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I have come to the conclusion that every character in the Doctor Strange movie needs a hug. Stephen needs a hug. TAO needed a hug, Mordo needs a hug. Wong needs a hug. Christine needs a hug. KAECILIUS needs a hug. THEY ALL NEED HUGS. (I'm having a case of the feels tonight...)

I agree so much, Nonny! ;-;
The poor things, especially Stephen.

TAO & Mordo also, but OMG, Stephen. ;-; For everything in the past, present (the horrors of the timeloop with Dormammu), and everything he still has ahead of him. Poor thing.

Btw, sorry to the anons whose asks I haven’t answered yet, I’ve been wanting to write meta but keep not finding time lately. ^^; *also wants to finish some WIP fanarts & fanfics*
Short replies are easier to manage.

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Your a trash shipper? I have no problem with that. However I personally find it pretty disrepectful and messed up. So, can you please not tag overt trash as Olicity? Olicity and Stemily are not the same.

Yes I’m a hardcore trash shipper and proud of it.

And thanks for the reminder that I forgot to tag my last trash post with olicity. I went back and fixed that. Can’t let that one get away, especially when Stephen used an olicity line for a trash post. Now tell me again how they’re not the same?

Also, please don’t tell me which tags I can and can’t use on Tumblr. Who are you? The Tumblr police? Who died and made you president Trump?

I’ll tag my posts with whatever tags I like and if I don’t want to tag them… then I won’t. It’s a free world. Geeez. If you don’t like something then just keep scrollin’.

2/8/15: Chris Evans and Kristen Scott Thomas at the 2015 BAFTA Awards

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I can definitely recommend Neil Gaiman, he's amazing! My favourite by him is Neverwhere, although Coraline is also brilliant. I also recommend Stephen Baxter (especially to the anon who doesn't read fiction by guys), he writes brilliant factual sci fi.

You guys have been absolutely raving about Neverwhere tonight, I’ll have to bump it up on my tbr! :D And hopefully Nonnie sees about Stephen Baxter :) 

Thanks, love <3

Ask me thiiiiiinggssss :)

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I'm sure you answered this before, but what Jamie Oleksiak like? He's one of the players I would like to meet.

He’s mainly a pretty quiet guy, at least around fans. He can be a little playful, especially if his bfffffffff stephen johns is with him.


George Martin and Stephen King

This is the best thing I’ve witnessed this year

Yay another tag!! I love them :)

Tag 9 people you’d like to know better…
I was tagged by @corsetscrinolinesandcupsoftea, thanks :)

How old are you? 15 

What’s your current job? Student and full time tumblr procrastinator :D 

What are you talented at? Well I love writing but I don’t think I’m talented at it, idk some people say I sing well 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?

Well I’d love to finish the book I’m writing, but I seem to be stuck on page 38 :/ still I want to finish that. And in the future to find a nice gf… AND GET A MUNCHKIN KITTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THEM THEY HAVE TINY LEGS AND THEY’RE REALLY CUTE.

What is your aesthetic? Pastel vintage stuff and wIw books and films and just books in general, especially Stephen King novels!!

Do you collect anything? I have a book problem, I also have a record collection which I started about 2 years ago, I have more or less 200 records.

What’s a topic you always talk about? Series I’m obssesed with that just “happen” to always have gay characters, yet again books, and MUSIC, I am absolutely obssesed with music!!

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Um… the general straightness in most films, to the point where they force really bad relationships so it’s not gay, like always those made for TV films that ALWAYS have weird things like daughters falling in love with their dads and really weird stuff, also, I am also irritated by american spellings,like @corsetscrinolinesandcupsoftea in fact I bet my username wasn’t taken because americans would write color instead of colour so at least that helped me get a username I thought would be taken :D  (even though my username doesn’t even have anything to do with what the actual blog is about XD) 

What are three songs you’d recommend? Ok, I’m going to end up spending half an hour trying to think of this cause I just have too many in my head rn!!


Stonemilker by Björk is beautiful, even if you don’t even know who Björk is, you should give it a listen!! (whoever wants to)

Can’t take my eyes off you- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Dodie Clarke- She/ One for the road/Sick of losing soulmates (couldn’t decide)

Alsooooo I know it was only three but i’m just gonna leave these here… ;)

Emeli Sandé- Heaven

The Smiths-How soon is now (my mum loves this song xD)

Millie-My Boy Lollipop (slight guilty pleasure) 

(only one more I promise)

Ute Lemper-Je ne t’aime pas

Ok that was finally it!

I tag………………….

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It’s ok if you don’t want to do it thoo :)!


“I’d pick up the tempo a bit” Neal had decided to put in some practice with Kim both to improve his own work and just to spend time with her. That and in his honest opinon shatterband REALLY needed work. If he could help with that, he’d be delighed to, especially since unlike Stephen the two actually listend to his imput.