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A Little Elriel Fluff

I kinda did a thing because @throne-of-omg-the-feels absolutely killed me with this post and I couldn’t stop myself… (might have gone off on a tangent but I hope you all enjoy it)

Azriel had always had trouble sleeping, especially in the pitch black of the night. It surprised most people, that a shadowsinger like him should have so much trouble in the dark. But the dark… the dark reminded him too much of the cage of his childhood. It reminded of cold rags on the floor, of constant, gnawing hunger and the agony of freshly burned hands.

Even five centuries of freedom hadn’t completely purged him of that little spark of irrational fear, that fear of the dark. It was for this reason he always kept his curtains open the tiniest bit, so that the gentle light of the stars filtered through. Enough of a reminder that he didn’t destroy his bedroom every time he ripped himself out of a nightmare. (For Azriel could walk in darkness and shadow, could dance in it, could listen to its song… but sleep, sleep was another type of vulnerability entirely. Sleep was dangerous.)

Still, even this small precaution wasn’t enough for Azriel to let his guard down and let someone sleep next to him. Oh, he’d had lovers over the centuries - sometimes even ones that stayed for longer than one night. But he’d never laid beside them. (For so long he’d hoped, dreamed, that one day Mor might be the first by his side - glorious, free Mor. But she’d since told him that this dream was impossible… and so he had let it go, in little bits until the last vestiges of it had faded into a beloved memory.)

And then there was Elain. Unexpected and utterly beautiful in every way. She came into his life, into his heart, slowly until one day it hit him, what this feeling that had grown inside his chest was. And she was like him. Different. Different in a way the others couldn’t understand. The seer and the shadowsinger. What a pair they would make. And by the Cauldron, he’d longed to be a part of that pair, a half of a whole… to be something to Elain Archeron that he never been to anyone else before. He longed for her body lying next to him in the cursed dark, quiet and at peace. But he didn’t deserve that kind of happiness, that kind of companionship. Certainly not from someone as wholly good as Elain.

So he hadn’t dared hope that she might pick him, not after Mor and not when she already had Lucien Vanserra for a mate.

And yet she had. She’d picked him over her Cauldren-chosen mate.

And Azriel, damn him, couldn’t refuse her. Not when she looked at him like he mattered.

The second their lips met for the first time, the shadows retreated from him completely for the first time in centuries. They stayed away all night, when he learned her body so thoroughly with his. (She was so heartbreakingly lovely, delicate in a way that was uncommon among their kind… but despite appearances she was not weak. Never weak. Too often did people forget the kind of strength it took to stay kind in a cruel world. And she was a curious creature too, as eager to learn him as he was to learn her. Azriel also quickly found that her shyness did not extend to the bedroom, not with him - Mother above, she would truly be the death of him, one of these days… but he would would only be too happy to go.)

And when they were finally sated, and Elain slid into his side, draping her naked body over his, he did not find it in him to move away. To his eternal surprise, he drifted off into peaceful sleep.

His sleep remained completely undisturbed, to the point that when he finally opened his eyes, he was utterly disoriented. He sat up slightly in the pre-dawn light, running a hand through his ruffled hair and catalogued his surroundings with a shocking lack of panic.

He was home and-

“Elain,” he murmured softly, voice gruff with sleep, as he spotted her lying in his bed with him. Unharmed by his night terrors. Still so devastatingly perfect.

He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her, the bare skin of her back aglow in the light of the slowly rising sun.

Azriel moved closer to her without hesitation, curling his naked body around hers and using a hand to pull her firmly into him, her back curved perfectly into his chest. She sighed contently against him, still fast asleep, and Azriel found himself pressing light kisses to the apple of her cheek, peppering them down and down until his face was hidden in the crook of her neck. His hands roamed freely over her sides with no real intent, simply touching her to revel in the feel of actually having her here with him.

He pressed another soft kiss under her chin, to her throat, her shoulder. Again and again and again, until his mind was filled with nothing but Elain, Elain, Elain.

Azriel immediately felt it when Elain finally awoke in his arms, despite the fact that she kept her eyes firmly closed. A small smile played at her lips, as if she couldn’t quite suppress her happiness.

He kissed her cheek again, lingering there as he spoke. “I’m afraid aren’t quite stealthy enough to fool me just yet,” he whispered, grinning when she sighed with faux disappointment.

Elain blinked her eyes open then, turning her head slightly so she could gaze up at him. Her gaze was soft with sleep, sparkling with quiet, gentle mischief. “I didn’t want to risk you stopping,” she told him, reaching up to trail light fingers down his jawline.

Azriel kissed her behind her ear in response, still grinning like a fool. He didn’t deserve this, he didn’t. But he couldn’t let go of it, of her, either. So he would stay with her, for as long as Elain found him worthy. He would stay for her.

His wing curled in around them then, cocooning them gently until their world narrowed down to this beautiful moment. “Then I won’t stop,” he said.

And he didn’t. He didn’t.

If You’re Still Writing Pitch Fic

Thank you. Please keep it up if you can find it in your heart to do so. We still very much love Baker and Lawson and it’s great to see them alive in fan works! 

If you’ve started a Bawson baby fic please finish it. Historically only one or two have ever been finished. We’re always wondering about those ones. 

We’ve missed you guys and hope that you are well. Say hello over on Twitter @PitchStreetTeam sometime. 

We (Still) Aint Done Nothin’ Yet


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This has also been brewing in the back of my mind. If I could write I'd do it myself so thank God for you! I hope this isn't too specific. Beca comes out to her father and it goes badly. Not wanting to her crush/gf(s) to see her upset she goes to crash by a friend but doesn't say what's wrong. When she misses movie night/date night her crush/gf(s) gets worried and tries to find her starting by checking with Dr. Mitchell.

“So, Beca, how have you been? You said you had something to tell me?” Warren Mitchell takes a bite of his dinner, his eyes on his daughter. 

Beca twists her thumb ring under the table, glancing down at her dinner. She swallows and looks up at her father and tries to calm her racing heart. She mentally scoffs at herself, since when did she actually give a shit about what her father thought?

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love love peace peace (and a little revenge)

… in which Killian does Eurovision. Because the Eurovision was on, and @ofshipsandswans and @killiancygnus and @captainswanandclintasha and @swanandapirate are a terrible influence.

It’s all Ruby’s fault.

That’s Emma’s tale, and she’s sticking to it. She still isn’t entirely sure how writing a song turned into, well, this. She was going to just watch it on the TV. She wanted to stay in the background. But here she is, sitting backstage with Ruby and the rest of the Norway team, blinking in the flashing lights and trying not to look overwhelmed by the ridiculousness all around her.

Because Eurovision is ridiculous. There’s a guy on stage right now singing a high-pitched song about bread or something, while five other men dressed as rain drops dance around him. Or maybe they’re tear drops; Emma isn’t sure.

The point is, all Emma ever wanted to do was write a song, and yet here she is at the weirdest music event she’s ever attended and wondering about Europe’s collective sanity.

Elsa’s performance goes amazingly well, though, so there’s that. The ice theme was the right choice, as Ruby remarks with satisfaction, complementing the song while being weird enough to leave an impression. Emma was unsure about the robotic snow man whizzing around the stage, before, but she understands the reasoning now. It’s probably the next meme already.

The crowd loves it, anyway.

Emma suffers through another ballad, this one sung by a German lady who could really do with a bucket or something to help her carry the tune. She’s only half-paying attention, most of her mind on Elsa and Ruby and trying to look calm and relaxed for the cameras, in case any show up.

“Next up is the UK—let’s meet their candidate!” one of the hosts (Emma keeps mixing them up) calls.

There are screens everywhere, showing the little clip that plays before each country takes the stage. Emma pays no attention, because Anna has started talking again, her nerves running away with her.

“… because really everyone says neighbours vote for each other, but we don’t have that many neighbours and I’m not sure Sweden would vote for us anyway, but I think that a lot of people also vote for the song they like best and really Elsa has been the best so far, hasn’t she? And—”

“Anna,” Emma says, reaching over to put a calming hand on the girl’s shoulder before she can drive them all to the brink of nervous collapse again. “Anna. Relax. Elsa did her best, and now we just have to wait and see.”

“I know, but—oh, he’s handsome, isn’t he?” Anna’s eyes have snagged on the stage, where the UK’s candidate is about to begin his song.

Emma follows her gaze, thankful to the UK for distracting Anna—and does a startled double-take.

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my dash is getting deader by the day and people i follow keep going inactive or switching fandoms so i’m looking for new blogs to follow! new mutuals would be cool, too. ♥ like or reblog this post if you have a tagging system and post any of the following:

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and i’ll check you out! drama/hate free blogs are preferred but i can deal.

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I recently commissioned @niccillustrates for some Star Trek AU Blackice because why not combine two of my favorite fandoms?? I am absolutely in love with this piece! 

I’ve always wondered why I don’t really like girlgroups and I finally figured it out. I don’t like the sound of their singing. Something about higher pitch singing just annoys me. I like some female singers but their voices are deeper but most of the time girlgroups have higher pitch singing, especially the cuter songs.

Locked In

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Genre: Fluff / Angst / Highschool AU

Word Count: 2,359

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Request: Can you do a fic where you get locked in the school for like a week(alone) with Taehyung (like stuck there because of a storm) Taehyung could be your crush or something.

“Do you really not want to be stuck with me that bad?”

Masterlist ♥︎


A/n: Sorry this took so long to finish ❗️ hope this is what you wanted

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Dim Rooms & Daddy Kinks

Genre: Smut

A/N: Thank you so much, sweet anon!! I genuinely adored this prompt so much and loved writing this!! Thank you for reading my first proper fic on this blog!

Word Count: 2420

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Age Gaps (Dan’s 17 and Phil’s 21) that’s really it

You can read this and my other older fics on AO3 here

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{{ so for a long time i was trying to think of savie’s voice claim. it’s hard, since you have to think that she’s a little girl and since she’s from 1928 her voice needs to be high pitched to reflect that, she’s shy and has a stutter, among several other things.

for a while shirley temple was savie’s face claim, but i recently looked into her being savie’s voice claim instead and yeah? i see it??

this song and dance number was preformed in 1938, when the actress was 10 years old. ironically enough, savie was physically 10 at the same year too, as well as being mentally 10 even today. her voice is vintage and cheery, and i love it. because i mean?

please tell me if you hear it too because i do! }}

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If you ever do TGA Pitch's perspectives, would we get to see Pitch's reaction to Jack's scars? Love your work, keep it up and take care of yourself, love u <33

Possibly? Though I have two chapters slated to come before that (Anton yelling at Pitch, which a lot of people have asked to see, and…something else that I forget that a few people have asked to see. *hangs head* My memory is terrible first thing in the morning, lol).

But yeah, depending on how I go with them! Though Pitch’s reaction would mostly be along the lines of (this is paraphrased) ‘Lune is the worst, this is so unfair, I want to touch them and make him squirm. I bet he’s very sensitive about them.’ Lol.

Drawing my true OTP after months of neglect feels good man. This is pretty AU, but it’s the fall of Kozmotis. Jack is a frost spirit helping with his decent into darkness. He’s not evil, he’s more of a true neural (or chaotic neutral lets be real lmao). He wants to be with Kozmotis, and he thinks this is the best way to ensure they’ll be together. Because what goes together better than cold and dark? ;3c

Kozmotis’ last hope of staying with the light is the locket with his daughter’s picture, but alas it’s just out of reach. Don’t worry Koz, you’ll have lots of fun as Pitch Black, especially with that pretty frost spirit to keep you company~

hey. so, let’s talk transphobia, shall we? i’ve ranted about it before, and i will continue to do so so long as those of you who are inherently transphobic get the message. 

why is it so important that we headcanon characters as part of the trans community, especially in drama tv shows like skam? the answer is simple. there’s no canonical trans representation. naturally, trans people are attracted to shows with a widespread plotline and diverse characters, even if the latter are all cis. we’re just like you. odd, i know. on that note, while small in number, trans people do watch skam. we come from all walks of life, and can still somehow find something in skam that’s important to us, whether it be the education, the muslim representation, or the basis of mental illness; to name a few. 

now, whenever there’s no canonical representation in popular media, people seek out the next best thing; headcanons. headcanoning is safe and fun and really good if you’re appealing to an audience that can relate to said speculations. when we headcanon characters as trans, we feel a sense of community we hadn’t felt before, especially considering people pitch in and chime alongside you.

it’s not transphobic to not headcanon said character as trans, nor to agree with them. all of them are, after all, canonically cis, and, seeing as season four is the last season, we probably will never get a trans storyline. but that’s okay. 

so, i ask that you be respectful. we aren’t shoving our queerness onto you. you aren’t going to catch something if i say that i think isak valtersen is a transboy or mahdi disi is nonbinary. you’re not being forced into anything. if you are, however, disgusted by such notions, you’re probably transphobic. 

being trans isn’t freaky or weird. we’re here, and we’ll always be here. don’t forget us. don’t stop headcanoning your faves as trans. don’t let anybody tell you you can’t be as queer as you want because, at the end of the day, cishets are the ones forcing themselves unto media. we live in a heternormative society, after all. and remember: be kind. always.