especially ponies

Akira is the one Persona protagonist who actually convinces me that nine separate confidants plus Goro and Yusuke would be down to ride him like a pony.

Especially when it comes to his teammates.  I mean, these people see the Mementos requests.  They’re aware that when Akira blows them off it’s because he’s involved with unsanctioned clinical trials, or bartending in Shinjuku, or doing a favor for his fence.  And that’s before his ultimate persona turns out to be Special Edition Satan.  Kid is the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold.

It’s no wonder that Yusuke is like, “I am trying to create a painting about desire! Let us go to Mementos for, uh, inspiration, wear your leather coat.”

Or that after asking Makoto out, she sits Akira down and explains that they are going to be banging immediately.  Girl has plans.  And probably some handcuffs.

I wonder how much time they all spend texting about his antics while Ryuji wanders off to do some reps and wonder how this became his life.

headcanon: show pony’s favorite thing to do is refer to people by anything but their actual name

“yo snake kid whats up”

“and here we have dj hot shrimp”

“hi there mr. death defying!!”

his one goal is to get on peoples’ nerves and he succeeds spectacularly

woah, unexpected development!  :O  I’ll be at Florida Supercon’s artist alley (table number pending)!!  exciting!  I’ll be posting lots of new stuff (like prints & buttons) these upcoming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned! <3 

if you’re going to florida supercon (july 27 - 30), hit me up!  :> 

The first time I’ve drawn Maud (even if just as a chbi!). I need to draw her more sometime. :0


Maud gets her “rocktorate” and graduates from college, now preparing to expand her horizons. Pinkie Pie is ecstatic when her big sister expresses interest in living in Ponyville and tries her best to convince Maud to stay. While studying rocks is a big motivation, Maud admits that she’s actually more interested in finding someone she can relate to (outside of her family, of course). This only excites Pinkie more, and she makes it her personal mission to find a BFF for Maud somewhere in Ponyville. And that candidate just might be closer to home than she would’ve thought!

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Thank you!

Hello everyone :)

I know it’s been a few days since I made my previous post, so I’ll give you a few updates.
I believe I contacted everyone, but I’ll say it again.

Honestly I was not ready to receive this amount of financial support and kind words from you guys in the past few days, especially if I take in consideration the very low amount of activity and content I gave you in the past weeks, which the reason was explain in my previous post.
And, I wanted to thank you sincerely.
Seeing all you folks collectively gather and help me to pick me up in these tough days and last ressort was a wonderful and incredible thing to see.
And yet, despite how bad and miserable I felt about all this, you guys were here for me.

With the support from you guys, I was able to pay my troubles out. That’s a lot of stress and depressed feelings out of my shoulders.
And with all this, I’m ready to take a fresh step forward.

Also, for a second note. It’s been a few years since I started drawing ponies especially, and I want to mix the recipe a bit.
Even tho they are totally super cool and adorable, I was hoping to start drawing stuff aside ponies. I’m still going to draw them a lot with the next season right around the corner, but you may see a few artworks from different realms and series here and there. Just so you guys now, haha.

There’s too much to answer them all, but be assured that I saw them all.
I just don’t want to look like someone who doesn’t care about it’s fans, because I most certainly do and you can believe me when I say it.

I love all of you <3

SSO Training Guide

I present, my personal guide to training in SSO. Took 3 days to push out this out, but it’s DONE. For now. I plan on fixing any errors, updating when necessary, and adding things along the way. It’s also available on my blog under its own page. The SSO tumblr community inspired me to do it, so I thank you guys <3

Alright, GET LEARNT.

Training Page

Everything you need to know about training in SSO. Whether you’re a scrub, or just want some helpful tips, here’s where to find it. There is a legend at the bottom for guidance.

How to Level Your Horse

There are multiple methods of training your horse in SSO.

1) XP given by daily races

2) Using the horse trainer

The best method, because it rewards the player Jorvik shillings, is using daily races. NPCs all around Jorvik offer players a race they can complete once a day, for no charge. After completing the race and returning back to the NPC, the player is rewarded with JS and horse xp. Using this method it is possible to max a horse within 5 days, at no cost.

The fastest method of training your horse involves using the horse trainer, at the price of costing SC. I personally recommend only using the horse trainer for the last 3 levels, because they require the most xp to complete. This is the only method that costs money.

The Best Training Method: An In-Depth Look

There are two different ways to use this training method. One form involves using one horse for training, and the other involves using two horses.

1) Complete daily races on the horse in training, and collect the xp.

2) Using one horse (usually of a higher level), complete daily races without turning them in to the NPCs. This means you will complete the race without collecting the xp on that horse. Then call home, mount the horse in training, return to the races completed, and collect the xp.

Neither form is better than the other, and is a matter of preference. Note that the second form is especially helpful with training ponies, who naturally run slower than horses.

Experience Points and Leveling

Maximum amount of XP from races per day: 6,770 xp

Total XP for level 15: 33,000

This means…

33,000 ÷ 6,770 = 4.87444609

MEANING: it takes exactly 5 days without buying any levels to max a horse.

If you don’t have time one day, just train for 5,920 XP, you will still max in 5 days if you continue training up to 6,770 XP all other days. This comes from:

6,770 × 5 = 33,850

33,850 - 33,000 = 850

6,770 - 850 = 5,920

What training to 6,770 xp for 5 days should look like:

Day 1: Level 7

Day 2: Level 10

Day 3: Level 12

Day 4: Level 13

Day 5: Level 15

Horse Level Requirements ( with xp to next level)

Level 1: 0 xp (150)

Level 2: 150 xp (600)

Level 3: 750 xp (750)

Level 4: 1,500 xp (1,000)

Level 5: 2,500 xp (1,500)

Level 6: 4,000 xp (2,000)

Level 7: 6,000 xp (2,000)

Level 8: 8,000 xp (2,000)

Level 9: 10,000 xp (3,000)

Level 10: 13,000 xp (3,000)

Level 11: 16,000 xp (3,000)

Level 12: 19,000 xp (4,000)

Level 13: 23,000 xp (5,000)

Level 14: 28,000 xp (5,000)

Level 15: 33,000 xp (0)

Location, Location, Location

If you have a lot of horses you need trained, Fort Pinta is the place to be. Why Fort Pinta? With access to ferries and a trailer right by the home stable, you can be anywhere in Jorvik within seconds. It minimizes the time spent running between races, which makes training easier. Steve’s Farm and Jorvik Stables are also great training stables.

Racing Gear, A Necessary Investment

It’s better to train with racing gear than without. Not only will this shave seconds off your high scores, but it will save you time in the long run. If you’re running around Jorvik, you might as well do it as fast as possible. I would dare to say the gear matters more than the horse. Here’s a quick guide on the gear.

Fastest depends on what your personal racing weaknesses are, but there are general rules when choosing racing tack. Always train with:

Saddle that has +3 swiftness

Saddle Blanket that has +3 swiftness

Bridle that has +3 swiftness

Horseshoes that has +2 swiftness

If you want to have a racing edge, make sure your discipline stat is 21 points or more. This is so you can skip the trot. Normally your horse transitions from walk>trot>canter>slow gallop>fast gallop. With 21 pts discipline, you move from walk>canter immediately.

The combination from there is up to you. If you’re bad at timing jumps (like me), find tack that also has strength points along with +3 swiftness. If you’re bad at timing turns, find tack that also has agility points along with +3 swiftness.

The star stable database is your friend. Check it out.

Don’t Forget Yourself

You’ve got your horse tacked up and ready to go, but it won’t help too much if you’re not dressed yourself. Lucky for you, racing clothing is not only given in quests, but it’s easy to find too. The look is up to you, but the stat guidelines remain the same. Always train with:

Hat that has +4 racing

Top that has +8 racing

Gloves that have +4 racing

Bottoms that have +5 racing

Shoes that have +4 racing

TIP: It’s a good idea to make your secondary focus stat Command. You’ll start faster that way, for the same reason as Discipline in horses.

Important Note!: There’s only one pair of bottoms in SSO that has +5 riding. Located in Silverglade Village, it’s a pair of black jeans limited to level 13 players and up. If you’re under level 13, go with a pair of +4 riding skirts/pants/shorts/etc.

Feel free to ask me questions in game, or through ask/private messaging

Happy leveling!

~ Bear

SSO- Star Stable Online

JS- Jorvik Shillings

SC- Star Coins

XP- Experience Points

NPC- Non-playable Character

One reason why I think that Sunset Shimmer is so much better as a character than Starlight Glimmer is in how they both handled their respective redemption and acceptance processes.

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anonymous asked:

steamy pony nsfw headcannons whatever u got my man ;)

I mean I just delivered some so I'ma assume you want even MORE steamy let me just UP the LEVEL on my steam controller to take THIS to a NEW SETTING

— pony likes taking your clothes off for you
— he likes running his hands along your curves and feeling the smoothness of your skin
— he likes the way your hair looks when your shirt is taken off bc it’s messy and you look hot
— pony especially likes when you’re drunk because your eyes look different and you always go to unbutton his shirt with lazy fingers
— he likes taking off your bra and staring at you until you get nervous
— he likes how nervous you are until you’re moaning, cradling his head with an arched back
— pony loves to hear you moan
— he won’t stop teasing you, making out on your parents’ couch when no one’s home
— he likes kissing you while you push your hips up into his
— pony especially loves hjs (quick escalation I’m sorry)
— under blankets
— whatever position y'all do, he likes one that makes you bounce bc he’s just fucking weird
— he kisses all down at your collarbone
— pony leaves hickies
— when y'all are laying down or sum his hand just sneaks
— basically whenever he’s actually home alone it’s a fucking sexathon like you know he’s calling you for one thing on this tuesday 7 o'clock evening
— you best put your black lace shit on and go bc IT IS TIME
— the second you get there his hand is somewhere it shouldn’t be waste no time

these were all over the place my man… I’m better w certain nsfw topics or just as an imagine bc yeah essentially

Get Ready to Rumble (Pony Imagine)

“Aw come on Pony, can’t you just skip this one?” I begged, tugging on his arm and flashing my best pouty face. 

“I’m sorry (Y/N) but I have to go. I already missed the last one and the guys’ll skin me if I don’t show up this time..”

Tonight was rumble night. Greaser against Soc, as usual. Believe me, I love watching the guys get down and dirty in a rumble, especially my boyfriend Pony, but tonight I decided I’d rather just stay in to watch movies and cuddle. No matter how much I begged, Pony wasn’t having it. The rest of the gang was currently in the kitchen, grabbing beers out of the fridge as they jumped around and got keyed up for the big fight. Pony and I were on the couch. I sat in his lap and kept pleading, hoping he would give in.

“But Pone..I’ll do that thing you want..” I whispered, smirking to myself. 

Pony shivered as I rested my small hand on his thigh. I knew he was about to crack..

“Alright guys! You ready for this rumble or what?!” Soda cheered eagerly, running into the room. 


The rest of the guys piled in and Pony and I jumped from our spot.

“Pony, (Y/N), you coming?” Darry called, holding the door open as everyone ran out excitedly.

“Y-Yeah Darry, right behind you” Pony said, walking out into the dark night as I followed.

I looked up and gave him a glare as we walked down the sidewalk together.

“Love ya babe” he smiled jokingly. 

I couldn’t help but smile back.

As we got closer to the park the guys were getting more and more excited, doing various jumps and flips and throwing beer cans everywhere. Steve suddenly hollered and I turned to see a few shiny Mustangs pull up. The Socs’ hopped out then walked up to the open field where we stood. Pony gulped as I stood beside him, his hand still in mine. 

I suddenly put my arms around him, pulling him down only to plant a long and slow kiss on his lips.

“Hey Pony..” I pulled away, looking up at him. 

He looked into my eyes sweetly. I knew I would have to leave to go watch soon. 

“Yeah (Y/N)?” he answered nervously.  

“Kick some ass” 

Pony smiled as I turned around to walk away. As if right on queue, Dally took the first swing and the rumble began..

I actually really enjoyed writing this, hope you like it :)



“There really aren’t any regions I haven’t been to yet and they all have some pretty nice locations in them. But I guess if I had to choose one that isn’t my own home it’d be Alola.”

“Akala and Poni islands especially. I remember Akala had this beach where a bunch of cute lil’ sea cucumbers would always be just sitting around and I considered taking one with me. I also got my favorite bikini from a shop there too.”

“And the lack of humans on Poni Island made it a nice place to train with my pokemon. I also saw a weird looking jellyfish in one of the caves there.”

“Oh, you only asked for a name didn’t you? My bad, but I hope that answered your question.”

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