especially the fourth one


Anon said: “since youre taking requests, could you please make some phone wallpapers with Donut? and if you have time, some with Doc? thanks <3

Please Do Not:

1. Continue to blame me for something or try to continue arguing after both of us settle a disagreement.

2. Tell me that I would look so much better if I ‘did this’ or ‘did that’ unless I directly ask you for your opinion. (It’s not that I don’t want to hear your opinion, it’s that I feel more insecure about myself when I’m told these things.)

3. Insult me and then call me ‘sensitive’ when I try to respond.

4. TOUCH MY GODDAMN NECK. NEVER TOUCH IT. I swear to god, I freak out when someone simply pokes it.

5. Interrupt me while I’m working. I can only focus for 15 minute spurts while doing something, and I find it extremely hard to refocus after being distracted.