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A drawing I did for my 300th follower, which took way too long haha
A greaser!stuck AU where I imagine Cronus would obviously be the cool guy greaser that secretly hangs out with his boyfriend Kankri, the preppy and sophisticated know-it-all. It was really fun drawing these two in 50’s clothing!

Oh and also a big thanks to my friend ghostly0rigins for helping me out with the clothing :D

Lonely (Luke smut)

request: nope, I just got bored

Smut: You bet ya

Word count: 3079

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You know those type of people at school; the ones who aren’t classed as losers but not popular, the ones who are always keep themselves to them selves and others leave them alone and well… almost ignore; well thats what I am, I’m one of those.

Today had been eventful, well for me. it’s not normal that people are the first to make conversation with me. But today in history, the boy I sit next to initiated conversation voluntarily.

I wouldn’t have thought much of it but this was Calum Hood. They boy I have had a crush on forever. He’s so beautiful it’s unreal… and popular… I have no chance. But I’ve always known this so it was nothing new.

But, he personally invited me to a high school house party. I’ve never been to one before and to be asked by him was truly amazing.

Well, when I say personally invited, he kind of just casually asked if I was going. But obviously at first I said no, but then he told me that i should go and that he ‘looks forward to seeing me there”. Maybe he wanted to talk to me tonight, or get to know me. No one ever wants to get to know me. I’m probably over thinking this, he’s probably forgotten all about our conversation in history and he probably doesn’t even know my name.

But it was worth a try. That’s why I was sitting in front of my bedroom mirror trying to make myself pretty. I straightened my slightly curly hair and pinned it to the side behind my ear, I then started on my makeup only putting a small bit of foundation on and then some powder. I added some mascara and eyeshadow deciding that would do as I didn’t want to look over the top but still wanting to look like I made an effort. Maybe Calum would notice me tonight.

I changed out of my leggings and hoddie into a tight black and white daisy patterned dress that reached mid thigh. It wasn’t slutty like I expected most people to dress like, but I had no idea what people wore to these things I’d never been to one before.

I looked myself over feeling okay with how I looked. hopefully I would impress and this wouldn’t be all for nothing.

“You ready to go y/n?” My mum called upstairs to me.

“Yes” I sighed to myself. Was I really ready for this? Oh well.

I got into my mums car as I couldn’t drive yet. How embarrassing.

“So you excited?” she asked making conversation as I shuffled nervously in my seat.

“I guess”

“Just please be sensible, don’t drink too much and text me to let me know you’re okay latter.” she said looking happy. probably because her only child is actually going out on a Friday night and being a ‘normal’ teenager.

“Okay” I mumbled “can you pull up here and I’ll walk the rest, it’s only a few blocks away” I said not wanting to be seen getting out of her car.

“Uh I guess” she said looking at me weirdly.

“Thanks” I said as I was climbing out of the car.

“Have fun and stay safe” she called as I waved at her.

Pulling my dress down self consciously I walked the rest of the way to where I knew Ashton lived. I had been to his house before, well when I was younger and we were friends.

I could hear the music from the next road as i absentmindedly walked, I could tell the house was already packed, the house was spilling with people, some littered on the grass outside and the windows filled with silhouettes of people. The flashing lights from inside were reflecting off neighbouring windows, lighting up the whole house and making it blatantly obvious that there was a party going on.

The door was wide open so I walked straight in, I was already feeling un comfortable and out of place. Everyone was in little groups of their friends , i recognised most of them from school and sighed. I was ready to leave.

My eyes scanned over the crowd looking for Calum, I wonder if he would actually be pleased to see me. I gave up after 5 minutes of walking around aimlessly in search of him.

I ended up in the kitchen reaching for the nearest alcoholic drink which was a can of beer. I didn’t like beer but it would do. I opened the cap and took it to the unoccupied sofa in the corner f the room.

A familiar giggle could be heard over the music and I looked up to see Ashton shouting to do shots at people, of course trailing behind him was Michael, Calum and Luke.

My heart stopped when I saw Calum tugging his ex girlfriends hand with him as he followed Ashton into the kitchen. Maybe they were back together? or friends? I watched as he leaned down to kiss her lips softly and with so much love and affection.

I sighed, they must be back together. That’s just great. I came here for nothing, I spent hours getting dressed up to try and impress him but obviously that was a waste of time and it was all for nothing. Only for me to think I looked quite nice.

Maybe I didn’t. Maybe I looked terrible. oh well I’m used to it. I know I’m not the type of person to catch anyone’s eye. Why the hell would I even think for one minute that I would catch Calum Hoods eye. God, I was so pathetic.

“You look as lonely as I feel” a voice sounded as someone sat down next to me on the sofa. I jumped in shock wondering who the hell would chose to sit next to me. But then I processed the persons words. you look as lonely as I feel.

I looked up not expecting it to be who it was. Why the hell was he sitting next to me and talking to me Ive never spoken to him in my life.

“Maybe because I am” I replied after a few minutes.

“I’m Luke” he said throwing me a smile and making his dimples pop out.

“I know”

He was really cute. I stared at him for a minute before he chuckled slightly.

“I’m Y/N” I said knowing he probably had no idea who I was.

“I know” he mocked my previous word.

I looked up at him in surprise and confusion.

“I’m a very observant person” he said putting his hands up in defence under my curious gaze.

“Oh” I said lamely in response.

We sat in silence together watching drunk people take shots.

“I don’t even like this stuff” I said putting my beer down on the side.

“Then why are you drinking it?” he asked letting out a laugh.

“Because I’m bored.” I stated, immediately regretting it as I knew Luke was best friends with Ashton and I didn’t want to be rude.

“Don’t worry so am i” he said “I don’t drink so it’s always kind of awkward at these things, I just tag along for appearances and truth be told I don’t like being left out.” he mumbled

“Oh. well uh this might sound crazy and probably really weird because we haven’t talked before now and we aren’t really friends but we could uh, we could maybe only if you want to-”

“Let’s get out of here” he chuckled cutting me off and holding his hand out to me.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Anywhere” he replied smiling.

“Hey Luke! come over here and watch me take shots” Calum shouted to him, both mine and Luke’s heads snapped towards him.

Luke shook his head at him and Calum’s eyes drifted over to me with no recognition before he turned back to his friends.

I sighed deeply suddenly becoming very sad and feeling very… un important and irrelevant.

Once me and Luke got out of the house we were met with the quietness of the night with the music from the party fading as we walked further and further away.

I shivered at the coldness surrounding me, maybe I should have brought a coat or something.

“You cold?” Luke asked softly breaking the silence.

“Just a tad, I’ll be fine though” I said

“Here take my flannel, in not cold.” he said handing me his red and black flannel which i quickly pulled on thanking him.

We walked for a little while until Luke broke the silence once again.

“Do you want to go to mine? it’s getting late and I don’t really like the dark.” he said.

“Okay sure” I said feeling a little excited that I had been invited round someones. I quickly sent a text to my mum telling her I didn’t know what time id be home and that she shouldn’t worry.

We made it to Luke’s house where he unlocked the door and lead me upstairs to his room. we both sat on his bed once again in silence but it wasn’t awkward.

I thought back to the party sighing yet again at how Calum had looked at me so blankly.

“What’s up? Luke asked

"Do you ever feel like everyone ignores you? Wait of course you don’t you’re one of the most popular boys in the school” I mumbled

“Actually I do. Its harder than you think being friends with popular people , I might look like I am because I’m friends with calum, michael and ash but truth is I’m not popular, I’m actually quite lonely. Everyone who want to be my friend doesn’t really want to be my friend, they just want to look cool because I hang out with the guys. I think that makes sense” he said squinting his eyes.

“It does” I said sympathetically. “but at least you have friends.

"Only three” he said

“That’s three more than me”

“Well, I’m your friend” he said


“Well if you want to be then yeah” he stuttered shyly.

“Okay then.” I smiled back at him as equally shy.

“Soooooooo what do you want to do my partner in loneliness” he smirked at me as if he was proud of his amazing word invention.

“Uh I don’t know, um… you play guitar?” I asked as my eyes scanned his room and spotting a guitar in the corner.


“Wow I love people who can play guitar i find it so hot, I wish I could play” I said without realising what I had admitted.

He smirked at me chuckling with his eyebrows raised.

“What?” I asked

“You find me hot?” he laughed and I could feel my face burning red hot.

“Oh god did I really say that out loud?” I asked embarrassed.

“Yep you did. but don’t worry, I think you’re hot as well, especially in that dress, I mean damn you look good tonight, amazing even. I’m shocked you haven’t already been snatched up by some lucky guy. I mean it’s just you’re really beautiful and yeah I’m gonna be quiet now.” he stuttered rambling. But I didn’t want him to stop speaking.

“You- you think I’m beautiful?” I asked quietly looking at him in confusion.

He walked towards me not breaking eye contact, his hands went to my face so he was holding both my cheeks.

“Yes” he whispered his breath fanning over my face and giving me goosebumps because of our close proximity. He leaned in slowly and i involuntarily did the same thing until our lips met in a clumsy but passionate way. his tongue traced my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly at the feeling, his lip ring was cool against my skin and his stumbled brushed my cheek making me want to squirm and shiver.

He pulled away all too soon but as fast as his lips left they were back on mine as he deepened the kiss by pushing me backwards and almost flopping on top of me clumsily. He didn’t break the kiss but he now opened his eyes so he was staring right at me. one of his hand came up to tuck my hair beneath my ear while the other one was pulling me closer to his body by the waist. he finally pulled away from the kiss in order for us to breathe.

“Wow” I said

“Yeah. wow”

“Kiss me again” I said and he did, but this time was different and more rushed and messy.

I guess we were both desperate to not be lonely and we’re taking it out on each other.

His hands moved down to the sides of my thighs rubbing them gently then slowly prying my legs apart so they were either side of both of his legs. I wrapped them tightly around his lower back pulling him closer with my legs.

“Is this okay?” He asked looking at me. I nodded in response. I really did want this. But Luke was a nice guy and we had lots in common, I might as well take the opportunity as I probably won’t get it again, plus it would help us both not be lonely for a while.

Luke trailed his hands under my dress stroking the inside of my left thigh before pressing his finger tips to my covered heat. I let out a small moan, surprised that it came from me. This was so out of character for me but it felt… good. Really good.

His fingers moved my underwear to the side rubbing over me gently but then again with slightly more pressure.

His hands swiftly moved up my body removing his hand from my underwear, touching and caressing every inch of my skin. His lips made contact with my neck and he sucked and nipped at the skin, blowing on it afterwards to soothe it.

He rushed to strip me out of my dress so I was in nothing but my underwear now, almost completely exposed to him.

My hands went to the waist band of his pants tugging the zipper and undoing the bottom. he took over fumbling to get off his ridiculously tight jeans off.

“Luke p-please” I whimpered as he was moving to slow to my liking.

“Please what” he asked smiling.

“Do something” I whined “please”

“Have you ever - like done something like this before?” He asked.

“Uh… no” I said shyly and starting to worry if he would judge me or laugh at the fact I was still a virgin.

“Good because so am I and now I don’t have to worry about being inexperienced.” he winked making me let out a breath of relief.

He kissed me quickly on the lips and then pulled his tshirt off before leaning down and leaving open mouthed kisses down my stomach and up again humming in satisfaction.

I let out a breathy moan gasping at how He could make me feel good when he hadn’t even really done anything yet. I couldn’t really believe what was going on, but what I did know was that right now I wasn’t invisible, I had someone’s attention.

Biting my lip to hold in the moans he started to kiss down my stomach again, then my thighs. He used his hands to nudge my legs further open for him moving his thumbs over the soft skin tickling me. He then softly kissed my dripping heat with an urgency of care as he slowly removed my panties from my legs.

“You’re so wet” he murmured before roughly licking a line up my clit and back down again. He repeated this a few times as I had to hold myself from moaning from the incredible pleasure. Suddenly his tongue dived into my entrance and I bit my lip harshly to stop myself from screaming. My hands flew to his hair tugging gently at the blonde fluffiness.

My hips started to lift off the bed slightly as I was writhing from the pleasure from underneath him, i couldn’t control it. He lifted his free arm to hold down my hips with one of his massive hands as he carried on.

I could feel my high approaching as I squirmed beneath him. Before I could reach it he abruptly pulled away kissing back up my body to forcefully kiss me. I could taste myself on him and once again fought the urge to moan. I never imagined myself doing something like this.

Without giving me a chance to think he grabbed a condom from his side table ripping it with his teeth and then putting it on. he looked at me in confirmation.


“Yes” I gasped desperate for him.

He slowly pushed into me checking my face for any signs of regret, it hurt at first but soon wore off turned into immense pleasure. His grip on my hips tightened and I knew I would have bruises tomorrow but right now I didn’t care, Grunts left his lips and profanities left mine as I couldn’t hold my moans back. He started to slow down making his thrusts deeper and more pleasurable. His lips returned to mine kissing me so softly that I wanted to cry at how caring he was being.

He made eye contact with me as if daring me to look away. I didn’t.His blue eyes were dilated with lust as he leaned down to kiss me once again.

“Luke I-I’m going to-” I moaned wrapping my arms tighter around his back and pulling him even closer than possible to me. He sped up, sweat breaking out on his forehead as he was close as well.

“I-I can’t hold it any longer” I whimpered.

“Come on y/n” he whispered before I clenched tightly around him making him groan deeply. He released his load into me, his body weakening and collapsing on to the bed beside me, his arm fell around my waist as he traced small patterns into my skin.

He sat up pulling his boxers on and throwing me his T-shirt to put on before both of us lied side by side on his bed.

“So what does this make us?” I asked suddenly fretting, it hadn’t crossed my mind that he wouldn’t want to be anything after this. He turned round smiling at me for the hundredth time tonight.

“It makes us two people, being lonely together.”