especially rocking a stage like that

Washington D.C.

The seventh installment of The Live On Tour Series:

On tour with Harry,Y/N believes a lot of things.

She believes that he is the epitome of love, that he himself is made up of love.She hasn’t met anyone who spreads love as much as he does.

She believes that he looks good no matter how bright and colourful his suits are; she thinks that if he ever wears something ridiculously hideous,he’ll most likely still look handsome.

She believes that he’s extremely active on stage, especially when he performs Kiwi - where he continutinously rocks hard to the song by swinging his body to the side and stomping his feet on the surface.

She also believes that by coming on tour,day by day,she’s falling more in love with him.

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Everyone grew up - especially in my age group, everyone would have grown up on this kind of rock music, and I think there’s no better band to sum up British rock at the time [than] Oasis. At one of the stages at boot camp at X Factor they give you a list of about 20 songs and everyone has to sing one off that, and I was the only one that sung Champagne Supernova. And I just think it’s great. Again, it obviously takes a while intro-wise, but once it gets going that solo halfway through is just unbelievable. There’s not too many songs that got away with that. Apart from Hotel California, Champagne Supernova is probably one of the only songs that got away with being that long, but still people loved it. I think - that’s my favourite Oasis song, so that’s why I picked that one.

What have Sam and Dean noticed about Vince Vincente respectively?

It really seems like Sam has noticed his music.

Dean has noticed his butt, his crotch, his leopard prints and his rainbow wig.

Also - Sam, a fan of Vince Vincente’s, doesn’t remember a rainbow wig. Which is something that kinda catches people’s attention if someone wears it. So it’s possible that Dean’s mind has constructed that memory. You know, constructing memories of rainbow wigs on men wearing spiked codpieces, as a straight man’s mind does.

I want to add a little footnote. Dean has obviously strong feelings about Vince Vincente. He is not neutral about him. Earlier, in 12x04, when Sam is like “the rockstar?” Dean replies, “The douchebag!”. He is very vocal about his disdain for Vince’s on-stage persona.


a) Dean has a thing for hot rock stars. Especially if they have a very sexually-charged on-stage persona (spiked codpiece, leopard prints, not exactly demure clothing). His crush for Vince came in a very inappropriate time of his life. He needed to be John’s perfect son, damn that stupid guy with his stupid butt and his stupid sexy guitar, right? Ugh what a douchebag with his over-the-top outfits and all…

b) Dean felt betrayed by Vince. Now this is all speculation because we don’t know Vince’s sexuality; he might have been bisexual, but all we know is that he had a female partner and possibly several female lovers. It’s possible that either he was straight, or he wasn’t publicly known as queer anyway. Either way, young Dean sees this highly queer-coded guy, but the guy is straight (for real, or in Dean’s eyes).

“Don’t judge a book by his cover.” “Or a dude by his rainbow wig and leopard prints!”. Could this be interpreted, under the surface layer of “c’mon Dean he was over-the-top in his appearance but was an okay musician!” “No way”, as, “this douchebag used to dress and act like a queer person, but apparently you can’t judge a book by his cover - it was just a stage persona and the guy was just ‘queerbaiting’!”.

Let’s compare Vince Vincente with another character that has a very similar narrative to his - Gunner Lawless. Men past their prime, once famous and beloved artists in their fields, now aging and nearly forgotten, who make a deal with a demon and the devil respectively out of loneliness and desperation… Dean idolizes Gunner even after so many years; and what do we know about Gunner? That, when faced with a smitten male fan, he flirts back.

In an episode about rock stars, Dean doesn’t mention liking rock stars. He mentions liking gladiators, outlaws and pirates. *looks into the camera*

i cant believe camp rock had the audacity to bring that weak ass performance to the stage during the final jam and then be upset that they lost…especially because they snuck into camp star and got to see their performance ahead of time and still decided it was a good idea to perform that boring ass song

Rajigaze 31.3 Final Radio

Please don’t repost it and please ask me if you want to use my translation in any way. Thank you!

Re: Today we’ll have an one hour special for our last show!
(everyone’s started talking- chaos xD)

It was Kais turn to read the first letter,but there it was written, that the fan would like Ruki to read it, so he handid it straight to him
Re: do you remember the time we announced our first Budoukan live? In Aoi-sans room- do you remember it?? The movie we released for the announcement? everyone went all woaaaa!
U: As we finished the movie?
K: nono that was for (Tokyo) Dome
U: ah this is difficult
A: so first we..
Re: yeah until the announcement of the venue, pompompom (various information popping up I guess) then the venue

Re: next one is Uruha! (to read)
K: ah this one is a little long lol ahh Giving Uruha the long ones is no good lool
U: wah really … well whatever (reading) I wanted to give Uruha-san Valentine Chocolate Oh reaaally?
he trying so hard to read the letter carefully but stil stutters a few times.
Everyone’s started laughing after he finally finished and said something like: you did your best right?

Re: So we heard heavens voice, who told us to not read any mail, but to have a free talk. So what should we talk about?
Ru: if you ask like that there’s just one, right? What did you eat today?
all: looool
Re: just that?!
all at once: ah this annoying really? amazing!
Re: But how is it…. everyone with the radio
K: are you listening to it? In real time?
Ru: I listened to it!
Re: I heard it often
K: like (smth I didn’t understand)
Ru: but you know, the fans stayed up util 2 right? If I think about the fans who have a feeling of loss I get excieted
Re: ehhh? Like: ah we can finally sleep?
Ru: ahhahaha no I didn’t need it
Re: okay so what was your most interesting talk you had in this show? Something like: that was interesting!
A: there was no right?
All: lol
Re: stop it! lol
A: you know in the beginning, as Uruha and I had our recording
Ru: in Mexico
A: yeah! That was interesting! We drank alcohol during the radio
U: Ah that felt good right! But at that time I really wanted to do the radio in a studio. If you always do it in a studio you think it would be nice doing it outside,
Re: in the beginning we just had 3 songs right? But for the radio station this is bad right?
Ru: they even decreased slowly right?
K: Isn’t it ok if we don’t play songs? We don’t need songs!

Ru: did someone here visit Fujikyuu?
Re: sorry, sadly not!
Ru: who did?
all: (liveless) haaaai
Ru: Uruha-kun?
U: no
Ru: eh no?
U: noo

lol Seems Kais graduation fest was at fujikyu.- so they said he couldn’t go right? (because he didn’t actually graduate)

the fans was just talking about Kai and Uruha for her song request so Ruki (?) was complaining: what about us?????

they were talking about spoilers- they all watch foreign (western) drama, but they’re different in how fast they proceed- so I think Ru or Re were talking to Uruha about 24 season 2- but what they told didn’t happen at all (bc they watched it a long time ago and it probably was in another season)
Re:There are members who talk and talk about the dramas right? especially Kai
Ru: (really fast) it’s you! it’s def you!
K: lol it’s def you!
Re: It DEFENITLEY not me!
K: it IS you lol
Ru: and you…you know tell lies!
Re: huh? what are you talking about?
Ru: (he’s speaking about a drama where reita said something that didn’t happen)
Re: you… this was years ago!
Ru: but you know! it sounded interesting so I wanted to watch it- but it didn’t happen like that…
Re: are you watching dramas? foreign ones or whatever?
U: humm Walking Dead became lame lately right?
Ru: good then! just (I didn’t understand maybe another drama?)
U: yeah…right…. I defenetly won’t watch it
Ru: While we had recordings I watched it for 1 hour or so but it felt awfull watching it
Re:Ah let’s talk about that! you know at Uruhas place…
U: *giggles*
Re: At Uruhas place we all did Playstation VR right? How was it?
Kai & Ruki: Amazing
U: Amazing I guess?
Re:no really it was really amazing!
Ru:Reitas reaction was disgusting right?
U:it really was! You know, the free download of Kitchen? From the very beginning he was like: woaaa ohhhh woaaa (imitating him)
Ru:(talking about some scene there) and Reita was like HAAAA haAAAAA?
Re: but Aoi was the worst with it right? he took it off right after the start!
A: impossible…just impossible
Ru: Rei-chan sweat like crazy right?
Re: oi you too!!!

Re: being in a band for 15 years, I thought about giving one thing that was really difficult
all: lol
Ru: today is pretty difficult right? lol
all: lol
Ru: why is that that with 2 it just flows naturally but with all 5 of us…such a..expectant feeling?

Ambitions for the GazettE:
A: Today Rajigaze will end,
Re: yeah
A: but without letting the bond between us five end
Re: yeah
U: ehhh?
K: stop it!
A: I want to continue, so I’m in your favor!!

U: The thing I want to say are slowly forgotten and are to be forgotten!
Re: are you okay?!
U:I want to live every moment to the fullist, so please look forward to my future self!
Ru:they will peep that in the public airing you know
U: please let me use this!

Kai: Okay, so 2017 will be a revision of the beginning we want too push on a next level. So I’m in your favor for our 15th year.

Ru: Well 10th of Mrch just ended and well, we’re doing a revision again… well there are many songs we didn’t do for quite some time, so we want to do them in a new way once again, and remember our whole self (as a band) again.That’s my impresion of our future

Re: Did you guys listen to my question???? I asked what you’re striving for!
U: woa, the leader changed!
All: lol
U: I’m surprised!
Re: I’m surprised… such low quality…
K: do it again with what were striving for!
*lamp goes on*

Re: okay last song request. Who likes this song?
K: ah I like it I guess.
Re: so who should read it
K:ah this one we won’t read! Because it’s our last song
Re: oh I see!
K: yeah it’s not a request
Re: so … what are you thinking about this song?
K: ahh! It was a request sorry! *burst out laughing*
U: this is awfull

Every members impression about rajigaze during this one year:
Uruha: Everyone, Im rarely doing MCs and I’m kind of clumsy with them, but my tongue is just like this. if there is another chance I would like to do it again, so if that time comes- I’ll be in your favor.
Aoi: Thank you for letting a novice like me do the radio every week. We’re forever the Gazette.
Re: In these 5 no I failed-
all: loool ehhh??
Re: For one year the 5 of us were just making a lot of noise, were just reading the mails everyone send us, were doing a radio where we completely relied on others, even if 2am was such a late time, I’m just really gratefull that you listened to us and send us so many mails. I’m gonna repay you at lives!
Ru: through this radio we were able to comunicate with everyone weren’t we? It was possible bc of this radio. Also we were able to not just play the Gazette’s songs, but also other artists songs. I really would like to do it again. For now there won’t be chances to talk anymore, but please come and hang out with us at lives!
K: We were able to show you a side of us we can’t show on stage. Well I do think that this radio was great, but I’m really gratefull for the fans we encountered because of this radio. So if there’s anther chance I would like to do the radio again. Thank you very much.

Re: so we’re thinking about another way how we can meet, but until then- let’s fnish this show with 1,2 this was Gazette -we rock!

uff I worked especially hard today! it took me hours I guess lol and it’s a lot longer- I hope you don’t mind o:D
I want to thank all of you! I had so much fun with the radio, with the translation and with your reactions.
I met a lot of people bc of this show. It was a great year.Thank you!


Unit Party 2017 results!

Our second unit poll has been a huge success and I’d like to thank everyone who participated. In total, there were 295 respondents, casting a grand total of 1,962 votes. If you want to see complete detailed results, our spreadsheet can be viewed here. But right now, I’ll give you the highlights.


  1. Pink Check School - 94 votes
  2. LiPPS & Caerula - 80 votes
  3. Ankira/HappyHappyTwin - 72 votes
  4. Black Gothic Dress - 67 votes
  5. Individuals - 59 votes
  6. Triad primus - 57 votes
  7. Enjin - 51 votes
  8. Project Krone - 43 votes
  9. Aoino Orchestra - 41 votes
  10. Rock the Beat - 35 votes

A much closer finish than last year, where LiPPS completely dominated every other unit. This time, Pink Check School of “Love Letter” won out, which is unsurprising if you remember the chaos of their event. LiPPS and Caerula tied for second. In fact, a number of units were knocked out by new or newly debuted units. 20% of all votes went to these 5 winners. Also, Black Gothic Dress and Project Krone are the only units not that do not have a song available in Starlight Stage.


  1. Rin Shibuya - 241 votes
  2. Kanade Hayami - 240 votes
  3. Syuko Shiomi - 219 votes
  4. Nao Kamiya - 215 votes
  5. Frederica Miyamoto - 184 votes

Another really tight match for this year’s Most Valuable Idol. With LiPPS not winning nearly as much, Rin shined this year. Member of 4 of the top 10 units, face of Starlight Stage, and generally very popular, it’s no surprise Rin did this well. The other LiPPS members are not far behind though, Kanade in particular. Frederica has fallen significantly after her units all received significantly less support this time. I wonder if LiPPS members will continue to do so well in the future! If you’d like to know how a particular idol did, use Ctrl+F to search and count the results for their name here.

More under the break

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Have some Human!Astral headcanons(because I’m sue someone will enjoy these).

  • Astral is very sensitive to touch-spending ones entire existence as an incorporeal being is going to do that since he basically is a body with a bunch of new nerves unused to being touched. Which unfortunately leads to sensory overload more often than not.
  • Yuma is about the only person whose touch doesn’t bother him and he can constantly be found hanging off his arm, or leaning on a shoulder, or with his chin on Yuma’s head or just generally in constant contact with him.
  • Also Shark, as he’s probably the second closest person to Astral after Yuma.
  • Astral is also very light and built like a string bean and in the ‘learning to walk on his own stages’ frequently finds himself being piggy-backed by Shark when he gets to tired to walk on his own or just plain can’t.
  • Touch sensitivity also makes getting him clothes tricky, because clothes are in constant contact with his skin and certain textures can become bothersome. He ends up with loose, airy clothes.
  • Human!Astral would also definitely rock a skirt and probably convince Yuma to let him get one-a skirt has less contact with skin than pants which make him uncomfortable,especially snug ones.
  • He really enjoys he feel of soft things and will stop and pet every. single. cat and dog in his path. Everyone.
  • His sensitivity also extends to food as well. Things too textured/seasoned/sweet etc he can’t eat. Haru tweaks any meals made so that had can eat them without problem.
  • His favourite food is duel lunches, being that they are the first thing he ever ate.
  • Astral also really likes sweet things too.
  • Getting massive brain freeze the first time he tries ice cream because he didn’t anticipate it being that cold and just like, takes a huge bite before anyone can warn him. Yuma spends like 5 minutes doubled over in laughter before he can compose himself to make sure Astral is alright, simply because the face and noises Astral made with hilarious. Astral gets a lesson in how to properly eat frozen treats after.
  • Sleep is now a thing he has to do and he doesn’t like it much, because it means no more staying up till odd hours of the night watching ESPer Robin reruns(Yuma eventually gets him the series on DVD so he can watch them any time and actually get proper sleep).
  • If he was curious before, he’s about 100x more curious now, about everything. Which of course means asking Yuma everything, even if Yuma can’t answer them because he has no idea either.
  • Even the really awkward questions-like wondering why humans put such importance on something like kissing. Yuma has no idea how answer this, it’s not like he’s ever kissed anyone(outside of platonic family kisses obviously).
  • Bonus keyship material-Yuma in his infinite wisdom asks Ryouga for help on how to answer the above question. Ryouga, being in a sarcastic mood replies with something along the lines of ‘you could always just kiss him’. Yuma’s gone before he can clarify that he was being sarcastic, and Yuma does exactly that.
  • Astral’s love of soft things leads them to get him a pet. Cathy thinks he should get a cat. Others think a dog. He ends up with a white ferret. He names it ‘Hope’.
  • Astral as the ‘cute foreign exchange student’ at school. Yuma is not amused because everyone is crowding him and trying to hog his time with Astral. Astral does not like it because, to much touching and crowding and it freaks him out.
  • Also he’s not a fan of the uniform because, again, touch sensitivity and touch much weird fabric in contact with new skin, especially with the pants, and it drives him crazy all day.
  • He can’t swim for shit. Has to say in the shallow end(or get loaded up with floaties)
  • Constantly forgetting he cannot float or walk through solid objects. He probably bumps into doors and shit like all the time for a while.
  • Astral reading anything and everything he can get his hands on.
  • He gets his hands on like, an anatomy or biology text book one day and becomes flustered and confused because, despite having always been considered, effectively ‘male’, he doesn’t match up to what humans consider to be male (because he may be solid now but he more or less is physically still the same) OR female.
  • Yuma and co. sit him and down and very gently explain that no, if he says he is male then is he is male regardless, it’s ok.
  • Ryouga bringing up a page on kilts when he gets worried that this means he can’t wear a skirt any more. He is immensely relived.
  • Playing with Yuma’s hair when he gets bored. Touching Yuma never seems to bother him, perhaps because he’s grown used to it as Yuma was really all he could touch for the longest time.
  • Likewise, lounging across Yuma’s lap and letting Yuma play with his hair, is equally as enjoyable. Also Yuma tracing patterns over the makings on his skin(if Mizael keeps the face marks, Astral gets to as well).
  • Duel Monster cards as well, he can handle those for hours on end.
  • Getting Astral his own D-Gazer and D-Pad so he can duel, since he’s not attached to Yuma any more.
therock I’m an OG and been in the game a long time, but I still have butterflies and goosebumps being backstage behind the curtain before I get called out to the crowd. Especially with my boy @jimmyfallon and walking out on his iconic TONIGHT SHOW stage. It’s always “more than a feeling”. Crowds and people always give me energy.. this crowd was special. F'n WILD. 👏🏾👊🏾🔥 No business like show business.
#TonightShow #HotCrowd #RockAndFallon
9 Shakespeare quotes that apparently exist, according to 'Will'

God help the drama student who learns Shakespeare from TNT.

The network, which you would not be wrong to still primarily associate with explosion movies and reruns of Rizzoli & Isles, has embarked on a fascinating new journey with its newest scripted drama, Will. It’s the story of a young William Shakespeare. It’s insane.

There are certain qualities of the life of the suddenly-a-heartthrob playwright (played by Laurie Davidson) that the show does portray accurately. For instance: Shakespeare was English. He did write plays. He married Anne Hathaway. He chilled at the Globe Theatre. He had that stupid earring. Yet from there, everything else about Will’s treatise on history reads like an episode of Chopped where the four ingredients are Shakespeare, London, playwriting, and a handful of arbitrary quotes that he won’t have written for a decade. It’s a mishmash blender of bardic trivia that doesn’t really strive to get anything too right, but gets things wrong in splendid degree.

And then you quickly start to realize, “Well, surely that has to be the point, right?” The show is created by Craig Pearce, who co-wrote Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, and suddenly, it all makes perfect sense why the series embeds anachronisms in its vernacular and leans in to strange modernity with its decision to coat a grunge-adjacent Elizabethan theater scene in candy colors. The Globe groundlings, already unfortunate enough as the poor theater-loving bottom-feeders who can only afford standing room, are now a mosh pit of punk rock Club Kids with smudged lipstick and neon hair. The posters for the Globe’s plays aren’t regally ornamented listicles with a dozen typefaces but hip concert flyers with Brooklyn wheat paste and the touch of an errant Kinko’s. The actors who would become Lord Chamberlain’s Men are rowdy radicals who dabble in light choreography. Richard Burbage, history’s esteemed thespian, is a horny CW meathead. Shakespeare drops mics in rap battles. Falstaff does a stage dive.

Will is truly the breakfast cereal commercial of Shakespeare — it’s sugary and colorful and very, very bad for you, but irresistible, especially if you’ve tasted something like this before. For anyone with even a nugget of leftover Shakespeare knowledge from high school, Will can be wicked summer fun. Really. Lines like “Seems like your play is quite the thing!” are so heinous, they’re genius. If you can find it in your CliffsNotes to accept that, you can accept Will’s flaws and enjoy the plucky game of How Shakespearey Is Too Shakespearey?

Pearce’s series is revisionism by way of anarchy, with timelines not worth the energy to piece together and choices of cause-and-effect that are blatantly audacious. (Why is Shakespeare rewriting Edward III while quoting Taming of the Shrew and Romeo and Juliet? Who cares!) And whereas Shakespeare in Love made a narrative point to say, “Hey, what if this romance in Shakespeare’s life inspired some of his most famous plays?,” Will’s young Shakespeare reads like a man who had a fever dream about his future Wikipedia and now only remembers 25 percent of it like some Middle Ages Memento. Young Will stumbles through his thoughts until inspiration strikes and he can conceive what he’s destined to write.

Fortunately — and this is truly the best part, or worst part, but really, the best, but actually, the worst — everyone in London somehow helps young William Shakespeare come up with his most iconic lines! There’s the drunk man in the inn whom he overhears shouting about a nunnery. There’s Alice Burbage, daughter to legendary theater impresario James Burbage, who sparks with Shakespeare and before long, they’re finishing each other’s couplets. (Surprise: She also sneaks around dressed like a boy sometimes, because at least one major female character in every Shakespeare origin story must). There’s rival playwright Christopher Marlowe, who treats his compositions like hostage assets and skeevily introduces himself to Shakespeare with a sneering botched Hamlet line — which will come into existence 10 years later, but who cares, who cares! (Credit where it’s due: Marlowe’s presentation as psychopathic villain makes smart use of his story as a shady gay secret spy who will maybe sort of possibly [?] fake his own death in the ultimate power play for the title of Elizabethan prince of melodrama.)

Other subplots are afoot in London, and they’re mildly entertaining enough distractions that help make Will less cringeworthy and more contritely silly. Marlowe helps Shakespeare hide his dispossessed Catholic family roots from power-hungry Protestants. A Gavroche-Oliver hybrid urchin named Presto works undercover for the church in an effort to help his sister escape prostitution. Burbage gets a girlfriend. That sort of thing.

The real highlights from the first two episodes, though, are purely dialogic. Will asks you believe in quotes like:

“Who would want a play by William Shakespeare?” The opening line uttered by housewife Anne Hathaway (Stratford-upon-Avon, not Devil-upon-Prada), who in one nag sets herself up as the single person in Shakespeare’s life who doesn’t immediately recognize his genius, giving the audience license to root for his romance with the historically insignificant Alice Burbage.

— “Iambic pentameter!” The category chosen for the RAP BATTLE POETRY SLAM that a drunk playwright forces Shakespeare into in a pub straight out of Pitch Perfect hell. (After Shakespeare wins, he declares his opponent “quilled,” which is one half-step less insane than if he just said, “Boom, roasted.”)

— The scene in which Will is trying to write a nice quote about the morning but has writer’s block, leading Alice to suggest a verb so that Shakespeare can exclaim, “‘But soft, what light through yonder window… breaks?’ That’s good!”

— The scene in which one of Lord Chamberlain’s Men stumbles on Shakespeare’s word “bedazzled” and complains that it’s not a real thing. “You can’t just make up words,” the actors yells at Shakespeare, who instantly cries back, “Well, someone must!” Can you even imagine.

— The general wokeness of Alice Burbage, who demonstrates accelerated awareness of her gender’s future and thereby serves as the company’s best copywriter and says things like, “Yes, I am that most useless of creatures: an educated woman!” Girl, noooooo.

— The rival dramaturg who can’t remember Shakespeare’s name and calls him “Shakedick!”

— Shakespeare casually referring to Romeo and Juliet as “something I’ve had rolling around my head for ages,” because of course there is a solid 50 percent change that his entire romantic masterwork will be written solely from things he overhears during the next eight episodes.

“All’s well that ends well.” LOL, yes, he actually says this, aloud, to a person, in seriousness, when something has ended.

Buckle up, summer.


‘Mom how old are you when you first met dad?’

‘I was sixteen, he was eighteen.’ The woman smiled. ‘He was already touring the world, I was a fan obviously. I remember pushing your grandparents to buy me tickets because I’m a huge fan and I remember I cried when they gave me tickets with a meet and greet pass.’ The woman said.

The young lady just smiled and so focus on the woman’s story – her parent’s story.

‘And then after a week I studied in London, I saw him with his team. I was so excited but he got mobbed by fans already. Then after that I saw him again and for the third time he approach me and the rest is history.’ The woman smiled as she recalled all the moments with her husband, Shawn.

‘I wish I could find a love just like yours and dad.’ Sam said.

‘You will, hun.’ The woman said while smiling at her daughter. ‘Tomorrow’s your big day!’ The woman continued.

‘I’m officially unemployed!’ Sam said with so much excitement.

‘I’m sure your dad’s so proud of you.’

‘I hope he is mom!’


‘To our dear professors, the board of trustees, our parents and of course us, the graduates good morning! We’ve finally come to an end, those sleepless nights are finally done, those tears when we can’t find the right words to fit in our papers, those surprises quizzes. It’s bittersweet to be honest, we will miss our classmates, our best friends, our professors. But I would like to say thank you to our parents, especially mine.’ Sam said and the tears are forming in her eyes.

‘To my mom, Thank you for being my rock, for always being there for me. For always understanding me.’ Sam said as she looked at her mom who’s smiling at her and tears are falling down on her face.

‘To my dad, who’s in heaven now probably playing guitar and singing this one’s for you. Everytime I go up on stage and receive awards I always think of him. He’s my biggest inspiration in life and he’s the reason why I choose to be a doctor. I remember I was 4 when he started fighting cancer, I remember telling him that someday I will be a doctor to fight the monsters in his body. He will always be my superhero, he will always be my favorite rhythm. Dad, I love you, I know you’re looking down at us today, I hope you’re proud of me. I promise to fight all the monsters in the body of all my future patients for you.’ Sam said while looking at her family who’s all teary-eyed.

‘To my dear classmates and friends, cherish every moment with your parents. We don’t know when we’re going to lose them, so be thankful that you still have a mother and a father who’s willing to give up everything just to give you what you want and what you need. Be thankful, hug them and dedicate everything you do for them.’ Sam continued. ‘So, graduates, parents and teachers, congratulations to all of us! Have a good day!’

After the ceremony the students gather to take one last picture before they go to their families. Sam went to her friends to take some pictures and hugged them.

‘We’re so proud of you!’ Karen said and hugged Sam.

‘Thanks, Lala.’ Sam said and hugged Karen as well.

‘Congrats to my favorite girl!’ Manny said as she hugged Sam.

‘Thank you, Popa’ Sam said.

‘I’m sure he’s so proud of you, congrats baby girl!’ Aaliyah said and hugged her niece tightly.

‘Thanks aunt AA’ Sam said and hugged Aaliyah so tight as well.

‘I’m so proud of you!’ Y/N said as she hugs her daughter.

‘Thank you mom. This one’s for you and dad!’ Sam said as she hugged her mom so tight.

‘Let’s go?’ Manny asked.

‘Yes, let’s go!’ Aaliyah answered.

They all went home to celebrate Sam’s graduation and to celebrate the love of Shawn. It may be years now that Shawn was gone, but the love he gave to his family will never be forgotten.

A/N: I can’t think of any title to this one and i hope you guys like this one even though I don’t really know how to end this one but here you goooo. Feedbacks are always welcome to my ask! I also accept requests. :)


Kiss: Alive II (1977)

I think we can all agree that Alive! is still the be all, end all in Kiss’ magical, money-printing ride through the 1970s; but I’ve always felt that Alive II, released 40 years ago today, was the album that fully cemented the band’s iconography for the ages.

Or maybe I just see it that way because it concluded Kiss’ golden era.

In any case, those cover portraits of Ace, Peter, Paul and Gene – especially Gene! – probably defined each of their characters for millions of young fans (certainly yours truly), and the magnificent stage set depicted inside the gatefold immortalized Kiss’ concert extravaganza at its Babylonian pinnacle!

I’d even hazard that, by restricting the live recordings to just three of the four sides, Kiss reinforced their impact and ensured a setlist that was virtually all killer, no filler: from the anthemic introduction of “Detroit Rock City” through to the party-like finale of “Shout it Out Loud.”

Among the many stellar numbers nestled in between, personal favorites include the dynamite-detonating “King of the Night Time World” and “I Stole Your Love,” the always irresistible “Christine Sixteen” and ever-electrifying “Shock Me,” plus the pure sex of “Makin’ Love,” “I Want You,” and “Love Gun” (that’s a multiple orgasm via rock and roll, if ever there was one).

And then, among the five studio cuts found on side four, at least three were top shelf Kiss: Paul’s chest-beating “All American Man,” Gene’s self-mythologizing (again) “Larger Than Life,” and Ace’s most underrated classic, “Rocket Ride.”

In other words, if you look at Kiss’ double live albums as blockbuster movies (hey, why not?), Alive II was one heck of a sequel – much more The Empire Strikes Back than Jaws II, if you can dig my analogy.

More Kiss: Kiss, Hotter than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Alive!, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun, Creatures of the Night, Lick it Up.

So you know how I freaked the fuck out when Father John Misty was all, “Harry’s album is fucking amazing”?? That’s because I’m a massive, massive fan of Fleet Foxes, one of FJM’s previous bands (in fact I prefer Fleet Foxes to FJM’s solo albums which I’m sure he wouldn’t be impressed by, but there ya go). 

And the thing that slayed me with Fleet Foxes was the band’s incredible vocal harmonies. Especially live  - they sometimes used to harmonise without mics to a silent audience and it was amazing. I just find them so comforting and uplifting and joyful. The association is probably due to my parents playing a lot of the late ‘60s/early ‘70s folk-rock of their youth when I was a little kid; it’s always been my happy place. 

So to see Harry up there on the SNL stage with three other guys and two girls harmonising like fuckin’ angels on a folky-rock ‘70s inspired track??? I mean…just slay me now, Styles and leave me for dead, right??


So I Saw Hamilton...

And here is what I thought was amazing about it… (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the stage version):

  • At ham4ham, a group of us started a singalong. And our impromptu harmonies were on point.
  • Also, petition for ham4ham to be on the balcony at the Richard Rodgers, so that way everyone could see what was going on.
  • Before the show, one of the ushers came out to address our section and informed us that if we used our phones we would have to deal with her- a pissed off woman. She is now my spirit animal.
  • King George III made an announcement that the show was starting, and asked us to please enjoy “his” show.
  • The audience clapped at everyone’s entrance- and when I say “clapped,” it was more like “rock concert screaming” than “polite theater-goers” type clapping.
  • The entire cast is on stage the majority of the time, watching the action play out in the shadows and on the balcony. Makes it very interesting.
  • The dynamic between Laurence and Ham in act one is so much more stronger. All four of the boys had a stronger connection, like there were so many brohugs tho. Especially between Laurence and Ham. Which made Lauren’s death much more dramatic.
  • -During “Schuyler Sisters,” Eliza is dragging along Peggy, who is not amused. 
  • During “Farmer Refuted,” Hamilton begins fighting with Seaburry and ends up pushing him off of the box he is standing on.
  • After “You’ll Be Back,” King George orders to kill an ensemble member. He marches off while Ham looks on in shock.
  • At the start of “Right Hand Man,” the lighting looks like they are in the ocean and it is sooooo coooooolll.
  • The choreography is the exact same in “Helpless” as it is in “Satisfied,” except “Satisfied” is slowed down with the exception of Angelica who is full speed in the center, it looks like she has stopped time.
  • The choreography for “Wait For It” is mostly still, with the ensemble sitting and standing until the very end when there is subtle movement. The juxtaposition between the song and dance is very well done.
  • Lafayette’s and Mulligan’s raps GOT SO MUCH APPLAUSE and again, more like a rock concert than a theater crowd.
  • On the line “I’m so blue” in “What Comes Next?” King George stomps his foot, and his spotlight changes from red to blue.
  • “Dear Theodosia” is mostly Lin and Leslie alone on stage, behind a chair and looking over into it, as if it were a crib. 
  • Lauren’s death is horrible but so well done in the transition between “Theodosia” and “Non-stop.”
  • Lin has changed the way he says “I was chosen for the constitutional convention,” so it is more like a high-pitched adorable voice with a little bit of excited screeching. 
  • When Daveed came out as Jefferson, the crowd went nuts. He made a gesture as if to say “Oh, stop it!” and the audience stopped clapping. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then motioned for the audience to start clapping again. 
  • Daveed is having way too much fun and I am loving it.
  • Jasmine slays as Maria Reynolds. 
  • At the end of “Say No To This,” Maria Reynolds stays on stage with Ham, until James Reynolds aggressively motions for her to follow him offstage.
  • Ham is still reeling from “Say No To This” in the beginning of “The Room Where It Happened.”
  • “Daddy’s calling” got a ton of laughs as well.
  • At the beginning of “Washington On Your Side,” Burr starts singing and it takes Jefferson off guard, like he didn’t even realized Burr existed until he started singing.
  • After “I Know Him,” King George demands a chair be placed so he can observe the action. He begins mimicking Burr during “The Adams Administration.” During this, Leslie looked behind at Rory and began laughing. 
  • During “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” someone hands Phillip a copy, he reads it as he walks across the stage, and then passes it off to George Washington.
  • At the end of “Stay Alive Reprise,” Eliza screams when she realizes Phillip is dead. And it is so haunting and chilling and just so painful to hear.
  • Phillip slowly walks off stage after his death, with Eliza watching.
  • The staging in “It’s Quiet Uptown” is so simple. She takes his hand without even looking at him, and Lin just falls apart.
  • On the lines “Can we get back to politics?” “Please?!” Madison comes out dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, and continues sniffling for the next several lines.
  • Burr sends Ham one letter at the beginning of “Your Obedient Servant.” Hamilton sends back several, each ensemble member running across the stage to hand a letter to Burr.
  • During the final duel, an ensemble member reaches in front of Burr’s gun and appears to hold the bullet, moving slowly towards Hamilton. 
  • All of the people Hamilton mentions seeing on the other side are looking down at him from the second floor.
  • On the lines “Eliza, my love take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.” Eliza appears in front of Hamilton and holds onto his hand, before walking away.
  • Eliza address the audience on “Can I show you what I’m proudest of?” and it makes everyone cry.
  • At the end of “Who Lives, Who Dies,” Eliza is downstage center, and makes a loud gasp, which I think is her dying.
  • Ham follows her throughout the finale, but keeps at a distant. 
  • While we were walking away from the theater, Anthony and Jasmine ran out of the main exit to avoid the chaos of the stage door and ran off, I’m assuming to get some food before the evening show. BUT THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS IT WAS ADORABLE #relationshipgoals

So yeah. Def worth all the hype.

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hi karma I'm trying to get into musicals (especially lgbt ones), do you have any recs? I know u always talk about them but for some reason i can't find names ajhsdghxh

Oh girl I have tons of recs!!! I’m gonna just list some of my faves and if any1 needs a bootleg for anything message me

Rent - 1996 rock musical about a group of struggling artists in the east village of new york city at the tail end of the aids crisis. It’s p good as far as representation goes with a lot of people of color and lgbt characters, including a black lesbian and a latina trans girl. A little disclaimer is that one character dies of aids and it can be rlly upsetting, but in general it’s a rlly good musical. There’s a movie version with not toooo many changes from the stage musical and there’s good some good bootlegs and a proshot or two

Spring Awakening - 2006 rock musical based off of Frank Wedekind’s 1892 play, Frühlings Erwachen, about a group of young teenagers in Germany who have a sexual awakening amidst an era where sex ed is withheld from kids, especially girls, in the name of modesty and the awful consequences when adults refuse to hear young people. There are two canon gay characters and there’s like… A ridiculous amount of gay subtext with other characters. It also deals with mental illness and a whole slew of other issues and it’s just really good. I would suggest watching the original broadway cast first, and if u like it watch the deaf west revival which was directed by Michael Arden and has an amaaazing cast, about half of it consisting of deaf and hard of hearing actors. They took the original concept and took it one step further to tell the story of how deaf people were misunderstood and treated badly throughout history and in that time period especially. There are two character deaths but neither of the gay characters die. Content warning for rape and suicide !!!!!!!!!! Be safe y'all

Fun Home - 2013 musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s (iconique lesbian cartoonist prolly most well known for creating the Bechdel test) autobiographical graphic novel about growing up a lesbian with a closeted gay father in a small Pennsylvania town in the 70s in the funeral home her family ran. Content warnings.. Her father’s suicide is a big theme and there are brief mentions of him having affairs with teenage boys in the past

Waitress - absolutely one of my favorite musicals!!! No explicit when lgbt rep but Jenna can def be interpreted as a lesbian and I am Passionate abt it. Written by queen Sara Bareilles and originally starring Jessie Mueller, Drew Gehling, Kimiko Glenn, and Keala Settle, Waitress is about a waitress/amazing baker named Jenna in a small Ambiguously Southern town who accidentally gets pregnant by her abusive husband and has an affair with her married doctor while trying to win a pie baking contest so she can get the prize money and escape with her baby. I saw it on Broadway with most of the original cast (all except for Kimiko Glenn, when I saw it Jenna Ushkowitz was her replacement) and it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I also accidentally almost knocked Drew Gehling on his ass in the streets of Manhattan and was MORITFIED and I kno for a fact he recognized me later when he signed my playbill. Content warning for lots of mentions and depictions of abusive relationships (no graphic violence tho).

Falsettos - 1992 musical with an amazing 2016 revival. Comprised of two of the three one act musicals William Finn wrote from 1979 to 1990, following the story of Marvin, a Jewish married man who realizes he’s gay. The first act of the musical is the second installment of the original trilogy of one act off beoadway shwos, March of the Falsettos, which introduces Marvin, Whizzer (his lover), Trina (his ex-wife), Jason (his son), and Mendel (his psychiatrist/friend). March of the Falsettos shows Marvin attempting to create a tight knit family with his ex wife and his son with the addition of Whizzer and Mendel (who hangs around more and more as relationship with Trina progresses). Act 2 is called Falsettoland and picks up after the events of March of the Falsettos in the year 1980 and introduces two new characters, Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, Marvin’s lesbian best friends next door. Content warning for a character death.

I have endless more musical recs where that came from so literally just hmu for more


This was a test stage for what would eventually become Munch’s Make Believe Band. As you can see, everyone has their older “Pizza Time Players” look to them. They were redesigned after focus groups wanted more relatable characters (particularly with Helen Henny).

Munch is hiding in the barrel. He was actually programmed to pop up in different locations throughout the show.

Personally, I’m glad that they changed things up from this design. Everyone looks particulalry ugly, especially the creepy zombie-like Jasper.

Statement from Gacharic Spin

Monday, 2017.07.31 | Gacharic Spin Homepage

Performer #3 Nenne Graduation Announcement

Thank you for your continued support of Gacharic Spin.
At this time, it has been decided that Performer #3 Nenne will graduate effective today.

In early April, it was announced that she would suspend her activities to focus on treatment of her ear condition.
During that time, we consulted with the members, staff, and Nenne’s family regarding her future activities, and while considering her future life for her remaining teenage years, she arrived at the decision to graduate.

To all the fans who have supported us while looking forward to resuming activities as 6 people, we deeply apologize for delivering this unfortunate announcement and for causing you to worry.

Below are messages from Nenne and F Chopper KOGA.

This is Nenne.
Thank you for allowing me to take a break from live performances after my diagnosis of hearing loss.
My symptoms include a frequent ringing in the ears and a plugged up feeling; it has reached the point that I can barely hear sounds above a frequency of 4000hz.
During my evaluation, I was told about cases that were uncurable, but the present situation is that I am undergoing treatment.
There is no question that I will recover!!

It’s all thanks to the fact that I was able to go on hiatus during the early stages of the disorder.
Thank you very much.

However, I have been told that there is a possibility of relapse if I continue exposing myself to extreme sounds too much.
Without a doubt, the passionate, heavy sound of Gachapin reaches the extent of “extreme” that is dangerous for my ears.

With all of Gachapin’s heavy passionate songs, as well as their gentle ones that pierce the heart,
I was happy to be able to run a straight line to the end with them.

I have decided to graduate from Gacharic Spin.

To the fans who kindly welcomed me despite joining midway through, and who ran alongside me up to now, thank you so much.
I will never forget the scenery that you illuminated orange for me.

To the staff and label officials who taught my ignorant self about the world of music,
Thank you very much.
Thank you especially to the one who kindly followed me until the end, our agency’s president.

Also, thank you to the members who I spent time with like a family.
It was a short period of time, but you took interest in every aspect of my life.
The sweat we shed on stage, and the moments where our eyes met were the best. I’ll keep supporting you guys forever.

Lastly, thank you to the God of Rock,
For teaching me, who only knew how to play classical and piano music, how to rock.

The greatest girls’ band is Gacharic Spin!!!
I hope they’re able to spread cheer to a lot of people from here on out!

2017.07.31 Nenne

Thank you for your continued support of Gacharic Spin.

As of July, it has been decided that Nenne will graduate.

Nenne joined us in summer of 2015, but she immediately meshed with us, and it feels like she has been a member since the beginning.
I think it was very hard for her to memorize so many songs in such a short period of time, but always, she diligently tackled it with all her strength.

We all wished that the day could come quickly that we could say “we’re back!” as six people, but with the matter of her ears, we talked about it over and over, and decided that Nenne is a talented girl in many aspects not necessarily limited to music, and we are certain she can achieve these things without walking the road called “ROCK”, so she has decided to walk a different path.

I hope you’ll continue to support Nenne who will do her very best on her new path, as well as Gacharic Spin who will continue to face forward and keep advancing.

I believe that Gacharic Spin is what it is today because of the history as six people with Nenne in it.

Nenne! Thank you very much! And great job!!

F Chopper KOGA

How to landscape / build parks in the Sims Games

In this tutorial I’ll tell & show you things like how to design a park / garden layout, how to use park furniture and plants and where to put them plus over all landscaping tips (sims related)

These things concern mostly about how to make your parks and gardens look more realistic but since no nature’s laws abide in sims you are of course free to discard this tutorial if you wish. 

This is made with sims 2 but the over all idea stands for sims 1, sims 3 and sims 4 as well

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What do you think is possibility of seventeen ending up like nu'est and after school? I have some confidence that things are different for seventeen, but the fact of the matter is all three groups are under pledis, and svt’s labelmates had amazing debuts too but look at them now :/ I’m scared because I have become almost too attached to svt and I would be soso heartbroken if something of that sort happened :’(

As a former Nu'est stan, I was originally concerned too. I wasn’t here for After School’s heyday, so I can’t speak to their career. However, I now think of Seventeen’s situation this way: times have changed, and Pledis is doing things differently with this group.

With Nu'est, they just taught a few cute guys to sing and dance, gave them a song, and sent them out the door as soon as possible. I don’t know if you followed Nu'est when they debuted, but I came into k-pop 6 months after that. I watched all of their LOΛE Stories, variety show appearances, interviews, etc. Since they were rookies, I cut them some slack but still, the boys were often shy, confused, hesitant and embarrassed. They weren’t very entertaining except when on stage. (Rookie B.A.P. were much the same way.)

With Seventeen, however, Pledis recognized exceptional talent in the three leaders and developed them to the next level – mentoring new trainees, choreographing and producing. They also developed other members’ song writing and arrangement, MC-ing and BJ-ing, acting, variety and fanservice skills. They took their time to turn out well-trained self-producing idols.

In devising the group’s image/concept, Pledis also avoided the hip hop boy group glut (ToppDogg and Alphabat), as well as the uber-aegyo trap (Boyfriend) and the emo lovelorn trap (C-Clown and M.Pire). Instead, they developed the group’s image around their real personalities and performance strengths into something that I call Cool Fun. Think of it as something like a combination of TVXQ, Super Junior and Shinhwa. Pledis also cleverly devised a unique yet natural sub-unit concept to help spotlight each of the members and their various musical tastes and performance styles.

They sent the boys out the door after a reality show that showcased their extra skills, gave them mostly not-cringeworthy styling, and selected a fun title song with unique choreography. They cleverly charged MC Boo with leading the other members through their backstage and radio interviews, which brought him immediate recognition as a variety star in the making and allowed him to bring other members along the same path. They also cleverly had Soonyoung modify each week’s choreography, which not only spotlighted his skills, but made many potential fans anticipate Seventeen’s new music show appearances every week. In my opinion, these decisions made Seventeen’s debut far more carefully-planned and well-executed than Nu'est’s – or indeed most groups’.

Their follow-up promotions – while not as overwhelmingly popular as those of groups from the Big 3 – were nonetheless extremely successful for a group from a company of this size. Seventeen promoted a similar but better song with slightly more mature, cooler styling and music video. Their b-side performed song brought an even more mature, somewhat sexy vibe for potential fans who didn’t like their core image so much.

Members who got short shrift during the debut era were highlighted during the first hiatus, comeback promotions and the end-of-year/awards season. The boys have filmed Weekly Idol, Running Man and One Fine Day, and they’ve added a member to their Sukira schedules. Jihoon is about to appear on a TV show as a producer – not just a singer. As far as I can see, Pledis is still making all the right choices at this stage.

The concern now is how to maintain momentum. I think the key is in the groundwork already laid out: maintain the boys’ current concept – Cool Fun – as a career-long brand, maturing the music and the image as they mature. I’m eagerly awaiting the (hopeful) No F.U.N. OT13 promotions in the next cycle or two.

Continue to use Seventeen members as songwriters, arrangers, producers, choreographers, etc. If Mingyu (and maybe Junhui and Wonwoo?) can style them for some small schedules and Soonyoung and Hansol can act as cameramen for behind-the-scenes and V-app filming, then Pledis will save even more money.

Promoting Soonyoung as member 3 of the variety line is the logical course of action, and they should add Chan and probably Junhui next. More focus on Jihoon as a producer and Jisoo as an arranger would also be in order; I’d like to see Jihoon bring Jisoo along to something like Starry Night or Sugar Man. I’d also like to hear Jisoo’s vocals more – maybe in a hip hop unit track?

Chan should also be promoted more as a dancer and choreographer, and Hansol (and maybe Wonwoo?) should be spotlighted as lyrics-writers. Wonwoo’s really cool tommy-gun style of rap is under-utilized thus far; I’d like for one of the upcoming songs to totally feature that.

For a few members, I think a shift in focus is due. Seungcheol needs an opportunity to shine physically, whether it be an individual Running Man appearance, Real Men or Law of the Jungle. Also, it’s time to either cut Junghan’s hair or style him quite differently; something a bit harder and more masculine is probably the best way to go – even if you keep his hair long. I vote for boots, boots and more boots. He should also now be highlighted for more than his looks; besides modeling, vocal featuring (maybe in a performance unit track?) and acting are probably the best bets.

Mingyu’s styling change for Boys Be was perfect and is not played out; keep it! Instead, have him show some skills too; or if you can get him some TV appearances that showcase his extremely sweet puppy-like personality, do that. Maybe do both with a small, sweet acting role?

Junhui needs a Korean acting role that requires either serious drama or his trademark sass, even if it’s something small and ethnically Chinese. Minghao needs more featuring as a b-boy, but as his Korean-language skills improve, he also needs – like Jisoo and Hansol – to be spotlighted in behind-the-scenes and V-app appearances. These young men will benefit from more practice answering questions in front of cameras.

Seokmin and Seungkwan are doing quite well in their current paths; for them, I recommend more of the same. Continue putting them on TV and radio shows; continue getting them vocal featurings – especially if Seokmin can do something in the rock or jazz genres and Seungkwan can do trot. A Seokmin featuring on a Mamamoo track or stage performance would be just about perfect, I think.

Showing more facets of Seventeen’s personalities and skills is where it’s at in 2016. The vocal unit band at the Christmas concerts was exactly the sort of surprise that indicates that Pledis and Seventeen are not resting on their super rookie laurels. They are continuing to work hard to show new, better sides – a new boy band for a newly reinvigorated Pledis Entertainment.

TLDR: It’s possible, but not too likely, imo.

Because the roadie knows what the roadie knows
And the roadie knows that he wears black clothes
And he hides off in the shadows of the stage
Because the roadie
Looks a thousand miles with his eyes
And when the crowd roars
Brings a tear drop to the roadie’s eyes
Tears of pride

Excerpt from Roadie, by Tenacious D.

This is one of those songs that really gets me going. I love Jack Black, and I love his band, and I super love his game and enjoy the Tenacious D movie. Ahhh! I love it! I especially like this song for paying tribute to all of the stage hands - the roadies - of the world, and because this song was written for his game, Brütal Legend. “I AM THE ROADIE! I MAKE THE ROCK GO!”