especially the people who sent me like 5

To the person getting bent out of shape in my inbox because I haven’t answered your important questions about how to become an editor:

1) it’s literally in my FAQ

2) Google is a thing

3) I am not you career advice counselor, I do not know what school you go to and therefore cannot advise what classes are available to you.

4) I’ve been severely sick for the last six weeks to the point where I’ve dropped 15lbs and just underwent oral surgery this week, so no I don’t have the energy or free time to answer the ten increasingly rude messages you sent me and

5) fuck off. really, saying I don’t care about people like I claim to because I have been too sick to cope with the literal hundreds of messages I get each week is beyond a dick move. I don’t get paid to run this blog, this is my hobby. And yet it takes as much if not more energy, especially emotional, than a full time job to try and keep up with it. I try my god damned hardest to reply to people, I do my utter best to help people who need it. And me not replying to your asks, for which I have provided the information for countless hundreds of times to the point where I wrote an FAQ with the exact info you’re looking for, linked on my ask page , doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means you lack the critical reading skills to parse what has already been laid out in front of you, or the initiative to go do the research yourself, and I can tell you now, you’d make a shit editor .

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm not sure if your requests are open but I love your writing, and I was wondering if you could do a ivar imagine where the reader is a Christian princess who's supposed to marry him and they hate each other at first but then they start to bond with each other because the reader is like super tiny( like she's 5'0" and really small, especially compared to big burly Vikings) so they can kinda relate on being different from other people and they fall in love?

Hi anon! Thanks for your request, I will for sure do it! I have another request from an anon from ages ago I forgot was sent to me (yes, I’m terrible!) that I can combine with this. I’m working on another prompt at the moment and I really should write the next chapter to TCATHC but I will get to this one, promise! Thanks again ❤️

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Ok so a year ago there was this blackout and I was doing my homework by candlelight and I accidentally tore the paper so I threw it away and I guess I swept it over the candle?? because my trashcan burst into flames and I threw it into the the hallway and now there is a big ass charred hole in our hallway carpet and the moral of the story is dont do your homework

i couldnt even wait to get home to answer this one im fucking laughing so hard on thetrain im crying this lady probably thinks im fuckkng crazy