especially the little girl on the right

Prince Aladdin

i just rewatched aladdin with the roommates and it got me thinking

aladdin wishes to be made a prince, but all genie does is get him a lot of stuff and money. that’s not what a prince is. a prince is the son of the king, someone in line for the throne. someone with a lot of money is just - rich. so what i think is:

genie goes okay, that’s a big one - and i can do it! but not on my own, not if you want to do it right. not if you truly want a chance to marry your princess for real, as a prince. and aladdin is a foolish, moral, kind boy - and he agrees. he’s fallen in love with jasmine, an innocent all encompassing love, and he’ll do anything for this sweet, clever girl he only knew for a few hours. so genie takes him across the desert, far from agrabah, and plops right in the middle of a skirmish and is like okay, good luck! and aladdin is like ?????

but there’s assholes with swords attacking a young girl, and aladdin doesn’t even have to think about that, just like when he stood in front of the whip for those little kids. there are three men against him, but he’s fast and clever and has been against a dozen trained palace guards. so it’s not easy to get out of there alive, especially with the little girl to protect, but he manages it with only a thin slice on his upper arm, and he’s endured worse for less. so he picks up the little girl and says “i think we should get out of here, hmm?” and she’s in a pretty red silk getup with tiny jewels encrusted on her like stars against sunset. and she nods and throws her arms around his neck. she won’t talk, only points in the direction of home, but aladdin’s okay with that, he’s used to quiet, scared kids. so he keeps up a steady stream of stories of agrabah, which seems almost like this other desert land. but there are more men with swords and aladdin is like what the fuck is going on, but he hides the girl in a corner and fights them too. and that’s how it goes all the way home. there’s no one on the streets really, and they all scatter when the men attack, and they keep on attacking, he fights his way all the way through the city with the girl on his hip or hidden away.

and he should have known, of course, but he was tired and bruised and bleeding by the time he realized the little girl is silently guiding him to the palace and he’s like why can’t you princesses stay inside??? but he walks up and the guards get one look at the child in his arms and whisk him through and multiple people try to take the girl away but she won’t budge from him, a stubborn pout to her lips as her hands remained locked behind his neck. and he’s finally tossed into a throne room where a tall old man is sitting in agony and two young men pace in front of him, each at least a decade older than aladdin. “they’ve taken our sister!” one of the younger men hiss, “i don’t care about their power or their connections, they’ve taken esfir, and we must go get her!”

“uh,” he clears his throat, “hi?”

and all three men whirl on him and the old man stumble-runs to him. esfir finally lets go of aladdin to picked up and twirled around by her father. the two men are rahim and shapur and they look in wonder at this dirty boy of fifteen who’s returned the girl to them, and he speaks with an accent and clearly is not from here and they get the story from him - he’s traveled across the desert because those in his own country want him dead. “you know,” rahim says as the king clutches at esfir in desperate relief, “you could have held her for ransom. you almost died saving her, and we would have paid handsomely to have her returned safely.”

and aladdin gives him a flat disapproving look, appearing in this moment four times his age, and says “people are not objects or bargaining chips. especially not lost little girls.” and rahim and shapur share an impressed conspiring look and they each grab one of his arms and lead him away. “hey! what are you -”

“do be quiet little brother,” shapur says cheerfully, “we really have to get you out of your rags.”

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Scavenger Hunt

Stiles/Derek, T, 2500 words, Meet Cute AU

Written for the following prompt:

“i picked up your bag at the airport but i can’t find your number so i’m about to embark on the largest scavenger hunt of all time by using your strange belongings to track you down” au

“Honey, I’m home!” Stiles calls out as he wrestles his roll bag over their entry mat.

“That’s still not funny,” Scott says, without looking up from his textbook.

“Once again, we disagree.”

Scott snorts. “How was the trip?”

“Fine,” he says, plopping down right in the middle of the living room to start unpacking. “Typical conference. Some sessions were actually interesting, most were boring as shit.”

Scott hums, already absorbed again in his reading. Stiles reaches for the zipper on his suitcase but then freezes—this is definitely the same brand as his suitcase, but he doesn’t remember this extra zippered pocket on the top.

“Oh, shit.”


Stiles grimaces. “I’m pretty sure this isn’t my suitcase. Goddamn it.”

Scott finally looks up, frowning. “Shit, really? How’d you manage that?”

“It was a redeye,” Stiles says, running a hand through his hair. “I was exhausted, in fucking LaGuardia, and I was just trying to get out of there as fast as humanly possible.”

“Is there a name on it? Are you sure it’s not yours?”

“Pretty sure,” Stiles says, feeling around the sides for the pocket. He sighs when he pulls out the little card and sees that it’s blank. “Motherfucker. This is definitely not my suitcase because I’m actually smart enough to put my name on it.”

“Sorry, man,” Scott says sympathetically as Stiles falls back on the rug with an anguished groan.

“What the hell am I supposed to do now?”

“Open it,” Scott suggests. “Maybe there’s something with their name on it.”

Stiles fiddles with the zipper. He’s nosy as hell, in general, and normally he’d be jumping at the chance to rifle through someone else’s personal belongings. But… 

“What if there’s like, dead bodies in there or something?” he asks, and Scott just stares at him for a second. Stiles rolls his eyes—that’s a perfectly valid concern. Or maybe he watches too many police procedurals, whatever. “Okay, fine.”

Stiles holds his breath as he slowly unzips the suitcase, but nothing happens when he lets the top part flop back onto their crappy, threadbare rug. There’s a Dodgers hat on top, and Stiles grimaces. “Well, they have shitty taste in baseball teams.”

He sets the hat carefully aside and keeps digging. The person is neat, whoever they are, because everything is folded, and all the dirty clothes are even all contained in their own zippered bag. At first glance, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary—phone charger, American Gods, Calvin Klein briefs. Fancy, he thinks. There’s a monogrammed leather toiletry bag (DSH, he commits those initials to memory), and he pokes through it.

“I’m gonna make an educated guess that it’s a guy.”

“Why’s that?” Scott says, finally looking somewhat interested in this mystery.

Stiles holds up an electric razor. “And that he’s maybe not totally straight,” he says, brandishing a little bottle of lube that’s about three-quarters full.

Scott rolls his eyes. “Lots of people use lube.”

“Yeah, but do you travel with it?” Stiles counters, and Scott sighs.

“No,” he admits. “Did you find anything with his actual name on it?”

“Not yet,” Stiles says absently. He continues to rifle through the bag until he’s pretty sure he has his plan of attack. “Okay. I’m gonna find out who it is,” he says with a determined nod, and Scott frowns.

“How? This is New York City! There are literally millions of dudes here.”

“It’ll be like a real-life scavenger hunt,” Stiles says dreamily, ignoring Scott as he carefully lays his three chosen items out on the coffee table. “This is awesome.”

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I’m not the only one who remembers Playhouse Disney right? Charlie and Lola, JoJo’s Circus, Rolie Polie Olie, Handy Manny, imagination Movers, The Wiggles, Jungle Junction, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, Bear In The Big Blue House, etc. Like I’m in my feeling right now you guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Especially over Charlie and Lola, I use to watch that show all the time when I was younger trying to copy their accents, while drinking pink milk 😂😭

dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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for science

pairing: reader x jimin

rating: m

◦ word count: 7.7k

m a s t e r l i s t

Originally posted by parkjmzl

Absurd. Absolutely fucking absurd. It was 2am during finals week and the cafe was out of coffee? You had some colorful words for the person responsible. Dragging yourself up the stairs with sleep-ridden eyelids, you muttered curses under your quickened breath. You clenched and unclenched your fist. It was safe to say that your fifth espresso shot had officially just worn off. Despite the troubling rate of heartbeat and the fact that your hand was shaking all on its own, the subtle pounding of a migraine lingered between your temples in demand for something to keep it awake.

There was still a menacing stack of papers left to grade. If something could pull you away from it all, you would have been thankful. It was almost nauseating, actually, how much work you had yet to complete. Who the hell said grad school was a good idea? The urge to scream rippled in the back of your throat, tempting you to let everything out and just empty yourself into time and space.

It did you no better to return to the study room –the very cramped one that you had booked privately for the entire day– to find a regretfully familiar face emptying his bag across from your belongings. “What do you think you’re doing?” You felt lightweight as the angry jitters travelled through your body. The heavy door slammed shut behind you. It sent a deafening sound cracking through the library.

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❝And to all the women, and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me: I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.

Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will — and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. 

And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.❞ —Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech, 2016

Being The Youngest Avenger Would include...

- Practically being adopted by the avengers

- Peter teasing you and using the “You have to listen to me cause I’m older” excuse

- Even though he’s only 3 months older

- Baby Monitor Protocol

- Thor not knowing how to bond or deal with a teenage girl, but wants to be the “cool uncle.”

- Thor: “Ah, young Y/N, come and share a drink with me! Let us bond!”

- Tony: “Thor, she’s 15.”

- Natasha training you on how to fight

- Bruce getting mad at Natasha cause he was supposed to teach you stuff in the lab

- Clint also getting mad cause he wanted to teach you how to shoot

- Tony: “Vision, it’s your turn to watch Y/N.”

- Y/N: “I don’t need a babysitter, Tony”

- Your safety is the Avenger’s number one priority

- Tony having to be the “strict dad”

- Going to Wanda with all of your drama and girl problems

- Cap trying to help as well and just ends up giving really bad advice

- Tony never letting you go on missions even though you’re ready

- Y/N: “But Tony, I can help! Nat has been teaching me how to fight”

- Tony: “No, you’re not ready, this mission is too dangerous!”

- Sneaking on to the jet any way

- Getting a 2 hour lecture from Tony right after the mission

- Cap: “She did kick ass Though”

- Tony: “Shut it, star-spangled dumbass”

- Playing pranks on everyone with Peter

- Especially Vision

- And Bucky

- Being the daughter Tony never had

- Cap: “She’s a teenage girl Tony, you can’t baby her forever.”

- Tony: “I’ve lost too many people I care about, Rodgers. I’m not losing her as well.”

- Tony eventually realizing you’re not a helpless little kid anymore

- Making the Avengers have movie nights every Saturday

- Accidentally falling asleep on Peter halfway through the 3rd movie

- Peter: “Uh, Mr. Stark, what do I do?”

- Tony: “Seems like your problem kid.”

- Peter ending up falling asleep on the couch with you because he was too scared to move and wake you up.

- Failing at sneaking out to go to a party because of Tony’s security

- Clint helping you sneak out next time because he claims he “Gets what being a teen girl is like

- Both of you getting yelled at by Tony the next morning

- Fathers day cards and presents for Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Bucky, Vision and Thor

- Wanda and Natasha being more like sisters than a mother figure

- One time Tony caught you crying in your room because of a boy and freaked cause he didn’t know what to do

- Tony assembled the Avengers for help

- Only Nat, Wanda, and oddly enough Peter knew how to help

- Naturally becoming best friends with Peter

- And Bucky

- Constantly sassing the Avengers

- Non of them can keep up with your comebacks

- Banner gets super butthurt about it

- Knowing that no matter what all of the Avengers will have your back and only want the best for you

off limits | 04 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dom! Jin, dare I say fluff…? followed by an ‘oh shit’ moment
words: 12,051
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 ::

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Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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-as you’d shyly confess your little secret to him, he’d run his hand in your hair before grabbing a fistful; giving it a delicious tug- 

“You’re lucky you have a kinky best friend, who just so happens to wanna fuck your brains out.” 
*giggles as he lets go* 
“Only if you want to of course.~”

Originally posted by baebsaes


-tilts his head as your little kink rises some interest in him- 

“So you just wanna be hurt, essentially right?” 
“Because wouldn’t pulling your hair hurt you?”

You; *shy as heck* “No it feels really, really good..”

“Would it be weird if I wanted to do that to you, then? I kind of want to try it.” 

Originally posted by bwiseoks


-would immediately be turned on by the idea of doing that to a girl, especially if that girl were you- 

*grabs your hand and pulls you to his bedroom*

You; “What are you doing?” 

*turns back and smirks* 
“Gonna give you what you want, babygirl.” 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


-becomes somewhat at the mention of kinks, but immediately as soon as he finds out you two have one in common- 

“You like getting your hair pulled?” 
*raises his brow at you as he scoots closer to you* 
“You know, if you ever need someone to help satisfy your little kink, I’ll be more than happy to help.” 

Originally posted by ciutae


-you two would be talking about random stuff when kinks and sex would slowly become part of y’all’s conversation, causing you to confess about your little secret- 

*acts shocked at first to hide the fact that he’s into it* 
“Hair pulling really?” 
*immediately gets curious about other things you’re into* 
“What else do you like? I’m curious because you act so innocent, it’s sort of hot to think about what else you’d be into.” 
*smugly giggles as you playfully punch his arm*

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


-the two of you would be laying together, asking random questions when he’d suddenly ask about your kinks- 

You; “I kind of really like getting my hair pulled during foreplay and sex.” 

*his eyes widen slightly as he turns to face you, placing his hand on your hip* 
“That’s actually super hot..” 
“I know we’re friends and stuff, but I’d love to do that to you..” 

Originally posted by mvssmedia


-you two would just be chilling like always when the topic of sex randomly would come up- 

“So what kinds of things are you into, y/n? We’ve been friends for like years and we’ve never talked about this before.” 
*both of you would giggle as you shyly admitted to your little hair pulling kink* 
“You must really like being roughed up, huh?” 
*you’d shyly nod as he scooted closer to you, then whispered* 
“I’d do a lot more than just pull your hair if you’d let me.” 

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BTS reaction: You wearing only a transparent shirt, bra and panties

Anon requested:  Bts reaction to come back from practice/studio and find there GF in transpierit shirt and with only panties and bra


Be prepared for a long night, kitten“, he’d state while exhaling deeply.

Originally posted by teamoseokjin


You were looking forward to me coming home ? Someone’s needy“, he’d say innocently while his hand creeps up your inner thigh.

Originally posted by jungkookandyugyeomwhores


* groans* „You were a good girl, right ? I’ll make sure you feel especially good tonight“, he’d promise before leaving marks your neck.

Originally posted by sugabeats


For now, let’s make good use of it, before I rip them off your body“, he’d remark while squeezing your butt, making you jump and curl your legs aroung his waist.

Originally posted by forever-young-got7


Sit on my lap. Let’s see if your cute, little outfit can make a difference in pleasuring you“, he’d tell you with a smirk.

Originally posted by taelatte


Come here. Now. Remove every single piece. Slowly. Let daddy enjoy the view“, he’d order before licking his lips.

Originally posted by girlmeetsyoongismixtape


You’re really sexy babe… but you’d be even sexier, on our bed, naked, legs spread“, he’d slyly whisper in your ear.

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Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar - Part 2

Originally posted by brokencxstiel

Series Summary: Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Part Summary: Y/N has been with her father for a few months now and it’s been amazing. It’s everything she’d expect and more. Now, he’s throwing her a lavish party for her 15th birthday. How will he react when he sees she’s starting to fall for his protégé Peter Parker? A surprising turn of events has Y/N meet an unexpected hero.

Requested by: @hortonhearsahoeblr and @jennymagicalheart

Pairings: Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Bruce Banner, Michelle, Ned Leeds, Liz Allan, May Parker, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Steve Rogers, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Thor Odinson, Scott Lang, T’Challa 

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta for this!

Part 1

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Show You (Ethan)



You slammed your locker shut feeling more frustrated than ever as you gripped your books hard in hand. You felt like a total outcast. It wasn’t a bad thing to be inexperienced when it came to sex and you took pride in the fact that you hadn’t given it up to just anyone. You were waiting for the right one and that’s all there was to it. But that came with endless taunting and teasing from your classmates. Especially in sex-ed class where you, obviously, got it the worst.

“You mean…you’ve never like…fooled around with a guy?” Your friend Shawna asked you, her eyes wide as she shoved a bobby pin in her hair. You were in the girls washroom and you looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. The last thing you needed was the entire school knowing you were still a virgin.

“No.” You shrugged. “Does that matter?”

“I mean…no..” She frowned slightly. “But why? Guys are pawning after you left and right.”

“Not really.” You sighed. But being the virgin made you a prime target. Guys were dying to be your first and it really kind of grossed you out.

“Yes, really. You also have the hottest fucking friends in the entire world who I’m sure would jump at any opportunity to get in your panties .”

Your mind wandered. Ethan and Grayson

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-as you slipped into little space, he’d watch as Jin started trying to play the role of caregiver- 

*roughly grabs his arm, while shaking his head while still attempting to keep a smile on his face for your sake* 
“Hyung, stop, she’s my responsibility.”
“If my little girl needs something, then she comes to me.” 

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon


-he’d lay there as you put stickers all over his arms and stomach when Tae would come out to the living room, talking to you to as if you were his; ruffling your hair, caressing the sides of your face, etc - 

*chewing on his inner cheek, he’d shoot his friend a near deathly warning glare*
“Babygirl, why don’t you go get more stickers, hm?”
“Daddy want’s to talk to Taehyungie really quick. Okay, baby?”

Originally posted by btsgotsvt


-the instant he’d see Jimin attempting to play Dom to you while you sat there watching cartoons while colouring, he’d explode with annoyance- 

“Yah Jiminnie, get over here.” 
*he’d still try to keep a calm tone, knowing how yelling can scare you in little space* 
*the moment Jimin would go over to him, he’d give him a stern glare while gripping his shoulder*
“I hope you’re not getting ideas about my little girl.” 

Originally posted by sugaa


-the instant Namjoon walked out, he’d suddenly just watch you like a hawk; feeling that tinge of possessiveness when Namjoon began developing this dominate demeanour around you the second he realised you were in little space- 

*interlocking his hand with yours, he’d subtly remind his friend who you belonged to*
“Babygirl, do you need Daddy to get you anything?” 
*you just shake your head and nuzzled into his arm* 
“My sweet babygirl, always such a cuddle bug with Daddy.~”

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty


-he’d always be careful to remind everyone that you were his, especially Yoongi; just being around you, especially in little space made his Hyung act possessive of you.- 

*as Yoongi stepped out of his room, Jk would immediately sit you on his lap- holding you protectively* 
“Who’s Daddy’s precious little girl?” 
*you shyly point to yourself, giggling as he tickles you*
“That’s right you’re mine, forever and always.”

Originally posted by jkguks


-Jimin sat there playing with you, stacking blocks while watching Lilo and Stitch when Hoseok came home; immediately plopping himself down beside you, talking to you as if you were his “You’re such a pretty little girl, you know that right?”- 

*Jimin immediately would pull you closer to him; possessively wrapping his arms around you as he kept his eyes on his Hyung* 
“Do you want Daddy to take you out for ice cream, princess?” 

You: “Ahh yes please Daddy.~” 
*grins at your sweet response, rubbing your side*

“Of course princess, you’re such a good girl for Daddy- you deserve a reward.”

Originally posted by minblush


-as he watched Jungkook’s demeanour change as you sat there waiting for them to finish up with practice, colouring away as your stuffie sat in your lap; the second Jungkook stood over you, playing with your hair while praising your work he smirked; knowing he’d have no problem reasserting himself- 

*walks over to the two of you, gently combing his fingers through your hair- moving Jk’s hand out of the way while glaring at him only for a moment before turning his attention back to you* 
“Wow, baby you’re so good!” 
“Come here baby, sit on Daddy’s lap. Daddy just needs his little kitten right now.~” 

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Jason Todd Headcanons: Magnetic Manipulating S/O

Thought I’d try this out, and I for some reason have loads of Jason feels right now??? Idk man, I just love Jason Todd. Thought this would be cool. Kinda long.


My ask

  • OK with your powers you can do some crazy shit.
  • Like move whole buildings, and you can even technically manip Earth’s electromagnetic field (meaning you can change the course of rivers, start earthquakes, the like). Basically, you can do a lot of damage if you were a bad guy.
  • Luckily you’re not.
  • But because of your awesomeness, plenty of people want you with them because you’re so badass
  • Batman kept tabs on you since the start, and even met you a couple times when he first “donned the cowl”.
  • So when things on Earth start to get a bit crazier (AKA: Darkseid, etc.) he obviously wants your help.
  • You lived in Gotham as one of the street kids, and often protected them and took care of the lowlifes. 
  • Your pops was an alien with a mutant-esque gene, to which he passed onto you. You learned you had magnetic abilities when you were really young. Your mom died in childbirth.
  • You knew Jason pretty closely when you were kids, and when you first got your powers you went to him ASAP.
  • You were about to get mugged for the first time (there would be other times, you lived in Gotham) and your fear or something must have triggered your powers cause the poor guy’s gun flew out of his hand and slapped him in the face.
  • Everywhere you went on your way to get to Jason was melting or bending if it was metal, like street lamps and fire hydrants (oops).
  • Jason calmed you down with hugs because he’s a softie.
  • Soon all the metals around you stopped bending and you told Jason the truth about your dad.
  • He wasn’t that surprised tbh, you just had an aura to you.
  • For the first few months, he helped you control it and soon you could bend stuff and shape things. It was really cool, and it virtually meant you could never get shot. You and Jason got really close here, and there were a lot of inside jokes around your powers.
  • You found your powers worked on metal, including metals from other worlds and from gods.
  • Then Jason stole Batman’s tires and disappeared. By now you’ve basically become every street-kids mom, and have like a little group of kids you take care of regularly.
  • You start to mess up drug-deals and interfere with the mob. Overall just causing trouble and being really sad cause your Jay is gone.
  • Jason tries to find you, but most criminals are actually too scared to even speak your name. He doesn’t want to ask Bruce for help, and keeps looking for you.
  • One day, there’s a disturbance in Earth’s magnetic field and you’re all like,”Oh shit, I need to tell Batman.” Because Bruce is basically the only superhero aware of you. You keep on the down-low.
  • You come to Bruce and you find out it’s a Big Bad Alien Guy™
  • Bruce calls in the Justice League and is immediately ready to adopt you because you’re hella cool
  • But he also thinks you haven’t mastered your powers, so he doesn’t let you help with the league.
  • bad decision
  • Finale battle comes, you come out of nowhere and wRECK the bad guy.
  • His Evil Ship of Doom™ descends on Earth or whatever and you’re just like:
  • *raises hand* *ship explodes* *BBAG™ is arrested*
  • The Justice League is just: shocked.
  • You’re 13. Decked out in super cool metal armor you can manipulate so you can fly and stuff.
  • Bruce: “I’m adopting her now.”
  • Dick: “I’m down.”
  • You take off your—totally not Magneto inspired—helmet and your cape is waving majestically
  • And then Jason is in the background and is  s h o c k e d.
  • Your reunion is hella cute.
  • Jason hugs you so tight you’re cleared from the ground and you’re both laughing like idiots and it’s just… ughhhh just date already.
  • “Nice undies, Jay.”
  • “Shut up, bucket-head.”
  • You do not hold hands when everyone turns around.
  • nooo
  • why would you do that???
  • You sleep at Wayne Manor that night.
  • Dick would be lying if he said he didn’t have a picture of you and Jason (Jason wearing your helmet, ofc) cuddling in his phone.
  • You spend so much time at Wayne manor now you’re basically part of the batfam.
  • Jason was really your only reason for staying at the manor, but that changed after you met Babs and Dick started staying over more.
  • Cue Dick trying to low-key get you and Jason together.
  • You’re the only person in the Batfam with powers.
  • (Except Alfred, his cookies are magical.)
  • So you use it all the time.
  • Bruce grounds Jason from patrol…
  • Every metal item in the Batcave is now on the ceiling. You won’t bring the Batmobile down until Bruce lets Jason go out.
  • Jason kisses your cheek in thanks.
  • You flirt with him a lot. It’s cute but really cheesy.
  • The most groan-worthy ones are:
  • “Guess what I’m wearing? The smile you gave me.”
  • “I like your last name. Can I have it?”
  • Jason: *sneezes*
  • You: I’d say god bless you but it seems he already has.
  • Jason starts to flirt back over time.
  • It get’s to the point where you’re basically nose-to-nose and Dick is SO close to pushing your faces together.
  • And then you are out on the streets, doing your thing. It takes Bruce no trouble to find you since you’re more out in the open now.
  • He and Dick tell you the news.
  • The entirety of Gotham quivers on its base. Cups of water ripple or fall over. Alarms go off in every building. Sirens start to sound. Superman turns his head in Metropolis, confused at the sounds he’s hearing. 
  • The Earth shakes with your grief.
  • You leave. You don’t go to the manor to see his body, you don’t look at his suit woefully.
  • You don’t say anything at the funeral. You cry. You cry, and at certain moments in the ceremony the metal parts on his coffin quiver.
  •  Towards the end, Dick tries to comfort you.
  • His watch bursts before he can complete his sentence.
  • When you run off, Dick says,”I hope the Joker isn’t wearing anything metal.” 
  • But then he thinks about it, and he doesn’t tell Bruce but he selfishly hopes the Joker is.
  • You leave Gotham. You make sure you’re as far away as the Joker as possible. You know if you see him you’ll kill him, and you know how much that will change you.
  • The Batfam doesn’t see you for a while. The only times they do is during important battles, but you’re only there for a moment and then you leave when it’s over. No one comments about it. Everyone knows how much you loved Robin.
  • When Bruce finds out Jason is alive, he doesn’t tell you. He wants to bring home Jason first and that’s what he does.
  • Clark and Diana offer you a place in the League after a while. You start taking shifts and you and most of the team get really close.
  • It’s mostly with you and Bruce. You never talk about Jason, but there’s a comfort there. He becomes more like a parent as time goes by.
  • So when Jason’s back and chill, Bruce brings him to the tower on one of your shifts.
  • Maybe that wasn’t the best idea on Bruce’s part because the Watchtower is literally a giant hunk of metal floating above Earth.
  • Jason tells Bruce this.
  • Bruce assures him that he can calm you down.
  • As soon as you see Jason the floor starts to sink and the Watchtower literally tilts. Like people are sliding across the floor and holding onto things.
  • (poor Barry, he face planted into the glass)
  • Jason hugs you as tight as he can, and he makes sure you know that it’s him and not some copycat.
  • “One of the kids you looked after when we were little, Silver, wanted to play house. So she was the kid, you were the mom, and you paid me five bucks to be the dad. I gave you back the money later and told you that I’d like to play house again sometime, especially if you were my wife.”
  • Bruce and Dick are not choking on tears internally.
  • Tim is like: who is this girl??? Why is Jason saying he wants her as his wife???
  • You kiss Jason right there. The Watchtower returns to place.
  • “Jason Todd, if you die again I swear I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Y/N L/N, I love you too.”
  • More kisses.
  • You move in together, get a nice place and start being the most epic duo ever.
  • “Screw the Dynamic Duo, we’re the Depressed Duet.”
  • Go in gun’s blazin’.
  • *a barrage of bullets suddenly stops mid-air and drops to the ground like metal rain*
  • You use your powers against him 24/7 because you know how hot he thinks it is.
  • Jason’s buckle: *jingles* *suddenly comes undone*
  • Jason: *glares at you half-heartedly across the room*… babe.
  • You giving Jason the love and attention my bby DESERVES
  • Like 99% of the stuff in your apartment is metal.
  • Metal and Death puns. Everyday.
  • Helmet Buddies™
  • Your ship name (created by Dick but mostly used by yourself, Babs, Steph, and then Barry and Clark) is totally Red Metal.


  • The Joker: HAHAAHA— *suddenly struck and knocked out by a floating crowbar*
  • You, controlling that crowbar: That’s for my fiancé, you fugly lookin’ used piece of TISSUE!
  • Jason, with one tear falling down his cheek as he claps more so than necessary: That’s my girl!
The Two Of Us || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by sugutie

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Angst

Happiness was something you couldn’t afford. It was something that only the lucky got and somehow you turned out to be just another unlucky fool. Happiness was overrated anyways. All it meant was that you got to live your life without trial and error, without pain, without hurt, and god you wanted that so badly. All you wanted was for a chance to be happy, and not feel the ache in your chest that you felt now.

There was the thought, that maybe you never would be happy. Maybe you were destined to live a life of loneliness and pain, and never overcome it despite how hard you tried. Maybe you were never supposed to make it over the mountain and just continue falling down like you had been your entire life.

You thought for a while, that there was finally an end to the pain, and you had found it in a man named Min Yoongi. Everything with him had been perfect. Nights and days were meaningless to both of you as you had each other. Everything you ever needed could be found in one another, and that was how the both of you lived during your relationship.

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hey just a gentle reminder that in addition to all the other ways that the “everybody’s a little bit bi” mindset is harmful, it’s especially harmful to actual bi folk (and pan folk/other people who experience multiple gender attraction!) by trivializing our attraction

i know a lot of bi people who are still dealing with and unlearning this - especially bisexual girls and women who struggled to come to terms with their bisexuality just because they think “all women are a little bit attracted to other women, right?” including myself, and to this day i still worry about whether or not i’m actually bi and this mindset has been one of the biggest reasons i worry.

if you find yourself attracted to people of the same gender over and over, more likely than not you’re Not Straight. and obviously choosing to identify as something other than straight is a personal choice, but i think the “everybody’s a little bit bi” mindset has done nothing but harm - because in the end it doesn’t normalize bisexual people, it normalizes straight people being able to recognize that people of the same gender are attractive without being Too Gay™.

Scarlet Envy (m) | Prologue

Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Soulmate!Reader
Genre: angst / eventual smut 
Word Count: 763
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is one of the most powerful vampires in Aether. He holds the literal keys to the world and never in a million years, would you have imagined to find him bloodied and barely conscious in a back alley. 
Author’s Note: This is only a prelude, so no interaction with Jungkook yet, but it’s definitely coming. Please look forward to Part 1, along with my upcoming fwb!Jimin scenario. In the meantime, check out my drabble featuring Alien!Hoseok. Enjoy!

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Going to bed is Luna’s least favourite activity in the day. Right after getting up in the morning, doing that nearly sucks as much. The only thing Luna looks forward to in the evenings are her Grandma’s bedtime stories, they make going to bed bearable. The legends of the battles during the Great Witch Wars of Hecate or other defining magical events excite her. Especially when she imagines that she will be just as powerful as the warriors back then when she gets older.

Tonight, her grandma is on time as always, sitting by her bedside while Luna is nestled into her sheets deeply and her favourite plushie is tucked right into her side. Expectantly, the little girl stares at the older woman, waiting for her to start her tale for the evening.

“Luna, has anyone ever told you about soulmates?”, her grandmother asks unexpectedly.

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Melodically it might not be the strongest one in the album, & not the favourite one for many, BUT conceptually is the perfect song for single choice. Let me elaborate…
Mainstream media regularly doesn’t touch subjects aside of sex, love, heartbreak & partying.

Logic stated something similar during his VMAs performance: “I just want to take a moment right now & thank you all so much for giving me a platform to talk about something that mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about…”
Speaking about mental illnesses on his song “1-800-273-8255” is such a powerful, raw & real statement. If you have heard the song or watched his performance that night, don’t tell me you didn’t get chills or a lump in your throat.
Now, this is an statement that has achieved a #1 on Spotify’s US Top 50 chart; got a new peak of No. 5 this week on the Hot 100, a platinum certification & continues to rise (not to mention the impact that has had on the lifeline, it’s unprecedented). Personally, I’m extremely happy that a song like such is getting that amount of success. Doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anyone that has treated this subject in the music ever before but take a look at the BB charts from these days & there is not another similar single on the market right now. The GP appreciates these songs that convey a different type of message other than the trivial ones we’re used to hear on the radio all the time.

Take a look at other very successful pop singles by female singers that have spoken about matters that don’t have anything to do with the common “mainstream-ish” ones:

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”… Reached double platinum on the US, & did very well on the BB lists)

Katy Perry with “Firework”… Commercially successful, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the top five on 20 charts around the world. It has sold 7.1 million copies in the United States, and over 1 million in the United Kingdom.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”…

[“I really can’t believe it. I’m humbled, honored and overwhelmed at the reception to ‘Born This Way’. This has been so life-changing for me. Between Billboard and the international No. 1s, and the radio numbers… I couldn’t be more blessed to have the fans I have. I knew when I wrote the song it was special, but I also knew that perhaps my fans or my label were hoping for me to deliver ‘Bad Romance the Third’ or ‘Poker Face the Third’. I wanted to do exactly the opposite.”]
— Gaga talking to Billboard about the commercial reception of “Born This Way”.

These are just the first examples I could come up with, surely there are other options that I’m missing right now. My point here was to highlight how these sort of songs do great in terms of the commercial reception & sometimes even better than expected.

Back to Bridges, by making it a single the girls would totally be showing the GP a side of them, musically speaking, that they have never been given the chance to showcase. I want to believe it would get them the respect they deserve. I’m positive it would change the GP’s view on them since it’d be a total different approach. I would even dare to say that they could go viral since anything that slams Trump’s administration, rightfully does (like Miss Texas two or three days ago). Concerning stan Twitter, hopefully it would lessen the slander towards them.

I know most are begging for Lonely Night or DSYLM for the third single. Almost everyone is rooting for the powerhouse ballad that DSYLM is, don’t get me wrong this song is everything we all have ever wanted from them since “Who Are You” but the absolute best time to have gotten this song out would have been their debut as a foursome, releasing something no one would have expected nor sonically nor vocally. But we know Epic adores sabotaging them. Regarding Lonely Night, the girls are known for bops, adding another one to their hits list won’t bring a change onto their name. Here’s what I mean:

For a girlgroup that’s not taken seriously more than half of the time; that has sadly secured a solid place on the stan Twitter bandwagon hate list; & the label that loves fucking up their singles choices… just look at Down, as much as they want to sell us the idea that they all agreed with it as the debut, it’s obvious that LAND didn’t pick it. Tbh if it had actually been for them I don’t think they would have included it on the tracklist.
For a band that’s been doubted since always, having a single out there climbing the top spots on the charts protesting about today’s political situation; speaking on behalf the lack of love & division reigning over society; stating about equality in general… It’s such an outstanding concept.

Four POC women basically singing in harmony a big fat fuck you to the giant Cheeto head & his regimen founded on racism & bigotry while taking over the mainstream radio it’s such an statement, I just got chills from merely thinking about it.

Apart from the fact that the GP could be very receptive of it, most importantly, it’s a much needed message that don’t even doubt for a second, Lauren, Ally, Normani & Dinah wouldn’t want to share with the world on a bigger scale.
Yeah the song is out there, sure thing. But not every outsider will give themselves the chance to hear it. Many don’t even know the song exists.
With a well budgeted music video (preferably that contains an actual storyline) & the adequate amount of promo it’s a song that could definitely get the recognition & appreciation it deserves.

I repeat, Epic won’t ever pull this card (I’m sure it must be true that they have already selected Sauced Up) but if the fans unite to demand this, definitely the girls won’t reject the idea & maybe we could really get them to change it EVEN if the third song is put out there by that moment. Many moves likes this have been done in the past, due to the fans’ petitions.
E.g. Lady Gaga had everything prepared to promote “Ayo” & she changed it last minute to “Million Reasons”. One Direction had begun promoting “Infinity” but directioners wanted “History” instead.
We could do it, we could get the label to exercise this option. Besides aren’t we told almost daily that we’re the fifth member? Just saying…

If you have made up your mind about other song for the next single, remember the other songs talk about about the trivial topics that the mainstream media consistently push. Not that there’s anything wrong with them of course, but from my POV it would just be another hit added to their brand & that’s pretty much it. Not that this last is not a big deal but imagine if they could have a hit with an anti-Trump anthem, love encouraging piece. Sounds better or is it just me??
Idk, don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating but this could be huge for them. Plus bringing a different element into the table for a change seems persuading enough to me.
By the way, the girls just said recently said in an interview that they wanted to be remember for spreading love & positivity… What a perfect opportunity to exhibit this to the GP than with Bridges.

Not convinced enough? The portion of the general public, that got to hear it already, praised it quite A LOT.
(I’ll attach later some ss with tweets demonstrating this last point)

The world deserves this message. The girls have it. It’s just a matter of pushing it & spreading it a little bit more.
This shouldn’t be an opportunity gone to waste. Especially if this is really their last project as Fifth Harmony. In the end it’s not the girls who got to decide this latter, it’s the label, (even if they try to sell us otherwise).
Not to mention right now it’s the most fitting time. The situation in America, the world crying for love & compassion… It’s a must to get this anthem out as soon as possible. The time is now.