especially the hand holding

DATING MARK OR basically boyfriend!mark

im even ready for this asdfghjkl;

  • bro mark would be so freaking perfect as boyfriend 
  • like he would be so into calling each other “babe” because it’s so freaking cute NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD GIVE YOU THAT CUTE ASS SMILE LIKE THE ONE ABOVE
  • lots of hand holding especially around the other members
  • normal conversations in English that somehow drift into Korean and you guys are just speaking a mixture of both  
  • lots and lots and lots of KISSES
  • cute goodmorning/goodnight calls because he prefers listening to your voice before he goes to sleep and right before he wakes up 
  • random ugly snaps in the middle of the day, whether he’s on tour, at practice JUST WHENEVER OKAY  
  • back hugs
  • back hugs 
  • did i say back hugs 
  • *calms down* dEEP BREATHS 
  • datessssss 
  • i feel like you and mark would have lots of dates
  • but like not the types where you always go out and do something 
  • more of the stay at home and watch a movie and make cookies type
  • but of course there would be the casual ones like taking coco for a walk WITH POOR EOMMA YOUNGJAE CALLING EVERY SECOND WONDERING WHERE THEY KIDNAPPED HIS POOR BABY 
  • and there would be the dates where Jackson would tag along mostly because you could never say no to him simply because he was annoying as fuckkk
  • there would also those dates where we have jinyoung spamming mark because that’s his man and you have no right just “taking him and seducing him” 
  • but back to being serious and to what all you lil hoes have been waiting for  S I N 
  • so basically sex with mark would be special
  • you guys would have restless nights of love making 
  • meaningful love bites trailing down your chest and thighs 
  • sweet whispers of i love you’s 
  • lots and lots of ass grabbing 
  • lets be S E R I O U S mark tuan is an ass person 
  • but he would love each and every single inch of your body
  • but of course mark tuan isn’t anything but vanilla in bed 
  • 95% of the time you guys aren’t whispering sweet nothings into each others ears you’re moaning curse words out loud keeping up you’re neighbors for the 3rd night in a row
  • which one of the main reasons you don’t sleep over at the dorms half of the time
  • heavy breathing and tiny lil whimpers coming out of his mouth simply because YOU WORK HIM SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!
  • long line of curse words leaving each others mouths with moans coming right after each one of them 
  • finishing each other still feeling as euphoric as you did in the moment
  • mark picking up his t shirt and putting in on you and laying you back down taking you into his embrace 
  • staring at each other in silence as he strokes your hair feeling lucky as ever because you’re his girl and he’s yours while feeling content over the fact that his family may be thousands of miles away but he has never felt so at home laying down next you in each others embrace 
  • thinking about the future but not to far into it because all he knows is that he wants you by his side forever and that’s all he is asking for
  • being perfect in each others eyes

                                                                      ~ Erica


ok but imagine

Kurasuno wins a really big game and of course the whole team is shouting cause they hella hype

hinata jumps into kageyamas arms without even thinking and kageyama spins swinging them around and oh my god is he laughing??

daichi and suga nearly throw themselves at each other and  smooch but honestly is anyone surprised

nishinoya runs over to asahi because holy shit!! they did it!! and nishinoya just kinda.. pulls down asahi for a kiss

ukai and takeda, who were actually holding hands during the especially tense moments, end up smooching in all the excitement

even yachi and kiyoko are hugging and spinning around

it is then that the opposing team realizes.. theyre gay. theyre all gay. kurasuno is just a school full of homos even the girls

Boyfriend // NCT Dream

Request: Can you do what it would be like if the members were your bfs

Hi I’m the one who asked for the bf and I meant boyfriend sorry for not making that clear and can you do nct dream.

A/N: No worries!! I just got a bit confused but its fine~ :D

Ummm… Instead of ‘what it’ll be like if their your bf’ I think its more like ‘type of boyfriend they are….’ or in between :’D


  • Boyfriend that tries his best to make every date perfect
  • Some turns out good but sometime he prepares so much it didn’t go well
  • he’ll get sad
  • Kinda clumsy
  • He’ll always remember to send you morning and good night texts no matter how busy he is
  • Doesn’t really initiate much skinship (holding hand, hugging) especially around the other members
  • When he hears your name or someone briefly mentions you he’ll automatically smile


  • The cute boyfriend that always smiling when you see him
  • A boyfriend like bestfriend relationship
  • You can complain about anything about your day and he’ll be listening at first but then complain along with you about how much he hates it when someone does the same thing
  • Pillow fight (purposely goes easy on you) painfully obvious
  • Could be walking side by side and you guys just jokingly push each other for fun
  • Randomly grabs your hand to hold if in front of the other members he’ll secretly lock hands with you but hide it so he wouldn’t get teased later


  • He could either be painfully awkward or real smooth
  • There is no in between
  • He knows how to use his smile and get him through everything
  • Like if he did a mistake or failed at something then he’ll flash you a smile and bring his hand up rubbing his neck just looking at you (You’ll be dying from cuteness already)
  • Always very playful but there are times where he’ll just be sitting and thinking by himself
  • Like to back hug you a lot especially if your shorter then him
  • Arguments with him never lasts long (Cause look at him, how could you)


  • Cringes at himself when he find himself thinking of doing something romantic
  • Likes to tease you but if anyone else does he’ll sass the hell out of them
  • When he teases you he makes this very attractive cocky face but he doesn’t know you find it attractive (Don’t ever EVER let him know)
  • Enjoys it when you come along to hang out with him and the other members
  • Once in a while you two go out for dates but most of the time its just home or a walk around the block to get some drinks


  • A lot of inside jokes between you guys
  • He tends to glance at you a lot when your not looking but when you do notice, he’ll just smile like he didn’t just get caught
  • Loves when you cuddle into him
  • Sweater paws everywhere
  • Rocking couple stuffs
  • Like hoodies, necklace, bracelet e.g


  • Sitting down to watch movies together with a big bowl of popcorn
  • just chilling
  • You guys taking a simple conversation to another level
  • discusses stuff in detail
  • even the simplest things get complicated with the conversations you guys talk on a everyday basis
  • no one understands what you guys going on about
  • taking heaps of pictures at random places (and things)


  • Likes it when you come and see his dance practice
  • but hardly can pick up the phone to ask you
  • have to discretely ask the hyungs to ask you to come (even though you guys were dating)
  • Everyone thinks you two and Chenle and his girlfriend should go on a double date (Cause that’ll be too cute)
  • You’ll definitely see a more mature side to him then people assume he is
  • If you ever ask him to teach you dancing prepare for a very clumsy but cute boyfriend
  • He’ll try his best to make everything simple for you to learn
boyfriend! vernon

“Vernon and Mark as boyfriends please and thank you!! :) <3” -Anon

Comments: I posted the boyfriend! mark already so just look out for it ;)


•yesss boyfriend! vernon coming in clutch lets do this alright well we all know this little punk is really shy

•kisses are occasionally started by you but boy, they don’t end with him

•the kisses he initiates are slow and soft, holding your hands and rubbing his thumbs on the palms of your hands

•forcing him into hugs because he doesn’t like to admit that he likes them

•this turd would be shy with cuddling too like he would hint that he’d want to cuddle but he would imply it

•"Wow cuddling is just great"
•"Do you want to cuddle?“
•"Huh? Oh uhm…urr uhh”

•would be shy with skinship but holding your hand is a must especially around the rest of seventeen

•kissing him in front of people is a rare thing but when it happens he becomes a blushing mess

•when you do cuddle, his arm is around your shoulder while you are snuggled into his chest

•always trying to see who can have the funniest joke or pun

•3 am texts

•"Pull up on the wax with the mac fully loaded, AH”
•"Y/N, stop"

•his hair seems so soft so I assume you’d play with it 24/7

•stealing each other’s phones just to take selfies

•getting matching sweaters

•eating cereal at midnight while on the couch watching some kdrama

•reminds you of how beautiful you look whenever he looks at you

•when you’re upset, he would go out and buy ice cream and candy to try and make you feel better

•rubs your back whenever you two hug

•one of you belting out random lyrics whenever a song just pops into your head, and then finishing the song as a duet

•putting his hair in little pony tails

•"This is our song. No, wait, THIS is our song…….wait"

•he’d peck your lips as a kiss, but he’d kiss you like 12 times

•waking up next to each other with small giggles

•laughing fits that would last forever

•he would absolutely LOVE it when you kissed his jaw and then say “ouch” after because his jaw line is so sharp

•collarbone kisses

•whenever he grabs your waist he turns a slight shade of pink

•his screensaver is a picture of you sleeping and yours is of him with cake on his face

•his shoulder is your designated head rest

•whenever he is stressed or something you always make him feel better by taking him out on a walk

•he’d make up little raps about you and how you look

•he’d find time to skype/ FaceTime you while he’s gone

•vernon would be one of those boyfriends to make those letters that say “read this when you’re sad” or “read this when you’re stressed”

•"NOPE I’m 100% sure that THIS is our song"

•humming little tunes to you while you’re half asleep

•would send you pictures of puppies he sees out of the street

•coffee dates

•after being gone for a while, he’d hold you in a hug for at least 5 minutes

•tries teaching you how a dance but ends up getting flustered

•matcing fuzzy socks to go with them sweaters

•always has to find courage to kiss your neck but doesn’t stop there

•blushes whenever someone mentions your relationship, but shakes it off by saying how amazing it is

•last but not least, he’d do anything and everything in his power to make sure you were happy and that you were happy with him

So like everyone knows that Nico dislikes touching right? Just imagine Will respecting his boundries and being very careful about when and especially where to touch. Like knowing that in public hand holding is ok but arm around waist feels suffocating. Or at night Nico Can Not be the little spoon because if he has a nightmare and feels Wills arm around him without being able to see or move he panics and his fight or flight kicks in. Or kissing has a hard limit of no neck touching what so ever because it make Nico feel anxious and vulnerable. But Will doesnt care about having less physical contact than other couples have because he knows what it feels like to have teeth and claws at you throat and be bound to tight to move. He respscts that Nico has been throught literally Tartarus knows what and he might never feel comfortable with certain things. And that’s ok.

I seriously live for supportive Will.

Nobody will convince me that this positioning was not a deliberate attempt from the promo team to give us heart attacks. They’ve literally made it look like they’re holding hands?? Malec and Sizzy especially? How rude??

@the-gay-sombra asked: Continuing from the theme of the other ask, what does it take to fluster Reaper, Hanzo and Sombra?

Apologies for the late reply!

Reaper: It takes a lot to fluster this man, but to get any sort of reaction out of him, pay a lot of attention to his thighs and butt. He’ll seem like he doesn’t like it, and will tell you to stop, but don’t pay him any mind. He’s super flustered under his mask.

Hanzo: It’s really easy make Hanzo blush. He isn’t used to any sort of affection, so anything will do, especially in public. Kiss him, hold his hand, whisper dirty things in his ear… the possibilities are endless, and he’ll end up with the most adorable blush on his face.

Sombra: Sombra has no shame, so it’s pretty hard to embarrass her. However, one surefire way to get her to blush is to talk dirty to her. A whisper of what you’ll do to her later, an innuendo here and there, stuff like that will definitely get a blush on this girl’s face. She’ll definitely get you back later by doing the same thing to you, though.

we got through all the angsty passive-aggressive fighting




AND JIYA BEING ALL CUTE AND WORRIED AND ALSO A GENIUS. did you see her super adorbs and relieved hello to rufus?????






this episode more than makes up for all the angsty happenings from last week, praise be. 

Showers With Michael Would Include...
  • strip teases before 
  • him chanting “take it off!” 
  • “Michael, shut the fuck up.”  
  • admiring each other’s body in the bathroom, Michael especially emphasising how lucky he is to have you. 
  • him holding your hand as you enter the shower
  • “careful babe, don’t slip.” 
  • “Michael, that was one time.”
  • arguing for 5 minutes about the temperature of the water because you want is as warm as possible, but he wants it a little cold. 
  • him giving in to you because you’re giving him head later   
  • “Michael, why are you bringing a box of condoms with you?”; Michael desperately trying to hide the package behind his back. 
  • Him telling you about this new position he saw in a movie that he really wanted to try with you. 
  • you giving in because he  gives you his pleading eyes 
  • shampooing the other’s hair 
  • “Michael, would you stop moving?” 
  • “hehehehe… it tickles.” 
  • tickle fights in the shower that end up being too intense 
  • “Ow Michael, that was my breast.” 
  • Michael laughing his ass off because you said breast. 
  • His warm hands rubbing up and down your body as he lathers you in some sweet-smelling soap. 
  • “Mmmm baby, you smell so good.” 
  • his eyes travelling your body like you’re the best piece of fucking art there is. 
  • Michael exploring each inch of your skin because he can’t get enough of you. 
  • His hands kneading your breasts before they travel a bit further south, his fingers rubbing tight circles on your clit 
  • you realising its quite too late to pull away because you’re so lost in pleasure 
  • “now let me make you feel good.”  
  • your nails digging into the tiles as he fucks you against the shower wall, slow and teasing; just the way you like it 
  • “now, who wants the condoms?” 
  • leaving the shower even dirtier than when you began; only to have Michael want a round two in the bedroom. 

The hand is for once in the place where I want it and the arm doesn’t look crappy as a result……

I was listening to this tune while drawing this, it may have made me cry a little ^^’’’. Wanted to draw something canon-ish [like them kissing for the first time], bedroom eyes certainly doesn’t do it, does it? [especially when the chances of them holding hands in the end to show them becoming canon is most likely gonna happen]

Keith’s hair just keeps getting fluffier and fluffier every time I draw it, isn’t it? 

Update: I was in too deep to realise I had once again made their heads large T.T

Sap Alert!

Mileven Headcanon that after Eleven comes back in Season 2 (which she does) she and Mike always hold hands. Whenever possible. Especially when the first night she comes back she won’t sleep anywhere else but in her fort in Mike’s basement and all the boys bring their sleeping bags and spend the night there and she and Mike fall asleep holding hands.

INFJ Confession #2727

Does anybody else hate physical contact 85% of the time..? I especially hate holding hands-interlocking fingers feels like the other person is literally reaching into my heart and grabbing my soul and that doesn’t feel right with just anyone

Paint Me (Smut)

               So this was originally supposed to be about Kyungsoo from exo but after I finished part of it last night, it just didn’t feel right. Eventually I realized that Jungkook was perfect for it imo bc I LOVE cocky Jungkook tbh. The character was too fratty for Kyungsoo I think! I’ve wanted to write this piece for sooooooooo long so I really hope you all like it!


Originally posted by obliviousplanet

               The shaking in your limbs refused to cease; sitting in one aptitude was tiring to say the least, especially when it was for hours on end. Hand holding up the edge of the sheet in a fist, the fabric hardly covered your naked body. Flowing down your center and between your legs on the stool which you sat on, your left breast remained exposed, nipple perked from the night air flowing in from the open window in the bedroom. Toes curled on the rings of the stool, struggling to keep their footing as exhaustion began to take hold and an aching sensation weaved up your calves. Hearing an exasperated sigh resonating from beyond the canvas, you pulled yourself together and willed your muscles to contract, not daring to pivot your head in his direction as you knew it would cause your hair to swish out of the place from where it had been cascading over your shoulder for hours.

               “All most done, baby.” The paintbrush flicks had become short, signalling that he was into the detailing now. Catching your eyes out of position, Jungkook smirked and pointed the edge of the brush to the side. “You’ve done so well; I promise it’s only a little longer, okay?”

               The sweetness in his voice as he cooed praises to you made determination flow through you. Turning your eyes back to the window, you willed your legs to still, despite the burning sensation that ripped through your muscles. Humming to the music drifting from the speakers in the corner, you gazed into the night, positive that you’d feel a familiar soreness tomorrow as a result for posing. Time ticked away and you knew you shouldn’t have believed him when he’d made promises as he had a knack for not keeping them. Not at all soon enough, Jungkook put down the brush, leaning back and eyeing his piece from top to bottom. You knew better to move though, waiting until you were told it was okay to stretch your limbs. It was taking longer today though; normally he would tell you right away but he didn’t seem to be doing anything. Making sure you didn’t hear the rustle of a brush or the uncapping of more paint, you snuck a peek at the painter. Dark irises were transfixed on your body, but you could tell by the way his hands hung limp between his legs and covered in paint, that he was done. Trailing his eyes over your curves to your face, he murmured, “You can move.”

               Relief flooded you as you let your body slump. Picking yourself up from the chair, you promptly made your way to the window and shut it, letting the sheet fall to the floor. Walking to his dresser, you yanked it open to reveal the contents, searching for something to wear as you heard the floor creaking behind you.  “Thank god, Jungkook. I’m pretty sure my fingers were about to fall off because of how cold it is in here—“

               Gasping, hands gripped the dresser on either side of you as he pressed his clothed body into your naked one, pinning you. Lips attached themselves to your shoulder, lazily tracing kisses before he said darkly, “I never said I was done painting.”

               Stuttering under his touch, your hands fisted the clothes as you pushed backwards into him. His hand left the dresser to run down the curve of your body before his fingers gripped your hip, pulling you against his clothed groin. The feel of his jeans scratching against you made you quiver as you felt heat pool in your lower abdomen already. “You told me to move—“

               “I did.” He agreed, flipping you around and shoving you into the dresser so that the drawer closed and the small of your back dug into the top. A knee separated your legs, rough fabric coming dangerously close to your core as he stared down at you. A smirk was plastered across his face, looking at you through hooded eyes. Lowering his head, lips touched your collarbone, tongue snaking along your skin and leaving a wet trail. His thigh rubbed against your center, causing you to whimper and grip his forearms to keep yourself steady. Chuckling into your neck, Jungkook’s lips danced along your skin, inching towards your mouth. Stopping just shy of your lips you tried to connect them, only to have him pull back with a teasing laugh. “Let’s change my canvas, ‘kay?”

               Your insides dropped at his inquiry, which in reality wasn’t a question at all, but a command. The last thing you wanted was to sit on the blasted chair again, but you never got to protest as his lips pressed against yours. Annoyance was immediately forgotten as you melted into him, tongue pushing inside your mouth and making you groan at the taste of him. Hands pulled you into his body, backing you away from the dresser while a hand of fingers snuck down to squeeze your butt cheek. Massaging the sore tissues, you nearly cried out, not realizing just how tender your butt had been from sitting. Flinging you backwards onto his bed, you landed with a soft oomph on the single mattress positioned on the floor, waiting for him to follow. Contrary to the obvious bulge in his jeans, Jungkook didn’t crawl on top of you as he usually would, consumed by a carnal need to take you. Instead he stood over you, watching with a fire in his eyes as you propped yourself up on your elbows, looking for guidance. Questioning what it was he wanted, you quickly sat up, hands smoothing up his thighs. A shaky exhale sounded from above you as your fingers fluttered over his protruding length, going to the button of his jeans. Hands took hold of your wrists, stopping them from going any further. Flicking your eyes up, his pupils were dilated and it was clear the he was denying himself. Licking his lips, he released your wrists and stepped backwards.

               “Hands and knees,” he ordered lowly. Obeying, you raised yourself till you were perched on the bed in the proper position, eager to please him so he would get on with it. “Stay there.”

               Brows furrowed in confusion, though it passed shortly as Jungkook exited the room. Hanging your head in frustration, you tried to listen for any sign of what he was doing. Blowing a piece of hair away from your face, time seemed to reduce its speed to a snail like pace, your wetness exposed to the cool air and making you shiver. The aching that you had been distracted from seemed to resume as you waited, hearing a beeping sound from downstairs which sounded a lot like… The microwave?! Is he seriously eating right now?! You thought bitterly, shaking your head but not moving from your position, knowing that if you did it would only end in some sort of consequence and consequences from Jungkook were never fun. Just as you were about to call out for him, Jungkook sauntered into the room, a jar of something in hand, along with a brush.

               “Are you serious, Jungkook?!” You whined, not wanting to stay still for another unimaginable amount of time while he slaved over a blank canvas.

               “I said I wasn’t done painting, didn’t I?” He shrugged in response as he placed the jar on the dresser, stripping himself of his shirt. Raising a brow, you watched as he shed himself of his jeans as well, boxers remaining. Picking up the jar he lowered himself to sit on his knees behind you. Nudging your feet with a knee, he mumbled, “Spread.”

               Doing as you were told, you mewled when his groin brushed against your center as he settled himself between your legs. You felt your mouth salivating as you wiggled your hips, craving friction. Jungkook said nothing as he surged back into you, the pressure against your clit only making you want more. The pleasure was cut short as a hand moved you away so that you didn’t touch at all. Ready to kick up a fuss, words halted in your throat as a hot liquid splashed across your skin, making you clench your shoulder blades together with a hiss.

               “Is it too hot?” Jungkook asked behind you, but didn’t let you answer as he dropped more of the substance onto your skin.

               The heat was soon soothed by his tongue, lapping up the mystery paint. Testing the waters, he dropped more onto your skin, but he was wrong when he thought it hurt you. It was the complete opposite in fact; the heat of whatever he was placing on you sent ripples of pleasure through you as you released a moan. Seeing this as the go ahead, you felt the bristles of the brush slide along your spine. As the moisture of his tongue once again came in contact with your skin, you moaned, throwing your head back and stretching your neck in pleasure. Feeling him smile against your skin, a finger brushed along your clit teasingly. Whimpering with sensitivity, he chuckled before leaning over you. The skin of his stomach rubbed against your back as a hand slithered around to knead your breast. Grinding his hips against yours, you groaned wantonly as he brought his lips to your ear, his breath fanning across your skin.  

“I don’t think this side will do.” Flipping you over, he straddled your hips, sitting comfortably on your pelvis. “Much better.”

               The confident look on his face sent a pool of moisture radiating through your core, insides twisting. Lowering his lips to yours, he kissed you calculatingly while fingers grazed up your ribcage to tweak your nipple, the other hand still holding the jar. Fingers threading through his hair, you trailed a hand down to his back, crushing him to you. He was stronger though, getting free of your vice-like grip easily and tutting while pushing your hands to your sides.

               “You know the rules,” he smirked, “Stay still.”

               Disbelief coursed through you as he sat on top of you, waiting for you to comply. Nodding, he smiled mischievously before plucking the brush out of the jar. Your eyes followed his movements, watching as a thick brown liquid dripped off the brush. Chocolate. Beginning his new masterpiece, you bit down on your lip as the warm stickiness came into contact with your stomach. Drawing patterns across your skin, his eyes were tapered like a painter, handling each flick of his wrist with great care. Struggling, you did your best not to wriggle under him, though it was growing difficult with each stroke. This time, he ran a line along the underside of your breast and it took everything you had not to arch your back as the line travelled toward your nipple. Doing the same to the other side, you took a shuddering breath, to which his eyes narrowed in warning. Dragging the brush downwards, fresh chocolate was drawn towards your hips before taking a sharp dip toward your core. Smirking at the muffled mewl you made, Jungkook dropped the brush into the chocolate, leaning back to admire his work before muttering, “Beautiful.”

               Blushing under his gaze, you looked down to see your torso covered in intricate lines that wove together across the sinews of your skin. The encased your body perfectly and you couldn’t help but feel a surge of adoration for the man above you for making you look so stunning with something so simple. However, you didn’t get to admire his work for long as he pushed you into the bed roughly. Lips crashed against yours, creativity evidently dissolving into lust all over again. Moving his lips over your body, he dragged his tongue along a stripe of chocolate in the valley of your breasts. You’re hands came up to tangle in his hair, panting. “You forgot to sign your work.”

               Lips stilled against you before upturning. “You’re right.”

               His mouth attached to the upper curve of your breast, sucking harshly. Arching into him, the sticky chocolate smeared against his stomach. Satisfied with the deep red mark which would surely turn into a bruise, his lips continued down your body and lapping up the sweetness along the way. Sliding downward along your legs, he rose before moving so that he was between your thighs once again. Sitting back, he spread your legs wide, leaving you on full display. Flushing, you attempted to move them closer only to have him push them apart once again and give you a cautionary gaze. Conceding, you watched helplessly as he lifted the brush out of the jar once again, running it along the inside your thigh this time and making you squirm. Dropping the jar beside the mattress, Jungkook lowered himself to lick up the chocolate while holding your gaze. Your core clenched at the sight, begging for relief. Hiking your thighs up onto his shoulders, his stomach rubbed against the sheet, staining it with chocolate. Moist breath hit your center and you wriggled, making him place an arm over your waist to anchor you down with the other encircled your thigh.

               The first stripe his tongue made against your clit made you jolt, a strangled moan of pleasure exiting your lips. Your hand fisted his hair as his tongue swirled around your ball of nerves. Rocking your hips upward, he answered your desperacy by letting the tip of his tongue dip into you. Your free hand moved to your breast, kneading the flesh as groans seemed to pour out of you as Jungkook pleasured you. Drawing a figure eight over your core, his name tumbled out from your lips as his hand that had been holding your thigh let go. Dipping a finger into the chocolate beside him, his hand moved up your body until his finger was at your lips, chocolate coated and waiting to be cleaned. Taking the finger in your mouth, Jungkook hummed against you, making you cry out. Sucking on your clit, you pulled against his hair, the coil inside you tightening as the sweetness and pleasure was driving you to the edge. Sensing how close you were, Jungkook detached himself and you released his finger with a pop. Crawling up your body he kissed you, brushing his tongue against yours so you could taste yourself.

               Reaching up, he fumbled with the drawer on his nightstand, digging around until he found what he was looking for while your ankles pushed his boxers down his legs. The silver packet fell on the floor and you reached out a hand to snap it up. Lips detached from yours as Jungkook dipped his head into your neck, waiting for you to open the condom wrapper.  Tearing the packet open, you quickly flung it to the side, nudging Jungkook away so you could dive your hands down. Taking hold of his stiff length, you rolled the condom down with ease, sure to squeeze for his benefit. Groaning, he wasted no time in hoisting your legs onto his hips so you would hook your ankles together. Positioning himself, he rubbed his tip against your opening making you whimper.

               “Jungkook,” You gasped, “please.”

               He didn’t need more pleading as he rammed himself inside of you, both of you moaning at the feeling. Kissing you sloppily, Jungkook set a pace that had you writhing in pleasure underneath him. Moving your hips in time, you grabbed desperately for something to hold on to. Settling on his back, you let your nails bite into his skin as you held him to you. Propped on his elbows, it wasn’t enough for him. Putting his weight on one arm, his other curled under you, lifting your hips so he could strike deeper. You cried out as he hit a spot deep inside you, clenching your walls around him on his next thrust in an attempt to make the feeling bigger. Mumbling out unrecognizable words under his breath, his movements seemed to grow sloppy and you knew he was getting close as you felt a ball tightening inside you. His arm which hand been placed beside your head moved up to grip the window sill above his bed, rising so he was in a slight sitting position. Fingers dug into you as your moved your own hand to the wall, pushing against it to stop yourself from moving with his thrusts. Hips snapped against yours and you moved your free hand down to draw circles into your clit, making Jungkook groan at the sight and push into you harder. Your high hit you like a train, crying out your lovers name as you arched upwards, eyes screwing shut. Overwhelmed by the sensation of your walls clenching his cock, Jungkook came soon after, hips stuttering before riding out each of your climaxes and collapsing into you. Pulling out, he rolled to lay beside you, allowing you to curl into his side. Relishing in his warmth, you sighed, knowing this feeling of being connected with him wouldn’t last forever, much less a few hours.

               A smile seemed to be permanently fixated on your lips throughout the entire day following your night with Jungkook, which wasn’t out of the ordinary. It wasn’t the first time you’d had sex, but the afterglow seemed to set you ablaze this time around. You wondered if that was from the sex or whether the dysfunctional relationship was beginning to take its toll, making you dive in much further than you knew he’d ever be willing to go. Jungkook was like a present you couldn’t open; enticing and constantly keeping you coming back in search of what was yet to be unravelled. It was foolish to get involved with someone like him; cocky and confident beyond measure. He was a skilled artist and even more skilled when it came to pulling at the strings of your heart, letting you have just enough of him to have you hooked, but never letting anything progress any further.

               Perhaps it was the lovers high, but somehow, you conjured the idea that it’d be good to drop by his place on your way home. Stepping along the pavement, you hoped with all your might that maybe this time he wanted you around just as much as you wanted him; that he’d seen something other than just a model. You knew that Jungkook wasn’t yours, but when you spoke or he did something dorky, you couldn’t help but feel that at some point, he’d become comfortable with you too. It couldn’t be coincidence that he acted the way he did around you; voicing whatever was on his mind and letting his cool façade fall. Your mind had twisted around the simplest things until you came to the point you were at now; fully convinced that somewhere along the way, Jungkook had handed himself to you without realizing it.

               Turning the corner onto his street, you walked up the stairs to his door. Knocking lightly, you waited for him to swing the door open, goofy smile on his face. However, he never came. The proper thing to do would have been to leave, to turn around and call him later, but you didn’t. Placing your hand on the cool metal of the knob, you weren’t surprised when you found the door unlocked. Pushing it open, you smiled softly to yourself, picturing the ragged haired boy in his room fixing up a piece and drowning out the outside world as he seemed to have an affinity to do. Slipping off your shoes, you were just about to call out to him when a female moaning rang through the apartment.

               Stomach dropping at the noise, your inner voice screamed at you to turn around and leave, to go home and act like you’d never come. Curiosity was a dangerous temptress though, taking control of your heart as faint sounds of pleasure filtered through your eardrums. Stepping through the small flat, you weren’t sure what you expected to find. Misguided belief in the artist denied all logic of what you were hearing, still trying to convince yourself it wasn’t true even when you came eye to eye with the truth. Inching open his bedroom door, your heart seemed to break apart inside your chest, a vicious internal pain engulfing you. Sprawled on the bed with another girl, he lazily turned his head, blinking when he saw you but his gaze staying the same. Reality hit you at full force, throttling you into a pit of your own doing. You knew better; you’d always known better, but you’d never had to face it before. Now as he looked at you with uninterested eyes, the truth was in plain sight, tearing through your skin like shards of glass. The girl underneath him gasped when she saw you, squirming as he held your gaze, bodies covered with a thin sheet, remnants of chocolate still staining the fabric. Unable to bear it any longer, you slammed the door shut, feeling like you were suffocating as you thrust your shoes on and opened the door to his apartment.

               Tears slipped past your eyes as you traveled down the corridor, taking the stairs two at a time until your sobs began to make you slow, struggling for air. Collapsing onto the stone steps, your tucked your knees up and buried your face in your knees. Salty droplets cascaded over your cheeks as you realized he hadn’t even tried to come after you. A choked laugh bitterly made its way out of your lips as you raised your head, looking at the sky which was slowly dimming. Minutes ticked by as you sat on the steps, tears never ceasing as you let yourself wallow in a darkness you’d created.  Any sane person would have gone home, but you couldn’t even bring yourself to do that, clinging to hope that he would come out for you. You felt pathetic, not even able to leave after witnessing that.

               It wasn’t like you hadn’t known that Jungkook slept with other people before; you’d just never had to come face to face with it. Now that you had, you couldn’t act like the other women in his life didn’t exist because now one of them had a face in your mind. There was no more pretending you were the only one. After a while, you thought that maybe he’d stopped, that you’d taken the position to fulfill those needs in his life, but evidently you were wrong. Steps rang out behind you and you whipped your head around, only to be filled with disappointment as you came to see the girl that you’d just seen him with.

               She was cute; compact and perfect. Seeing you on the steps, her eyes widened as her hand flew to her neck in an attempt to cover hickeys that you never would’ve seen if she hadn’t. Stepping past you she cast you an apologetic smile, and you felt a thread of understanding pass through the two of you; both toys for the same man. Your lips quivered as you smiled weakly back, wondering how long she’d been around. One week? One month? Or maybe one year; just like you. Once she was out of sight, you let your head fall, wishing you could bring yourself to just get up and go but you couldn’t. Hearing more footsteps from behind you, you didn’t look back this time, tears still rolling down your cheeks.

               Stopping just behind you, the person sighed heavily before plopping down beside you on the steps. Refusing to look in his direction, your eyes focused on a rock lying just a few inches away. Propping his chin up in his palm, the air was stiff as you felt him staring your puffed, tear stained face.

               “You look really beautiful right now. It makes me want to paint you.” You couldn’t help it when your head whipped in his direction in incredulity at his insensitivity, eyes stinging as you left the tears free to roll down your cheeks. His expression was calm, not one shred of guilt on his face as he shook his head. “Don’t look at me like that; you knew what you were getting into.”

               His words shocked you; mainly because they were true. He was never dishonest with you about your relationship or what he wanted, but it didn’t stem the pain coursing through your veins. Shaking your head, a tear fell to hit the concrete step, tinting it to a darker shade of grey. “I just thought maybe… maybe I was special.”

               “You are.” Your brows furrowed as he said this, allowing him to tuck strands of hair behind your ear and wipe the dampness under your eye. “Just not how you want to be. I like you, Y/N. But not in the way you feel toward me.”

               “Did you paint her too?” Your voice trembled.

               “A couple times. Only small pieces though.” He confessed. “I paint lots of people, but it’s different with you. I’ve painted you more times than I can count and I still want to continue to do so. It’s never enough with you. You’re my muse.” Butterflies fluttered in your stomach, only to be crushed. “But that’s it.”

               Rising from beside you, Jungkook stretched his limbs and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I won’t lie to you, but I’m not going to stop what I’m doing either. I’m not going to change. I told you from the beginning what this was and you accepted. I’d really like to keep you around but I get it if you don’t want to stay. I won’t force you.” His words seemed like a punch in the gut, mimicking the first time he’d asked you to let him paint you. “I’ll give you the same choice as the first time. If it’s too much for you, you can walk away. If you let me, I’ll paint you.”

               Squatting down, his hand brushed the back of your head comfortingly before he pressed his lips gently on your cheek. “Whatever you choose, it’s okay, Y/N.”

               With that, he rose, stalking off in the direction of his apartment. Burying your face in your hands, fingers pulled at the strands of hair on your head. He was right. He was so annoyingly right. You knew it wasn’t his fault because you really had known and simply ignored his warnings. Not once had he lied to you and in the end, you hadn’t imagined the growing closeness; you’d misinterpreted it. Foolishly, you’d fallen head long into a one sided love that had developed too much in time for you to stop it and now you were stuck at a crossroads. Jungkook would never push you into something you didn’t want, but he also couldn’t give you what you wanted most. You could walk away and hope you’d stay friends or you could return to him and pray that eventually, the same feelings that grew in your heart would blossom in his too.

               Wiping more tears that had fallen, you rose from your perch, taking a deep breath before walking forward. You smiled as you walked down the hall to see that he’d left his door cracked open in welcome. Opening the door, you didn’t have to guess where he was. Walking through the halls, you inched open his door just as you had before; though this time he was alone. Pacing toward the stool in the center of the room, you spotted him behind his easel, waiting for you.

               “You’re sure?” Though the verdict was clear in your mind, another tear slipped free and you made no effort to stop it as you nodded in response. His finger pointed to one of his shirts that had been folded and placed on the bed. Immediately you changed into it, listening to him as he told you how to position your body as though nothing had happened. Perhaps his heart would never be yours, but you knew that leaving wouldn’t change the fact that yours was his. You might never be anything more than a muse to him, but at least you were something. And for now, that would have to be enough.

hey guys, did you know that lance has eczema? its true!

he has it on his hands and the back of his knees/thighs, mostly. its so frustrating to want to wring his fingers!

but it feels better when hunk holds his hand, especially after hunk has been working outside on the ship, so his hands are like soothing, calloused little ice packs <3

and keith usually rubs lance’s ointment/cream on him, cause he knows that lance has autism and the greasy residuey texture of ointment makes him uncomfy! (keith actually kind of likes it [the texture])

hunk and keith love lance so much <3 <3 <3