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Headcanon that the reason why the information in the three Journals wasn’t separated between them in any sort of chronological order is because Ford kept losing one or the other of them and just scribbling things down in whichever one came to hand first.

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hey sorry i have a question about the adults writing minors in relationship stuff-there are published books like six of cr/ows and r/aven c/ycle where the writers are adults and write minors exploring their sexuality and romantic relationships with each other (they're good books, i just did that in case you get drama for it showing up in the tags). i just want to know if this is wrong? i dont really know how to google something like this lol

so my personal feelings on this at least are that like, blossoming sexuality (especially when its often something the author feels like working out, i’ve read a lot of gay coming-of-age novels) is quite a lot different than like, porn, which is what a lot of fandom smut is. like i just recently read funny boy by shyam selvadurai, and i think towards the end the main character is 12 or so, and he has sex with the boy he likes. but its very vague, what’s really described is enough to make it clear and then the emotions around it and how he works from like confusion, shame, and guilt to self-acceptance.

another thing i can’t really be certain about i suppose, but i have a feeling a lot of authors of YA novels aren’t like…getting off to it, you know? this ties in with how i’ve yet to read a YA novel that’s just porn. i know groping seemed really hot to me when *i* was 15, but i don’t think that’s how authors feel reliving being awkward teenagers. thinking about loudly and grossly making out with my hs boyfriend in our other friend’s movie theater room was cool at the time and now everything about that feels so mortifying to think about lol. but there’s like, genuine porn of minors in the yoi fandom, aand *a lot* of romantisization of grooming and power imbalance.

the first time i read a book with any sex in it was a just blume book when i was. 11? i think? and the characters are 18 y/o high school seniors so they weren’t Babies but i mean still significantly younger than the author herself, and i don’t think that was weird - it was never written like porn either, it was clumsy and awkward and more about like. growing up and navigating how emotional being a teenager is and (eventually, spoilers lol) how emotional, but not the end of the world, breaking up with someone you’ve had sex with is.

i also feel that “shipping”, whether an individual wants it to or not, implies a certain investment in a relationship that it seems weird for adults to have. like, i read aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe a month or two (10/10 highly recommend made my gay mexican ass happy cry for hours) ago and that book just had smooching, and i reblogged fanart of them holding hands and stuff, but i don’t feel like i “ship” these high schoolers, if that makes any sense?

i’ve said this to people before but i think its sad there’s so many icky shippers, because otherwise like, yurio having an unrequited puberty crush on yuuri? totally plausible. i had crushes on people older than me too. and the ones that weren’t creepy treated me like a younger sibling, as they should. minors figuring out boundaries and relationships and feelings is so, so important, and a lot of the understanding of what’s acceptable comes from the modeling of adults. and because of that, i think like good, honest novels where teenagers have to deal with uncomfortable parts of growing up are important - i know they were for me. but talking about the awkwardness of wet dreams or how genuinely earth-shattering being broken up with for the first time feels when you’re 15 is worlds different than explicit sex scenes between kids.

its a weird line to toe, i think - i know i feel sort of awkward talking to younger trans men about bottom dysphoria now that i’m an adult, but like, i had bottom dysphoria when i was 16 too, i had Gender Feels that were brought on by watching porn and crying about it, and i’m glad there were people willing to talk to me about it without sexualizing our conversations or taking advantage of my openness, you know? i think as an adult you need to be extremely careful and wary and stray on the side of caution when it comes to anything like this, but its not inherently horrible.

Publishing work is intimidating; publishing something that you’ve been working on for months, something with a heavy word count and a lot of people involved, is even scarier. You never want to be torn down for something that you’ve spent so much time on. Fortunately, this fandom is typically very encouraging.

I know how it feels to post a monster fic, and to be so excited for people to read it. It’s exhausting and nerve wrecking but most of all, it feels like relief.

With that being said, @tvshows-addict and @anhcor just released a massive fic called Where Your Heart Is. I chat with some of the people (or rather, person) working behind the scenes to help make this story come to fruition, and I know it’s been labor intensive and a lot of work for everyone involved. When a community has come together to create something this big - a community clearly filled with love and support - you know it’s something special. I haven’t read the fic yet - let’s be real, it’s 155k, unless I’m a robot, I obviously haven’t read it yet - but knowing that this fic has been in the works for months and has had so many people actively taking part in it makes me think it has to be good ;) Congrats to the writers and betas! (Now go take a nap!) xx