especially when it comes to coloring

Day to Day

Take good notes. 

  • Always take the notes for a particular class in the same notebook. Spiral bound notebooks were invented because they solved the problem of keeping related information consolidated in one place. Take advantage of this.
  • Date each entry into your notebook.
  • It is usually best to keep the notes for different classes separate from each other. Spiral notebooks with built in dividers are excellent for this purpose.
  • Your notes should contain as complete a record of what the instructor said as possible. Of course, you should not try to write every word spoken, but don’t leave out ideas. When you study, your notes should call back to your mind the entire sequence of ideas presented. Take care to spell all new words carefully. It you don’t know how to spell a word, ask your instructor to write it on the board. Most will automatically do so for new or difficult terms.
  • Anything the instructor writes on the board should appear in your notes. If the instructor took the time to write it out, he or she considers it important. You should do the same.
  • If possible, try to take your notes in some kind of outline form. The organization of ideas is as important as the content of those ideas, especially when it comes to learning the material for an exam.
  • You might find it useful to have a second color of pen or pencil available for highlighting important ideas or indicating vocabulary.

Be involved in your classes. 

Don’t simply pretend you are a sponge, ready to soak up whatever the instructor says. You are there to learn, not to be taught.

  • If the instructor is moving too rapidly for you, or if you don’t understand what is being said, say something!
  • Ask questions if you are confused. Confusion is definitely your worst enemy.
  • If your class includes group activities, participate as fully as you can. Such exercises are done for your benefit, not to provide a break for the instructor.

Review your notes every day. 

This suggestion is one which we have all heard a thousand times. Unfortunately, most of us never really believe it until we actually try it. Spend 30 minutes or so each evening going over the notes from each class. There are at least two tremendous benefits to be gained from this discipline.

  • Research has shown that reviewing new material within 24 hours of hearing it increases your retention of that material by about 60%. This means that you will be 60% ahead of the game the next time you walk into class. If you want to significantly reduce the time necessary to prepare for exams, this is the way to do it.
  • Reviewing material before the next class period enables you to identify points of confusion or omission in your notes, which prepares you to ask the questions you need to ask before the next lecture. Again, confusion is your worst enemy.

It is excellent policy to give high priority to new vocabulary. Language is the most fundamental tool of any subject, and it can seriously handicap you to fall behind in this.

Keep up on your reading. 

Unlike most high school teachers, many college instructors don’t give specific reading assignments. You are expected to go to your text for the reading related to the materials covered in class. Be independent enough to do this without being told.

Using Your Textbook

Don’t expect your instructor to give you detailed, page by page textbook assignments. While some may do so, many do not. College teachers are much more likely to expect you to use your own initiative in making use of the text.

In most cases, it will be most useful for you to at least skim the relevant chapters before each lecture. You should receive a course outline/syllabus at the beginning of the quarter, which will tell you the subject for each day. You may receive chapter references (or even page references), or you instructor may expect you to be perceptive enough to refer to the Table of Contents.

  • When you first approach a chapter, page through it fairly quickly, noting boldface headings and subheadings, examining figures, illustrations, charts, etc., and thinking about any highlighted vocabulary terms and concepts. Also take note of the pedagogical aids at the end of the chapter–study questions, summary, etc.
  • When you have finished surveying the chapter, return to the beginning and read in more detail. Remember to concentrate upon understanding. Don’t simply read through the words. Any words which you don’t understand you should look up. If you own the book and intend to keep it, you may want to write definitions of such words in the margins. You may also find it helpful to make observations and other useful notes in the margins. If you don’t intend to keep the book yourself, you should carry out similar activities on a page in your class notebook.
  • On this first trip through the chapter, you should concentrate upon catching the major subjects and points of the material. Also take note of those things which you don’t understand. If the lecture on the material doesn’t clarify those points, you should ask your instructor to explain.

Following coverage of the chapter’s material in class, you should go back to the book and read it again. It will probably be helpful to skim through it first, as you did when you first looked at it. The tables and figures should be more readily read in detail. If you are a truly conscientious student, you will outline the chapter and prepare a vocabulary list of the terms which are pertinent.

At this time you should think seriously about the review and study questions at the end of the chapter. Do your best to answer all of them as if they were a take-home exam.

You may also want to develop a system of cross referencing symbols to use when comparing your class notes to your notes from the text.

Remember that your instructor will probably not use the same words which you find in the text book. nothing is more frustrating than to discover that what you hear in class is no more than a rehash of what you read in the book. However, if your instructor knows his/her subject, and the author of your text knows his/her subject, the meat of what they say should be the same. 

NOTE: Nobody is infallible. Your instructor may make mistakes. Don’t expect them to be more than human.

Preparing Assignments

Here’s another thing we have all been told thousands of times: Don’t leave assignments until the day before they are due! If you have a paper to write or a lab report to prepare, begin it as soon as possible. In most cases, instructors will be delighted to receive work early. Remember that many papers or projects require quite a bit of research before you can even begin writing. In most cases, it is impossible to accomplish the necessary preparation in one day or even one week. In some cases, instructors won’t accept late work at all. They are perfectly justified.

Another sore point: Be aware of the appearance of the work you submit. You should want to be proud of every assignment you submit, and that includes being proud of its appearance. If possible, assignments should always be typed. Never turn in an assignment written in pencil. Pages torn out of notebooks are sloppy and unsightly.Think about this point every time you hand an instructor an assignment. That paper represents the quality of your work, and your instructor is perfectly justified in taking its appearance into consideration when assigning a grade.

Preparing for Exams

Keep in mind that you want to be an active learner, not a passive one. The more you use and manipulate the information, the better you will understand it. Using and manipulating information in as many ways as possible also maximizes your ability to access your memory.

Do not wait until the night before an exam to study! Of course, you should be regularly reviewing your notes, but the preparation still takes time.

If your instructor hasn’t explained to you how he or she designs exams, ask. this is a perfectly legitimate concern. However, keep in mind that an instructor has the right to design exams in whatever fashion he or she sees fit, and in most cases you have no business asking for changes in that design. You need to learn to handle all testing styles–including the dreaded essay exam!

A good first step in preparation is to read through your notes a couple of times. While you are doing this, you might also;

  • Highlight major topics and subtopics, with the goal of generating an outline of your notes. Even if you take your notes in outline form, this is a good practice. Major topics often extend through more than one day’s lecture, and it is easy to lose track of the overall picture from day to day.
  • With a second color, highlight all vocabulary terms.

Outline the entire set of notes. When you study a large body of information, you should study from concept to detail, not the other way around. It will, in fact, be much easier to learn the details if you take the time to learn the concept and theory first. The least efficient approach to studying is to attempt to memorize your notes from beginning to end. It’s not the words which are important–it’s the ideas.

Consider ways of dealing with the information other than those used in class. the more ways you can manipulate and experience the material you are trying to learn, the more secure your understanding and memory will be. Some suggestions:

  • Make charts, diagrams and graphs.
  • Make lists.
  • If the subject matter includes structures, practice drawing those structures. Remember that a drawing is useless unless the important structures are labeled.

There are almost always types of information which you will have to memorize (eg. vocabulary). No one has ever invented a better device for memorizing than flash cards.

One of the most universally effective ways to polish off your study activities is to prepare a self test.

  • Challenge yourself as severely as you can.
  • As you are studying, keep a running collection of “exam questions.” If you seriously attempt to write difficult and meaningful questions, by the time you finish you will have created a formidable exam. When you begin to feel you’re ready for your instructor’s exam, take out your questions and see if you can answer them. If you can’t, you may need to go back and reinforce some of the things your are trying to learn.

Never, ever pull an “All-Nighter" on the night before an exam. This is a "freshman trick,” meaning that good students learn very quickly that it is futile. What you may gain from extra study time won’t compensate for the loss of alertness and ability to concentrate due to lack of sleep.

On exam day:

  • Try not to “cram” during every spare moment before an exam. This only increases the feeling of desperation which leads to panic, and then to test anxiety. You may find it useful, on the night before an exam, to jot down a few ideas or facts which you wish to have fresh in your mind when you begin the exam. Read through your list a couple of times when you get up in the morning and/or just before you take the exam, then put it away. This kind of memory reinforcement not only improves your performance on the test, it also improves your long-term memory of the material.
  • Be physically prepared.
    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Bring necessary writing materials to the test–at least 2 writing tools, erasers, blue books if necessary, calculators if appropriate and allowed. Be aware of what the instructor has specified as permitted for use. Some instructors object to exams written pencil; some prohibit use of tools like calculators. It is your responsibility to know these requirements; you should be prepared to take the consequences if you don’t.
    • This may seem silly, but go to the bathroom just before the exam. Don’t expect your teacher to let you leave to do this during the test! The tension which generally goes along with taking an exam may increase the need to perform this physical activity, so you may need to go, even though you don’t particularly feel like it.

Some Final Suggestions

You should receive a syllabus for each class. This is the Rule Book for that class (in my classes, we call it the Survival Manual). Know everything on that syllabus! Your teacher has the right to expect you to know and abide by any rules and stipulations on that document, and it is perfectly within his/her rights to penalize you for failing to do so. Respect dates and deadlines, and expect to lose points if you turn things in late.

Never miss an exam if you can help it. You will rarely be more ready for the exam in two or three days than you are on the scheduled date, and the annoyance the teacher will feel about having to arrange a special exam time for you can actually hurt your grade in the end. Miss exams only if you absolutely have to.

Save everything. Never throw away a handout or a returned assignment or exam. With this in mind, equip yourself with a pouched folder for each class.

Develop systematic behavior patterns associated with your schoolwork.

  • Keep your class materials together and neat.
  • Never allow yourself to be caught at school without the necessary notebooks and materials. If you develop systematic habits with respect to attending classes, etc., this will be no problem.

It is excellent practice to set aside a study area at home, and to designate a particular span of time each day as study time. However, don’t fall into the trap of feeling that study should never exceed the preordained time limits. You put in as much study time as is necessary to master the material for your classes.

10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room (almost) Instantly Homier

Whether you’re heading back to college for the fourth or very first time, try these tips to feel at home on campus:

  1. Lamps! Even in the nicest accommodations (like Smith!) the overhead lighting isn’t all that pleasant. A lamp or two (maybe one floor lamp and one bedside) softens the light in the room, and undeniably makes it homier. Pick up some thrift store lamps once you get there, especially if you’re coming from far away, that way you can ditch them at the end of the semester if you can’t store or move them easily (plus thrifted lamps are pretty cheap — I found one of my three lamps on the side of the road, the other two were willed to me).
  2. A rug can make a room feel much warmer, and I much prefer stepping onto a rug when I get out of bed over the cold floor. I’ve also had friends use a rug as a seating area on the floor, lined with throw pillows against the wall (especially good if you’re not a fan of folks sitting on your bed).
  3. Cool it on the high school friends photos. You might see photo collages that take up entire walls on Pinterest and in friends’ rooms, but a few nice photos in frames of family and friends from home can aesthetically and mentally prepare you for new friends and adventures in college.
  4. You can never have too many mugs. The bigger the better — tea, coffee, water, extracurricular beverages (you know, like milk for your cookies), cereal, fruit, yogurt, the mug is one of the most universal dishes.
  5. Extra blankets of different weights will up your cozy factor, and will come in handy when it’s fort building time. You can also fold these up to use as extra pillows for leaning against the wall/on your bed. Especially as you’re adjusting to a new house’s thermostat, a variety of blankets is nice to have as you figure out what makes you comfy.
  6. Fake flowers or plants, or real ones if you’re ambitious, add sweet bursts of color to your very neutral room. I like to keep mine in wine bottles, as it really classes up the place, and is perfect for making a get together with friends or a wine date with a friend/gal pal/boy toy more festive.
  7. Keep the blinds open during the day! If you can, arrange a mirror to reflect the light from the window (my first year my closet door, which had a mirror on the outside, was luckily directly across from a window, and it actually made a substantial difference to the feel of the room).
  8. Have some conversation starters — a favorite album artwork, a poster from a favorite trip/museum visit/concert/movie, a small statue you found in your first year room’s light box (now there’s a story), a map with markers on it (Places you’ve been? Places you want to go? Places people you love are?), a flag from your state/country/political party (I proudly fly the NWP flag and it has made me several friends), something you made or someone made for you (maybe a blanket your grandma crocheted you). Anything that a new friend can ask about and you’ll have more to say than just, “oh I thought it looked nice.” Something with a story is always great, and it’s a great way to find things in common right away. On that note, if you bring books from home, people are going to check them out when they come by your room, so make them count!
  9. A tapestry or something cloth on the wall will really warm up your white-walled room!
  10. Seasonal decor you make yourself, like paper snowflakes with your roommates when you’re ready for snow, or paper flowers for when you desperately want it to be spring — festive and a nice study break!

I think it’s important to call out white feminism, and focus on it. Because over the past few weeks, I’ve seen too many white feminist get away with racist bullshit. And no I’m not just talking about this lesbianrey mess—though her being a white feminist with a large audience does contribute to the epidemic of tumblr white feminism. I am talking also about these white women who attempt to separate white women from white men when it comes to racism and colonialism. I’m taking about white women who act like white men and white men alone  are the reason there are racist people in office now and years earlier while taking all the blame off of the racist white female voters. I’m talking about white women who want poc, especially women of color to have any sort of sympathy for female slave masters in the 1700rds and before, or have sympathy for rich/middle class white women in that time period in general…

Like these are just a few examples as to why I think it is important to discuss white feminism and call out racist white women. Especially racist white women who have huge social justice platforms and spread white feminism. I see this happen in both fandom and in real life and it’s sickening.

It’s also important to recognize that as a whole, society still has trouble accepting that white women were/are  racist, and in may cases were/are as racist or even more racist than white men. And it’s easy for society to blame the racism of white women on their husbands/fathers as a way to take the blame off of them and that literally does nothing for people of color, except let racist white women get away with their shit. We need to recognize that white women play a part in white supremacy just as white men do.

Tumblr has really shown me the reluctance of white women to accept this. It has also shown me how white women, who are famous , are able to get away with their racism because of their huge sj fanbases. so this is why I think it is important, and will always be important to call out racism done by white women. Society needs to understand this, because letting white women get away with racism is just another way white supremacy is keeping us down.

reblog to let someone know that:

Its okay for someone to feel a bit in the middle when it comes to identity, especially with stuff like gender or sexuality.

Its okay for someone to not want to define themselves by a label or term.

Its okay for someone to feel like they don’t need to be something specific to please others.

Its okay to just exist, and not really care what type of “___” you are. Just live and breathe and make yourself happy. Be the “you” that you want to be.

You don’t need to be a girl or a boy, good or evil, positive or negative, up or down, red or blue.

Just be whatever feels right and gives you purpose and meaning. You deserve that.

Everyone deserves that.

What to Bring to Korea

I originally wrote this post for my new blog but since that is being postponed for the moment because of life, I decided to post it here so that at least it can be read by some people haha. Plus I still get asked this question a lot so it might be able to help some people! Also sorry this post is so long, I’m on mobile and can’t make a cut.

Whether you’re going away for a quick trip or making a big move, packing to go somewhere is always a complicated process, especially if it’s somewhere out of the country. I’ve been living in Korea quite some time, but when I think back to my bb teen days before I came here, I remember that I frantically searched the internet for lists about what I needed and didn’t need to bring with me to Korea. Honestly, I think the task of packing for Korea seems a lot more intimidating than it really is. Almost everything you think you’d need is probably available in Korea in some form, things might just be harder (and more expensive) to get in Korea as opposed to your home country. The list below are things that I always try to bring back to Korea with me whenever I make a trip home:

(Also disclaimer: I’m a woman so many of these items are things that women might need and not necessarily men)

1. Deodorant 

That might be an odd thing to consider hard to find in a country, but thanks to Korean genetic makeup most Korean people do not produce body odor which means they don’t need deodorant. I know. I’m salty about it too. Since most Koreans don’t need deodorant, finding it in Korea is actually a challenge if you don’t know where to look and it’s expensive. Deodorant is such a rarity, in fact, that my boyfriend didn’t even know what it was when he first saw me put it on and legitimately thought I was putting perfume on my armpits. 

Worry not, however. If you’re like me, and sometimes forget to put deodorant on while getting ready in a hurry, stores like Olive Young and Watsons do sell some pretty good Nivea 48 hour wear deodorant that I’ve bought on occasion. Though it’s around 8,000 won (8 USD) on sale. That’s the only decent deodorant I’ve ever found in Korea and only at those two specific stores (now that I think about it, Lohbs might have it too but I’ve never checked) so it would be better and more affordable to just bring a supply of your favorite deodorant along with you and pray you’re not like me and forget to put it on when you’re in a hurry. 

2. Toothpaste

Before you freak out on me, yes toothpaste exists in Korea and yes Koreans brush their teeth (very frequently actually). However, I’ve come to realize that Korean toothpaste tends to be a lot less minty than the toothpaste I’m used to back home and there is a very high possibility of accidentally buying sweet toothpaste or salty (yes salty) toothpaste if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. This is a personal preference of course and I’ve been using Korean toothpaste for years without any major problems or yearning for American toothpaste BUT if super minty fresh toothpaste is what you’re about then I’d suggest bringing some along with you.

3. Makeup

Korean beauty is always ahead of the game and coming out with new, innovative, and affordable products to test out and buy. However, there is a downside to Korean makeup. Since Korean beauty products are made in Korea and mainly marketed towards Koreans, it can sometimes be hard to find colors to match your skin tone, especially when it comes to foundation or bb cream. If you go to a Korean makeup store it’s not uncommon at all to find only two or three (if you’re lucky) shades of foundation and bb cream being sold. Some brands like Missha sell a wider range of colors online, but the actual store still only carries two shades. So if you’re lighter or darker than the average Korean skin tone, I’d pack a big enough supply of makeup to last you you’re whole trip. As a blonde, I also want to point out that finding eyebrow pencils to match blonde or red hair is also going to be extremely hard. I have settled on the light brown wood brow pencil from Missha but even that is a bit too dark for my hair color. I’ll definitely be stocking up on blonde eyebrow pencils on my next trip to America. Other than foundation and eyebrow pencils, Korean makeup and skincare is pretty great and affordable and fun to experiment and play around with! 

4. Clothes and Shoes

It’s no secret that Koreans tend to be on the smaller side when it comes to body composition (or at least they strive to be), and that is definitely reflected in the clothes and shoes that are available for purchase here. While finding clothes might be a little more difficult for us girls who aren’t a size zero (*cough*), it’s definitely not impossible as long as you know where to look. Basically every article of clothing I own I purchased in Korea and they all fit perfectly fine~ (for reference I’m a size small to medium in tops and a European size 28 in bottoms) but there are some items that I definitely have to stay away from. In general, lots of clothes that are sold here are ‘free size’ meaning they are intended to be a one size fits all deal, which obviously isn’t always the case. Luckily, I find that a lot of clothes like shirts, sweaters, jackets, cardigans etc. are meant to be worn oversize and thus fit well on most people.

 Pants, dresses, and skirts, however are a different story. In a typical shop the biggest pants size you’ll be able to find is a European size 30. Skirts usually come in small, medium, and large, but be wary that a Korean small, medium, or large will be a bit different (and by different I mean smaller) from the western equivalent. The main gripe I have with dresses here is not the sizing necessarily but the fact that THEY ARE SO SHORT. I’m 165 cm (5'5") which is by no means tall, and it’s very hard for me to find a dress that isn’t going to show my ass to the world every time I lean over ever so slightly. I have bought a few dresses here that are a comfortable length for me but the struggle is real. There is always the option of buying maxi dresses, but the taller girls out there might have trouble with that as well. Also ladies out there with a chest size bigger than a B cup, say goodbye to dresses and shirts with a fitted top, unless of course feeling suffocated by your own boobs is a thing you’re looking for.

As far as shoes go, most stores only sell up to size 250, which is an equivalent to a size 9 in America. If you’re not from America, I’m sorry I don’t know the exact conversion but it’s easy enough to look up! There are some stores that will have bigger sizes available in the more touristy areas such as Itaewon, Myeongdong, Gangnam, or Hongdae but they are harder to find and most of my friends with feet bigger than a 250 buy their shoes online or bring them from home.

Shopping in Korea can be a really fun experience and many places will have things that fit, but if you’re not sure then I’d pack what you think you might need for your stay here. Also if anyone is interested on a more detailed shopping guide for Korea, let me know!

5. Tampons

This is another thing that is completely up to personal preference and convenience. Tampons are definitely available in Korea, but like deodorant they are a bit more rare and a bit more expensive than what you could find in your home country. Also the selection is less extensive so your favorite brand might not be available or it might be way over your preferred budget for tampons. If you have a brand you swear by and don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have to settle for a brand you don’t necessarily want to use, I’d bring a supply of tampons along as well.

6. Food/Snacks

I’ve been living in Korea long enough that I don’t ever find myself missing food or snacks from back home, but when I came here for the first time and I was still adjusting to life here, nothing was better than coming home after a long day and indulging on some of my favorite American treats. Living in or visiting a different country isn’t always unicorns and rainbows and sometimes you’ll have hard days where you get really homesick and need something comforting that reminds you of home. Maybe I just like food too much, but when I first came to Korea it was really important to me to have a little stash of my favorite snacks for days when I just needed a little pick me up. These days, foreign food shops and marts are getting increasingly popular in Korea so there are always lots of different food items available from all over the world so as always it comes down to price. Obviously if you’re buying an import item somewhere, it’s going to be more expensive than if you’d bought it in the country it’s from. Also, despite the sudden influx of foreign food shops here, there are still lots of items that aren’t available. If you have a snack you love to indulge in, I’d bring it along with me for those days when you need a little reminder of home.

7. Medicines

One positive thing about being sick in Korea is that if you go to the doctor here, it’s extremely affordable and the medicine kicks ass and will make you feel better in under a day. That being said, going to a doctor in a foreign country can be really stressful especially when you’re already feeling under the weather and just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day. In Korea, there is no such thing as going to the store and simply walking down the medicine aisle and buying whatever medicine you think will work for you. Any time you want to get medicine, regardless of whether or not you have a prescription, you have to go to a pharmacy. Tylenol and weak cold medicine which wont do much for you anyway can be found in some convenience stores, but everything else will be sold in a pharmacy and you’re going to have to go there and ask the pharmacist for it, which may be hard for people who don’t know exactly what they are looking for or don’t know Korean very well. A lot of the time, it’s way more convenient and way less stressful to have your own stash of cold medicine, Advil, sleeping pills etc. that you brought with you from home. It’s extra helpful when you get sick on the weekends or after 9pm because most pharmacies will be closed then and you won’t be able to buy medicine even if you want to. Nothing is worse than being sick and being stressed about what medicine to get or where to buy it, so stocking up on medicines you already know and love from home will allow you to rest and get better without having to brave the streets of Seoul with a fever and runny nose.

I’ve thought long and hard back to my days before I came to Korea, and I can’t think of any other things that are a necessity to bring along with you (except for obvious things like power adapters and chargers). Fortunately, Korea has almost everything you’re going to need and even most of the things mentioned on this list are still available here, they might just be harder to find or more expensive. As long as you have an open mind to trying out new products or doing a little exploring, packing for Korea should be a piece of cake!

My favorite scene in Coco is where Miguel, Héctor, and Ernesto are alone in the room where the party was held. Like, the intensity of the scene is so good. Everything is nice and chill when Miguel and Ernesto are alone but when Héctor comes in and his cause of death is revealed, we are viewing a flashback set to look like an old film sorta. Then it cuts back to them and the colors on Héctors face are A W E S O M E. the way the light shines on the characters is so good, especially on Ernesto to show his sinister side. This scene was so fuckin good


“Especially that moment, with me and Adam, when we were just doing that moment when we’re beckoning finding the Force or whatever. I shouldn’t say that!… Or whatever. Yeah, finding the Force, because I don’t know how to describe it. And you can feel the light. And it is that… it’s that amazing thing, that you’ve come to know these two colors as representing these two things” — Daisy Ridley

anonymous asked:

TW Rape: My partner and I are both genderqueer & non-binary (AFAB). When my partner was younger, their father forced them to watch het porn as conversation therapy. Because of this, they developed PTSD-like symptoms, mainly when considering penetrative sex with someone who has a penis. I too experience similar PTSD after having been violently raped by cis men as a teen. Would either of us be considered transphobic for having negative reactions to the idea of penetrative sex involving a penis?

I’ve had this conversation on here a lot of times before. I could point to a post of mine in that debate but I think the best reply was bu unquietpirate, and it’s this one:

I appreciate seeing some people having this conversation, because this is something I’ve thought about a lot and haven’t had a clear articulation for. Basically, what it boils down to is a situation where two legitimate experiences of oppression are clashing — one in which survivors are triggered on the basis of legitimate trauma, and one in which marginalized people are having their marginalization reinforced by having their bodies treated as a threat.

Incidentally, this is a pattern we see in some other places, too. The one that most immediately comes to mind is the way that white women often respond to black men in public. On the one hand, we have women saying that they feel vulnerable around men, regardless of race, especially walking alone late at night, etc. and that sounds pretty legit. At the same time, we have people of color pointing out that white women’s fear and perception of black bodies as “threatening” has long been used as an excuse to oppress and incarcerate men of color.

Generally, when someone has less institutional power than you, publicly asserting that you find their body threatening is, in actuality, a threat against them. Because, as a person with privilege, the institution is interested in making sure you feel comfortable and not threatened — at the expense of the other person’s safety if necessary. In other words, publicly stating that you feel “unsafe” around “oppressed type of person X” is, on an extremely micro level, a little bit like calling the cops on a homeless person outside your house. “Hello, Officer? There’s someone sleeping on the street over here. They’re not really causing trouble, no, but…it’s just making me nervous. Is there anything you can do?”

I have a friend, a poor white queer woman, who was mugged in downtown New Orleans once when she was a teenager. The people who mugged her happened to be two large black men. And she struggles with this now because she doesn’t want to be a racist, and yet she finds herself avoiding black men on the street, partly because of lingering trauma from that experience. As a young person, she associated that experience with her muggers’ blackness and that became a part of her experience of the trauma of being mugged.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the experience of being mugged at 19 in a strange city is genuinely traumatizing. It also seems obvious, to my friend herself and to me, that as a white person with the power to institutionally harm people of color, she has more responsibility than she would otherwise to work through the elements of that trigger that are rooted in racism. It’s not necessarily that her avoidance of black men today is a show of active racism; it may simply and entirely be a trigger-reaction to past trauma.
But it’s likely that the trauma lodged itself in her psyche the way it did because of racist ideas she held at the time — after all, she subconsciously associated her experience specifically with the mens’ blackness; she didn’t just develop a phobia of “people who live in New Orleans”, or “pairs of large men”, or “men with guns”, or “muggers.” Her subconscious singled out and specified their Blackness as the relevant characteristic in her mugging — and then clung to that fixation for ten years.

And, because of the system’s desire to make her as a white person feel comfortable, her lingering psychoemotional phobia of a group of people who have less institutional power than her puts those people in danger.

Similarly, I get that some people have had legitimately traumatizing, sexually violent experiences with someone who had a penis. But, contrary to cartoonish cultural belief, a penis is not an autonomous entity with a mind of its own. A penis doesn’t commit rape. A person commits rape. And subconsciously hyperfocusing on the rapist’s genitals (or their skin color, or their socioeconomic class, etc.) as the source of the rape suggests something about prejudices that probably pre-existed the traumatizing experience — such as the cissexist prejudice that penises are inherently linked with masculinity and sexual violence. 

That doesn’t mean the trauma’s not real! It just means the trauma is manifesting through the cultural lens that the traumatized person brought to the experience. That cultural lens can still have oppressive socialization in it; that slate isn’t wiped clean by the fact that the person was victimized — even though it sucks that they were.
I’m not sure if I’m articulating this very clearly. I guess maybe what I’m trying to say is this: The OP seems to be asking for a compact way to express, “I’ve had traumatizing experiences with some people who had penises, and I’m not currently willing or able to prioritize resolving that trauma, so instead I don’t want to interact with any people who have penises right now.” That’s a completely legit desire, depending on where that person is in their healing and recovery process. But I don’t think it’s a simple enough desire that we should boil it down to a one-word identity label.

Although, again, in the course of our each of our healing processes, I’d encourage prioritizing the healing of traumas that makes us dangerous to vulnerable people first. If I’m recovering from battlefield PTSD, the first thing I want to do is make sure my own safety needs are met, and the next thing I want to do is make sure getting triggered doesn’t result in me lashing out and hitting my spouse. Likewise, if I’m recovering from a traumatizing experience with a penis, the first thing I want to do is just make sure I’m okay, and the next thing I want to do is make sure getting triggered doesn’t result in me lashing out at trans women.

I mean…analogies are tricky, obviously…but let’s say I was raped by a very large, strong, heavy person who used their size to overpower me sexually, and now that makes me feel nervous around people who are physically bigger than me — including (but not limited to) fat people. How do I explain that I don’t want to date fat people because I’m triggered by their bodies because I was raped by a fat person once? How do I express that in a way that both allows me to take care of myself and avoids perpetuating fatphobia?

Or, to go back to the original analogy: Let’s say I was raped once, and the person who raped me was a black man, and now I feel nervous around black men and don’t want to date them. How do I express that? And how do I express it in a way that doesn’t perpetuate racism?
Because, ultimately, these scenarios are similar to, “I was raped once, and the person who raped me had a penis, and now I feel nervous around people with penises and don’t want to date them.” How do you express that in a way that honors your healing process but doesn’t perpetuate transmisogyny?

I don’t have an answer to any of these questions. I guess I’m just trying to point out that I don’t think coming up with some word people can slap on their blog along with the rest of their identifiers is appropriate in any of these situations. Negotiating the tricky space between setting boundaries that keep us safe and trying our best not to perpetuate oppression is difficult and important and it’s always going to be difficult. I really don’t think there’s a shortcut around that process. And I also think there are lots of considerate and compassionate ways to turn down dates with people who trigger you besides telling them that they trigger you.

I just can’t imagine trying to come up with a “polite” word people could use to say “I don’t fuck fat people. Their bodies freak me out” even if the reason fat bodies freak you out comes from some kind of trauma. There have got to be better ways to navigate that situation. And I think there have got to be better ways to navigate this situation than coming up with a newer, gentler, more compassionate word to describe people who are afraid of trans* bodies. I mean, come on, we already have a word that literally describes people who are afraid of trans* bodies: Transphobic.

All we’re really saying here is that, when someone is transphobic in a way that fixates on trans womens’ penises, sometimes that transphobia is based purely in generalized cultural prejudice about penises, and other times that transphobia is based in specific instances of personal trauma with people who had penises. That’s fine. Whatever. The ultimate impact of your phobia on trans women is the same — your fear still makes you still dangerous to them.

So, if you want to argue that your transphobia is a result of trauma and that you’re not ready to deal with it, fine, that’s where you’re at; just own that shit. Accept that one of the many negative consequences of your experience with sexual violence is that it made you more transphobic, and that sucks, and that dealing with it isn’t a priority for you right now. Have the decency to be transparent about that, so trans women folks can know that you’re not a safe person to be around right now and avoid you if they want to.

I mean, look, on some level everyone’s prejudice is an artifact of trauma. Isn’t it? Personal prejudice against marginalized folks is an element of systemic abuse. Most people become abusers because they, themselves, were abused. That’s worth being compassionate about, absolutely. But it’s not enough to get people off the hook when they do abusive shit.

anyway wolf 359 is over and I’m having some thoughts so I’d just like to talk to you about Jacobi and Maxwell, who are on exact opposite ends of the queer fashion disaster spectrum.

Jacobi has just… zero capacity to even care about his clothes. he spends like 80% of his time in a work jumpsuit that smells like gunpowder. underneath that he usually has a goddard t-shirt and sweatpants for max comfort; he’ll wear the same clothes as many days in a row as possible before Kepler makes a comment about it. almost everything he owns is black, white, or gray so matching is a non-issue. he owns, like, two pairs of jeans and has owned both for more than 5 years. combat boots with everything is the way to go. doesn’t understand what’s wrong with that video where Daniel Radcliffe talks about mopping up soda with his own sock and then putting the sock back on. he almost always needs a haircut and only gets one when Maxwell wrangles him into her bathroom and does it for him; she maintains that the only reason he ever gets laid is because she can sometimes make him pass (“under casual inspection only, of course”) for a functional human being.

which is a A Lot coming from Maxwell, because she’s…. a lot. think layers. think bright colors and patterns. think of the ugliest cardigans and goofiest animal sweaters you’ve ever seen. she lives for that shit. color coordination? never heard of it.throw in some colorful glasses and clunky jewelry, especially stuff she can stim with. (her faves are spinner rings and chewy necklaces.) she likes colorful nail polish but always chews her nails down to nothing, so she paints Jacobi’s instead. she doodles on her arms all the time, notes to self and bits of code and ideas for tattoos she’ll never commit to. her hair is an Experience; she’s always bleaching it or dying it unnatural colors or cutting chunks off just to see what happens (I’ve always headcanoned her as being in the awkward growing out stage from shaving half her head when she first came on board the Hephaestus). she pulls her hair back almost all the time and keeps an arm full of hair ties (50% practicality, 50% because she likes the pressure). she wears goofy novelty socks and they never match, ever.

I don’t think some Star Wars fans understand how damaging it is when they say that Finn and Rose’s storyline doesn’t matter or that it could have been cut out completely. 

The Star Wars fandom is made up of more than just white cisgender men in their twenties and older. There are people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and women of all ages, from all over the world, that exist as well. These groups have been pushed aside for many years in film and television to make way for straight white male protagonists. Women are just barely getting their dues, especially when it comes to action/adventure, fantasy and sci-fi genres, and don’t even get me started on the lack of women of color. Characters like Leia, Lando, Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, Paige, Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Chirrut, and Baze mean so much to fans who rarely see themselves depicted on screen in a positive way. It shows that we do matter, that we do have stories that deserve to be told and that, despite what others may say, we can be just as much of a hero as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. 

In regards to “The Last Jedi,” you can definitely make the argument that Finn and Rose’s storyline could have been handled differently. No one is denying that. I even felt like it was a little jarring at times, and I love both of these characters. However, whether you realize it or not, writing off the significance of Finn, Rose or any other minority in this series implies they are expendable. We can’t afford to think that way. Representation matters too much to let it go to waste. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm new to ikon and I was wondering if you could help out. I was hoping you could let me know what I need to. If your busy I understand thank you!

So here are some infos & facts about iKON! :) 


1. They are a 7 member group under YG ENTERTAINMENT (official website)

2. In 2013, they were first introduced through a survival show called “Win: Who is next” (watch first episode here) Their group name back then was Team B and not iKON yet. They competed against another group of trainees called Team A, who then debuted under the name “WINNER”. They lost the show but continued as trainees under YG (in 2013 till may 2014, iKON was still a 6 member group and still trainees during that time) They also released two songs as Team B “Just another boy” & “Climax” (live verson with eng sub)  “Climax” (Studio version with eng sub) (which is probably the most important song they’ve wrote so far since they’re talking about their struggles)

3. In 2014 then, they had to take part in another survival show called “Mix & Match” (watch first episode here) in which they focused on rearranging the line up of the members. For that show they introduced 3 new trainees. Thankfully no old member of Team B was exchanged but one of the new trainees called “Jung Chanwoo” made it into the group which was called iKON from then on.  The songs they released during that time are “Long time no see”“Wait for me” & “SINOSIJAK”

4. During the filming for “Mix & Match” two members of iKON (B.I & Bobby) also participated in the rap survival show called “Show me the money 3” (watch first episode here!) B.I was eliminated in episode 7 but Bobby won the show and became the champion of SMTM3.

Other pre debut mv’s & activities:

Now I’ll introduce each member to you! :)

The leader of the group is Kim Hanbin aka B.I 

- Full Name: Kim Hanbin / Stage Name: B.I (96 liner)

- He is also one of the two rappers in the group, vocal, choreographer, producer, dancer, composer & lyricist  (part of Team B)

- Often compared to Bigbang’s GD

- He took part in 2014 season of “Show me the money 3″ he was eliminated in episode 7. I highly recommend to watch the season! Here is his song “Be I” ( live performance) + studio version with eng sub

- Out of all iKON members he is the one who was a trainee under yg for the longest time (joined YGE in january 2011 when he was 15)

- Was born on October 22, 1996 (turned 20 in september 2016 / 21 korean age)

B.I was first introduced to public at age 13 as a featured rapper in MC Mong’s track “Indian Boy” (at 2:22) in 2009. He was also on “Sketchbook”

- Watch some of his pre debut compilations here & here 

- Also his song “I’m chillin” which is from 2013 (Win: Who is next)

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik high’s “Born hater” (which he wrote the hook melody for) & He also co-composed and co-wrote WINNER’S “Empty” 

- He has credits for 26 songs in total (all iKON songs that were released so far/ Blackpink’s ‘whistle’/ Winner’s ‘Empty’/ Epik High’s ‘Born Hater’/PSY’s ‘Autoreverse’, ‘BOMB’ & ‘Last Scene’  )

- He was part of the writing, composing & production team for all three NR. 1 debut songs of the last three YG groups (Winner/iKON/Blackpink)

- According to himself he’s been “single for 21 years of his life” -> most of his inspirations for songs & lyrics come from dramas or movies since he never experienced being in a relationship himself yet

- He has three tattoos so far. Read more about his tattoos & the meaning behind them  here / here / here 

- He has a little sister (15 years younger than him) her name is Kim Hanbyul

- Trademark: resting bitch face (when in tiger/leader mode), dimples, big nose, rose-colored lips, big pupils

- Some of his Nicknames: mambin, dumbin, kid leader, tigerbin, mickey, beanie

- Things he likes/fan of: boxing, Mickey Mouse,  South American Music, animals (especially dogs), Twice (yes the kpop girl group), green pringles, being busy & work, Philosophy books, poems, natural food (without seasoning or not much), simple styles like white shirt and jeans, smell of baby powder, oversized clothes, Slam Dunk manga, love dramas (JPN & KRN), Girl Groups

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: bugs, being boring & doing nothing, heavy smells, horror movies, heights, crowded places

- Habits: Touches his chest with one hand when he is nervous, touches members a lot without realizing (very natural) especially members necks, heart shaped duck face, fidgety fingers, laughs with one eye closed like a pirate

Few Charateristics: really strong & strict leader, perfectionist, knows exactly what he wants, confident, looks scary at first but isn’t, has a really cute, carefree & dorky side outside of the training room, loves his fans & gives most of fanservice, a really, REALLY hard worker, despite achieving so much at his young age he still wants to improve and is never slacking

The next member to introduce is Kim Jiwon aka Bobby!

- Full Name: Kim Jiwon / Stage Name: Bobby (95 liner)

- He is the second rapper of the group, dancer, lyricist, composer & sometimes also vocal (part of Team B)

- He was born on December 21, 1995 (turned 21 in December 2016/ 22 korean age) was born in Seoul but raised in Virginia US 

- Joined YGE at the age of 16 (in 2011)

- He left his family in the US at a really young age to become famous so he could bring them back to Korea someday and build/buy a house for them there (which he achieved in 2015)

- He is together with Hanbin (B.I) and Jinhwan (whom I’ll introduce next) one of the three original members of the group what means that they were (out of all iKON members) trainees under YG for the longest

- He won 2014 Rap Survival Show “Show me the money 3″ here are some of his songs:

- Also his promo song for SMTM4 ‘King of the youth’

- And his solo song that was released in 2016: ‘HOLUP!’

- He made his solo debut on September 14, 2017 with his solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’ / they also dropped two M/V’s ‘I love you’ & ‘Runaway’ also Special MV’s for ‘Tendae’‘I Love You’‘Firework’‘Swim’ + SAMPLER of all songs

-  GQ Korea included him in their 2014 “Men of the Year” feature”. This feature included “men who have made an impact on culture in 2014 watch video here

- Watch some of his pre debut beatboxing here 

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik Highs “Born hater”/ Hi SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” & Masta Wu’s “Come here” (all songs released in 2014) and co- wrote (together with Hanbin & Song Mino) WINNER’s “Empty” 

- Was featured in Lee Hi’s 2016 album Seoulite -> ‘Video’ // Was featured in Reddy’s (2016) SMTM5 performance -> ‘Like this’  // Was featured in PSY’s album 4x2=8 -> ‘BOMB’

- He has production credit for 35 songs so far

- He is very religious & grew up in church where he learned to play guitar, drums and the piano  

- He has one tattoo on his back “Fear only god hate only sins”. He made the tattoo together with his older brother & father (all three have the same tattoo) Read more about it here  

- He has an older brother by three years named Kim Jiun

- He formed a sub unit called MOBB together with Winner’s Song mino in 2016 two sub unit songs were released in 2016 ‘Full House’‘Hit me’

- Trademark: eyesmile, sharp jawline, high tension on stage & bunny teeth

- Some of his Nicknames: Bunny, Kimbap, King of the youth, mood maker, smiley face, eyesmile, bap (like rice)

- Things he likes/is fan of: Bob marley, Winnie-the-Pooh, his fans, fast food, trap music (or just music in general), cats, to wake up early (and eat breakfast), to work out, being/living freely, light fixtures, art, Naruto (anime in general), sleeping when he is bored or when there is nothing to do

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: seafood

- Habits: smiles even when mad, showing front teeth, high-tension on stage, sleep talking, snores, polite especially to elders (always 90-degrees bow), dabbing 

Few Characteristics: Looks hardcore at first but is a sweetheart, really strong rapping voice and strong image on stage, more than confident, jokes around A LOT, doesn’t fit his age because he is actually 5 years old, sosososo loyal, loves to eat and sleep, is called bunny by the fans due to his cute front teeth. Is actually an introvert and with jinhwan the only member who has his own room since he need his space sometimes but he totally changes on stage. 

The Next Member to introduce is Kim Jinhwan aka JAY! 

Full name: Kim Jinhwan / Stage Name: JAY (94 liner)

- Oldest member of iKON, main vocal & dancer (part of Team B)

- Was born on February 7, 1994 in Jeju his home town (turned 22 in 2016/23 Korean age )

- Often called fake maknae due to his small face and body

- He was, together with Hanbin & Bobby, one of the original three members who joined YG first (shippers call them triple kim)

- His voice is often compared to Bigbang’s Taeyang

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2011)

“The voice you want to hear at night” / most sexual member even when he doesn’t look like it

- He has a total of 6 tattoos, you can read more about it HERE

- Listen to him singing “There goes my baby” by Usher HERE (from 2013) His vocal improved A LOT! but there is sadly no video of him singing alone in 2015 

- Is a genius when it comes to learning languages (fluent in Japanese & Korean and learning Chinese atm) 

- One of iKON’s best dancers (especially good at acrobatic dances)

- He is currently learning to play electric guitar & started doing jiu jitsu 

- He has an older sister by six years. She is also the reason why he started to realize his dream to become a singer

- His mother is a violinist, linguist & business woman (owns cafe in Jeju)

- Trademark:  heart shaped mole, small face, body and hands 

- Some of his Nicknames: Jinan/y, 13cm fairy, wine mom, crybaby, entertainer, fake maknae, milky skin

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Red wine, slow music (Rnb, jazz, soul), animals (especially dogs), being by himself, love movies & books, fashion

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: mushrooms, sweating (bcs he sweats even when talking), anything horror related, being ignored

- Habits: drinks wine to relax, touching members ears, listening to music before going to bed

Few Characteristics: Most emotional little hyung, warm & always listens to his members problems and gives best advices, looks pretty & feminine but is actually really manly, he loves to be called sexy, looks harmless and fluffy but can change very quickly (not innocent at all), knows for being narcissistic, is flirty with everyone around him

Next Member to introduce is Koo Junhoe aka Ju-ne!

Full name: Koo Junhoe / Stage Name: Ju-ne (97 liner)

- former maknae, main vocal, dancer & composer (part of Team B)

- Was born on March 31, 1997 (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 Korean age) 

- Joined YGE at the age of 15 (2012)

- He appeared in “STAR KING” when he was 13 (he actually didn’t want to become a singer but rather a dancer cause he loved/loves Micheal Jackson so much

- He was also a constent in KPOP STAR S1 with a group called HIGH PRAIS  watch here (he is rapping), here (YG, Daesung, CL, Boom & Taeyang are the judges) & here

- Listen to him singing “Wedding dress” by Taeyang (2013) his vocal cut in “Climax” (2013) & his singing cuts in “Mix & match” (2014) Junhoe’s voice is actual gold

- His deep, strong voice was praised and recognized by young and old singers and even non fans know about it

- Has an older sister by three years named Koo Yeijin 

- Is religious and grew up in church (was in church camp)

- Trademark: thick eyebrows, mole on lips, deep & strong voice, toddler smile

- Some of his nickname’s: living meme, toddler, June, sasshoe 

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Micheal Jackson, dancing, love movies, Rnb music, being the center of the situation, taking selfies, tteokbokki

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: ox blood soup, haunted houses, roller coasters, being alone, sports, heights

- Habits: Sings anywhere and everywhere he goes (practice room, shower, before a concert EVERYWHERE), Imitates a lot of famous people and mostly his members, winking, taking selfies with fans phones, frowning

Few Characteristics: sassy af, doesn’t care about age if he doesn’t like something he will say it, loves to sleep & to eat, looks manly and loves to be called manly & sexy but is actually a shy 5 year old boy, finds it hard to accept new people, makes weird sounds sometimes, winks a lot, introduced himself as iKON’s main rapper, vocal god, makes any situation awkward, can’t control his face

Next member to introduce Song Yunhyeong aka SONG! 

Full name: Song Yunhyeong / Stage Name: SONG (95 liner)

- Vocal, visual & dancer (part of team b)

- He was born on February 8, 1995 (turned 21 in 2016/ 22 korean age)

- His vocal voice was the least strongest during “Win: Who is next” & “mix & match” but he improved the most since then! His live vocals are probably one of the best out of the group

- His high notes are the best according to June and hanbin 

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2012)

- His dream was to become an actor or to open a cafe (joined YGE to become an actor but Ceo YG changed the plan)

- Not oldest but still oldest member (bcs of his old dad jokes, his scolding & the way he behaves sometimes)

- iKON’s personal chef cook (loves to cook for his members)

- Has a younger sister by a year named Song Eunjin

- Became endorsement for Nivea lip balm in 2016 and got iKON to become their endorsement 

- His parents own a BBQ restaurant 

- Known for his funny dancing (according to members the best when it comes to funny dance)

- Listen to a collection of him singing here 

- Trademark: double eyelids, handsome face, wide shoulders

- Some of his Nicknames: Chef song, yoyo, successful fan, passionate man, Prince Yoyo

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Nivea cherry lip balm, cooking, hard work 

- Things he dislikes/ is afraid of: being made fun of, not being good enough

- Habits: To make fun of his members, old folks and dad jokes, pointing micro at fans, cleaning up during cooking, very neat, uses lipbalm all the time, has to plan everything

Few characteristics: Looks arrogant to people at first but is actually one of the warmest & cutest members, cares a lot about his family & friends, his goal in life is to be simply happy, smiles 99% of the time even if he is dead tired, always tries to cheer up everyone, works the hardest, loves to dance like an old lady, can cook, his sexy glare will kill you so don’t look into his eyes. Does everything passionately & is VERY polite (especially to elders).

Next member to introduce Kim Donghyuk aka DK! 

Full name: Kim Donghyuk / Stage Name: DK (97 liner)

- together with Junhoe fromer maknae, vocal, choreographer & really good dancer (part of team B)

- was born on January 3, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 korean age)

- He was the last one to join Zeam B and YGE at the age of 16 (in 2012)

- Donghyuk was the winner of JYP’s trainee search contest in march 2012 & also a student in def music & dance academy 

- Was accepted by JYP but decided join YGE instead

- He lived in the US in 3rd grad as an exchange student

- His english name is Ezra

- In school, he was an OSIS manager and later a member of the school organizing committee + president of student council in high school 

- He is a born winner and the cleverest member in the group

- Multi talent who can sing, dance, play instruments & was good in school 

- Has an younger sister who studies in the US 

- Is (just like June & Bobby) very religious 

- Can play guitar, drums, piano & traditional music instruments

- Made the choreo for iKON’s “Airplane”

 - Co-wrote & was featured in the song ‘Secret’ on Bobby’s solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’

- His father died when he was 8 year’s old & his mother was against his dream of becoming a singer at first (bcs he was a really good student)

- Can speak korean and English fluently (learning Japanese & Chinese atm)

- Known for his harmonizing & falsetto’s (people often mistake them for June’s voice)

His voice is really soft and he improved a lot since “Win: Who is next” listen to him singing “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang (who complimented him after) together with Junhoe & one of the 3 traines who didn’t made it into the group

- Trademark: fox-like eyes, laugh, thighs, dimples, aegyo, small elf-like ears

- Some of his Nicknames:  Dongaegyo, Candy-chan, thighs, fashionista, dongparazzi, angel, dong dong

- Things he likes/is fan of: Chris Brown, dancing, fashion, children, food

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: doesn’t like to get angry or be upset

- Habits: bites fingernails, hugs others a lot, sassy eye roll, side smile

Few Characteristics: most adorable human ever existed, smiles just like Yunhyeong 99% of the time, has so much Aegyo that his members can’t take it so they always cover their eyes & ears, probably the wamest member in ikon, loves kids & plays a lot with them even when he is busy (example Haru, Tablo’s daughter visits her often), really sexy when he starts dancing or becomes serious, his voice will do something to your heart. An emotional, sensitive & caring personality. 

Next & last member to introduce Jung Chanwoo aka CHAN! 

Full name: Jung Chanwoo / Stage Name: CHAN (98 liner)

- Maknae, actor, vocal & dancer

- Was born on January 26, 1998 in Seoul (turned 18 in 2016/ 19 Korean age)

- Often compared to Lee Minho bcs of their similar features

- Joined the group and YGE through the survival show “Mix & match” in 2014

- He appeared as Lee Minho’s child actor in “Boys over flowers”“The Heirs” and also appeared in DBSK’s music video “ballons” 

- Has an oder brother (age unknown) 

- Tallest members (even tho he is the youngest)

- Trademark:  big eyes, dimple on the left side of his mouth, double eyelids, height, one sided smile

- Some of his Nicknames: Chocoball, Chanumon, Chanu, evil maknae, Chanubear, master of games

- Things he likes/is a fan of: acting, games, anime & manga (especially one piece), teasing members

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: Ketchup, tidying up, spicy food, crying in front of people, losing

- Habits: playing games really seriously, teasing his members, hits members

Few Characteristics: seems harmless, cute & shy at first but is actually really confident and evil, plays around with his hyungs a lot & can be very cheeky,  loves to play games to a point where Jinhwan has to scold him, really hardworking & cute, improved a lot in just a year, brings members happiness with his carefree & funny side. He is according to iKON the member who cares (together with Hanbin) the most about iKON. He always sends the other boys messages and asks them if they ate enough & slept well. Together with Dong in charge of warmness


You can find a masterpost/list of iKON’s achievements since debut HERE


You can find a masterlist of iKON Fansites HERE



Masterlist of all links  2013- 2016 (magazine shootings/DVD’s/variety shows/survival programs etc.) & 2017 (by @hwan-tastic)


Most important shows/variety

  • Win
  • Mix & Match
  • Show me the money 3 (Bobby & B.I)
  • The remix (chinese dance survival show)
  • Mari & I (Hanbin & Jinhwan)
  • Father & I (Bobby and his father)
  • Weekly Idol
  • Fantastic Duo (Junhoe, donghyuk, Jinhwan)
  • Living together in empty room
  • Jinhwan TV 

(you can find the links & many more variety appearances and other links in the masterpost above credit: @hwan-tastic )

For more subbed videos, there is a iKONIC subbing website you can register to! They sub and post many many iKON videos. You can find the website here!


DVD’s & Album’s (information/ buy link)

Welcome back Half Album includes:

  • CD (M.U.P is not in the full album) 
  • 88-page booklet
  • Sticker + Photocard sets random
  • usually also a poster but the poster is sold out almost everywhere

Welcome Back Full Album green version / red version includes:

  • CD
  • folded poster
  • 64-page photobook
  • 16 page photocard
  • Randome polaroid set + random photo card + random sticker
  • (the versions have different photobooks, polaroids & photocards)

Welcome Back complete edition (limited) includes:

  • 2CD’S + 1 DVD
  • All pre debut & debut songs in KRN & JPN
  • All MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Behind the scenes of all MV’s (JPN only)
  • Documentary promo days in Japan
  • 48-page photobook
  • usually also with a poster 

Welcome Back Japan deluxe edition includes:

  • 2 CD’s (with KRN & JPN versions) & 2 DVD’s
  • 48-page Photobook
  • iKON fanmeeting in Japan 2015
  • iKON School 
  • Behind the scenes of iKON fan meeting 2015 in Japan
  • MV’s
  • Behind the scenes of MV’s
  • Bigbang Japan tour 2014-2015 X Opening act (collection of best moments)
  • Dance practice videos (Rhythm Ta & Apology)
  • (this is the only version that comes with the special track ‘Just go’ in KRN & JPN)

iKONCERT in Seoul DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s
  • Showtime debut concert
  • iKONCERT in Seoul
  • Special features
  • Welcome Back history
  • 160-page photobook
  • paper holder
  • Random member sticker

iKONCERT in Japan DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s & 2CD’s
  • iKONCERT held at Nippon Budokan on February 16, 2016
  • iKONCERT days in Japan
  • Documentary of iKONCERT Showtime tour in japan
  • Holidays in japan
  • 50-page photobook

Kony’s Island Season greetings includes: 

  • DVD 
  • Desk calendar
  • Photobook
  • Note
  • Polaroid Set
  • Mouse Pad 
  • Poster
  • there is also a JPN version 

Kony’s Summertime Season greetings (limited) includes: 

  • 2 DVD
  • 300-page photobook
  • travel pouch
  • book marks
  • Paper holder
  • folded poster
  • there is also a JPN limited version of this that is slightly different, you can read more about the difference here // the japanese version is mostly sold out tho

Kony’s Wintertime Season greetings (limited) 

  • 2 DVD’s
  • 288-page photobook
  • three stickers
  • a winter pouch
  • a bookmark
  • a mini poster
  • a mini planner
  • a Polaroid set and a photo card
  • JPN’s version here

Dumb & Dumber DVD includes:

  • 1 CD & 1 DVD
  • Japanese version of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Love me (special track, studio version only on this album), Sinosijak remix
  • JPN Mv’s of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Anthem Remix
  • JPN behind the scenes of #WYD

MOBB debut Album / Bobby version includes:

  • CD 
  • 56-page photobook 
  • 1 of 2 random Photocards
  • usually with poster (if not sold out)

MOBB debut Album limited (JPN version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1 DVD
  • All four MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Bonus tracks (like bounce and fear)
  • Behind the scenes (JPN -> only holup & full house & KRN -> only body & Hit me)
  • MOBB live at iKON’s Japan tour 2016 (four performances)

iKON Japan Tour 2016 DVD includes:

  • Japan concert held on october 26
  • Documentary of iKON japan tour 2016
  • Special features
  • two live CD’s 
  • 100-page photobook

iKON - New Kids: Begin (BOLD & DOPE ver.) Single Album includes:

  • 2 songs ‘BLING BLING’ &’B-DAY’
  • each comes with an album 
  • Photocard
  • Double-sided Poster

iKON - Summertime Season 2 in Bali includes:

  • 2 DVD’s with their memories in Bali
  • a 130-page photobook
  • 70-page making book
  •  a waterproof pouch
  • a sticker set
  • a postcard set
  • a mousepad
  •  a photo card set

New kids: Begin Album (Japan Version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1DVD
  • A-Nation performance (2016)
  • Holidays in Japan

iKON - Japan Dome Tour 2017 includes:

  • a 100-page photobook
  • two live CDs + DVD
  • Dome Tour concert @KYOCERADOME OSAKA (20.05.2017)
  • Documentary of iKON Japan Dome Tour
  • Focus on dance
  • Collection of best stage
  • Special features
  • Special Movie


You can find a Masterpost of all released & known iKON songs here


Official accounts/SNS:

- Find all informations about schedule ect. on their official YG page here

- Follow them on: facebook, youtube, instagramfan cafe , weibo, twitter & also Melon, ollehmusic, genie, mnet, music bugs, naver music, soribada & itunes and Vapp 


Songs iKON wrote for iKONICS:

Wait for me + MV  (before M&M)

  • A song in which they ask iKONICS, who waited since win for them, to wait a bit longer before they can finally come out and make their debut 
  • was released after first episode of Mix&Match in 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand. But cruelly, I say goodbye.” (jinhwan & donghyuk)
  • “Oh you and me, We’re under the same sky, but we can’t meet, but believe in me, I’ll be there for you.” (yunhyeong)
  • “I want to look into your face under the dazzling sunlight. And tell you, thank you for making me live as the me right now. I’ve missed you, your voice, your face, even your soft breathing. I won’t go anywhere now, I’ll be by your side, even until the moment the world ends.” (hanbin rap)
  • “Wait because I’ll go to you right now. I’ll run against time and go to you, So that my heart can reach her, so that she can remember me.” (june)
  • Time go faster so I can reach her.” (hanbin)

Long time no see + Mix & Match original live version (M&M final)

  • A song in which they apologize and thank iKONICs that we’ve waited for so long 
  • ask us to hold on just a bit longer & tell us to not worry bcs they will stay with us from now on
  • They also explain (hanbin in his rap) why it took them so long & promise that they won’t go anywhere anymore
  • Was released/a performance Mix&Match final 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “I ran all the way, baby, just hold on a bit more.” (bobby rap)
  • “Long time no see. How have you been? You’ve waited too long. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (jinhwan)
  • “Long time no see. I longed for you a lot too. I got lost on the way to see you. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (june)
  • “I made a promise to you, I didn’t keep it, I’m sorry. Why so late, I’ll explain. The pain given by god, I was getting over it (talking about the depression he had after losing win) Brothers that share blood and flesh I was trying to protect (talking about Team B members) My mind filled with emptiness, I drained it. My dreams, I had to keep achieving them (work even harder than before) Very late, my shattered dreams. It was hard to patch them again. Finally I am where I am now (Win & M&M over + iKON official got their name & last member for their debut) And you are still beautiful. Long time no see, I’ve missed you a lot.” (hanbin rap)
  • Oh baby, don’t worry. Be with me, forever. I’ll stand by you, I promise. Where you are, I’ll be there.” (jinhwan)

Welcome Back (in debut Album)

  • A song to thank iKONICs for all the time that we’ve waited for them
  • Welcoming us back after the long time 
  • They opened their debut concert with this song & named their debut album after it
  • First released in their ‘Welcome back debut half album’ in 2015 
  • The last line of this song is really loved & famous under iKONICs 
  • The melody is compared to the other songs written for us rather happy & gives off of a positive and chilled vibe 
  • The song starts off with the sound of foodsteps of someone coming nearer & hanbin cuts it off with the words “Wait a minute, listen! Baby oh! Welcoming you back here.” So the footsteps are probably meant to be iKONICs who are “coming back” to them and he asks us to stop, stay with them & to listen to what they have to say to us
  • At one of their iKONCERT’s hanbin changed & repeated the last line of the song to “Let’s take it slow let’s last for a long time. Let’s take it slow until the end. Let’s stay together until we die.”

Important lines of the song

  • “Seeing you again for a the first time in a while, It feels like my heart that hurt for so long is getting perfectly well again. Your beauty and grace is still the same. Although my life without you was really lacking, I can’t explain it with words.” (hanbin rap)
  • “How were you doing this while? Who did you lean on when you were struggling?” (june)
  •  “It was really lonely, nothing was new. Every day by day was really just boring. What I want to say is thanks for coming back.
  • “Welcome back I’m glad you returned, I’ll treat you better now. Welcome back I really missed you.” (june)
  • “Saying that I’ve never regretted our goodbye, that I felt better being alone, it’s all a lie. Oh I was so lonely I was so bored every minute, every day.” (jinhwan)
  • “I’ll treat you better, please don’t leave me. We’re definitly meant to be. Let’s take it slow, let’s last real long. Welcome Back.” (bobby & hanbin)

M.U.P (make you proud)

  • They promise that even if they don’t have much right now, that they’ll definitely  make us proud in the future & achieve more 
  • First released in their ‘Welcome Back debut half album’ in 2015
  • They thank us for always being there for them & ask us to keep staying at their side forever
  • They talk about their struggles & how iKONICs helped them to get over it

Important lines of the song

  • “Honestly the ‘me’ of as right now has nothing worth seeing. But I’ll promise to you that someday in this life, girl,  I’m gon make you proud.” (jinhwan)
  • “Within the trampled of life, I saw the one and only light (talking about ikonics) that illuminated my world. At those times when I couldn’t bear go on living, you whispered in my ear about the holiness of happiness, about the repentance of these 20 years (of his life) and I’m so thankful for you.” (hanbin rap)
  • “It doesn’t matter that gravity’s pressing down on me like always. As long as it’s  with you, nothing better, nothing better.” (bobby)
  • My goal was always to be your one top source of pride.” (bobby rap)
  • “Your two frail hands that pulled me into an embrace. You make someone like me want to live once again. I’ll be there at the world’s end, you just need to hold my hand.” (jinhwan & june)
  • “When my hands were shaking, you took mine into yours. For holding my hand, I’ll promise, girl, I’m gon make you proud.” (donghyuk)
  • “Just stay at my side, just lean on my shoulder, don’t say nothing. I know that even if you don’t say it, it gonna be something.” (bobby & hanbin)


  • Not a comeback but a special present for iKONICs because iKON had no comeback in 2016
  • first released as a digital single in 2016

Important lines of the song

  • “What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? I miss you, I want you, I want to see you. Cuz I’m lonely lonely.” (june)
  • “Where are you, Are you busy? You popped up in my head. I wanted to hear your voice.” (hanbin rap)


Masterpost of iKON = iKONIC relationship


Relationships between the boys

DOUBLE B (Hanbin & Bobby) aka the ‘soulmate ship’

  • also known as ‘the annyoing ship’ since they’re always together and are so obvious that it almost hurts
  • They are VERY close, since they’ve known each other for the longest
  • Skinship & touchy 24/7 even on stage
  • Hanbin loves to touch bobby’s neck the most
  • Bobby can’t take his hands to himself even when he denies it sometimes
  • They call each other ‘cute’ or give each other adorable compliments
  • The brought dabbing & inside-out pants to korea
  • They’re iKON’s dream duo & composer-writter team

JUNHWAN (Junhoe & Jinhwan) aka the ‘adult ship’

  • They’re always jealous when other members get close to the other
  • They love skinship & late night talks
  • They sometimes have late night broadcast on vapp called ‘KJH’
  • They spend all their time together, watch love movies & give each other advices
  • They have the same taste in music, food & their personalities match really well
  • They’re the most shipped members in japan (bcs they look like characters of a love manga)
  • Both are main vocals (June has a strong, deep voice while Jinan has a soft, high voice) so their voices matches just as well as their personalities

YUNDONG (Yunhyeong & Donghyuk) aka the ‘angel ship’

  • They love each other the most & give each other safety when they feel uncomfortable or sad
  • Yunhyeong loves to cook & Donghyuk loves to eat, so they’re a match made in heaven (Yoyo saids that it’s the most fun to cook for dongdong)
  • Yoyo is the best dancer when it comes to funny dances while Dong is the best dancer when it comes to sexy and neat choreographies
  • Both of them worked the hardest to improve & be accepted by people
  • The nicest & warmest members in one ship
  • Yoyo loves to hug Dongdong, and dong loves to be hugged

YUNCHAN ( Yunhyeong & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil twins ship’

  • Bobby gave them the name ‘evil twins’ since they both love teasing other people
  • They look (according to the members & fans) alike 
  • Chanwoo teases yunhyeong sometimes by saying things like ‘Chanwoo-yaa, bring me some water’ or ‘It’s time for bromance’
  • They’re total opposites but roomates (Yoyo is really neat and tidy while chanwoo is a walking mess)
  • According to Chanwoo, Yun is also his servant even tho he is older by 3 years
  • They’re the visual/actor ship
  • Despite everything, they love & care for each other a lot (Yun got the closest to Chanwoo during M&M)
  • Yun seems like a real older brother to Chanwoo
  • He scolds him when he plays games too often or doesn’t practice enough & encourages him to do better and he compliments him to make him feel better 

JUNDONG (Junhoe & Donghyuk) aka ‘devil and angel ship’

  • Junhoe is obsessed with Donghyuk and always talks about Dong’s ‘killer smile’ and about how handsome he looks in only his white underwear
  • June loves Dong’s vocal the most & always compliments him for it
  • Dong loves June’s strong vocal the most 
  • They’re both former maknaes of the group 
  • They’re both 97 liners (Dong was born in january while June was born in march)
  • Donghyuk is older by 3 month but June doesn’t act like it
  • June always teases Donghyuk but Dong only smiles warmly and takes the teasing 
  • Donghyuk can actually outsass June if he wants to but he is too nice for that
  • Even when June likes attention, he always tries to direct all the attention at Donghyuk (like a boyfriend who wants to show off)

BOBCHAN (Bobby & Chanwoo) aka ‘natural enemies ship’

  • Bobby calls himself Chanwoo’s natural enemy while Chanwoo calls himself Bobby’s natural enemy
  • Chanwoo is stronger than bobby (even when he is younger by 3 years)
  • Bobby gets teased by Chanwoo anytime and anywhere 
  • They’re both obsessed with Naruto
  • They play games together often in bobby’s room
  • Bobby always chooses Chanwoo when asked which member they’d choose as their boyfriend & Chanwoo always chooses Bobby 
  • Even when they have a cat-dog relationship, they care about each other a lot
  • Bobby always asks chanwoo if he wants to eat somtthing and let him choose first and Chanwoo always checks on Bobby 
  • Chanwoo loves to sit on Bobby’s lap and to cuddle with him
  • They’re perfect together when it comes to winning as a team (dream team)
  • Bobby calls Chanwoo ‘Chanumon’ 
  • Out of all iKON members, Chanwoo only ever cried in front of Bobby

YUNBIN (Yunhyeong & Hanbin) aka the ‘grandpa ship’

  • Yunhyeong always chooses hanbin when asked which members he’d pick as his lover 
  • Hanbin knows Yunhyeong worries the most about him
  • Both of them are really old fashioned (hanbin likes old music while Yoyo likes old jokes)
  • Hanbin constantly praises Yunhyeong for his improvement and his looks
  • They are very playful with each other 
  • Yunhyeong always tells Hanbin to share his hardships with the group and not keep it to himself 
  • Hanbin loves to touch Yunhyeong
  • Yunhyeong scolds hanbin a lot and hits him sometimes which makes Hanbin smile because Yoyo looks like a grandma when he does that

JUNCHAN (Junhoe & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil makane ship’

  • Also known as iKON’s twin towers 
  • Both evil
  • Both have always a cheeky answer to anything 
  • They diss each other sometimes but respect each other even more 
  • Junhoe always chooses Chanwoo when asked about the most handsome members in his opinion
  • Chanwoo always chooses Junhoe when asked about the most hilarious member in his opinion 
  • Both of them are amazing actors and really tall which made fans call them twin towers 

YUNHWAN (Yunhyeong & Jinhwan) aka the’ soft moms ship’

  • The emotional and embarrassing mom’s of iKON
  • They are the oldest in the group and always try their best to help the other members
  • These two always make the most embarrassing jokes
  • They’re both not very good when it comes to talking or being MCs
  • They’re the oldest in the groups
  • They both want the younger members to respect them more bcs they get teased a lot despite being the oldest two

JUNBOB (Junhoe & Bobby) aka the ‘awkward ship’

  • They started to become ‘the awkward’ couple when members noticed that they barely spoke to each other and started to call them awkward
  • They both repeatedly say that they aren’t awkward and that it’s their concept for fanservice but nobody believes them
  • Hanbin assumes that one of them confessed to the other what made them even more awkward (both of them say it’s not true)
  • Their first impressions of each other was ‘He is really handsome’
  • Bobby wants to collab with June in the future and June wants to collab with bobby 
  • Bobby repeatedly says that he loves everything about June and that he is very talented (he likes his voice, says he is handsome and can rap)
  • When asked which member he’d want to be for a day, bobby said June
  • Junhoe always compliments bobby for his strong rap and calls his strong performances ‘cool’ 
  • June praised Bobby for his performances on SMTM3
  • Bobby said he became a fan when they formed a team in Mix & Match
  • June tries his best not to hurt bobby’s feelings and be considerate of him
  • Bobby feels shy around June and doesn’t know what to talk about with him at times 

BOBHWAN (Bobby & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mom/son ship’

  • Bobby once said that Jinhwan is the reason why he didn’t give up during their trainee days
  • Jinhwan helped Bobby as an emotional support he was away from his family and acted as a replacement for his mother 
  • Bobby is afraid of jinhwan when he gets angry 
  • They cuddle often and Bobby goes to Jinhwan whenever he needs to talk to someone or has a hard time 
  • Jinhwan thinks Bobby is very smart and handsome even when he teases him a lot
  • Jinhwan often imitates Bobby’s rap 
  • Bobby loves to tease Jinhwan when it comes to his height 
  • They had a lot of arguments when they first joined the team bcs their personalities are total opposites 
  • Jinhwan and Bobby both need their own space and are the only two members with their own rooms 
  • Jinhwan is very tidy and neat while Bobby is a mess which Jinhwan can’t deal with 

CHANBIN (Chanwoo & Hanbin) aka the ‘leader/maknae ship’

  • Maknae and leader which love to tease each other A LOT 
  • Chanwoo calls Hanbin the devil in the recording studio and gets scolded by him a lot 
  • Outside the studio it’s totally different 
  • Hanbin laughs about Chanwoo’s jokes a lot and likes his carefree attitude 
  • Hanbin would choose chanwoo as his boyfriend if he had a choice 
  • Hanbin keeps praising chanu for his improvements as a dancer and singer and keeps repeating how Chanwoo’s parts are amazing
  • Chanwoo respect hanbin a lot but more than that he loves to tease him 
  • Chanwoo loves skinship and so does hanbin 
  • Outside the studio they seem more like same aged friends rather than hyung & makane 

Dongchan (Donghyuk & Chanwoo) aka the ‘sweet & sour ship’

  • Chanwoo likes Donghyuk’s humor a lot 
  • He doesn’t call Donghyuk hyung even when he is older by a year
  • Donghyuk doesn’t mind tho and always watches Chanwoo from afar
  • Chanwoo makes Donghyuk laugh and smile a lot
  • Donghyuk thanked Chanwoo for helping him and the group to laugh more and being more carefree 
  • Donghyuk keeps up with Chanwoo’s teasing bcs he adores him a lot
  • They’re part of iKON’s maknae line (together with June)
  • Donghyuk is known as the angel maknae who respects his hyungs the most while chanwoo is known as the evil maknae of the group

YUNBOB (Yunhyeong & Bobby) aka ‘95 liners ship’ or ‘the extra ship’

  • They’re so extra all the time 
  • Yunhyeong is known for his breathtaking visuals while Bobby is known for his unfakeable charisma
  • They’re really embarrassing when put together 
  • Both of them born 95, yunhyeong is older by almost a year but bobby doesn’t call him hyung 

BINHWAN (Hanbin & Jinhwan) aka the ‘married couple ship’

  • They’re both ‘original members’ of Team B (with Bobby) means that they’ve been under YGE for the longest
  • Yang hyun suk called them mom & dad of iKON 
  • Hanbin can be very harsh with words while jinhwan is emphatic which makes them a great combo 
  • They love to touch each other, it’s binhwan love 24/7
  • They’re one of the most popular ships in iKON
  • Hanbin doesn’t treat Jinhwan like a hyung but rather his boyfriend he has to take care of 
  • Jinhwan respects Hanbin’s decisions as a leader and listens to his advices well even when he is the oldest of the group

BOBDONG (Bobby & Donghyuk) aka the ‘best buddies ship’

  • Donghyuk is younger than Bobby by a year but that doesn’t show
  • They play around with each other like real brothers, almost twins
  • They’re both really good at sports and play a lot of basketball together 
  • They’ve similar taste in clothes, music and sports
  • They both grew up really religious and go to the church often 
  • They’re both respectful towards older people and have good manners towards strangers 
  • Donghyuk once  said it’s unfair that Bobby is older than him bcs he’d like to tease him 
  • Bobby teases Donghyuk A LOT and Donghyuk playfully complains about it but he actually enjoys Bobby’s company a lot 
  • They have midnight snacks and beer often and talk about random things
  • They can talk about their problems and issues with each other 
  • They support each others carriers and push the other 
  • Their voices are a match made in HEAVEN (listen to it’s love)

Yunjun (Yunhyeong & Junhoe) aka the ‘the visuals ship’

  • Junhoe’s number 1 teasing target is Yunhyeong 
  • They’re total opposites, june is carefree and doesn’t think much about consequences, he is also messy and one of the funniest members
  • While Yun is like an old man, he always rethinks his decisions and is neat and makes dad jokes
  • They’re ship made in visual heaven 
  • They got into a lot of arguments in the beginning bcs of their opposite personalities 
  • Junhoe loves to see Yunhyeong’s reactions when he teases him 
  • Yunhyeong always praises june’s vocals but says he is too loud 
  • Yunyheong complains about june a lot but compliments and scolds him just as much 
  • June said that Yunhyeong’s high notes are the best in the group
  • Yunyheong seems like a mom who takes care of her dreamy son whenever these two are together 
  • They’re both part of the losers team means they usually lose games

Dongbin (Donghyuk & Hanbin) aka the ‘hardworking ship’

  • Leader and former maknae
  • Donghyuk respects Hanbin’s decision as a hyung and as a leader a lot
  • He always praises hanbin’s fashion style 
  • Hanbin on the other hand loves to talk about Donghyuk’s white underwear and nipples
  • Donghyuk is the most thankful for Hanbin as a hyung bcs he helped him a lot when donghyuk wanted to give up during trainee days
  • Donghyuk says Hanbin is scary in the recording studio and that he usually gets scolded the most which he keeps up with 
  • Hanbin is harsh with words sometimes but he seems to have a really soft spot for Donghyuk 
  • He always complains when Donghyuk is missing and repeats how much he misses and cherishes him 
  • He’s complimented Donghyuk a lot for his improvement and visuals 
  • Hanbin appreciates that donghyuk can talk so well and help the group by leading conversations or interviews 

JUNBIN (Junhoe & Hanbin) aka ‘dumb & dumber ship’

  • The funniest members according to the other
  • They both seem like the most serious and scariest members when you first see them
  • But they’re actually dumb & dumber 
  • They never stop making jokes 
  • Both of them are very carefree and their chemistry is unbelievably good
  • June’s voice is very good and there isn’t much to work, he also knows how to bring out his charms so it’s easy for Hanbin to work with him 
  • Hanbin often face palms bcs of June’s jokes and tells him to be quiet
  • June often pretends to hit Hanbin or to choke him 
  • Their relationship seems more like the relationship of two boys at the same age even when Hanbin is older by a year
  • They often disagree with each other but rather than fighting it usually ends in a joke 

CHANHWAN ( Chanwoo & Jinhwan) aka ‘The koala ship’

  • Fake makane & real maknae 
  • Chanwoo loves to hug Jinhwan from behind and to touch him everywhere
  • Jinhwan has a really soft spot for Chanwoo and treats him very softly
  • Jinhwan once said he didn’t want to let Chanwoo get closer to him at the beginning bcs he didn’t like the thought of a new members join gin the group but he failed bcs Chanwoo approached him so warmly
  • According to Jinhwan, he is Chanwoo’s favorite member
  • Jinhwan would choose Chanwoo as his boyfriend if he could
  • He often compliments Chaanwoo on his looks & scolds him when he gets to cheeky
  • Chanwoo loves to make ‘You’re short’ jokes
  • They got very close since debut and hang around each other a lot

DONGHWAN (Donghyuk & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mochi ship’

  • They release cover songs often together since their voices matches perfectly (listen to drunk - Zayn cover here & Half a heart - One direction cover)
  • They trust and love each other on a very emotional level
  • They always cheer up each other and listen to the other person’s problems 
  • Donghyuk is very good at talking and explaining things while Jinhwan is terrible at it so donghyuk gets to lead a conversation often
  • They are the two softest and most emotional boys in iKON so they always try to understand others better and don’t judge anyone



- All their songs are written & composed by them (mostly by b.I & bobby but junhoe helped composing “Rhythm ta”)

- YG confirmed that all members are able to write & compose songs + all of them can dance & sing

- Their dancing is really good! watch a dance compilation from “Win: Who is next” and “Mix & Match” here 

- The fandom name is iKONIC & the short version is KONIC 

- Our official lightstick is the KONBAT

- They are named iKON (the K for Korea) because YG wants them to be an icon of their generation that represent South Korea 

- The iKON logo is called ‘iKON slash’ because there are 7 slashes that represent 7 members. And those 7 slashes compared form four letters -> iKON (slashes inspired by south korean flag)

- When you fill up the spaces between the iKON logo, it becomes a trapezoid and one dimensional. It’s a symbol that stands for iKONICs. It means that iKONICs become one with iKON. iKON = iKONICs

- iKON’s introduction always starts with the words “Get ready? Showtime!”

- The words “iKONIC is my life” & “iKON is my life” are used by iKON members & iKONICs a lot

- Hashtags used by iKON & iKONICs are #TeamiKONIC & #TeamiKON

- iKON & Blackpink’s logo’s combined together makes the South Korean flag

- iKON’s bond is the most amazing & closest bond I’ve ever seen a boy group having. They treat each other like brothers, like a real family and even said that they’re closer to each other than to their real family members (since they’ve lived together for over 4 years & went through so much together)

- iKONICs & iKON have a special bond as well. iKON makes iKONICs cry & vice versa. They seriously care a lot about their fans & always keep updated on us (their official instagram is named withikonic, I think that says more than enough about them)

- iKON has or had endorsement deals with NEPA, Pepsi, Smart school uniform, Nivea (yunhyeong), NONAGON (B.I & Bobby), Shinsegae duty free, Sprite (Bobby) and LG. 

- All members are currently learning chinese & japanese (most of them are already fluent in japanese)



  • iKONICS/KONICs (fandom name)
  • iKONTACT (behind the scenes of their fan meetings) sounds like “eye contact”
  • iKONCERT (concert tour name)
  • KONBAT (official lights tick)
  • KONBAND (bracelet for concerts that changes colors)
  • KONY’S MAS (christmas + two of their vapp broadcasts)
  • iKONIGHT (vapp broadcast)
  • Kony’s island (season greetings)
  • Kony’s summertime (season greetings)
  • KONFIRE (konbat fire combined in a big growd)
  • KONYWATCH (a wrist watch to be closer to iKONICs)
  • Konsnack (snack sold at iKONCERT)
  • KONBUS/KONTRUCK (bus and truck they used for promotions, fan signing days & debut concert)
  • KONNIVERSARY (anniversary)
  • Dancekon (when iKON shows their talent as dancers)
  • Disskon (when they start dissing each other)


PS: You can find lots of info & other things:

  • in OUR TAGS (mostly gifs)  
  • in our MASTERPOST TAG or
  • I would also recommend you to follow NETKON &  ikon-global (you’ll find lots of old & new information about the members and just the group in general and also their schedule on those blogs)

Seventeen Appreciation Post

Look I’m the biggest supporter of BTS, and I always will be. I’m so appreciative for everything they’ve done and accomplished. I’m proud of the movements they’ve been a part of. I’m especially proud of the changes they’ve undergone to be better people and better idols. They’ve been outspoken and unrelenting about it, and that’s very good for change.

I’d just like to give credit to another group. Another boy group who might be under the radar because of certain aesthetics or genre preferences.

I’m, of course, talking about Seventeen. A group of thirteen boys who debuted in May 2015, under Pledis Entertainment. They have concepts that are always light-hearted and fun with their title tracks, and that is kind of what makes them so unique, in my opinion. There is a positive energy surrounding them, and it’s always enjoyable listening and watching them perform.

Since their debut, they have improved leaps and bounds as musicians, but also as people and as the face of their company. (I plan on adding links as soon as I can find credible sources with the translations.)

1. There are members who actively defy gender stereotypes, especially when it comes to clothing. Vernon has been especially vocal about it. Also, Jeonghan.

2. There are some member who are stuck in certain expectations for what qualifies as “beautiful,” but others members are quick to correct them. This has involved eye shape and darker skin color. Not only does this help the others perspective, it also gives them confidence with parts of their body they might be insecure about.

3. There have been a few instances with some of their earlier songs they used female oriented pronouns, but have changed them in the recent years to be more gender neutral. This is inclusive to all fans. (For example, the performance teams song “Highlight” is completely gender neutral. If this is incorrect, please let me know. I’ve looked at about half a dozen translations and see no gendered language in the lyrics!)

4. Jeonghan. Let’s give a brief moment to Yoon Jeonghan, fellow ‘95 liner and my bias (so I’m biased…). In the beginning he was known as the boy with the long hair and the more feminine look and style. Never once did Jeonghan feel pressure to change his hair or style. The boys never teased him, and you’ll see in multiple videos the other boys actually playing and brushing his hair (I’m looking at you Choi Seungcheol.). He chopped his hair off, and then just recently colored it blonde. And yet, there is still a very real androgynous look to him, and it’s incredibly nice to see a boy in his position be comfortable in his skin to keep that edge to him. I’m going to relate this to f(x) Amber and her influence on other younger girls. Jeongan will help other boys be far more comfortable in their skin.

5. Seventeen are absolute KINGS at treating all musicians songs with the utmost respect and understanding, while still putting their own edge to it to make it theirs. They’ve done multiple concepts of popular boys and girls groups songs. They’ve not only exceeded my expectations, but have done both with the level of respect and admiration that I appreciate. This is a quiet way of supporting girl groups, but it is still important!

6. They actively promote good health. Their company is one of the few that pulls their idols out of schedules so they can fully rest and recover completely before they join schedules again. Taking care of your self is important, and the boys always support each other when that happens.

7. Seventeen has four foreign members. Vernon is more culturally Korean, but can speak both Korean and English. While there are two Chinese members, and LA native, Joshua. All of the members are exceedingly patient and encouraging when it comes to the three learning and speaking Korean. The same is reversed for the foreign speakers helping them with other languages.

8. Trauma by the Hip Hop Unit. Please listen to it. Please read (credible) the translation. I will let it speak for itself.

9. Communication. There are a lot of members in Seventeen. Misunderstandings and disagreements are bound to happen. In fact we were able to witness it on one of there Going Seventeen episodes. There was a disagreement and some members were left angry and hurt. After a few minutes to cool off, the older members gathered everyone again and they talked. They didn’t want feelings to be hurt or left feeling like their opinion didn’t matter. They communicated with one another, worked it out, and were left with everyone on the same page. If this isn’t a great testament to their teamwork, I’m not sure what is. Having disagreements with the people you love is important, it’s more important to work through it together in a positive and constructive way. When you truly care about someone, you want to make things work. It’s healthy for any relationship, especially for a group of thirteen differing personalities. I commend them for that.

10. They’re good at their job. They’re extremely good at their job. From their first album to their most recent, they are always raising the bar and surpassing it. They challenge themselves and each other. They show off each members talents in sub-units and showcase them because they all bring something to the team. They play a part in production, composition, their choreography, their videos, and their stages. That freedom allows them to be as good and refreshing as they are, and I think it’s why they’re so successful. When you give artists freedom to do what they love, they will prosper.

lodicrous  asked:

So i know you do a lot of great stuff with watercolors. I was wondering what brand if paints you use, and if there are any good baby blues you know of that would work in painting the rich colors of the inky blue-blackness of space that surrounds galaxies? I've tried mixing my blues with black to get that deep color, but no matter what, it never comes out with a rich enough color when dry as i have seen with pre-made Navy blues.

Hey there! Hope you don’t mind me answering publicly, especially since others might have answers/experiences outside of my own. (And different manufacturers tend to have slightly different pigment mixes for each color!) 

I personally use Winsor & Newton’s artist line for watercolors, with one oddball (Payne’s grey from Van Gogh/Talens). I have a pretty useful range of blues, and I’ve taken the opportunity to make some swatches and scan them in for you:

I can mix almost any bluish shade I want out of these, and you can further change the way your blues look by adding in white watercolor, which will introduce an opaque element to the work that can’t be replicated (as far as I can tell) by simply using the white of the paper.

In my personal opinion, W&N’s indigo is absolutely beautiful and perfect for dark inky hues. It’s where I’d start for a space palette, along with the Prussian blue. Not gonna lie, though, getting super dark watercolor washes has always been super tricky for me. I suspect some people pair watercolor with various inks to help mitigate watercolor’s more finicky nature.

Edited to add in this wonderful pigment chart for Winsor and Newton watercolors!

the new 52 and color

the new 52 batman run by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder gets a lot of slack for some reason, probably because of the focus on Bruce without a lot interaction with other characters beside joker, lots of edge and how the flow of the story itself was stunted by tie-ins that no one really wanted, but there is A TON to love about it despite it’s flaws and right now i wanna talk about it’s use of color to portray tones and themes 

a few pages in the series are colored like the image above, bright reds, yellows and blues, but as i read i started to notice this only really happened in particular moments, most of the rest of the comic is awash in the dark, mute colors that you usually see in batman comics, especially when the tone is dark or more grounded in reality

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headcanon: ok so, i am 99% sure that the sweater Ford regularly wears after he comes out of the portal actually belonged to Stan. ever since he was a kid, Stan only ever really wore one color, which is this faded maroon/red color. the sweater Ford wears now is almost the exact same color.

Ford, on the other hand, has always leaned more towards yellows, browns, and the occasional orange or blue.

which leas me to believe that the sweater Ford is wearing is one that Stan lent to him. (this might also go for his pants, because Ford has only been shown wearing blue or brown pants, not black, if you exclude the clothes he was wearing immediately after coming out of the portal. Stan regularly wears black pants.)

so, i’m thinking that Ford’s old clothes were either too small for him now (especially since he is noticeably bigger than when he was 28), or they were just too old and not in good enough condition to use anymore. clothes can only last so long, after all. so Stan lent Ford some of his own clothes that he never wears, like the red sweater, and possibly the pants.

(side note: Stan and Ford got their color preferences from their mom and dad, respectively. their dad always wore a yellow and brown suit with a blue undershirt, and their mom always wore a maroon dress)

On Youth and Hair

For the second day of vityaweek2017 – Youth (although I’m late in posting this).
Attempting all-dialogue this time. I’ll expand these vignettes into proper stories later. This is under the idea that Victor lived with Yakov and Lilia for a time when he was younger.

“Vitya! If you don’t get out of the bathroom in 10 minutes I’m leaving for the rink without you!”

“But Yakov! You know what Lilia says: ‘Beauty takes work.’ Hair like this doesn’t take care of itself, you know! And if I don’t do this now, then it’ll be hopelessly tangled after practice.”

“Just get shorter hair…”
“Sorry, Yakov I dropped my brush – what’d you say?”

“8 minutes left! Be done by then or I’ll make you work so hard that you’ll be combing out tangles for two hours after practice!”


“Yakov! Have you seen my comb? I can’t seem to find it and I know I put it near my bag…”

“Why would I know where all your stuff is? I’m not your maid, Vitya.”



“…so do you have an idea?” 

“…(Grant me patience with this boy)… I saw young Milla by your bag earlier when she was watching her sister. Go ask her. She might remember if your comb was there when she sat down.”

“Thanks, Yakov!”


“Victor, do you have a moment?”

“Yes, Madam.”

“Come here. Let me braid your hair before you head off to bed. It’s been a while.”

“I think the last time was before Euros.”

“…I see you’ve been taking good care of it. Following my instructions on water temperature and deep conditioning?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Keep up the regimen so your hair won’t dull. It’s important in such a sport where the body is a vessel for strength and beauty. Especially for someone like you with such a rare color.”

“You make me sound like a species of bird on display…”

“Perhaps. But remember this when you go about making contacts at Worlds –unique traits leave lasting impressions. If you polish what can be polished, and efficiently showcase those traits with self-assurance, then no one will forget you – and that’s essential for a performer.”

“You’ve told me that before, ma’am.”

Listen, Vitya. When you walk into a room, whether you intend to or not your unusual hair catches people’s eyes. More than your face or physique, it’s the trait that will receive the first measuring glance. It wouldn’t do for your main drawing point to leave them unsatisfied due to maltreatment on your part.”

“But I am treating it well…?”

“And I’m proud of your for putting in the proper care for your image. It’ll be a proper weapon. What I am saying is – become so well put together that sponsors outside of sporting goods will flock to make you their model.”

“…so… become a Maybelline girl?”

“Become a–…….sure. If that helps you understand, then yes. Be that Maybelline girl you know you can be.”


“Yakov, Lilia! I got an offer from L’Oreal! They think I’m worth it!

anonymous asked:

do you ever get frustrated with your art? how do you deal with that?

YEAH FOR SURE ive been really frustrated with my art the past year or so especially when it comes to coloring..  Something that does help me out a lot is picking out a specific bit of my art I don’t like and trying to figure out how I can improve it? Like I find it hard to draw clothing folds naturally, so when I’m bored I’ll find pictures and references and do small doodles of whatever the people in them are wearing. It’s most frustrating when I don’t knwo what’s wrong or when I know what’s wrong but I can’t figure out how to fix it … though tbh sometimes I find erasing it and starting over to be really helpful when I’m frustrated with something. MOSTLY I just tell myself that the reason my art doesn’t look the way I want it to is because I just haven’t drawn enough to get to where I want to be yet  SO I JUST DOODLE A LOT UNTIL I’m less frustrated haha


night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best