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would it be to much to ask for a one shot nsfw with fili?

Here we go! I used an imagine from imaginexhobbit for inspiration:

Book of Secrets

-smut warning-

Oh no, you thought to yourself as you frantically searched for your trusty notebook. The worn old thing had been through some very turbulent times with you, including a trip to a whole other world. Yet, it was no where to be found in the leather tote which carried your few measly possessions. You tossed the bag to the ground as you ran your hands roughly through your hair; there were things in that notebook which should not be written anywhere but in your mind.

You heard a gasp and turned with dread as your mind figured out what must have happened to your notebook. The entire company of dwarves had their backs to you in a half-huddle, though you did not need x-ray vision to know what they were all whispering about. You closed your eyes with a cringe and held back the urge to cry or run away. Instead, you forced your eyes open and your feet forward as you approached the meddlesome dwarves.

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Laverne’s latest interview is maybe one of the most important things I’ve ever read, especially this part, because reading Laverne Cox saying the exact same thing, almost verbatim, as I was only a couple months ago doesn’t necessarily validate my identity but it makes me feel less shameful about denying and compromising myself for such a long time. There’s a brief mention of her own past internalized transphobia and I just feel so grateful to have someone so honest about their trans experience. She reminds me there’s no perfect way to be transgender and my own experience is valid

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It seems like a lot of people are saying that if a gold card doesn't *have* to be a color, then it *shouldn't* be that color. I disagree. Sure, green sometimes gets vigilance, but white is much more likely to. Red sometimes produces thopters, but blue is more likely to. Add to that that there are any number of flavorful or thematic reasons to be that color (e.g. Being part of a faction) and I think it's fine for multicolor cards to be more some colors than others.

Multicolor cards can seldom be exact parts of each color, especially when three or more colors are involved.