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Someone just HAS to make this happen!

Okay so everyone has seen these B-E-A-U-TIFUL (<- yes, reference from Bruce almighty haha!) pictures of Jerome and his circus and I have just had a lovely idea for a smut fiction in mind >:)

Imagine a smut between Jerome x reader at Jerome’s circus and with him as ring leader. I bet that would be very kinky especially with a ring leader whip <3

I hope I’m not the only one who digs this idea? Haha!

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses (…) long before I dance under those lights.

Muhammad Ali

True for his ring as it is for this one. 

Especially in business meeting preparation triumphs over improvisation. 

Questions I try to answer to myself before important meetings: 

  • What is the key question?
  • What is my main goal?

  • Who has which hidden agenda?

  • Who is with me and who against me?

  • Who decides and on what basis?

hey nobody asked but I have headcanons about Alana Maxwell and also I’m procrastinating on paperwork

  • she keeps her hair fairly long (the longest of any women on the Hephaestus, anyway) but always, always pulled back because it’s way too distracting if she wears it down.
  • she likes to dye her hair bright and unnatural colors (a nice side perk of Goddard Futuristics - they don’t really give a shit about how you look, as long as you do good work) but doesn’t like the trouble of maintaining it. usually she lets it fade quite a bit before she picks a new color.
  • she’s a big fan of stim jewelry, especially simple spinner rings and fidget bracelets. she’s usually wearing at least one of each.
  • team Oops It’s Been A Few Days Since I’ve Taken A Shower
  • she likes tattoos but can never commit to what to get. she settles for doodling on herself (and Jacobi) a lot. 
  • her living space isn’t magazine cover perfect - she hasn’t made her bed since she was about 7 and the hamper tends to be overflowing - but everything does tend to be tidied away into very particular places. she doesn’t like clutter on the floor or on any of her surfaces. 
  • she has an enduring love of dumb 80′s synthpop that Jacobi just… Does Not Get. both of them enjoy electronica that has 0 lyrics and is 100% interesting beats and sounds, though.

Battle Ready Baggins. Bilbo needs a hug. Especially after the mishap with the One Ring.Though I’m sure its time to tell the story. 

He doesn’t remember blacking out. All he remembers is Thorin asking him to give him the One Ring. And that one big fiery eye.

Bilbo awoke, the smell of grass and dirt filling his nose. He’s comfortable, he knows that much and there’s something laying on his head. He notices something moving on his chest, and as his eyes adjust he realizes its a butterfly. He watches it a move for a moment, its sitting atop his chest and letting its wings up and down. It looks comfortable as it sits on the fur line of Thorin’s coat -


Bilbo shoots up from where he was laying, but he doesn’t get far because a hand is pulling him back, “Bilbo?” 

He looks next to him and sees the gloved hand holding his shoulder and those blues eyes staring at him with relief, “Bilbo, you’re all right.” The dwarf king is smiling, despite the cut across his cheek that’s still red and healing. 

And that’s where it all starts coming back to him. 

It had been raining, he remembers, and the company stopped to make camp. He remembers being especially frustrated that day, having run into a pack of Orcs and almost falling off a cliff into a raging river. Despite all the training he’s had, he’s still a hobbit and hobbits don’t swim very well. 

They made camp within an old cave, no trolls thankfully. But when the fire was made and dinner being cooked, he found himself sitting by himself near the opening of the cave. Why he was compelled to pull out his - the Ring he’ll never recall, all he remembered was feeling the need to, the pleasure in holding that golden trinket. Something was speaking to him, whispers harsh and pounding in his ears, and something fiery, bubbling. Such power this little thing had, and it was his. His and only, his. 

He hadn’t heard Thorin calling for him, or heard Fili walk over and offer a bowl of stew to him. All he remembers is Fili’s question, “Say Bilbo,” he held the bowl of steaming food to the hobbit, “Might if I take a look at that ring?” 

“No,” was Bilbo’s short relpy.

“Aw Come on Bilbo, I ain’t going to take it from ye-”

“I said NO!” 

Bilbo had smacked the bowl from Fili’s hands, and the dwarf prince backed away a bit, holding up his hands in defense. The whole company was now watching him. 

“I found it,” Bilbo spat, “So it’s mine.”

Kili stepped forward, “Bilbo, it’s all right -”

YOU STAY AWAY!” Bilbo had pulled out his sword. He pointed

Gandalf had stood up, and so did Thorin. Legolas and Bofur sat by though it was easy to tell that they were ready to pounce if the situation called for it. 

“Bilbo,” Thorin’s voice broke in, “Easy now, you are among friends.”

“You stay away! You stay away from me and what is mine,” Bilbo pointed Sting towards Thorin now. 

The dwarf king stopped and he raised his hands, “I am unarmed Bilbo,” he said, “I will not hurt you.” He took a tentative step towards the hobbit, and he watched as Bilbo held his sword with both hands, letting the ring drop and hang by the chain around his neck. 

Thorin watched as the ring hang softly by its chain, then he looked back to Bilbo, “Bilbo, you trust me,” he said, “I will not bring you any harm, but I think you’ve held onto that ring far too long.”

From the corner of his eye, Thorin could see Gandalf was slowly bringing his staff around. 

Thorin took another step forward, “Bilbo, please,” he said, voice calm, “Let me carry it.”

Another step forward, “Let me carry the ring.” 

Bilbo’s eyes were focused on Thorin, his sword wavering just a bit though there was an unusual intensity in his eyes. Bilbo’s mouth curled into a snarl, his teeth seemed sharper then usual - was the hobbit changing? “Stay away,” Bilbo growled out, “It’s mine.”

Bilbo revealed a sharp, toothy grin, “My precious.”

It was as if on cue that Gandalf used his staff to throw a flash of light that showered the cave in a bright, blinding glow. Bilbo held his hand up to shield his eyes but it was no use, and that was Thorin’s chance to take him down. 

When he had dove for Bilbo, the hobbit swung his sword though he was only able to slash a small cut across the dwarf king’s cheek. Thorin had tackled Bilbo, the hobbit dropping the ring as the light faded. Bofur rushed over and grabbed the ring, putting it into a small pouch.

Bilbo was struggling,falling into something wet and splattering against him. Though he must of struggled so much he passed out. 

And here he was, sitting against Thorin’s lap and staring at the dwarf king’s relieved smile. 

Bilbo could feel the lump in his throat, swallowing thickly as the wave of emotions finally crashed into him. He felt so terrible, how he could let that little trinket over power him so? He had endangered the whole mission! He had endangered the whole company! He had endangered Thorin!

And here Thorin was, sitting here and smiling as if what he did was nothing at all. Bilbo let the tears fall and he dove into Thorin’s arms, digging his face into the dwarf’s tunic.

“I’m sorry,” he choked out, hanging onto the fabric tightly, “I’m so sorry.”

Thorin just held him, “It’s all right,” he kept his voice low, “It was that trinket, not you. It’s pure corruption.” Thorin thought back at his own gold sickness, how he failed to stop it from taking control of him. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, “You had no control, I know that wasn’t you.”

Bilbo sniffled, then laid his head against Thorin’s shoulder. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Thorin ran a hand through golden curls, “We’ll be taking turns carrying it,” he said, “To keep it under control.”

The hobbit nodded, wiping his face and looked up to the dwarf, seeing Thorin smiling. Bilbo gave a weak smile, sniffling again when he noticed that this wasn’t his shirt that he was wearing. 

Bilbo looked down, seeing the white albeit a little dirty tunic he was wearing. He turned back to Thorin, “Where are my clothes?”



“Well, you see - you fell in a puddle last night and it was raining - and you were soaked to the bone and I had - we had to get you out of those clothes - “

“What do you mean WE?!

Oof that ran a little too long. But what happens next? I’ll let you guys decide. :)

Stay tuned. 


Sam gets back to his room in 10x17 

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The fluffy headcanons RUINED MY LIFE but in the best way. You need to write fics of them especially the one WITH THE RING because it's amazing ok

Thank you!!! Maybe once I get it together and post the fics I’m currently working on I’ll do a fic about the ring :)

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Green: 8 facts about appearance

1) I think that a lack of time is no excuse for anything less than sartorial excellence.

2) Accessories make the man: scarves, ties, hats, and gloves.

3) Jewelry is one of my favorite things, especially rings on the smaller fingers.

4) I believe in the excellence of a classic black or grey suit, but nothing excites me like a suit of a varying color.  

5) I do believe in very deep v-tee shirts and unbuttoned Oxfords in the summer.

6) And I believe heavily in thick, comfortable, and fashionable sweaters in the colder months.

7) I moisturize and use makeup to transform a simple outfit into elegance.

8) I firmly believe that the base of a good outfit is in the underwear, though it’s often never seen.

whoever ends up dating me will probably have to put up with constant selfies and I’m not even ashamed to say it

Things that look good on Killian Jones

Wet hair
Tousled hair
Smirky smiles
Red vests
Leather pants (you thought I’d forgotten those, didn’t you)
Paisley Shirts
Metal attachments
Ginger scruff
Black leather
Angsty jaw clenches
Chest hair
Genuinely happy smiles
Long coats
Rings- silver thumb ones especially
Being a pirate
Being a hero

Just gathering scientific evidence. Jump on in…

film I have watched more than any other: lord of the rings

film I need to watch more often: lord of the rings

Creepypasta #686: The Engagement Ring

Story length: Medium

Andrea wasn’t shy about dropping hints that she wanted me to propose. I understood where she was coming from, she was thirty-four, we had been dating for seven years. Marriage was the logical next step in our relationship, I knew that. 

Whenever she’s bring it up I’d skirt the subject though. I would either play coy like I didn’t know what she was hinting at or flat out say I didn’t think it was the right time. What she didn’t know was that I had been saving up to buy her the perfect engagement ring for a very long time.

Rings aren’t cheap, especially the one I had my eye on for her. It takes an absurd amount of time to save twelve thousand dollars on a retail clerk’s salary however, so on the weekends I would attempt to supplement my income by metal detecting in the park not too far from my house. I would go off the beaten path to search, through thick brush and tall oaks. I figured if I was going to find buried treasure, this was as good a place as any.

On one such hunt, my detector beeped and expecting to find a dime at best I began to dig in the indicated area. Barely two feet down I couldn’t believe my eyes. There it was, sparkling in the mid-afternoon sun was the exact ring I had been saving up to buy. 

My heart pace quickened, I couldn’t believe my luck. I put the ring in my pocket, reburied the hand and rushed home. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Andrea’s face when I proposed to her.

Credits to: Yeahimo

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OMG! My Droughtlander is so bad I keep watching their interview videos especially this one with Cait playing with that bigger, loose gold ring on her right 4th finger while the one on her left ring finger fits her perfectly!!!