especially when dealing with beauty and the beast

Sorsa Curses daughter of the Evil Sorceress

Parent’s Story: My mom has several tales she’s been in, think how many unpopular tales have someone cursed off page. That might have been her.


While I wouldn’t mind a roommate, no one’s wanted the position after last year’s magic incident.

I said I was sorry.

Secret Heart’s Desire:

Since I haven’t signed yet, I’m not sure what kind of witch or sorceress I’ll be. I’m hoping for Beauty and the Beast. But there’s a chance I’ll get to participate in more than one story.

My “Magic” Touch:

Besides general magic, I can usually charm people into making magic deals with me. The strength of my magic is strongest under contract.

Storybook Romance Status:

Witches don’t usually marry. Only a fool would let themselves be that vulnerable anyway.

“Oh Curses!” Moment:

Sometimes I miss a detail in even my most trusted contracts. I hate it when targets find the loophole. Especially if I don’t get anything out of the deal.

Favorite Subject:

Dark Horticulture. I love a good poison potion. I especially love one made from scratch instead of store bought herbs. Not to mention I might sneak a clipping of a magic plant back to my dorm every once in awhile to add to the windowsill garden. 

Least Favorite Subject:

History of Evil Spells. Can we just learn the spells? Do we have to learn what boring old wizard came up with it?

Best Friends Forever After:

The less people close to you the less weaknesses you’ll have.

Presenting Sorsa Curses, daughter of the Evil Sorceress, my EAH OC.

She’s not sure what story she’ll be in yet but she’s down with the evil part. She’s got something of a prejudice against royals and protagonists because there’s a chance one might be clever enough to defeat her someday. Her specialty is coming up with magically binding contracts to get what she wants at little cost to her. Her hat is a family heirloom from her mother, and she has a green pentagram on her left eye.

Her bag is full of magical herbs, spare potions, school work and blank contracts that only need a couple tweaks before they’re signed.

Oh and since she won’t admit it, she does know this guy.