especially the last scene


If I was Taylor, or any female celeb that gets harassed with sexist comments instead of praise on their careers and success, I’d reenact the last scene :) especially since she’s been saying the SAME things since she was a kid #kudos to Tay for always putting these ‘reporters’ (laughable since most don’t even have an English degree yet alone a communication degree) in their place.


Nikolaj Coster Waldau on why fans love Jaime & Brienne’s relationship and if being cast in the new Star Wars film has gone to Gwendoline Christie’s head. ( x )


#also it kills me that lexa’s eyes are glossed over and teary through this entire scene #especially visible in that last bit when she tilts her head up #and the way she shouts indra’s name #my fucking heart is going to die #she loves her people so much this must be so fucking gutting for her #i can’t even imagine (via @chrmdpoet)


Here are some of the backgrounds I did for Everything’s Jake. It was a really fun episode to work on, especially the last two scenes where I got to fill in the picture frames with whatever Jake-related things I could think of.