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This Batcat 'toxic' thing that David and Camren are pushing is some of the most intellectually offensive BS the Batcat fandom has ever been subjected to. Like why the hell are they talking about Batcat like it's goddam Jessigrave all of a sudden, especially considering they're engaged in the comics? I mean look at the press that got. Would it not serve their purpose better to depict Bruce and Selina in a reconciliatory manner to bring more fans onside by capitalising on the newfound popularity?

Will you get a look at this “toxic” relationship.

I mean really.

Bruce must be so tired of Selina never being there for him. 

Not like Bruce ever returns the affection anyways.

I don’t know if David and Camren’s comments were just pertaining to Gotham (I still wouldn’t agree) but since they’re throwing shots at my ship without offering any further elaboration I’m giving everyone the side-eye. At first I was giving them the benefit of the doubt but now I just don’t know. Bruce and Selina are the only canon couple on Gotham and they chose to include that aspect as part of the show since the beginning but now all of a sudden Batman and Catwoman are toxic??? Is it unorthodox? Yes. It is complicated? Absolutely. But toxic? Of course not.

I think the word choice is very revealing. What David and Camren have both said are nearly identical and yet strangely no one will explain what’s toxic about it. This leads me to believe that the producers/writers/show-runners/studio Execs/whoever are telling them to say that. I was always expecting Bruce and Selina to reconcile at some point which is why I wasn’t worried about the season finale, but the more I hear about it the less excited I get for next season. Batman just proposed to Catwoman so you’d think the time would be right to further engage the fandom who watches Gotham specifically for that.  I mean there’s still a chance that they’re trying to get us off guard and Bruce and Selina will make up at some point next season. If not I can say with confidence that I’ll be done with Gotham. I like the show but not enough to keep watching without Bruce and Selina especially now that it’s competing with TGIT. 

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Ed, has anyone ever compared you to a puppy? If not, what critter have you been compared to most often? (Oswald is a Penguin, obviously.)

Edward: Actually, I’ve only ever been compared to a cat.
Edward: Selina is especially fond of that comparison.
Edward: Though I suspect she applies cat breeds to everyone she meets.

Edward: Wh-?

Oswald: Selina gave him this.
Oswald: I really ought to thank her, because he looks adorable.
Edward: I look ridiculous.
Oswald: And adorable.

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Any headcanons for Clarisse? I don't really see much for her (especially Clarisse x Selina and I can't recall the ship name for the life of me)

I do (and the ship name is Ruegard)

• So I’ve always imagined her as having a body like Cheryl Haworth’s
• She owns more bandanas than clothes (she has one on every colour, and even wears them on her wrists just in case she loses the one she’s wearing on her head in battle or something)
• If you’re being a dick to her, she will just pick you up and hold you up to her level
• She’s so tall like wow
• The best butch lesbian ever
• (Vodka aunt)
• Can I say, the best trans girl ever?
• She actually has a French accent – it gets fainter the longer she stays away from home, but it’s still definitely there, you can’t ignore it
• Other shirts exist other than flannels??? Sounds fake
• Idk why, but I love the idea of her being obsessed with cryptids and conspiracy theories? She scoffs when people joke about them, but if you get her drunk/tired enough she’ll tell you in full detail why the government is made up of lizard people
• Totally dating Silena
• She loves picking up her girlfriend and showing her off like ‘you see this shitheads? This beautiful girl is mine’
• Actually blushes very easily
• Sucker for cuddles (and honestly gives the best hugs on planet earth)
• She loves petnames
• Loves watching horror films with other people so she can laugh as they scream
• She has a pet which is this tiny, delicate little budgie which she absolutely adores (Silena insists on calling the bird Smol-ee)
• Looks fucking gay and fantastic in suits like holy shit, wow, she looks amazing
• She doesn’t actually swear a lot since she’s around kids most of the time, and when she does it’s in French
• Is actually really good at cooking and finds it really relaxing
• Has to wear glasses later in life and looks fab in them
• Despite her dyslexia, she actually really likes poetry?

Selina introduced Bruce to “soul food” on one of their trips to Atlanta.  She will never forget the memory.  They were the only two in a very warm and intimate restaurant.  Selina fed Bruce his first helping of chicken livers (he was very hesitant).  His eyes lit up.  Since then, Bruce has no problem flying himself and Selina out to any southern restaurant.  Fried food is one of his favorite indulgences

Bruce’s rhythm isn’t bad.  In fact, it’s pretty good (for a white boy).  He lead Selina on for years stepping on her feet and being off rhythm so she could properly teach him.  The little white lie got the two of them in salsa lessons, private lessons with Selina (she always moved his hips for him), as well as private ballroom classes.  When Bruce finally told her, he thought it was adorable seeing her brown cheeks flush of their color.  However, it’s one of the reasons why all eyes are on Bruce and Selina whenever they slow dance

After Bruce and Selina made their relationship official, Selina began growing her hair out.  It took a few years, but in time she was able to grow a puffy afro. Selina wanted to buzz it, but Bruce talked her out of it.  “I love it,” he told her. He didn’t want to part with her soft curls that tickled him when she slept next to him

Years after their marriage, Bruce recalled to Selina the moment he fell in love with her.  “We were on the beach in Aruba.  You were in your blue sundress barefoot in crystal clear waters.  The sun hit your skin and suddenly you were the most beautiful sight I ever saw.  The light of your honey skin, your hair as your hat (that’s what Selina called it), and your brown body against all the pale colors…that’s when I knew.  I knew I was in love.”

Because of Selina, Bruce doesn’t mind 90’s rap.  He especially likes Tupac and Bigge.  Ask him who his favorite rapper is (no one ever asks), and that’s who he will say.  The boys, especially Dick, loves reciting the lyrics together.  Bruce does like when Selina calls him “Big Poppa”

Bruce and Selina have a running joke.  If Bruce is around Selina and his hands are a little dry, Selina will suggest he run them through her hair.  It always works

When interviewed by Vicki Vale about his life, Vicki asked Bruce what his favorite color was.  For years, he always said black.  That year he said brown with a smile.  Selina, who was watching the live interview from her apartment, smiled also

Selina once asked Clark why he always printed pictures of her and Bruce in color as opposed to black and white.  He told her, “it would be a shame to reduce the beauty of your skin color to a washed out gray”

Bruce really has no issue going shopping with Selina, especially if it’s for a ball gown.  He personally loves her in bright colors (yellow, turquoise, and white). He doesn’t even mind allowing her to walk the carpets without him.  He loves seeing her pictures in the paper

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Can I have the song "Into You" with Bruce Wayne please from the prompt list, thanks!

Here ya go!

     Sometimes it’s hard to watch Bruce with Selina. Especially when they act all couple-ish. You do your best to grin and bear it, but it all just gets too much sometimes, and Bruce never seems to notice. He’s too wrapped up with the street girl to notice anything off with you. Alfred will notice though. He’ll offer sage words of wisdom that ultimately only make you feel worse.

     “He’s a boy, miss,” Alfred always says. “He’s a bit dim and blinded by hormones at the moment. It’ll pass.”

     Except it never does. Bruce obsesses over her right up until graduation. She’s even there in the crowd cheering for him when he accepts his diploma. At the party Alfred throws that night you do your best not to cry when you see them kiss. They’re both so happy while you’re nothing short of miserable, pining over someone that has never looked at you as more than a friend. Not even a close friend these days. He barely talks to you.

     You take a breath to calm yourself before going outside. Hopefully the fresh air will wash away the image of them kissing that burns in your brain. Hours pass, fireworks go off, you get ready to head home. As you collect your jacket from Alfred he gives you a small, sad smile.

     “I’m sure things will turn out for you, miss. You’re smart and have a good head on your shoulders. Some lucky boy will come along and realize that.”

     You return his smile. “Thanks, Alfred.”

     Unsurprisingly, you’re the last person to leave Wayne Manor. Surprisingly, Bruce is outside without Selina. You try to wipe away the shock before Bruce can see it. You should’ve known better considering how observant he is.

     “Selina was the first person to leave. She kept stealing from guests.”

     You bite back a snappy comment and wait for Bruce to start talking again. When he does it’s to deliver an apology.

     “Alfred told me you’ve been feeling neglected. That was never my intention. I’ve been finding it difficult to balance a girlfriend along with friendships.”

     You feel your mouth fall open. “Friendship? Bruce, we haven’t been friends for a very long time. Not since the start of your relationship.”

     “You sound jealous.”

     “She wasn’t there! When your parents died and you were a mess guess who picked up the pieces! It wasn’t Selina Kyle. Then you go through this suicidal phase and she’s suddenly living with you and you’re spending all of your free time with her. You pushed me to the side, Bruce. I was in love with you and you picked some stranger over me.” Your chest is heaving by the end of your tirade and you can feel the tears falling.

     “I- I didn’t know,” Bruce looks to the ground.

     You sniffle, hoping your voice won’t sound too hoarse. “Yeah, well, no changing now. You know the shittiest part of it all? I was so hopelessly into you that sometimes I couldn’t even breathe. You were all I wanted for so long.”

     The two of you stand there in silence. The only real sound is your soft crying and Bruce’s even breathing. One by one lights shut off inside the Manor until the only one left on is the porch light.

     “I’m sorry,” Bruce eventually says. But you don’t want to hear it.

     “Goodbye, Bruce.”

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Hi there, just wondering how the Bat-Family is going to react to Bruce marrying Selina. What's Alfred's take on this whole thing? What are all the kids going to do? Is Selina gonna move in to Wayne Manor or is she gonna have a sweet apartment that the Bat-Family constantly visits? Any thoughts?

I agree with this post for the most part, but with one alteration: I don’t think Damian is going to be initially happy about it. At all. I think once Bruce breaks the news he’s going to be very upset about it. I don’t think that he really even has anything against Selina (they haven’t interacted enough to get a sense for what he thinks about her either way) but I do think that he secretly holds out some sort of hope that it’ll work out between his parents. He’ll need some time to get use to the idea.

Alfred I think…”thrilled” doesn’t seem like the right word but I definitely think that he’ll be happy. Ultimately all Alfred ever wants is for Bruce to be happy. Although I am of the opinion that Alfred is especially fond of Selina and recognizes their mutual feelings for each other I’m not sure I think that Alfred is particular about who Bruce finds happiness with. Even during his brush with amnesia Alfred did everything in his power to prevent Bruce from remembering that he was Batman, even going as far as separating Bruce from his children. 

I was actually thinking about this just today but Bruce doing something for happiness is a huge character milestone and development that we haven’t seen in decades. People tried to broach the idea to me at the time that Thomas Wayne telling Bruce to find happiness during “The Button” may have been foreshadowing that something big was going to happen between Bruce and Selina, but I was too bitter and cynical at that point to listen. The time has come for me to admit that I was wrong. Bruce has literally not been allowed any happiness in years. It’s become so commonly accepted that Batman should be a tragic hero with a doomed personal life for so long that DC Comics editorially mandated that he (among others) was not allowed to have a happy personal life.

Bruce proposing to Selina is really the first time in decades that he’s done something for his own life that didn’t serve a larger purpose as far as being a crime fighter. The image of him down on one knee ignoring the bat-signal shining in the background symbolizes that for once Bruce is putting himself before Batman. I hate phrasing it like that because it makes the engagement sound so one-sided, but since I’m talking about Bruce’s development here… For the first time Bruce is choosing happiness. He’s experienced as much pain and suffering as he can and it’s to a point where it doesn’t add anything of substance to his character.  Bruce is seeing the example that’s he’s set for his children, Damian is already going down the same path as him, and he doesn’t want that for them. He doesn’t want them to suffer the way he has. He reflects on his own life and decides that for once he wants to be happy. Batman choosing happiness is the first time we’ve seen him become more mature as a person. Even in the earlier versions Bruce and Selina have always found happiness with each and Selina has inspired a hope in him that he could have a happy life and this is first time he’s really acting on that. Lois and Clark are married and raising a child, Steve and Diana might be moving in together, and Bruce and Selina might get engaged and it just feels like we’re watching them all enter new phases of their lives and growing up. 

With all that said I think that Alfred will be overjoyed that Bruce is choosing happiness. And of course Selina moves into the manor; she’ll be the lady of the house.

Watching Scary Movies with the Kenways

Connor would be the type to hold you and pull you in closer during the scary parts. He’d probably try to shield your eyes if he thought something would scare you a lot.

Edward would probably laugh at the worst moments. He may find it funny or cheesy but he also wants to lighten the scary mood so the movie won’t creep you out as much.

Haytham isn’t phased by the movie but he does find your reactions rather amusing.

suggested by: coloredgamer

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Headcanons of Selina with the BatFamily?

Hello anon!  As a matter of fact, I sure do!  I just finished them the other day. Enjoy!  :)

Dick loves Selina like a second mom.  He respects her, loves her, and always reminds her how special she is to him.  He never interferes with Catwoman’s missions unless necessary.  However, he keeps watch on her.  

Tim had to deal with some “feelings” when Catwoman kissed Robin on the cheek.  Selina/Catwoman pretty much launched him into puberty.  

Jason and Selina are known to talk Spanish to each other.  Both of them are fluent in the language, and they know Bruce is not.  He gets upset every time they do it.

Damian is especially protective of Selina.  If anyone says anything negative about his step-mom, he will retaliate, with words or with fists.  Be warned.

Bruce admires how well Selina gets along with the boys.  He knows there is a special bond with all of them and Selina, and he appreciates her effort.

If there is a family argument with the boys and Bruce, Selina has to intervene.

Selina knows everything about Dick.  Whenever he needs to talk, he goes to Selina.  He knows that she will listen and provide unconditional support.  Every year they go to Haly’s Circus to catch up with his old friends.  Everyone is impressed by Selina’s skills.  She and Dick were both offered positions as performers.  It meant a lot to the two of them.  It’s a secret only the two of them share.

When Selina saw Jason after his “death,” she was upset for days.  Jason heard through the grapevine and personally comforted her as well as thanked her for caring.

Tim is known to help Catwoman steal from other thieves.  He is the strategist, and he is more than willing to help her.

There was a time when Dick encountered Poison Ivy and was not affected.  He was so confused he went to Selina.  She explained to him that she once made a deal with Isley to not go after him.  He was just a boy, and she didn’t want anything terrible to happen to him.  Dick was so moved he bought Pamela a rare plant with a personal note attached.  He knows she knows his secret, and he respects her decision to not hurt him.  Pamela keeps it safe in her greenhouse.  

Selina gives Tim advice on women.  He is not a natural flirt like Dick and Jason. Selina has helped him improve his self-confidence.  He swears Selina helped get him a date with Stephanie Brown.  

Jason calls Selina “princesa.”  He always wants her to know that she deserves the best.  He’s not always the biggest fan of how Bruce treats her, so he calls her that often in his presence.  Bruce caught on quickly.  

Damian showers Selina with little gifts.  He brings her flowers, cooks occasionally, and gives chocolate.  It’s his love language and how he says “thank you.”  Selina adores it all.

The boys all celebrate with Selina on Mother’s Day.  It doesn’t matter where any of them are.  In May, it’s a given that they will all get together just for Selina.  They will cook, clean, give gifts, and spend an entire day with her.

When Selina was pregnant with Helena, the boys went crazy.  They threw her a baby shower and invited the whole League.  Jason decorated, Dick cooked the food, Tim made and sent the cards, and Damian was in charge of the games.  Selina and Bruce were very impressed.  

When Dick went to college, Selina gave him her old apartment.  Despite the feminine look, he kept everything mostly the same.

The boys constantly argue on who Selina’s favorite is.

Selina taught Tim how to dance for his first prom.  

Selina works with Damian on becoming more graceful in his fighting style.  He looks forward to his lessons with her.

The batfamily gets together for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  NO exceptions!

When the boys were school age, Selina made sure the dessert was included in each of their meals.  She even wrote personalized notes for them.  Every one of them had a paw print as a signature.

Selina ships Dick and Barbara.  In turn, Barbara ships Selina and Bruce. Barbara has always looked up to Catwoman and saw Selina Kyle as a role model.  Selina has always respected Barbara and her place in the family. Barbara is the only member of the family that has a nickname.  Selina’s simply calls her “red.”  Barbara and Selina have a great relationship.  Barbara gives Selina credit in forging her relationship with Dick.  The two of them were really shy, and Selina both helped them to approach the other.

Selina never forgets a birthday.  She makes sure each of them feel special each year.

Bruce is most content during the holidays.  Seeing everyone together and somewhat getting along makes him truly feel like a dad.  He feels he and Selina did a great job in raising the boys.  Thanks to her, all of the boys bear the name “Wayne.”  

In the master bedroom, there hangs a picture of the whole family over the bed. It’s far from perfect. Selina and Dick are the only ones smiling and looking at the camera. Tim and Damian are arguing, Bruce is glaring at Jason, and Jason is pouting. The cats look unfazed.  Selina believes it portrays them perfectly and refuses to take it down.  The boys always whine when they see it.  It was the picture that went into the Gotham Gazette.  It was also a Christmas card one year. The League still laughs about it.

Bonus: Selina enjoys Duke’s company.  He is a natural charmer.  The two of them bond over music and sports.  However, it’s because of Selina that Duke now listens to Tupac.  Don’t ever put his music on with Dick in earshot.  He knows all the lyrics.  It’s their secret; they won’t dare tell Bruce.   

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Selena lifestyle headcannons please!

Hello anon!  Sorry this took a while.  Here you go!

Selina is serious about her fitness.  She spends at least 30 minutes to an hour (daily) on working out.  She attends a bi weekly yoga class she loves.  On her own she is a fan of running and meditation.  She considers herself a long-distance runner (she can run 5 miles like it’s nothing).  She has competed in a few marathons (and won one) and enjoys runs that benefit others (i.e. cancer).  It keeps her in shape for running across rooftops with or against Batman

Many people consider Selina to be a hipster.  She is always up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, is a vegetarian, coffee/tea connoisseur, fan of music artists no one has ever heard of, old soul…the list goes on.  In other words, Selina stands out in Gotham City

She hates admitting it, but Selina knits.  She’s very good at it.  Many of her friends receive handmade scarves for special occasions

Despite what many think, Selina loves learning.  She is self-taught in different languages, martial arts, dance, and her hobbies such as knitting, cooking, and baking

In her spare time, Selina has odd jobs.  She does believe in “honest work.”  She is a ballet teacher at the studio she trained at.  Most girls come from similar backgrounds as her own and are on scholarships.  She also does temp jobs under different aliases

Selina often collaborates with Wayne Enterprises.  It is not advertised, but Selina’s knowledge of East End and Batman’s rogues makes her an asset to many of Bruce Wayne’s endeavors.  He believes in access to mental health, especially for his foes.  Selina is also an advocate

As Catwoman, Selina spends a lot of time cleaning up the streets she was raised in.  Prostitution, gang wars, human trafficking, drugs, and poverty all run rampant in East End.  Catwoman does everything she can to expose criminals, provide platforms for women to speak (many are sex slaves who want to escape), feed the hungry, provide resources to the needy, and expose the truth of East End

Selina often gets with Pam and Harley for “girl time.”  It’s something Selina needs to recharge and relax.  Her girls are perfect for that

It’s cliche (and she knows it), but Selina takes “cat naps.”  There are many nights where Selina gets little to no sleep.  Naps are a good way for her to re energize

Selina is always working on her next project.  There are weeks when Selina takes the time to research and plan her next big thing.  All Selina has to do is pick a file and go with it

No matter what is going on in Selina’s life, she is well-put together.  Every second of everyday, whether she’s in heels or house shoes, Selina is always stylish.  Paparazzi and photographers are always astonished on how they are never able to take unflattering pictures of her

Despite her past, Selina loves Gotham City.  On cool evenings, Selina loves to ride around the city with the windows rolled down, take a walk, or lounge around the highest rooftops of the city

Selina loves a good book.  She frequently orders books just for fun online.  She has a pretty good collection in a spare room she calls an “office”

Selina writes to Pam, Harley, Nygma, and Harvey.  She considers them to be her friends.  It doesn’t matter if they are in Arkham or a “reformed” member of society.  The notes are all coded specifically to the person.  For example, Nygma has to “solve” riddles to decipher his letters

Just like Selina can be slammed with work, she is also the type who enjoys being a lazy bum.  There are times when she binge-watches television shows while knitting, sleeping for hours on end, turns off her phone, eats her body weight in popcorn or noodles, and relaxes.  During this time she will stay held-up in her apartment for days without a care in the world

Selina is the type that leaves her doors and windows open with music blaring. Her neighbors don’t seem to mind

Selina often doubles her apartment for a “safe house” for whoever needs it.  No one dares confront Selina on her own turf.  There have been a few injuries in the past

Selina often buys herself flowers to “brighten” her apartment.  A certain botanist suggested it

Selina is very active on social media.  She has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  She is always posting videos (mainly makeup, dancing around and cooking) and taking pictures.  Her followers eat it up. Sometimes her phone goes off so much she just shuts it off

Selina frequently takes in cats and kittens with “special needs.”  She brings them to her home and nurses them back to health.  Her cats are so used to it that they are great foster moms to them.  Many of the cats and kittens she puts on social media to be adopted.  Almost all of them have loving homes

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HC that there have been rumors circulating in Gotham for YEARS about a Batman sex tape. There are entire forums and Facebook full of people trying to find it. Bruce doesn't care (it's by far not the nastiest rumor he's heard about himself). Jason thinks that Bruce planted the rumor himself. Damian hears and is PISSED because HOW DARE YOU INSULT HIS FATHER'S HONOR LIKE THAT. Selina wants to know if she's in this imaginary tape.

LOL Selina especially “I just want to know.”
“For the love of–There is no sex tape!”
“Sounds like something someone with a sex tape would say.”
“I do not have a sex tape.”
“But you have record of someone who may?”
“Batman! This could be my big break! I could meet the Kardashians!”
(She loves teasing him, and Bruce (secretly) doesn’t mind.) :D

Thanks for sharing!!

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happy friday the 13th! i know it’s after new years but shut up that’s why (also forgive the shitty edit, this was a quick decision thing). so i never really do these because i always worry i leave someone out/people get their feelings hurt/general favoritism, but! clearly i’m doing one right now lmao. 

i made this blog on november 18, 2016, and in less than three months i’ve gained 160+ followers and that just blows my mind! i had been out of the roleplay community for over a year, so to be welcomed back this way has been really, really nice, especially because selina is a new muse for me. i’m so grateful that people like my portrayal enough to follow me, it genuinely boggles my mind and i’m incredibly thankful. this list by no means encompasses everyone i admire, it’s just a quick run through of people i really appreciate being here. 

                                                      P U R R F E C T   P E T S 


                     mccall - okay so you’re my irl partner, but that’s not why you’re on this list (well, i guess it sort of is?​​ shut up). i love you so so so much–not just because you’re you, but you’re the one who encouraged me to make selina in the first place, and you’ve been so patient with my questions about insignificant details (do you like this border, or this border that’s just 1 pixel different? what do you mean you can’t tell the difference?). you mean so much to me and i’m so happy to be able to go through this experience with you. plus, you’re the best jon crane that’s ever graced this website (but you knew that already). ❤


                    fae & co. - i knew you a bit from mccall talking about you, but getting to know you has been such an amazing experience. i truly consider you a close friend and i’m really greatful for how supportive and understanding you’ve been. you personally (all of you) are amazing, and i look forward to going on as your friend. i love the interactions between lindsay and selina and i can’t wait to do more; selina’s dying to take this kid under her wing. will lindsay let her? probably not, but it’ll still be fun to figure out. ❤


                    rosa - just. gosh. i’ve told you a million times how enraptured i am with your stephen, just from a few interactions, but let me tell you again. tbh i didn’t give a shit about him before i saw your portrayal. i didn’t read the comics, i didn’t watch the movie, i just wasn’t interested. but your stephen has made me interested. i know there’s canon divergence in your portrayal, but you’ve made me want to learn what the original canon is (well, as much as one can with comics, anyway). i also never planned to ship selina but here we are in hell. you’ve also been very patient and understanding when i’ve talked to you about my insecurities about my selina. i really appreciate you being here and really hope to continue writing with you soon. ❤

                                                         G O O D   K I T T I E S 

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thank you all once again for being here with me. here’s to a great 2017!

justplainsomething  asked:

I bought Batman #28 for that one spoiler at the end (ha) but I was really loving the art. I especially loved how Selina wasn't all male gazey despite how easy it would have been to draw her that way with her low neckline and the dark dialogue. "Man, the artist did such a good job on this." And then I checked who did the pencils and went "Oh duh, that makes sense." So thanks for drawing Selina so well. And you know, everyone else.

i love it when i sneak in unnoticed.