are treated in America in how werewolves are treated in the show, and the werewolf is played by a black man. 
  • They both say the word bisexual i am in happy tears
  • Also the bisexual lead is Torri Higginson (from Stargate Atlantis)
  • There other main characters are two women, one of whom is a woc. There’s a couple of recurring white male cishets but they are turning to be total douchebags, and the narrative doesn’t excuse their douchebaggery, it condemns it.
  • Also I can’t wait to see the therapist’s white saviour complex crash and burn.
  • Three episodes a week!!! What more could you ask for?
  • Right now in tumblr it’s a micro-fandom, so if you want sempai to notice you, they will. Both the writer and the producer read every post.
  • And!! they are willing to listen to criticism! Especially when it’s about racial issues! This is a show that tries its best, and it might fall short, we don’t know yet, but we do know is that if they fuck up, they will learn from it and try to correct their mistakes in the next season.
  • GO WATCH IT, it won’t take you more than an hour and a half! And spread the word if you like it!!