especially when in class they reassured me that i do know the subjects well enough to pass

Surface Tension - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: Nothing

Request by @timelawds : Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine with the reader and Jughead? One as Archie’s younger sister, who is loud, tough, and sarcastic (still in the sophomore class) where she is friends with all of his friends except Jughead because there is a hatred between them, but in the end it’s all fluff and things? Thank you so much!

Here you are. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s so long.

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A Milky Way gave me breath - chapter 2

Chapter one / Chapter three / Chapter four / Chapter five

Resume of the fic/imagine : Reader is new to Beacon Hills High School. Her first day starts very badly, and the panic rises. Chance or destiny makes sure that a person well-accustomed to panic attacks passes by at the right time. 

But a Milky Way can’t take away all the stress… Or maybe…?

Word count : 1451 

Ship : Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warning: contains social anxiety, panic attacks, but fluff and supportive subject                                                                                                             

A/N: I wanted to thank all the people who liked, reblogged, commented or just took the time to read the first chapter of A Milky Way gave me breath! I did not expect to see so many positive responses, so a big thanks to everyone!

Without further useless speech of mine, here is the continuation!

The minutes passed like hours, while, still on the floor, I tried to understand what had just happened. I placed my trembling hand against my sweaty forehead and closed my eyes. No matter who this boy was, he had saved my life.

And took my first kiss away with him in the same time.

I was still feeling his lips against mine, pressing, somehow brutal and urgent, but also gentle and comforting. The last thing I was expecting to happen to me today was that a Milky Way gave me breath…

I finally got up, slowly, legs still trembling. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the identity of my savior, or rather run away from him. The red rose to my cheeks and I felt my heart beating hard just at the thought of seeing him again. I’ll never be able to look him in the eye, I can forget the talk! It was impossible, I was ruined. And anyway, I wouldn’t recognize him even if I saw him; my vision was far too confusing for that 

The only memory I had of that boy was…

The Milky Way…

I shook my head, deeply sad. Even if I found him … the kiss was worthless for him. He had done it only to save my life, nothing more.

And that was it, a new semester to endure, alone, without friends, and as always, without a boyfriend.

I sighed as I ran my hand against my neck and walked slowly through the corridors, still looking for my class. I had to forget him; he had done that only to help me, and the way he’d left so fast after meant only one thing.

He regretted his gesture, or was ashamed, enough not to want to be recognized or associated with me.

After what appeared like decades, I finally found my class. The room number was written above the door and I felt a horrible feeling of stupidity. I had let myself be carried away by panic, instead of thinking rationally.

I knocked on the hard and cold door with a tremendous apprehension. I was late, everyone was going to look at me, and I already felt the look of about thirty students on me, piercing my shell and exposing myself. I felt so bad and guilty to be late, and a small voice in my heart hoped that the teacher would not lecture me in front of so many witnesses.

A young woman came to open the door for me. She gratified me with a smile, before letting me in. so far, it wasn’t as horrible as I imagined.

I was wrong.

She positioned me in the front of the class.

My heart began to pound, and I swallowed, lowering my head, trying to hide my face as much as possible with my hair.

“Here is the new student we were expecting, Y / N.”

I felt my hands begin to tremble. Everyone was looking at me. Why did she have to introduce me like that? In the middle of the class, when the students were only looking forward to one thing, to leave?

Apparently gentle and sweet, this teacher was actually the devil in person.

“It is not without surprise that, being new, Y / N arrived late in class.”

I took it like a stab in the back.

“Besides, she is not the only one to be late.”

The pause she took in her dialogue meant only one possible thing, she shot another laggard student. But, crushed under the guilt, I didn’t dare raise my head to sympathize with him or her. Shame and fear were paralyzing me.

“You can sit down, there’s a free seat right here, in the front.”

At least I didn’t have to walk to the end of the class and feel the look of vultures of my comrades.

I hastened to sit down, avoiding as much as possible other’s gazes, realizing that I did not even know what was the subject of the class.

The end of class came too slowly. I felt the burning eyes of all my classmates against my neck during the entire class, and I thought at that moment that sitting in the back sounded better.

When finally the ordeal was over, a hubbub of chairs scratched the floor echoed on the empty walls, and all the students eagerly came out speaking loudly. For my part, I decided to take my time to put away my belongings in my bag, in order to be the last to go out, an effective method for not having to cross anyone.

However, I did not expect anyone to come and talk to me, especially not a boy.

“Excuse me… ”

I froze and swallowed strongly, feeling my heart pounding so hard that I was sure everyone would hear it. I lifted my head slowly to see a boy with a tanned skin, tackling a good pair of muscles for his age. Behind him, a little set back, I saw another boy. He had a very pale skin, and the moment I saw him, he hastened to get out of the class by clinging all around him, provoking a frightful screech.

As subtle as a lamppost.

That was it, they were going to tease me, his friend and he would laugh at me. I felt my eyes start burning, a sign that the tears were not long in coming. I drove them back as best I could before I got up, head down, hands crushed flat on my desk.

“ What do you want? ”

I was not able to cross his gaze. My mouth became dry and my head was spinning, empty.

“My name is Scott, and we’re uh kind in the same class. ”

“ Okay… ”

He was going to make fun of me. I felt it. My hands began to tremble against my desk.

“I just wanted to know if …”

He sighed.

“If you were okay?”

The surprise made me raise my head towards him, and I looked into his eyes for a second and a half before quickly turning my head away.

His eyes were of an intense dark brown, almost black.

“I know how … being the newbie can be stressful, so I wanted to make sure everything was fine for you. ”

Why did he care? And where was there any sign that I was not doing well? It was that obvious?

“I uh … yes everything’s fine …”

He knocked his fist in his palm slowly and gently, causing his biceps to be activated under his sweater, pensive, and then left while telling me one last thing.

“ Okay. If you need anything, don’t hesitate. ”

My head was turning at a thousand paces.

“ Thank you… ”

Once I was certain that he was gone and I was alone, I sat back in my chair and put my head in my hands.

What a day…

A non-reassuring bell sounded in my ears, telling me I was going to be late.


Third person pov

“So … what did she say?”

“You could go ask her yourself if you were worried. Your heart beat almost as hard as hers; it was very hard to listen to the class. ”

“Well, excuse me for being stressed, anxious, and worried about the new student I helped in spite of myself, to whom I saved life, Scott, making me late in the same time, with a very kind and nice sermon by the teacher in bonus, that same girl who is, by miracle, precisely in the same damn class as us!”

“You stink anxiety, Stiles. ”

He passed an anxious hand through his hair while licking his lips, a habit he had when he was hiding something.

“Stiles … your heart is racing … what happened after you found her in the middle of a panic attack?”

“Maybe … I kissed her…? but only to stop her panic attack!”

His best friend raised an interrogative eyebrow.

“Lydia told me one day … that it was a way to stop a panic attack because the person holds his breath and… I panicked Scott; I didn’t know what to do to help her! You have no idea how it is, the impression of dying, the pain… ”

Throughout his monologue, Stiles spent his time gesticulating with his hands, classic stress sign of his.

“You have nothing to reproach yourself with then. You helped her, and that’s all. ”

Scott was heading for his next class without waiting for his friend when he heard a mumble that only his supernatural werewolf ears could catch.

“Then why can’t I forget her?”

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A/N: Again, I’m sorry of the mistakes I may have made, English is not my first language and I’m still practicing. Hope you all liked it anyway; maybe I’ll continue it but I’m not so sure about my writing…


Matter of Time
Kihyun scenario requested by jessieb4893
Word count: 2907
Genre: Fluff

Yoo Kihyun had been your best friend since kindergarten. You two never went anywhere without the other as children, constantly sharing crayons and swapping secrets about the first graders. You rode the bus home together everyday and would play rock paper scissors to decide which house you ate dinner at. As you grew older together, you ditched the school bus for your feet and would get ice cream together from a 24 hour convenience store around the block from your shared street. You began eating breakfast at Kihyun’s and dinner was always at yours. It was a wonderful routine and by the time you were seventeen, your folks had become best friends as well. Your destiny had practically been laid out in front of you, with Kihyun planning to attend the same university as you and your parents most likely planning a marriage behind your back. You were supposed to fall in love. There was only one problem.
Kihyun liked someone else. And his type was just.. Definitely not you. The girl he was into at the moment was elegant. She was always wearing beautiful earrings and patent shoes with her school uniform. No matter how much you liked Kihyun there was no way. You were the tomboy type, with your hair always tied up in a messy high ponytail and with big square glasses that didn’t really fit your face. You were charming, but not in the way Kihyun wanted. You were a sister to him. And your preference for Adidas over heels was never going to change.
Overtime, you had accepted the fact that it was a one-sided love and you respected Kihyun’s space. Which, for the record, was pretty difficult since you shared the same friend group and your parents were so close. Your senior year was finally coming to a close and everyone was heading their separate ways. It was bittersweet as you gathered around your lunch table for the last week of school. Universities had been figured out amongst your group and everyone was still expecting you and Kihyun to attend the same school. Hyungwon, the tallest of your friends, had promised to visit on multiple occasions, since he enjoyed teasing you and Kihyun about your prospective relationship every chance he got. Unbeknownst to them, you had been doing a little extra credit work on the side, and you had several scholarship offers stacked up that were impossible to pass up. It was the perfect opportunity to separate yourself from Kihyun and get over him. The only thing that would be difficult was telling him. Although Kihyun had never been in love with you, there was definitely going to be an issue. He was your best friend after all. You figured Shownu, one of the nicest jocks you knew, would be the most upset though. You had grown closer after you accidently had told him about liking Kihyun during your second year. Love does funny things. You glanced around the lunch table where your friends were gathered, excluding Kihyun, and let out a soft sigh. You basically were the perfect group of friends, the kinds you would see in the movies. Wonho, the player. Minhyuk, the popular one. Jooheon, the class clown. Changkyun, the underclassman. Shownu, the jock. Hyungwon, the hot one. Of course, Kihyun, the childhood friend. And you, the geek. It was a perfect high school scenario, each of you adding balance to your group.
“Guys, I have some news.” You blurted out suddenly, hoping to finish this quickly just in case Kihyun showed up soon. Since he developed a crush on that other girl, he was always late. Soon enough, he probably wouldn’t show up at all.
“News? What kinda news? Is it bad?” Minhyuk questioned with a mouthful of bread, eyes wide as he leaned forward to listen to your explanation.
“You confessed to Kihyun?” Hyungwon threw in, a smug smirk on his lips.
“No way! You and Kihyun are dating?” Wonho continued on with the gag, laughing giddily as he watched your expression grow dark.
“Or are you finally going to admit I’m the one you actually like?” Changkyun inquired without missing a beat as you rolled your eyes.
“I’m not going to university with Kihyun anymore.” You spoke clearly, hoping to get the point across in as few words as possible.
What?” Six voices echoed, burning you down to your core.

It was two days before you left for university and you hadn’t heard a word from Kihyun since the last day of school. You, Jooheon, Minhyuk, and Changkyun were sprawled out on your floor as you went through things to pack. Kihyun didn’t even know and at this point, was there any good way to tell him? You slouched a little as you clutched a pillow to your chest, collapsing all over the three boys.
“What are you sulking about? Is it Kihyun?” Minhyuk asked in the midst of trying to wrap one of your snow globes from an old trip to New York.
“I know he has this new girlfriend or whatever, but we’re supposed to be best friends. I haven’t even had a chance to say a word. He ignores me and he’s never home when I stop by his house. I don’t know what to do.” You pouted, adjusting your glasses due to habit.
“If he’s going to ignore you, don’t tell him. He’ll feel the consequences later.” Jooheon said thoughtfully, his tone more serious than you had ever heard it before.
“Isn’t that a little harsh?” Changkyun laughed, trying to calm the tension in the air with his playfulness. Minhyuk changed the subject quickly and you finished up your final details of packing while he ran to the store to grab popsicles for the four of you.
Maybe Jooheon is right. I should just forget about him for right now. I’ll worry about it later. You thought, gnawing on your lips as you ran over the idea multiple times.

The boys ended up throwing you a small going away party, each of them bringing small gifts to entertain you while you were studying or having a hard time. They had all also pitched in to get you a new computer, as well as your parents, and Wonho’s mom had baked cake. It was perfect, despite the fact Kihyun had turned down the invitation to hang out because he had a date. You had thought that a party was a good chance to tell him quickly and painlessly, but instead he had blown you off again. You tried to not be bothered by it, especially with all the reassuring texts from Shownu and Hyungwon, who were obviously very worried about you. You ended up crying a majority of the four hour drive to your new dorm. It wasn’t until a week later when school started that you got a message from Kihyun.
Kihyun: Where are you? Classes started.

You scoffed a little as you read the message, shaking your head as you typed back.

I’m in Busan.

The reply was quick, causing your muscles to tense without thought.

Kihyun: Busan? Are you on a trip without me?~

You: I go to the national university here now.

Kihyun: Wait, you switched schools? Why didn’t you tell me?

Your lips tightened as you read the letters in the text, jaw clenching as you typed a simple response.

You didn’t ask.

Four years passed. You hadn’t visited home once due to the long trip and the massive amount of work you had. Changkyun could hardly visit because he was still in high school and having to juggle his grades. Hyungwon had stopped by once every year on his own, as well as Shownu and Jooheon. The full group, excluding Kihyun, had gotten together during the second year of college once for a little reunion. Other than massive amounts of emails, calls, and texts, this was the only contact you had with your treasured friends. You and Kihyun kept in touch and you ended up messaging him more than anyone else. Small things, like how you had gotten full marks on a test or the fact that he had a weird substitute. Not much had felt like it changed. Your hair had grown a little longer and changed by a few shades, you started dressing yourself in clothing other than sweatpants, and your glasses had been swapped for contacts. Small things from the beginning of college that built up to a much different result compared to your high school self. Since graduation had passed, you finally had enough time to return home for a weekend. You nervously had typed out a message to a group chat you formulated, littering the message with emoticons to express your excitement.

I’m coming home~ Are you excited? I bet you guys really missed a feminine presence. Oh, I forgot you had Minhyukkie^^ Are you guys free? <3 Your precious friend is coming home to you!~ You didn’t forget right? (:

You sent it quickly, not allowing yourself to hesitate and smiling as several messages popped up on the screen.

Kihyun: Come quick. I’ve grown two inches, you have to see. I’m taller than Changkyun now!

Changkyun: My favorite girl~ Kihyun is lying, please ignore him.

Jooheon: Are you coming now? When do you arrive?

Shownu: You have a ride, right?

You grinned widely as you responded, tugging your suitcase out on the curb to wait for your bus. Excitement was bubbling inside of you, anticipation rising with each passing second. The four hour ride couldn’t pass quick enough.

It was three in the afternoon when you arrived, your eyes widening as you recognized Shownu waiting for you at the bus stop. You waved sweetly, the corners of your lips tugging upwards in a crescent as you descended the steps toward him.
“You haven’t changed one bit. I think you’re the only one that realizes I’m a girl.” You chuckled softly as Shownu picked up your bag, a wide smile on his face while you headed toward your home together. By the time you arrived, six other boys were waiting on your doorstep, making a racket as they cracked jokes. Kihyun’s eyes met yours first, widening in slight as he gulped.
“Guess who?” You asked playfully, waving a little at the group.
“Y/N? IS THAT YOU?!” Minhyuk yelled, running over excitedly to fret over your appearance, curious hands poking at your cheeks,
“What the fuck happened? Give us our girl back.” Changkyun demanded teasingly, a childish grin pulling at his lips.
“This is the first time I’ve ever seen you wearing something girly. I like it, you look pretty. To think those chunky glasses were hiding such a cute face.” Hyungwon continued, nudging Kihyun with his elbow as he spoke to you.
“Oh, cut it out. I’m the same.” You waved it off, trying to not be too obvious about how weird it felt to see Kihyun again.

The night ended peacefully, everyone going their separate ways after dinner and a couple rounds of karaoke. It was refreshing to see everyone again and you were more than excited to be visiting, especially since you were probably going to end up staying. You and Kihyun were the last two left, walking home together in the cool air of the evening.
“Today was really good, wasn’t it?” You turned towards him as you spoke, linking your arms together like you did as children. He tensed up a bit at the sudden contact, but adjusted quickly with a small chuckle and a nod. Kihyun had gotten handsomer with time, his features had filled out and he had possibly grown a little. Overall, he was the same old Kihyun you loved, just a little more mature.
“But I have to wonder, what ever happened to your high school sweetheart?” You quirked an eyebrow, waiting for his answer.
“We sorta went our own ways. She wasn’t really my type.” Kihyun hummed.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I like girls with glasses.” He murmured, looking at you through his eyelashes with a devilish glint.
“Shut up. You’re not funny.” You whined, giving his shoulder a playful shove.

Kihyun returned home that night with his heart beating quicker than ever, his hand shakily wrapping around the door knob of his room before he pushed inside. Tonight felt different for him, the air was heavier than usual and his head was still reeling from the skinship between the two of you. He collapsed on his bed, fisting his hair in his hands as recalled the day.
“When did she get so pretty?” He asked himself exasperated, tugging his phone from his pocket and dialing Shownu’s number quickly.

A few weeks had passed since you had come back and decided to stick around. You’d have to go back to Busan at the end of the month to pack your things, but other that, things were going smoothly. You had applied for a couple jobs in the area and discussed with your parents about getting an apartment soon so you could finally start living on your own. It felt like your life was just beginning. You finished up adjusting your application for another job hastily, having made plans with the friend group for the night. Your phone buzzed with a google maps notification from Shownu, giving you instructions on the directions to the meeting place. You followed it carefully, only to end up completely lost and standing in front of a children’s playground.
“Did he give me the wrong address?” You huffed softly, checking google maps again multiple times just in case there was a mistake. As you waited around for a little bit, you found yourself on a children’s swing set, kicking at woodchips beneath your feet. This place was looking more and more familiar the longer you stayed. You tensed up as a hand fell over your eyes, a scream about to bubble it’s way up from your stomach, when a soft whisper calmed your fears.
“It’s Kihyun.” They said quietly into your ear and you could hear the smile in his voice.
“What the hell, you scared me so bad. Move your hand.” You complained, tugging at his fingers only to be greeted by the sight of roses filling your field of vision.
“W…What’s this for? Aren’t we supposed to be meeting everyone else?” You asked shyly as Kihyun handed them to you, his face hovering directly in front of yours. He was so close to you that you could feel your cheeks staining pink.
“Change of plans. You’re mine for tonight, if that’s okay.” He chuckled, adjusting himself in the swing next to you.
“Do you remember this place?” Kihyun asked softly, holding his hand out to ask for your own. You allowed your palm to kiss his, fingers intertwining delicately.
“It feels familiar, but I don’t really remember it specifically.” You responded hesitantly, focusing on Kihyun as he spoke. Did I miss something? You thought, fingers tightening around his.
“It’s where we first met when we were little. I don’t remember what all happened, but I do remember seeing you. I always thought you were pretty.” He smiled, keeping his eyes on the ground as he explained.
“This is going to sound really sudden, but I think I fell in love with you that day. I only just registered it, though. I don’t know where my head has been all these years. But when I saw you again, after treating you so horribly, something clicked. Everything fell into place. Originally, this was supposed to be a huge romantic ordeal and I was supposed to kiss you before I uncovered your eyes. I mean, at least that’s what Shownu told me to do. But I think it’s better to tell you like this.” Kihyun continued, attempting to phrase each sentence well and not stumble over his words.
“Yoo Kihyun… Are you confessing to me right now?” You smiled, making eye contact with him that sent a buzz of electricity through your body.
“I mean… I guess, I am, yeah. I’m confessing to you.” He mumbled, covering his face with his hands to hide how red his face had become.
“Thank god, I didn’t want to have to do it first.” You laughed in return, shifting your feet so that the edges of your swings met and you were close enough to be able to kiss Kihyun softly on the cheek.
Yoo Kihyun had been your best friend since kindergarten. You two never went anywhere without the other as children, constantly sharing crayons and swapping secrets about the first graders. You rode the bus home together everyday and would play rock paper scissors to decide which house you ate dinner at. As you grew older together, you ditched the school bus for your feet and would get ice cream together from a 24 hour convenience store around the block from your shared street. You began eating breakfast at Kihyun’s and dinner was always at yours. It was a wonderful routine and by the time you were seventeen, your folks had become best friends as well. Your destiny had practically been laid out in front of you, with Kihyun planning to attend the same university as you and your parents most likely planning a marriage behind your back. You were supposed to fall in love.

And you did.

Chapter 1: Who Are You? A Stranger (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by sarandown: Hi! I love your account! I was wondering if you could write a smut/angst about V being a psychopath but loves you a lot and kills any one who talks bad/ even looks at you. Somthing similar to the kdrama Gap Dong! ^-^

[[A/N: (WARNING: READ THE REQUEST BEFORE DECIDING TO READ THIS) I don’t know if this is even remotely close to what you wanted but I hope you enjoyed it regardless. I’m looking to write more chapters to this story.Also this is very long, so I apologise in advance.]]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 



On the isolated streets of Gyeonggi Province, at about some time in between three to four in the morning. All signs of human life were completely absent at the time, no cars or vehicles of any sort could be heard starting their engines. The only sound present was the soft spoken wind harmonising with the silence. There were very few street lights there, but all flickered without fail, revealing a woman walking alone. 

She walked without a worry placed in her mind. She was said to be very beautiful by the people who knew her. Commonly described as a living work of art. Pale skin as white as paper and as delicate as the petals of a flower, her eyes obtained a smouldering gaze even though they were deemed to be shaped like those of a puppy, accompanied with a cute button nose to match her plump lips that had always been tinted in a peachy rose colour.  

It was believed that she had been on her way home, but no one knew where she had come from or why it was that she decided to return home without the company of another person with her … She thought she was alone, before she heard whistling. She didn’t know where the sound came from, she tried to quickly catch a glimpse of whoever could have been behind her, though as soon as she looked behind, the whistling stopped and still no sign of human life was present apart from her own. She began walking again and alas the whistling had resumed with no sounds of footsteps to indicate whom or what was doing this, she looked back one more time and was presented with the shadow of a man. 

Paranoid with the thought of being followed she began to quicken her steps and the whistling shadow followed very close by, until she broke out into a run and the shadow jumped on to her. She was said to have been strangled to death.


“Even though this happened over 20 years ago, police officers have been unsuccessful and are still working hard on discovering who committed the crime. As they couldn’t find the face which belonged to the murderer, they had decided to give this excuse-of-a-human-being a nickname. Has anyone heard of the name given to this faceless criminal?” The professor who had given the lecture examined the classroom with an air of impatience swarming within him before a student’s arm tentatively raised itself. 

“Was it simply ‘The Shadow’?” You said feeling quite uncertain with yourself as soon as you had answered because of your professor’s blank facial expression. 

“Was it? Well we don’t know, do we? Th-” Abruptly interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing, indicating the end of the lesson. “We’ll look at his crimes in further detail in the next lesson … Class dismissed.”

Class had finished much later than normal, today. You walked out of the classroom, thinking about everything you had just learned. Your heart felt heavy in distress of the subject, for some reason the traumatic topic of the lesson couldn’t escape your mind not even for one minute. Why was it only you that felt deeply affected by this? Did nobody else care? No one else seemed bothered by it. 

Yet you were encircled by positive energy and laughter coming from your group of friends, consisting of 4 girls and 3 guys. Out of all of them, only one seemed to have felt sincerely concerned about you and seen that you weren’t quite yourself. Well you would have hoped that she would’ve noticed, she wasn’t your best friend for no reason. Her name was So Dam, she possessed such natural beauty that sometimes you envied her good looks and you were convinced that she had a heart made out of gold. She held your hand in hers “It’s okay to be scared, I guess it’s something that could’ve happened to any of us. But I think it’s best if you try not to worry too much, it happened over 20 years ago. For all we now ‘The Shadow’ could be dead.” She tried reassuring you as her thumb gently caressed the skin on your knuckle. 

“But he could also still be alive. It’s rumoured that he is probably in his early 40s these days and if that’s the case then he could be anywhere.” You felt your heart begin to beat much faster than usual, you were terrified and even though So Dam kept presenting you with reasons as to why you shouldn’t worry, you couldn’t resist but wonder if ‘The Shadow’ hadn’t finished what he set out to start.

“_____! Listen, it’s only a rumour, I’m sure you’re smart enough to not dwell on to a rumour. Especially if it comes from an unreliable source. You’re my best friend and I hate seeing you like this,” She took her hand away from your grasp and spoke a bit louder so the other girls could hear “So, I decided to organise a girl’s night out for tonight. No boys!” 

One of your guy friends in the group started pouting and throwing a mini-tantrum “What? How is that fair? I understand if you’re not going to invite the other guys, but no girl’s night out is complete without me!” 

“Okay Jae-Hyuk, you can come” So Dam said as she chuckled softly.

Together you all walked off campus, as you would everyday. Until only two of you were left together, due to everyone leaving in separate directions to go find their way home.

Today, you were being walked home by Seokjin - your ex-boyfriend. Your expectations of silence and awkwardness had been short lived as he didn’t stop talking the whole way, he updated you on his life in general and how he was coping with his new girlfriend and all sorts. Usually, it would have appeared normal for you to feel slightly jealous and resentful, but you were genuinely content that he was happy. It wasn’t like you to wish the worst for somebody. “What about you _____? Found any luck in the love department?” 

By the time you could answer, your thoughts got interrupted by the husky and sultry voice of a man addressing you.“Hello! Sorry to disturb you, I was just wondering if you’d be interested in something.” He was beautiful and oh so mysterious. Naturally dark skin tinted with a golden glow that complimented his overall physique with wisps of hair casting, shifting shadows across his sharp features as the dark strands danced in the subtle breeze that caused a shiver to run throughout your body. His lips were quite full and seemed like the pair that couldn’t stand not being touched by those of another. Hooded eyes stone cold as if everything they saw unimpressed them, until they met yours. There was just something about him that made you really nervous like a high school student confessing to their first love. “I’m a new employee at this coffee shop and it would mean a lot to me if you and your friend could come visit it. I assure you, we serve the best coffee in the country.” He said as a smile drew itself upon his lips. 

Acting through your nerves, you had unintentionally dropped your stuff on the  floor. Heat furiously rushed to your cheeks, flushing them in the most obvious colour to reflect how flustered you felt just as you were losing yourself in that smile. God! That smile was everything. You could hear Seokjin tutting in the background when the man knelt down to assist you in picking your stuff up. After he was done helping you, he handed you the flyer for the advertisement of the coffee shop he worked in, “Take care” he said as a smirk crept at the corners of his lips. “If it’s destined, I’m sure we’ll meet again.” He said winking at you before waving goodbye to you and Jin. 

On the rest of the journey home Jin continued to tease you over how you had been ‘swooning’ in front of the guy. Followed by him horribly imitating your flustered state.  A few minutes passed by and before you knew it, he had dropped you off at your front door and before he left he stated “I do want you to find someone who will make you happy, but just be careful.”

“Thanks but I’ll be fine, I’m sure of it. You don’t have to worry about me Jin.”

“Yeah, I’m not convinced. That guy seemed a bit odd to me, anyways I’ll see you tomorrow.” You couldn’t help but think about the fact that Seokjin had found the guy to be ‘odd’, there was nothing weird about a guy handing out a couple of flyers. Was he jealous? Jin didn’t really struck you to be that type of guy. 


On your arrival to So Dam’s house you were surprised to see that Jae-Hyuk, Seulgi, Julia and Ah Reum were already there, all of them dolled up and ready … Apart from you. Therefore they all took immense joy in dressing you up and giving you a subtle makeover. The final outcome wasn’t disappointing at all but you were just glad that you didn’t walk out of your house looking like this everyday. Your dress was strapless, it hugged your figure very tightly and ended mid-thigh which meant bending over was to avoid. Your hair had been curled in the style of glamorous Hollywood waves and your make up was so ‘on point’ that not a trace of imperfection was noticeable on your face. The heels they had given you to sport with your dress were fairly high but bearable and once you’d been ‘transformed’, you were all ready to go out clubbing.

The club’s atmosphere stank of lust filled desperation, it was quite strange really. Everyone appeared to desire hooking up with one another much rather than having a good time. Near the dance floor, hid a booth at a particular corner which was being occupied by yourself and your friends. Drinks kept being served to your table from strangers which felt like compliments for all the effort your friends put into getting ready.

A few drinks later, you had noticed a guy checking you out but you didn’t pay much attention to him as you were too busy listening to your friends who were all drunker than you. In all fairness, you were drunk but not to their extent. Vodka shots were being passed around and they all drank to their heart’s content whilst agreeing on the rule of “no hooking up with anyone tonight” … Psh! You highly doubted that was a rule anyone would be following, especially since they were all heavily under the influence of alcohol.

Anyways, you decided to stay in the booth with an over-emotional Jae-Hyuk. In this case describing him to have been just drunk was an understatement in itself. “I’m a mess, aren’t I? Did you know I was gay? I’ve been gay my whole life and my parents don’t even know. I want to tell them but I don’t want to be disowned. I’m their son, they’re supposed to always love me, right? Should I come out to them? Should I not? It’s a tricky dilemma, isn’t it? Ughh, I’m going crazy! Help, please?” He whined as tears welled up in his eyes, preparing to cascade down his rosy cheeks.

With the palm of your hand you rubbed his back to try to comfort him “I think we’ve all known for a while. Your parents probably already know too but, I guess you should tell them when you feel ready.” You could tell he wasn’t listening to you, he was far too busy looking at a guy making his way towards your booth. 

“Hey!” Jae-Hyuk said to the guy with a grin plastered on his face. 

“You guys aren’t a couple, right?” Both Jae-Hyuk and you looked at each other and burst into laughter at how ridiculous that question sounded. 

“No, man.” Jae-Hyuk snorted.

“Ah, good” the guy sounded relieved “So, you wouldn’t mind if I stole her away from you?” 

Jae-Hyuk shook his head “Be my guest” he said before going on to find the rest of the girls to join them.  

The guy helped you up and as soon as you could make out his features, you beamed at him and gently gasped “It’s you! That guy from before.” 

He grabbed on to your hand, bringing his lips dangerously close to your ear as he whispered “Dance with me.” He lead you all the way to the dance floor and placed his hands on your waist as the both of you danced together. From far away you could just about see Jae-Hyuk mouthing the words “Get in there!” As the guy held your body closer to his. To be honest all you had managed to do for the rest of the night was dance and sing along to what you thought were the lyrics of the songs playing and repeated the cycle. For the short amount of time you were with him, time seemed to be completely pointless. You had officially lost track of time and your friends, too.

“Hey, I know you’re a stranger and everything but, I’ve lost my friends and we were all supposed to go home together … I think it’s really late outside and it might not be safe for me to go on my own. Can you please take me home? If it’s not too much to ask.” You said raising your eyebrows in anticipation for him to respond. 

“You would think that a beautiful girl like you would be careful especially out on a night like this.” You furrowed your eyebrows at him suspiciously “I’m just saying. You can never really know a person’s intentions.”

“Well, I only asked you because we’ve had a good time and I don’t think you would want to hurt me, would you?”

“No, never!” He smiled crookedly whilst glaring into your eyes, as if he was searching deep inside your soul. 

Throughout the whole taxi ride, you had your hand positioned on his knee. Readying itself to gradually make its way further up his thigh as you pretended to look outside the window when really you were checking out his reaction in the reflection of the window. He let out a very elongated and rattly sigh as his thighs twitched beneath your touch. “Are we there yet?” He impatiently asked. 

“Soon” You simpered, as your hand began touching his bulge, he quickly seized on to your hand quite tightly. It wasn’t enough to hurt you but it was enough to get you to stop. Once you had arrived to your destination, he stayed in the taxi mentioning that he had some place to be and something to do, however you were having none of it. So in the end, he seemed to have been persuaded by your consistent persistence in insisting for him to come inside your house. 

In the process of entering inside your house, his eyes examined your place in complete disbelief over the view that was presented to his eyes. “This place is really big! Do you live alone?”

“Yes.” You said as you took your high heels off, revealing that there was a short amount of height difference between the two of you. 

“Do you ever feel lonely?” He seemed almost hesitant to ask, leaving you to hum in response. “Maybe I’ve over-welcomed my stay.”

“No, no, no, no. I want you to stay … Please?” An awkward silence passed by as he was considering your offer. 

“Why do you trust me so easily?” 

“You haven’t given me a reason not to trust you.” At your response he smiled and made his way closer to you. 

Delicately tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, he says lowering his voice “But … You don’t even know my name or who I am.” 

“It’s much better that way,” You nervously chuckled as he let his lips find a comfortable place inbetween your own. His lips felt so soft against your own, it was a feeling you honestly didn’t mind getting used to even if it was only for the night. Tongue’s both dancing gingerly around each other, you could feel your temperature rising more and more as the kiss progressed in to a passionate one full of heated frustration. He began cupping your face with his soft, warm hands in order to try to deepen the kiss. 

Breaking the contact away from his lips, you took his hand into your own making sure to carefully intertwine your fingers in his. Guiding him upstairs and straight in to your bedroom, where he proceeded to crash his lips on to your lips as his hands grabbed firmly on to both of your butt cheeks through your dress. This caused a muffled squeal of excitement from you. He brought your body much more closer to his own as to fill up any distance separating any potential contact from your bodies. 

He stopped kissing you and wrapped his arms around you in an embrace. He rested his chin on your shoulder and started pulling down on the zip of your strapless dress, allowing it to slide all the way down to your ankles “My name is Taehyung, by the way.” 

“Now you ruined the fun out of this!” You tutted.

 “No, not at all. I just did you a favour.” He winked at you “You’ll need a name to scream whilst I’m fucking you.”

“… Whatever.” You said as you unbuttoned his jeans for him, taking your time in the process. It was quite odd for you to be behaving like this as it wasn’t like you to rush into a one night stand, especially not without knowing the guy’s name but with Taehyung it was different. He had this mysterious aurora to him that you couldn’t resist. 

When you started helping him out of his clothes you could feel his gaze piercing through you furiously as though he was really angry or something. You had to admit that it did spark a feeling of discomfort within you but through your blinding gauge of lust, it was something that you had chosen to ignore. After all, it wasn’t as if you’d be seeing him around much after tonight.

Catching you off guard, he pushed you on to your bed and hovered on top of you before burying his face into the crook of your neck where he planted many light pecks, commencing at the sensitive skin on the surface and coming to a halt at your collar bone. As soon as he stopped you let out a soft wince as to encourage him to continue but instead of doing as you pleased, he began harshly sucking that spot causing your breathing to become slightly rattled.

Taehyung’s hand slipped inside your panties, his middle finger was very lightly grazing over your clit. It honestly felt as though he had barely even been touching you there, however there was no other explanation for the tingling sensation taking place in your clit which also provoked your nipples to fully erect. You closed your eyes and sunk your teeth into your bottom lip, savouring the moment when he began diligently rubbing small circles on your clit - adding more pace and pressure on to it as time passed by. A light chuckle was heard from you due to his nose nuzzling and tickling the sensitive skin on your neck as he took in all of your aroma through his nostrils. Momentarily after you could feel his lips nibbling on your earlobe. The tingling sensation that came with the foreplay made your body squirm underneath his, you could feel your pussy throbbing as it craved for him to be inside you. 

Confusion washed all over you as when you were on the verge of moaning, Taehyung simply stopped showing his instant dominance over you - it was a way to show you that he was in control of your body. He got off of you and hooked his fingers on the hem of your panties, graciously taking his time in pulling them down. He smiled as he admired your body but it looked more as if he was fascinated by the love bite he had given you earlier. 

“What’s wrong?” You questioned him, feeling yourself becoming rather self-conscious and impatient. 

It looked as if he took a moment before answering, thinking about exactly what he wanted to say … Like how he had never felt so emotionally attached to a girl he would fuck, especially not during something as meaningless as a one night stand. Though, this was the problem. This didn’t feel meaningless and it felt more as if he was going to make love to you than just fuck you, but in spite of all these mind boggling feelings that were occurring he decided to conceal them by replying with “Nothing.”

“You’re a very strange man, do you know that?” 

“How so?” He asked intriguingly as he rose one of his eyebrows. 

You sat up from your previous laying position and stated “You are like an unpredictable traffic light. You pleasure me and then without warning you stop … If you don’t want to continue, you can tell me. I’ll just finish myself off.”

“Sorry, I was trying to save the best until last.” He hurriedly took off his boxers, as his fully erect cock sprung up into sight. Encircling his hand around his manhood he started toying with it before taking a seat next to you. Assuming that he wanted you to give him head, you held your hair in place and got ready to kneel on your knees before his hand grabbed on to your forearm “You don’t have to do that.” He patted his thigh indicating that he wanted you to mount him and so you did. 

The tip of his penis rubbed your pussy lips before he entered your opening with caution. You pushed yourself down on to him very slowly feeling some sense of relief as he was finally inside you. He placed his hands on your waist, adjusting himself to your lengthy pace. You were at it for a while, to you it felt like an eternity but it wasn’t as long as the both of you perceived it to be. You tried speeding up your pace yet you didn’t feel satisfied with how fast you weren’t going. It felt very embarrassing to you because you knew he could see you struggling as beads of sweat formed themselves on your forehead. “Cute” he said in a mocking sort of manner. He hardened his grip on your waist whilst he began roughly pulsating into you, digging his nails in your skin as the groans that evaded his mouth syncopated with your moans. He had the gratifying view of your tits jiggling in his face causing his adrenaline to gradually increase. You were practically working together, becoming one in the process until he swiftly put you beneath his weight. 

For the last few seconds, he began repetitively pounding into you causing you to curse his name under your breath. He giggled feebly at the mention of his name and at that moment you were more attracted to him than you would ever like to admit. He began slowing down as soon as your felt some case of mild butterflies stirring at the pit of your stomach … This was by far the most gratifying amount of pleasure you had felt in one night. You felt his releases swim into your system - signalising the end of your small encounter. 

Without saying a word to him, you made your way to your bathroom to take a shower. You simply got in and let the water wash away your guilt, it might have seemed weird that you felt guilty for having had such a good time but you had a really bad feeling. As if you were about to hear some bad news. 

“Hey! Is it okay if I stay for the night?” He called out from your bedroom. 

“Yeah sure.” You quickly responded. 

Once you had finished and gotten back into your bedroom, you were surprised that he was already asleep. In your bed, laid a man that you had just met. It seemed highly immoral of you but escaping from the harsh reality of life, even if it was just for one night, it was worth it. You got into bed next to him, he covered most of the blanket over you as an excuse to bring his body closer to yours, willingly allowing you to feel his natural body warmth nurse you to sleep. 

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Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me Review.

I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed this episode and I think it had everything. The subject matter was lighter than that of GLONY, but the (multiple) life lessons were still placed well within the episode, with the addition of seriously great Riley character growth and some of the best comedic moments we have seen this season and possibly on this series (with the exception of Eric Matthews centered episodes). The acting delivery was spot on by all actors, I enjoyed the direction choices and overall the dialogue was clean (with a few mishaps here and there). I’m going to do this review in a bullet point style format, because my thoughts are scattered and there are many of them. 

*The opening scene. First of all, as Riley said “it’s great to have you back, Maya.” Say what you want about her growth arc and that she didn’t lose part of herself during the triangle, but her one liners suffered substantially for me during that time. She’s back to being her quick witted, sarcastic, dubious self and unlike in Bear (where they had her doing more physical comedy, something I think she struggles with), Sabrina seriously shines with this form of comedy. 

“I don’t want to learn any new names, I’m still learning Zay…It is Zay, right?”

“We’ll get lice, that’s what we’ll get, my hairs too long for new friends.”

It was also really great to have the true Riley and Maya dichotemy back, with Riley’s head in the (relative) clouds and Maya being the realistic (and funny) counterpart. 

“Don’t you want to introduce someone into our wonderfully special friendship?”

“I wouldn’t force that on anybody!”

*As Riley approaches the girl who doesn’t like her, this is probably the scene where I felt like the dialogue got a little bumpy. Riley introduces herself and asks to be her friend- great. The girls response “Yeah, I don’t like her at all” to Maya was just…awkward to me. Wouldn’t it have hit home better if she were to look Riley in the eyes and say “No I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t like you.” A small change, but I feel like that direction/dialogue shift would have flowed a lot better in the moment. The rest of the scene however, with Rowan “rewinding” and trying again, is hilarious. 

*Here we are introduced to the first of multiple lessons. The surface lesson of it all is of course that some people just straight up aren’t going to like you. This is a hard reality for anyone. As the saying goes “you can be the juiciest peach in the world, but there’s still going to be someone out there who doesn’t like peaches”. It’s vastly different from Rileytown, because when there’s a bully in the picture, you easily don’t blame yourself. You can characterize that bully as the villain and yourself as the victim, therefore negotiating the idea that the bully is obviously wrong in their opinions of you. But when someone isn’t necessarily mean or hateful, they just don’t really like your vibe, that sometimes is an even harder reality to swallow. Especially someone like Riley who for the most part, is consistently around people who are constantly reassuring her and letting her know how wonderful and great her uniqueness and personality are. 

*Maya saying “You’re being ridiculous” and Riley responding “Oh gee, thanks you’ve fixed me forever” was an AWESOME line for me. It just basically symbolizes the entire show in one short swift moment of dialogue and breaks the fourth wall just enough so that the writers can say “Yeap, we see Rileys main character flaw, we know it annoys you but guess what, we’re sticking with it anyway!”

*Just a completely unimportant side note…Mayas outfit is so on point in this scene.*

*Just want to point out how great Corey Fogelmanis, Ceci Balagot and Rowan Blanchard are at physical comedy (just like Will Friedle). Honestly, I feel like this type of comedy is the hardest to pull off because it can fall flat so easily and come across and cory and awkward rather than actually funny. But in this episode we see how much it can shine. Farkle falling on Smackle, Smackle dragging Farkle across the school (with a GREAT direction decision to give us an arial view), Farkle fainting multiple times in class (with perfect timing), Riley cringing and crying in Mayas arms or her reversing backwards to try and “start the conversation over again”. And of course, what is probably the best moment of physical comedy perhaps in the entire show- Smackle teaching the class about their bodies. 

*The gym teacher is so underappriciated. His jokes got laughs but honestly so much of what he said slipped under the radar and was actually comedic gold. 

“All right you little creepy child adults”

“You’re all gonna pass. Cause if you don’t pass I gotta meet your parent’s. I don’t wanna meet your parents, I don’t wanna meet you!”

“He’s the only on in here who knows what he’s doing.”

I mean, just awesome.

*I’ve seen a lot of commentary on this episode but no one has pointed out the incredible  irony of Riley judging the gym teacher so harshly when she, at the exact same moment, is struggling over the fact that some random girl doesn’t like her. The teacher even says “why don’t you give me a chance”, just like Riley wants to be given a chance by the girl at the lockers, yet Riley fails to make that connection or to even realize she’s doing exactly the same thing she’s claiming to not understand. A great, subtle moment to show the importance of Rileys character finding growth here. 

*It was really nice to see some Topanga/Riley parallels in this episode. It really breaks the “Riley is Cory” stereotype that we see so often and reminds the audience that Riley is, in fact, a meshing of BOTH her parents, even though the writers don’t give us that much Topanga and Riley interaction (but we get a lot more in Monster, which I can’t wait to see). We even see Maya comfort Topanga in the same way she does Riley and see it work. I thought that was a really nice small touch yet again, highlighting their similarities. 

*Speaking of Topanga in this episode, that scene is GOLDEN. It is first and foremost, wonderful to see Danielle Fishel using her acting chops to her fullest ability and she absolutely delivers the dialogue to perfection. The first time I watched this scene I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. It reminds me of the complex Topanga we had in Boy Meets World, who was consistently funny but also the voice of reason. It also brought back serious BMW feels of “The Eskimo”, where Cory and Shawn have an assignment and Topanga has to do her best to stay out of it, sans Mr. Feenys request. 

*The second day of health class. Again, GREAT direction move to  have Riley and Maya enter the class with everyone standing there smiling, and then break away to reveal Cory. Worked so well, and even though you KNEW he was going to be there, it still landed impeccably and got great laughs. Then of course, we have Smackle teaching the class about their bodies, which I already touched on as one of the funniest highlights of this series to date. But I also want to point out the reaction shots. Notice everyone horrified BESIDES Lucas and Maya (hormonal telegrams, everyone!) And also HOW IMPORTANT REACTION SHOTS ARE TO THIS SHOW. They feed off of them more than almost any other show I have ever watched. They are imperative, they say so much without saying anything at all (and guess what, that is a sign of GOOD SCRIPT WRITING). 

*Topangas comment that “sometimes you are just a leaf blowing in the wind, and where you land is meant to teach something” should probably bring everyone back to Rileys strange obsession with the dying leaf from Ski Lodge. This entire episode is CHOCK FULL of foreshadowing (ill get to that at the end) but this is an interesting moment that should probably make a viewer raise their eyebrow as what Topanga says is almost identical to what Riley says to Lucas about the leaf a few episodes before. If Riley and Lucas are leaves blowing in the wind, and you are “meant to learn something even if you don’t like what’s happening to you” it begs the question, what is the Rucas relationship meant to teach the characters? What is it meant to teach the audience? I’d really like to expand on this point, but I don’t want to spoil the rest of the season. 

*The scene at Topanga’s. I can’t gloss over the direction decision to put Lucas not only in between both Riley and Maya, but to have him SIGNIFICANTLY closer to Maya, almost sitting on her, in the exact same way that Riley was sitting with Farkle in Bear, while she was a foot away from Lucas. Two different directors for these episodes (one of which I hated), so it’s very hard to believe that this is not one, but TWO instances of lazy direction notes, especially knowing how delicate the dichotomy between Rucaya is. 

*I think this scene was great because it blatantly showed that the Riley Committee has in fact, disbanded. Instead of tying to comfort her in an infantile kind of way (which yes, Maya kind of did but cuddling her and singing to her in the beginning but if you listen to what Maya says in her song, she calls Riley a nut job who has to get over it so…) and being realistic with her, telling her not to care so much what one person thinks and to move on and let go. I think that this shows how imperative disbanding this committee was in order to continue with Rileys growth, especially because we see that she really LEARNS her lesson in this episode, opposed to other times where it seems to have slipped through her fingers. 

*There was a lot of cute Smarkle in SDLM (Him falling and her dragging him, her calling him ‘Beloved’ and blowing him a kiss) but the scene in Topangas, for me personally, WAS NOT one of them. Smackle giggling at Lucas’ smile is one thing, but having Farkle do the same smile and having her react poorly too it, crosses the line for me. If their entire basis of the Lucadora dynamic is that she wants to make Farkle jealous, they basically just discredited that with this moment. If that were true, Smackles innate reaction to Farkle would still be one of adoration, as he’s still the one she supposedly really loves, right? And another poor direction choice to have hers straight up smack his face away and whisper to Lucas “he’s right here!”. I know that there is the autistic situation to deal with, and I am respectful of that, but I still think that this was unnecessary and basically just dug them into  a huge plot hole for later episodes. 

*Speaking of Lucas…what the actual fuck, dude. First of all, if you don’t want Smackle flirting with you, why are you turning to her in order to get a flirty reaction? One, that’s a crappy thing to do your “best friend” Farkle, her boyfriend, who is sitting right there. Secondly, it’s a crappy thing to do to your girlfriend, who is also sitting right there. 

*Speaking of Lucas and his girlfriend…very interesting (and nice) direction choice to have Lucas smile at Riley first, and have her NOT be affected by his gaze, as opposed to Smackle, who fawns all over him. Very different reaction by Riley then that of the pilot, where he does the same smile, and she absolutely drools over him…actually, she giggles almost identically to the way SMACKLE does in THIS scene. If people do not think that these things are significant, that character development and evolution is not apparent through the actions they take, then they’re crazy. TELEVISION IS A VISUAL MEDIUM, PEOPLE. 

*Speaking more about Rucas, still confusion on why the writers constantly write Lucas to not give an actual shit about Riley. Yes, the “anyone who knows you would like you” line was sweet, but unbelievably unhelpful and throughout the rest of the episode…where even is this guy? He has like, 5 lines at most this episode and does nothing to try and be there for her. I grow tired. 

*Can’t move past Cory drawing the human foot on the board. Really nothing else to say because that moment of comedic beauty speaks all for itself. 

*When the gym teacher returns, I think it’s great that they throw in a third and quick lesson about your body, taking health class to be more than something just played for laughs. That we all have one body, one mind, and it’s essential that we take care of it. We can control what happens to our bodies and minds (physically, spiritually and sexually) and we need to leave the rest up to the universe. Also, a nice subtle line about waiting until you are ready to have sex. Probably flew right over most of the younger viewers heads but, I’m glad they decided to put it in the dialogue, none the less. Also, side note, I think that adding the sweet moment between the gym teacher and Riley, where he calls her sunshine in an actual endearing way, and they come to an understanding, mixed with his surprising ability to actually teach difficult and delicate topics with finesse, was a nice touch to keep him from falling into the hardcore “stock character” category. 

*Again, reaction shot moments being crucial. As the gym teacher is talking about “things being out of your control” notice that the reaction shots go DIRECTLY to Farkle and Lucas (then to Riley and Maya). This is foreshadowing what is to come, how there are obstacles these characters will face, and the direct difference in how each person will choose to handle things (spot the difference). 

*Okay..the big scene with the balloons. If one or two were orange, I would let it slide. But every single damn balloon is orange…why Jacobs, why? I SEE YOU. We also once again in this scene, have Lucas NOT UNDERSTANDING HIS GIRLFRIEND and wondering why the hell they are standing there with balloons, not grasping the concept that Riley, the person he should “know better than anyone” has just learned an invaluable lesson about life and has grown and obviously wants to do something beautifully symbolic about it because thats who she is and anyone that has ever met her for 5 seconds would know that about her I mean GOD LUCAS GIVE ME A BREAK. 

*To add to that sentiment…who does actually understand what she’s doing? I’m not even going to let you guess on this one, guys. IT’S FARKLE. Big shocker at this point, I’m sure. 

Zay: “I’m not doing this: 

Farkle: “You don’t control that”

Riley: “We never let go of each other” :Riley gives balloon back to Zay: 

Farkle: “See?”

I mean, it makes me want to cry when people don’t understand how intentional this is on the writers part. Zay is Lucas’ best friend and Rileys girlfriend, Lucas could have delivered Farkles dialogue there. Maya is Riley’s best friends and close to Zay, she could have delivered it. But no, Farkle did. Please, please PLEASE take a step back and look at it from a contextual perspective. It’s not about ship goggles, it’s about the evolution of characters and their dynamics together, both subtle and blatant. This is what makes good TV, this is why you SHOULD want to watch this show. For moments like that, the moments that make you say “Wow they put so much in to every single moment they present to their audience”. 

*STEM Riley officially has returned by the end of this episode. The balloon scene was totally beautiful, but what really hit home and touches the audiences hearts is her last scene with the locker girl. 

“Yeah, I still don’t like you.”

“Well I like you.”

Confident, cool, collected, and completely at peace with the idea that someone doesn’t like her. Riley Matthews, accepting the fact that someone doesn’t enjoy who she is or want to be her friend. Riley Matthews, still being kind and understanding towards someone who has no interest in her. Riley Matthews walking away and letting it go. In some ways, this scene is one of the best growth moments she has had in the entire series. All her friends standing behind her, watching her become a better version of herself, her walking away with her head held high, the smile the girl gives after receiving Riley’s compliment. It was all just really moving and well placed. Jeff Menell, you really know what the hell you are doing. 

*Lastly. I just want to point out that this entire episode was foreshadowing the rest of the season. The entire concept of not being able to “control things that happen to you” and how you “the world is trying to teach you something when it puts you in situations where you don’t like what’s happening to you” and that “you learn things about yourselves when you are forced to deal with something extremely difficult that is out of control”. All of these moments are letting you know that there is a storm brewing and these characters have to brace themselves. It’s why this episode had to be written, it’s why Riley had to grow so much in 25 minutes. Because if she didn’t learn this lesson now, things would have been an even bigger mess in about 4 more episodes. It was a great stepping stone in whats to come. 

Overall, I rate this episode probably a 9.5. It really had just about everything. Subtext, multiple life lessons, foreshadowing, character development, consistent comedy. It would be harder to get much better than this for GMW. 

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Teenlock: Sherlock helps Molly with something (could be anything from homework to domestic problems...)

This is a bit different; I hope you like the direction I took it ;) Thank you for the lovely idea xx

“You seemed awfully keen to impress my Dad.”

“Well, I think I’m getting somewhere. He called me by my name and not ‘that bastard’.”

Molly sighed deeply as she glanced out of the window, resting her head on the hand she’d propped on her desk – everything managed to look so much more interesting out of the classroom window, even in the rain. The large field, the light drops on the ground creating puddles and, if she squinted, she could see right through to the Maths classroom on the opposite side of the quad. She’d lost track of the lesson a while ago and chose to gaze out of the window, lost in her daydream, her pen in her loose grip completely forgotten-

“Miss Hooper! Pay attention.”

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