especially stephen


To the wonderful cast of Bones: it has been an amazing journey and an experience of a lifetime to be a fan of yours. As a fandom, we have been so so lucky to have witnessed all that you have to offer, and all that can be achieved when you have a group of extremely humble and dedicated actors together. A group of actors who all like each other so much, and who get along so well, and who then form their own makeshift family. “There’s more than one kind of family” - this quote is so, so true for both the characters on Bones as well as their respective real-life counterparts. To say that I’m going to miss Bones so much is an understatement, because, as every true Bones fan knows and understands, it’s not just the show that we will miss - it’s everything. The cast, the crew, the behind-the-scenes action - we will miss it all. And I dare say that our cast is, and will always be, the best cast that has ever existed. Period.

So, to our dearest Emily, David, Michaela, TJ, Tamara, (new) John and (old) John, Eric, Patricia, Michael, Pej, Eugene, Carla, Laura, Ignacio, Joel, Luke, Brian, and to everyone else, especially Hart, Stephen, Kathy, Michael and Jonathan; on behalf of the fandom, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have given us with this beautiful, one-of-a-kind show. Thank you for all the memories, and fun, and joy, and laughter that you have brought into our lives. Thank you for being who you are, and for always acknowledging us as well - it just makes the experience of being YOUR fan all the more fun and awesome. You’ll be in our hearts, always. 

They say that “you can love a lot of people shows in this world, but there’s only one person show that you’ll love the most”. For me, that’s Bones, and that is all thanks to the most amazing cast to ever exist. 


Oliver uses the salmon ladder for more than just his health.  »—>

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El texto que le escribiste a cáncer es hermoso, la armonia en las palabras es mágica, como cada vez que escribes ha sido maravilloso (yo soy cáncer y por más que no fuese para mí me hizo sentir especial)

Directo del corazón. 


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dyou think ed is now an honorary jcrew member

yeah!!! i really do think that eds an honorary member of the jang now, at least to rj and johnny. ed really fits into the jang bc of how silly he can be and because of how intense he can be with simple things (like when he deshirted and punched johnny). but he also ha a more calm kind of hype to him. from what i can tell, his sense of logic can follow johnnys sense of logic, making it easy for ed to follow what johnny and the jang are thinking and attaching himself to it. 

when he really gets ‘introduced’ to ollie and stephen, they’ll probably be confused cause theyre out of the loop (ESPECIALLY STEPHEN!!!!! stephens been gone for so long,,, hes going to be so confused when he gets back,,,) but once those two get up to date and interact with ed theyll get why eds a part of their squad.

im really looking forward to more interaction between ed and the jang because all the interactions theyve had together have always been so good!!!!