especially that blond one


this bitch (me) only got one (1) angle but at least i had more hair colours than that

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The signs as Stydia quotes
  • Aquarius: "Stiles saved me."
  • Pisces: "If you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind!"
  • Aries: "You're so smart I could kiss you right now!"
  • Taurus: "Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me!"
  • Gemini: "Not without Lydia."
  • Cancer: "I think you look really beautiful when you cry."
  • Leo: "Someone that has a strong connection to you... Kind of emotional tether."
  • Virgo: "When I kissed you... You held your breath.."
  • Libra: "Remember... Remember I love you."
  • Scorpio: "I love girls. I love 'em. I love especially ones with strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, 5"3..."
  • Sagittarius: "Lydia please shut up and let me save your life!"
  • Capricorn: "What the hell is a Stiles?"

He could smell the alcohol even from his balcony. And they were still making too much noise; laughing and yelling as they drank on the porch. They were enjoying themselves, having fun and revelling in each others company, and he hated them for it.

The blonde one especially. Why did she have to move in next door to him? The house had been empty since the last owner had “gone missing” three years ago and he wished it had stayed that way. He wondered briefly if she knew the circumstances of the previous owner’s disappearance and was just considering how he could tell her to scare her away when the door to the balcony opened behind him.

“What do you want Margo?” he snapped without turning around; he didn’t need to to know it was her.

“It’s time,” he could hear the annoyance in her voice and couldn’t bring himself to care. “He’ll be waiting and you know how he hates to be kept waiting.”

All-Access (M)

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Summary: You’re at Kcon standing a few rows back from the stage enjoying the show.  You were most excited for BTS, but Monsta X had stolen your attention too.  Especially the blonde muscular one.  But the one you were really here for was Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, God of Destruction and you were gonna let him destroy you if given the chance.

Word Count: 2000+

Tags:  SMUT!  Nothing else to be said, SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!!!

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some of my favourite  joker  fan-designs ;;  WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? ?  (click on the pictures to see who they belong to ;; ) btw excuse my trashy coloring (especially the first one omg it looks more blond than green)

Jordyn flopped herself down on the couch and drew her knees up to her chest. Her whole body felt uneasy, she’d never done well in new environments, especially not ones as daunting as this. The blonde’s fingers searched under the pillow for the remote to the tv, but she came up empty handed. “Sorry, do you um… know where the remote is?” She questioned the stranger. 

Stupid Cosplay Tip :3

Oh no. It happened. You knew it was just a matter of time, you have been collecting so many…

You brought the wrong wig. It’s gotten to the point where you have multiple wigs of the same color- but very different styles, and somehow, probably because you were in a rush, you grabbed the wrong blonde wig, and now your too far away from home to fix it. And Sailor Moon now has cloud Strife hair.

Here’s a simple tip to keep that from happening :3

It seems to be inevitable that cosplayers accumulate a vast collection of wigs, these aren’t even all of mine- just what I have with me at college thats about the same color. It’s easy to see that they can get pretty confusing quick- especially with the black ones, my blonde ones at least have pigitails/curls/etc but even then it can be easy to mix them up simply because of color. So what do I do?

Name tags. Simple, easy. Can be as descriptive or non descriptive as you like. You can use scotch tape or cute name tag stickers, whatever suits your fancy. For wigs that work for multiple characters just add more, for generic wigs just say ‘short, black’. If its for a character who has multiple hairstyles, and you happen to cosplay those multiple forms, be specific. Maybe say ‘ponytail Erza’ or something to that effect :3

And now you’ll be a little safer from mixing up your wigs, it’s a stupid little trick that seems obvious, but it took me a while to realize it might be a good idea to do, and I had my brand new Cole wig to label, so, there you go :3 

Happy cosplaying!

to be honest i don’t think fullmetal alchemist is such a great show as most of you believe. like, i don’t think it’s good at all. it’s mediocre at least. the character development is lacking and oh dear it is very shallow. and the protaginists suck so much? especially the blond one. he is so enerving that i feel like KISSING HIM OKAY IM SORRY I CANT DO THIS i suck at april fools

Children Please (Part 2)

Summary:  Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Student, Heroine, Fashion Designer, and full time Babysitter when it came to her close friends

A/N:  Mama Marinette is here to save the day, where babies can be her weakness, especially blonde and green eyed ones.

Part: ( 1345 )

In the end, she took them to her house.

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