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So I was tagged by the small bean @peculiar-earbuds and yep here we go.

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name: Mel
nickname: I don’t really have one?
zodiac sign: Aquarius 
height: 5′6
orientation: straight
ethnicity: I don’t even know man. Mixed I guess.
favorite fruit: ummmmm strawberries and oranges and blueberries and bananas. 
favorite season: every season, winter, fall and spring especially :3
fav book: just picking one, My Lady Jane
favorite flower: I can’t do favourites. Lillies, lilacs, roses (these three the most), daisies and sunflowers?
favorite scent: a dewy morning. A rainy day. Flowers. 
favorite color: cool colours, like greens and blues and also pastels.
favorite animal: cats?
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: all three!
average hours of sleep: from 7 to 10. Can’t function with less than 7 tbh.
cat or dog person: cats, mostly.
favorite fictional character: I can’t pick. I really like Kell from ADSOM, Thorne from TLC, and Kaz from SoC.
number of blankets you sleep with: One but I wish I had more.
dream trip: Germany, Sweden, Turkey…I wanted to go to America but after something happened, I’m not seeing the appeal so much anymore. I want to explore Canada entirely too.
blog created: April 2012
number of followers: 118.

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jane/petra is so real… they embody the classic enemies to friends to lovers trope, and they are, right now in canon, working through and past their animosity because of something bigger than them, because of love. they’ve shared precious moments of incredible intimacy, which proves they can work together, despite their clashing personalities. they genuinely care about each other, which is incredible all on its own, given their history, and they can be so supportive of one another. especially jane is constantly supportive of petra, who is, ofc, incredibly vulnerable, someone with basically no support system, who was drawn to jane as soon as she showed signs of wanting a real friendship.

and i believe wholehearteadly this could become romantic. especially because of the way petra seems drawn to jane, but also the way jane is drawn to petra despite the many times she was pushed away in the past. and they both have such complicated love lives, maybe they just need to find each other.

2x02: speculation time ..

Calling it now. ….. that baby is not Rafael’s. 

I predict, by mid season, the sperm bank will call Petra and tell her that they made a mistake and gave her someone else’s sperm; a nod to Jane’s situation in season one. 

I believe this for several reasons. The first one being that there’s no way the writers are going to rehash this storyline again with Rafael. Especially in such a similar situation as the one he just lived through with Jane. Sure, they might explore it for a couple of scenes, if only to get some insight on his complicated feelings towards Jane (Does he love her because she’s the mother of his child? Or does he just love her??). But actually rehash another unexpected pregnancy storyline for Rafael?? That is just boring and sloppy storytelling and the JTV writers are neither of those things. 

So the baby is not Rafael’s and Petra will be the first one to know. However, Petra will not tell Rafael. She believes that the baby is the best way to get him back so she’ll try to pass the child off as Rafael’s.  

This is a classic Telenovela Trope!!! Almost every novela I have ever watched has the ‘Evil’ Female Villain trying to purposefully get pregnant so they can trap the Lead Romantic Hero and steal him from the Lead Romantic Heroine. 

JTV loves to steal classic Telenovela Tropes and then spin them on the show. This is so them!!! 

I believe that we’ll find out the baby’s not Rafael’s by or on the mid season finale.