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If Patsy won’t even be at least mentioned at least once tonight i’m just gonna riot, like especially since Valerie will be taking her bed. Wouldn’t Deels have something to say about that?? Or even Trixie?? Also how is she doing?? How is her dad?? Like pls

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Stuck With Me

“Lucas what are you doing?” Riley giggled as he held her hand tightly guiding her up a set of stairs with her eyes covered “I think you’re trying to be sweet but I think the blindfold is probably a hazard, I am the super klutz.”

“Not to me you aren’t. Trust me Princess, this is worth it.” He’d been planning this for weeks, especially since he’d missed Christmas, he knew that tonight had to be special; it couldn’t be a disaster like the year before.

“I trust you” Riley bit her lower lip, still not sure she trusted herself to make it up these stairs, where were they?

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“No one ever serenades me any more.” BusterXAsh

Oh, I had a lot of fun with this prompt, @walkingmadness! I hope I do your OTP justice. :)

(For this writing prompts-thing. Still taking requests, just drop me an ask. ^^)

No Complaints

It’s always a risk to let Buster choose the movie for movie night, Ash knows that. But she chose the movie last week, so it’s only fair that he got to choose tonight.

Especially since he didn’t even flinch that much when the movie she chose was some gory horror movie. And yes, fifteen minutes in and he was hiding his face behind a pillow, but he didn’t say anything.

Just because she chose the movie.

Just because he loves her.

So whatever he has chosen for tonight, Ash is going to watch it. It might make her giggle if it was some cheesy romance, but she’ll bite down as many giggles as she can and watch it.

Because she loves him.

Of course it’s some cheesy, no, some extra-cheesy romance. Ash can only wonder if it’s Buster’s revenge for the horror movie last week.

She does her best, bites down her lip although it’s almost too much when the main actor sneaks into his beloved’s garden in the middle of the night and starts singing a song under her bedroom window.

That’s the moment Ash thinks if she bites down her lip anymore she might taste blood any minute.

Buster, however, sighs.

“No one ever serenades me anymore,” he says.

Ash turns her head and looks at him, her mouth already turned into a smirk. No, she can’t hold back any longer. It’s just too good!

“Have they ever?” she asks.

Buster turns to her with a raised brow. He sighs again, lowering his eyes to the floor.

“No, not really, but you know, there’s always been that possibility,” he explains.

The way he says it makes the smirk disappear from Ash’s face. This isn’t amusing any longer.

“And now it isn’t because?” she asks.

Buster shrugs. “Because I am too old for this. That’s something teenagers and young adults do. Not someone my age.”

Now it’s Ash’s turn to lower her eyes.

She knows that it bothers Buster that he isn’t closer her age, that there’s this age gap between them. And no matter how often she tells him that it doesn’t matter to her at all, she knows he keeps thinking about it.

She just didn’t know he thinks about his age in other contexts, too.

Okay, she has two options now. She could pull him into a hug and tell him how amazing he is and that the real age doesn’t matter, only the age you feel inside or she can do something about it.

She’s tried the first option a million times already. It always worked in a way, but not in the way she had hoped.

So doing something it is.

She jumps from the couch and gets her guitar. On the way back to Buster she grabs the remote control and turns off the TV.

“Ash, what are you doing?” Buster asks, but she doesn’t react.

She takes a deep breath and starts singing.

She sings “Call Me Maybe” because it makes most sense. It’s the song Buster has chosen for her so long ago and she never got to perform it properly.

Okay, maybe singing it to her boyfriend in her living room doesn’t really count as performing properly, but it still counts.

To her, it does at least.

And when she’s done and looks at Buster, she knows it counts to him, too.

She smiles.

“No complaints anymore, okay?” she says with a smirk.

“Okay!” Buster replies quickly before he rushes to her and pulls her into a kiss.

Your Best Birthday Yet

This is for you @secret-rendezvous1d **WARNING SMUT** March 26th, a normal day, but not just a normal day for you because it’s your birthday. It’s around 9AM and you turn over and slowly begin to open your eyes and find the man of your dreams still sound asleep. Louis managed to get a little time to see you. You didn’t make him come, but he insisted because you’re his girlfriend that he wanted to spend the day with you. Louis understood that you weren’t much of a party type girl, but he knew that you saved that wild side for him and he knew he could get it out of you tonight. You can’t help but smile to yourself. You hear Louis let out a soft groan as morning wood was not his friend as he always said, but you didn’t mind especially since some nights y'all slept naked. Though tonight you wore just one of his shirts and panties which turned Louis on just as much. Louis turned and looked at you as he slowly opened his sleepy blue heavy eyes. “Mornin’ love.” He said in his sleepy deeper voice. You couldn’t help but smile and lick your lips. You leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Morning handsome.” You said to him and leaned against his chest as he put his arm around you and you laid your head right on his chest slowly tracing his tattoos with your fingers. “We have a great day planned birthday girl.” He said to you with a little smirk. You looked up at him confused as you told him you didn’t want to do anything because just being with him was a gift in itself. “But lou…” You said but he cut you off by kissing your lips. He pulled away and said “no buts miss Emily I promise it isn’t crazy but I have some things up my sleeve.” He said softly as his free hand rubbed up your thigh. Whenever Louis did this it sent shivers down your spine which he knew. His hand kept going higher and he slid down in the covers and all you could see was his messy brown hair poking out. You felt Louis on your legs and with his slight stubble it tickled you a little bit. You let out a soft giggle and he smiled as he looked up at you kissing up your legs. “Louis…” You said to him and he looked up at you with his beautiful blue eyes but kept kissing up your legs. He managed to pull up your shirt of his up a little and he spread your legs some and he kissed your inner thighs which really got you going. You licked your lips and bit your bottom lip trying so hard not to moan just yet. Louis was inches away from your panties and he began to play with the waistband on them and you let out a soft moan. “Please don’t tease Louis.” You said to him and he looked up and smirked. Louis finally hooked his thumbs on your black lace panties and pulled them down. He tossed them on the floor and said very seductively “You aren’t going to need these at all today.” Which made you even more turned on because when Louis got horny in the morning you knew that he would focus on you. Louis began to lick your inner thighs pretending that it was your juicy pink pussy. You moaned a little louder than you did before which turned Louis on more. You could feel your pussy slowly getting wet and Louis knew it too because he knew just how to get you going before devouring your pussy. Louis switched legs and noticed your glistening pussy and he looked at you and smirked and said “I’ll get it don’t worry.” And winked at you. You nodded and were so turned on that you couldn’t even imagine what else he had planned. As Louis finished kissing your inner thighs he placed both hands on your legs and he slowly began to lick up your wet pussy lips. You gasped as you didn’t know what he was going to do, but you and Louis both knew that you loved it. Louis never broke eye contact with you while licking up and down your pussy lips. Finally he got to your clit and he slowly flicked his tongue along your clit and swirled his tongue along it which really drove you crazy. “Ah fuck Louis!” You said and he smirked while licking you good. He then slowly inserted one finger which made you gasp again but you loved. Louis kept flicking his tongue over your clit while fingering you slowly. He would curl his finger inside of you and after a while he slid another finger in and picked up his pace so now it was almost like he was finger fucking you. You moaned louder as he kept going. Louis would also nibble on your clit to surprise you. “Ah I’m close Louis!” You let out and he smirked and pulled away but still fingered you and he said “Cum for me princess.” And you nodded, but he kept his two fingers curled inside of you while his thumb rubbed your clit. You could feel yourself about to cum and you told him “I’m about to cum!” And he slid his fingers out and you slowly began to cum and he licked your pussy clean. “Happy birthday princess that is just round one! I love you Emily!” He said to you and kissed your pussy while looking up at you. Want to request something? Request away:)! Let me know what you guys think!

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Imagine your first time with Hotch

Requested by Anon~

Aaron had carefully pulled your shirt off, giving you ample time to stop him if you so wanted to. But then his hands came down, the pads of his thumbs caressing the soft skin of your belly, and you sighed. This made you decide that you wanted to go even further tonight. Right now.

Especially since Aaron’s breath was currently billowing over your neck and collarbone.

“Aaron.” You squeaked out, and the agent immediately froze and glanced up, ready to force himself away from you if you weren’t ready. But you met his dark brown gaze and swallowed thickly. “Please, Aaron…”

Your pleading had sent shivers down his spine, and the agent was eager to give you what you want. Sure, he hadn’t completely mapped out your body yet. But Aaron was so eager to learn, just so he could use it again next time.


“Hey, Stark. Where’d you run off to?” You asked in that teasing sort of way; the voice you only seemed to use around Tony. Bumping your hip into his as you slid in next to him, you jerked your thumb over your shoulder and pointed to the elevator behind you.  “The party is that way… Remember?”

“Yeah… Yeah, I know. I just needed a second to…“ His voice faltered and his fingers drummed over the pile of broken parts he’d been tinkering with ever since you stepped off the elevator. It wasn’t exactly within his character to leave a party to play in his technology-centric man cave, especially since he was such an exhibitionist but tonight he wasn’t really himself. You might have let him slip down to his lab any other day of the week but tonight; it happened to be your last big adventure with the team and you wanted him to be a part of it…

This was it. Your final night as an Avenger. Your going away party.

“Hey, you okay?” You finally asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You’ve pretty much been pouting all evening.”

Tony looked up for the first time since you’d entered his lab and stared at you for what felt like centuries as if he was memorizing your face for the last time before finally asking, “Do you think you can do me a favor?”


“When you leave tonight, don’t just say goodbye and walk out. You can say goodbye to everyone else if you want but…” He forced a smile that quickly faded. “Just say something normal… Tell me you’re gonna kick my ass tomorrow morning or something. But don’t say goodbye. Not to me.”

Sure.” You gave an understanding smile… Tony may have been a sarcastic asshole on most days but he was your sarcastic asshole and he was going to miss you more than you knew. “I promise.”

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You Guys Are So Nice!

Hello, Lovelies! I have a burst of energy today and I’m loving it! It’s not a physical energy as my body hates hydrocodone and I usually have a headache the day after taking it, which I do, but I have a bit of pep in my step no matter how slow the steps may be. 

Thanks so much to everyone that reached out to wish me well. I wanted to reply to all of you but the meds knocked me out pretty quickly. Again, I aim to get caught up on readings tonight, especially since I don’t have to wake up early to take my daughter to school tomorrow morning. I look forward to getting my cards out tonight! I’ll be in touch with all of you then! 

Again, two slots left this week for free readings. First come, first serve!

Take Me Home || Artiella

Arthur pouted as he checked his phone between orders. Ariella had seen his text, the one saying he had to work late tonight and couldn’t hang out like he’d promised, but she hadn’t replied to him. He looked up when a person came to the bar and ordered a round for their table, putting his phone away quickly before setting to work on making the drinks. When he was done, he heard somebody plop into the seat right in front of him and looked up, ready to take their order, before he realised it was none other than Ariella. His eyes went wide as he drank her in, feeling all kinds of giddy and dizzy just from her being there tonight, especially since he’d already told himself he wouldn’t get a chance to see her today since he figured she’d be asleep by the time he got home. “Ariella, what are you –” he broke off, gulping quietly as his eyes travelled down the length of her body. He’d always thought she looked phenomenal, always, but today she was - voluntarily, might he add - wearing a tight white crop top and matching skirt, her pale skin looking soft and practically begging him to touch. “Holy shit,” he breathed, running a hand through his hair. “You - you look fucking amazing.”

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Bold (Simon Dominic)

Anonymous asked: Simon D meeting a girl who’s just as tough and intimidating as him scenario!?

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    You strode down the street at a quick pace, your boots thumping with each step. It was nearly eight o’clock and you were on your way home from the restaurant where you worked as a bartender. At the end of every shift, you were sick of the crisp collared white shirt and carefully tailored skirt you were required to wear, so you always brought clothes to change into before you left, especially since you often went out with friends afterward. Tonight though, you were headed straight home. Bright streetlights and store-fronts illuminated the streets and clusters of friends and couples walked by you often. You tucked your hands in your pockets, continuing to walk along.


    Kiseok watched as you walked ahead of him, about fifteen yards away. Your steps were long, your shoulders held high, and your hair swished with every step you took. You looked self-assured, confident. He hadn’t gotten a chance to see your face… He wondered what it looked like. Hmm…

    He groped through his pockets, before finding a pen… perfect. He sped up his pace, calling, “Excuse me, miss.”

    You turned, one eyebrow raised. “I’m not interested.”

    He held out the pen. “I think you dropped this.”

    You took it, glancing over it, before handing it back to him. “Not mine. Thanks though.”

    “Ahh, okay,” he said. “Nice night, isn’t it?”

    You shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.” Then you turned to keep walking, but Kiseok sped up, keeping in stride with you.

    “You work downtown, don’t you? I think I’ve seen you.”

    You looked at him skeptically. “About 75% of Seoul would answer yes to that question.”

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I should’ve known (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

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Request: Hi, I just found your blog but your writing is really good! I was wondering if you can do one where theo and the reader are alone together (kinda like last nights episode with Theo and Lydia) and theo hurts the reader and Stiles comes to save/help her? I understand if you don’t understand. 

A/n: i understand completely what you’re suggesting! Thank you so much love. I hope you don’t mind but i made the reader a banshee. And also that the reader and Stiles are dating. And hopefully you like it x

 Remember to request something :)

 Something was wrong. Something bad was going to happened. I could feel it. I have a bad feeling about tonight, especially since it’s the full moon.

Ever since The Dread Doctors and that suspicious boy named Theo came to town, strange things started happening. There were so many Chimeras and there were teenagers being killed. You and the pack tried everything to keep The Dread Doctors to stop making more chimeras. But it’s impossible, they’re too strong. 

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     [I’m not really feeling up to staying on here any longer tonight, especially since I have work tomorrow morning. All those OC babies that I did the meme for today… I think I might draw sketches of a couple of them:

Lamie Trafalgar


Hajime Mayakashi

Saul D. Trafalgar

     [I’m gonna try to sketch out these four, mostly because they are children of one of my three muses and I really just want more OCs to draw so this gives me an excuse–

     [Goodnight y’all~!]

Bench Press

Title: Bench Press

Notes: Random Makorra Modern Gym AU drabble that popped into my head last night at the gym–my mind wanders while I’m on the treadmill.

for coolnightworld​ and iamtehzuul​ because I see you!  :D :D :D  From one anonymous cone to a cube and a pyramid.  :3 :3 :3 Thank you for following, if you ever feel like saying hi, please do!  :]


Mako sits up, pulling his earphones out of his ears.  His heartbeat thuds in his ears as he takes a break between sets–it’s chest and back day.  The gym is rather full tonight, especially since it’s Wednesday and it’s 9PM.  He exhales slowly–he’s slowly working up the number of plates and right now, he’s very proud to say that he can at least bench his own weight.  Not bad. He’s still on the bench, rolling his shoulders around when someone taps his shoulder.

“Hey, don’t mean to bug you, but can I ask you for a favor?”

He turns–it’s a girl.  She’s wearing a bright blue sports bra that shows off her impressively toned core.  Her sweatpants are loose but banded at the cuffs; she wears them pushed halfway up her calves.  "If you’re done, can you spot me?“

"Oh, yeah.  Sure,” says Mako, deciding that yeah.  He’s done enough sets, hasn’t he?  Yeah. He automatically stands up, moving to remove some iron but she stops him with a wry grin.

“Actually, I was going to add some.”  

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the night wasn’t exactly going exactly to plan, and of course, it was ronnie’s fault. she knew that, there was no denying it, but there was no part of her that wanted to spend her first real valentine’s day alone when she could be spending it with luca. it was time to put her pride aside and try to make the most out of the plans they had left; and she intended on doing just that. all she wanted was to be with him tonight; especially since he’d planned the entire thing just for her. gathering her things once she read that he was outside, she made her way out of her apartment and locked the door behind her, tediously navigating the stairs as quick as she possibly could in heels. spotting his car in the parking lot, she walked a little faster, a smile already tugging at her lips as she slid into the passenger seat. “hey handsome,” she cooed, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “happy valentine’s day that i kinda sorta ruined.” she chuckled, wondering if it was too soon to make a joke about it as she pulled her seat belt across her chest. “if it makes you feel any better, i totally almost busted my ass when i was coming down the stairs, so.” 

sitting in your dark apartment with michael as the snow fell outside. it was late, but you were both just sitting on the couch giggling about embarrassing childhood memories. the only thing lighting the room were the christmas tree lights, casting soft shadows on michael’s relaxed smiling face. you could stare into his green eyes FOREVER, but especially tonight since they were happy and sparkly in the gentle light. you had your legs draped over his as you sat facing each other on the couch, covered in lots of fuzzy blankets. you were holding hot tea in your hands and he had hot chocolate, and he had the cutest smile on his face since he absolutely loved just talking to you, no distractions, just conversation. his presence relaxed you, his giggly nature made you forget about finals and gift shopping and all the stress that comes with the holidays. after one of your stories came to an end, you noticed michael staring at you lips. you knew what he wanted, so you leaned in to him and held his face as he breathed out in content and kissed you. you moved and kissed his cheek and he sighed, making the smallest, cutest sound. he then pulled you over to his side of the couch and you laid next to him, and he wrapped his arms around you and moved his hands up and down your back. you kissed michael’s nose before snuggling in and falling asleep.