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Certain Things - Song-based / Mixed Requests

Requested by anon: Sherlock x reader where Sherlock is in love with the reader but is too afraid to say it. and one day the reader overhears him talking to John about it. (lots of fluff)
& anon: Sherlock x reader fic based on the song Certain things by James Arthur. Like Sherlock doesn’t understand his feelings after towards her after spending time with her and he just notices small things about her until he finally understands his feelings. With just a lot of fluff in it?
& anon: Can I make a Sherlock request where the reader falls asleep on Sherlock’s couch and they aren’t really dating yet and he is really sweet and gentle with her? Like he drapes a blanket over her, or brushes the hair out of her eyes Agh!
& anon: Sherlock X reader fanfic where Sherlock accepts his feelings for reader and he tries to impress her but he asks John first so John tries to prank him and tell him to say a bunch of cheesy pick up lines? 
& anon:  Hey can I request a Sherlock imagine with the reader where he asks her out for the first time and he’s super super nervous and she’s kind of insecure about it?? With a lot of fluff too? 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 3,703

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I craved to write this ever since I found a way to mix all of the requests. I love it dearly, and I hope you do too. Also, if there are any grammar mistake (or any kind of mistake, really) I’m sorry, today was exhausting (and English isn’t my first language so…) but I was so happy I felt like writing something.


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The noise of the bomb was so loud Sherlock could only hear a high pitched and elongated peep. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion out of a sudden. The bomb had exploded, yes, but Sherlock could clearly see the car it had been trapped in exploding along. The shattered glasses flying in every direction, and the few civilians nearby being pushed by the impulse of the explosion. He turned to his right, finding a very concerned John covering his face with his arms.

Then he turned to his left, and found (Y/N) with her eyes fixed on the explosion. Everything moved slower. Her knees were hurt, and she was dirty; her hair was messy and her clothes were covered with both sweat and dirt. She wasn’t trying to cover her face like John; instead, she was turning to look at Sherlock.

Their eyes met for a split second, but it felt like bewitching ages to them. They were worried about the other; laying on the ground as the bomb they had frantically looked for exploded – they were too late.

He extended his hand, trying to reach hers unconsciously. (Y/N) took his hand without hesitation and Sherlock pulled her closer to him, not caring if her legs got scratched with the ground, because it would be nothing compared to the damage of being unprotected from the flying glasses.

Once in his arms, Sherlock covered her face and upper body protectively against his chest. His face nuzzled over her hair and he shut his eyes tightly. His arms were wrapped around her body, and even when he was too exposed, he felt save.

The world went back to its regular speed. The bomb blew away many passer-by’s and the windows from the nearest buildings. The pieces of glass got spread all over, including Sherlock and (Y/N)’s hair. The pieces of the car that didn’t turn into small pieces flew away, hitting many other innocents in the process. It was a real mess, yet, it could’ve been worse.

The precious seconds went by quickly. The bomb had exploded and the consequences had been severe, but at least (Y/N) and John were fine and that was all Sherlock cared about.

After the impact, when they could hear again the silence of the street, (Y/N) pulled slightly away to look at her surroundings. There were bodies all around, but they were all alive. Sherlock was staring at her, and when (Y/N) turned to look at him she saw something she had never seen in him before: He was worried.

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“You’re smiling again,” Greg noted.

John jumped back to the present, blinking quickly to shake away his thoughts, which happened to be composed of two very specific people back at the flat. Almost guiltily, John took a sip of his pint and averted his eyes. “I can’t smile?”

“Oh, sure you can,” Greg replied, seeming to struggle hiding a smile of his own. “Domestic life is very fetching on you.”

“Shut up.”

Greg chuckled good-naturedly, popping another chip in his mouth. “I kid, I kid. And speaking of kids…”

John snorted at the segue. “Good one. Rosie’s fantastic, as always. Sherlock’s watching her right now actually, getting up to god knows what. We sort of have an agreement; whenever you and I have these Friday pub trips, he and Rosie are allowed to do whatever experiments or games they want, no questions asked. Mealworms, baking concoctions, microscopes, you name it. Whatever she wants to do.” John nabbed a chip of his own, completely unable to hide his smile this time. “Sherlock’s reasoning being that if I don’t know, I can’t get angry.”

“And you trust him?”

There was no question. “Utterly.”

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John knows who was able to see through Sherlock… even John admitted that he wasn’t able to do this.

and there’s Sherlock saying “I’m sure I would have noticed” 

because he knows… but he’s afraid that he’ll disappoint that person again so he’s using his sarcasm again…

but then John said this…

and this was Sherlock’s reaction… he looked kinda angry? why?

because Molly was the one person who mattered the most and she’s definitely not the last person he would think of.

I also want to talk about this…

There they go again, Molly gets stressed because of Sherlock especially when he’s taking drugs. That shows how much she cares for his well-being but Sherlock, for some reason, can’t grasp the concept yet (and he’s kinda avoiding the problem)… then he said this:

“Stress can ruin every day of your life. Dying can only ruin one.

That last line, I think that’s a foreshadowing (that Sherlock unknowingly said that could actually be used against him)… 


Because when Molly’s life was put in danger, we all know who’ll be ruined by it. 

I was thinking about why I just cannot bring myself to like Jughead on Riverdale at all - I don’t think it’s totally my disdain for the actor, or his hamfisted delivery, or my dislike of the character in the classic comics (the coded homophobia of his initial characterization as an effete, ineffectual, lazy, self-absorbed guy whose awful treatment of women is presented as the explicit evidence that he’s not into girls and whose obsession with food replaces what is, in his peers, an obsession with women) or my mistrust of his handling in nu-Archie comics stuff (where that homophobic characterization is justified by writers labeling him as asexual, rather than actually changing the character in a fundamental way so that he’s no longer that sort of caricature). Obviously all of that is part of it but what is also part of it is like, why do writers always write men and boys in pain the same way! Why the Manpain™!

Like, there is a difference between a dude character who is having a hard time, or is traumatized, or is depressed, or angry, or grieving, or whatever, and expresses those emotions in complex ways that feel real and organic to the character… and a dude character with Manpain™. You know?

Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy has Manpain™. He growls and punches people and takes his misery out on his girlfriend but we’re all supposed to be sympathetic because he’s hurting and it’s just so complicated. Alex Karev has SOMETIMES been written in a more thoughtful way than this but most of the time he also has Manpain™, especially when he was with Izzie. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes has Manpain™; actually a LOT of modern versions of Sherlock Holmes have Manpain™, including Dr. House. Manpain™ makes you insufferable. Manpain™ is uncommunicative, frustrated, sometimes violent, always surly. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MANPAIN™! Women, especially, can not understand; only men feel Manpain™. The only people a man with Manpain™ can relate to are like, their best bro, and dudes who are soldiers returning from a war zone, because that is the standard for Manpain™, I guess, because war is about Men, it’s where men go to be traumatized because that is the only legitimate way to be traumatized. (There are never any people who are not men in war zones, in these stories, or if they are, they come back miraculously untraumatized.) Manpain™ tells you that you cannot POSSIBLY relate to this character; it is alienating to watch, especially if you are not a man. Sometimes men with Manpain™ lecture women characters about how they can never understand them. When this happens it is understood that the women characters deserve this and should feel bad and stupid and understand that their concerns are trivial.

A character who just kind of happens to be a dude with some sort of emotional turmoil or pain is, like… Finn from TFA. Finn is struggling. He’s trying to get a handle on his shit. He’s terrified and hopeful and bleak and nervous and angry and sad and excited, sometimes by turns and sometimes all at once - he has a range of human emotions. He’s scared and brave and vulnerable and determined. He doesn’t really know how to say everything he wants or needs to say all the time - you can tell by the way he has visible difficulty when he tells Rey goodbye, before he comes back for her; this is NOT represented by stony silence, or macho posturing, or whatever, it’s just him, looking at this person he cares about and trying to find the right words to say what he wants to convey and ultimately failing. Through Finn’s turmoil, we get a sense of who he is, what he really wants, what he might do in the future; we get to know this character in a way that feels cohesive and somewhat intimate, and that makes us more invested in the story, which never presumes to tell us that we can’t relate to what he’s going through, because obviously no one watching TFA has ever ACTUALLY been a Stormtrooper - Stormtroopers aren’t real - but lots of people have felt dehumanized, lost, scared, lots of people have wanted to make people think they were someone else, etc (and that’s not even getting into like, Space Oppression Allegories).

Anyway I hope this clears up what I mean when I talk about Manpain as like, a narrative tool or whatever. 

One of the things I’m most upset about is if they give Joan any emotional attention in 6x01 it’ll be showing her feeling guilty over not knowing something was wrong with Sherlock sooner, and she’ll blame herself and think she was being selfish when she had. Every. Damn. Right. To be angry with Sherlock and feel that he didn’t care about what she was going through. Sherlock never cared enough about her emotions. Ever. Especially not this season. He’s been selfish for so long, and I’m afraid that trend is just going to continue into season 6 and Joan will once again be given n o t h i n g. Not by the writers, not by Sherlock.

I can’t wait to write more fix-it and AUs, I need them now more than ever.

The Personal Blog of Molly Hooper

“I want to ask you something…on your blog, you mentioned- last night, and I…well, you said it was…boring. Molly, if I’m failing to please-”

“Sherlock, I was joking…come on, I know you read it. I’m hardly going to say my new secret lover rocks my world and makes me forget my own name when we’re together. You…are the best…I’ve ever, and will ever, have.”

9:13pm January 12th 2014

I cannot believe the evening I’ve had! Firstly, Mr. Sexy Self-Proclaimed Sociopath demanded my full attention yet again (honestly, it’s like he doesn’t want me to meet anyone.) Anyway, on my way home, I went to my local chippie…bloody drunk started grabbing at me and pulled me into an alleyway. Luckily, Allan saw and shooed him off – it’s times like this I wish I knew self-defence! Can you imagine that? Molly Hooper, shy little morgue mouse, fighting her own battles? It’s a thought…

“SHERLOCK HOLMES!” The consulting detective groaned loudly when he heard the small and angry steps on the stairs leading to flat B; Molly was terrifying when she was angry – he desperately glanced around the flat, searching for something to make him look busy. Giving up, he threw himself on the sofa as the door flew open, “what the hell is this?”

Molly threw the newspaper across his sprawled body, effectively bringing his attention to the headline: MAN FOUND BADLY BEATEN IN ALLEY OUTSIDE CHIP SHOP.

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3. I am going to punch you, please go with it.

Anon- “Sherlock #3??”
@joesuggstuff- “Hi I saw your post about the prompt quotes and i thought it was a cute idea! I was wondering if you could make me one with Sherlock and number 3?”
Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy!
I told myself that this would be short… 2k words later and here I am.
-Mrs. Holmes

No one infuriated you more than William Sherlock Scott Holmes.
You mention his full name because he hates it, so saying it even if it’s in your head, you know it would annoy him.
There was a period of time where you would only call him “Will” or “William” just to see his eyes sharpen in anger.
However, that’s besides the point.
The point is you hate him and you really tried not to, but some things just happen.
Ever since the first time he met you he had been a complete ass. You remember one moment more vividly than the others.
It was your first day on the job at Scotland Yard with the forensics division and you had made cookies for the whole team.
Sherlock was at the office that day and some of your coworkers had warned you about him, calling him horrid names and making fun of him.
You were sure that he couldn’t be that bad, so you made the mistake of attempting a conversation with the man.
When you saw him that day you asked him how he was doing and if he wanted a cookie from the batch that you had brought in.
He had stared at you for a while, sizing you up and deducing you easily.
He listed off a mix of personal and obvious information in front of the whole team which left you fuming.
He had expected you to cry or maybe scream at him.
Instead, you had planted a firm slap to the side of his sculpted cheek.
He will always remember the pointed and furious look you had given him before walking away in a murderous stride.
The rest of the team had laughed, never having seen someone react that way to Sherlock’s deduction.
They especially hadn’t expected it from the new girl who baked cookies for them.
Sherlock was surprised as well and a bit impressed.
He supposed that’s when he made it his personal goal to make you as angry or annoyed as possible just so that he could see your nose crinkle and your eyebrows furrow together.
And you supposed that’s when you decided he was the most infuriating human you have ever met.
There were several months of tense conversations and rude remarks made by the both of you.
You can only remember two positive conversations that you had with the man over a whole year of knowing him.
One of them was relatively short and not as horrible as you would have expected.
Sherlock had entered your office abruptly, earning a sharp glare from you as you sat at your desk working on paperwork.
You had asked him what the hell he was doing in your office before he gave you an exhausted look.
He let out a loud sigh before throwing his body down into a chair that sat in the corner of the room, “I was afraid I was going to commit homicide.” He remarked.
You weren’t taken aback by this comment, Sherlock often said weird statements like this.
You looked up at him, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.
“Anderson?” You questioned, knowing Sherlock’s hatred for the man.
Despite him being your boss, you didn’t like him that much either.
Sherlock nodded curtly, answering your question.
You turned your head back down to your papers, your pen scribbling down some information.
“Stay in here as long as you need,” You sighed, the statement sounding like it physically pained you to say.
Sherlock didn’t thank you, or even say anything, he merely stared at you for the rest of his visit.
The second positive conversation could hardly be considered a conversation, but it was a surprising encounter. It also was the most recent interaction you had had with the man. After this, he had been talking to you less and less before it came to the point where he wouldn’t even really look at you.
Not that you were complaining. Deep down you were lightly complaining but your mind easily pushed it down.
You were at a crime scene, dressed in your normal work clothes and preparing to wear one of the ridiculous, but mandatory, blue suits that were worn to prevent contamination to the crime scene.
The station was set up and many other officers were suiting up, talking amongst each other as they did so.
You listened absentmindedly to the conversations as you grabbed one of the light blue suits.
“That Sherlock, he’s a scary one, isn’t he?” A young man questioned, someone who you knew was one of your inferiors.
Not that you thought that in a bad way, but more as a mere observation. You knew you had the man in your office a few times for training and for interviews.
You had thought he was nice, a good fit for the job, and a nice addition to the team.
Until you heard him speaking casually to one of his colleagues.
The other man, who was someone you had never spoken to but had seen around, answered.
“Definitely, he’s real creepy. He’s got the dead eyes and all.” The man remarked in agreement.
You slowed your dressing in order to listen closer to the conversation, your brow furrowed a bit.
“Seems all like a hoax, he’s probably helping the murderers,” One suggested with a snicker.
You took in a sharp breath at the suggestion, surprised by their rude words.
“Yeah, what a freak.” The other laughed, reminding you of a bully from a cheesy high school movie.
You swallowed, feeling sickened at their terrible accusations.
You disliked Sherlock, pretty strongly at that, but you would never even think the words these men were thinking.
He was rude and lacked all proper manners along with any social skill but he was the smartest person you have ever met.
You turned immediately to the men, not even thinking thoroughly before speaking.
“You don’t speak of a co-worker that way, especially not in front of your manager. I can’t believe you would accuse a man who has done nothing but help us of being a criminal.” You snapped at them, your voice holding a level of sharpness that you usually reserved for the man who you were defending.
The two men looked shocked at your sudden outburst, staring at you with wide, deer in the headlights eyes.
“W-We thought-” One began, looking desperate to fix the situation or scurry away in submission.
“It doesn’t matter what you thought, it matters that you respect the men and women you work with. It doesn’t matter what Sherlock does he is a member of this team and he does not deserve to be bullied by two men who still have an adolescent mindset.” You were on the verge of shouting at them, a random burst of anger spreading through you as you remembered the terrible things they said.
The men looked terrified at this point and mumbled apologies before hurrying away with their tails between their legs.
You rolled your eyes as soon as they left, letting out a frustrated sigh before zipping up the ridiculous outfit and turning to go to the scene.
You stopped when you saw Sherlock standing near the doorway of the abandoned warehouse you had to enter to go examine the body.
Your eyes widened and you felt a mix of wanting him to have heard you defending him but also desperately wanting him to have missed it so that he wouldn’t tease you for it for the rest of your days.
You swallowed, waiting for him to say something so you could gage if he had heard or not.
“Thanks,” he said softly, his eyes not narrowed in observation but calm and gentle.
“Uh,” you muttered, moving to walk past him so that you wouldn’t have endure anymore awkwardness.
“No problem,” you added, scurrying past him quickly and going to the crime scene.
After that, he had slowly decreased all conversation.
You kept telling yourself you weren’t disappointed or even worse, actually missing him.
But, there was a small feeling of despair when he didn’t come into your office randomly just to exchange rude banter back and forth.
It was odd not hearing his smooth voice tease or insult you at least once a day.
But you definitely didn’t miss him, or so you assured yourself.
He hadn’t spoken to you and barely even looked at you the past two weeks, so you can imagine the surprise you felt when you felt fingers grip your arm.
You were walking through the crowded break room when you were pulled to the side.
You furrowed your brows instantly at the action, confused as to who would grab you so rudely.
Your questions were answered when you looked up and was greeted by a pair of piercing green eyes and curly dark brown hair.
“What?” You asked him, a bit more defensive than you intended.
He wasn’t affected by it, he was already talking to you.
“I have a case I’m working on and I would like your opinion. Do you want to go to dinner?” He questioned with a forced calmness in his tone.
Your eyes widened instantly and your breath hitched in your throat.
He blinked at your reaction and was still holding onto your arm with a light grip.
“I-I-” You stuttered out, looking up at him with an expression of total shock.
“Dinner?” You finally asked, sounding beyond confused.
“Yes, that is what I said.” He told you, his voice not as rude as usual and actually sounding understanding and kind for once.
You narrowed your eyes at him in distrust, “Dinner as in Chinese food or with wine and… Nice clothes?” You asked, hesitating on your definitions.
Sherlock thought for about a second before responding, “Wine and nice clothes,” He decided.
“With me?” You asked, needing to make sure.
He nodded and you can tell he was trying very hard not to say a witty insult.
You stared at him for longer than you needed to as you examined his angular features and bright eyes.
“Yes,” You blurted out, your mouth deciding to speak without consent from your mind.
He looked a tiny bit surprised but in a good way and you could have sworn you saw a small smirk on his lips.
“But, I am going to have to punch you, please go with it.” You asked of him, taking a small step back and watching his eyes flash with slight fear.
“Punch me?” He questioned, still looking alarmed.
“I have a reputation to uphold,” You explained vaguely, earning a raised eyebrow from Sherlock.
“If you must,” He sighed, turning his head so that the blow would be directed to his cheek and not his nose or teeth.
“Still on for dinner though, right?” He asked for confirmation as you squared up and threw an arm back.
You weren’t planning to hit him too hard, just hard enough so that the people in the break room knew that they were still on relatively bad terms.
Also, it made you look like a badass and you would never turn down the opportunity to look cooler than you actually are.
“Of course,” You responded, hitting him sharply to the side before turning around and walking away.
His hand instinctively went to the stinging skin of his cheek as all of the workers looked up to see the scene.
However, he was watching you walk away.
He immediately noticed the pep in your step that was a deep contrast to your usual powerful stride.
He smiled slightly at that and found himself looking forward to the dinner, he just hoped you wouldn’t have to punch him again.

Pictures of you

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2016
Day Five, March 10
Non-canon/ Headcanon: “Teen!lock or Uni!lock”
Author: potemkinx
Artist: Flavialikestodraw

AN: Sorry for the delay… :P

“I can’t believe twenty years had passed since we took this photo…”, Molly said, her fingertips caressing the faces on the picture. Her dreamy smile told him that her mind had already taken her on a stroll down memory lane, so he decided to go with her.

Twenty years before

“Come on, Mr. Grumpy! Move that fantastic arse of yours, and take a photo of Molly and me! Even better, put on the self-timer and take a picture with us!”. Victor’s cheerful attitude gave him a headache, but Sherlock knew better than anyone else that his best friend could be rather persistent, when he wanted something. And right now he wanted to immortalize this stupid moment, it seemed.

He put on the self-timer, and reached Victor and his girlfriend, Molly. She was quite tolerable, Sherlock thought. Maybe not quite as alluring as Victor’s ex, but surely smarter. Well, to say the truth, she was really clever… And quite sweet too. And she smelled of cinnamon and apple, and the way her eyes brightened when she smiled…

Oh, God, Sherlock, don’t tell me you’re falling in love with your best friend’s girlfriend! I thought you were listening when I told you how love is a disadvantage… As usual when it had to scold him, his mind chose to sue his brother’s Mycroft voice to reprimand him.

He decided to ignore the way Molly was smiling at him, and Victor’s hand on his shoulder. As soon as the flash went off, he sprinted away, not stopping until his friends stopped to call his name.

Molly’s voice brought him back to reality. “I miss him… Especially today. Thanks to him, I meet you… My future husband.” Her gaze fell to the engagement ring he had put on her finger just that day.

Sherlock nodded, taking one last look at the picture. Victors’ smile seemed to grew larger, but he knew it was just his mind playing tricks on him. When he had left rehab, one year after graduation, his parents told him that his best friend was dead. A car accident, just the day before his discharge from the clinic. Everyone was afraid he would relapse, but he knew that Victor would be disappointed, and angry at him, for using his demise as an excuse to fall back into his addiction. So he didn’t, and on his grave, he vowed to do his best to be the man Victor wanted him to be. And at the funeral, after many years, he met Molly again.

“Well, it only took me twenty years to finally propose… But you’re right, I miss him too.” He raised his glass, and waited until Molly did the same.

“We miss you, and we wish you were here with us. Thank you, Victor Trevor.”

anonymous asked:

Why on earth did Sherlock investigate Mary's guests (I assume Archie was one of hers since John never acknowledged him) and Mary's ex-boyfriend but not Mary herself? He found out about her stolen identity and that she'd been on the run for five years pretty quickly after getting shot, so it must not have been that hard to find information on her. He plans every detail of the wedding and studies David's Twitter habits but doesn't once think of at least googling her like he did Sholto?

Oh nonny, there are so many possible answers to this question. I’ll take a stab at it and give my personal reading of the situation.

I think Sherlock had a huge blind spot when it came to Mary for no other reason than she was John’s chosen person. Sherlock came back from a two year absence in John’s life, after killing himself in front of John, and Mary had already been in the picture for several months. To say Sherlock feels immense guilt over what he did I think is an understatement. You see it in the way that he goes above and beyond as John’s best man and in the way he treats everyone around him more kindly. When he left, he hurt John badly. It doesn’t matter if John forgives him or not because he isn’t over it and Sherlock knows this. In some ways, it’s a simple case of “shoot-the-messenger” syndrome. Look at what happens in TGG when Sherlock to deuces that Moriarty is gay. Molly blames SHERLOCK for spoiling everything. And keep in mind, Molly wasn’t even serious about Jim. Now let’s look at the situation in TEH. John is engaged to marry this woman. If Sherlock brings up the misgivings he has about her, it’s possible, (even likely given John’s state of mind at the time), that John will get angry at him about it, especially given Sherlock’s track record of rudely picking up on the personal business/flaws of others.

That being said, this idea that Sherlock was “slow” as Mary puts it, I don’t believe for a minute. Sherlock knew there was something off about Mary. But he didn’t know what it was, and John chose her to be with, and I think Sherlock decided to give her the benefit of whatever doubt he had for John’s sake. We saw Sherlock notice about the skip code, and we saw him notice about Mary knowing Sholto’s room. He knows that a lot of people don’t like her. He deduced that she is a liar. So this idea that Sherlock doesn’t realize that there’s something off about Mary is incorrect as far as I’m concerned. For example, if you look at something like the David situation, to me it shows that Sherlock doesn’t trust Mary either. If Mary had an ex-boyfriend hung up on her but had no interest in anything happening between them I think Sherlock could trust her to take care of herself where David is concerned. He certainly would not feel the need to downgrade David’s relationship with Mary and make it so that he can only see Mary when John is there to supervise. If Sherlock trusted Mary, he wouldn’t have to worry about what would happen with David and Mary alone, would he? But it is a concern for him, which means that Sherlock doesn’t completely trust her.

Sherlock is focusing on the things that he can control. He can’t control John and the fact that he’s chosen to marry this woman. But he CAN control David and get him to back the hell off.

As for why Sherlock didn’t investigate Mary, he knows that there is likely something to find, something less than good. Given that Sherlock just spent two years keeping something huge from John and feeling guilty about it, if he knew for sure that there was something bad about Mary he knows he would have to tell John. I think Sherlock is just hoping that whatever is in Mary’s past isn’t too bad and just leaving it as it is and choosing to believe that she loves John and will do right by him. Blissful ignorance as it were. Thanks!

If anyone has anything to add, or if you disagree, feel free to respond!!

“Sherlock! Lestrade says-,” John’s voice faltered the minute the doors swung open, revealing a pair snogging in the lab.

A woman was placed on the counter, a man was standing possessively between her legs, his large hands braced on the woman’s hips. 

John gaped when his mind managed to catch up on who the pair in fact were. He saw the ponytail, the white lab coat and the slim hands clutched to the lapels of his curly dark haired friend’s coat - yet - he still felt disbelief pour through him.

A million questions formed in his head, all of them wanting to be let out, but utterly unable to when he was promptly shoved out by a less oblivious Sherlock.

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Also, can I just point out the fact that while Sherlock is lying to people with in the show’s universe who know him, the viewing audience knows that Sherlock is not an unfeeling, robotic, asexual sociopath. He is not lying to us, because we are privy to Sherlock when no one else can see him.

This is why hatred for John is so nonsensical to me. Because people who are angry at him do not seem to understand that we as an audience see Sherlock in a way that John doesn’t. We see him in a way NO ONE gets to.

The Lying Detective is 100% for the in-show universe. Especially John.

Rant time

I am actually so tired of Sherlock shipping. Somehow this show was downgraded to some soap opera and deluded into some idea that every single frame and piece of dialogue in every single scene has some romantic meaning behind it. There is so much more to this show than John and Sherlock’s apparent “100% canon” relationship. Look Im not even denying the possibility, and most of the things I see on it makes logical meta sense. Im impressed with that, and Im happy people care.

Its when ALL PEOPLE DO IS TALK ABOUT IT THAT MAKES ME MAD. Sherlock meta is not just shipping meta. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THAT. All I see is “this action means he wanted to be away from Mary” or “He said this but the way he looked meant he is angsting over him” Like… sometimes the curtains are just blue ok?

I especially get angry when people pretend that NO other character is allowed to have some positive influence on Sherlock. Every other character is “the enemy” in the little secluded Johnlock utopia. For gods sake Sherlock saved 3 people on that rooftop that day, and called the other “the person that mattered the most.” Sherlock has many people that influence him, John is just the biggest part of that because he was also the trigger that set the rest of them off. Like Mycroft said, John was the making of Sherlock, and also made him worse than ever.

Sherlock is a beautiful and well crafted show, that I enjoyed immensely BEFORE I knew about all the shipping. Ever since the roller coaster of S3, all I see on my dash is “Mary is this, Mary is that,” and “Johnlock is foreshadowed here and here and here" 

Is there really nothing more to this fandom? To this show?? Im exhausted.

Prompt from whoareallyoupeople

Full prompt at the end - warning for violent themes

I’m a child, Molly. I cannot express my feelings for you without hurting you. But there is something I want you to know: I never wanted anyone to know how important you are to me because that piece of information is the most dangerous weapon that can be used against me.

Another day at Bart’s, another day of useless longing and hopeless staring; Molly wondered what she had ever done to deserve this torture. Why couldn’t she just move on and enjoy her life? Tom had sensed his opportunity and ran for his life, taking Janine with him; Molly recognised her from the papers as Sherlock’s ‘girlfriend’. It had been rather early when the moody detective strolled into the lab with the cheery doctor at his side; they were investigating a simple robbery for a neighbour of John’s – apparently he had forced Sherlock to take the case. Sherlock was grumbling under his breath and Molly was certain he was asking for a slap especially when, in his boredom, he turned to John and shook his head.

“Isn’t it obvious it was the teenage son who took the money? He needed a fix…” he frowned, turning back to the microscope and lowering his voice, “…he’s not the only one.”

“What did you say?”

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post-s3 (possibly 4)

His breath fogged up on the car window, face partially plastered to the glass, as he mumbled out of the corner of his mouth the thing that had been going through his mind for the full hour they’d been in the car - “We both saw Moriarty die… Isn’t this a bit excessive?”

“Hmm?” said Sherlock who had his blue eyes fixed on the exit. “I’d hardly call it excessive John, though the surveillance cameras inside probably are.”

“… I hope that excludes the locker rooms,” John added with a laugh, wondering how on earth Mycroft had agreed to that, or if Sherlock had put them up himself. A minute or two passed, and he turned his head to stare at the back of his friend’s curly head. “You’re not doing this because she’s here are you?” Instead of giving him an answer, the man shifted awkwardly in his seat peering at his phone that he soon pocketed. “So that’s a no, then? You’ve got no feelings for Molly Hooper?”

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“…and John will cry buckets and buckets. It’s him that I worry about the most. That wife…”

Notice how Jim refers to Mary as John’s “wife” in a sequence taking place in Sherlock’s head. Not “that Mary Morstan”, which would be more applicable, but she’s being labeled as the only remaining piece of information that’s still true about her from Sherlock’s point of view. This is cross-referenced by images of Mary in her wedding dress pulling the trigger because “that wife” and “that assassin who’s past life I completely missed this whole time” collided in to one image for him.

“Mary Morstan” is currently an enigma or “liar”, so Sherlock knows nothing about her now besides the fact she’s still married to John. Therefore, Jim could have referred to her by any number of crude, mean, or spiteful names if I was really supposed to get the sense Sherlock secretly hates her - be that as a person or for what she’s done here - but “that wife” was chosen specifically, preceded by the statement of “it’s John that I worry about the most”.

John’s life is about to get a huge wake up call in that his wife is not exactly the person he thought she was. Remember in the beginning of this series both John and Mary are posing to be these mild-mannered citizens with their average jobs and normal lives where nothing interesting or over the top happens because they’re both secretly trying to leave pasts behind them for various reasons. Little did John know, however, he still subconsciously found that same source of danger he thought he left behind when Sherlock died through Mary (who also found it again through John).

This series was as much about Sherlock embracing his emotions as it was John coming to terms with the fact he’s just as dangerous as “the psychopaths” he seems to have a knack for surrounding himself with. The longer it takes him to accept this the shorter his fuse is going to get. He knows the violent streak that’s in there and he’s warned people about it before, but what he doesn’t understand is that everyone already knows this despite the facade he puts up. Just this series alone he’s spurring on fights, carrying weapons ~just in case~, and beating up junkies for next to nothing - he enjoys it. Mycroft called it when he first met him, Sherlock indulged him in it, and Jim teased him over it. Thus, I’d too be worried about his reaction to finding out “that wife” - the one person who’s not supposed to be caught up in all this violent stuff is actually closer to it than he ever could have imagined being a former assassin and all - is now added to that pile of people who also saw it in him despite his best efforts, but didn’t love him any less for it when no other woman thus far did. Everyone can read John like a book, but he can’t read any of them - how frustrating is that?

With this reveal, on top of Sherlock possibly dying here, it’s really no surprise Jim then went on to say “You’re letting him down, Sherlock. John Watson is definitely in danger”. What would have been a major blow out between John and Mary over her past (and possibly even some of his), plus Sherlock’s death where John would cry buckets again, still wouldn’t have eliminated the ever growing Magnussen problem that John (and Mary) continues to be tied to and thus in danger from that Mary was initially trying to fix for everyone. Without Sherlock’s mediation to keep everyone together, this could have been even more disastrous than it was already shaping up to be, so he had to get off his ass and go return to them to sort things out.

So when Jim says “that wife”, it reads closer to “That (situation with that) wife! *blows noises* Hoo boy, that’s gonna be a fucking mess when John finds everything out. Wouldn’t wanna be around for that one…”, and not some secret insight to Sherlock’s true feelings about Mary where he feels disdain and loathing. If anything, this is all Sherlock acknowledging what Mary was trying to do from the start, however haphazard it may have been, and that he’s concerned with what’s going to happen to the Watsons because of it, especially John who - surprise, surprise - flips his shit when all of this comes to light because this the billionth time someone has majorly lied to him on this show and he’s angry about it. If there’s anyone who has a first-hand account of what John’s reaction was going to be to something like this and how to handle it, it’s Sherlock. Helping Mary out was the least he could do for “that wife”.