especially the colouring


Park Hyungsik in Singapore

Honestly there IS a problem with how sex and desire are presented to us consistently in our society, there is a problem with people normalizing predatory behaviors, or framing normal feelings as something predatory, the use of violent language when we talk about being into someone (”I’d hit that” or whatever, though I don’t think people really say that anymore, there are other phrases that are similar in tone though) - there is a problem with sexual harassment, with people - especially people of colour - being fetishized and sexualized in predatory ways, etc. And it’s totally normal and okay to see this going on and realize that it makes you profoundly alienated and uncomfortable. Every non-predatory person feels uncomfortable with this sort of thing to some degree. Even straight, white, cis dudes who I am friends with have expressed to me that they are almost always profoundly uncomfortable with the ways they feel like they are expected to experience and act on attraction to women - even the people who are THE most privileged by this system are alienated by it unless they are, straight up, just rapists. This is because this is rape culture.

The problem I have with asexual politics on tumblr and elsewhere online is that it seems like a lot of people felt this discomfort and alienation and instead of considering that maybe the vast majority of human beings also feel this way - and instead of critically analyzing how racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc are all major factors in this - they decided that in fact, only a small minority of people are uncomfortable with this, and that this represents not a complex combination of intersecting oppressions, but some kind of monolithic “sexual culture” that privileges anyone who experiences “sexual attraction” (defined in this case as something that makes you fundamentally embraced by and comfortable with this “sexual culture” and is otherwise pretty intangible and often poorly defined and split into so many subtypes as to be inherently meaningless) and uniformly oppresses people who don’t want to have sex all the time (OR people who do want to have sex all the time but use specific language to talk about how they want sex all the time), who, again, are in this way of thinking considered to be a statistical minority. 

It’s a fact that people can have vastly different libidos, that sex can be really important for some people and not as important for others, like, it’s cool to talk about this and maybe even have language to describe the specific relationship you have to sex and your sex drive (be it as it may). It is NOT a fact that if you just don’t use a specific lingo to talk about your sex life or lack of a sex life, that is an indication that rape culture does not harm or alienate you - and, it is actively regressive to act like what is considered to be “sexual culture” or whatever is not, on a basic level, just rape culture. This is why, while I totally get wanting to have access to and use specific labels AS SELF-DESCRIPTORS, I am opposed to this dichotomy that’s been created between “asexuals” and “allosexuals”.

I hope this is clarifying or whatever.


HIATUS MEME [1/10] music videos: wmyb

Baby you light up my world like nobody else ,the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell,
You don’t know (oh oh) you don’t know you’re beautiful.

🌸 OLDCODEX x sakura
I just got the sudden urge to draw them.

edit: here’s a link to a higher quality, on youtube

sorry for poor quality of video, tumblr takes a dump on every video, and the software the video went through turned the brightness up, destroying some shots ): especially the jump scene…

The colours were supposed to look more like this  but for some reason the video washed it out

Please, no critique. I am aware many flaw, but not an improvement piece. Animated most of this when tired, around 2 hours before a sleep. Sorry.

glazelazer  asked:

howdy! i really love your art especially the way u choose colours. any tips for choosing colours of drawing hair? maybe some brushes? basically anything ur arts just rly cool

uhh well

i use a regular SAI marker brush to smudge on the highlight colour then i use the same marker to erase the edges of the highlight

for colour picking I USUALLY EYEBALL IT AND GUESS then do what i think looks best but u can also use the base colour of the hair and put layer mode on Shade and then the highlight layer mode is set to Screen n it works fairly well for some lazy hair

pisces have a taste for aesthetic and typically have a great eye for style and design. spectacular designers like alexander mcqueen, franco moshino, and eva herzigova were born under a pisces sun. there is a rich creative spirit in pisces that is captivated by colours, especially ocean colours and purples, blacks, and sounds, like sounds that make their heart soar like stairway to heaven, and taste, Jupiter rules Pisces and a lot of Pisceans appreciate international cuisine.

Traditional Peasant Bread

30 g fresh yeast /11g dry yeast

500 ml warm water

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp salt

600 g bread flour

Mix the yeast with warm water and honey (or according to package instructions) in a big bowl.

Add salt and then add most of the flour, making sure the dough does not turn dry, kneading at the same time. The dough should come off from the edges of the bowl and when stretched between four fingers, stretch easily to be paper thin (if it remains too wet, add some flour.).

Cover the bowl with moist towel and leave to raise in warm place for about an hour (if your house is very drafty this might take bit longer. You can encourage the raise by heating water in plate or tray in microwave or oven (on low heat) and then putting the dough in there to raise. Remember to turn off the oven!

After the dough has risen, bake on flour dusted surface into two loaves. Cut a pattern of your choise on the top of the loaves to bless or decorate them and flour the tops well. Let rest on top of baking tray for 30 -40 minutes, lightly covered with towel.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 225 Celsius (437 F). When the breads are ready,  place tray of water into the bottom of the oven (this will make the crust of the bread nice and crunchy) and bake the breads in the middle of the oven for roughly 25 minutes.

Baked bread is beautiful and golden brown, and sounds “hollow” when you gently tap the bottom.


This bread is nice and traditional bread that is easy to modify according to occasion with addition of herbs, nuts, seeds, dried fruits or grated beetroot or carrot… possibilities are endless.

You can use sugar instead of honey if you wish, but honey brings out nice and slightly malty flavor in bread, and makes the crust especially nice and golden colour. It is also symbol of prosperity, community, blessing and healing and can be used to sweeten people’s feelings towards you and others (great, for example, for those difficult family dinners!).

Traditionally the first cut of the fresh loaf is left out for home-spirit, one’s gods or just as a way to “give back to earth”.

I personally sing magic song for the bread while I leave it to raise to enchant the raising, but I am sure the bread raises perfectly fine if you choose not to do this step as well.