especially when i need to order everything

I get a lot of questions about my travel journals, so I thought I’d make a post about my tips, tricks, and essentials for on-the-go journaling! Keep Reading if you’re interested~

(Disclaimer: a give in, but I thought it’d be worth saying- this is all up to personal preference! This is all of the stuff that is necessary for me, personally, when I’m journaling on the go, but it’s all customizable to whatever intentions you have in mind and what supplies you have. Please don’t think you need to spend money in order to record some great memories!)

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Convention Spending Tracker
Sheet1 Table, Badge, Flight, Hotel, Printing, Misc., Misc., Total Expense, Amount Made, Total, Profit,

I posted this to Twitter earlier this week and it kind of blew up, but I want to post it here too. Just a little something I use to help myself keep track of spending during convention season, made into a rainbow because why not make more things rainbow?

Whether you’re tabling or just attending for fun, conventions can get expensive - especially when you include travel costs! I’ve used this sheet for about three years now, and helps me make decisions for future conventions. Sometimes it turns out I did better at a con than I thought I did! Or maybe I didn’t do so great compared to last year and need to think about coming back again. Oh, and everything listed are purchases that you get e-mail reminders about, so if you can’t remember the cost of a table or flight, it’s probably somewhere in your e-mail. I try to fill mine out as I buy flights and order prints, but sometimes I’m digging up old e-mails after the con is over.

Some things worth considering that are not on this sheet: food costs, gas if you drive to cons, baggage fees, and shipping if you ship your supplies in advance. Please feel free to download and edit this sheet as you see fit for your own needs! I hope it helps. And let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES, lenalibrarian on Twitter took my convention spending tracker and made it 100x better!!

–> SMART CONVENTION SPENDING TRACKER <– (original link edited too!)

It now calculates your costs and total profits AUTOMATICALLY!! Which is super useful for someone who’s terrible with numbers like me. I just finished importing all my 2017 convention spending so far, and this smart sheet caught a few mistakes already. I’ll be using this sheet for years to come, thank you lenalibrarian!!

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How come mister doesn't have a little ? 😮 He's da perfect dadda!!


I get this question like every day…. so I will put things plain.

I am a lot to deal with.

Personal issues

I have agoraphobia. (look it up) combined with anxiety and paranoia disorders. this causes me to be extremely guarded, especially when it comes to most personal details about myself. It gives me great anxiety to reveal things… because I always think people are going to turn on me, come to get me, or otherwise take me from my safety.

My safety circle is a small radius that encompasses about a 3 mile ring around my house. I chose this house for specific reasons. its in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to everything I need that I can go out when appropriate to get it.

I have my groceries delivered. The guy delivers pizza and for 20 bucks he picks up my order and brings it to my house. He leaves it on the porch. No one but my brother and therapist have been in my house in several years outside of a few excruciatingly difficult events.

These problems are coupled with the fact that I am incredibly private.

most cant handle them and give up.  

(I wasnt always like this,… and I dont always expect to be. I am working hard on it every day.)


At the same time, I am also very dominant… very intimidating.. and very critical. The one who captures my heart, has to deal with a lot.  My Dom side often spills over into things… causing me to be cold, causing me to be stressful. I can be very selfish and such. I have high expectations.

I can be mean… I can be vicious even. And my irish blood doesnt take well to being crossed.

“Tumblr Famous”

most cant handle my status…. including my “internet fame”…. I get propositioned, daily. I obviously get a lot of attention from lost littles. 

jealousy is not something that can exist in the heart of the one who seeks to submit to me. But at the same time, once I am locked down.. I am very loyal. but.,.. most cant see the forest for the trees. So they make assumptions, pigeon hole me… turn me into a cliche’… and ultimately drive me away with their own self sabotage.

And thats a tremendous turn off.

I dont do jealousy. I dont do those who give me grief about things I cannot control. I cant control the actions, thoughts and emotions of other people. I am certainly not going to sit back and be blamed for them. I will run my blog as I see fit according to how it flows and moves me. At the end of the day, its still going to be there… no matter what. 


I can be reserved… quiet… and pensive a lot of the time. I am a deep thinker and meditate. People often mistake this as disinterest. I am naturally in defense mode expecting that everyone has an ulterior motive (because usually they do)… and these thoughts, coupled with my paranoia… dont do well. 

I’m not one to reveal much about my personal self, and thats something that you work for if you really care and want to know. How old are you Mister? Where do you live Mister? Whats your name Mister?


I’m not your traditional fly by night Daddy dom. 

I have years of experience, mentor ship and education that I can credit myself to… and anyone whose been around here for more than 5 minutes is going to tell you exactly that I know what I’m talking about and I do it well. Some would consider me an ALPHA in the game, maybe even THEE ALPHA, and along with that status I expect a certain level of thought be put into how I am seen and perceived. 

Yes I am completely narcissistic. I wont try to hide it.
Yes I am selfish at times.
….. I’m a Dom. duh.

I have a lot of power that I could easily abuse…. but I also have this rare thing called standards and morals. Imagine that… hard to believe it actually still exists in our world, but it does. I’m not easy… and I dont think with my dick.

So figure that one out.

 I am also one who has been around the block his fair share, I have owned subs and littles, I have been part of my local community, I have physically taught and trained many, I have studied this lifestyle at a collegiate level, and I have painstakingly crafted a blog in order to pass that wisdom and experience on to others in hopes that they might learn and succeed themselves.

I’m not one of these guys who sits around looking up the ddlg tag, getting my idea of it from porn, and then setting out to claim and conquer every girl I can in the process of trying to get mine and leaving them in the dust.

I have a genuine passion and caring for those in my community, daddy and little, and a great desire to improve the lives of each and every one I come in contact with.,

And if one little messages me telling me that they benefited even in the slightest way from what I do, that makes it worth it for me.

and I dont need a little to do that.

yes it would be nice, and maybe some day I will…

but the one who holds that title, who gives me her great gift of submission, is going to have to be extremely patient, hold no judgments or jealousy, and really take some time to figure me out and realize exactly the kind of opportunity she has sitting in front her… because the one who does that, is the one who is going to beat out all the others.

Everyone gets a shovel….

….. its what you do with that shovel that gets you to the goal.

Its just a shame that most end up using it to dig their own graves.

Team work

Word count: 1.665

Request: Yes

Warnings: Grins and smiles

Graduation. The day you kept dreaming about for the whole semester.  The day when all the books would be kept hidden for quite some time afterwards and relaxation along with happiness would take place for as long as you’d want them to. It was your graduation day today and the only thing that kept you sane all this time was the fact that Harry had been through thick and thin this school year with you, providing you with his help and love when you most needed them. You honestly didn’t know what you would have done if Harry wasn’t by your side all this time.

When the semester first started you had a positive feeling. Maybe because it was your last year and you would be free in a matter of months, in conjunction with being rewarded for all the hard work you put into your school career. Homework was not too much, meaning you had more time with your boyfriend Harry than you had expected. He was very encouraging and he kept tucking you in every night in his arms, after telling you how great you would do this year as well. You were more than happy.

But you were too quick to judge. Nothing lasts forever. And this awfully lenient schedule was about to be over sooner than you desired. After a couple days, more work was assigned and the route from your school to the local library and to your house was an everyday routine. Harry would always wait for you, sitting in the kitchen, accompanied by a mouth-watering lunch for you to dig in. It was the only break you would take throughout the day.

The lamp in your personal library would be switched on till late in the night when Harry’s snores could be heard in the room you had occupied like you were right beside him. Sometimes, you felt sorry for him and you even got mad at yourself for dragging him into your personal drama when all he needed was rest and some time to himself before his much wanted tour began. You felt awful with yourself for draining his energy from his system when he needed it the most. He would always reassure you that he wanted to help you like nothing more and that he still felt like he didn’t help enough.

The hardest time though, came when you wouldn’t even get out of the library to go and sleep. You felt yourself being utterly exhausted but there was nothing you could do. You had worked so hard for your goal that if you gave up now it would feel like total failure. Harry had it figured out when you would return from school and you wouldn’t even sit to take a bite out of the food he had prepared, like every other time. You still greeted him of course but then you would get lost in the world of books, till the next day.

Harry was starting to worry for your condition. He knew this school year was the most vital one but your physical and mental health was far more important to him. One particular night, he had walked into the library you had been studying in for the whole day, only to find you sleeping on top of the books. This couldn’t go on for much longer and he had to take action.

He had prepared a very nice dinner for the two of you in order to regain some of your lost energy and to discuss a few things. You always made a discussion out of everything, especially when there were some difficulties in your relationship or just some inconveniences. Harry felt like this was something major and he needed to make himself clear with you the sooner the better.

While eating the deliciously cooked meal Harry spoke first.

“Y/N, baby how are yeh feelin’ these days?”, you rose your head up in order to look at Harry confusedly.

“What do you mean love?”, you kept eating your food.

“Well, yeh have been spendin’ way too much time in that library and I am just skeptical about how yeh are copin’”, Harry said, only wanting to show his care for you.

“I am perfectly fine Harry. I had warned you this was going to be the most difficult year but I have to show my worth. This can’t be done without my working hard”, you said half-smiling up at him while he frowned.

“Y/N, I need to know yeh are healthy and not disturbed in any way”, he said looking deep into your eyes.

“You have my word babe”, you said while wiping your mouth with your napkin and getting up from your chair.

“Where are yeh goin’?”, Harry said sitting up as well.

“Well, I have a project to finish up there”, you pointed towards the stairs which led to the library you so often used nowadays.

“Ok this is it. Let’s go up there to finish it together. Yeh are sleepin’ earlier today and it is final”.

“Harry no you don’t have to he-“, you were cut off by his hand grabbing your arm and leading you up to the room you were going to go long before he offered to come as well.

Times like these were the ones you felt completely grateful for Harry. His help was a useful factor for you to go to sleep a bit earlier and refill your batteries. He would also sneak into the room when you would be in the bathroom, splashing some cold water on your face so you wouldn’t go crazy from all these pieces of information planted in your brain all at once, and he would place a tray with fruits and toasts for you to eat along with a flower and a note attached to it. Each time, the note was a different one; all of them though reading some encouraging words you didn’t know you needed to see before you actually read them.

But there were also times when he wouldn’t be beside you and your only source of communication would be the Internet. This of course happened when he needed to be away from you for the need of an interview in another country or for multiple shows. You often found yourself breaking down due to the amount of pressure directed at you but Harry wasn’t there to hold you and make it all go away. When he would see your bloodshot eyes through the screen he would instantly understand and he would start accusing the books, succeeding in planting a faint smile on your face.

“Just a couple more days love and then yeh will be enjoyin’ the bright side of life I promise”, he would always say, trying to cheer you up and hopefully, making a good job at it.

Those couple of days had luckily passed by quickly and the graduation day was indeed here. You were in the large room filled with students, parents, grandparents and more relatives, ready to congratulate and express their proud for their loved ones finally getting what they worked so hard for all these years. Your parents were sitting by now but you couldn’t make yourself sit down. You were waiting for Harry. He still was in Los Angeles and he didn’t send a text saying he was there ready to admire you while holding your degree. Anxiousness was eating you alive and your mother noticed who quietly moved towards you.

“He will be here on time, don’t worry honey”, your mother started rubbing your back up and down, just like she did when you were younger.

“I am just afraid he will miss it mom and I can’t bear this”, you said trying to hold back a few stray tears, threatening to spill.

“Baby, everything will be alright. I promise”, your mother said smiling and you shared a grin as well.

“Everybody, welcome to Y/S/N’s graduation. We will be more than happy to be seeing our students, who spent almost a lifetime with us, finally walking out these doors with their future in their hands”, the headmaster announced through the speakers and you sighed. You couldn’t delay it anymore. You had to sit down. The seat next to you, which was held for Harry, was still empty and you decided to push those thoughts aside. It was your special day after all.

Many names were announced, all from different classes, and you knew your class was next. Harry was still nowhere to be seen and you promised to yourself it was the last time you glanced at the doors. Students were going up and then walking back down with flowers in their hands along with their diplomas. After some more names, yours was next and your mother and father rubbed your hand before you started walking towards the headmaster who was waiting patiently, just like he did all this time he was giving out degrees.

Just like air, Harry burst through the doors and with a movement of his head he spotted your parents and went to sit next to them almost out of breath.

“Tell meh I didn’t miss it please”, he begged and your parents were looking at him before they averted their gaze towards you shaking hands with your headmaster, degree finally in hand. Harry grinned widely, both for knowing that his girl had made it and for making it just on time in order not to miss a thing. Your eyes scanned the previously empty seat once again only to be met with a grinning Harry. Simultaneously, you smiled as well and started walking towards him.

He got up from the seat and kept his arms wide open for you to jump right into them. You did just that and he swirled you in the air before showering you with kisses.

“Yeh made it babygirl. Yeh made it”, he said touching his forehead with yours while you corrected him.

“We made it”.

I want nothing more than Harry to be proud of me. Is this too much to ask? (See what I did there?). Anyways, this was so much fun for me to write and I wanna thank that person who requested it! Requests are still open and I am waiting to hear from you all! Also, many of you keep asking me for a masterlist and I am more than happy to announce that it is coming soon! Stay tuned!

It’s interesting to see how Keith and Allura respond to control. With Allura she has a great need for it, mainly because she feels responsible for everything that goes right or wrong with voltron. And then we have Keith who’s to hesitant to take control, especially when he has to fly the black lion and interprets that as ‘replacing‘ Shiro. Though we get to see that change when Allura lets go and tries to bond with the blue lion and Keith kind of ignoring Shiro’s orders and tricking Axca into shooting the cargo ship. 


•Remus, Fleur, Bill and Tonks all helping plan the wedding
•Tonks and Fleur planning a hen party for Victoire
•Bill and Remus planning a night for Teddy to HAVE A COLD ONE WITH THE BOYS
•Bill pulling Teddy aside one day and getting down to business, he gives him “the talk” about if he ever hurts his little girl
•Teddy is overwhelmed and scared because he’s never seen Bill like that and does he really think he would do that? Once he tells his parents Tonks goes to Bill because AS IF her sweet baby boy would do anything like that
•The morning of the wedding everyone is up at the crack of dawn
•Fleur is helping her daughter get ready
•Bill is cooking the tons of food to feed the family and friends
•Remus is making sure everything is in order because Teddy is a NERVOUS WRECK
•And Tonks is deciding what color hair she should have for the occasion because, “Yes, I am he mother of the groom Remus so all the more that I need to look especially badass”.
•Fleur, Tonks and Remus walk down the aisle together as THE PARENTS and Tonks trips on the carpet but luckily she’s on the middle so Fleur and Remus catch her
•When the couple finally kisses Bill and Tonks wail and cry waterfalls as Fleur and Remus hand them endless tissues
•Tonks asking Remus to smell his piece of cake to see if it’s good and when his face is close enough she pushes it into the cake
•Bill is laughing so hard next to Remus that he doesn’t notice his son Louis come around and shove a piece of cake into his own face
•Tonks and Fleur laugh their asses off until they realize how many galleons they spent on that cake
•They decide to eat it off their faces
“It cannot go to waste Bill!”


When we are talking about Fillyjonks, it’s better to consider which kind we are talking about. The most famous must be Mrs. Fillyjonk who lives next door to Moomins in the 1990s cartoon. This character is based on Mrs Fillyjonk in the comics and is a more shallow and comedic character than Fillyjonks we meet in the books. Unlike Hemulens, Fillyjonks are almost always alone.

No matter which version you look at, all Fillyjonks are the picture of perfect housekeeping. Their homes are spotless, their teacups are delicate and all possessions are in order. Problems arise when this control is lost and this is best seen with Fillyjonks in the books; they become hysterical and scared and before you know it, they will be running on the beach screaming with their hands up.

The very first Fillyjonk appeared in picture book “The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My“ (1952) and right away we can see how fragile Fillyjonks are as she ends up being scared by Moomin and Mymble. The real breakthrough for the character happens in the novel “Fillyjonk Who Believed In Disasters” from “Tales From Moominvalley” (1962). This Fillyjonk lives alone on a beach in a house which terrifies her. The most important things in her life are order and cleaning. “How can I live if I cannot clean and cook?” This Fillyjonk uses order to control her anxiety but it’s fear that controls her. She is especially terrified of her large, angry windows.

In the end, Fillyjonk’s freedom arrives through those horrible windows. A merciful catastrophe arrives and messes up everything. When Fillyjonk is crawling on the beach she realizes that the real terror was inside the house, not outside of it. Finally, she is free. Similar experience happens to Fillyjonk in “Moominvalley in November” (1970) as she locks herself outside the window while cleaning. After seeing her home from the outside she realizes how desperately she needs to leave.

Fillyjonks are a combination of strict order and total chaos. They do their very best to keep up appearances and try to stay in control of their lives, usually by keeping material things around them in control. But they can never truly escape the anxiety and thoughts of different kinds of horrors sneak up on them in the middle of sunny days. When they finally snap, they truly lose it all and panic.
The only way a Fillyjonk can be truly free is for something to break them free, often by breaking everything old around them. After this breaking point they do not want to return to their old ways and instead show their spontaneous side; they dance, they laugh and they find peace.

I work as a bagger (courtesy clerk) for a major grocery store. One of the most annoying things ever is when customers come in with a cartload of groceries and put their reusable bags at the end instead of just handing them to me so by the time I get to the bags, all their shit is piled up at the top and they get annoyed at having to wait for me to bag
Oh and when they only have one bag :) and want me to somehow magically fit everything into that one small bag :) like so smart thank you
Also pls stop asking for paper bags if you have a big order. Paper bags can’t handle that much and it’s stressful trying not to rip it (especially when you’re cheap and only want 3 bags for an order than needs like 10)

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Hii love your writing! Can you do 88? :) thanks so much

88. After everything… I’d still choose you.

You were feeling it for three weeks now. At first, you didn’t want to admit it. Not even to yourself. But after some more time, you were sure. It wasn’t a product of your imagination nor a phase that you would go through in a matter of hours. Harry was so busy with his hectic schedule that the time he spent with you was visibly less than the time he spent with his team and his colleagues.

The first two or three days, you tried to keep yourself noticeably busy. You even met up with a classmate you hadn’t talked to since third grade. And now you were in College! You often offered to help your parents with their shopping or just stay over for dinner. You didn’t want to go back to an empty apartment which seemed colder than a snowy morning in December.

Harry was so absorbed that he couldn’t sense your saddened state or your tossing and turning in your bed. When he would come home he would always greet you with a kiss or a hug. But lately, those simple gestures were like an endangered species. His career and his exhaustion were keeping him away from you and you could do nothing about it.

“What am I going to do mom? I am feeling like he is slipping through my fingers and I am just a spectator”. You decided to call your mother and ask for her advice because she had it figured out that something was not quite right between you and Harry lately; especially when you started visiting her very often and without your boyfriend.

“Sweetie, since your relationship is going through a difficult time, the only ones who can fix this is you and Harry. In order to keep your relationship healthy, you must talk to each other about everything. And since you are feeling this way lately, the first one who needs to know about this is Harry”, your mother said and you played with the hem of your t-shirt as she spoke.

“Do you think I haven’t thought about this solution? I am just afraid to do so mom”, you sighed heavily.

“Why are you afraid love? It is your Harry we are talking about”.

“Well, I am afraid he is going to mistaken my intentions and he will feel like I am forcing him to choose between his career and his girlfriend. I would never do that to him”. When you finished, it was like a weight was lifted off of your shoulders. Maybe this is what you were afraid of for so long. And it was time for you to face it.

“This is nonsense Y/N and you know it. I know Harry loves you with his whole heart. He will never think something like this. He knows you”. Your mother was right. If Harry truly knew and loved you, he would do everything to make you feel comfortable and of course…..appreciated.

“Okay. I’ll see what I will do. Thanks mom! And say hi to dad as well!”, you said before you hung up. The only thing you wanted to know was when Harry would come home.

15:59: Harry, when do you think you will be back?

You waited for his reply while you were preparing something to eat. To say you were anxious, was an understatement. You really wanted this conversation between the two of you to be nothing but resolving. You wanted Harry to understand. And something inside of you was telling you that he would.

17:00: Hello love! Well, I am currently packin’ up. See yeh in a few minutes!

You expected him to answer a bit earlier so you would practice what you were going to say to him but the good thing was he would come home earlier than usual.

“I am home!”, you heard Harry’s voice call to you.

“In the living room”, you replied back.

“Hello love”, he said while kissing your forehead. Okay this was going good so far.

“I am starvin’. Ready to eat baby?”

“Harry we need to talk”, you said seriously and he instantly felt a bit worried.

“Is everythin’ alright love? What do yeh want to talk about?”

“About us”, you said truthfully and you watched as his face had started to lose its colour. You decided to go on with your little speech.

“Look Harry. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I have had this feeling for a few weeks and it is driving me mad. I have been feeling really neglected. You know I am not the clingy type of girlfriend nor do I want your constant attention. But lately, you are so dedicated to your work and your career that I feel like I am not as important as I used to be to you. If this is the case, I will try and understand but you know I fully support you and I don’t think I deserve such treatment. And please know that I would never make you choose between your career and me because you have worked so hard and you deserve everyth-“, you didn’t get to finish because Harry pulled you in for a tight hug and kissed you without any hesitation.

“I should have known somethin’ was botherin’ yeh. And even if I get to choose, know this. After everything…I’d still choose you. I can’t believe how stupid I was. Yeh are so important to meh that I don’t know what I would have achieved if it wasn’t for your constant support and encouragement. Will yeh forgive meh Y/N?”, his response had taken you aback but it felt good to know that Harry was the type of person who would realise his mistakes and he would try to fix them.

“Thank you Harry. And I love you”, you said before kissing him as well.

“I’ll take that as a yes then”.

Here it is! I really hope you enjoyed reading this! Also a massive thank you for your request and for your good words! It truly means a lot! Stay lovely people!

I am an ambitious person with realistic and practical goals. I have always valued my family, work, and God in everything that I do. When I was young, I saw how my parents devoted their lives in order to provide us with our needs. I can still vividly remember when my brother was crying over a toy he wants, but my mother could not buy it for him. I was helpless back then, but I did understand her side. I know that she only thinks what is best for us.

Now, that I have a stable job, it’s time for me to pay them back. I help them in supporting our family’s needs, especially my siblings’. It was overwhelming like there’s a feeling of success. At work, time management is really important to me. Whenever I had hesitations, I make sure that I set aside my personal life and work so I can focus on what I’m doing. I believe, problems are inevitable and sometimes difficult to handle. But somehow, it molds me to handle my emotions well.

Further, I’m also an independent person. Although, there are times that I’m dependent with either one of my colleagues or friends. There’s beauty in being alone, especially when I talk to God. Even though I’m a busy person, I always find time talking with Him. It gives me a feeling of relief, like being in a state of peace. I owe Him a lot and I will always be grateful to Him.

hip hop unit when you’re on your period


  • he probably made plans for the day but you texted him in the morning telling him you can’t make it bc you’re bleeding and you didn’t have the mood :(
  • he would be disappointed but being the sweetheart he is, he would come over to take care of you
  • that includes buying you your favourite snacks
  • you’ll probably be clingy when he’s here but he isn’t complaining
  • he LOVES it when you’re all clingy and pouty so he can take care of you
  • lots of kisses
  • but no cuddles bc you can’t lie in that position you might stain the sheets
  • and as much as you wanted to cuddle mingyu, you won’t have the energy to wash everything
  • binge watch movies
  • romance movies just bc
  • you have to keep leaving in between movies to go to the toilet
  • “babe don’t leave”
  • “i have to change”
  • “no you don’t”
  • “shut up kim mingyu i will bleed on you”
  • you hit his shoulder and then push him away so you can go to the toilet
  • “but i miss u” mingyu will be all pouty and shit
  • “…….we r literally in the same house…… and i’m going to change my pAD ITS DISGUSTING”
  • “it isn’t disgusting bc ure my girlfriend”
  • and then he’ll smirk and ure like…. ???
  • anyways you will push him away and run to the toilet AND LOCK THE DOOR
  • phew it’s so hard to get mingyu away idk if its good or bad
  • and he’ll be outside the toilet calling you asking if you’re done and when you open the door he will try to scare you
  • “BOO” he’ll suddenly jump out
  • when you roll your eyes at him he’ll hug you like a teddy bear and carry you onto the sofa and continue to kiss you
  • “i hope ure always on ur period”
  • “why??”
  • “bc then i get to take care of u and kiss u, and u won’t run away bc u r lazy”
  • you’d be too tired to even reply him and entertain his shit
  • but u still love him 


  • he’s chilling at home and you texted him asking if he can get you pads and come over
  • tbh he would be pretty reluctant and hesitant but too bad he loves u and ure cute
  • “ure lucky I love u so much to be doing this”
  • when he’s at the store he’ll freak out and send u pictures of the pads and ask u which ones u want
  • “babe which”
  • and after u tell him he’ll grab and pay very quickly, trying his best not to be obvious that he’s awkward
  • he’ll get some food along the way
  • after he reached your house he’d rant about how awkward the situation was when he was getting the pads
  • you’ll just laugh bc he’s so cute
  • “what’s so funny??” and you’re like nothing and he starts to tickle u
  • and he’s like “oH shit I forgot SORRY” 
  • he’ll make sure u aren’t in pain
  • y'all will eat lunch while he surfs the net blasting raps
  • and you’ll be taking boyfriend pics of him
  • “babe stop and eat” then he’ll cover ur phone lens
  • “nO VERNON let me take more pictures of u”
  • “but I’m shy”
  • he’ll start rapping his part in fronting and you’re like /heart eyes/
  • lots of selfies with weird faces
  • if you’re having cramps he would stop whatever he was doing and pull u closer to him and let u lay ur head on his shoulder and will ask u if you’re alright
  • if u fall asleep on him he’ll smile and take girlfriend pictures of u ;-)
  • when u wake up he’ll show u those photos and
  • rip chwe hansol


  • we’re looking at a boyfriend material right here
  • he knows exactly what to do when u’re on ur period
  • he already knows which types of pads you use after you told him once
  • he’ll buy so many packs though
  • “you need to store these up in case of emergency”
  • and u’re like “wow u sure know more about this than i do”
  • when you want to drink iced drinks he’ll be like “nO WHAT DO U THINK URE DOING RIGHT NOW”
  • u’re like ???
  • and he will talk about how you shouldn’t drink cold drinks when you’re on your period
  • ………who’s the one bleeding now……… u never know
  • and you’re like “but i rly wanna drink it”
  • and you throw in a few pouts
  • “nope, you’re gonna have cramps later on, YOU’LL REGRET UR DECISION”
  • and before you can continue to argue further he pushes you out of the kitchen and brings you into your room and tells you to rest
  • even though you’re fine
  • “cheol i’m perfectly fine, i’m not in pain”
  • he shushes you and goes to the kitchen to cook lunch for you
  • isn’t he such boyfriend material
  • just marry him already
  • he’ll bring the food into your room and treats you like a princess
  • he might even feed you U NEVER KNOW U WILL NEVER KNOW
  • you’ll catch him staring at you and when you ask why he’ll just say that you’re beautiful and he just needed to have a good look
  • “you feeling ok?” “you need anything?” “i’ll do it” “rest baby” “do u want to cuddle if u want just let me know i’m here”
  • ok i’m ending this here before i spill tears everywhere where do i get a seungcheol


  • i have a feeling he’ll search about periods when he’s alone
  • “why do girls bleed”
  • “why do girls have mood swings when they bleed”
  • “why does cramps hurt”
  • “what to do when your girlfriend is in pain when she bleeds”
  • when he’s over at your house he’ll ask you a lot of questions about it
  • “wonwoo, are u ok? why do u need so much info”
  • “because…… it’s important to know about girls’ needs, and their pain…. and especially now that i have a girlfriend, i just need to know”
  • “but u can’t help much”
  • “how do u know i cant help u have to tell me first”
  • and after you explain everything to him he’ll nod and pout
  • “i’m sorry” he’ll apologise out of nowhere
  • “what for??”
  • “for not understanding what girls go through… and sometimes being angry at you when you have mood swings, i didn’t know things are this hard”
  • “its fine, at least now u know”
  • he’ll ask if you’re hungry and he’ll order anything you want
  • pizza! time
  • after lunch y’all will be doing ur own things aka him sitting beside you on your bed while reading his book while you’re probably decorating your diary, pasting some polaroids that you and wonwoo took together, and snapchatting
  • when he wants to take a break from reading, he will hug you like a koala and make clingy noises
  • “babe i’m sleepy”
  • you’ll pat his head and let him lie on your lap
  • playing with his hair is one of your fav thing to do
  • and you’ll use your fingers to trace his features and he’ll fall asleep
  • aHHH SO CUTE its always so cute when he falls asleep on your lap
  • but it wouldn’t be cute if you need to go to the toilet to change before it overflows and you can’t bc wonwoo is in deep sleep
  • but its still cute
Tama Tonga taking care of you would include...

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🤒 Tama is so sweet whenever you get sick 

🤒 When you simply state your not feeling too well he goes to the store to get your medicine, tissues, painkillers etc, whatever he thinks you may need he goes to get it for you. 

🤒 Tama looks up the best way to take care of you and whatever symptoms you may have so he knows the best way to take care of you. 

🤒 Tama is so caring whenever you get you sick because he wants to get you better as quickly as possible. 

🤒 Tama waits on you hand and foot whenever you get sick. 

🤒 He goes a little overload with the tissues 

🤒 Seriously there are boxes of tissues everywhere 

🤒 And medication. He doesn’t want to buy something that doesn’t work so he purchases several different brands 

🤒 So much cuddling. 

🤒 You telling Tama that he could possibly get sick but he doesn’t care your his main priority. Besides he doesn’t mind getting sick especially if you agree to take care of him 

🤒 Tama orders food for you to both to share. If you’ve come off your food he would definitely encourage you to eat. 

🤒 Tama watching movies with you 

🤒 Tama doing everything in his power to make you smile and laugh so you don’t think about feeling unwell as much. 

🤒 Tama doing everything in his power to make your day as easy as possible. 

🤒 Tama carrying you to bed. 

🤒 Taking you up to bed. 

🤒 Getting out of bed whenever you need sound during the night

🤒 You returning the favour when Tama gets sick 

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Moriel baby Headcanons

Moriel baby headcanons!

 This is long overdue and was requested by @fandomtras-h ! Hope this lives up to your expectations xx

 I also have baby headcanons for Feysand, Manorian, Nessian and Rowaelin, more Azriel as an uncle headcanons and and Elucien headcanons if you wanted to check them out!


-Mor wants a baby. And Mor wants a baby now. The only problem is if Azriel deems himself to be ready or not. Mor has seen him with the children or their family, yep, literally everyone else has a child. Cassian has three the selfish bastard. And poor Mor hasn’t got even one.

-She knows Azriel would be an amazing father from the way the he takes care of other peoples children. And she knows that she’s ready to be a mother. This is the perfect time. There’s peace in Prythian, everyone’s happy, and SHE JUST BLOODY WANTS A CHILD OKAY.

-When she approaches Az to talk about it he tenses up and says he doesn’t think he can do it. Mor is emotional and demands why and he looks away from her. It’s just that he can’t look her in the eye and remind her that if they have a child she’ll be stuck with him forever, and she can never move on if she finds someone better, and he doesn’t want that for her. He wants her to be free.

-Mor starts sobbing and calling him an Illyrian idiot because why the fuck would she ever want someone else? When is he ever gonna get it through ridiculously handsome head that he is all she wants, all she’s ever wanted, and there is no such thing as ‘better’.

-He approaches her to comfort her through her tears but she pushes him away because she’s just so mad at him for saying bullshit like that.

-He concedes and says that they’ll leave it to chance. They won’t actively try to have a child, but Mor won’t take any tonic to stop it from happening if it does.

-It just so happens that Mor has a crazy sex drive, and after 10 months, which really isn’t a long time for Fae, Mor is pregnant.

-She is so elated and runs from the healer and winnows to all the places she thinks Az could be. She starts with their home: nope. House of Wind: nope. Their family’s homes: nope. She’s getting seriously impatient as to where he could possibly be.

-It’s not until she frantically runs into Rhys that he tells her he’s gone to Hewn City on unexpected but urgent business. She sighs and rolls her eyes because shouldn’t be be informed of shit like this but goes home anyway to wait for her husband.

-She has to wait 8 excruciating hours for him to come home.

-When he does he’s utterly exhausted and throws himself beside her on the bed.

-She tells him she’s pregnant with tears in her eyes, and holds his scarred hand over her stomach as though he could feel the life growing in there.

-He goes pale and all he says is ‘okay.’ He leans forward and kisses her forehead and leaves. Just like that.

-He flies to Cassian and Nesta’s home and frantically bangs on the door until his brother answers. When Cassian finally does, all it takes is one look at Azriel’s face for him to summon Rhys as well and usher Azriel into his home.

-When Rhys gets there Az tells them what happened and how he has no idea what to do seriously what the fuck is he going to do??

-Both explain calmly and try to assure the now shaking Azriel but he’s nearly impossible to be consoled.

-“What if the baby is a shadow singer?” He says through gritted teeth while trying not to sob. “I can’t inflict that on a child.”

-Rhys says that they’ll work it through as a family, and if that’s the case, they’ll never expect the baby to do anything that it doesn’t want to, whether as a child or as an adult.

-Azriel is still freaking the hell out when Cassian’s two year old daughter glides down the stairs. Literally glides. She can’t quite fly yet but at least she has that down.

-Cassian mumbles about how they must have woken her up and goes to walk to her to take her back but she sidesteps him, can barely walk and barely reaches his knees but she somehow manages, and heads over to her uncles. More specifically Az.

-Azriel is used to this. It’s been the same with every child in the family. He scoops her up and cradles her to his chest.

-Rhys and Cass give him a pointed look. “You’ve helped us raise our children, why do you think yours will be any different?” Asked Rhys.

-Az doesn’t have an answer, and begrudgingly admits he should probably go home and sort it out with Mor (not before he puts his niece to bed, of course. And gives his brothers/best friends long, thankful hugs).

-Mor’s still in bed when he silently walks back into their home and he is completely heartbroken to see her sobbing in their bed, clutching at her stomach and making small noises because crying alone isn’t enough to convey the pain she’s feeling.

-She looks up at him as he enters and is shaking so hard that when she tells him she didn’t know if he was going to come back it’s barely understandable.

-He crumbles and goes to his knees beside her, so thats she’s sitting up on the bed and he’s kneeling on the ground at her side.

-He’s says of course he came back. He’ll always come back to her. But he expected to have more time before he had to figure out how the hell he’s gonna be a father. He’s never, not once in his life, had a father figure he could look up to. Thank the cauldron he at least had his mother and Rhys’s, otherwise he’s be completely fucked in the parent department.

-Mor grips his hair to pull back his head so he’s looking directly into her eye. “Never, ever leave me again Azriel. Not without giving me some kind of cauldron damned explanation. And especially not when I’m carrying our child. I need you Az. This baby needs you. We need you so for the love of the mother get into bed right now.”

-And that was that. Azriel accepted that he’s going to be a father and helped Mor in any way he could.

-Everything was fine until she was 6 months pregnant and started having contractions. The healers managed to stop it, but poor Mor was ordered to bed rest.

-She huffed and complained about it but did as the healer ordered.

-Luckily she had Feyre come by constantly to entertain her, and her doting husband the rest of the time.

-Azriel was especially good in this time. He always brought her home treats after work, and started the baby shopping. He had to fly all the way to the summer court to get Mor the crib she wanted.

-Mor’s favourite though is when they would take baths together at night. Not even in a sexual way, it was just really nice to have someone she loved wash her hair and massage her back and make her feel beautiful at a time when she really didn’t (added bonus naked Azriel yes pls).

-Then at night he would wrap his arms and wings around her and they would sleep peacefully.

-It was on one of these nights when Mor awoke to sharp stomach pains. She instantly woke up Az too and they pulled back the covers to see that her water had broken.

-They looked at each other with wide eyes before Azriel raced off (like they had pre-planned) to go find their healer. On the way he also got Feyre and by default Rhys.

-By the time he was back at his house with the healer, nearly every member of their family was anxiously waiting in the living room.

-After 4 hours (in which Az fainted) it’s finally over and Azriel and Mor have a little baby girl to call their own. -She has little blonde curls and her mothers eyes to match, but Azriel’s ears and skin.

-The family all comes in to say hello, leaving gifts as they come and go. Nesta and Cass come in first with Cass whistling and then saying “bout bloody time.” He then places a kiss on all of their heads (even Az, the man ain’t ashamed to show affection). Then comes Rhys. Feyre had already been in the room, helping Mor while she was in labour, and who was now cleaning up. Rhys told them that’s she’s beautiful and as Az and Rhys embraced they both had tears in their eyes.

-Others came and went but as the night went on and the couple grew more wary, Rhys and Cass started shooing people away (Cass nearly lost an arm when he jokingly shooed away Nesta). -Everything was perfect. Azriel was no longer afraid, and was the brilliant father Mor knew he would be.

-As a baby their daughter loved to do two things: wriggle and bite things. She was constantly wriggling from the moment she was born. She would never stay still, even when she slept her little arms would flail about. One night Az and Mor were watching her moving in her cot, Mor behind Az with her arms around his waist and head resting on her shoulder. Mor pressed a sweet kiss to his neck and murmured, “She’s going to be dancer.” As for the biting the baby would munch on anything that got close enough to her mouth. Usually this wasn’t a problem until one day, when she was 10 months old, she found a small coin and ended up choking on it. It all ended up fine but poor bby bat Az had a heart attack and Mor refused to let her daughter sit in the ground for a month. She was in someone’s arms or she was asleep.

-The first real hiccup happened when their baby was 5, and Azriel noticed that some of his shadows would cling to his daughter instead of him. He tried to keep it a secret, not because he didn’t trust Rhys but any other High Lord or person in a position of power that heard would undoubtedly try to steal her away from him. The only person he told his fears to was Mor.

-But there was no hiding it by the time she was 7, and has her own shadows dancing around her, there was no doubt that she was a shadowsinger. All it took was for one person to see it, and both the Court of Dreams and the Court of Nightmares knew.

-This created problems on two fronts. Firstly, Mor’s family demanded that she and any offspring she had return to Hewn City so that the baby could be raised with its ‘family’. Mor’s father said that they’ve been lenient with her over the years, but this is something that they will fight for. Truthfully, all they wanted was the power of a shadowsinger to be wielded by them and no one else.

-Of course Mor said no and was given free reign by Rhys to punish them however she wanted, and oh how she punished them. They would likely never speak to her again, not that she minded.

-When it came time for Azriel to set up shop in an Illyrian camp with his daughter when she was 10 (every child had by a member of the inner circle had done the same thing, so that they had the training and skills of the Illyrians) Mor fell pregnant again.

-This made things more difficult for the couple, but in the end they decided that they would just have to half their time between the two for now and wait for the blissful few years when their daughter was old enough and their other child (they have a son and he is Azriel incarnate physically but is as bubbly and charming as Mor) is young enough that they are all living in Velaris.

-But another horrid suggestion was made. Unbeknownst to Azriel, his eldest biological brother has had a few children, centuries older than Azriel’s, who were semi powerful and lords and lady’s of multiple factions of Illyrians. It was suggested by Lord Devlon that Azriel’s biological brother take care of his daughter while he attends to his his wife and duties. As Devlon was saying this, one of the men that had caused Azriel so much pain and left brutal psychological and physical scars on him stepped into the room they were in, a smirk on his face.

-Az immediately ordered Devlon to leave, so that he could talk to his ‘brother’ in private.

-Azriel’s brother started listing the accomplishments of his children and of him but Az interrupted him by slamming his face against the wall behind him. He heard a satisfying crack as his nose shattered the pushed him to the ground and slammed his fist into his face.

-“You will never get your disgusting hands on my family. But I guess there is something I should thank you for,” he snarled, “because of you, I found an actual family and actual happiness. Something you will never have. Something else you will never have is the satisfaction of knowing you can kill anyone you want to and never have to face repercussions. In fact, it would be encouraged for me to do so. Do not forget what happened the last time you encountered the High Lord and I.”

-With that Azriel left and flew back to Velaris, telling Mor that it was no longer an option to have their daughter train there.

-As Mor and Az were talking their 10 year old came to see them with wide eyes filled with tears, and shadows swirling around her. All she knew was that her father got in a fight with another very scary man, and that this mans blood was still on her fathers hand.

-Az saw her and scooped her up like he did when she was a toddler regardless of her age, and assured her that everything was fine. Mor looked on with her hands clasped in front of her, the love she had for them both was overwhelming sometimes. Both their shadows came together, leaving them in a darkness that is different from Rhysand’s or Feyre’s. She couldn’t help but walk up to the pair and wrap her arms around them, soothing both father and daughter.

  -The decision was made that she would be trained in the Illyrian ways from a combination of Az, Rhys and Cassian, and Cassian’s oldest child and Rhys’s daughter who were in their late 20’s and mid 30’s.

  -This was for the best, in the end.

-Not only did she get to grow up with her family, but also got to be raised with her little brother, both surrounded by people who love them.
Untie My Silhouette (2/?)

Emma Swan feels like she’s in a rut and after spending the last day of December alone and in self-pity, she decides she needs some changes in her life. A New Year’s resolution list might do the trick and she intends to keep to every item she scribbled down.

Killian Jones thinks Emma’s just as perfect as she is, so when he gets his hands on her list it seems like a good idea to propose a bet to her. Especially when in turn, he gets to spend more time with her.

But the stakes aren’t low, they’ll use everything in order to win - and for the other to lose. (Modern AU)

Rating: M for language (and for future happenings *wink)

Words: ~3.2k

Also on: and AO3

[Chapter 1]

A/N: Well, I received quite the positive feedback for the 1st chapter and so I hope it means you liked it and maybe stick with me for this journey! :) Anyway, thanks to my amazing beta for correcting my mistakes on this!

Happy reading!

Chapter 2

Killian bursts into her room abruptly. “Swan! We need to talk!”

Emma jumps at the sudden opening of her bedroom door, but she quickly feigns indifference and tries to calm her heart-rate down.

She’s sitting on her bed with a blanket around her body, her back resting against the headboard. She lifts her eyes from her book at him, boredom shining in her green orbs.

Is she surprised to see Killian here?

Not in the least.

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anonymous asked:

Weird question. If fan fic magic happened and somehow Anakin switched bodies with Darth Vader or got Vader's memories and started acting like him, do you think his friends and the other Jedi would recognize him as Anakin? Would they think it was him? Think he's possessed by something?

I think it would depend more on whether or not Vaderkin still thought of himself as Darth Vader.

I mean, he’s back in his body, Padmé is alive, Obi-Wan is still his buddy, the Jedi are still around, he has his old body back…what reason would he have to continue to be Vader?

Honestly, I think his first order of business would be to kill Palpatine. Boom, out of nowhere, Anakin is suddenly bloodthirsty and on the hunt. Would all the Jedi be confused? Yes, very. Would Vaderkin take the time to explain everything? Probably not. At most, he’d cut his connections to Ahsoka and Obi-Wan – the last thing he needs is for them to freak out when they get the aftershock of Vader’s memories and general pissy bitch-assness. Though that would also have repurcussions, especially for someone as young as Ahsoka. Obi-Wan would be able to handle it just fine, he’s already had to deal with sudden breakage of Force bonds, but Ahsoka would be a right, confused mess.

Eventually Vaderkin would either kill Palpatine or he’d fail because WHOOPS the Jedi captured him. Then we’d get some sort of mind-meld type thing between Vaderkin and somebody in the Order and they’d be like, “Whoaaaaaaaaa holy shit he’s from the future and he’s a Sith.” and Vaderkin would just roll his eyes and be like, “Uh-huh, can I go kill Palpatine now? Thanks.”

(They would know it’s him, just not the *him* they know.)

zephrbabe  asked:

Steampunk AU!

Darcy Lewis/Peter Maximoff - Steampunk Wild West Era, (Inspired by @nemhaine42‘s amazing [art]), Darcy is the owner/proprietor of a bar in a lawless old west town.  She’s pretty awesome, she has a shotgun up on the wall behind the bar, but since it ran out of shells long ago, she’s tweaked it so it operates like a taser.  ;)  (See what I did there?). Anywho, she’s pretty much the Law in the town, Old Sparky (her taser gun) is the Order.  Peter is the greenhorn big city government agent that gets sent out to bring actual law and order to this town and literally no one gives him the time of day.  Especially Darcy.  She had everything handled, thank you very much.  There’s no need for some big shot government agent to come out and do what she’s already done.   Of course, when the Brotherhood of Mutants rides into town, they’re both in over their heads.  Especially when Peter’s father steps up as the head of the Brotherhood.  They’re going to have to work together.  Which, isn’t their forte, to say the least.  

Darcy Lewis/Peter Quill - Steampunk Victorian Era - Darcy Lewis is the heiress to her father’s fortune.  With her father being the infamous Tony Stark, that fortune is considerable.  She’s got a lot of potential prospects for marriage.  So why does she find herself spending ALL of her time with one of the lowly mechanics who works for her father?  

Fred Weasley/Hermione Granger - Steampunk Victorian Era - Fred and George are inventors who run a parts emporium on Diagon Alley.  Hermione is a young, fresh-faced muggleborn who comes to Wizarding London with a large amount of new money.  Independently wealthy muggleborns are a commodity. Independently wealthy muggleborns who still want to work for a living are an absolute rarity.  

She arrives to help the Weasley Brothers with their books.  She stays because one of them steals her heart.  And he just… doesn’t seem to want to give it back.        

dmcreif  asked:

Do you think Nelson & Murdock has a chance of reopening in season 3? What do you think Matt needs to do in order for them to have a good partnership? What does Foggy need to do?

Seriously, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Foggy looks happy with his job (and with his “relationship ” with Marci too, which is kind of a consequence of it). I don’t think it’s fair to make him leave all that AGAIN when it’s obvious that Foggy cannot really count on Matt. Let’s face it: Matt can’t be trusted. He sacrificed EVERYTHING for Elektra twice (even if it affected Foggy- especially in DD2). Why would it be different this time?

anonymous asked:

yooooooOOOOOO what about an imagine for Makoto, Nagito or Ibuki (take your pick which one!) when their s/o takes a bullet for them. Its up to you whether the s/o lives or not >:]

Reader Takes The Bullet (Komaeda x Reader)

  • Anonymous, thank you! :)
  • “ yooooooOOOOOO what about an imagine for Makoto, Nagito or Ibuki (take your pick which one!) when their s/o takes a bullet for them. Its up to you whether the s/o lives or not >:] ”
  • (Did Nagito for now, I can write Ibuki and Makoto on a separate one-shot because it’ll take too long for me) 

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anonymous asked:

I dont understand why Sasusaku is so hated in Naruto fandom? From YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and any social platforms, all i see is "Sakura is useless" and "Sasuke is an asshole!" like wtf?!? Sasusaku is the most misunderstanding couple in the entire fandom and i dont know why. Just why???can you just fill me in please???

Well its for a lot of different reasons really. However, I’d say the most prominent one is that many people simply just don’t pay enough attention. For instance:

  • They think that the part 2 Sasuke is a truthful representation of his actual character, and completely disregard everything that Tobirama says in 619 regarding how the Uchiha are cursed with hatred once losing love.
  • They actually believed Sasuke when he said he would have allowed Sakura and Kakashi to fall in the pit of lava, and ignored everything that Naruto said afterwards.
  • They think Sasuke was being serious the 2nd and 3rd times he called Sakura annoying when he obviously wasn’t. Not only that, but they also consider calling someone annoying as an insult, which it isn’t.
  • They think Sasuke constantly insulted Sakura and made her feel worthless, when in fact, Sasuke never insulted Sakura once in the entire story. 
  • They think Sakura was still after nothing but Sasuke’s D, even though she’s never thought of how “cool” Sasuke was since prior to chapter 49. This is made even more shocking when you consider how many times Kakashi shoved it down the readers’ throats in chapter 675 and 693 that she wanted to save him, nothing more, nothing less.
  • They think Sasuke was about to kill Sakura in the Iron Country because he genuinely wanted to, and not because he was so deep in the curse of hatred at the time, that he wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

I could go on and on but I don’t wanna write an essay in response to your ask. Basically, people want every single intricate detail of their relationship to be handed to them on a silver platter, and don’t bother to read a little more carefully. This is detrimental, especially when trying to understand SasuSaku because you NEED to read closely in order to understand Sasuke’s side of the relationship. That’s why so many people frustratingly don’t understand that this:

And this:

Are not the same person. Pre-massacre Sasuke and post 698 Sasuke are who he truly is. Everything in between (especially in part 2) is a gross distortion of his character, by taking away most of the positive aspects of his personality, and replacing them by amplifying the negative traits.

All of that is just touching the surface of the misunderstood Sasuke aspects, I haven’t even gotten into Sakura’s side yet! Lol. That just gives you an idea of how complex the relationship is, and thus how it can easily be hated on if you fail to pay attention to just one aspect.

Apart from that though, there are others who simply think that as soon as a couple faces issues, it’s immediately an unhealthy and problematic relationship, and that alone is enough for them to bash it. Angst is a turn off for them. And that’s fine, but I often see people claiming the couple is a train-wreck because not everything is sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time which is quite annoying. Sometimes it’s the angsty couples that demonstrate the largest bonds because they’re able to stay devoted to one another despite their flaws. Sounds familiar don’t you think? :P

Goodness gracious, I feel as though I’ve barely answered your Q and I’ve written so much! I guess that’s what defending SS does to me! Lol, so I’ll spare you any more of my drivel =)

Thanks for the question ^_^

roses-inthesky  asked:

First of all: this blog rocks! I love it so much :D Second: I laughed so hard when you posted all those Millennium-relationship GIFs by request of the anon, the Major was amazing! XD Could you please do the same with characters that belong to Hellsing? :D That would make my day!

Haha, thank you so much! You just made my day! I’m glad you enjoyed them! And yes, I couldn’t help it when came to the Major. XD And of course, especially if it would make your day dear!

GIF Request: Relationship Headcanons - Hellsing


Alucard is, admittedly, not very romantic in my mind. His affection would come more in the form of relating to his partner. He’d be there to comfort them when needed, but would make sure that they were not coddled.


Integra is going to deny EVERYTHING! When she develops feelings, she will distract herself in order to avoid her true feelings. It would end up frustrating her to the point where the object of her affections would notice and ask what was wrong before she calmly confessed.

Seras Victoria

Seras admires from afar at first. She’s not really sure how to react. She likes them, she can admit this to herself, but she’s far too shy to approach them. When she finally is in a relationship with them, she still will continue this admiration, being proud of them all of the time.

Pip Bernadotte

XD Not even sorry! He would be rather sexual, you understand. Anything his partner would do would make crazy and he would love every single one of their actions. Though, not everything would make him that “ready” if you know what I mean XD (I’m going to hell!)

And there you are. I didn’t include Walter since I did him before, but I hope you enjoyed this one!