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@picarexque​  who loves you


makin’ me feel just like i wanted to / you keep me dreaming all i dream is you.

02.   ⟨ LOVESICK : BANKS .

oh, i know your love before i kissed you / and now you have only made me miss you.


make me feel like i’m set on fire / your love will take me higher & higher / won’t you be my livewire ?

04.   ⟨ RIVER : BISHOP .

shut your mouth, baby, stand & deliver / holy hands, ooh, they make me a sinner.


oh, like the river flows surely to the sea / darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be.  


then you came & turned my world around / for the first time i was writing happy sounds / you are brighter than you’ll ever know / make the sun appear to have a much duller glow.


you are my sunbeam / when skies are dark /  you got me flying, way beyond / ‘cause i’ve been wandering & feelin’ lost / now like a whirlwind, you put a spell on me. 

               AND  ,  OF  COURSE  … 



Tonight is a Historical Hetalia doodle night apparently

Anyway, this is inspired by a bit of reading I did on the Treaty of Marienburg in 1656 signed between King Charles X Gustav of Sweden and Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg during the Second Northern War. By the Treaty of Königsberg in the same year, Ducal Prussia was officially made a fief of the invading Swedish forces. In exchange for military aid, King Charles promised Frederick William control over parts of Prussia. The alliance held out for some time, culminating in a victorious battle against Polish-Lithuanian troops by combined Swedish and Brandenburgian forces. 

When Sweden found itself more dependent on Brandenburg’s support to win the war, Charles was willing to grant Frederick William full sovereignty over the Duchy in exchange for continuous aid. This agreement was solidified by the Treaty of Labiau in the same year. Once he managed to secure his possession of the Duchy of Prussia, Frederick William dropped his alliance with Sweden in favour of a more appealing proposal put up by an envoy of the Holy Roman emperor. If he were to stop supporting Sweden, Poland would acknowledge Hohenzollern sovereign rule over Prussia. Brandenburg accepted these terms by signing the secret Treaty of Wehlau and actively started campaigning against Sweden. 

TLDR; Reiner Wenzel Brandt, Margraviate of Brandenburg, is one crafty son of a bitch.

Revali x Reader : Get some sleep

Originally posted by triforce-princess

He set off to once again find her, (y/n) her name was, in the middle of the night. He hadn’t got an ounce of sleep since two days prior, especially since the night before was spent searching and talking to her. Tonight, he forced himself to find her again, he didn’t know why but he had this sudden urge to see her, and keep an eye on her.

He… considered… the possibility of her being from somewhere else other than Hyrule, than she needs to be kept in check to make sure she isn’t potentially dangerous to his home and land. If not, from another world, than she is incredibly intelligent beyond her years and  anyone currently alive, and if that is the case, then she is someone to be feared. At least in Revali’s perspective, despite the fact that she doesn’t seem harmful or a danger.

This time it was really early into the night, 9 to be precise, as he swooped down gracefully and silently, landing onto the pillar of their previous meeting.  He found no one, no corpses, no blood, no jars with strange liquid and organs, nothing! All except for a single shining chest in the moonlight, feeling compelled towards it, he walked to it and opened it. He already knew it could have been something of hers, but out of habit, he opened it anyways, hoping her didn’t find some sort of dead rotting Bokoblin inside.

But much to his surprise there wasn’t any body in there at all, just five jars full of the strange liquid, the same small blade he had returned, a needle and thread, a paraglider, and a large book, as well as small diary.

Normally one is only able to fit in one item per chest, or multiple items of the same item. So the fact that she was able to fit many different items alone made him impressed, not that he would admit it.

He finally realized something, he can finally examine her inventory and be able to try to know something about her. Though he would have to be quick, if she was awake at one in the morning the previous night, then it was a possibility that she could be awake late into this night too.

So quickly but gently, he peered into the chest, and grabbed one of the jars, he saw the semi-transparent liquid contained within. He tried to open it, though for some reason he couldn’t, thus resulting him into just holding and staring at the jar. Finding a small piece of paper attached to the base of the jar, tilting it to be able to view it, it read ‘Methanol: jar 43’. This left Revali to wonder what this 'Methanol’ is, another question to ask his supposed extraterrestrial acquaintance. As if the ones he had already weren’t enough.

Directing his attention to the glider, he placed the jar next to him and reached to grab it. Just by holding it he could tell it was a crudely made one, especially due to some of the stitches seem to have been done in a hurry and are messy. Even the wood was uneven, the fabric must’ve been from 'Earth’, as he knew Hyrule did not have materials that felt sturdy and was flexible enough to move and bend  in such small angles, it even felt too heavy to be used for a glider.

Next was the large book, grabbing and opening it, he found diagrams of organs and every creature she must’ve faced in her time in Hyrule, each having labels on what they were, structure and function of the organism in an ecosystem and their own organs, surprisingly enough even a Lynel was drawn, body and organs. Each label was small in writing but detailed in paragraphs, though the writing seemed rushed, and was hard to read, especially since all the letters seemed to clash together and seemed to form one tiny, continuous scribble. Flipping through the pages, he saw things that not even he has seen, mainly dragons, and scales or piece of horn attached to the page, and again everything was labelled, titled well, and drawn correctly. That was until he came to the last page… the Rito page.

There were a few labels, and some were actually large and clear enough for Revali to understand. The first label he say was that of his wind, “wing: proportional to the body a high placed elbow, seems to act as a normal arm including hand (due to the elongated feathers that seem to curl and have muscle movement at the end of the wing), besides giving the Rito the ability to fly, it acts like a normal arm”.

Next was the beak, “beak: a yellow semi long chitin structure with a small black tip, is the place of the mouth, seems like a normal bird beak, function: unknown”. This made Revali scoff in laughter, ‘function: unknown’, it was pretty obvious that it is used for talking and eating, so silently chuckling, he diverted his eyes to the last label, “talons: three clawed toes, most likely grip well, act as normal toes and feet”.

This nearly made Revali nearly burst out in laughter, though thankfully he was able to stifle it so it came out as a small snort. Though he saw a small note by the title of the page, “Rito are said to have evolved from 'Zora’ people, and can fly for miles at a time, only seen once though specimen has returned and gave back a lost item. Proves that it is conscious of thought and does not act upon instinct, unlike other species encountered prior.”

He just kept on staring, 'it is conscious of thought,’ he just continued to stare, not sure to feel insulted or okay about it. But he took into consideration that the first few entries he saw all the random creatures one would see in the wild, so he didn’t mind as much. He flipped through more pages after that and saw nothing else as page content. So he closed it and turned to the smaller book, opened it and began to read it.

'Entry 205:

Filt finally came around and I was able to sell most of my monster organs, which allowed me to follow into the same routine, leaving me to make more Methanol. I am sincerely considering asking someone to build me a house in the area, a small cave isn’t cutting it anymore, especially with all the pains I am getting in the morning.  Kara and the others haven’t  come or found me yet, but then again I have only been gone for nearly seven Earth days, but I would’ve thought they would notice by now, after all I do see them nearly everyday. So they have to at least suspect something…. right? Anyways at least they try calling every once in a while.’

'Entry 207:

I ran out of food once again, so the sensible thing to do was to go get more food, even though I nearly stopped eating at this point, my hands seem to be getting worse, they haven’t stopped hurting in days, nearly a week here, but that’s the least of my problems. Earlier my alarm went off, and that means that withing the next few minutes, (sister/name) is soon going into surgery. I hope her procedures are done well, especially since I have to be replaced, since I’m here and back home… I blanked out again… I raided a Moblin camp, though somehow I flipped, next thing I know I’m on top of  a giant bird about to dissect it, it seemed like a him by the why he talked. Thankfully I snapped back because of the alarm… its been getting worse… I don’t know if it’s because of the isolation, or because I’m about snap…’

This gave Revali a bit of food for thought, especially to wonder on who the people she had written about were, they certainly do not sound like they were anywhere from Hyrule that was for sure, he continued to ponder about the strange things she has mentioned in her diary, especially their encounter through her perspective, even though it was vague.

'Entry 209:

I was able to talk to someone about the giant bird while I was selling my monster items, and they just laughed it off as if I was joking, then continued to ramble on about 'The Champions’ and how they are to save all of Hyrule, and how they were appointed by the King and protect the princess, well whoever and whatever they are, at least I know the name of the bird is 'Revali’… at least. Sadly I learned I lost my scalpel, no use going back to look for it now, it’s probably broken or taken by now, those things were always delicate and do break easily sadly.’

'Entry 210:

He came back… he actually came back and gave me back my scalpel. I was just expecting another lonely night, dissecting monsters, but he showed up… gave it back… and we actually talked for a little bit. Even if it was a miniature debate on whether I was Hylian/human. I think I convinced him with the tech, but he still seemed skeptical, even when he oh so dramatically left… surprisingly enough… even with that ego and arrogance he’s got going on… his company was nice…’

After reading this, Revali beamed with pride as he turned to read the next page all that there was, was:

'Entry 211:’

He supposed she was yet to write about her day and feelings. Flipping through the pages of the diary, he just found  them blank, so he closed it and started to clear up, making sure that everything was in the exact place he had found them in. Closing the chest, he stared back up at the moon, from what he can guess it was nearing 9:30. Whatever feelings of tiredness he felt before, was now long gone.

So deciding on taking a quick fly, he took off, and went wherever the gentle breeze decided to take him. Within a short period of time he found a pond with a waterfall crushing down into it.  He wasn’t aware there was one at such a distance from his home, but then again, he hasn’t flown this far away for quite sometime.

For some reason he felt drawn to it, and the closer he got to it, it felt clear to him why, with the sound of the strange and usual noise.

You could be anything at all, America, America-aaa~

He landed just on the edge of the pond, near a tree, and under it was a travel bag, one he knew all too well, with the noise coming from it. He knelt down and began to search the bag for the source of the noise, but he found more jars filled with 'Methanol’, some even containing organs, another book, and his feathery fingers grazed something sharp. He grasped it and pulled it out of the bag, and it was the sharp small blade, though quickly placed it back.

Just close your eyes and breath

He continued to sift through the bag until he came across a small rectangular object, he took it out and the noise became louder, till it started to grow softer and eventually stopped completely. It looked like the princesses Shiekah Slate only smaller, thinner, and it had no eye on the back but a small black glass square and two white ones, one even had small holes, and was mainly blue, with a black supposed front, and the 'SAMSUNG’ on both sides. The side of this object had buttons, something Revali chose not to press, as caution from his past experience with the supposed 'battery bank’.

He put it down on the grass and looked side to side, to find the owner of the strange new device, and he did. She was underneath the waterfall, though close to the ponds edge, which had her shield and soldiers claymore. The pond water reached till just above her knees,  she still wore her short trousers, which clung to her skin tightly due to being wet from the water, his gaze rose to her back, bare, severely scared, and covered in large purple bruises and bandages covering the top of her back with her shoulders visible and exposed, leaving him to only guess that her arms were covering her front. Hair damp, drenched and flat from the water falling onto her.

Though what caught his attention the most, and what made him shift his gaze back to, were her scars, of course they were on her back, but some of them were on her legs too. They were large claw marks and swords, possibly even a few puncture marks from spears and arrows, the bruises were most likely from clubs.

“You know, it’s not polite to stare…” her voice caught his attention, making him snap out of thought and gaze back up to her head and made eye contact with one of her eyes. She stood her ground, though her head was facing the side and slightly over her shoulder, the only eye facing him stuck in a tired glare.

His eyes widened in realization that he was practically eyeing her in an undignified way. Looking down to the miniature Shiekah Slate replica on the grass, his feathers on the back of his head began puff up, as he heard movement in the water, he figured it was her coming out of the pond, and soft feet moving silently on the grass, till they came to a halt, and slight thump was on the ground was heard next to him.

“So why are you here feathers,” it was more of a casual demand rather than a question, “I thought you people would be asleep by now.”

“ ’Feathers’…?”

Revali replied in uncertainty.“Of course, you’re covered in them,” she replied with a weak laugh, “could be worse, I could call you bird-brain, beak-nose, seed-breath…”

Arching his brow, he decided to take a look at her. She sat at distance from him, but enough distance for him to see the damage she had on her front side. The bandages that covered her back, also covered her chest, and along it, more severe scars that ran from the base of her neck to being hidden under her short trousers, stomach battered in large bruises, and arms covered in thin and thick scratches. Her shoulders had a few bite marks, while her neck was covered in a few light scratches. Looking at her face, she had small bruises scattered on her cheeks and chin, eyes dull and tired, and he was pretty sure it was not normal for anyone to have that many bangs under their eyes.

“I could say the same for you..”

“No offence or anything, but I don’t have feathers.”

“About the sleep! When was the last time you slept anyways? You look terrible.”

She began to wonder, being silent only for a few seconds till she came up with an answer that shocked him, “Over two months.”

He nearly choked on his own spit out of the shock he felt, making him do a double take and look her in the eye, wide eyed, once more, with smug tired smile on her face, “Hyrule time,” she stated pointing at the ground.

Not breaking eye contact, he shook his head and before he could break eye contact and face the pond, “your eyes,” she began, making him turn his head back to her.

“What about my eyes?” he asked turning his head back to her with a slight glare. All she did was slide herself next to him, grab his face with both her hands, turning it side to side. He was about to protest before she spoke. 

“They’re irritated…” she simply stated, letting go of his face, she reached her bag and rummaged in one of the front pockets to get out a small white bottle with the word ‘Vision’ on it. 

“So?” Revali tried to rebuttal.

“’So?’ it can cause an infection!” she exclaimed as she turned back to him and laid him down, with his head in her lap, bottle in one hand and a free pointed hand, “close one eye and follow my finger,” she ordered, and he followed, suddenly feeling a cooling liquid enter his eye suddenly, causing him to blink rapidly and flinch. 

“You okay?”

“I suppose…”

“Good, because your going to need to do it again with the other eye.”

Groaning, he did as told and felt more liquid fill his eye as he flinched once more. His eyes stung, but only momentarily until they felt relieved. They felt better, more sharp, and clearer.


“Not many fluids have this effect… I suppose I’m impressed… and I might be feeling better…“ he stated smugly.

She stared at him in disbelief, she would have argued, but she was too tired. So instead she pushed him off her lap in such away that he was sitting up again, "Whatever floats your boat Feathers…” she grumbled silently to herself as she placed the bottle back into her bag.

She had just grabbed her rectangular contraption, and was just about to put it in her bag, “What is that strange thing, another device of yours?” Revali piqued out of pure and innocent curiosity.

She halted in her movements, and asked, “This?” while using her hand to gesture to it, and with a nod from the bird, she huffed and began to explain.
“This is my phone, it allows me to communicate with other people who have also have a phone, while also letting you take pictures and videos, even search for information that I need,” she ended with a gentle gaze in his direction.
And thus the thyroid of questions and answers began.

“What is 'SAM-SUNG’”?

'SAMSUNG’, it’s the brand of the phone.”

“What is a video?”

“Think of it as a collection of pictures put together that make a continuous moving picture with sounds.”

“Can’t you contact your… fellow humans with that 'phone’?”

“Tried, and failed miserably…”

“How do you take pictures?”

“Simple,” she stated, pressing a button as it lit up to show a grid of small circles, she then pressed her index button on the same button again which changed the screen to an image of different images at once. “Okay so you got this displayed on the screen, we call it the home screen because it is the first thing that comes up on the phone when you unlock it.” She had stopped momentarily to see if he was paying attention, and once she saw his eyes wide in awe she continued. “You then look for the camera which is this icon over here,” she tapped an odd looking icon with the title ‘camera’ underneath it, and instantly the screen changed to reveal a reflective image of her and Revali, “then you just press this in the middle, smile!,” she pressed yet another button and with a ‘chk chk’ sound, the screen flashed to reveal the take picture.

Revali looked at it with fascination, the picture showed the bruised girl smiling softly with him cocking his head to the side with a brow raised in confusion and curiosity. 

“What about this… ‘video’?” Revali asked in contemplation.

“A similar process,” she continued and pressed another button, only the screen didn’t change as much with the exception of different buttons, “you just press this red button right here.” She then moved further away from Revali and held it up to her face, though was still facing Revali’s direction, “Wave and say hi to the phone!”

Even if the ‘phone’ did cover up her eyes, it failed to cover her amused and bright smile. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself, so quickly looking around to see if anybody was watching, and when saw that nobody was around, he just waved unsure what to do and gave out a confused “Hello?”.

She giggled, and came closer to him, to show his the sequence that had just played out mere seconds ago. Out of pure shock, he grabbed the phone and started looking at it at all angles possible, wanted to ask more questions, he really did, and just as he was about to, a yawn came out of his beak.

“Go home,” she started, “Go home and sleep you need it.”

He just rubbed his eyes with his wing as he handed the phone back to her, “How can you stay awake for three months?” he said as another yawn escaped his beak.

“Because I’m used to staying awake this long back on Earth, that and time here moves a lot faster than Earth,” was all she said continued to stare at him.

This made him look at her skeptically, “How do you know all this?”

She just smiled and replied, “I’m what you call a scientist, a doctor - healer, and an observer… And now you can go home knowing you learned something of a different planet.”

He got up, nearly falling back down in the process, spread his wings, and was about to create an updraft, till he remembered he had one lingering question for the night, “What is that noise that comes out of that ‘phone’?

“Music,” she replied gentle following his every movement.

“That is not music, it’s absolutely horrific,” his response was he folded his wings behind his back and was turning towards her.

“To you maybe, but me it is,” this made him think for a moment, though only a few seconds passed till he sighed and opened his wings again.

“Just get some sleep yourself,” was the last thing he said as he created an updraft and soared up high above the ground, hills and rocks, though what really made him smile was the very faint yell of the human.

“Don’t count on it!”

Unexpected | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut
POV: Second Person’s

WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing!!!

A/N: You guys don’t even know how hard this was for me to write. I’m not used to this but I really hope you guys aren’t disappointed. I literally had to take a 5 minute break after writing every paragraph. But anyway, this was requested so I kinda had to lol. Enjoy!

Request 1: Do you by chance right smut because Zach smut is my guilty pleasure?? My friend, you wouldn’t disappoint me, I promise!! - Anon who requested Zach smut

Request 2:  Hey, I adore your writing! It’s sooo good❤. I was wondering if you could do like spending the weekend with Zach and he’s your first. Xx (I’m sorry I had to change your request up a bit!)


It’s a Saturday night and you were supposed to go to Jessica’s party but you decided to stay home and finish a research paper which was due first thing next Monday. However, instead of actually doing the paper, you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, looking at pictures of your friends enjoying the party you were missing.

You let out a loud groan as you shut your laptop; to be honest you really couldn’t be bothered to finish the paper. You kick yourself thinking that you should’ve just gone to the party tonight, especially since you’re home alone because your parents are out of town for the weekend.

Finally, after procrastinating for so long, you pick up your phone and send a message to your boyfriend, Zach Dempsey. He was currently in the party with the rest of your friends.

You: I’m dying here.

A few seconds later and your phone buzzes.

Zach: Aw my poor baby. Well you’re not really missing out on much. This party’s boring without you. Wish you were here.

You smile at his reply before sending one yourself.

You: Well, I’m wishing you were here too.

Zach then sends out a sad emoji with a heart next to it and you pout as you place your phone down beside your laptop. You decided to open it up again as you stared at the page count. Great 2 pages out of 5, you think to yourself. You need 3 more pages to finish the paper.

You let out a loud sigh as you push your laptop to the foot of your bed. You then proceeded to shut your eyes momentarily. A few minutes later and the doorbell rings which causes you to suddenly sit up and wonder who that could be. You take your phone and your pepper spray as you slowly make your way down the staircase. You send a text to Zach while doing so.

You: There’s someone at the door.

You: Babe I’m scared.

Zach: Just open the door babe, make sure to have the pepper spray that I gave you ready okay?

You: If something happens to me, I love you Zachary okay?

Zach: Stop messing around Y/N and just open the door!

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BTS Scenario: Their S/O Singing While Cooking

Rap Monster/Namjoon: You had been cooking for what felt like hours. Namjoon was coming home from practice especially late tonight since they were preparing for an upcoming concert, so you decided to surprise him with a home cooked meal. You studied recipe after recipe to find the one that you thought he would like the most. Using what you already had at home and after a quick grocery store run, you were set to start. Time seemed to drag on as you mixed ingredients, reading the recipe over and over again to make sure you had it right. You had your favorite playlist going as you cook, singing along as you went. You didn’t notice the door opening and closing quietly over your singing. Namjoon strolled into the kitchen quietly, leaning against the wall and watching you belt the chorus of a song. Once it was over, he clapped for you, causing you to jump.

“That was beautiful, Y/N. I’ll have to let you cook more often.”

Jin: It wasn’t often that Jin let you into the kitchen, let alone cook. He was confident in his cooking skills and always made a delicious dinner for the two of you to share. After days of begging, however, he finally let up and allowed you to cook something. You had a recipe in mind that you wanted to try for months, but never had the chance to attempt. Today, you were going to give your best effort at it. Jin sits at the counter, watching everything you did like a hawk. You knew he only did it out of love but his constant pointing out flaws began to be a little annoying by the tenth time. You had to take action and sent him out of the kitchen. He grumbled but agreed, leaving you to your work. Turning back to your food, you quietly began to hum. Humming slowly turned into a full on performance to no music but the song in your head. You came to a stop, though when Jin stuck his head into the kitchen once more.

“Did you turn the radio on?”

“No, actually, that was me.”

“I promise I’ll say nothing if you let me sit in here and listen to you sing.”

Suga/Yoongi: It was an average evening, Yoongi coming home tired from practice. You were already in the kitchen, making something quick to eat before he completely passed out. It wasn’t uncommon for him to come home and go to sleep without eating anything simply because of how exhausted he was. You were quick to try and offset this however, becoming a chef overnight. Now, being used to his routine, you knew the perfect way to make sure he ate before bed. After a quick peck on your cheek, Yoongi went into the living room, basically tossing his body onto the couch. You already had the TV on to entertain him as you finished up dinner. You sing as you do anything, and cooking was no exception. You sing quietly as you begin to plate your dinners, trying to keep it down for him. You notice the volume on the TV go down a little bit, but you think nothing of it. After a few minutes, you come into the room, holding a plate in both hands. You see Yoongi laid out, eyes closed, breathing evenly. You let out a quick sigh and go to see if he were awake.

“Babe, wake up, you need to eat.”

“If I eat, will you sing me to sleep again?”

J-Hope/Hoseok: Hoseok was the purest, happiest, and most wonderful boyfriend on the planet to you. He always carried your bag, held your hand in public, and did as much as he possibly could with you. It was no surprise to you that when you said you were going to cook dinner, he wanted to help. The evening started slow, Hoseok not wanting to be in your way or mess anything up as you prepared the ingredients. After assuring him that he couldn’t mess up anything, he began to loosen up. As the night went on, he began offering to cut vegetables, grab spices, and even actually put heat to them. You felt as if something were missing, though, the entire thing was too quiet. You grabbed your phone off the counter, quickly turning on some music. You shuffled a playlist that the two of you had curated together to play while you were in the car. Hoseok was the first one to start belting out the lyrics, and you were quick to join. The two of you skidded around the kitchen, more focused on dancing rather than cooking.

“You’re a really good singer, Y/N!” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him.

The night ended with a heated makeout session against the counter, burning the food, and ordering pizza instead.

Jimin: Jimin comes into the house carrying several shopping bags. He sits them down, shooting you a broad smile. You had asked your boyfriend to get groceries for your latest cooking excursion. You were a pretty good cook, and all of your friends knew it. Your friend had decided to host a party at their house, and they asked you to cook a side to serve to the guests. You agreed, but were unaware of the difficulty of the dish they asked you to make. Jimin starts taking out the groceries for you, putting away the ones you didn’t need at this very moment, and handing you the ones you did need. He wasn’t very inclined in culinary arts, so he was just there for moral support. As you stare down at the recipe on your phone and the ingredients laid out in front of you, you let out a cry of frustration. Letting out a sigh, Jimin walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his head on your shoulder. “Maybe some music will help you destress?” He asks, tugging his own phone out and turning your favorite album on. He let you go after a few more seconds of appreciated closeness, allowing you get back to work. As you organize your thoughts and begin actually cooking, you start to sing along to the music. You glance up at Jimin sending you a smile, and you get more confident. You sing a little louder, swaying your hips to the music. He joins in with you, the two of you singing at the top of your lungs.

“What did I tell you? Music is a great way to relieve stress, and I get to listen to your beautiful voice.”

V/Taehyung: It was Taehyung’s first morning home from tour. You had snuck downstairs quietly, his long tee shirt swishing around your legs. You tried your hardest to stay as quiet as possible, letting him get some well deserved rest. You got out some traditional breakfast foods to cook up and prepared them the way that Tae liked them. As you stood over the stove, the entire house felt a little too quiet for your liking, but you weren’t going to turn the TV on for fear that it would wake up Tae. So, you began to sing quietly to the first song that came into your head. “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” flows out of your lungs, the familiar tune reminding you of when Tae asked you out for the first time. Just as you were leading into the chorus, you hear a giggle and a snort coming from the doorway. You look up to see Tae, giggling and running a hand over his face. He thought it was simply adorable to come downstairs and find you in his shirt, singing his song. He takes a seat at the counter, watching you turn pink in the cheeks because he caught you singing.

“I never want to leave again if I can wake up every morning to breakfast and your voice.”

Jungkook: Jungkook was gone during the day to practice, normally. On occasion, however, he came home for lunch. Today, you were in the kitchen, the cute apron you bought tied around your neck and waist. You had nearly thirty minutes before Jungkook was going to come home, so you planned a cute little meal to make for him. You hadn’t been able to see him for a while, due to his absolutely crazy schedule. You wanted your first contact in nearly a month to be special. As you were cooking, you had music turned on to fill up the silence of the house. At first, you simply danced along to the music, but before too long you were belting out lyrics, not paying attention to anything but sticking the high notes. Without your knowledge, the thirty minutes you had to make this meal were up, but you were still putting food on plates, and singing your heart out. Jungkook came to your door and knocked a few times, a bouquet of flowers tucked behind his back. He found no response though, and dug your spare key out from the plant beside the door. “Y/N, is everything alr-” He stopped mid sentence, finding you in the middle of a note that you hit with ease. He smiles broadly, watching as your eyes go wide and cheeks turn pink when you finally notice him.

“I thought I was just coming for lunch, not a concert by an angel.”


ok I might’ve gotten a little carried away w this one

I tried for hours to write a Reaction n I was struggling so I did a Scenario instead!!

none of the gifs are mine !!


The Perfect Prom

Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Prom has been more of a nightmare than the dream you hoped it would be. Thankfully, you have a friend like Peter.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: Just me venting my feelings about my sucky prom. I wish I had a Peter in my life <3

[Y/N] = your name

You sat on the bottom step of the school’s stairwell, with your head in your right hand and your phone in your left hand. You gazed down on at the screen, and your eyes watered up again at the constant stream of incoming texts on the group chat.

Mia: [Y/N], you’re such a liar.

Caitlin: WTF are you trying to break up my friendship with Mia?

Shania: Why aren’t you answering [Y/N]? This is absolutely ridiculous!

With every new message, your heart sank more and more. For the past month, you had been attempting to plan the perfect senior prom with your best friends Caitlin and Shania, but the addition of Mia to the prom group was the catalyst for utter destruction. You had known she would cause problems, yet you still attempted to be happy for your other friends’ sakes. Pretty soon, as you had predicted, Mia was stirring up trouble, making sure to use you as the whipping post. Every time you attempted to state an opinion that was different from hers on the group chat, she accused you of being unreasonable and trying to cause drama. Caitlin and Shania, the people you had considered your best friends, eventually joined in on her new found fun. Life had become unbearable and lonely.

“Hey, you okay?” a familiar voice asked from above you.

When you looked up, you saw Peter Parker gazing down at you with a sympathetic smile. He was a close friend of yours—almost a crush, though you would never admit that.

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Scott McCall - You shouldn’t be alone right now

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You laid down at your bed, listening to your favourite song. A knock on the door made you look up. You got up and paused your music.

‘Come in!’ you yelled, looking at your watch. It was 5 pm, so dinner wasn’t ready. Stiles popped his head in your room.

‘Hi sis, Scott asked if I wanted to come over, you know, watching a movie. And probably sleeping there as well. Is that okay with you?’

You bit your lip. You had serious night terrors, especially since Theo had almost killed you. Just like your brother, you were a member of Scott’s pack. Only, where Stiles was 100% human, you were a werewolf, bitten when the alpha pack was in town. Before that, you had no idea about the existence of werewolves. You did remember how left out you felt. You had always been close to your brother Stiles, and because of that, also with Scott (no one knew you also had a major crush on him, not even Stiles, even though you told each other everything). When Scott turned in a werewolf, he and Stiles hanged less with you, to the point you were barely talking. In that way, being bitten was a good thing. It made you and your brother close again. You hadn’t really seen a down side. You liked being strong, being able to defend yourself. That was until Theo came along. First you really liked him. He made you forget your crush on Scott. The two of you even dated. So, after he tried to kill you, you had a lot of nightmares.  Stiles was the only one you’d told about it. And even though it had been a while since your last nightmare, you weren’t too thrilled about Stiles leaving, especially since your father wasn’t coming home tonight. But you were glad Stiles and Scott were doing something, and you didn’t wanna blow it, so you nodded. ‘Yeah, sure. Have fun.’ You forced a smile, and Stiles frowned.

‘what do you mean “have fun”?’ he asked.

‘euhm, exactly what I say?’ you answered, but it sounded like a question.

‘Did you really think I’d let you alone? You’re coming with me. Scott has already prepared the extra bedroom for you.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Sometimes I’m a good brother, you know.’

You smiled, and hugged him. ‘you’re the best big brother in the world. All the time.’ You kissed his cheek, and he smiled.

‘Just grab your pyjamas, and meet me downstairs.’

You grabbed the first shirt you was, and some sweatpants. You ran down the stairs, putting on your leather jacket on your way down.

Stiles grinned. ‘you look exited.’

‘I am. It’s been a while since the last time we did something like this, just for fun.’

Stiles’ grin widened, and there was an exited sparkle in his eyes. ‘Than let’s go and have some fun.’

You yawned. Melissa had a late shift in the hospital, so the three of you had watched four movies in a row while basically eating everything eatable in the house. You weren’t the only one getting tired, considering Scott and Stiles started yawning an hour ago. They didn’t want to admit they were tired though, because you hadn’t yawn. As soon as you did, Scott paused the movie

‘thank god, I thought you’d never get tired.’ Stiles breathed, while getting up. Scott offered you his hand and pulled you up, holding on to it a little longer than necessary. When you looked up to see his face, he turned his head towards Stiles. The three of you went upstairs, and as soon as you wished each other goodnight and closed the door of the guestroom, you breathed in deeply.  You changed in your pyjamas and laid down. As soon as you closed your eyes, you fell asleep.

You were in the library, looking at a book Mason had told you to read. Theo popped his head around the corner of the bookshelves.

‘Good book?’ he asked, nodding towards the book in your hands.

‘ don’t know, I haven’t read it yet.’ You answered, closing your eyes as he pressed his lips against your forehead.

‘Are you going to?’ he knew you loved books, so the answer was kinda obvious.

‘I guess, Mason said it’s good.’ You shrugged.

‘Anyways, how are you sweets?’ You rolled your eyes, and he smiled, knowing that you liked him having a nickname for you, even though you’d never admit it.

‘I’m fine, just wishing that I’d have more time to study. With all the stuff going on with the dread doctors, I haven’t got any time to catch up on schoolwork yet.’ You frowned at the thought of the growing pile of homework.

Theo grinned. ‘And yet, every free moment you do have, you spend here, either looking at books, or reading books.’ You smiled sheepishly, and he put his arm around your waist.

‘I’m not complaining. This way I get to see you without the… stressful vibe.’ He softly pressed his lips against your temple, and you grinned. The last people left the library, so the two of you were alone. He let go of your waist and frowned.

‘what’s wrong?’ you asked, stepping forward to put your hand against his cheek. He grabbed your hand an pressed a kiss on your palm, before letting go.

‘You have to understand that I really like you, and that I really don’t want to do this.’ he shot you a look full of pity, before flicking out his claws.

As he stepped forward, you stepped back. You didn’t ask what he was doing, because you knew. Stiles had been right all along. You just thought he was being the overprotective brother he was. You ignored the question in his glowing blue eyes when you didn’t flick out your claws. Even though he turned out to be bad, you still knew you couldn’t hurt him. Your relationship turned out to be fake, but you knew the feelings you had for him were everything but fake. As he did another step towards you, you finally realised what was going on. you jumped back, finally flicking out your claws. You showed your fangs as you backed away slowly. He didn’t seem to doubt as he walked up to you firmly. His hand went for your throat, and you screamed when his claws cut through your skin when he lifted you up. A grin spread across his face as you continued screaming. You couldn’t breathe, and you almost passed out from the pain. Suddenly Theo’s grin disappeared, and you saw Scott’s worried face. He pressed your shoulders to the bed, while whispering: ‘y/n! wake up! It’s just a dream. You’re alright, just wake up.’  When your eyes opened he sighed of relief.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry.’ You kept saying as you started crying.

‘Hey, don’t cry, you’re alright.’ He sat next to you and pulled you against his chest, rubbing your back, whispering comforting things. You breathed in deeply and whipped your eyes.

‘Where’s Stiles?’ was the first thing you asked.

‘Lydia called, there was some sort of problem. Stiles went to her house, but he didn’t want to leave you alone, so I said I’d stay.’ His brown puppy eyes were filled with concern, his crooked jaw tense.

‘Thanks, I’m fine.’ You said automatically. ‘You can go back to bed. Sorry I woke you up.’

He shook his head.  ‘You’re not fine, and I’m not going back to bed. You shouldn’t be alone right now.” You nodded grateful, and he looked at you while he bit his lip.

You rolled your eyes. ‘C’mon Scott, just ask what you wanna ask.’

He doubted a second. ‘Do you maybe want to… talk about what happened? I mean, what did you dream about?’

You decided it was time to finally talk to someone, and, except for Stiles, there was no one you trusted more than Scott. So you told him the whole dream. His eyes went wide in shock. You’d vaguely told the others Theo had attacked you, but you’d never go in detail. You even showed him the scars in your neck, which had never faded, even though you had healed within minutes.

When you finished, he looked at you in disbelieve. ‘And all this time, you’ve never talked about this with anyone?’

You shrugged. ‘I told Stiles. That was enough.’

‘and do you have nightmares like this one more often?’ the concern hadn’t left his eyes yet.

You shrugged again. ‘Yeah, I used to have them every night, but no only about once a week.’

He shook his head again. ‘I can’t believe you had to deal with this alone, except for Stiles, for all this time.’ He grabbed your hand and squeezed it, what made your heart pound. He cocked his head, and you realised he was listening to your heartbeat. You groaned quietly as he frowned. It took a moment before he put the pieces together, and his eyes widened. ‘oh.’ Was all he said.

‘yeah, I know, and I’m sorry, I…’ before you could continue, Scott pressed his lips against yours, shutting you up. After a few minutes of kissing, he grinned. ‘you have no idea how long I wanted to do that.’

You smirked back at him. ‘well, who am I to keep you away from it.’ And with those words, you leaned in to kiss him again. And even though you knew Stiles would be so mad, you also knew it’d all work out.


The Mark on Your Wrist

Requested by @betty234Hi! Could you write a Tony Stark x Female!reader in a soulmate AU where they have a tattoo on their wrist of something that represents the other? And then the reader doesn’t walk around, like Tony does, with her wrist showing, so he kind of already likes her and tries to figure out if maybe his tattoo symbolizes her or what hers is, to know if he’s her soulmate? Sorry if it’s too long, or maybe too confusing. Thank you!

Here you are, lovely! I had to change it a bit. I do not own Tony, Sam or Clint. They belong to Marvel.

Warnings: All the fluff! A couple swears, nosy Clint. Soulmate AU

Pairings: Tony Stark x fem!reader, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Everyone was born with a birthmark on their wrist and only one other person in the world had the same. Your soulmate. The mark on your wrist was in the shape of a light bulb, which you found interesting. A symbol of inventiveness and cleverness. Still, you’d long given up on finding your soulmate. You didn’t have time for all that when you were constantly having to save the world. Besides, you loved someone already and it would kill you to discover that he wasn’t your soulmate. So, you kept your mark hidden. Until the one day you didn’t.

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Dangerous Dance

(Hoseok drabble #3)

W: Smut. Just plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

a/n: A little gift for @the95liner, also tagging @fairyjeons cause I promised to tag her in everything lol. Sorry if this is lame, just needed to let something out to rid my writer’s block^^

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anonymous asked:

as a survivor i'm gonna say that the whole "shipping to cope" thing is ridiculous bc it 1) still creates harmful content (especially /especially/ regards to csa) and 2) it's always being done in a public space where minors and other survivors can see it. if these shipping to cope people actually cared they wouldn't be doing it where they can hurt other people

^^^^^^^^!! yeah

I usually trash the work doodles I do on the borders of my storyboards… for some reason I chose not to delete this one.

I’ve been looking at the works of Toshiaki Hontani a lot tonight. I’ve loved his work since, and especially from, the game Grandia.

If Patsy won’t even be at least mentioned at least once tonight i’m just gonna riot, like especially since Valerie will be taking her bed. Wouldn’t Deels have something to say about that?? Or even Trixie?? Also how is she doing?? How is her dad?? Like pls

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this is a friendly reminder that it’s always important to spread our bughead love to the twitterverse! we want the people who work hard on this show to know how much we love and support our sleuths– so i’ve put together a small list of people to send our love to


@WriterRAS* @SarahSoWitty  @GBerlanti


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if you’re able, i implore you to tweet your support tonight. you don’t have to @ anybody if it makes you uncomfortable, but i encourage you to use #bughead in your tweets. it would be awesome to get our detectives trending tonight, especially since it’s the finale! we can’t control the amount of hate our ship receives, but we can make sure our voices aren’t drowned out by the hate :)

*as always, if there’s anybody i missed on the list that you feel should be added, let me know

The Misunderstanding Part Five
  • Prompt 4: Any Everlark honeymoon fics for Valentine’s Day? [submitted     by @amazinglovers747 ]

The Misunderstanding Part Five. fo @everlarkficexchange  Spring Time Edition 2017

Prompt 4: by @mega-aulover

Rated T

February 13, 1946

The war was over and the whole world took a great sigh of relief.

Though rationing hadn’t quite ended yet, as the men were slowly coming home. The mood in the bakery was lively. She could hear Peeta and his brother Rye laughing, their father telling them to stop. It was a regular Wednesday, the only difference tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and the store was flocked with customers wanting to buy a treat for their loved ones. Those who were lucky enough to come home were like Rye happy to be back but forever changed by the World War.

Katniss was in the stock rooms doing her bit toward the bakery. She didn’t know how to bake, not the way the Mellark’s did. They mass produced everything to the highest of standards. Peeta was the best baker amongst them although Rye did make the best lemon bars, something Rye didn’t let Peeta forget.

“Come on boys, start cleaning up,” Mr. Mellark called out, “you especially. You’ve got to get some rest since you’re leaving tonight.” There was some laughing and ribbing going on, all coming from Rye. “Rye leave your brother alone.

“The little guy’s going out with his-” Rye grunted, “Dad.

“Serves you right,” the boy’s father said chuckling.

No doubt Rye was saying a half-baked remark and Peeta cut him off. Things became quiet, then she heard her husband’s’ distinctive heavy gate go up the back stairs. Katniss shook her head as she made a notation in her book, thinking Peeta had forgotten she was still in the stock room. Life in the bakery was pleasant, but it was hard work.

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WC: 1570
Content: movies, fluffy dog, shrtless Jon
A/N: thank you so much love! hope you enjoy it <3

The fact that you’d managed to drag your tired ass to work in time was a miracle in itself. You made your way to your desk, coffee in hand, and sat down with an exhausted grunt.

“Morning,” you heard someone greet cheerily, coming in just after you. Turning, you saw Jon, waving to the rest of the marketing team as he passed. The two of you chatted here and there, but you didn’t really know him that well. You wanted to - after all he was gorgeous as hell and seemed like such a sweetheart - but you had no idea how to do so without seeming weird.

“Morning,” you smiled back to him as he made his way past you. He waved, continued walking, but then backtracked three steps.

“Y/N, are you okay?” he asked, a frown of concern forming across his brow. “Did you get much sleep last night?”

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 Anon asked:  Anonymous asked: Instead of Lincoln, it’s the reader and daisy “working” out when Jemma interrupts…..(your daisy fics give me life btw) 😊

Oh I’m super glad ya like my fics darling~! I hope ya like this one~!

@gay-cacti @imaginesassemble @whatwoulddaisyjohnsondo @lxren-seaweedbrain @wlwhc

Warning: nfsw, this is short im so sorry

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