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officialmadalinaghenea: So proud to announce my movie ‘SMITTEN’ has now been officially launched at the Cannes film festival. Rosalia is my first main role in an English speaking movie, a movie directed and written by Academy Award winner Barry Morrow! Big thanks to the whole film crew and especially to Barry and his amazing wife, Birdy! Dreams come true! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎞📽📽📽📽📽

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I'm starting to get annoyed with the whole 'WW is so sexualized in BvS' I'm a woman and 100% saw 0 things that made me feel she was sexualized in that movie. She just looked strong and like a woman who knew how to get what she wanted, which was mostly her intelligence. And upskirt shots? I didn't see anything to suggest her moves were sexual more like she would kick your ass and do it looking amazing? I'm a woman and just confused by this whole conversation I see

It’s especially jarring when the film was so overt about sexualizing Clark and Bruce, which is something I loved about it and Zack Snyder’s work in general. Bruce gets a workout montage where his six-pack glistens with sweat and Clark gets two blatant shirtless scenes and people are hung up on Diana in a dress at one point? 

Then again, this is coming from the same people who think that Lois being naked in a completely unsexualized manner to have a bath was ‘’male gaze’’ so…yeah it’s an uphill struggle arguing with Them.

officialmadalinaghenea So proud to announce my movie ‘SMITTEN’ has now been officially launched at the Cannes film festival. Rosalia is my first main role in an English speaking movie, a movie directed and written by Academy Award winner Barry Morrow! Big thanks to the whole film crew and especially to Barry and his amazing wife, Birdy! Dreams come true! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

May 17, 2017

where the wild things went
  • Vice: Hello Max. This is your first film in five years. What on earth have you been doing with your time?
  • Max: Just living, you know? Living, going to school, getting done with school.
  • Vice: Did you ever worry, "Hang on, what if I've forgotten how to act"?
  • Max: I didn't really think about it until the first day or two shooting then I was like, "What the fuck am I doing here?". For the first couple of days the learning curve was pretty steep again.
  • Vice: How does one even go about preparing to play a sociopath? Presumably it wasn't method acting.
  • Max: I kind of feel like there is no such thing as acting that isn't method to some degree because if you're not actually experiencing it, then you're a fucking liar. I was talking with Billy [O'Brien - director] about it and - I forget the word that he keeps using - but it's an intuitive process. You just kind of feel it out, you know? I was pretty miserable while we were shooting, just because you're in a super dark brain space all day. Especially living in a place like Minnesota where we were shooting, six days a week. You don't get the opportunity to turn it off, you know? And that's great as far as the actual creative process goes but it sucks as far as trying to be a person.
  • Vice: Have you ever done a psychopath test?
  • Max: I don't think so.
  • Vice: Would you like to do one?
  • Max: Yeah, let's do it! Is it legit or is it some Facebook nonsense?
  • Vice: Oh, Facebook nonsense probably.
  • Max: So you're not licensed?
  • Vice: We're not unlicensed.
  • Max: I'm pretty sure it's an either-or thing.
  • Vice: So there are eight statements. You either agree or disagree. First one: "You rarely catch me making any plans. I'm far too spontaneous".
  • Max: Yeah, absolutely.
  • Vice: "If I got a better offer, I wouldn't mind cancelling longstanding plans".
  • Max: Yeah, that's probably true.
  • Vice: "It would be fun to drive fast cars, ride rollercoasters or go skydiving".
  • Max: I've been skydiving. Fast cars are fun. I don't get the appeal of rollercoasters. I guess I haven't really done a true roller coaster. It feels artificial.
  • Vice: Shall we disagree?
  • Max: No, let's agree.
  • Vice: Alright. "I think it's okay to step over other people to achieve my ambitions".
  • Max: I don't know. I don't think you necessarily need to it. I can't think of many situations that I've been in where that's necessary, where there isn't some other course of action you could take. Let's disagree.
  • Vice: Do you have an ambition?
  • Max: In the broader context of my life, I just want to gain skills. Recently I was doing an outdoor programme back in the States through this thing called NOLS [National Outdoor Leadership School], so I was off doing that for a couple of months. Getting better at being outdoors and learning how the natural world works. And I love playing music so getting better at that. Just learning to be a better, more competent person. Trying to not be a dick.
  • Vice: It's a good motto. Okay: "I'm very persuasive and getting people to get what I want is a real talent of mine".
  • Max: Agree! I think I'm pretty good at that. I've been manipulating my parents for years.
  • Vice: The perks of being a child star... What was that whole experience like?
  • Max: Really awful! Especially for children, the film world is just terrible. You can't grow up in that world and still have a connection to reality. At least if you're, like, really in it. Especially the poor folks out there who have stage parents. It's just so sheltered. The creative aspect of acting is one of the more amazing things that I've gotten to experience but everything outside of that is pretty bizarre.
  • Vice: Was it enough to make you think you might not want to do it anymore?
  • Max: I think, probably, yeah. Especially once Where the Wild Things Are came out. And that was my first real acting role too. Being thrown in the deep end as a young, pretty vulnerable person. And then you have an experience like that and there's all this stigma around it, back in the "real world". I went to the same school since I was in second grade, through most of high school, and I knew all these kids and they were my friends before and after but there was, coming back, this weird stigma, these weird assumptions that if you're in a film, you're an asshole and you don't exist in a grounded real world way.
  • Vice: What are your memories of working on that film?
  • Max: It was really important to Spike that the set was conducive to a child. So we had a million kids on set. All the crew was kind of invited to bring their families. And as a way to kind of understand the vibe that Spike wanted to cultivate, there was always music on set. The Smiths, Cemetery Gates and Big Mouth Strikes Again, all those songs. I have really wonderful nine-year-old memories of romping around on set and that music playing.
  • Vice: How does one move past an experience like that and into the world of adult acting?
  • Max: I think you just grow up and learn to be a person. I think one of the biggest learning curves for me, as a result of those experiences and then applying that to the real world, was that it took me a long time to learn to take a compliment. From twelve through to however old, you just kind of shut down. There's this assumption of an agenda. But you grow up and you learn to be a person and you temper the experiences of working in the film world with what people are actually like and you balance that.
  • Vice: Is there one thing you know now that you wish you knew then?
  • Max: No, I don't think so. I am the person I am as a result of a lot of those experiences and I love the people that I met and especially those people that I have experiences with. It is what it is. Can't change the past!
  • Vice: Okay: "My ability to make quick decisions means that I would suit a dangerous job".
  • Max: [Takes long time to decide answer] I dunno... The idea of being a smokejumper appeals to me.
  • Vice: What's a smokejumper?
  • Max: It's a term for the folks in the US that are forest firefighters and jump out of airplanes. That appeals to me.
  • Vice: What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't acting?
  • Max: Working in outdoor education probably. Working with kids or being in the outdoors. Or both.
  • Vice: Do you have a desire to keep acting?
  • Max: Yeah. I mean, I like doing it and I think creatively it's really cool and the people you get the opportunities to work with are often really wonderful people. It allows me to do other things in my own life. My parents have kind of helped me gain this perspective of it, but I think it's best for me to view it as a hobby. I like acting but I don't think it's healthy to do films back to back.
  • Vice: What was it about this script?
  • Max: I love Billy and I love Nick Ryan, the producer. I love Robbie Ryan, our cinematographer and I think, aesthetically, just the, Midwest middle America vibe, that's really cool. And the humour of the script. It's genuine and it has real emotion embedded in it but it's funny! That Fargo humour really appeals to me.
  • Vice: Do you have a favourite movie?
  • Max: It changes periodically, of course. Birdman has been one of my favourite films ever. It came out a couple of years ago and I've watched it half a dozen times. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. I rewatched that pretty recently and remembered how good it was. People keep talking to me about Donnie Darko in relation to this film and I like that one quite a bit.
  • Vice: "When others are crumbling under pressure, I'm usually the one with a cool head". Agree or disagree?
  • Max: Yes. I think so.
  • Vice: When was was the last time you lost your cool?
  • Max: I've been working on that skill and I think I'm getting pretty good at it. It's been awhile since I've been genuinely, deeply upset about something. One of my favourite things in the world is this scar right here [shows us a fairly impressive scar on his knuckle]. I got it punching walls. It was like the perfect teenage angst motivation. The first time, I was really upset in my house because I had read something about the use of American drone warfare and just how upsetting it was and how a bunch of civilians had just been murdered somewhere in the world. And then the second time was me being upsetting at my parents.
  • Vice: Alright, last one: "I'm rarely to blame for things going wrong, it's usually the fault of the people around me".
  • Max: I mean, yeah. But I'll disagree.
  • Vice: Okay, let's see your results… You're 61% psychopath! "Though your conscience is in the right place, you have a pragmatic streak and generally aren't afraid to do your own dirty work".
  • Max: I'll take that.
  • Vice: There's more! "You're no shrinking violet but you're no daredevil either. You generally have a little trouble seeing things from other people's perspectives, but at the same time you're no pushover. Everything in moderation, including moderation, might sum up your approach to life".
  • Max: I like that. I'll take it!
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Why have so few people talked about the outstanding facial animation throughout the whole film? Especially in the school scene, the slightest glance carries extremely heavy emotion and intent, it's really amazing

Exo Scenario: Useless and Alone with Sehun ~

“I’m sick of being USELESS" and “please leave me ALONE” please w/ Sehun <33

Haven’t written for Sehun in a while, so why not start off with some angst? Hope that you all like this and please be sure to let me know what you think. Thank you for reading and requesting <3

You didn’t do anything right. No matter how hard you tried, tried to step in and help Sehun destress or just to get his mind off of his career of being an idol, he always rejected you. He plastered on a smile, telling you that everything was okay, that you didn’t need to worry.

But that only made you worry more.

He hid behind smiles and fake expressions, telling you that everything was fine, when you knew it wasn’t. You could see how painfully exhausted he was every time he came back from a schedule, especially when he came back from filming for days on end. He came back to you after days, maybe even weeks of not seeing you and you just knew something wasn’t right.

But he still insisted that everything was fine. He was okay. Everything was okay.

The words that he kept repeating only made you feel more useless every day - day in and day out. You couldn’t even kiss him without feeling guilty that you couldn’t take his pain and exhaustion away. You tried as best you could, tried to be the best girlfriend, the best friend, but nothing was working and you knew that smile was fake. 

Sehun was free from a schedule for the next three days, and although usually you would have been ecstatic about such a thing, it all seemed to press down on you at once - how painfully obvious it was that you were useless when it came to him. You were a useless girlfriend and shouldn’t have been with someone like him.

He needed to date someone that helped him through the exhaustion, someone that didn’t just tire him out even more like you seemed to. He always fell asleep when the two of you were hanging out together, especially when you were talking. Were you that boring?

Sehun walked into the living room where you were reading a book, your knees tucked in under your chin and the book dangling between your fingertips. It was interesting, but you weren’t really paying attention to the words. This was the fourth time you had to read through the same paragraph to try to understand what was going on.

Curling up next to you, he ran one hand down your arm while he quirked an eyebrow at you, asking silently why you were ignoring him. Earlier you had left your bedroom when he had just gotten out of the shower, though usually you stayed - neither of you cared about the issue of being naked around the other. So obviously it had caught his attention.

In a quiet voice, you whispered urgently, “Please leave me alone.” and you tried to force inflection on the word alone, but it came out sounding more like a kitten’s meow than anything else. You were weak. You knew it.

“What’s going on?” Sehun said, trying to pull you closer though you didn’t want to get closer. “Why are you pushing me away? Have I done something?”

And his voice sounded so sweet that you could have imagined for one second that you were enough for him - that you could have been enough. But you weren’t and the ugly truth was about to come out.

“I’m sick of being useless, Sehun.” your voice strained on that word - useless. Because that was exactly what you were. You held no purpose, especially not when it came in conjunction with Sehun’s life. You had known this for a while, and yet you had still managed to hold this talk off, hoping the feeling would go away. It never did. “I’m useless to you and to your career. I’m a nobody that means absolutely nothing. I only exhaust you more than you already are, instead of picking you back up.” you shook your head, voice choking on your words, unable to say more.

Sehun remained quiet for quite a while and when you looked up at him, his brow was furrowed in deep though. One of his hands went to latch onto your chin, lifting it so you couldn’t look away from him. 

“Who told you that you were useless?” he asked, but didn’t give you time to answer, “You mean the world to me. You make me smile whenever I come back home, especially after a day of filming, or a particularly hard schedule.” Sehun’s whole face erupted in emotion, telling you that he was being completely and genuinely serious right now, “I wouldn’t replace you for anyone in the world. Now quit it, you’re not useless.”

You weren’t sure what to say to that, but you struggled to release from his strong grip, though it didn’t hurt. You looked away from him and shrugged.

“I still don’t…” but you weren’t even able to finish your sentence.

“No.” he said solidly, without room for your protest, “No, you’re not useless. I love you, okay? You mean so much to me.” 

It wasn’t the first time you had heard him say he loved you, but it was one of the first times in a while that you had heard him say it with such conviction. It made your heart swell up and you couldn’t help but let the tears fall from the puddles in your eyes. They ran down your cheeks quickly and quietly, only for Sehun’s fingers to brush them away just as quickly.

“I mean it.” he whispered. And then he kept whispering that he loved you, over and over again until you nodded and let a laugh bubble up on your lips, letting the tears run freely and then shaking your head.

“I love you too.” you murmured.

Okay you know what? I am gonna just come out and say this because it has been troubling the shit out of me ever since Agent Carter’s season 2 has started.

Literally every week I watch the show and afterwards I go into the tags and I love looking at opinions and reblogging gifs etc. but I never see any gifs of Jason Wilkes or of his kisses with Peggy. Nor do I see anyone talking about how the interracial relationship is revolutionary or how it is portrayed within the show or even an analysis of how Jason’s status as a black man affected him in the deeply racist time period.

All I see is:

1) People saying he is evil when he has never shown any evil tendencies or ill feelings towards any of our protagonists from Peggy to Sousa to Jarvis to Howard Stark and has actually gone out of his way to help them in their investigations to the point of endangering his own life rather spectacularly.

2) People who wish he got less screen time because he’s boring etc. when his character is largely groundbreaking and his personality is ridiculously charming. He’s got a great sense of humour and he clearly cares a lot for Peggy. Their chemistry is undeniable and yet I hardly ever see anyone who stans for him or legitimately and whole heartedly ships him with Peggy. And as far as the boring thing is concerned, I see more stans and people demanding greater screen time for Jack Thompson who, quite frankly, is as interesting as a soggy lettuce leaf.

3) Peggysous shippers who wish he’d go away. Now I don’t want to start a ship war. I don’t care who the hell you ship on the show; that’s your choice. However I will say that it is unacceptable that Peggysous shippers want Jason to go away because it interferes with their ship. I’d like to point out that I definitely see why people ship Peggy and Daniel. I lowkey ship it myself. They clearly have feelings for each other but let’s face it. Jason and Peggy have kissed twice. She is deeply attracted to him, admires him, and has worked extremely hard to keep him safe and restore him to his tangible self. I would feel like there should be an equally strong fanbase for Peggy x Jason shippers as there is for Peggysous shippers but there isn’t! There should be heaps of gifsets of the Peggy and Jason kiss but there aren’t! But there are literally heaps of the Peggysous hand hold + Peggysous almost kiss. In fact, if you go in the Jason Wilkes tag, a large majority of it is people who wish he’d go away and being annoyed that he kissed Peggy.

The fans asked for a diverse cast and even though more white dudebros were added, the addition of Jason Wiles is extraordinary. He’s a black man in a period piece and he isn’t a slave or a servant or someone of a lower socioeconomic class. He’s a reputable scientist and someone who has charm and talent. He is an example of fantastic representation. However, the fandom really doesn’t give a shit about him. I feel like they have asked for representation and they have received it however what they really wanted was a token black character who’s quiet and and stays out of their way so they can ship their wholly white ship. They want their token black character so they can feel satisfied that they are Not Racist™ and that they have officially solved the problem of anti blackness in media and fandom.

Quite frankly, I hate this love triangle. It’s unnecessary and Peggy Carter deserves a more original romantic subplot but at least it has revealed the insidious anti blackness within the Marvel (and specifically Agent Carter) fandom. This isn’t new. We all know how Rhodey and Sam and even Nick Fury are treated in fandom (fanart, meta and fanfiction included.) We know that there is a severe lack of women of colour within the franchise of a whole (especially in feature films). I just wished it would be different for this fandom. One which prides itself on being feminist. One which went out of its way to create dialogue with the creators of the show to demand better representation. But I guess I should have known better :/  

he is as wide as a street and as big as a villa that is right it is the lizard godzilla. when it was yesterday i went to the pictures on my own to see the newest monster film that has just come out that is called godzilla the chinese mentalist from the east and if you like films that are about lizards and buildings and death then you are in for a feast for your eyes because this film has got all of them things in it especially buildings and my best bit in the whole of the film is right near the end of it when godzilla is having a massive argument with his wife in their kitchen and she is screaming for him to be truthful with her just for once in his damn life and she keeps on saying is there someone else please just tell me if there is because i dont want to be married to someone who is cheating on me and godzilla screams give me strength woman dear god just shut the hell up for a second and then he looks at her silently for about 10 seconds and he does a half smile at her and then he goes over to the main drawer that is underneath the microwave in the kitchen and he opens it up and he takes out a poster of david tennant and he kisses it and then he looks at his wife again and he laughs and he says i guess i will be helping you pack your bags then wont i and she screams why the hell are you so obsessed with david tennant and godzilla says i just think he is a brilliant actor and he is a good kisser and i have loved everything that he has ever been in and his wife screams are you actually mental or something godzilla you have never even met the man before and godzilla says if being mental means liking brilliant actors like david then yes i guess i am mental then arent i and then after loads of pictures of david tennant flash up on the screen for ages godzilla gets a text on his telephone from walter white from breaking bad and he is saying for godzilla to go and meet him in town right away because he wants to show him something that he has just found out he can do with his leg but godzilla doesnt realise it is just a trap and as soon as godzilla gets out of the taxi in town walter white runs up behind him and he does a massive forward flip right over godzillas head and on his way down he stabs godzilla perfectly through the heart with a walking stick and he screams that is for killing my wife and my son you big green prick and then there is a slow motion shot of walter white standing on a bridge eating a woodlouse off the back of his hand and licking his lips really slowly while he watches the sun go down over america and then the camera goes really close up on his face and he slowly opens his mouth really wide and a white dove flys out and it is one of the most beautiful endings to a film that i have ever seen before in my life and it actually even made me cry it was so beautiful. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox 

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I think he's just going to delete the jacksepticeye 2 channel when he gets to 50 million 😂😂😂😂 Especially considering he's just filmed a whole season 2 of scare pewdiepie

yeah, which means youtube can’t afford to lose his channel (because $$$)

and although, the idea of deleting jacksepticeye2 is funny, it’d kind of ruin the whole point of “the most subscribed guy boycotting youtube’s bs” 

you have to understand that poods is not doing it only for his own benefit, but for the benefit of smaller channels which will suffer greatly from these “updates”… 

so if it takes this little stunt for youtube to realize they need to get their shit together ASAP, I’m 110% in and I will support poods throughout this whole process

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I have to agree with you about the Divergent film. It was different in places but they way they changed scenes (and missed some out) made the film work as a whole - especially for those who haven't read the book! It kept it so fast paced, and it made viewing it even after reading the book a surprise! Got to say it's a 10/10 from me

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the impeccable continuation and beautiful, beautiful symbolism that is present in the Captain America movies??

Because there I was, taking a shit and contemplating the plot of my fic, when I realized the great big nod to Bucky and Steve’s relationship during the final fight of TWS.  Granted, nearly the entire movie is a nod to the what was’ and what if's of their relationship, but I’m blown away.  Among the bloodshed and the anguish and the fear and the regret their interactions held - especially during that particular scene - throughout the whole film, there’s something so sweet and deep that’s layered carefully underneath.

It’s not surprising that the first flashback we see Bucky having is the one in which he’s falling down a cliff, but I think the very telling aspect is that the first thing he remembers is Steve’s face, Steve’s voice, Steve inclining toward him/reaching out to him, and then he remembers the rest.  Hearing Steve’s voice saying “Bucky?” draws these repressed memories out of him and this man is so important that he does the unthinkable.  He asks about him.

I don’t think many of us know what it’s like to be completely at another’s will.  To be the property of another human being: pummeled both mentally and physically into blind respect.  But we have all experienced the dread of questioning someone who intimidates us.  We know that it’s a little terrifying when you say something that you’re not sure how that person will react.  And Pierce has the power to destroy Bucky and I’m sure Bucky knows not to ask about the past.  It wouldn’t make sense in Hydra ops had made a rule against question them.

But he ask.  


Because the man on the bridge was important.  The man on both bridges: the one he’d torn apart and the one in his head.  He can’t be too sure, but he thinks that man cares about him.  He’d never seen that look in anyone’s eyes before.  That man must love him.

What would he have done with the information if Pierce said Steve’s name?  What would he have done if the situation was actually explained to him? We’ll never know because the next second, he’s being shoved back and strapped down and tormented.

In the helicarrier, we kinda can assume what he was thinking.  Steve screaming another mans name and reaching toward him.  Steve’s voice is a trigger.  And it’s scary.  The way the man doesn’t hit back and the way he can’t force himself to just take the kill shot.

He screams in frustration and his punches become sloppy, blind.  He gets the enemy down and screams “You’re my mission!” and punches quick and desperate.

And he stops.  For something the enemy whispers.  Hes stops to listen and can’t bring himself to hit again.  He’s shocked.  He’s terrified.

And just how the flashback depicted, the man falls just the same as he once did.  The exact same position so that his eye stays locked with his for a moment.  And everything is very slow.  Watching the man fall as he once did.  If he knew a name, he’d probably call it out too.

He’s suddenly filled with another’s urges.  Another’s emotions.  And the only thing he can feel is white hot rage in his belly and worry and regret hot in his chest.  And he thinks Save.

And jumping and reaching and grasping is thoughtless.

This was my 3rd concert 

and i must say it was the fucking best! Especially this fucking song! i couldn’t film it the whole time cause the moment was too beautiful and i srsly couldn’t watch my phone thats why u see the security men there and ya. 

IT WAS FUCKING MAGICAL. the WHOLE FUCKING STADIUM GOT QUIET U COULDNT HEAR ANYONE AFTER A FEW SECONDS! I can’t even describe the power of this woman. u felt everything and every word and every fucking breath and GO AND LOOK FOR URSELF ITS SO FUCKING AMAZING.

ya bye. 

he has metal claws and jet black curls and his favourite pop group is the spice girls that is right it is edward scissor hands from the film edward scissor hands and the tale of the whispering lips. if you like films that are about gardening and hairdressing and virtual pets then this is the film for you because it has got all of them things in it especially gardening and my best bit in the whole of the film is when edward scissor hands is at his college doing his beauty therapy course because that is what people do at college when they are rubbish at doing other things and all of the girls in his class dont like him because his hands are more metal than their ones and they always make fun of him because his only friend at collage is his tamagotchi and it is such a shame for him because he just wants to be liked by people and when it is at lunch time edward scissor hands is having a sit at a table with 6 of the girls from his class and he trys to impress them by putting his chin on the table and making a uncooked sausage come out of his mouth and it was so disgusting because it was really long and heavy and wet and everyone was saying that it was like a dying meat snake slithering out of his mouth for one last breath of air and kirstin who is the mean girl of the college was saying that it was the least impressive thing that she has ever seen in her life and everyone started saying yeah i know it is such a pointless thing to do and it made edward scissor hands feel really upset and he tried to shout for them to all shut up but he couldnt say it properly because there was so much meat coming out of his face and then the bell rang and edward scissor hands just stood there for ages staring at his reflection in a window and then at the night time edward scissor hands was in his garden cutting his favourite hedge into the shape of mel c from the spice girls and his wife ramona ryder comes into the garden and she says ugh stop being so obsessed with mel c from the spice girls she is the worst one and edward scissor hands says yeah yeah yeah tell it to someone who actually gives a hell and then ramona ryder says that she is having a affair with someone at her work and edward scissor hands says who the hell is it and ramona ryder says oh i dont know maybe someone who doesnt nearly stab me to death every time we make sweet love and edward scissor hands just looks at her for about 5 seconds and then he says well i guess you should know that i am also having a affair as well and ramona ryder says who would ever have a affair with you and edward scissor hands does a half smile and then he points to the top of his trousers and he says ryan would and ramona ryder laughs and she says you are having a affair with ryan your tamagotichi and edward scissor hands says yep i love him and he loves me and there is nothing that you can do about it so shut up and leave me alone and then he runs off into the woods like a big black metal crab and then right at the end of the film it shows edward scissor hands kneeling in a hole in the woods that he has dug and filled with plastic bags and he is kissing and licking his tamagotchi and he is singing the spice girls song 2 become 1 to it and then the camera goes really close up to his eyes and then his eyes do a massive high pitch screaming laugh and then the film just ends really suddenly and it is such a lovely ending to such a lovely film and i definitely think that you should have a watch of it especially if you have scissors for hands and you need a bit of a confidence boost. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

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Would you recommend kill Bill as a reference for anything at all? Or is it purely entertainment?

Neither. It’s not really useful as a reference, but it’s also not just entertainment. Quentin Tarantino has a long history of engaging in some very interesting cinematic experiments, and Kill Bill is an easy one to explain.

Just, keep in mind, I haven’t seen the film since Volume 2 released. So that’s about a decade now, and some of my recollections might be slightly off.

The two parts are basically different version of the same film. Not, the beginning and the end in separate pieces, but fundamentally different kinds of movies.

Volume 1 is an action film with all of the narrative connective tissue excised. If you ever wondered how much of a story you could cut away, and leave just the action sequences, that’s Kill Bill: Volume 1. It’s one highly stylized fight sequence after another. There is a story, but there’s no real exposition (or almost none), and you’re left to infer context from the characters interacting.

Volume 2 is almost the exact opposite. It’s an action film with no set pieces. There’s very little violence in the film as a whole, especially in contrast to Volume 1. Instead Volume 2 is really focused on the characters and contextualizing the violence you watched in the first half. You don’t even learn the name of Uma Thurman’s character in the first film. It’s selectively bleeped when characters call her by name in the first film.

I’d honestly need to rewatch the films if you wanted my full analysis, but in general, Tarantino is never just presenting entertainment. His films have visceral entertainment value, but there’s always some experimentation and some high concept themes at work. Even if you don’t enjoy his films, they are worth looking at, because you can learn from them. Which is slightly different from using them as references.