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I just saw a post that said Finn treated Rey as a damsel in distress and Kylo Ren treated her as his equal. 

Okay, okay, that’s mean. Everyone’s allowed to ship whoever they want and that is okay with me. I mean I can see why people would want to ship Kylo Ren with Rey. Although I personally think they’re related but then that’s my speculation over Rey’s origin.


It’s so irritating when other shippers bash a character of another ship just to suit their own ship needs, like no, friend, that is not okay. Especially when what you’re saying is so completely untrue.

Finn’s desperate need to protect Rey was not because he sees her as a damsel in distress but rather because that’s his instinct. Surprisingly, in spite of everything he’s been conditioned to believe with the First Order, Finn is a protector. He cares about people and he wants to protect them. That overwhelming desire is what stopped him from killing those villagers. That’s what made him save Poe. I know he said it’s because he needs a pilot but I think it’s also because he knows that Poe would inevitably die without his intervention and the urge to protect told him that this was the right thing to do. That’s what he did with Rey. Yes, Finn goes to hold her hand but I don’t think it’s because he thinks of her as a damsel. I think it’s because he’s attracted to her and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because a person wants to hold your hand and keep you safe doesn’t mean he thinks of you as lesser than him. That’s absurd. I get that the hand-holding to keep the female safe is a tired old trope used in so many of these kind of action movies because what it does is strip the female’s agency to think or act for herself. Finn doesn’t do that with Rey at all in the movie. He respects and admires her. He trusts her judgement and in fact what’s wonderful about these two characters is that they’re equal partners through and through. They complement each other.

And for the rest of the film these two characters go to extreme lengths to be there for each other, not just Finn but Rey as well. To say that Finn doesn’t see Rey as his equal is just ridiculous. Actually, you know what, that’s true. Finn doesn’t see Rey his equal. He sees her as better than him. Finn thinks so highly of Rey both as a woman and as a person. She’s his whole reason for fighting the First Order. And honestly his admiration for her is why he can’t help but start to fall for Rey.


Dean: It doesn’t matter that they know about bad things that have happened to you, especially if they are still inconsiderate.

I would advice that you’d try to distance yourself from them and try to meet some new people. Also with new people you have some manner of control over when and how you want them to know about the things that have happened in your past. But people don’t need to know everything about you in order to be decent people. A simple “I am not comfortable with this” should be enough to get people to back off. If they don’t then you don’t have to become friends with them. Friendships are supposed to be good for you and to enrich your life. Sometimes you need to reconsider who you want to have in your life and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Good luck!

Without being spoiler-y, I loved the movie. Seeing all the old characters again, plus all the new ones! I ESPECIALLY LOVED REY. Honestly, this movie was just what I needed to get out of my art rut, even just temporarily.

Besides loving EVERYTHING, I also loved the fact that there were girls in the background. Girls working in the First Order and girls working in the Resistance. When I was younger, the only girl in Star Wars (episode 4-6) was Princess Leia and some slave girls. Not that I didn’t love Princess Leia, because I DO. It just felt like there was no room for girls in ‘a galaxy far far away’/the future. So even if it seems like a small thing, it means a lot for me to see girls in the Force Awakens :’)