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3k Followers - Thank You

So I just now noticed I reached 3,000 followers (now almost 3,100!!!) since I haven’t been on recently and I’m just:

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So over 3,000 people like what I post and/or write enough to follow me?? And I’m still relatively new?? I DON’T GET IT but thank you SO much regardless of my doubt in myself or my confusion, because you all have followed me (some of you since the very beginning of not even having 50 followers) throughout everything & been so kind & even occasionally asking about me/my day?? And wanting to know about me?? And to those who read my writing & take the time to comment on it, it’s amazing to me to think that my writing does that (as I’m a huge reader of fics myself & I’ve been the one reading/commenting on a fic. It’s crazy to think about, and I’m so thankful for all that everyone does do that, or even if you just follow me.

Now I definitely can’t forget to mention all of the INCREDIBLE people I’ve met through here and all the amazing, kind-hearted people that I’ve become friends with. And even the friends whom I talk to occasionally but maybe not as much as either of us might like to - you all mean more to me than I can express, & I love you so much.

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And to all of these wonderful people/writers who I may not speak to constantly or even at all (blame my shyness), I still want to thank you - it was probably partly because of you that I even started this blog in the first place, as you inspired me to start writing fics of my own after reading such incredible writing. And @hymnofthevalkyries @thejamesoldier@caplanbuckybarnes know they’re a big part of that list too, as well as my other friends who inspire me now. So thank you to you as well, and thank you for the amazing content you put out and the kindness you show - you’re incredible! <3

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And to my followers, there’s over 3k of you now, which is just insane!! I wouldn’t be making this post if you hadn’t chosen to follow me, so thank you for doing so. Thank you for the likes, the reblogs, the comments - as a writer, it’s amazing to see feedback & support for your work. And to those who follow me & don’t read my fics, I love you just as much - because you still interact with me & follow me. Thank you especially to those who have been following me since before the days of “read more” links and before I had even more than 50 followers. You’ve shown support since the beginning and I notice the people who still do - so thank you for sticking around me & my Marvel-obsessed ass. And to those who are recent followers but are followers nonetheless - thank you, because you’re just as lovely and supportive, and that’s an amazing thing to experience. I love you.

***Click here to read about the possible ways I might celebrate this milestone (and vote on them as well!)***

If you’re seeing this, the link above isn’t up yet since I’m not awake yet! I’m queuing the post about the celebration to follow right after this one, so just head on over to my blog - it should be my most recent post. Once I’m on tomorrow I will actually make the link work & this will be gone. Sincerely, past (and currently asleep) Kathrynn haha.

lux-unluckster  asked:

How about this one? Who the children main in Smash 4 and why.


Kana - Corrin. Is it even a question? The moment they saw that their parent could be played, they got them the moment they came out, and they love playing as them too.

Shigure - Jigglypuff. Please don’t judge him- he thinks it’s cute, and he likes that it sings at its enemies. He’s kind of hilariously bad, but he doesn’t really mind.

Dwyer - Bayonetta. Yeah. And he’s good, too, one of those guys that can do those 0-KO combos. It’s really frustrating for his enemies, because he looks like he literally does not care.

Midori - Villager. She thinks that they’re adorable, and she likes all the different sorts of objects the Villager can use as weapons. She especially loves to grab projectiles and throw them back at her enemies.

Sophie - Pikachu. She’s one of those kids who owns all the versions of Smash, and she’s been playing Pikachu since the beginning (and she definitely spams down B, too).


Shiro - Fox only. No items. Final Destination. You can go hard or you can go home. Shiro fights to win and takes no prisoners. He practices pretty much any chance he can get, though, and gets by on sheer determination.

Kiragi - Kirby. The kid’s just here to have a good time and play as a fun character. He also loves how Kirby can suck up his enemies and take their powers, and he definitely owns all the Kirby games at home.

Asugi - Sheik. Yes, the ninja plays as a ninja. But honestly, it works well, and Asugi has lots of fun with Sheik’s speedy hit-and-run style (although the explosives remind him a bit of his dad).

Mitama - Meta Knight. She isn’t really one for quick thinking or lots of concentration, so she just picks Meta Knight and goes for it. She always ends up mowing through her opponents, though.

Hisame - Marth. He thinks that Marth is a cool, quick swordsman, just like he wants to be. He still has a bit of trouble mastering the combos, but honestly? He’s having fun, so it doesn’t really matter.

Caeldori - Pacman. This guy is notoriously hard to master, so of course Caeldori’s the one who plays as him- and she wins, too. She always feels that she just scrapes by, though, and vows to work harder (much to the horror of her friends) (Caeldori is unrivalled).

Selkie - Shulk. Why? Because he’s really feeling it. She doesn’t even fight, she just stands at the side and taunts, and if someone approaches, she just backslashes around until she inevitably falls off.

Rhajat - Robin. She doesn’t quite know why, but she has lots of fun playing as this character… plus, she’s scarily good at trapping opponents with Robin’s spells.


Siegbert - Ganondorf. He picked Ganondorf because he looks big and cool, and since he never really bothered to learn anyone else, he just stuck with him. He works hard, though, and always does his best to win with his big green warlock.

Forrest - Princess Peach. The prettiest boy has to play as the prettiest girl, right? Plus, he just thinks that she looks really nice. But don’t be fooled- underestimate this kid for a moment, and you’ll find yourself being butt-checked off the stage.

Soleil - Zero Suit Samus. Like, really? Soleil went for the cutest, gayest girl the roster has to offer. She’s good, too (although she always tries to make bad puns about Samus’ stunner. Get it? Because she’s STUNNINGLY cute?? Anyways-)

Ophelia - Zelda. She loves the idea of being a powerful spellmaster, so she pretty much homed in on Zelda from the start. She’s good, too, especially with fireball-sniping her enemies.

Nina - Ike. She picked him based solely on aesthetic (read: she thinks he’s cute), and even though she isn’t too worried about being good at the game, she still KOs everyone with him. She also definitely has Ike/Marth fanfics stuffed under her bed.

Percy - Charizard. It’s a big, flying, fire-breathing dragon; how could he not pick it? He only started playing recently so he’s still learning the ropes, but he has lots of fun playing, so it really doesn’t matter.

Ignatius -  Rosalina. He originally started to play her because he liked the luma, but after he discovered that he’s, like, scarily good as her, he kept it up. He prefers using the luma from a distance, and is really good at keeping people away from himself.

Velouria - Captain Falcon. She only played this game because her friends forced her to, and even after that, she just picked him at random. She grew oddly fond of the guy, though, and would always choose him whenever she played afterwards.

This is probably very long overdue but I’ve reached 400 followers!  

(in fact I currently have 424 as of this post)

Still not a fan of coloring, but I felt it’s an appropriate thanks for you guys. So here ya go, a smol Yami in a vampire outfit (or an actual smol vampire Yami) in colored glory!

To the ones that have been here since the beginning of my awkward pencil sketches, thanks for having to deal with my emotional crap and random hiatuses, especially those who gave me some advice, thanks. Seriously. =w=

okay so I recently hit a really huge goal that I honestly never thought I’d ever reach. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful that you’re all following me, especially those of you who have been here since the beginning. I wanted to do something bigger to celebrate and maybe I will when I have more time but for now I thought I’d just do a follow forever! 

thank you to all my amazing mutuals and I’m so sorry if I forgot to include you (just let me know if i did) you all mean the world to me♥

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On December 11th, 2014 this blog came into being. 8000+ followers later, I’d like to thank everyone who sends requests and supports this blog.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, and especially if you’ve been here since the beginning, you’ll know I have several rules for requests and that I’m very strict about them. So, as a celebration of sorts and to say thank you, I’l be letting go of some of those rules for a month.

So, until January 17th, you can request:

  • gifsets about other characters that are not Korra
  • gifsets about ships

The other rules stay put, though, so that means:

  • I won’t gif bloodbending scenes
  • I won’t make gifsets that focus on Korra suffering

Oh, and there’s one tiny new rule for this month:

  • I won’t gif Prince Wu

And here’s another gift. I make a new colouring from scratch every time I gif, but if you like how my gifs look, you can message me OFF ANON with a scene suggestion and I will cap that scene and make a PSD for you to use. This offer is available until December 31st.

Ok, that’s it. Thank you for following, for the requests and for the support! ^_^

Title: The Pianist on the Subway / Chapter 20
Pairing: JohnDave
Warning: None

AO3 /

Chapter 1 ==>
Chapter 19 ==>

Here it is, everybody!

The finale!

Thanks for sticking around regardless of however long you’ve been reading this fic! Especially to those of you who have been around from the very beginning! It’s been over a year and a half since I started and it’s been a fun ride.

Thanks for waiting for my hiatuses to finish and for my rough spots and for everything else. Finishing this is a huge step in my writing and I only hope I can continue to entertain you guys with my works in the future!!

Be on the lookout for my upcoming oneshots and for my next big project! <3

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