especially the fight scenes

So I just saw [this post] on my dash and wanted to add on but the post was already super long so. Here are some things I’ve learned from about a decade of martial arts (both practicing, competing, and teaching) that might be useful for writers:

  • If your character practices martial arts at a school, know that every school will teach that particular style a little differently. 
  • If your character doesn’t have flexibility/doesn’t stretch. they. will. hurt. themself. trying. to. kick. Even if it’s just waist-high. People who aren’t used to fighting will pull something.
  • People who have been training for a long time will have stronger hands/feet. 
  • Grappling is dirty work. You’re on the ground, you’re grabbing what you can, it’s not as hot as you might think it is.  
  • Holds/grappling/etc. are ingrained reactions. If someone grabs your wrist, reacting immediately is something that is a trained reaction. Same with throwing someone over your shoulder. The steps are practiced again and again and again until they’re gut reactions. 
  • Building off that: even if you’ve trained with a million of these drills, real life is always a little different. You have to be ready to improvise.
  • For the love of all that is holy, karate is not a universal name for martial arts. There are usually modern/sport and traditional versions of martial arts. In my experience, bits and pieces from others will mix together. (for example, I learned a lot of aikido and judo learning self-defense in taekwondo)
  • The effectiveness of the way your character fights can depend a lot on where and how they learned how to fight.
  • This may not be important for writing fight scenes in general, but just as a side note: martial arts have philosophies. If your character is trained in a particular MA, make sure to do research on that philosophy. It might be important to your characterization. 
  • Getting hit hurts. Unless you’ve been fighting for a while and are used to getting hit, you’re gonna be shocked. 
  • The most strategic person is going to lose at least 80% of their thought-process when fighting. The RDJ Sherlock Holmes fight scenes? Where he thinks everything out? Nah man. A lot of fighting is muscle memory & practiced combos. 
The Quick Decisions of Characters

In many actions scenes - like fight scenes, especially - our characters have to rely on their wit and intuition alone to make sure they survive until the next scene. In the heat of the moment, they have to decide where to hit, how to dodge, if it’s safe to look around to see what might help them. As writers, we can use all these things to our advantage in crafting our stories.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do is drop your character into a situation they would consider stressful. It doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful, but that element can give them some issue in making the actual decision. If your end goal is to have them make the “wrong” decision, that stress will be something that makes it easier to achieve.

Most people, whether they know it or not, tend to walk into certain situations with a pre-made plan in mind. That normally doesn’t too do well in the field of creating a need for quick decisions, so what we do then it make it impossible for your character to carry out their initial plan. At this point, they should be too far gone to be able to turn back, which literally forces them to make these quick decisions that determine their future.

Remember that everything happening will have its later consequences. But, this is quick time - they don’t have the time to consider which is best in the long run. Your character should be making the choices that will benefit them in the here and now. They’ll get out of their sticky situation and deal with the consequences later - which could lead to another issue.

Now, every decision your character makes should push the plot forward in some way, shape, or form. Maybe they have to choose someone to save or a path to take them to safety; it’s decisions like these that normally have the largest impact. After the decision is made, make sure the choice’s full consequences are carried out. Cause and affect should be a major factor here; if it isn’t, your readers are likely to full a little short-changed if nothing else.

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today! I really hope this helped whoever needed it; if you want to see another topic covered, don’t forget to leave a message in my ask box! Until then, much love! <333

Em Dashes

A lot of people use semi-colons wrong because they know there’s supposed to be a pause in their sentence that they know isn’t quite a comma, so they think it must be that mysterious semi-colon. Usually, it’s actually supposed to be an em dash (—), which in some ways is more mysterious!

The em dash is the longest of the three dashes and most often used for interruptions. Interruptions in speech, in action, in thought. It’s also a great syntax addition for fight scenes, since it makes the narrative seem quick and unexpected and jolting from side to side like a fight scene should be. Read your em dash sentences out loud until you get a feel for how its pause compares to the pause of a comma. It’s a heartbeat longer. If a comma is one beat of pause, then I see an em dash as two beats of pause.

In this first example, the em dash is used to give an aside to the reader. It’s like a btw sort of moment, which can sometimes be replaced with commas or parenthesis. I think the em dashes are most suitable when your aside is decently long.

Her neighbor, Frank, is always blasting music.

Her neighbor—the one who always blasts the music—is named Frank.

My mischievous neighbor, Vince, seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Vince—more often called (in a raised and angry voice) Vincent Price Ramsey—seemed to have a knack for graveyard cavorting.

Next up, here’s the em dash as a replacement for the semi-colon. Kinda like a slang or shortened sentence. Semi-colons have to connect two independent clauses—meaning each side of the semi-colon could stand alone as its own complete sentence. If you don’t want to do that, try an em dash:

I thought hanging out would be great—a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

I thought hanging out would be great; it would be a chance to finally see the city, just like Aunt Lillian wanted.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged—dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

There was a headstone hardly a foot from where I’d emerged; it was made of dark grey stone a few inches thick and maybe as high as my knee.

Sometimes, you can use an em dash to have a speaker correct themselves, or interrupt themselves to amend their sentence.

I could see the blur of the graveyard behind him—through him—

Similar to the last example, it can be used to interrupt a sentence in order to add additional information about the sentence. Often you can use a comma in this situation, too, so try to think of syntax and how that additional beat of pause changes things. In this case, Alice has just seen a ghost for the first time, so her mind is a bit too shocked for the normal pause of a comma. Read both. Doesn’t the one with the em dash sound more shocked or surprised, while the comma makes it sound like a simple observation?

He was glowing pale—almost tinged in cold blue.

He was glowing pale, almost tinged in cold blue.

Of course, it could be an interruption. It could be someone interrupting another in speech, one action interrupting another, or a character’s thoughts interrupting themselves. Here I’ll include the sentence with the em dash and the sentence following, so you can see the thing interrupted and the interruption.

You can have an action interrupt a character’s thoughts. For the first one, Alice is in a creepy situation and completely focused on something else, so when something touches her elbow, she’s shocked out of her thoughts. For the second one, Tristan is listening for an enemy when the enemy makes a move and startles him into action.

As far as I could tell it was some kind of berry—

An icy contact on my elbow broke my resolve, and I screamed until an equally cold hand clamped over my mouth.

The night was still, and yet—

Something whistled through the air. Tristan jerked backwards, narrowly avoiding an incoming dagger.

Here we have one character interrupting another in dialogue. Pretty self-explanatory.

“I’m not going to—”

Mom’s voice in the receiver cut me off. “At least consider it.”

“After all, you’re only a—”

“If you even say girl,” I interrupted, “I’ll stab you, I swear.”

The next one is part of a fight scene, so Alice’s thoughts are interrupting themselves as soon as she thinks them. She throws up an idea, “iron,” but interrupts herself from further exploring that idea, and instead casts it out. In a fight, you don’t have time to think out long, eloquent ideas. Your thoughts should come in fragments. Stab. Punch. Dodge. Swing. Would this work? No. How about this? Maybe. The em dash can help get across this uneven jolting of thoughts.

Iron—no use. I’d dropped the knife when her damn vines ensnared me, and the nails were in my pockets and out of reach. Blood—there were possibilities there.

Continuing in fight scenes, em dashes can have action interrupt action. Don’t just throw them in willy nilly, but if you have a chance for an em dash, jump on it. Instead of a word like “suddenly,” it makes it feel suddenly. Ups the tension. Em dashes are about interruption, and what is a fight scene but two people interrupting each other’s attempts to kill the other? This is especially useful for the last line in a paragraph during a fighting scene, because it’s a nice place to have one action interrupt another.

I snatched it—slit across my hand—

And stabbed her through the heart.

His swords whistled through the air—

A clean “X” appeared on the imp’s back, severing its body into four neat chunks.

So yeah, I’m basically obsessed with em dashes and I use more of them than the majority of writers. (At 72k words, my current project has 22 semi-colons and 344 em dashes. So. Yeah. Not to mention the length of this post…) Em dashes are way cool and can add a lot to your writing even though they’re just another form of punctuation. Syntax helps your reader into the mindset you’re going for, and em dashes can be a great, powerful part of that syntax!


a while back, I asked @arishynya to make a tutorial on how to draw snakes and I immediately fell in love with her snake leo design, he is just so cool looking. Also, this drawing is loosely inspired by an animated french movie called Sahara that I saw on Netflix because it had some dancing snakes and the animation in it is awesome especially in this one scene where there was a snake dance fight.

Sketchvember #2 with the king 👑❤

I don’t remember the exact outfit but I can recall with great clarity the way Rex impaled a guy from across the room & I would pay lots of money for clones fighting old school *3*

This is for A Collision Of Stars by @dustoftheancients :) 
I just have a boner for bloody and violent Kylo. Especially when he’s injured on top of it. Sorry. (Don’t worry, it’s his own blood. Wonder why? Go read the fanfic!!!)

This fanfiction is the best reylo fic out there, hands down. Rey and Kylo’s characterization is perfect and their interactions are such a joy to read, but I especially love the fight scenes! I have sent passages of this fic to friends who aren’t even into reylo, that’s how much I love it. This is a scene from chapter 13, I’ve probably read this one at least 5 times. Here’s an extract:

He fell onto his hands and knees, trying to push past the remainder of the drugs and the blood loss. A wave of dizziness hit him, but he didn’t let that stop him. Nothing would kill his momentum.

The other man started to react immediately, but Kylo was faster. Lifting his hand as well as he was able, he used the Force to twist the man’s neck almost all of the way around, snapping it.

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Should I start watching RWBY? it seems okay, but I don't anything about the story. The characters look okay though

Well to be honest it starts off pretty rough. Sure the trailers are nice (watch these first and in order) but overall the first volume was okay. A lot of ppl dropped it because of the animation and stuff. But I ended up liking it as I kept watching

Originally posted by subwaywithinmymind

Volume 2 was when I actually fell in love with the show. They improved on a lot of things and introduced my 2nd favorite character (Emerald Sustrai). Cooler battles and more story.

Originally posted by haywood-dairy-farm

RWBY was one of those shows where I initially watched it for the fight scenes but ended up liking everything else. Especially the characters. 

Originally posted by scarfheroes

Idk man it’s not for everybody but I will vouch that this show is actually pretty fucking good. 

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For those of you that loved “The Raid” and “The Raid 2″, especially the final fights, you simply have to watch this fight scene from “Headshot”.
As a warning, it does contain spoilers since it’s the final fight, but if you don’t mind things being spoiled you’re in store for an epic fight scene.

“Headshot” has, thus far, been extremely overlooked by action fans. The US DVD (no Blu Ray) is released next month with a Blu Ray being released in the UK (which I’ve pre-ordered).
Granted, it’s not frenetically paced as the first “The Raid” and doesn’t have the sprawling plot of the second film, but, when the action comes, it’s thick, fast and super violent. Well worth seeking out.

When Cast and Crew Mix

april 30!!! @snowbaz-feda

i think it’ll appear as may 1, but trust me, here, it’s still april

Theatre au (bc this hasn’t been done a ton) i’ve always headcanoned penny as a gr8 stage manager so here

word count: 565

Simon leans against the wall of the green room, waiting for orders. He should look comfortable, but Baz is in the room, sneaking glances from a group of actors, so Simon looks a bit like he wants to take a shit.

“Alright, guys. Two weeks to show and we need to do a full run-through. Props are still on hold so we have some stand-ins, especially for the fight scenes. I need run crew to their stations, and get your headsets on! This is our first real run-through and I want it to be as realistic as possible. Actors, costumes are in the works so no worries there, but don’t forget to move how you were directed. Carpenters and extra crew members, you’re welcome to watch if you have nothing better to do, but most of you have something better to do. Run starting in ten, so let’s get going!”

Simon hauls himself off the wall, shooting what looks like a glare towards Baz. Baz misses this by seconds before shooting Simon a much pine-ier look.

We’re putting on a modern take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and frankly, it’ll be great if they could just stop flirting. Simon’s our lighting designer and works run crew for lights, so I really can’t have him distracted. And Baz…well, the magnanimous Baz is an excellent actor, but apparently he can’t even pretend to not be distracted by Simon when he’s on the lot.

“Oh Stage Manager Bunce, Lord and Saviour, can I have some gaff tape?”

I roll my eyes before tossing the gaff tape his way. Simon disappears onstage, and I take the opportunity to pull Baz aside.

“Pitch, I need to talk to you.”

“Yes, Taskmaster Bunce?” He’s joking, of course, but I don’t acknowledge the dig.

“I need you focused today, okay?” Baz scoffs and I ignore it. “Not that I’m directing, but you’ve been distracted in our last few rehearsals, and you know that Snow isn’t going away any time soon. So you can either forget about the boy for now, or just do your job and act like he doesn’t make you want to dive off the stage into his path.”

He throws his hair out of his face, smirking. “Gotcha, Bunce. Any chance you’re giving Snow the same pep talk?”

“Would you stop using me as the go-between? Flirt with him one on one, but not during my rehearsal!”

The next time it becomes an issue is opening night, when I have more than enough to deal with anyway. Baz is in costume and should be in makeup, but I find him staking out in the lighting booth, doing his best to kiss Simon.

I slam the door open, announcing my presence.

“Penny!” Simon looks frazzled, and his lips are redder than normal.

“I don’t care that you were snogging. Baz, get out of my booth and into the makeup chair. And from now until we’ve closed, the only time I want you getting anywhere near anyone’s lips is onstage. Got it?”

Baz slinks out of the booth but not before he grabs Simon’s neck and plants a kiss on him. Simon at least has the decency to look sheepish.

“Sorry, Pen. He sort of…appeared.”

“I’m you got past glaring at him during runs, but please keep him out of here. Kiss him on your own time.”

“I will.”

When we do tech bows at closing night, Simon always defers to me, but this time he goes willingly. As soon as he’s up on stage, Baz grabs his arm and hauls him over. I would yell at them, but it’s closing to a full house, so there’s no need. We take our final bows, and when the lights go down, Baz pulls Simon backstage. I don’t want to know what they’re doing. I just hope Simon has the foresight to hang up Baz’s costume and save them both a tongue lashing.

The Return Of Our Kaneki

Here is what I have been waiting for so long…a view into Kaneki’s thoughts, feelings and motivations. It’s just a tidbit, but damn, it feels good.

The best thing about the original TG and about TG:re, the thing that sucked us all in and kept us riveted, was Kaneki’s tragic story, his emotional responses to them, and his character development. The emotional resonance truly set Ishida’s writing apart.

But the window into Kaneki’s/Sasaki’s inner world was slammed shut by Ishida the moment Kaneki reemerged as Black Reaper, and suddenly he became a complete cipher. We could only view his smooth outer shell and try to read his blunted affect for signs of his intentions, as he showed no evidence of emotion and gave few clues to his thoughts. It was disorienting, mysterious and rather exciting, but it also pushed the reader away from the center of the real action, away from Kaneki’s mind and heart.

Even though he loosened up a little after the fight with Arima and the return of Shironeki, our relationship with Kaneki, like his relationship with all the other characters, remains distant and awkward. We didn’t get to see any revealing conversations between Kaneki and his old friends, some he hadn’t seen for YEARS, even though those talks were needed for closure before the story could move on. (When Tsukiyama and Kaneki barely spoke about the whole Rose Operation before embarking on a new phase in their relationship, I remember thinking “WTF, Ishida!”) We’ve had occasional glimpses of Kaneki’s inner world (especially the brilliant scene with Hide in the middle of the fight with Arima), but we never fully returned to the close emotional relationship we had with Kaneki/Sasaki before Black Reaper.

At least for me, this emotional distance led to a waning of interest in Kaneki himself over time, and by extension, a growing disinterest in TG:re itself. We witnessed some great heart wrenching episodes with other characters (Takizawa’s redemption, Amon’s struggles, Akira broadening her sympathies), but without Kaneki’s true feeling and motivations being clear, it just wasn’t the same. Kaneki is the soul of this magnificent manga, and without a clear connection with him, the entire story felt flat.

But what a difference a few conversations can make, especially when accompanied by beautiful artwork! (I also think the artwork quality has been poor at times recently, but this chapter was stunning.) I’m hoping that Ishida’s just been too busy to devote as much time to fleshing out the story and characterization as he did previously, and that we’re seeing a return to form for my favorite manga ever.

Oh, and thanks, Ishida, for dialing back the changes in Amon’s facial features. He’s more like the lovely Amon we know and love again.

My Favorite Things About Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

- The fact that Kirk from Gilmore Girls is in it (again) and is still basically Kirk in space pirate form

- Mantis, who is adorable and beautiful (on the outside AND in)

- Drax

- Baby Groot, and how Peter and Gamora are literally his mom and dad, while Rocket and Drax are clearly his older brothers

- Yondu. Just. Everything about Yondu. But especially his shiny new mohawk, his kick ass fight scene, and his friendship with Rocket

- The brief, 5 second interaction I got between Nebula and Yondu, which wasn’t enough because the idea of them being friends or even a couple gives me life. Salty, fighty power couple.

- Gamora and Peter basically being married. Gamora, my babe. Just talk. Be a couple. Dance.


- My whole messed up Space Family.

- That no one thought immediately maybe Kurt Russell might be the bad guy because he’s Kurt Russell and his naME IS EGO???

- Peter. Really, Chris Pratt just BROUGHT IT.

- “it’s called a Zune. Its what all the kids in Earth are listening to nowadays.”


All of Tyrian’s scenes, Rwby volume 4 

sooooooo, i got tired of waiting for someone else to do it, so i did it myself. Hope everyone likes it ^^ 

I tried to make the edits as smooth as possible but some of it i just couldn’t do much with. The first episode was especially hard to edit, although the fight scenes were much less a hassle. All in all, this was fun. 

Characters/scenes/show do not belong to me but Roosterteeth 

Video from Rwby volume 4 

might come back to add my own thoughts about the character later 


The SaiIno fanservice we got from today’s episode is totally lit!!!!!! Ugggghhhh!!!! So many SaiIno moments!! I like!!

Plus can I just say that, for me, the Sai vs Ino fight scene was totally hot. Especially when we see the smile of ‘evil’ Sai. Hahahaha so yeah I now have a lot of headcanons of them having steamy sparring sessions.

Why I love Jack and Ashi together

The fandom seems pretty divided over ep 8 and I guess I just wanna put in my thoughts.

I’m so happy for Jack. Dudes been through a lot of shit, seen a lot of shit and has been alone for the majority of the time he’s been in the future. I dunno if he’s had other relationships while in that timeline but it seems like he was too busy fighting robots and surviving to even have time to care about anyone else. I feel like Ashi is such a great fit for him, she’s someone who can hold her own and not some damsel in distress cliche. Tho I do feel the development of their relationship could have been a bit smoother, what can you really do in 10 episodes 😕. Ep 8 really showed a more flustered and vulnerable side of Jack which is absolutely adorable tbh, such contrast to his serious, badass samurai self. I just hope they don’t water down the series for the remaining eps we have left, and that their relationship just makes the two of them stronger together especially during the fight scenes ✊✊✊


Miles in action n Spider-Man #16

It was a good issue, better than I expected. Miles and his mom have a very strong, emotional moment where they talk about him being Spider-Man. Miles unleashes anger left after it in a pretty impressive, especially when written a Bendis, who admits he doesn’t like writing them, fight scene. Meanwhile, Ganke gets a girl…but considering it’s that awful Spider-fangirl from early issues, I feel he’s being played.

This issue reminds us of strengths of Bendis and how he got to the position he is on. He can utilize decompression to make most out of emotional character scenes. When he cares, it can work to fantastic effect and this is a good example.

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i've been watching the iron fist fight scenes and my wish to see danny and matt spar even once has been thrown right out the window. i know that danny is supposed to be able to beat matt but i don't see how finn could make it look like a genuine defeat. especially in context to what we've seen charlie do in previous fight scenes. siiiiigh

Right??? I’m just going to dream of Lewis Tan sparring with Charlie/Charlie’s stunt double instead and how beautiful that would be. (Also, Lewis is a much better physical comedian than Finn, so please join me in imagining him trying to take down Luke while Luke just stands there. Possibly with Jessica hollering “TAKE YOUR SHIRTS OFF!” in the background. #wecouldhavehaditall)