especially the second when he drops the towel



Summary: Tony is feeling a little down after a mission and asks Steve to give him gentle tickles rather than rough ones.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m quite happy with this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Words: 1 558

Steve’s body was aching. It wasn’t overwhelmingly bad, but the dull pain that shot through his limbs was annoying and a slightly too big of a reminder of a life full of chronic pain that he’d left behind him. He glanced at Tony as they entered their bedroom. If he was in pain he couldn’t imagine how Tony might be feeling.

“Are you hurt?” he asked once they’d shut the door behind them.

Tony shook his head. “Nah. The suit took all the beating. I promise,” he added at Steve’s skeptical look.

Steve didn’t say anything, but he didn’t take his eyes off of him as they started undressing. Tony never winced once, and Steve couldn’t find a single trace of oncoming bruises on his body, so he reckoned the genius was speaking the truth regarding his well being for once.

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“okay it was me… so?” and/or “so… what are we now?”

THIS wound up a lot longer than I thought it would (wow am I glad I wrote this on a separate doc first). I only re-read back through it casually so hopefully all the errors have been caught, but.

AU: College!AU, in a very loose sense (as in everyone’s in college but Allen and Kanda aren’t roommates). Everyone does already know each other though, and have been friends for a good bit. :)

wc: 2,212

Allen knew he’d drunk a bit more than usual last night. Knew because he still had that dull throbbing ache in the back of his head that he knew couldn’t have been from anything else. He hadn’t gotten into a fight, he was pretty sure, or even if he had it hadn’t turned violent because he didn’t hurt anywhereelse, or at least that he could tell—here lying in a bed that he was pretty sure wasn’t his own.

He liked his casual comforts, and this particular mattress was way too hard to be his own. And the sheets too, they were satiny smooth against his skin but definitely not in a familiar way. Usually he would burrow himself under several layers of covers like a burrito that needed to be literally unraveled some mornings, according to Lavi and Kanda. Hell, he’d been late enough often enough for it be a running joke among all his peers.

So yes, he definitely had fallen asleep at some point last night after a night of drinking, and he’d fallen asleep in someone else’s bed.

Allen groaned and blinked his eyes open to see a familiar popcorn dotted ceiling. So he was…either in a hotel room or another dorm. Okay then. He grunted and sat up, rubbing his eyes for a moment to clear them before blinking around the dimly lit room. There were blackout curtains but it didn’t really do much—after all he’d been trained how to see in the dark by Cross starting at a young age—but it also sort of tacked down that—

Hotel room, maybe most definitely and the shower? Was running.

Oh. So. He was in bed. In a hotel room. With one other person? Allen felt his face pale, and quickly took stock of the situation. The room itself was cheap, but not dingy. There was a one seater to the left of the bed, near the window where the blackout curtains were drawn. The bedside table to his right had a pair of lamps embedded to the wall above it and a digital clock that read 8:03AM. But didn’t give an actual date, but Allen was pretty sure it was a Sunday—he hadn’t gotten that drunk.

Across from the bed (there was only one bed, and that was kind of worrying) was a dresser which had his jeans folded on top of them as well as his shirt. Oh. Oh. Well, at least that proved that Allen was shirtless and pants-less. Then again he normally just slept in boxers so that wasn’t unusual and he definitely could feel that he wasn’t naked. Thank god. So maybe nothing bad had happened last night?

But whoever was in the shower didn’t have their clothes in the room (on second thought that was obvious) so Allen had absolutely no idea who he had shared a bed—or at least room—with last night.

He really tried not to panic, especially when he heard the water shut off. His initial reaction was to act like he’d been asleep, but he had little time to actually process that particular thought before the bathroom door was creaking open and—

“Oh. You’re awake?” Allen’s mouth dropped open a little bit as a very wet Kanda stepped around the corner and into the room. He’d thankfully put his boxers and pants back on, but he was still trying to towel dry his hair with the flimsy towels the hotel provided. That? Looked kind of ridiculous and honestly it helped Allen relax.

“Yeah I am. I’d ask what I’m doing here but—” Allen shook his head, “Um I can probably guess.”

Kanda gave him a look—one of the one he always gave when Allen was being difficult which, what? Allen felt himself getting angry just out of habit, but then Kanda spoke, “I think it was my fault.”

Allen blinked. “What?” He just barely turned that statement into a question. And why was Kanda walking over here? To the bed?

“Does your head hurt?” Kanda held out two pills that Allen really didn’t want to know where he’d stashed until now, “If you need water I can grab it but I know you can swallow them dry.” He shook his hand a little as if prompting Allen to take them and, well, his head did hurt, “Don’t worry it’s just Tylenol. I’m not going to drug you.”

“I never said you were!” Allen snapped and, just to prove a point, opened his mouth and tossed the pills in.

“But I got you drunk. It’s not much better.” Allen nearly choked, but somehow managed to swallow regardless. “Tch, are you sure you don’t need—”

“Wait what?” Allen cut him off. “You got me drunk? Okay, start over. From the beginning.” Because now he definitely wanted to get mad, but honestly? He was a bit more bewildered than anything. Because when he tried to pull up a picture of last night he got nothing. “What happened last night?”

Kanda stared at him again like he was an idiot, but then oddly? Sat down on the bed, away from Allen’s legs somehow, but still. The way his shoulders sagged made Allen almost worried. Then again, he woke up with a hangover in a hotel room in a bed he most likely shared with Kanda and—okay that statement alone was trippy enough. The least he could do is try and listen to make some sense of it, right? He’d deal with the consequences later.

“Yeah. It was a dare. I think Lavi was trying to get me smashed but passed out before he could. Remember? Lenalee and that guy—” Kanda told the story, of how Lenalee’s date had gone pretty poorly—something Allen was starting to remember. They’d gone to a pretty low-key place downtown, the atmosphere had been great until another guy started hassling them. Something about having a bone to pick with the guy she was with. After that he’d pretty much dropped her off—no kiss goodnight, no flowers, no attempt to even make contact again—

Honestly it had been a let down, so of course she’d called on her boys and they’d all wound up in Lavi and Kanda’s dorm room because their roommates were out. It had started innocently enough—her telling them about the date, then the drinks. Then a movie, then more drinks—then someone decided it would be a great idea to start up a poker match. Which ended up with Lenalee practically naked, Kanda practically naked, and Lavi somehow still keeping his shirt.

“I was pretty sure at that point you two were fucking cheating. You kept drawing even or whatever the fuck.” Kanda snorted. “And sorry but I didn’t want to see either of you naked so I guess I’m kinda glad?” Even if he and Lenalee pretty much had to watch them play a game neither were very good at.

Then he talked about how Lenalee had passed out on Kanda’s bed, and how Lavi had then dared them to finish off his alcohol stash just so that he wouldn’t get in trouble for having it when ‘Gramps’ inevitably came by for a surprise visit the next day.

And, of course, they had gotten competitive. Allen really couldn’t see how they wouldn’t have, even though Allen knew he staunchly should not drink or else. He could only hope Cross didn’t figure out how much alcohol he had or else he’d be punished severely.

“Which is why when we realized how fucking trashed you were and because it was my fault—”and because Lena was in his  bed, and Lavi didn’t want Bookman coming in and seeing three drunk as hell teenagers in his room. “I got us a hotel room. For the night.”

Allen almost wanted to sag in relief. That story? Was much tamer than he thought.

And then Kanda said four (okay maybe five) words. “You’re a bad drunk.”

Allen felt his face pale. “…Wh-what did I do?” Now he no longer felt relieved that the bed he’d shared was with Kanda (someone he could actually call a friend on a good day, even if they had their petty arguments). Now he was worried because Kanda wasn’t quite looking at him.

“Tch. It was…me.” Kanda started, stiltedly, “It was my fault. So—”

“So what?” Now Allen was getting antsy because he also knew—if anything happened, if—but then that—it was hard for his brain to compute, but he had to ask, “D-Did I hurt—”

Immediately Kanda snapped, “No! Fuck do I look like I was limping?”

“I don’t know!” Allen snapped, “I only saw you walk from the bathroom to here! I—” He felt vaguely ill, and he could see Kanda also looked vaguely like that was something he really hadn’t wanted to think about but he had to ask.

“You didn’t. Do anything.” Kanda ground out before Allen could jump to any other conclusions, “Except kiss me.” Allen’s mouth snapped shut. What? Kanda still wasn’t looking at him. In fact he was looking kind of pensive like he thought Allen was going to throw something or—get mad—or—

Allen knew, even if they never talked about it, that Kanda knew he wasn’t straight. And anyone as beautiful as Kanda was was sure to turn heads no matter what. Assumptions could be drawn that maybe, somewhere down the line, Kanda would have had to chase someone off. Or multiple people. Lavi had even said he was extra careful whenever they went to bars—even if he had a strong alcohol tolerance—he was still human. He could still get drunk and have…things happen to him that made Allen’s face pale even more. The fact that Kanda wasn’t yelling at him or hadn’t just left? Was actually pretty damn surprising. “S-So I kissed you.” Allen shifted a little, not really caring that he only had boxers on, “That’s…you’re sure that’s a-all I did? Um,” He didn’t want to touch Kanda, because what if that set something off? But, “I-I’m sorry if I—if that—that wasn’t okay. I should have—” What? Asked? He was drunk! And did something that clearly made Kanda uncomfortable, “I’m sorry.” He repeated again, only for Kanda to turn to him.

“It wasn’t bad.” He shrugged, “Not the worst kiss I’ve had. But not the best either.” He paused here, then said, even more quietly, “It’s fine. I. Kissed back.” Allen felt himself tense up all over again but for completely different reasons. Mostly because, apparently, admitting that—or maybe because Allen apologized too?—seemed to open the floodgates, “We didn’t. Go farther than that. You stopped, but you don’t remember that at all, do you?” He glanced back at Allen, “Or anything you said?”

Allen was distinctly starting to feel like he’d made an ass of himself, but in an entirely different way. “No I. I don’t remember anything. I’m—”

“If you apologize again I will smack you.” Kanda sagged a little, “I swear you fucking apologize way too much.”

“Well I mean I kinda feel like it’s appropriate given that I kissed you when we were both clearly not sober, and I probably came onto you and—I know you know I’m not straight but I didn’t want to—”

“Fucking hell.” Kanda cut him off, “I just told you I kissed you back.” Now he almost looked angry. But the upset kind of angry that was on the cusp of maybe admitting something that neither of them were ready to admit yet. “I said I liked it. You said. You said okay. I just told you we kept kissing—” No, actually, he hadn’t but Allen at this point was going to let him keep talking, “Then you passed out after saying—saying—we’d. T-Talk about it in the morning, and maybe…get breakfast.”



Allen stared at Kanda a little in disbelief then, “Oh my god. I asked you out on a date and I didn’t even remember it?!” Not to mention it was Kanda, since when did—how—what?!

Kanda facepalmed. Literally, along with a groan, “I fucking swear. Did you need some time to think about if you still wanted to or not? There’s a perfectly good shower—I’ll wait.”

Allen blubbered for a moment longer before saying, “I’m not going to say no to breakfast! I-I mean, but, a date.”

“Yes. A date.” Kanda repeated, staring at Allen here and it wasn’t really a look Allen was used to seeing on Kanda’s face. He was nervous, which was probably what made it stick out all the more. “What? Stop looking at me like that.”

Allen immediately snapped his eyes down to the covers of the hotel bedroom. Oh god. If they’d shared a bed after that, did he cling? He knew he clung in his sleep, but now he was too afraid to ask because—“A date.” He mumbled softly, with a shake of his head, then, louder, he asked: “So I-I guess…what does that make us now?”  

Kanda seemed to relax but only marginally at that. “Why don’t you take me out on a date first and we’ll see?”