especially thinking about how similar we are to people throughout history

You know sometimes I’m in a “this world sucks” mood and then I start to think about good things like…

the fact that throughout history, no matter where and when and who, there have always been silly teenagers crushing on each other. Giggling when they look at each other from across a street or room. Meeting behind houses and in forests to say hello and dream of being together forever. 

There have always been parents kissing their kids goodnight. Singing lullabies and telling them stories about heroes defeating monsters and gods tricking each other to help their children sleep. 

And I don’t know but it comforts me. There is a lot of pain in this world but there is also a lot of love and there are a lot of differences between everyone on this planet (and that makes us even more beautiful) but there are also a lot of similarities.
And thats just wonderful isn’t it?