especially the dresses hOT DAMN

guys Nikolai digs Sonya, super in love with her, blah blah, but he can resist! the marriage would be bad!!! for…….reasons! these reasons weren’t a super huge deal before but now they’re super valid because his family’s broke and he needs to marry a rich girl! this is the time at which he finally decides his feelings cannot be denied!

but especially once she’s dressed as a man. god damn she is so hot as a dude. he keeps not recognizing her and then being like “damn that dude with the mustache is hot. oh right that’s Sonya. she is so hot.” and then he HAS to make out with her, he can no longer deny his feelings. he’s dressed as a woman so she in turn thinks he’s super hot and has to make out with him.

if there’s a heterosexual interpretation of this, I don’t know what it is.