especially when i need to order everything

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Shalom Bishop, I pray a lot in my head. Do I need to pray out loud in order for my prayers to be answered? Or is it still effective when I pray in my head?


A great series for this is “Prayer” as praying internally was only used once in the Bible due to a special circumstance. 

Prayer should generally always be out loud and the series will go into detail as to why; however, a simple reason is that in the event something is just a thought, how is it distinguished as prayer especially since James 5 teaches us that everything we speak is a prayer so if you “spoke” it in your head, was it prayer or not? See the confusion…that series would be perfect to walk you through proper prayer!


After my friend and I went out to lunch yesterday, we stopped by Kirkland’s and Ross. When I was browsing at Ross, I found a jewelry rack that gave me the inspiration to redecorate and reorganize the top of my dresser because all my accessories and jewelry were out of order and tangled in my jewelry boxes.  I had a hard time finding what I needed. I really needed to declutter everything since I found numerous things that I had since middle school and high school. While decluttering and reorganizing, I thought of the idea for putting bracelets and non dangling earrings on a tray instead of a jewelry box because everything tangles and then things get hard to find. This makes my everyday beauty/fashion routine easier and quicker especially if I have to get ready for work in a rush because there were times when I had to leave for work without jewelry since I couldn’t find the matching pairs of earrings or untangle my bracelets when they needed to be be untangled. Also this type of organization will make things easier for me when I come home from work feeling tired and want to just put things out of place.  Before I organized the top of my dresser, I had so many jewelry boxes and plastic containers that were on my dresser which contributed to the fact where things get hard to find. 

Besides decluttering and reorganizing my dresser, I have been through most of my stuff and decluttered them as well. I have found a lot of stuff that I’ve had since high school which I didn’t need so I either gave them to a friend who was into thrifting or my local thrift store (which you can get tax refunds). While I was decluttering my stuff, I also got the inspiration to redecorate and even started coming up with ideas on how to reorganize my things where I can efficiently find things. Basically I was in with the new and out with the old. There were many different factors that also helped with inspiration, I blog, go on Pintrest and browse through designs and cute ways to organize your place but most importantly, I allow myself to think creatively and be open-minded to things. Decluttering and redecorating was really therapeutic. Your life will be better and happier if you declutter the junk you don’t need and also it makes it more efficient to find things when you need it and also it takes weight of your shoulders as well. If you are not organized or if your room is messy don’t beat yourself up, instead take action and do it. Browse on Pintrest or watch HGTV to get ideas  and inspiration from time to time. Being more organized is one the self improvement areas that I needed to work on but with ADD it can be difficult because I either have to many things going on my mind where it’s hard to get my mind concentrating on organization so I’ve decided to create a system that I can follow so that is why I decided not to put all my jewelry in the jewelry box which will get tangled. I also decided to redecorate my room to make it exciting to organize. ALSO REMEMBER THAT HAVING WEAKNESSES OR AREAS OF SELF IMPROVEMENT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT SMART OR SUCCESSFUL because successful people are humans also and no one is perfect but what makes you successful and smart is the fact that you are working on yourself for self improvement. Even successful people in life have flaws as well they might have more flaws than you but they work on themselves. 

Since this post is about self improvement and decluttering, I also would like to share other things about my personal life as well that I’ve had to do to self improve on myself. Over the past few months, I have had to declutter negative people out of my life that were draining my positive energy away. I have had to either stop talking to certain people or distance myself from them. For example, I used to be good friends with a girl whom I met in college when I was completing my Associates Degree. She was the girl that I connected to immediately when I met here but once I started hanging out with her outside of school that was when I learned about her behaviors that drained my positive energy. She is the type of person that always has to have her way and always thinks that she is right about everything when she isn’t or that the thing doesn’t apply to me or other people. She is just bossy and controlling, and when I couldn’t show up to certain events or do certain things for her then she would be mad and then make me feel bad. She is also controlling about my personal life such as my interests and career path. She will give me negative remarks about the things I want to do for life and the things that I’m truly passionate about. I have had to think to myself am I really happy when I’m friends with her and I of course am not most times because she is a hard to deal with person and expects people to accommodate her for things. To be successful you can’t let people boss you around and you can’t boss people around. Also you need positive people in your life to be successful. 

I have also made new friends and met more positive people over the past few months at the same time. I have made friends that were positive, encouraging, and inspiring. I have even met friends that shared the same interests but I also kept old friends that were good to me in life. I also met a girl that gave me the inspiration to creating this blog and since then I have been in love with doing it and also it has helped me get inspiration and also helped me with self improvement. I personally don’t expect any of my friends to be perfect because no one is and I understand that everyone has self improvements but then it is important for friends to be positive and support my goals in life. I also get inspiration from friends as well as from FACEBOOK, PINTREST, TWITTER, TUMBLR, BLOGS, ECT. All I look for in life is positivism. I will tell you that I am 24 and I have a full time job where I can call it my career but I am looking into one day getting into entrepreneurship when the right time comes. There are many things in life that gave me the inspiration to write this post and I have to give credit to everyone and everything who inspired me to write it. 




My head makes a situation that isn’t even real. Like seriously. I stress about something my brain creates. I also need to learn to sit with the ultimate panic, stress, anxiety, and feeling of wanting to run awayl Far far away. If i sit with it and distract myself, guaranteed the feeling passes and I am able to make rational decisons. My issue is that i’m not a great fan of rational. I really love spontaneity, but I also really hate anxiety, especially when everything is out of my control. 

Right now, im stressing about an outfit that i’ve ordered. 

1) MONEY— okay well 75% of it was paid via gift cards, so if im stressing over £7… i need to sort my life out
2) WILL IT ARRIVE IN TIME?! well it’s meant to be here on friday, and i need it by saturday. But it’s being delivered in store so I need to find time (despite working the same hours that they are open) to pick it up. 
3) WHAT IF IT LOOKS SHIT, OR DOESN’T FIT… I have no time to order something else. OR i will have to buy a plan B WHICH RESORTS BACK TO POINT 1! 

Christ. Or I don’t buy a new outfit and go in one of the millions of other outfits I have. 

I hate being anxious. I hate being fat. I hate BUYING NEW CLOTHES. 

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(To Charlie) Sherlock Holmes is so f'ing ugly! He's a pushy, rude, bell end that needs to go back to London!

Charlie slowly sipped her coffee as she listened and prepared to drag the hell out of the grey face in front of her. She carefully set it on the counter, eyebrow raised, eyes full of fire. She cleared her throat and pushed her glasses up. “Oh okay. First off, how about we don’t attack people’s appearances. Especially when they’ve got one of the sexiest faces alive. Have you properly seen my boyfriend? I could show you a picture, if you’d like? Maybe take you to the eye doctor so you can get a prescription pair of sunglasses?” She tucked her hair out of her way and continued, “also, he’s not pushy. He’s a detective. He needs everything to be in particular order so that he can solve crimes. I’d rather him than the police that just sit around and do nothing! As for his rudeness, I’ve started making him apologize for that. He’s a smart man and I’m a very proud girlfriend. How about next time you try to drag the love of my life you come back with adequate insults.”

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Review: 4/5

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With a Little Help From My Friends: Six tantalizing tales of love (and laughter) - Ciana Stone, Sahara Kelly




Release Date:  September 18, 2015


Everything in my world is better – even falling in love – when I get a little help from my friends… No matter what anyone says, most women really don’t need a lot to be happy. A great hairdresser, a superb pair of shoes, a good man – and a best friend. Sometimes friends are more important than the shoes and hair, especially when it comes to finding that one perfect-forever lover. Here are six examples; six very different women who bond to form a lifelong and enduring friendship and who are always there for each other as their lives – and their hearts – hit the inevitable potholes along their paths. They will share their joys, sorrows, fears and laughter as they follow their desires, trusting that there is always hope for the future. With a little help from their friends…





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With a Little Help From My Friends: Six tantalizing tales of love by Ciana StoneMy rating: 4 of 5 starsWith A Little Help From my Friends Bundle by Ciana Stone and Sahara Kelly***Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews***This bundle set is an exceptional deal. Not only do you get six books but you also get a glimpse into the bonds of friendship between this close knit group. I laughed and cried. The strength of character and the connection was wonderful. These are emotional reads. You will feel every heartache, special event and joy with these characters. I received an ARC of With a Little From My Friends in exchange for an honest review. This is a journey that is worth every penny. View all my reviews

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