especially the last scene


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Directed by David Boreanaz™️

The TVD finale was perfect, especially the last scene.

When Nina left the show, or even sooner, the story was no longer about a love triangle, it was about these two brothers, Damon and Stefan. They did awful things to each other, and hated each other for years too, but at the end they found peace together. The last scene of TVD could have been Elena and Damon living happily ever after, but we got something better, we got to see the reunion of the two Salvatore brothers in the after life. Damon’s final words to Stefan were his first ones too, so in that moment everything came full circle. At the end of the day it was not about Delena, Stelena or any other romantic ship, it was Defan, and I loved it.


Mima: Do you have a LINE account?
Miyuki: Huh? Ah, you mean that you want to exchange our LINE, right?
Mima: Yes.
Miyuki: Actually, i don’t have a LINE account. So do you want my number instead?
Mima: Yes, please.
Miyuki: Alright then, give me your phone~
Miyuki: Here you go.
Miyuki: Next time you want to ask someone’s LINE account, don’t give them the death glare, okay?
Mima: …What do you mean?
Miyuki: Nothing.

I fucking love 13 reasons why because
1. the amazing diverse cast
2. non-stereotypical lgbt people and poc
3. you’re gay so what
4. loving parents but also the popular jock has a shitty home situation
5. the rich white boy is the (kind of) villain
6. clay is super awkward but in touch with his emotions and not this stupid shit where boys have to man up
7. his mom is the hard worker in the family
8. realistic depictions of a girl having depression
9. realistic depictions of high school events
10. they dont shy away from hard topics which a lot of productions do
11. they don’t sugarcoat the events that happen
12. especially the last scene of hannah where they didn’t want to show it as something worthwhile because its not
13. a good show about a suicide and it’s effects on the people around


#kdramawomensweek Day Two: Rent’s Due  

A character whose journey through adulthood you identify with, from job searches to daily upkeep, to bills etc. Someone who you feel reflects to some degree the struggle of either blazing through life or falling and getting back up again. @undergroundkdrama

Hong Seol from Cheese in the Trap. 

I always identified with her because of our struggles in College, which was maybe another reason why this drama was so depressing for me. Especially the scenes on the last 4 gifs are things that I even experienced myself, I was just so sick to be on my own, and to do everything myself, where everyone relies on me. But whom should I rely on?

I just finished 13 Reasons Why on netflix and it’s been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. I do recommended you to watch this show because the message is very important but please be careful.
Especially the last few episodes have graphic scenes (rape, suicide). I consider myself luckly to have no history with rape or selfharm but even for me it was very hard and emotional to watch these scenes so please please be careful. It did have a negative effect on my mental health so if you’re not in a good place right now maybe you should wait to watch this until you’re in a better place mentally. Or maybe just don’t watch it? Idk that decision is up to you. You know what you can or cannot handle, I think.

2x07 Malec Review

I hate drama. So here is what I think.

Let’s first state that I loved the malec scenes. They were absolutely beautiful. Maybe ppl don’t remember their scenes that’s why they say there was no malec at all. There was the beautiful gift scene, the kissing on the sofa, magnus saying alec is a special person, alec asking izzy about sex, alec going to magnus & kissing him passionately, magnus smiling and I was dying, their memorable conversation, the two rushing into the bedroom kissing passionately and WTF THERE WASN’T ANY RAPE C'MON ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Their scenes where freaking beautiful don’t just throw evil everywhere.

But ofc there is also a negative side… The scenes were SHORT. The kissing scene on the sofa, especially, lasted exactly 29 seconds only; I think it was really too short and they also cut out the glasses part… the scenes were much shorter compared with the Maia, Simon, Jace scenes for example. The important thing here is not how many scenes, but how long they are. And you know which is the real problem? The stills, the sneak peaks, the teasing tweets. They convinced us that the ep would’ve been only about malec, but it wasn’t. But don’t misunderstand my thoughts! Again I LOVED and DIED FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MALEC SCENES, but the way they’ve teased us made us think we would’ve ended up with half ep of malec and the other half of the rest (WHICH WAS AMAZING BTW), and then this didn’t really happen. So the problem here is not malec, is not what they show or what they don’t show, but the screen time.

Then there is another issue, which is the sex scene. Here also we need to look at both sides, we can’t just say bad things. I MEAN 9 MONTHS AGO WE WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE IMAGINED THAT WE COULD DESERVE A MALEC SEX SCENE AND NOW HERE WE ARE TODAY COMPLAINING BECAUSE WE WANTED MORE!!! The writers have just given us the sex scene (shown or not shown), OUR MALEC HAVE JUST HAD SEX COULD WE FOCUS ONLY ON THIS FOR A MIN!!! Idk about you but the scene was hot and amazing, when they were finally rushing into the room kissing, magnus kissing passionately back, my heart was exploding, MY HEARY WAS EXPLODING, and we cannot not recognize that this scene killed us and was unbelievable!!! I was dying and it was PERFECT. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I wouldn’t have imagined it differently! Would you? How? I don’t think so.

Now, negative side of the issue. If they actually had sex (which I hope not btw), I’m praying god that they’re going to show us something next ep, like waking up together, cuddling (that they didn’t give us today) etc… Because I’ve waited for this moment for 9 months and I want to ACTUALLY SEE STH. They say they can’t show sex, but then they show Jace & Kaelie naked kissing. So I TRULY HOPE that next ep they are going to show sth similar with malec because otherwise I’m sorry but I’ll be disappointed. Anyway, IF THEY DIDN’T SHOW AN INTIMATE SCENE THIS EP IT DOESN’T MEAN IT WON’T HAPPEN NEXT WEEK. So I hope they are going to show sth, or it wouldn’t be fair.

To conclude, malec has been amazing in every single scene, Harry and Matt have been fantastic. Let’s just hope for next week to bring us a cuddling scene in bed, or maybe they didn’t even had sex (I hope). So it depends on next week. BUT PLEASE DON’T SAY THE EP WASN’T GOOD😭.

1 last advice: DON’T watch sneak peaks, try to avoid spoilers as much as u can, and just ENJOY THE SHOW and the beautiful malec that we have❤


Kara and Mon El were adorable, especially in the first and last scene. However they really need to work on their communication skills and stop biting each others heads off!!! 

Alex completely broke me in that final scene with Maggie. I am pleased that the sisters both have someone to lean on at the moment. Even more so since they both dealing with Jeremiah differently. And Alex did say some harsh things to Kara in their argument about Jeremiah as well. 

Mon El and Winn being BFFs is everything that I wanted. Mon El definitely needs some guidance in the dating department. In the finale scene you can tell that he was surprised that all he had to do was be there and Kara was happy. He is learning! 

Mon El’s face when Kara got up after the phone call with Winn was just of complete awe. And I loved it! 

All I want in the series finale of TVD is to see my babies Stefan and Elena get the best ending possible. This show has done them so wrong. They were the couple in this show that best represented what being in love truly meant and what the made the show have that magic. When they took them away, the magic of the show went away but I need to know that they have a good ending. 

They both deserved so much more than what they got. Stefan deserved to be happy with the one girl who made him smile, that was his light. Elena deserved to be with the man who made her always strive to be the absolute best version of herself. Am I naive to think after all these tragic seasons they’d just put Stelena back together? No, i’m not getting my hopes that far up. However, its going to be at the back of my mind. Stefan is finally human, and with Elena back especially after their last scene together i definitely have some hope. 

I also have hope they send Damon to the fiery pits of hell with a stake in every place on his body but hey i’ll take what I can get. I’m happy TVD is finally ending, but its a bittersweet feeling. I lived for this show a long time ago and with the way its gone i’m happy its ending, but sad at the same time because it could’ve been so amazing. 

Anyways, the point is TVD don’t fuck up my babies reunion. They’ve been through too much already, just give me their magic one last time. 

karafairchild  asked:

If he changes, what I think he will, especially because of their last scene today's ep, he will be worth it for her. But he needs to learn first to become a good fit for Kara because Kara deserves the best

A man at his age completely changing on such level, at his core, is practically impossible in real life. But let’s say that it happens on the show, let’s say that it does (tho it won’t). What kind of message does that send?

If your friend dated such a guy who would yell at her, disrespect her, dismiss her wishes, and insult her regularly, would you tell her to just “give him some time to change, give him another chance and another and another” while he keeps treating her like crap? If so, then you’re not really a good friend.

So the message that the show is sending to girls is that they should put up with such behaviour because MAYBE, just maybe, he’ll change sometime in the future in the next few years maybe perhaps perchance, if he feels like it.

Speaking of behaviour and patterns, abusers (emotional abuse in this case) - and these are scientific facts, you can look it up - they treat you like crap, and then they will apologize and say they’re sorry and do something nice for you and ask for another chance. And you would give them that chance. And they would treat you like crap again the very next day, because they know that you will forgive them again and again, because that’s what victims do (and it’s not their fault). The abusers promise to be better but they never will be.

So if the writers suddenly make him better (tho I don’t think they will because they see his abuse as comic relief???????????) the only message that it would send would be that if you give him about 100-200 chances he’ll be better someday. “Stick around and help him get better.”

Let me quote Jenny Schecter: “It’s not my job to make you a better man and I don’t give a shit if I’ve made you a better man. It’s not a fucking woman’s job to be consumed and invaded and spat out so that some fucking man can evolve.

Positives From That Episode:

•Sam’s torture getting another acknowledgment. AND FROM SAM HIMSELF.
•Sam telling Mary that his pain matters too (being tortured) and that it should be a valid reason to be against the BMoL
•Sam and Dean sharing that laptop
•Sassy Crowley
•Dean fumbling to put the blade back
•J2 looked hot in that episode, especially in the last scene
•Gavin got a happy ending
•Rowena looked on point as always