especially top right and bottom left and bottom right

Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo {Follower’s Gift?}

Hi, guys! I hope you are all doing awesome :) From one of my previous posts, I had a couple of asks about this, and I wasn’t going to release it since part of the foot looked weird. But I really want to share with you, especially since I haven’t really posted a follower’s gift yet. And you guys are so sweet, so this will be in honor of the 400+ of you!! So yeah, I fixed this mesh to the best of my ability. Then I decided to make the BeatBo(the green one), so now your little babes can have either or..or both of course!

Four different swatches: Pink off (top left), Pink on (top right), Green off (bottom left), Green on (bottom right)

You can locate Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo in “Kid’s Decor”, and I think I put it down as a toy at the last minute. So check that category as well, because I was too lazy to go back in game.

Please remember- basic TOU and ENJOY <3 

Hey friends, so here’s a nifty chrome app I’ve been using for ages that I wanna recommend, especially to those of you in the studyblr community. 

It’s called Momentum (search for it on the chrome web store), and every day it makes a different beautiful picture the background of your new tab page. It provides a link (bottom left) to the source of that picture each day, a randomised quote (sometimes motivational, sometimes just interesting), a to-do widget (bottom right), the weather (top right), the time, a customised greeting with your preferred name, and a space where you can input your main task for the day and get reminded every time you open a tab. 

It’s pretty cool, I’d recommend checking it out.