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“For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is a role model for children around the world… Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league.” - Johan Cruyff


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“That’s what I’d like, Doctor. That’s what I’d really like.”

I don’t want to know how often he must’ve listened to that recording, in order to know exactly how long to hold the fast forward and rewind buttons to skip over or get to certain parts…

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Ocd Harry, Eggsy just finds out.

Harry had been told, on occasion, by medical professionals no less, that he had developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It wasn’t terribly severe, they’d say, but it was something to keep note of. He always replied that no, he was merely a trained, bordering on paranoid, spy that felt an uncharacteristically strong need to check and/or clean his weapons multiple times a day and who liked to keep everything in his home as clean and neat as possible thank you very fucking much. 

Besides, even if he accepted their silly diagnostics and he was indeed OCD, then it was of no consequence since he had always lived alone and what he did or didn’t do multiple times in his house (i.e. assemble and disassemble the multiple weapons he owned) it was no one’s business but his own. 

It did not affect his performance in the field and being able to assemble any type of long distance and short distance weapon in less than one and a half minutes each was, in his profession, a blessing.  

He didn’t need to look any deeper into it. He refused to seek help for it. He didn’t need it. He was fine. It was a quirk in his personality and that was the end of that. 

Of course, what he had never expected was to one day be living again with another actual living breathing human being. Especially not one as wonderful and bright and fucking messy as Eggsy. He was the very definition of a human bomb. He left a mess everywhere he went, from reports left haphazardly on the dining room table next to cups of coffee to actual items of clothing left discarded on different rooms of the house, particularly on their bedroom floor. 

And it was okay. 

Well, no, correction, it was a mental hell for Harry, but it was Eggsy doing this, and he loved Eggsy and he wouldn’t - couldn’t - lose him. But he also knew he couldn’t exactly lose his sanity either. It would do neither of them any good. 

He had tried at first to just pick up after Eggsy and, for months, it had actually worked, but the more that time passed, the harder it was for Harry to keep his grated temper in check. There was only so much of it he could take. So of course, his next step had been ramping up relaxation techniques, because if there was one thing he had become good at over the years, it was working under pressure. 

Hence how he had ended up sitting by his dining room table, slick black weapons laid out in pieces on the table as he assembled them and disassembled them repeatedly one after the other, counting the number of armaments every pass. 

“Harry?” Eggsy asked sleepily as he walked into the room, freezing when he finally took in the scene. 

This wasn’t the first time he caught Harry cleaning and assembling his weapons. This was, however, the first time he caught him doing it at three in the goddamn morning with an almost maniacal glint on his eye. 

Harry froze in place, turning slowly once it became clear Eggsy wasn’t going anywhere. “You should be sleeping, darling,” he said gently, a placating smile on his lips. 

Eggsy frowned, looking more and more worried by the second. “I could say the same.” He pointed out. “Harry, babe, are you okay?” 

“I’m fine,” Harry bristled, meeting Eggsy’s gaze with a cold one of his own. “There’s nothing wrong with me, Eggsy.” 

Eggsy stilled, every alarm in his body going off. “I never said there was. I just asked if you were okay since you’ve been out of bed for almost two hours now, and you’ve apparently been down here the entire time.” Eggsy sighed, inching closer to brush a hand against Harry’s cheek. “Please Harry… I’m not judgin’, swear down, I just want to make sure you’re okay.” He kissed his boyfriend’s creased brow. “Let me help you.” 

Harry sighed, relaxing inch by inch, until he finally slumped forward, letting Eggsy take some of his weight. “I… There’s… well I… There’s something you should know about me, Eggsy,” Harry said eventually, swallowing hard. “I’m… well I suppose the correct term is OCD, but-” He shook his head. “It’s not a big problem, it’s just-”

“Babe, I’m not judging,” Eggsy repeated again, finally sitting on Harry’s lap. “So you’re OCD, that means, what for you exactly?” 

“I like things to be… very clean and in order,” he said with a grimace, knowing how absurd he probably sounded. “And I… well I find it cathartic to- necessary really - to do this,” he said as he pointed towards his weapons. “Especially when I’m, ah, a little miffed.” 

Eggsy’s eyes suddenly lit up with understanding. “Oh my god, this is because of the mismatched clothing I put in our wardrobe today, innit?” He said, a hint of horror at his own actions tinging his voice. 

Harry grimaced. “Perhaps,” he said in a soft voice, burying his head in the crook of Eggsy’s neck. “I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be,” Eggsy whispered, kissing him soundly. “I mean I don’t know how this works yet, but we’ll figure it out, yeah? Me and you, we always do.” 

dating archie andrews | would includes

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written by: rosie, gaby, kelly & maddy

anonymous said: dating archie would include!

- archie’s main thing to write music about is you

- he would teach you how to play guitar

-”babe, can i teach you guitar?”

- ”babyyy, my fingers hurt.”

- “well, i’m sorry your fingers are short.”

- he’s always is down for midnight trips to pops

- knowing each others orders off by heart

- fighting him to foot the bill

- “i can pay archibald!”

- “can’t i treat my princess?”

- going to the annual fair with him in town

- archie trying to impress you and the gang by attempting to go on the ferris wheel

- you all knew that he was petrified of heights, so as you were at the top the poor boy was about to pass out

- you slipped your hand into his and gave it a big squeeze for comfort

- jughead had teased him about that for weeks and weeks

-“do you remember that time archie went on the ferris wheel and-”

- “jug leave him be”

- you became closer with jughead

- he’d always keep an eye out for you when archie wasn’t around.

-babe im gonna be at practice tonight, can you take vegas for a walk?

sometimes you even went down and watch

- you and vegas would sit in the stand and cheer on the boys

- archie would jog over to his two girls and give you both kisses

- you’d be a river vixen of course

- piggyback rides after practice because your legs ache

- laughing at each others dumb jokes

- car rides with loud music

- purposely singly off key

- the windows were down the wind blowing in your hair

- him being very proud of you

- and spending every moment he could stealing glances at you

- archie being extremely protective of you

- he had reggie and moose look out for her whenever he couldn’t be around

- they were like brothers to you

- watching him work at the construction site

- “ damn archibald you really work that wheelbarrow”

- warm hugs

- you were just shorter than him so when you hugged you could feel his heart race whenever you hugged.

- soft kisses along the jaw line

- deep and intellectual conversations during the early hours of the morning

- archie talking constantly about marriage and children

- him constantly teasing you about knowing all of the songs to the movie grease

-it actually isn’t an insult, you found it more to be a compliment

- helpless without you, love has flown all alone.

- y/n, shut up

- you poking his cheeks when calling his attention

- because he was constantly on his guitar or on his playstation

- nibbling on his ears to finally gain his attention

- him playing with your hair while you lay on his chest 

- he’d sing you songs to put you to sleep when you stay at his house

- “have i ever told you that you have the voice of an angel”

- “no but you have told me i have a body of a god

- his dad loving you 

- he’d always ask you over for dinner

- whether it was pizzas or take away you’d always help him out in the kitchen

- archie’s mum not liking you at all because she thinks that you’re using him

- getting super emotional over his mum and her opinion of you

-“babe, i love you but she doesn’t have to”

- “i want her to though, arch.”

- meeting his mum and making it your mission to prove her wrong

- because you love him

- surprise hugs from behind, side and running hugs

- let’s face it he was always hugging you

- when you sleep archie has to be touching a part f your body

- just so he knew that you were laying there safe next to him.

- he’d let you wear his clothes

- especially on game days

- you’d wear his jersey to school

- to show that you support archie

- plus he loved showing you off at school

- not to even mention the way he loved to see you in any of his clothes

- especially in nothing but one of his baggy t’s and a messy bun.

- running your fingers through his hair

- in return he’d do the same for you

- especially when you’re stressed

- you helped him study alot

- even when he didn’t think he needed it

- or didn’t want it

- “how ‘bout we put this calculus away and do something a little more fun-”

-trying to start a makeout session

- “ uh-huh andrews we need to get this done”

- you’d work at pops

- he’d bring you flowers

- and sit with you on your break and feed you french fries

- “okay my breaks up i gotta go”

- “baby pleaseeee stay”

- clingy archie

- whenever you weren’t together he’d always text you funny things or what he was doing at that exact second

- just took the trash out

- i just stubbed my toe SO bad

-we’re having chinese for dinner

-just finished eating and im still hungry

- dating archie meant the gang was all up in your business

- “so.. y/n is archie good in bed?”

- “kevin please”

- “sorry i was just asking.. but seriously-”

- “kevin!”

- compliment central

- breakfast at the andrews

- wearing his varsity jacket all the time

- “baby where’s my- .. is that my jacket”

- “maybe”

- smirks

- constant banter

- and pranks

- you practically lived at archie’s so that meant prank central

- he’d always hide and jump out and scare you

- “archie fucking andrews!!!”

- when jughead moves in they’d team up

-nerf gun fights

- and in the summer water gun fights

- ended up with you and archie making out

- “if you guys are going to have sex id rather not be in the room”

- double dates with betty and jughead

- since the drive in is closed the four of you would camp out in the coopers living room and watch movies all night

- cuddled up to eachother

- being super close with betty

- learning all the words to archie’s songs

- whenever he played them you’d dance around the room

- and you should see the smile on his face when you do

- you’d sit front row at the jubilee

- singing along and looking at him in admiration

- all the girls at school were jealous of you

- archie’s a hickie monster

- he was no match for your concealer

- constant pda

- especially over social media

- archie’s instagram would be dedicated to you

- filled with endless amount of photos of you posing against beautiful back drops

- “archieee.. stopppp

- covering your face from his constant camera in your face

- but he’d shower you with compliments

- which would turn you into a blushing mess

- cute nicknames.

- always shows up at your door with flowers and chocolates

- and he’d always go to betty and veronica for advice

- singing to you in the pouring rain

- confessing his undying love for you

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Imagine Dean being turned on by the way you eat.

“Here ya go, sweetheart,” the waiter smiles at you as he sets a plate of ribs in front of you, “It’s nice to see a girl with a good appetite.” He winks at you, before putting down Dean’s plate hastily in front of the hunter.

“Thanks, we’re going to need more napkins,” you smile politely, wanting him to go away. He nods and walks away.

“What a douchebag,” Dean grumbles, taking a sip from his beer.

“Why? Cause’ he was flirting with me? I am single, Dean,” you point out, “Plus, I don’t see anyone else trying to snatch me up,” shrugging you look down at the large plate of food. You were damn famished after a long two day hunt with Dean, it was nice to have an actual meal.

“Just enjoy your food, sweetheart,” Dean smiles, not wanting to ruin the mood.

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The Correlation Between Expressions of Love and Program Depiction for Minor Characters in Yuri on Ice

A year on from Yuri!!! on Ice, I want to discuss something that I’ve seen floating around various fandom circles through the months. It’s a general dissatisfaction that the show chose to highlight characters like Georgi and Michele by way of showing both their skating programs, and spent less time focusing on other minor but more easily accessible or representative characters: Guanghong, Leo, Emil and Seung-gil.

This inequality of screen time—but moreover, skating time and character development time—is an issue that doesn’t have an easy solution. The anime follows standard broadcasting time limitations, and as such, there are only so many skating programs you can show when considering the ones you have to show (Yuuri and the other eventual GPS finalists), and also all the off-ice time and story progression. Making the decision to show five programs per episode in the qualifying events makes sense, logistically. But how do you select which characters’ stories you are going to develop that little bit further, and which ones you need to condense?

My proposal is that the content of the programs, in a way, reflects the two focal points of Yuri!!! on Ice: how characters embrace, develop and view life and love. When you look closely, there’s actually a very clear distinction in the programs we are shown with regards to love in particular: some skaters emanate love in a way that is love beyond themselves, love for other people; and others either emanate love that isn’t related to people, or don’t express love at all. And that distinction is the line that is drawn between the characters that get more skating time, and the characters that get less.

However, just because characters don’t get skating time, it doesn’t mean they don’t get further development. Many of the characters get a lot of off-ice time and development, and all of the six characters I am going to analyse draw either draw parallels with or become foils for Yuuri. I think this last point is particularly poignant: Yuuri is the main character for a reason, and the ways each of these six characters skate are designed to highlight certain points of Yuuri’s own skating, storyline, and relationship.

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Give What You Like - Pete Dunne Imagine

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Well, this story came in my mind after reading a few imagines around here. I’m new in this thing and english is not my birth language so, please, be pacient with me.

Pairing: Pete Dunne/Reader                                                                   

Words: 1700

Inspirational song:  (x)

Warning: None by now

Credit goes to the gif owner.

I woke up with slim beams of light invading the room through the crevices of the shade. Morning … I forced my eyes to open, staring at the light as my head throbbed with pain. I felt dizzy, I wanted to have the choice to not get up and take another day, but the reality was far from being that. Against my will, I rose, sitting on the bed and seeing that the only thing covering my naked body was the bed sheet. I looked to the side. He wasn’t there anymore.

Normal. Certainly, normal. This is what you might call casual sex, where your partner has no obligation to sleep with you after one night. No attachments or feelings. Everything wonderful … Until one side fall in love. And in that case, I was the one in love. Lie, perhaps not completely in love, but already felt something for him despite the certainty of being nothing to the same. Just a girl she could fuck with whenever he preferred.

I got to my feet without minding my nakedness. No one would see me now, in the solitude of this apartment. Before moving on to a long shower, I made sure to look at my cell phone in the hope of a message from him. Anything. I only needed a fantasy to be a clown in his own circus. “Damn you…”; I cursed mentally, dropping my cell phone on the bedside table and into the bathroom, where I made a point of punching the part while mentally cursing thousands of “Idiots” to myself. I snorted, feeling the water fall on my body. Oh, Pete Dunne, how can you get me like this …?!


It all started when I was finally selected to join WWE. More specifically in the NXT, development territory for many of those who dream of gaining fame in pro-wrestling. I was just a newcomer, unknown and also unaware of the majority, whom I had never seen personally. He, on the other hand, had been there for some time and had a certain fame in the world. In comparison, I was nothing. A nothing that, strangely enough, was noticed by him.

I was training in Performance Center, alone with some weights, while watching everyone around me scattered in some training together or just talking. Pete stretched out alongside Tyler Bate, the United Kingdom Champion so far, talking about any random subject. At one point, distracted from my training, I noticed that they were looking at me; especially the one with mostly messy hair. I could not tell but something in Pete Dunne’s eye caught my attention. His impassive expression would not give me answers, so my choice was to get closer … I just needed the courage to do that.

Thanks to my distraction, I ended up dropping a 22-pound weight on my foot. Enough for me to utter a shrill cry and fall to the floor mourning the pain. From what I could see, Tyler and Pete were laughing in the distance. Great, all I needed! Two english men making fun of me! I mentally cursed, thinking of a way to stand up and pretend nothing had happened, which is why I didn’t notice their approach.

When I realized, they looked at me from above. Tyler with a small expression of concern disguised by laughter and Pete, as always, mixed the laughter with his convinced seriousness. “Are you okay?” Tyler was the first to ask, offering some help as he held out his hand. I held it, lifting my body with his help and leaning against a nearby iron rod.

“Yeah, I just … It was just a little accident”, I replied, dusting off my legging.

Tyler was quiet for a few seconds, apparently checking to see if I was okay, until he spoke. “I’m Tyler Bate”, he said again, "And he’s Pete Dunne”.

I greeted him, seeing how the other just shook his head and kept looking at me as if he were analyzing me from top to bottom. Tyler had a small, cornered smile on his face, which corresponded, but what struck me most was Pete.

“(Y/N)”, I introduced myself, "Thank you for helping me!”

“No need to thank me, in fact, the initiative was his”; The moment he pointed it out to Pete, I started to wonder. He? Did he come up with the idea of helping me? Unbelievable, mainly because he didn’t say anything or confirm the responsibility.

“Is he always quiet like that?”, I asked, referring to the Bruiserweight.

“Actually, no … I don’t know what got into him today”, Tyler observed, watching the other chuckle and leave without further explanation. “Well … I think I’d better go”, he commented, feeling compelled to follow his friend perhaps, “See you later?”

“Yep”, I stammered in farewell.

“Good, see you later, (Y/N)”.

"Bye”, I gestured quickly, watching him hurry up behind his friend, who was already some distance away. I may be wrong, but I could swear that in the distance, Pete was still staring at me from the corner of his eye.


Later that day, a new NXT episode would be recorded and I’d fight for the first time. Something cheery and at the same time scary: to fight in front of a larger audience than anyone they were accustomed to. I prepared myself behind the scenes, stretching and training a few blows in the air, a craze of mine. Distracted, I only noticed someone close when I bent down for a stretch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pete Dunne watching me.

Quickly, I went back to the previous position, tossing my hair back to straighten it, and looked at it with an arched eyebrow. “Hi …?”, I blurted out, uncertain about what I should say.

“(Y/N), right?”, I heard him ask.

“Yes”, returning the look of analysis that he directed me, “And you’re Pete Dunne”

"First and only, The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne.”

“Yeah, I know your fame”

“Do ya know?” He had a sneer in his face with a certain interest, “So what did ya hear of me?”

“Let me see …”, I put my hand to my chin, looking thoughtful, “You have many skills as a wrestler, known all over the world as part of the British Strong Style …”

“The most talented of them”, he interrupted.

I snorted, not convinced, “Maybe”, I forced a wry smile, “Matches usually rated with five stars, vegan and apparently frowning”, I finished with a little sneer of sarcasm in my voice. Enough for him to get even closer, sarcastic and irritated apparently.

“Ya do not know anything ‘bout me then.”

“I’d say otherwise. I know a lot already.”

“There’s still plenty to know”

“Really?”, I asked incredulously, noting that his closeness had already forced me to lift my face slightly to look at him, “Then show me.”

“You choose whether ya wanna know or not”, his voice sounded suggestive as he walked away, leaving a squeeze on my ass as he left.

At the same time, I leaned against the wall thanks to the unexpected attitude. He had caught me by surprise. I tried to look at him and see if there was something in his expression that would reveal the reason for it. I just saw a smirk.


“Hey!” A familiar voice took me out of my reverie. “Earth calling (Y/N)!”

I blinked my eyes, looking away and saw Tyler practically waving his hand in front of my eyes.  “… Yes?”, I stammered, running my hand through my hair as I recognized the surroundings.

“It’s all right?”

“Yeah, yeah … All right.”

“What part of the story did you stop paying attention to?”

Honestly, I had paid no attention to anything. But to say that to him would be the same as attesting insignificance. “Erh …”, I tried to get something in my memory. “That part of …”

“You didn’t pay attention to anything, did ya?” He interrupted me.

“No …”, I said in a whisper, staring at my feet that moved uneasily as I sat in a crate.

He lifted my chin, making me look into his blue orbs. “What happened?”

“Nothing.”, I lied.
“What did Pete do this time?”

I sighed, wanting to lower my gaze again but he prevented me. “… How do you always know?

“I’ve known you long enough to know.” He laughed minimally, then returned to seriousness. “What did he do this time?”

“The usual, Ty …”, I snorted, finally being allowed to lower my gaze.

“Why don’t you tell him how you feel?”

“For what?!”, I practically shouted, gesturing exhaustedly. “For him to dismiss me as if I were a mess and never talk to me again? I’d rather put up with this and hope that, one hour, he’ll see me with other eyes …”

"Do you still hope he develops some kinda feeling for ya?”

“Yes. Everyone has feelings, even someone like … Him”, I said, but inwardly I had my doubts.

“I know, but …” He seemed to have all the words in his mind, he just needed to express them. Somehow, I waited anxiously for it until I saw him huff and look down. “Forget it. Not worth it. I just do not want to see you hurt.”

I gave a weak smile, touching a slight bunch of her hair. Enough to make him smile a little too. “I will not be hurt, I promise. In time I might even get rid of it!” . That did not seem quite possible to me, but for Tyler, I would try.

He didn’t sound too believing in it, but he still smiled and put a light kiss on my forehead. "It’s almost time for the fight” He remarked, setting the title on his shoulder.

“Okay. Go there and win!”, I said, cheering.

“Aren’t you gonna cheer for Dunne?”

“Nope, this time it’s your turn”. My words made him smile confidently so I continued. “Go there and do not come back without that title on your shoulders!" He laughed in agreement, moving away as the NXT TakeOff Chicago had its beginning announced. I had told the truth, my fans were with him. Not that I did not want to see Pete champion, the Bruiserweight deserved, but Tyler was like an older brother to me and it would be unfair to turn against.

I don’t know how I’d react if Pete won. I would be happier but sad for Ty; my heart would be tighter than it already was, fearful for unknown reasons. It was impossible for me to cheer for just one of them. I discovered this while watching the fight for one of the TVs behind the scenes. My emotions at the edge of my skin made me scream and bite my lips in apprehension with each hardest blow.

At some point in the fight, I no longer knew what to expect. Nor who would I have to welcome for victory. With my hands clasping one another, I seemed to pray, but in truth I was only too apprehensive.

Inside me, a tightness in my heart told me the winner in anticipation. I hated it. The pin was made as if they’re counting down to the end of the beats on my chest. 1. 2. 3. Pete Dunne was the new United Kingdom Champion … And I didn’t know what face I’d receive him now.

So… What you all think? Should I continue? Sorry for any possible mistake.

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Fallout 4 Companions react to the Lone wanderer

Danse- They’d served with dignity in the Brotherhood of Steel, even if it was under the command of a man Maxson often condemned. They were a sibling all the same. He salutes them like he was still a Paladin, and is a little surprised they salute back. “Been a long time since someone did that,” they say. Danse knows the feeling. They trade war stories and it feels like Danse is back at the police station. Everything in 101’s cadence and mannerisms is reminiscent of a hundred soldiers Danse had spoken to before, so it makes things easier than it would be with a civilian. It’s like talking to Rhys, to Haylen, to any Paladin or Scribe that called themselves brothers and sisters. They both have stories about DC as well, and Danse feels immeasurable comfort knowing that many of the memories he has of the place aren’t manufactured. 101 is so far the only person that can validate at least some of his past.
So they talk, of the people in Rivet City, of the battle they’ve fought, of the ones they’ve lost. When they’re both tired of talking, they sit and keep watch over Sanctuary in a companionable quiet. It feels like old times they’ve never shared.

Hancock- No one makes it this far without pissing off a lot of people. Oh, he’s heard the stories, knows the true ones and the lies and all the dirt to be dug up on them. He also knows 101 has a bounty on their head from several different factions that bled out of DC and into the Commonwealth. They were a nice enough person, but he never liked standing too close to anyone with a target on their back. He liked it even less when his friends stood there. Mercs, the ones after 101 especially, were messy folk. They were scattershot when it came down to it, and didn’t give a damn who got caught between them and their payday. He captures them in a moment when the others aren’t looking, makes sure his grip on their wrist is tighter than it needs to be. “These are my people,” he says under his breath, “If you get them hurt, you won’t have to worry about the Talon Company or Regulators mercs on your heel.” He lets his fingers linger a few seconds too long before finally releasing them. A slow nod tells him the message is received. His lips quirk. “Good. Welcome to the family.”
He left the “I’ll be watching you” part unsaid, but judging by the way 101 threw him glances over their shoulder, that part was heavily implied.

Piper- The next article is practically writing itself! The elusive Lone Wanderer, the Kid from 101 in the flesh. She vigorously shakes their hand and introduces herself before anyone else has a chance. “Piper Wright, reporter. Tell me 101 -is it okay if I call you 101- what brings you to the Commonwealth?” 101 says they don’t really have a reason, which does little to stop her. She monopolizes their guest’s attention for the next hour, jotting down most of what they said word for word. By the time Sole leads them away, her notepad is almost filled with enough information to pack an entire memoir on their journey from DC to the Commonwealth alone. She flips through what she has and wonders if all of it would fit better in a book than a newspaper. She considers titles while 101 is handed off to the others they didn’t get a chance to meet before being swooped up.

Cait- She didn’t really understand why anyone acted like this Vaultie was such a big deal. So they cleaned up the water in DC, who drank that shit anyway? Mirelurks fucked in it. No way you could clean Mirelurk spunk out. Still, she playfully punched them in the collarbone, making them stumble a step from surprise and the sheer force of the blow. She props her hand on her knee. “So yer the Vault celebrity, eh?” She snorts derisively. “Don’t look like much to me.” She gestures to their muscles. “Bet ya couldn’ even tear tissue paper with them noodle arms.”
Three arm wrestling matches later, she is still unconvinced they’re the big hero people talk about.

Preston- He grew up on stories about the Kid from 101 that had slipped out of DC. Preston was around 10 when it all happened, and it was a story he held close to his heart for many years. It wasn’t often a teenager was responsible for saving an entire city of people. They were one of many reasons he had for wanting to make the Commonwealth slightly less of a shithole. He babbles and 101 looks entertained that he’s holding their hand the entire time. He only realizes this fact when they give him a gentle squeeze. He tears his hand away with stuttering apologies, fumbling with his laser musket so he has something else to hold onto. He has so much he wants to ask but he knows he’s spoken too much as it is. He has to leave on a good note. The only thing that comes out once he clears his throat is; “Welcome to the Commonkelth.” Deacon elbows him and calls him a starfucker. It takes him a few hours to gather up the nerve to speak to them again.  

Nick- All the information he’s found on 101 consists mostly of hearsay and tall tales of dubious accuracy. There were few concrete achievements he could corroborate and knew with certainty were true; That 101 had saved a lot of folks in their time, they were still a kid when they did it, and that it cost them a hell of a lot to do it. He takes their hand with his intact one and shakes it firmly. “You did good, I hope you know that. World could use a few more upstanding people like you.” This surprises them, like they weren’t used to hearing praise. Maybe they just hadn’t heard it in a long time. Either way, they thank him. He allows the more eager members of the party their time, watching their every move closely, both out of suspicion and curiosity. Later, after everyone has their turn playing with the newest toy, they approach him, to Nick’s amazement. They sit next to him.
“You kind of remind me of my dad in a weird way,” they say suddenly. Nick tells them he gets that a lot. He wants to ask about the Mysterious Stranger a few times, but figures they know even less than he does.

MacCready- He knows the jumpsuit when he sees it cresting a far off hill. Few people are stupid enough to go around in bright blue and eyesore yellow, plus the only other person he knows that wears those ugly Vault suits is standing nearby. He’s embarrassingly excited about the visit. Once he’s close, he calls out to them. “Hey, mungo!” Recognition clicks in an instant and they capture him in a tight embrace. They express astonishment that he’s still alive, and even gets a little misty eyed. “Way to make me feel old, kiddo.” MacCready really doesn’t understand why they look so overjoyed to see him of all people (he was a little shit to them for a few years there) but he hugs them tightly. They have a lot to catch up on. Some of it good (like Duncan), some of it bad (like Lucy), 101 has their fair share of good and bad to share as well. He reflects with a short chuckle when Sole pulls 101 away for a moment that all of his truest friends have the worst taste in clothing.

Curie- She’s eager to meet the Lone Wanderer once MacCready has given her a briefing about everything that happened in DC. Her only real curiosity is how they survived lethal doses of radiation with limited mutation, or how they can do the many things they’re supposedly capable of (MacCready mentions something about a metal skeleton that peaks her interest). 101 isn’t sure themselves. They agree to allow her to run as many tests as she can with the limited resources of Sanctuary, and at the end of the day, she’s still no closer to answering the walking riddle that is the Lone Wanderer. She does get to hear about medical practices in the other places they’ve visited, and she leaves them with a renewed desire to see all that’s left of the world in the wastes.

Deacon- “I heard about you all the time on radio back in the Capitol Wastes, was always disappointed I never got a visit from the friendly neighborhood Lone Wanderer.” They arch a brow skeptically at him. Sole is behind them with a similar, much more leery look. He can’t decide if it’s a “stop bugging the guest” look or an examination of any possible tells, in case he was telling the truth for once. He continues the congratulation train and slips away before any holes can be poked in his story.

Strong- Strong doesn’t see why this human is different than any of the others. Just because they survived radiation, Super Mutants survived radiation all the time, it wasn’t some special skill. He tests to see if they’re built any sturdier than normal humans (they must have been, radiation makes humans stronger, he thinks) by slapping them on the back. They don’t get up for a few minutes. They do get up after awhile, so maybe they were more mutant than human after all. He’s hit people a lot softer than that and they never got up.

X6-88- The only reports he has any knowledge about regarding the Lone Wanderer are their rare dealings with the Railroad. The case in which 101 kept a valuable synth replicant out of the Institute’s grasp is the only real information he’s heard on them, the only source he trusts, even if the incident was before his time. He regards them attentively during their talks with the others in the group. Sole has insisted X6 keep whatever information he learns during this visit to himself. They both know that’s an order he won’t follow. 101 reaches him near the end of the procession Sole has, for some reason, dedicated to their arrival. They search for something he knows isn’t there behind his glasses. He screws his mouth shut tightly. Few words are exchanged, at some point 101 offers a handshake, X6 doesn’t unfold his arms.
What little they say to each other is relayed to Father. He’s less than pleased to know the one responsible for the Institute losing one of their most advanced prototype coursers is in the Commonwealth. X6 is ordered to observe, for now.

Dogmeat- He sniffs at 101’s leg. Something about them is odd and familiar, their scent, something in their face. They kneel to rub his head and he jumps up to lap at their chin. “You look just like him,” they murmur, their fingers deep in his fur.

Codsworth- “Did you hear about the machines in the coin factory breaking down all of a sudden?” Codsworth is confused, which doesn’t stop 101 from continuing, “With no explanation! It just doesn’t make any cents.” It takes a few seconds to snap. He stops himself from gasping excitedly and bustles over to them.
“A man walks into a bar!”
“His friend ducks,” they finish. Sole groans audibly, head in their hands. This does nothing to stop the barrage of truly awful puns the Mr. Handy and Lone Wanderer exchange for the next fifteen minutes.
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Maxson- If he must pick the thing that hurts him the most, it’s their eyes. They look at him like they’re staring at the corpse of the little boy they knew running around the Citadel. In a way, they are. He doesn’t let himself falter even under their stare. He keeps his back straight, his head high, his arms behind his back, his mouth sets in a thin line. “Jesus, Arthur.” The name strikes him harder than he anticipates. His fingers ball into a fist. “You asked for an audience, Paladin. Speak.” Their lips part to speak, he sees the anger (though it’s close to betrayal, and it is not a look he is unaccustomed to) flash across their face. Everything drains on their quiet exhalation.
“I don’t have anything to say to you, Elder Maxson.” The way they say his title makes it feel like a loathsome one to hold. He wants to apologize for something he knows needs no apology. The choices that have brought him here haven’t been easy, but they were necessary, he tells himself. He doesn’t need to explain himself to one of Elder Lyons’ pets. So he says nothing. 101’s features twist in anguish, until they can no longer stand to look at him. They rip something out of their pocket and slam it on the table, and then they’re gone, the silhouette that once filled him with such admiration disappearing through the halls of the Prydwen. His eyes flicker to the holotags left on his desk.


Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

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Anakin repairs starfighters of his men

Anakin loves to fix things. It was shown in so many, various sources. In Legends & canon materials related to Clone Wars era, he is often repairing or upgrading his own starfighter.

And in TCW Gambit: Stealth, we learn that after Battle of Kothlis, Anakin devotes time to repair not only his vehicle but also repairs starfighters of his men. In this case, Gold Squadron’s starfighters:

Hours passed. He wasn’t disturbed. No call from Obi-Wan or the Jedi Council. Slicked with oil and hydraulic fluids, nicked and scraped and pinched bloody in places, once the gross mechanical faults in five fighters were repaired, he decided to give every ship in the hangar a tune-up. After all, there was nowhere else he needed-or wanted-to be.

But not even the sweaty, exacting work of bringing Gold Squadron’s starfighters to pitch-perfect performance status managed to ease his heart or lighten his thoughts.

Rex. Coric. Ahsoka. And fourteen dead pilots. Scores more dead and wounded ground troopers.

When Obi-Wan contacted with Anakin via comlink to remind about their meeting with Council, Anakin chose to stay in hangar and help (“Sorry. Obi-Wan, I have to stay and fix this. Hangar Three’s almost empty. We’re practically the only fighters in the place. If something comes up overnight…”)

For Anakin, fixing things is a way to relax, to calm his mind. Working with machines makes feel him better, and I even dare to say, this is terapeutic  activity that Skywalker seriously needs. But the fixing starfighters is not only about his love for fixing things nor his whim and excuses to not meet with Council. The better machine, the bigger chance for survival of clone troopers and thus for Republic’s victory.The job is messy, but it’s necessary especially after one of hard battles like that of Kothlis; the starfightes need to be repaired as fast as it’s possible because Separatist may strike back any moment. Anakin is already quite well-known Jedi general of Great Army of Republic but he is working in hangar(s) like common mechanics do. He is doing extra work that no one asked him to do. And I think clone troopers really appreciate Skywalker’s devotion. He takes care of them by taking care of their equipment - and he does that with the same passion and precision as if he was repairing his own starfighter.

Nerves (College!Jimin)

Plot: The first night with college!Jimin

Word Count: 1202

A/N: so you guys were pretty on board with this idea of first nights with BTS so I thought I would write Jimin’s and see if you guys like the actual scenario, there’s also a lil hint of college!Jimin (here)

You remembered the first night you’d spent in Jimin’s home, a tiny yet homey apartment with pictures of his family and friends on his walls, a few of the two of you together hanging alongside his loved ones’ photos. It wasn’t horribly messy, especially considering how busy he was on a daily basis. You could smell the scent of food as you took your jacket off, watching him hang it up on one of the hooks by the door while you wondered just how comfortable you were supposed to be in his home. You had spent countless days there, quite a few of your dates spent on that couch, board games in front of you, movies, pizza on the nights before exams. But this was your first night you would spend there entirely.

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I just want a 1x1 here Muse A just got out of a very shitty relationship where they wre cheated on and lied to and Muse A just wants to get away from everything so they take the first plane to leave the airport and thats gow they end up in Paris in the evening, freezing cold, dragging around a suitcase with no place to stay. That’s when they walk into Muse B who is looking scruffy and tired and has a cigarette hanging out of the corner of their mouth but sees Muse A’s situation and offers them a place to stay anyway. Muse A is a bit iffy about it all, especially when they walk into Muse B’s messy, one bedroom apartment with a twin sized matress laying underneath the window and clothes surrounding it, but after staying up all night listening to Muse B’s life story and bad jokes in broken English they’re kind of sold on it all. And then Muse B shows Muse A around Paris, showing them all their favourite places that no one knows about and Muse B is so gone for Muse A and Muse A is just so scared and so in love but just pretends the only thing they’re in love with is Paris. And then they get drunk and make love and Muse B keeps saying all these things in French and Muse A gets so turned on by it and after that it keeps happening and they keep pretending like nothing happened and Muse A is in too deep and all Muse B wants to do is make them happy and there’s so much angst.

Quite the Double Act- (Years 1-4)
  • , James and Sirius meeting on the Hogwarts Express and becoming friends faster than lightning. ( Small Beginnings ) 
  • James standing in shock as Sirius is sorted into Gryffindor, then giving the loudest cheer possible over the boos and whispers that echoed through the hall.
  • Sirius feeling so pleased when James comes to sit next to him after he is sorted, grinning happily at him and James punches his shoulder in congratulations.
  • James and Sirius bouncing on James’ bed the morning of their first lessons out of sheer excitement.
  • James and Sirius wrestling and playing fighting on the grounds at breaks laughing as they tackle each other in the lake on a hot day. 
  • James and Sirius sneaking books out of the Library to learn a good spell to get back at Sirius’ cousins for jinxing them in the corridor.
  • James and Sirius discovering that playing jokes and hexing people is quite possibly the funnest thing that two young boys could be doing.
  • James and Sirius practising all their new spells on first years as they go from lesson to lesson, deciding that the one that makes bubbles come out of your ears for hours on end is easily the best.
  • James rounding up Remus and Peter so they can all go to find Sirius after Sirius’ first Christmas and holiday back at home. James sitting up with Sirius all night as he miserably transfigures the Slytherin pin his parents gave him into a Gryffindor one back and forth.
  • Sirius feeling so loved by all his friends, especially the messy haired one that won’t leave his side until he is okay, but so lonely inside.
  • James and Sirius infuriating Lily Evans by shouting out answers in lessons and making a dramatic scene of not paying any attention. That is until she hexes one of them for flicking wet paper at the back of her head.
  • James and Sirius spending hours talking about James’ favourite Quidditch teams and Sirius’ favourite bands.
  • James and Sirius being in detention together more times than they can count.
  • James wanting Sirius to spend the summer at his house.
  • Sirius wanting nothing more, but knowing he can’t.
  • James and Sirius giving each other a crushing hug as they met on platform 9 ¾.
  • James and Sirius talking loudly about everything they would get up to this year on the train, much to Remus’s annoyance ‘Guys shut up we can’t be like last year, we have to behave now.’
  • James and Sirius laughing at Remus. Remus grinning.
  • James feeling a hole appear in his stomach as Regulus is sorted in to Slytherin. James putting his arm around his best friends shoulder and wordlessly consoling him.
  • Sirius feeling his brother slip away before him, feeling like the ground should swallow him whole. Sirius shrugging James off none-the-less. ‘I always knew he would, I always knew he wasn’t like me, really guys, it doesn’t matter.’ James knowing anyway that Sirius is devastated.
  • James and Sirius   having a whole new year of pranks to plan.
  • James and Sirius buying McGonagall cat litter for her birthday.
  • James and Sirius  getting put into detention.
  • James and Sirius charming Mrs Norris so that she barks.
  • James and Sirius getting put in detention.
  • James and Sirius starting food fight in the hall, making the girls toilets flush the wrong way, turning Peeves green for a week, stealing Fang to scare some Ravenclaws with and deciding the leg locking curse was their new favourite corridor joke.
  • James and Sirius starting to feel they are never out of detention.
  • James becoming the Gryffindor seeker and being overjoyed.
  • Sirius sitting front row from now on at every single one of James games, cheering even louder than the rest as his best friend soars.
  • James and Sirius realising something isn’t right with their friend Remus. Peter being the first to suggest that Remus may not really be going home every month.
  • James and Sirius agreeing and the three boys going off to spend the night in their favourite mischief planning corner of the Library to figure it out.
  • James and Sirius being shocked when they realise, but swearing that they would never abandon Remus and that they should all confront him and tell him that the had worked it out.
  • James and Sirius sitting Remus down one night and telling him. Remus staring to cry and Sirius rushing over next to him to hug him. James moving so that he can rub Remus’ shoulder in comfort.
  • James telling Remus that they could never hate him for what he is, that he is their best friend regardless and that they are going to do everything in their power to help him.
  • Sirius telling Remus that everyone in this room loves him no matter what, hugging him tighter and wiping off his tears as Remus calms down.
  • James and Sirius cutting back on their pranks to spend more time in the Library to try and help Remus.
  • James and Sirius finding an old book on Animagi in the restricted section one night under James’ cloak. 
  • James and Sirius starting the process of becoming Animagi, all for Remus.
  • James and Sirius finding it hilarious when they put spiders in the girls dorm. Until Marlene catches them laughing about it in the common room and her and Lily hex all the boys into next week.
  • James again asking Sirius to stay at his for the summer, knowing full well that Sirius relationship with his parents and his brother had deteriorated even further, after spending countless waking up to hear Sirius crying in his sleep, only to push him over and hold him until the nightmare passed.
  • Sirius again not wanting to, but saying know, hoping desperately that maybe this summer, he could try and reconnect with his brother, but promising to meet up with James in Diagon Alley every fortnight instead.
  • James and Sirius barely saying a word to each other on the Platform, because Walburga has a tight hold on her son’s shoulder and refuses to let him even speak to James. Sirius making a show however, of running up to hug Peter, a display that earns him a slap on the back of the head.
  • James and Sirius laughing about it after, though James can see the pain of the summer  has taken it’s toll on Sirius. 
  • James and Sirius spending their first term back wrecking as much havoc in the halls as possible.
  • James and Sirius setting Severus’s robes on fire after he made Peter’s cauldron explode, making it rain in the corridors, making the suits of armour line up and do the can-can one dinner time, setting of dung-bombs in the Divination classroom, and deciding that the bat bogey-hex was their new corridor favourite.
  • James and Sirius spending at least two nights a week in detention.
  • James forcing Sirius to spend Christmas with his family after a particularly nasty letter from Sirius’ parents arrive.
  • Sirius having the best Christmas of his life at the Potters. Sirius realising what a happy family looked like.
  • James and Sirius making real progress on their journey to become Animagi, despite a few slip ups, like the leafs being swallowed three times by someone Peter.
  • James and Sirius still annoying the hell out of Lily Evans, James especially, with his constant teasing and massive, Quidditch fuelled ego, she couldn’t think of anyone more loathsome. Their seeming hatred for her friend Severus also frustrates her no end and her and Sirius have many arguments about it.
  • James and Sirius pulling even more pranks on their fellow students, calling McGonagall ‘Minnie’ just to see her suppress a laugh before giving them detention.
  • James again inviting Sirius to stay for the summer.
  • Sirius saying yes, having come to terms with the fact that his entire family hates him and treats him like an outcast.
  • James and Sirius having their summer together be more fun the could imagine, but it only lasting one week before Walburga and Orion storm in to collect their evasive son. The screaming match between the three could be heard throughout the entire house and it ripped James heart up to hear Sirius scream.
  • James being able to find his best friend on the train that September, until he spots Sirius sat miserably in a carriage with the Slytherins, snarling at their rude remarks and crunching his knuckles and he listens to them joke about dead Muggleborns.
  • Sirius seeing James through the window, feeling his heart skip and umping to his feet knowing full well that the Slytherins have been told to tell his mother is Sirius didn’t stay exactly here he was put.
  • James and Sirius running off together as the older Slytherins chase them down the train until they decide to climb out the window and onto the roof.
  • James and Sirius returning to their carriage with Remus and Peter, windswept and in shock. they would never tell the other two what happened when they tried to escape, and it remains a secret to this day.
  • James and Sirius now having a whole year to prank, hex, jinx, charm their way through, charming teachers and flirting unapologetic ally the whole time.
  • James and Sirius knowing that this year had to be better though, better and bigger, it had to mean more. So on top of all their usual antics, they did many other things.
  • James and Sirius snuck out to spend a night roaming Hogsmeade
  • James and Sirius snuck out to go into muggle London and see one of Sirius’ favourite punky bands perform live for Sirius’ birthday. It was Remus’ idea.
  • James and Sirius’ hormones really began to kick in, and they stared noticing girls more. This was the year they both had their first proper kisses. James had pecked girls before on dares from Sirius and Peter, but this was the first time he had really kissed someone he fancied, it was a pretty Ravenclaw and James wouldn’t stop boasting about it for the next week. Sirius was even worse, he would go around snogging anyone he thought was worth his time, and that was basically everyone. He was effortlessly handsome and puberty had served him well, so he basically went after any boy or girl he liked the look of. He wasn’t as much of a bragger as he was a show-off, dramatically snogging people in the common room or and unlocked cupboard.
  • James and Sirius both sending ‘Mcgoggles’ valentines.
  • James and Sirius still annoying Lily Evans and going after Severus, but now James seems to also be shamelessly going after the redhead, much to Sirius’ amusement as James get either hexed or harshly rejected every times.
  • James and Sirius getting even closer to becoming Animagi, now they just had to wait to a lightening storm, which didn’t look like it was coming anytime soon as it was almost summer again.
  • James and Sirius enjoying their year of reckless behaviour and breezy love lives.
  • James and Sirius setting a new record for detentions in one year.
  • James and Sirius realising they need a way of finding and talking to each other when they aren’t together to prepare for the coming summer.
  • James and Sirius charming two mirrors.
  • James not bothering to ask Sirius to come to stay, Walburga had made it very clear that she wasn’t even going to allow Sirius to come home on the train and he was to leave on the last day of school by carriage with his mother.
  • Sirius wishing no more than ever that he could just stay with James at school all summer, but they have the mirrors now, so maybe it will be bearable.
  • James and Sirius being more than best friends, more than close.
  • James and Sirius being brothers that could never be separated, not by blood, not by space.
  • ‘Quite the double act, Sirius Black and James Potter’