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[Article] BTS Is Back! The K-Pop Kings Talk Their New Album and Ever-Evolving Style

Just ahead of the release, the members sat down for an exclusive interview with Vogue to break down their new look and evolving personal style. Despite a long day of filming and dance rehearsals, they were in good spirits, laughing and chattering happily. “Let’s go!” J-Hope said. Here, we do.

Q. Tell us about the new visual concept for this album. What kind of style did you pick to express it?

Suga: It’s about boys falling in love. There are four versions of love, and we shot four different photos to show them. Though each one is different, the same feeling of love comes through in every shot. There’s a sense of playfulness, of friends hanging out comfortably at home in their free time, and that kind of fluttering feeling. Visually, we cover a lot of ground.

The lyrics and the music themselves are about finding your fate. In this album, we cover a wide range of songs: There are high-energy ones, very hip-hop ones. It’s quite diverse. To match it, the style covers a range of colorful, sporty, leisure, and boyish clothes. They go well together: powerful music, colorful clothes.

J-Hope: It’s very colorful and sporty, overall. I think there’s a slightly retro feel, too. Among the seven members, I think we each kind of bring out our hidden boyishness through our clothes.

Suga: It’s totally different. When we did You Never Walk Alone, we wore a lot of casual clothes. This time, it’s a lot flashier. Super colorful, yet more high-end and comfortable at the same time. More of that comforting feeling.

J-Hope: Right, this time we wanted to show more of that boyish style.

Q. How would you describe BTS’s style in general, looking back across your work?

Rapmon: Just style.

Jimin: Truthfully, we have a very energetic style, I would say.

Q. A lot has been said about the kind of individuality you hope to express as a band. Is that something that comes into play with your style, letting each member’s own persona come through?

Jimin: Of course; it’s important. With each new album, we do a lot of fittings. And each time we do those fittings, we talk a lot and always share our thoughts as we go. We put a lot of effort into looking for clothes that express ourselves and the feelings we want to express with each album’s concept. We want to show that, [but] without losing our individuality either.

V: I don’t think we have one signature. With each concept, we change it up completely and the styles have been so diverse. For “Boy in Luv,” we wore school uniforms. For “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” it was a range of suits and white shirts. As artists, we have to change our style to match each concept. We’re always changing, ever changing.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece you wore for this comeback?

Suga: I loved all the oversize shirts.

Jungkook: Me too. There’s a loose, navy chiffon shirt I wore with slacks that was particularly light and comfortable. I liked that a lot.

J-Hope: I liked wearing those basketball jerseys, and those ultra-colorful sweaters, too.

Rapmon: There was a really big windbreaker that I liked because it was so big.

V: I liked everything, but the accessories most of all. Particularly all the rings and earrings, I liked those the most.

Jimin: For me, it was the bright red shirt from “DNA.”

Q. Who do you think has changed the most since you debuted?

J-Hope: V?

Suga: V has changed a lot, and Jimin changed a lot.

Rapmon: Jungkook, too.

Q. In what way?

Jimin: We’ve all gotten old.

J-Hope: Our maknae line [the youngest members] has changed a lot. They are the youngest and looked it when we debuted, but now, they look more grown-up.

Jin: Like Jimin. Overall, his face changed from cute to sexy.

Q. What do you want most for this comeback?

Suga: To make the Billboard Hot 100 is my dream.

J-Hope: Let’s get it! Dream!

Rapmon: I would like all the members to be healthy.

J-Hope: Health!

Suga: It’s the most important thing, really.

Jimin: I would like to be 3 centimeters taller.

V: For real. I want to have wide shoulders like Jin.

Jimin: Me too [laughs]. For real.

Suga: If everyone could be happy, I would be happy.

J-Hope: Peace!

Jungkook: For me, I’d like to travel a lot. Anywhere would be great. And if I could learn to speak English and Japanese well, that would be great, too.

J-Hope: I also would like the members to be healthy and happy. And everyone else, all our fans.

Q. Any last words for your American fans?

J-Hope: Of course, American Army.

Suga: No matter what, our American Army is so big, and we are so very thankful to them. From now on, we want to put on even cooler performances, be cooler, be better, so look forward to it. Please, always look forward to it.

V: Thank you! We love American Army so much!

Q. Tell us about your personal style. What are you into lately?

V: In my case, I like to pick one piece that pops against everything else. I like flashy shirts, or I’ll wear a simple shirt with a fancy necktie. I also like vintage pieces, more standout ones. I’ll go to certain boutiques and look for clothes without labels. You can find a lot of nice unbranded shirts, and I wear those a lot.

Jimin: To be honest, I don’t think much about style, or “oh, this is my style,” that sort of thing. I follow my mood, which is so different day to day. Generally, I like a wide range of styles, but lately, I’ve been reaching for comfortable, simple things. Simple slacks and shirts.

Jungkook: Are you familiar with the term paealmot [fashion-know-nothing]? I don’t know anything about fashion. So for me, I reach for anything comfortable. I wear a lot of athleisure and workout clothes—sweatpants and sweatshirts—as I like to stay active.

Jin: I like to dress warmly, comfortably as I go around. Naturally I like easy fashion. My style is clean, polished, and gentle looking. Or you could say I prefer to wear big sweatshirts and hoodies.

J-Hope: I’m into streetwear, and more colorful looks. These days, bags have become more of a thing for me—these mini cross bags are so great.

Suga: These days I’m wearing a lot of Jordans, those sneakers. I’ve been wearing a lot of slippers, too, and comfortable clothes in general. I really like that kind of oversize fit.

Rap Monster: These days, I’m most into staying comfortable. I do have a lot of interest in Japanese brands, so I’ve been looking at cool Japanese hyungs [older brothers] and carefully studying their style. Brands like WTAPS, Visvim, I like a lot.

Q.  What is one item you can’t live without?

V: I like old-school, vintage-style glasses a lot. As for accessories, I really like them all.

Jimin: I like accessories a lot. Hats, caps, beanies, I like all of them. I also look for special standout earrings, rings, necklaces … I like to layer them on heavily.

Jungkook: I don’t like accessories all that much, except for hats. I like bucket hats and beanies a lot, and I sometimes wear rings or bracelets. I’m the kind of person that if I put it on once, I’ll leave it on forever.

Jin: I like silver accessories. I think they suit me well.

J-Hope: I like hats a lot—bucket hats, sun caps, beanies, and fitted caps. And like I said before, I like bags a lot. I like shoes that stand out, too. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of running shoes, the kind that look good with very wide pants.

Suga: I also love accessories, especially bracelets and rings. King rings, the really big ones. I’ll wear a lot of them at once.

Rap Monster: I like hats. As for a favorite … I like all of them, though? Really. I wear hats all the time.

Q.  How much interest do you have in fashion?

Jin: “How do I mix and match these things together … ” I tend to stand in front of the closet worrying like that.

Q.  Who is your style icon right now?

V: I don’t have a big role model at the moment, but later on, I would like to channel [actor] Ryoo Seung-bum [who is known for his unique style].

Jimin: I don’t have one exactly, but I like to look on the Internet for cool, well-dressed people and get inspired that way.

Jungkook: I am my own role model. I want to follow myself.

Jin: [Actor] Kang Dong Won. The clothes he wears, it’s the fit and style I like.

J-Hope: I like A$AP Rocky. How to put it … he dresses on-trend, but he also dresses for himself. He’s made his own style. It’s hip, but has a clean, polished kind of feel. That whole A$AP Mob style, I like.

Suga: Like Jungkook, I don’t really have one. I just look for what I like and what I feel comfortable wearing.

Rap Monster: Cool hyungs I look up to, even people I pass on the street in Seoul. People dress so well here, it’s easy to get inspired.


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morning sunlight was filtering in through the open doors of the balcony, catching on the beautiful leaves of all of their plants and all shiny and golden and beautiful. magnus had been up for an hour, going through emails on his phone as he dressed and got himself ready for the day. the sun had greeted him bright and cheery, spilling in through the big windows and drenching the loft in pale orange and soft gold.

by now though, magnus’s emails were sorted and he was sat by himself on one of the couches, leaning against the cushions on the arm with a book cradled against his knee and a mug of tea in his other hand. the steam that wafted off of it kept catching in the bright shards of sunlight, catching on the rings that adorned magnus’s fingers, especially the gold one that sat on his left ring finger with two initials carved into the soft metal.

everything had been quiet for a while now as his eyes scanned the page. it was a book of spells he’d loaned from catarina, an old one worn at the edges, a mix of languages old and new. he was looking for a spell in particular, one he wanted to try and expand on, possibly alter entirely before his clients showed up for the day. but when he heard shifting sheets and a soft grunt in the other room he paused reading, glancing back over his shoulder towards the bedroom.

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The Ring(Dean AMBW Smut)

You stood there rooted in place as the harsh bitter winds from winter blew your hair into your face. The light sweater you had on blew with the wind, and it seemed as if your whole body was being invaded every article of clothing becoming cold and chilling you more as you looked at the girls in front of you. You were nervous but you had come too far now to go back.

“You want to be in my gang?” The girl repeated in disbelief and you gave a nod of your head chewing on your bottom lip. She gave a soft laugh but it didn’t reach her eyes, the girls on either side of her laughed along, some in fear and some just being ignorant to the fact that you needed a way out. “What could a good girl like you possibly get from a gang?” Mina asked staring at you.

Mina was the leader of the gang, she was a short but powerful thing. Light brown hair framed her round cheeks, she wasn’t fit but she was on the petite side, glasses hung over her dark brown eyes and she always seemed to have resisting bitch face. You had learned about her around your second year in college. She was a rising gang leader on the streets of Seoul and yes at first you hated her. You hated everything she stood for but now here you were asking for her help. Because you wanted protection, because you wanted a family. To stop the emptiness. To stop the throbbing and the pain of knowing that every day when you wake up. You’re still alone.

“I just need protection for the work I do.” You lied quickly maintaining eye contact with her the whole time. Your dad taught you key points while he was living, the first was to always look the person in the eye to show no fear and to show you sincerity. And the second was to keep looking them in the eye even if you had to lie a little bit about what was going on.

“Protection you say? Well girls do you hear that? She doesn’t want a puppy or a poodle-“

“Look are you going to let me join or not? It’s in the negatives, I’m out here freezing trying to prove I’m down for this shit and you’re taking me for a joke.” You felt your voice start to rise, despite how cold it was. The look Mina gave you would have probably scared you shitless when you first got here, you knew they had weapons on them and even if they didn’t you were on an abandoned street and it was just one of you. But time was precious and the last thing you wanted to feel like was a fucking joke.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Mina asked stepping forward towards you, dragging a blade out of the side of her leather pants she was quick to press it against your throat. “Bitch I will cut you for speaking to me like that, drain your blood and then have a party around your dead corpse.” She spat at you. You were livid, and if there was a word beyond that- it would describe all the rage you felt in your heart right now. She was a fucking joke. Half her gang had braids, or bandanas around their faces trying to imitate something you knew all too well from the states. They weren’t authentic, they were knock offs. Suddenly you felt very foolish for coming here and thinking that you could find friends this way. You couldn’t simply be normal and go to a café to find friends, you just had to be enticed by the dark side. Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes remembering where you were at, you needed to play it cool, you needed to keep a clear level head or you were going to take down her and this fake ass back up crew.

“Look, all I’m saying is that you knew the moment I walked out here- the moment I approached you at the college if you wanted me to be in or not. Please, I don’t want to waste my time or yours if I don’t fit the part. Just be honest with me so I can go.” You opened your eyes to look into hers, you saw a flicker of something flash beneath the color and you questioned it to yourself but you kept a straight face not wanting her to see you feeling amiss. And just like that she smiled taking the blade from your throat stepping backwards.

“You know I like you. You have heart y/n. I’m shocked honestly but I guess we can all misjudge people the wrong way.” She stated as she walked around back and forth looking back at her friends she seemed to be in deep thought. The only thing that could be heard beyond the soft whistle of the wind was her black thigh boots. She stopped for a second swaying side to side before she faced you with a wide smile on her face flashing all her white teeth. You felt uneasy about that smile but you didn’t comment, standing straighter than you were before you crossed your hands over your chest. “I guess we have room for one more. Especially if the other rings see we are rolling with such an.. Exotic beauty. They will want our business. We can be the best Seoul has ever seen.” She spoke softly walking towards you calling her girls behind her- you got defensive quickly putting your hands up into balled fist causing an erupt of laughter to strike through the crowd as she hit your hand. “Sweet heart if I wanted to hurt you, I would’ve done it by now so be a good girl and calm down.” You waited for a second but listened to her putting your hands down.

“I want you to do something for me.. Something only, you can do. And if you do a great job at it. Then you will be able to join us. And guess what? You’ll be my right hand.” She smiled widely nodding. “Are you down for it?” She asked biting on her bottom lip. You pondered for a second before opening your mouth to speak.

“And you say I’ll be your right hand?” You asked softly liking the sound of that a bit too much when clearly all she wanted was to use you for her benefit. But if it stopped the depressing thoughts lingering in your mind than so be it. Once she nodded her head you shook yours eagerly wanting to know what it was.

“See usually we have you fight us one by one until we can beat you into a pulp. But you have a reputation. You have classes to go to, a job to do good on. We can’t have your pretty face all bruised up.” She cooed running a slender index finger across your bottom lip. “No, everything on your pretty tight little body has to remain.” She purred and you don’t know why but you were repulsed, she was obviously coming on to you, and you didn’t know how to take it. “I need you to do something special for me.” She repeated sighing and taking a step back. “There is a drug lord that lives around here. He has some possessions that are of great value. Some things that can make us rich and make even he must bow down to us. He has some things that if taken, they can really hurt him.” She stopped looking up at her. “I will send you the item that I need you to get. I will send you a map of the layout of the house and a code of how to turn off his security measures. If you do well and bring me what I need, then you will be my right hand and I will make sure we give you everything you want. But if you screw up, you will die. Do not let him catch you.” Mina warned you and for some reason that made the pit of your stomach twist as the uneasy feeling crept up but instead of following your first mind and going home, you nodded eager to prove yourself worthy of this toxic love. Ready to do anything for recognition.


You couldn’t believe you were here. Clicking your tongue, you looked around the large house sighing to yourself. How the fuck did you end up here? Being a follower and not a leader. You were currently laying down hiding in a field of tall green grass. Two big dark green bushes hid you from the view and you felt your heart pounding as the sun started to set into the darkness. You looked down at your outfit making sure that you were good to go, making sure no skin was really left visible. You had on a bodysuit. Black and leather hugging your hips and your ass. Your breast was pushed up in the hot fabric and there was a zipper in the front that you could pull up to get in and out of it. Leather latches on the side of your thighs to add some clear to it and not make it plain. You had black gloves on the grass beside you, your hair braided in a long ponytail behind your back, you took out a good two hours of your day to straighten your hair. Your ankle boots felt a little too stiff in the grass and of course they were black as well. Once the darkness set and you checked over the single white piece of paper that you had been given.

Standing up you brushed your body off, and put the black ski mask on your face with the holes cut out for your eyes and your lips, a small hole for your nose to breathe. You started to walk forward, a single pocket knife in between your breast. Slipping the gloves on carefully as your eyes scanned the large plains. You knew that the person who lived here had been gone, you had been watching the trucks come and go all day and there hadn’t been anyone there for some time now. Running quickly up to the house, you looked at the brown oak door that was in front of you, not wasting time, you slipped a black credit card from your ankle boots and picked the lock before needing a hair pin for the top lock. Pushing the door open you felt the rush of cool air hit your face but the basking would have to wait. A loud cry from the alarm sounded off; your body reacting quickly to swing and press the key code into the keypad. Once you defeated the system you moved your body to lean out the door flipping the cameras upwards and cutting the wires with your knife. Shoving it back between your breast you shut and locked the door looking around the dark house. Whoever this was, he was rich and very good at what he did. You moved to walk around, maybe a bit too slowly looking at everything he had. You wanted to have as much as he had but you knew you would have to work your way up to it. Finding the ivory staircase winding up to the top floor.

You walked up each step slowly, listening to your heart pounding over the soft creaking sounds of each step until you were at the top letting out a breath that you had kept in your mouth. Your shaking hands gripped onto the piece of paper and you had to squint to see the writing in the dark. Thank god, the paper was white. Letting your eyes adjust, you started to move down the left hallway taking slow steps. You counted off the number of doors until the fifth one and stopped in front of it. This was it, this is what you were going to do. You bit on your bottom lip wanting to run away but then what? They would be after you AND you would have no protection. Sucking in a breath and saying a quick prayer you pushed the door open with trembling hands. Shutting the door behind you; moving into the room you could make out the outline of it if you didn’t move your head too quickly. There was a large desk with a swivel chair behind it. You could see two windows that had curtains draped, the moonlight shining into the place but it was very dim and only the floor was shining with light. You pushed the paper into your glove, hands reaching out in front of you to fill around for the things that you needed. Not finding it, you moved around to open drawers and touching different things until you were holding onto a ring case. You popped it open seeing a ring that sparkled. It was told to you that it was a crystal blue ring, fourteen carrot ruby that belonged to the man of the house. It was worth a lot, and it appears such a rare item was wanting by everyone. Smirking you gave a soft laugh cheering and stomping around stepping from behind the desk, as soon as you started to make your way towards the door, a hand clapped and the lights came on.

You froze in horror, your eyes opened wide and it seemed everything stopped including your heart. Your head slowly turned until you were looking at a male in front of you. And he didn’t wear a smile on his face. Your nerves were running wild, the feeling of dread making your legs buckle. He had his hands rested on the arms of a dark brown leather chair. His legs crossed, he had on black dress pants and a white button-down shirt with the first few buttons undone. The sleeves were rolled up and his tie was hanging loosely on his shoulders.  His eyes were dark and piercing, and though his lips were drawn into a straight line and down into a frown he still looked beautiful to you. He had black hair that was curled by hanging on top of his head. You never knew someone could look so fucking- good. Even if that person clearly didn’t give two shits about you.

“Name.” He spoke and you blinked. You weren’t expecting that voice to match his face. “I ASKED FOR YOUR NAME!” He shouted, a vein popping out in his neck and you jumped back squealing softly as you muttered your name.

“Who sent you?” He questioned and you moved to hold the ring box close to your body.

“Listen it’s a big misunderstanding-“

“I didn’t fucking ask. I asked who sent you.” He stated again. Your heart was hammering in your chest, you felt light headed from how much blood was seeming to move towards your face and head. “Alright, you’re not going to talk and I have no time for fucking games.” He spoke in a blur and you almost didn’t catch what he was saying. He pulled his gun from beside a round table stand and you had failed to even see it while you inspected him. He pointed it at you and you could see him taking the safety off.

“Blood roses!” You cried reaching your hands out. You didn’t want to die, not like this. Not right now, it was too soon. You felt instantly bad you should have followed your first mind. He seemed to be taken aback laughing to himself he pulled the gun back before he tilted his head.

“What did you say?” He asked, and when he pointed the gun back at you, your mouth opened wide.

“Blood roses.” You mumbled lightly as you pressed your hands by your side.

“Interesting.” He growled standing up straight. “Mask off. I want to look at who I’m going to kill.” He spoke and his voice was demanding, loud and powerful. Your limbs didn’t seem to want to move but one look at the gun and the positioning of it you knew he was going to shoot. Your eyes were watering and you were terrified beyond words moving your hands only to realize you still had the ring case in one of your hands. “Slide it.” He demanded as his eyes trailed to the ring case. You nodded your head pushing it down onto the floor and sliding it across the floor to stop a little bit in front of him. He looked at it before he looked back at you clearly waiting for you to make a move.

Your hands moved up to grip at the hems of the mask, Mina’s words rang through you as you removed the mask throwing it down onto the floor. You expected him to be surprised, the way his eyes raised before being sat back in place made you want to smirk. Almost. He sat the gun down and he uncrossed his legs bending down to grip at the ring case opening it to make sure that the ring was there before he looked back at you placing it on the table.

“I’ve never seen you before. Who are you and why do you want to work with them?” He questioned and you don’t know why but you felt defiant.

“I don’t have to tell you shit.” You spat out glaring at him.

“Excuse me?” He asked softly eyes raking over your frame before he looked back at your face.

“You fucking heard me. I don’t answer to you.” You crossed your arms over your chest, and that was it. He stood up gripping the gun and making quick work to stand in front of you. He was taller than you by a few inches and you just knew he was going to pull the trigger but what he said next shocked you.

“On your fucking knees.” He stated and you opened your mouth which he placed the gun there waiting for you to say something. “I said on your fucking knees, or you can die standing up. I’ve lost a day of work and I have property damage because of you.” He growled at you, his voice becoming husky and for some reason. It turned you on. Glaring at him, you got down on your knees one by one a smirk on his lips as he looked down at you. “That’s right, be a good obedient bitch.” He took the gun and placed it against your right temple as he crouched down in front of you eyes locked on yours.

“Now what’s going to happen here, is I’m going to pull this trigger and you’re going to die only after you tell me why you stole something from me or wanted to steal from me you foolish girl.” He questioned and you surprised yourself by shrugging.

“She told me if I did this. I would be her right hand. I would be in a family.” You mumbled the last part as a whisper. The male looked at you before he burst out laughing standing up. He threw his head back shaking his head.

“I want a family, I want a family!” He teased mocking you in a girly voice. “That’s pathetic.” He turned to look at you. “You’re about to die for a family that you’re not even in.” He narrowed his eyes and looked down at you on your knees. His eyes raking your figure once more. “Why?” He asked softly and your heart felt heavy. You hated him, how he pitied you, how soft his voice sounded.

“As if you really give a fuck. You don’t even know me!”

“Do they?!” He shouted at you before he calmed down.

You flinched and looked down at your gloved hands. He had a point, they didn’t know anything about you and the leader was your enemy. You could hear him sigh but he chuckled pointing the gun back at you. “I could care less about an idiot who would do anything for people she didn’t know. I used to think all my victims needed to share their stories. But you, I don’t even think you fucking have one.” He said and you felt angry tears well in your eyes. You had been told to never cry in front of people but if you’re about to die then what’s the point of being tough?

“You don’t know what it’s like.” You said uneasily. “Being alone- going to school alone. Going to work alone. No one is there when you go home.” You started.

“Then fucking meet people. You have the internet. You have choices. A gang is not the way especially one that sends you to do missions by yourself. Can’t you see? She doesn’t give a fuck about you.” He stated and you shook your head.

“You’re wrong! She was going to make me her right hand!” You yelled at him.

“She was going to get you killed!” He shouted back frustration etching on his features as his face turned red. He covered his hands over his face as he took a deep breath. “She picked you for all the right reasons. Your gullible, oblivious. Cute, and you look innocent as fuck.” He stated as he took his hands from his face to look at you.

“H-how do you know she picked me for that?” You asked wanting to know his reasoning.

“Because. She’s my ex.” Once he muttered those words your head snapped up so that your eyes locked and the wicked smirk you saw there made your stomach churn. “I speak all truths. Me and Mina dated for a few years. Since you’re going to be dead I may as well tell you.” He nodded scratching his chin. “She was my everything. The fucking bitch. I gave and did everything for her until I came home and watched her bounce up and down on two of my dead crew members. We had started an empire together. Our gangs ran together. We had it all but she had to be fucking greedy. I kicked her out, she’s lucky I didn’t kill her. But I did shoot the other fuckers dead where they laid. I made her leave the group and her little click. They are all a joke and the only reason they are making a name for themselves is the simple fact that their sucking those dicks well to the ones giving them.” He shook his head smiling sweetly as he walked towards you pressing the gun against your forehead and you had to think quickly about how to get yourself out of the situation. “You should be thanking me for this, I can finally set you free.” He muttered letting the barrel press against your flesh.

“You don’t have to do this. Can’t you just let me go? I’m not even official and I gave the ring back.” You whined softly looking up at him. Leaning into the gun you were afraid to touch him but you needed to let him see your urge in needing to live.

“And why should I let you live? So that you can go back to them and tell about how nice I was? I don’t think so.”

“I won’t tell.” You pleaded with your eyes watching him.

“Listen, y/n. You don’t seem to get the rules of this thing. Of course, I have to do this. I’m a king. And people never respect kings who show remorse or sorrow. You made the choice to break into my house and had I went out tonight I would have lost a lot. But your bitch ass wannabe leader can’t keep her mouth shut meaning, she wanted me to know. She wanted you dead. There are two rules in this game, number one is that you never step cross a drug lord’s path unless you have business for them. And two you never walk out of their house alive if you don’t belong to them.” He tiled your head up with the gun making you both lock eyes. “I have no choice here. I have to make an example out of you.” He shook his head and you bit on your bottom lip.

“Please. Please- sir? Don’t do this. I can do anything, I will do anything. I really don’t want to die. I just. I need to live. I know you understand that. Make an example out of me another way.” You whined and he pulled the gun back after a long pause.

“I like your whine.” He commented after some silence growling as he walked away from you to go sit back down in the chair. And sadly, I like your face. Those pretty pouty lips and how that body looks in that outfit.” He shook his head again laughing to himself. “I’m a fool. But fuck it. If you really care about your life you have an option. You can stand up and strip for me, you can let me shoot you or you can let me call my crew and let them all kick your ass and if you’re still breathing when they are done. You can leave.” He spoke out.

The options where heavy, you didn’t know what you wanted to do. You didn’t want to die, and you felt too drained to even fight right now. You sighed softly, standing up on your feet you moved to unzip the zipper on your body suit until it was showing your black lace push up bra and your brown skin. His eyes quickly went towards your breast before back up to your face and down towards your thighs. He didn’t say anything so you took that as a sign to continue either way it went. You started to pull off your gloves letting them fall onto the floor before you started to undo your body suit letting the sleeves come off first, and then down your legs you pushed it until you were stepping out of them. Once you were done you stood there crossing your hands behind your back.

“What are you doing? You’re not done.” He stated pointing at your body that was still covered and your shoes. Sighing loudly feeling the heat rush to your cheeks, you moved to unclip your bra from the back and slide it off, bending over to take off your shoes you saved your panties for last until he stopped you. “Don’t. Let me.” He put the gun down standing up as he walked towards you. With each step, you felt dizzy your body was already reacting, nipples hard at the thoughts leaking into your perverse mind. You knew you were bias, had it been anyone not your type you would’ve told them to shoot you. But because it was him you were all for it.

“W-what’s your name?” You asked softly as his warm hand met your stomach. He moved to stand behind you, his fingertips stroking your skin causing goosebumps to paint your skin in the wake.

“Kwon Hyuk.” He muttered as his fingertips drug up and down your stomach, up to the undersides of your breast and back down towards the hems of your panties. He was teasing you watching you squirm against him. He gripped at your panties bunching it in your hand moving the fabric until it was slipping between your pussy lips. He tugged the fabric upwards before moving his hand downwards your clit feeling the brushing of the fabric and you moaned out his name softly.

“Just like that, let me hear it.” He cooed as you pressed back against his body grinding against the motion of his hand. He smirked as he let your panties go to push them to the side rubbing at your clit with his index and middle finger. “You’re a dangerous girl don’t you know that? Letting me take complete advantage of you and touch you like this. Who’s to say I won’t shoot you once I’m done?” He asked tapping against your clit spreading your legs wider with his. Instead of answering him back or even letting such thoughts ponder in your brain you rolled your hips back against him from side to side. Feeling the soft bulge there slowly hardened up. He lifted a hand up to slap at your right ass cheek growling as you continued to tease him. “You’re such a fucking bad girl. You need a spanking.” He sighed softly letting his hand slip from your pussy to suck on the digits before he gripped at your wrist leading you towards his desk. Kicking the chair, he moved you to bend over his desk. He positioned your hands in front of your body and pushed you down to rest on the cool surface. You heard a drawer open before it shut again and he moved to grip at your wrist tying them together with white rope and moving to tie it against something under the desk. “Hooks come in handy.” He stated as he stood up and moved to stand behind you. At first you heard silence and then the sound of him shredding your panties from your skin cut through the air. You gasped softly looking back at him and he shrugged chunking the fabric down onto the floor. He spread your legs wide and he kissed both of your cheeks.

You never heard the rustle but you felt the sudden sting of the belt coming down against your ass. You gasped out trying to squirm but you were stuck in place. He started to spank you with the belt, moving to give some strikes on one side and then moving to the other side before he struck them both. You lost count after twenty, tears rolling down your cheeks as you hissed and took the spanking he gave you and you knew you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a while. Your ass felt hot, your legs trembled from the pain and you kept shouting out for it to end. Finally, it did and he dropped the belt letting his hands move to rub up and down your flesh. He picked up your left leg, moving to press kisses against your pussy. He kissed against your lips biting and nibbling on them moving to rest on his knees. You moaned throwing your head back as his hands came and moved to pinch at your slit, moving his fingers up and down he started to tongue at your wet clit basking in the sounds of your cries for him.

“Are you going to be a good girl from now on and not act reckless?” He asked as his palm rubbed your pussy.

“Yes!” You cried out dropping your head down against the desk.

He sucked on your clit for a bit nibbling on it gently and letting his tongue pick up speed to rapidly flick against your cunt and slowly he moved to shove it inside of your pussy. He thrust it in and out slowly, eating you out as his free hand held your leg stroking your calf muscle slowly. He devoured your pussy, causing you to cry out and shake against the desk. It felt so good, how warm his tongue was how he pushed it deep inside of you to taste you. He moved his tongue to taste every inch of your pussy slurping and lapping at your juices. Your foot pressed down against the middle of his back as he ate you out. He moved to rub his fingers against your clit listening to you cry out more, your walls clamping down on his tongue as your hips tried to push against his face. Your wrist jerked at the confines of the rope feeling your lower stomach tighten. Looking down at him, you saw his dark eyes locked on yours the way he moved his head side to side curving and thrusting his tongue.

“Shit! Hyuk! I’m going to cum.” You moaned out loud and he nodded moaning against your heat. He made sure that you were completely spent by the time he was done with your pussy. Your hips bucked harshly against his face until you were cumming on his tongue and he ate up your juices. Flipping you on your back he spread your legs wide and pressed them down on the desk, quickly flicking his tongue on two middle fingers he slid them inside of you thrusting them quickly. He curved them, shaking his wrist and moving his hand quickly making scooping motions inside of you with his fingers.

“Tell me you’re my good girl.” He demanded landing a slap on the inside of your left thigh as he fingered your wet pussy, the lewd squelching sounds becoming more loud and prominent in the room.

“I’m – oh fuck. I’m your fucking good girl.” You moaned out biting on your lips. With a few rough thrusts of his fingers in and out of your pussy you were squirting onto the desk and his fingers and arm. He chuckled using his free hand to tap at your clit as his arm moved forward and backwards. He watched you with hooded eyes, your body was shaking against the desk your breast perky and round; your nipples were hard and you were trying to take swallows of air pushing your hips up against his fingers. Hyuk moved his fingers from your pussy to press at your lips and you were eager to welcome them into your mouth sucking your essence off the slender fingers.

He groaned pulling his hand back staring to strip himself, and you couldn’t help it. You thought about what it would be like to undress him, to hold him close and have him fuck you against the desk as more than just some wannabe thug. He was bare and slowly he approached you. He moved to press his hardened shaft against your pussy smirking he teased you not moving watching you whine.

“Tell me you want me.” He demanded, your head nodded as you watched him.

“I want you, I want you to fuck me so deep Hyuk. I want to feel all of you inside of me. Fuck fill me up. Make me your dirty slut.” You weren’t one shy of dirty talk and with a gorgeous man like that you couldn’t be. His eyes raised as he moved to lean over you undoing to knots he had tied on the rope. Once your arms were free he picked you with one hand pressed against your back.

“Hold onto me.” He mumbled against your lips and you did as told, locking your arms around his neck. He lifted you up and moved one hand to wrap around your lower waist and keep you pressed against him. His free hand moved to grip at his dick and align it with your entrance, slowly he pushed into you with a moan of approval feeling your warm wet walls wrap around his thick member. Your eyes drifted closed as you adjusted to his size and despite your first encounter earlier he was much more caring. His lips met yours in a sweet kiss causing your brain to become fuzzy and not able to think about anything else. He moved to place his hands under your legs keeping you spread as he started to fuck up into your velvet like insides. He nibbled on your bottom lip only to pull back and whisper. “Bounce yourself for me baby girl. Show me what you got.” You started to meet his thrusts moving your hands to brace down against his shoulders and lift yourself up only to drop as he fucked you hard and deep. Your lips connected and he slide his tongue into your mouth sucking on the wet muscle while he grinded against you trying to fill every ounce of you up. His hands soon moved to grip at your ass cheeks, your legs resting into the crook of his arms as he controlled your movements. The sounds of hips slapping could be heard in the room mixed with your needy whines that he sucked up with the kiss. You broke away first needing to breathe, and your head rolled back. He moved to suck on your neck, letting his teeth sink into your flesh. He was marking your skin, your hands moving to tangle into his locks and yank on his hair as you squeezed tightly around him causing him to snap his hips harshly against you. He paused and moved to lay you down on the carpet floor pressed your legs down he jack hammered into you, causing your body to slide up and down under him. He moved his mouth to suck on your neglected breast, trying to bruise your skin some more. His teeth clamping down on your nipples he pulled back with wet pops kissing up your jaw and connecting your lips again.

He kept changing paces between slow and fast all his thrust being deep enough to leave and impression for some time. Your hands moved to grip at his back, your nails dragging down the flesh marking crescent marks on his skin. He only fucked you harder. “Touch yourself for me.” He moved to whisper against your ear. Your hand moved to rub at your clit quickly and he chuckled huskily letting his breath fan your ear. “Do you like the way I fuck you hmm? Look at you all needy under me doing whatever I said. And to think you were supposed to be my enemy. Mina would be living if she saw how I pounded into this tight warm pussy. Fucking you so deeply, marking every inch of you as my plaything. My dirty slut.” He moved a hand to slap down on your thigh as he pulled back and gripped your hips lifting you up to slam down against him as he surged forward finding your spot and abusing it. Your fingers rubbed quickly at your clit, your legs locked up and your free hand moved to grip onto his hand trying to find purchase on anything as you shouted out his name feeling your orgasm build up again. It came crashing into your body all at once and you pressed your hand down on the floor to lift and fuck yourself quicker on him. He moaned seeming surprised at your actions, allowing you to take over until he was pulling out and pushing you down. Stroking his shaft, he watched you continue to rub your clit as your orgasm came down. Painting your body with his thick white seed he leaned back on his heels to take a deep breath. He moved to lay beside you after some time, your eyes heavy.

“Why did she want the ring?” You asked after a moment of basking in whatever the situation was.

“It was her engagement ring. I took it from her when she did what she did. That ring was made for my great grandmother and passed down the line. There is none like it. She knew what it would do to me.” He sighed before a smirk danced along his lips. “But who knows, maybe after a few more sessions with you and a short time in my gang it’ll be you with the ring.” He muttered and your head moved to look at him.

“Seriously?” You asked him with a smile.

“Hey, don’t go getting all happy. This isn’t a love story. You want protection and a family a true family that I can give better than Mina can. I stand by what I said you could do so much better. But this is the perfect revenge to someone who wanted you dead. Do you accept it? If not, you can leave and I won’t hold it against you.” He stroked one hand up and down your arm soothingly as you thought about it.

“I’m in.” You spoke after what seemed like a lifetime of silence. You didn’t know who was grinning the widest you or him but once he scooped you up in his arms you were back pushing down against him getting ready for round two.

The Layers of Meanings Behind the Rings

VictuuriWeek 2017 – Day 7 – Victor Prompt – Promises

So for VictuuriWeek day 7, I’d like to talk about the rings and all the various promises they hold. This post is written as a complimentary piece to @lazuliblade‘s amazing meta here (2 metas for 2 rings) so please make sure to read that one as well! In this analysis, we’ll be looking at the various tie-ins the series has to the various layers of meaning represented by the rings.

I’ll be going in the order of how they’re mentioned in Laz’s post so please enjoy!

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The Name is Lance (Salazar): Chapter 1

Today, sixteen year old Lance Salazar was on a mission. It was a secret mission. No one could know about his plan he’d been devising for a year now. He wore his favourite sky blue Italian suit with a royal blue dress shirt underneath it and a much lighter blue for the tie around his neck, and a dark blue (close to black) pants to complete the set. He sneaked out early in the morning, where the sun was still sleeping and the mountain was covered by a heavy fog making unpleasant wanderers to get lost this time of the day. He was not alone though, no, he could never accomplish this mission alone.

Lance used the secret underground passageway, one that was created for each Salazar child but differ to each other in usage, it was total darkness and a simple roamer would never find their way out. But not Lance, never him, he knew every cracks and every crevices of the path hidden in the shadows. He could hear every sound, every breath, and every beat. He could smell the faint scent of water that covered the tiled slippery ground by a few millimeters. He could feel every presence and intent if someone would decide to crouch in his territory. A Salazar always utilizes every sense they have. It was a simple rule of their life.

Finally reaching the exit, a man taller and older than him of ten years was waiting for him. He was one of the most trusted servants that Lance learned to cling on and in return he was given an unconditional loyalty. This man was one of Lance’s personal butlers and his name was Marcello*. His red hair was like a beacon in this fog and as such it was the reason why he covered it by a black fedora and it seemed also that Marcello just liked to stick with the stereotyped Mafia attire. Not that Lance could complain since he was wearing a full blown Italian suit.

Lance showed him the hush sign and Marcello just nodded at him in return with a soft smile that Lance really liked to see. It was a smile full of assurance that someone got his back for better or for worse. Marcello handed him a simple black trench coat. Lance looked at it with great distaste, just because they were Mafioso didn’t mean that they should always wear colors like they were going to a funeral. But still, he let Marcello put it over his shoulders. Marcello closed the buttons and chuckled a bit when Lance muttered under his breath that he was not a child and he could do it on his own, thank you very much.

They took the west side of the mountain until the two of them reached the car waiting for them. Marcello opened the door of the backseat and guided Lance to get in and after that he sat on the passenger seat.

“Ready now, Young Master Lance?” their driver for this mission was Benita, Marcello’s twin sister, her hair was a shade lighter compared to her brother but they have the same olive skin. She was wearing a standard Salazar maid uniform with the insignia of the Familia imprinted on the right side of her sleeves. At least she was not like her brother who wanted to flaunt the stereotyped mafia attire. Though it was hard not to express which family you belong to.

“Let’s do this.” Lance relaxed on his seat, he was trying to let go of his nervousness. If everything will go according to plan then that would be a plus for him. But if things will turn out for the worst…there was a high possibility that the three of them would be branded as traitors.

Let fate decide his worth.

There were many Famiglia* inside the Cosa Nostra* but still among them the most powerful groups still arise and feared by others or envied by some to the point of wanting to take them down. The three Famiglia along with the Arcobaleno that represents the tri-ni-sette policy were probably considered the strongest ones. Whoever allied with them will either be really lucky or very unfortunate. Milliefiore Famiglia was not really the sanest group you would ever meet. The Mare Sky ring holder has the ability to travel multiple parallel worlds at their own whim after all. The bloodline of Giglio Nero, also the one who became the constant holder of the Arcobaleno Sky pacifier, has the ability to see snippets of possible futures. Though the events going to happen were sometimes could not be deciphered properly. The Vongola Sky ring was probably the one that harmonizes everyone, especially when Decimo became the bearer of the said ring. Tsunayoshi Sawada and his guardians tried their best to uphold the real reason why Vongola was created in the first place. Vongola started as a vigilante group to protect the wronged and oppressed. It was a policy that Tsuna wanted to grow again inside the Famiglia that was corrupted by bloodshed and greed.

Vongola Decimo was an old man now but despite with the age of sixty he was still a great leader for his own Famiglia and the loyalty of his men was still solely for him. Lance remembered when his Father decided to form an alliance with the Vongola Famiglia.

Salazar has no clean track record themselves. They had their own fair share of torturing, mercenary acts, drug and weapon dealings, and murders. But still, Don Ernesto Salazar tried his best. He liked the policy of the Vongola and wanted to be a part of it. Don Ernesto, with the help of his brother, wanted to destroy the bloody caged that the Salazars found themselves trapped in. A bloody cage passed down from their own Father who came from the past leaders.

Don Ernesto attended a meeting inside the Vongola mansion, after that the Vongola Decimo, along with his Guardians, visited the Salazar’s mansion in return. It was a long discussion between a powerful Familia and a more powerful Famiglia. It came to the point where Don Ernesto let Decimo meets his three oldest children. That was the time also where little Lance was dared by his younger sister to sneak inside the meeting room.

Little Lance thought he was stealthy enough (as such the mentality of a child) but stopped in his tracks when a foot got in his way. He looked up from the ground where he was crawling and found a man with pretty funny curly sideburns. The man’s fedora cast a shadow on the half of his face but his right eye was visible enough. The man’s stare was unnerving but at the same time Lance found it interesting.

The two of them stared at each other for some time, the man leaning on the wall and Lance sitting patiently on the floor. Then the man grinned at him, crouched down on his level, and then ruffled Lance’s hair for a bit.

“Want to join the Vongola Famiglia?”

Lance puffed his cheeks like a squirrel gathering foods for winter. He pouted at the question directed at him and with all confidence that he could muster he said, “I’m a Salazar! We carry our name with pride!”

The man with curly sideburns merely laughed at his exclamation before standing up and started to walk away from him.

Little Lance forgot about the dare when his sorellastra*, Flyssa the fourth Salazar child, suddenly approached him and asked if he was okay. His older sister then told him that that man was dangerous. That he was commonly known with the name “Reborn” and considered as the number one hitman in the current history of mafia. This Reborn person also was the keeper of the Sun pacifier making him an Arcobaleno and thus one of the core members of the tri-ni-sette policy.

He was warned not to approach that man again alone.

A warning that was thrown out of the window the day after tomorrow when Decimo visited again and was only accompanied by Reborn, the both of them actively seek Lance and at first the older Salazar’s children was a bit dubious in letting one of their little siblings meet these powerful people but at the same time they knew that the Vongola’s had no ill will to them, yet.

Decimo asked Lance to play a board game that the old man brought with them. Little Lance agreed since he was bored by all the lessons he was taking from his private tutors. It was game called “Games of the Generals”. Lance immediately took a liking to it since it was exciting by the fact that you don’t know which piece was attacking which one. Victory would just be a surprise by the winner.

Lance won three out of two and Decimo chuckled nervously when Reborn aimed the barrel of the gun on the back of the Vongola’s head with a soft mutter of “You’re slipping”. Lance could care less about the interactions, he had seen far more weird things inside the Salazar Familia.

From that day, the alliance between the Salazar and Vongola was formed. As years passed, Lance realized that Vongola Decimo was fond of him. Of course it caused some vines of guilt to climb up his chest but it was also a relief that old man Vongola got his back as long as he would stay as a “good boy”.

And that was the reason he was now in front of Vongola Decimo and Reborn so early in the morning.

“I will not lie to you, my dear boy.” Old Man Tsuna started to speak and caused Lance to stiffen his back more than before, “You know there is no escape when it comes to being a Mafioso, right? Especially when you are related to it by blood.”

Of course Lance knew it. He knew he could never escape, not when his flesh and blood was made by the Salazar’s themselves. But he still want to spread his wings, his very own wings, he wanted to soar up in the sky without the help of his so called Familia. He wanted to explore what was outside of the Earth itself.

Lance heard the stories of long ago. On how Decimo vehemently tried to oppose the role being shoved deep in his throat, even if old man Tsuna already fought the enemies of the past, present, and future he still didn’t want to get on the Vongola throne. Things happened and old man Tsuna was only left by a single decision of fully accepting his position in the dark world or else his friends (guardians) would suffer the consequences of his selfish desire. It didn’t stop old man Tsuna to change Vongola from inside out though.

“I know.”

Lance was just standing there in the middle of the study room. His eyes staring straight on Vongola Decimo and he didn’t dare to look anywhere else. He wanted to make his decision be taken seriously. He wanted to have this chance.

Old man Tsuna sighed, “And yet you still want me to back you up in this plan of yours?”

“Yes.” Straight to the point, no flattering words.

“Why?” old man Tsuna leaned backward on his chair, “we have lots of private jets and ships, be it on water or in outer space. Your Familia alone is enough to provide you private lessons and your very own spacecraft.”

Lance took a deep breathe, “That’s the very reason, Vongola Decimo.”

Reborn and Tsuna both raised their eyebrows when Lance used the title instead of calling the other “old man Tsuna”.


“I…I don’t want to ride on my family’s name. I want to achieve this dream on my own. Just… give me ten years. That’s all I asked. Please?”

There was silence after that. For a few more minutes, Lance was ordered to wait on the common room of the mansion. Trying not to let his feeling of hopelessness leaked out, Lance heed the order and walked outside of the room they were currently on.

Marcello escorted him towards the common room. The both of them could feel it in the air that the Vongola mist guardians were observing all of their movements like a hawk ever since Lance got out of Decimo’s study room.

They waited for two hours, the sun was slowly illuminating the surroundings. Benita approached them and silently handed a cup of coffee towards Lance and hot chocolate for her twin. Marcello hated the taste of coffee and usually stick to chocolates, no one made fun of him about his taste anyway (lie, Benita would not let anyone call his twin childish just because he preferred sweets than the bitterness that coffee brings).

After two hours, Vongola’s Storm guardian came in to retrieve them with a message that Vongola Decimo and Master Reborn would accompany them on their return to the Salazar’s mansion. It was a journey spent with a stifling silence.

Their arrival back at home caused everyone to stop from whatever they were doing. It seemed that Lance’s siblings immediately assumed that he was kidnapped, with the exception of Halberd who was silently nursing a cup of their strongest coffee and an expression that he had totally gave up to hammer some sense to the rest of their brothers and sisters.

Halberd, the oldest Salazar child, escorted their guests towards Don Ernesto’s study area. To say that the Don was surprised was an understatement but he still welcomed both Vongola in his mansion.

Lance felt like he was waiting for his execution. He didn’t even managed to answer the questions of his siblings when they were ordered to stay away from the meeting between two mafia boss.

For five hours, Lance was just waiting in his room. He was sitting on his bed and he kept his fingers tapping on his knees in a rhythm he just made up on the spot. He suddenly stood up when Halberd knocked on his door and told him that he was being summoned by their Father.

When Lance saw that old man Tsuna was smiling at him softly yet a bit tired, Lance knew that his wish was finally granted.

Things were all great and dandy for a start.

“For goodness sake! He is just a newbie! A freshman! He is not a veteran soldier! Back off!”

Great in a sense that the first thing Lance did in the very first day of his student life at Garrison was to be listed on someone else shit list. Oh boy, he was sure that that Iverson guy would watched his every move from now on. Great, very great, Lance “McClain” Salazar. You just made a new hell for yourself.

Hey, at least he managed to help Hunk out of his panic attack! Lance just got the feeling that the two of them would be the very best of friends! And a panic attack and motion sickness after, Hunk’s fate as his best friend was sealed. At least there was one thing going right in his life at the Garrison.

Back at home, he was someone that has power and authority, but here, he’s a commoner who’s been the butt of the joke ever since he crashed and burned in one of their flight simulators designed for children. Lance knew that in choosing to walk away from being a Salazar and forging his own path, he will start from the bottom and work his way up. But dammit it’s hard! Especially when you’re competing with people who have been training for this their whole life!

Learning from books and tutors are far more different from learning first hand. Back in the comforts of his home, Lance can enjoy the leisurely pace he was in in learning about space, piloting an aircraft or spacecraft, physics, and all the topics covered in going to outer space; but here in the Garrison, it was different. The slow and careful pace that Lance was used to was suddenly replaced with deadlines and time constraints. Instead of reading and understanding the manual first, Lance was forced to figure things out as he goes. What makes things worse, the people in the Garrison has the sense of humor of an elephant stuck in a barrel on its way to Madagascar.

They don’t seem to get Lance’s witty banter during lectures, they even punish him for it. Every quip, every sarcastic response, every attempt at dry humor, Lance was silenced by a stern look and a disapproving frown. Growing up in a house full of mafiosos, one would be bored of the empty threats that each person in the household spews. In addition to that, Lance’s siblings are the sharpest people he knows, both with their blades and their wit, even Falcatta who prefers to act than to speak can shut people up with her words. So Lance had to keep up with their conversations to prove that he belonged and can participate in family matters. And for his talent of witty quips to be undermined and ridiculed are downright offensive.

The people at the Garrison assumed that he’ll eventually bend according to the Garrison’s standard, some even expected him to give up and drop out when one of the professors himself screamed at Lance right on his face, but the people back home would tell you otherwise (well they might shoot the person who screamed at Lance first and ask questions later; one does not simply insult a Salazar right on their face and expect no consequences). Every challenge the mafia world thrusted upon him, Lance made it his mission to overcome every single one of them. If people thought that he’ll simply keep his head down, they’re dead wrong.

Whenever the people at the Garrison scoff at his efforts whenever he was in the library, he kept his chin high and walked past them. Whenever a professor tried to one up on him by asking him a question they haven’t discussed yet, Lance answered with complete conviction and enjoyed the look of shock on their faces when he got the answer right. He memorized the schedules of the night security so he can sneak into the flight simulator to practice. Whenever people expected him to give up, he did his damndest to prove them wrong… and he enjoyed every second of it.

Lance was given the opportunity to lead a new life, to live a life that was his own. Sure, being a mafioso had its perks (power, money, influence), but nothing beats a life that you yourself built from the ground up. He may be sleeping a few hours less than he’s used to, skipped a few meals, gained a few callouses on his hand from gripping the controllers too tight, but it’s the life he chose, and he’s pretty damned satisfied with it.

Now? Not so much.

Iverson was speaking loudly at his face again. This close, Lance can see the veins popping on his forehead. He was so close that he can smell what he had for breakfast in addition to the spit that flew out of his mouth. Lance wanted to lean back and stand as far away from him as possible, but he was his commanding officer and his commanding officer haven’t ordered him to be at ease yet. Lance didn’t want to dig himself a deeper grave so he stood still and took it all.

“I hope I don’t need to remind you that the only reason you’re here is that the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out-”

Ah! Finally! The first chapter of the rewritten version of Mafia!AU Lance Salazar! This is a collaborative work by @psychotic-cheesecake and I @gdesertsand.

* Info was given by @biancadibi (Thank you!)

*Marcello = I am told that this is the usual spelling

*Famiglia = Italian for “Family”

*Familia = Spanish for “Family”

*Cosa Nostra = um….the collective term for Mafia

*sorellastra = a sister that is only connected to you by one parent. Example, same Father different Mother.

Some late mornings feel like they belong in romantic stories, full of dramatic confessions, heartache and breath-taking conclusions. This is not one of those mornings; instead, it’s a halcyon thing set on the summer cusp. While the air is warm and humid, the rain softly pattering over rooftops still holds a certain chill. A film of water makes the world look clean, windows and cars shimmering in the sun peeking in and out from behind clouds, golden rays reflecting against puddles nested in the cracks of New York streets.


The clock is nearing the 10 a.m. mark, when Alec transfers the last pancake onto the already high-stacked, indulgent plate. There’s also freshly cut strawberries and maple syrup alongside a French press full of freshly brewed coffee. The muted music from the radio melts into his skin as Alec hums along to random notes, bare feet quiet on the kitchen floor, his hair mussed up and his face a home to dark stubble that he didn’t bother with shaving.


As Alec pours the bitter-sweet coffee into two mugs, there are steps near the door, then a warm hand at his lower back and even warmer lips pressed into his shoulder. A shiver runs through his skin, leaving behind goosebumps all the way down his arms and his bare chest; previous hours come back to mind, images hazy like half-developed polaroid pictures.


It was much earlier when they woke up, skin against skin, tangled in thin sheets and in each other, a want thrumming in their veins. There was no rush – at first kisses slow and wet and deep, kisses that lit fires along Alec’s spine and made Magnus hum with delight, kisses that left their mouths tingling and red. Then, hands pressed against hipbones and heavy breathing laced with laughter as Alec shifted himself into Magnus’ lap; it felt so good, to have Magnus so close, to have his arms around his waist as they moved together, a slow and steady trickle of heady pleasure rolling through their bodies.

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Future Mrs. Benn - Jamie Benn #4

Originally posted by puckinginsane

about/request: If you want could you write Jamie benn fluff where you two just got engaged and you have a super sweet day just hanging out and talking about hownto knew you loved each other and talking about future family and stuff. Please and thank you!!

warnings: none

authors note: this was grossly fluffy like it is full on total fluff so i hope you like it!!

word count: 1365

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hey nobody asked but I have headcanons about Alana Maxwell and also I’m procrastinating on paperwork

  • she keeps her hair fairly long (the longest of any women on the Hephaestus, anyway) but always, always pulled back because it’s way too distracting if she wears it down.
  • she likes to dye her hair bright and unnatural colors (a nice side perk of Goddard Futuristics - they don’t really give a shit about how you look, as long as you do good work) but doesn’t like the trouble of maintaining it. usually she lets it fade quite a bit before she picks a new color.
  • she’s a big fan of stim jewelry, especially simple spinner rings and fidget bracelets. she’s usually wearing at least one of each.
  • team Oops It’s Been A Few Days Since I’ve Taken A Shower
  • she likes tattoos but can never commit to what to get. she settles for doodling on herself (and Jacobi) a lot. 
  • her living space isn’t magazine cover perfect - she hasn’t made her bed since she was about 7 and the hamper tends to be overflowing - but everything does tend to be tidied away into very particular places. she doesn’t like clutter on the floor or on any of her surfaces. 
  • she has an enduring love of dumb 80′s synthpop that Jacobi just… Does Not Get. both of them enjoy electronica that has 0 lyrics and is 100% interesting beats and sounds, though.
The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses (…) long before I dance under those lights.

Muhammad Ali

True for his ring as it is for this one. 

Especially in business meeting preparation triumphs over improvisation. 

Questions I try to answer to myself before important meetings: 

  • What is the key question?
  • What is my main goal?

  • Who has which hidden agenda?

  • Who is with me and who against me?

  • Who decides and on what basis?
The Shape of You, Part 2/2

A/N:  If you haven’t read Part ½, you will want to read it first to get the background.  WARNING:  BOTH PARTS ARE NSFW.  CONTINUE READING AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I did my best to stay true to what I heard in the song, but please don’t send Ed OR Harry after me.

Part One is here.

Part Two

Squinting at the clock on his nightstand, you realize your eyes are gritty and your mouth tastes like it’s full of cotton balls.  After the sex on the stairs, you and Harry managed to make it upstairs to the third floor where you had strewn your remaining clothes around the room before commencing parts two and three of the most amazing sex you’d ever had in your life.  Yes, you knew it had been a year, so your senses are probably more heightened by the absence of orgasms for that extended time, but after wracking your brain, you can’t think of a single time that Charles had managed to make you cum three times in the same night.  Mostly, he fell asleep immediately after his first orgasm, whether you’d had one or not.

With your awareness of the time of day, you also become aware of your actions, and embarrassment floods you.  It may have been amazing sex, but should you really have allowed this stranger to fuck you three times in one night?  You know practically nothing about him other than his first name and that he must have money since this house is mind blowing with its size and decor.  

Softly, you slide out of bed, careful not to disturb Harry.  In the moonlight, you grab your skirt and your boots from his bedroom, but you can’t find your silk panties.  They’re so tiny that they could easily be missed, so you give up when you hear Harry shifting in the bed, afraid he’ll awaken and ask why you’re leaving. Or worse yet, that he’ll awaken and be glad you’re leaving. Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, you gather the rest of your clothing on your way downstairs, dressing carefully without the sliver of silk you’ve left somewhere upstairs.  

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Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship - Monday, 1:40pm


“I wasn’t always perfect towards you and I made mistakes that I’ll always want to take back. Somehow, you came back to me. We learned each other again, we fell in love again. It’s always been you. No matter what happened, where I was or who I was around, you were the one I longed for. I want to do things right this time.”

“What are you saying?”

Suddenly, the area became crowded. Not because of random people on the cruise watching. Sado’s family, her mother and father had appeared. As well as her best friend, Mei. Also Xana and Cercin. All with looks of happiness on their face. Well, aside from Ashton and Cercin who were considered, Alphas, and always kept a look of stern. “What’s going on? What are you guys doing here?”
Zero got down on one knee, pulling the ring he bought especially for his little Vampire from his pocket as tears filled her eyes. “My love, my mate, my baby mama.” Snickers of laughter broke out. "My life. Sado Raven Carwin, grow old with me. Will you marry me?”

Sado had never been at a lost for words in her life. This was the last thing she had expected. The people she loved and cared for. The man, the Wolf, she’d fallen so deeply in love with. She never thought she would ever be this happy.

“Yes, baby. I’ll marry you!” And just like that, Sado went from being just Sado Carwin, to the future Mrs. Paz and that was a dream come true in it’s own.

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Just had a nice semi-fluffy headcanon: imagine laying in bed with Faraday, just watching him blow smoke rings...

You pushed your hair from your face as you tried to steady your breathing. Beneath you, you could hear the sound of laughter and music leaking through the poorly insulated floor of your hotel room. It clashed with the chirping crickets outside, though somehow, it made everything feel more peaceful. 

As you closed your eyes, you wondered about your neighbors. There was no doubt that they heard you and Faraday, but to what extent? Could they only hear the squeaking and thumping of the bed? Or were they able to perfectly make out every dirty thing that came out of your mouths. Admittedly, you hoped it was the latter. You’d just had fantastic, rough, animal sex with Josh Faraday, and you wanted the world to know it. 

He was next to you, his breathing somehow already back to normal as he fidgeted with a box of matches. A cigarette took its usual place in his mouth, and made a soft crackling noise as it caught fire and began to glow. Faraday tossed the box to the side and inhaled. His eyes were shut and his mind was elsewhere. It didn’t upset you like it might have other people. You’d come to terms with the fact that he just wasn’t the cuddly type and he struggled to function without smoking. That was okay. You didn’t need him to snuggle with you after sex to know he loved you. Faraday made it clear in other ways.

He took the cigarette between his fingers and absentmindedly blew a few rings before going in for another drag. You watched them lazily float upwards. Mostly in pairs, but occasionally a trio joined in as he continued to puff out more. 

Faraday opened one eye and smiled. He took an especially large drag and then blew two more rings, timing them so that one passed through the other. You pressed your lips to his bare shoulder. 

“Show off.” 

He did it again and opened his other eye so he could wink at you quickly and then shut his lids once more. 

“Not sure what you’re talkin’ about, sweetheart,” he replied nonchalantly as he blew two more rings and brushed his fingers against yours. 

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louis, after coming down and getting home: so, babe, I might have fucked up just a little bit... harry: you have no idea how pissed off I am right now. louis: I know love just- harry: where the fuck is mine? you know I like the weed from peru the best, you better have brought some back and been polite to nigel (their dealer) louis: wtf??? harry: if you didn't bring me weed there better be another ring in your pocket louis william tomlinson or so help me god

Hdjd ok but this is real (especially the ring part, because Louis would’ve bought one anyways) 

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I think the elephant in the room, is that some of us grow weary of the supportive boyfriend Louis thing, because the fandom so rarely applies it in reverse? I don't think I've ever seen glowing, reoccurring posts about how Harry is the supportive boyfriend. To love-laws post, that doesn't mean people don't think that. But it's not a narrative that gets represented by the general fandom, so it does get frustrating.

Oh boy. Well to be fair when Harry wore the blue bandana, there were ‘supportive BF’ posts. And wearing his rings, especially the rose one? And the bee tattoo was seen as supportive. And there was speculation he may have stayed over to watch Louis iHeart performance?

But… tbh I think the real elephant in the room is that the things are not equivalent. Harry’s career has never been poised on a knife edge like Louis’ is. There is no feeling that Harry maybe be running out of time, given the huge scope of *his* career and the mega-backing behind it, when he goes MIA, as there is (for me certainly) when Louis  disappears when he should be promoting his lead single. I do get what you mean about the failure to apply things in reverse - for example when Louis launched BTY. But its as if the fandom accepts that Harry must be too busy on important things, while they accept its okay that Louis isn’t, even when they must know  BTY has had almost no promo.That is what agitates me personally- that so many people havent been *alarmed* and… *furious* and *raving* at his team about Louis being MIA at a crucial juncture, but focussed instead with some pleasure on whether he may be with Harry. I don’t understand that, when this moment in his career is so, so vital to Louis. 

So its not that Harry ‘isn’t supportive’; for me its more that that there seems to be an acceptance that we should pretend that things are more equal than they are, and Louis going MIA at a crucial point in the promo of the single that is meant to be launching his terrifyingly unsupported solo career,  is no more worrying than harry taking a few days off between TV appearances or Dunkirk promo or concerts. I dont know why that’s how it is now. Maybe because as Ive seem speculated repeatedly people dont want to leave their happy place? I suppose thats understandable, though very sad for Louis.

Im not sure what you mean about @thelovelaws post anon?  I think maybe you could address that part of the ask to them? Thanks for your question though :)


Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

Love Me Right  [F]

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Warning: Mentions of relative death, fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2,926

Based on this request :)

The day began just like any other.

The warm sun rays poured in through the small gaps the broken blinds held, something Yoongi was supposed to fix a month before. The loud alarm rang throughout the small apartments bedroom causing the man to grumble against your neck, his sweet aroma seeping into your skin causing your tired eyes to close for a mere five minutes more. It was a routine event after all this time, which is why you knowingly set your alarm for earlier than usual.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 18: Pizza

Sam Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Chapter Summary: Back working for Death, you’re surprised when he wants to make a pit stop in Chicago.

Story Summary:  You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Really? You want to stop in Chicago for pizza? But isn’t that like four hours away?” You asked Death as you followed behind him. While you might be helping him, no one walked at Death’s side, always behind. It had been a week of being his right hand helper, and it was making you realize that following people’s orders day after day was not your strong suit. Death might have a soft spot for you, and made it easier on you, but he was still Death and he ruled with an iron fist.

“Yes Y/N. We are stopping for pizza in Chicago. I’ve heard their deep dish is beyond amazing. Besides that, Lucifer has ordered me to Chicago.” He said, as he climbed back into his gleaming white Cadillac, leaving you no choice but to climb in or be left behind. There was no doubt he would leave you behind, and then you would get a talking to when you finally met back up with him.

“Lucifer again? Why do you have to follow his orders?” You asked before realizing you might be pushing your boundaries just a little too far.

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