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Ensure Them That They Are Loved Early

So I was just sitting here thinking randomly about how I used to get bullied as a kid in elementary being a young gay boy. I was always feminine so it was very obvious to everyone that I was gay although I never admitted to it naturally at that age, but I remember a few years ago my mother telling me about how I should have done this and said that, referring to the fact that I never told anyone in my family anytime I got picked on, beat up or even jumped at that yonger age. I lived in Gary at that time as a feminine gay boy under the age of 10 and I grew up with a house full of women, so to tell them that I got picked on at school and the reason why would have basically meant telling on myself (coming out/outing myself), which I obviously wasn’t ready to do at that age. Now all that time that I was a kid and even going into my teen years, adults and even teenagers would tell me how to speak and how to walk and act to be “less girly” I even remember our pastor pulling me to the side after church one day and telling me something along the lines of how I need to stop all that “girl stuff”, my mother whooped me once because I had clear nail polish on my nails, and my older cousins husband at a time teaching me how to “sit” on a couch more manly when me and my sister stayed with them out of town for a summer. Now those things happened at different times in my life but mostly between the ages 7-10. So I never cared about any of the masculine ways that people tried to teach me and it hurt being scolded for doing stuff that came naturally and things I liked that didn’t effect anyone other than myself, but growing up in Gary at that age I couldn’t say anything, I had to “stay in a child’s place”. Eventually time passed we moved from Gary still in Indiana but a much better safer city, long story short on this part I became more comfortable and loving of myself came out and then came out completely in high school, where I later came to terms my late sophomore year that I’m Transgender. So referring back to when I said that a few years ago my mother told me I should have said this and that yada yada about getting bullied and criticized when I was a kid, the thing about that statement is, no one can tell me (HERE COMES THE PROFANITY) what the fuck I “should have” said or done. Now as a 23 going on 24 year old TransAndrogynous woman, no one can tell me what I should have done when I was a child because for one the time has passed so should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and two none of these people who are still in my life now can put themselves in that position. As a heterosexual woman in her mid/late 30s at the time my mother was just that a heterosexual woman so she couldn’t possibly know how it felt to be in a gay boys shoes under the age of 10 living in the hood. None of the women in my family nor men for that matter could put themselves in my shoes so that I could have a solution, I was raised in a loving environment but that being said it still wasn’t an environment that was presented to me at that age as an environment where I can be myself and be comfortable and loved. At that age I didn’t think I could come out or just be myself because everybody always tried to get me to be something I wasn’t and I was too young to say anything because I thought I wouldn’t be loved anymore if everybody heard I was gay from my own mouth. So I feel like as a 23 year old TransAndrogynous who has surpassed being a gay boy and a gay teenage boy, how can you say, “You should have” with such ease as if you’ve been there and dealt with it? I know I’m not the only person who’s gone through this but I don’t believe it’s talked about enough and the issue with it is, these days everyone is having children left and right with no knowledge on what they could be possibly and/or truly raising. My grandmother used to always say “you never know what you’re having/raising”, yes people are having girls and boys but they don’t know nor do the consider that they could be having/raising a gay child, a trans child, a child that could be androgynous or a gender fluid child, or a child who considers themself to not have a gender etc. Very few to none of people actually consider these things, they just think I’m going to have a little girl or boy and he or she is going to have a husband or wife and happy happy joy joy 😞😒. It’s worse for the younger people who are having children because the majority of them don’t know themselves yet especially the young men, even a lot of people my age don’t and yet they are careless with bringing the future into this already cruel world with unknown intentions on whether or not they can love and support them when they turn out to be different from what they expected or wanted them to be. That’s where the issue starts so I say all of this to say, ensure children that they are loved regardless early on in their life, right from the beginning. If you aren’t going to love your child unconditionally no matter what then you shouldn’t have them (my personal opinion and belief). Why? Because once you have children it isn’t about you it’s about them, they need to know that they can truly come to you their parents and family with anything, it starts with you so why not show them that when they look back you’re going to be there with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart. My family raised me with love I’m not saying they didn’t but what they didn’t do is ensure me that no matter who I am and what I am that I was still loved and supported when I was a kid. Of course when I got older I found out and most of them gave me the “we knew” statement, and then the question is so why not come to me as a child and let me know that then? Why tell me now that I’ve already endured pain and hurt and decided I don’t give a fuck if you love me or not this is me, which people should possess that attitude but had I known as that gay feminine little boy in Gary so long ago that I could have liked boys while my family knew about it and that I could be myself and play with/collect Barbies and what not, things would have went much more different and somewhat smoothly in certain parts of my life, but I’m thankful that I got out of Gary at a young age because my mind opened. So if you have kids or want them tell your kids, any kids, show them and ensure them that they are loved no matter what early in their life because it’s supposed to be about them, after all The Children are the future, at least that’s what The Voice told me and I Believe it as she did. Royal LeBeau @morrisondauthor


I’m kinda sad that there is really no representation for Chinese, non-binary people.

Never mind the fact that there is already little to none representation for Asians in general.

Shout out to all the gay Asians. Shout out to asexual Asians who gets looked over for it. Shout out to bi/pansexual Asians. Shout out to Asians who are questioning their sexuality. Shout out to Asians questioning to their gender identity. Shout out to non binary Asians. Shout out to gender fluid Asians.

Most of all, shout out to Asians who has to stay in the closet due to their family.

You’re all cool and I hope to see the representation we can get someday.

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I'm desperate for a girlfriend but i'm not out to 'the public' so i have no idea how to meet other gay people especially from my age (i'm like a baby (15))

Maybe try the Her app



Hi, my name is Armelle, (it means Bears’ Princess in Celtics),  I’m a 20 year old Parisian girl. (so I’m from France). I’m in Preparatory classes but also studying Geography at La Sorbonne.
What else to say about me ? I’m black as you can see, really short, and  I like to make cathartic jokes about my sadness and my anxiety issues. I use meme and gif a lot and I also read a lot ! Especially history and sociology books and articles. (I’m a huge fan of Simmel and Foucault).
 I’m a feminist, I love indie music and French rap or indé music like Odezenne, La femme, Sexy Sushi, Salut c’est cool or Thérapie Taxi. 
I love Skam, Sense8 and Sherlock, but I also watch other TVshows and I complain a lot on my twitter. 

I love travelling. I’m doing an European tour with my friends this summer (Even if it stresses the heck out of me) and seeing as I love writing postcard, I could send my penpal some.
I also really don’t know how to present myself (hence the pictures) but I’m a pretty chill person, I love going to concerts, I’ve seen Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, One Direction and many other artists. I’m not an artsy person even though all my friends are, I can draw but that’s pretty much all. I have a collection of dead roses given by my crushes, and sometimes I can seem very cold even though I’m not. My friends say that I’m to blunt and sometimes I can hurt people feelings because I don’t have any filter with the words I choose. (I can’t sugarcoat things.)
I can write in English, German (I had a German penpal when I was in High school) and French (obviously). I would love to exchange with non-European people (especially Japanese people) but I’m willing to talk to anyone.

Preferences: Someone around my age, (like 19-22) with some common interest (but even if you think that we don’t have anything in common but still want to know me, it’s okay, you can still write me) Tolerant (obviously) because most of my friends are queers and I won’t accept any mean comment about LGBTQ+ and I really don’t give a shit about gender, race or religion or whatsoever. Just be open-minded.
I would love a snail-mail penpal but only mails is fine by me.
You can introduce yourself on my Tumblr and I will give you more private informations like my email address. Hope I’ll get some answers. 

Your First Fountain Pen

For a beginner, and a student beginner especially, the largest consideration is price. I have had all the pens mentioned as good starter pens (except the Al-Star and the Loom, but have borrowed both multiple times from friends) and they are all good pens. Even the Petit1 is a good pen!

For “credentials”, I have convinced more than two dozen people the past year to buy their first fountain pen. As far as I know they all still use the pens. Hashtag penvangelism.

My default answer to people who want to buy their first pen is the Pilot Metropolitan. Why? A lot of people (especially at my age; ‘90s kid) are used to ballpoints and gel pens. I know exactly one person in my life who uses a rollerball pen. This means most people are used to thin line widths which, in my experience, only the Pilot Metropolitan <F> can offer. I’ve used the EF nib of Lamy and TWSBI and both are demonstrably thicker than a Pilot Fine.

The logic behind suggesting a pen within the prospective convert’s comfort zone is that you don’t just want to suggest a good pen to someone, you want the person to keep using that pen and abandoning the use of non-fountain pens. Easing them into it helps.

Back to price. In my country, a Safari is three times more expensive than a Metro. The Safari does not come with a converter. Even if you want to switch to a Con-50 or Con-40, the Safari is still more than twice as expensive—I hate it). In my country as well, the Eco (about $40.00 here) is two dollars away from being four times as expensive as a Metro. This is a huge difference because even if we “sell” fountain pens as being built to last, most first-time buyers are perfectly fine using a $1 Pilot G-tec. They absolutely love the G-tec. A Metropolitan is fifteen G-tecs. To stretch the comparison a bit, a Porsche 911 Carrera S is just five Toyota Corollas.

A super budget pen would be a Preppy, a Petit1, or a V-Pen. The cap of the Preppy breaks with regular cautious use and a Petit1’s clip will break-off. A V-Pen is too cumbersome to refill unless you have one where the feed can be pulled-off (mine can’t, even with pliers). A Plaisir might be nice but that terrible looking nib and the local price have stopped me from trying. It is pretty cheap in China though (about $12) so..

I do like Chinese pens because they’re so cheap. Definitely good writers when you find them (I have bought probably 30+ already this year, some for myself, most to be PIF-ed or sold and get people into Chinese pens). There are a few concerns for me if it’s someone getting their first few pens. First, there will be lemons even if you buy from the “reputable sellers” we often hear. Even if they all write and are in good condition, some write better than others. I once bought a lot of 10 pens. 7 wrote well but 3 wrote incredibly incredibly well. Returning them or contacting the vendor will be a pain. The wait is also excruciatingly long and the pen might not arrive at all.

Another thing is consistency. eBay sellers would actually indicate if a Chinese pen was “M” and in some cases even put nib width “0.5” which is what I think a lot of pen users here (me included) wished pen manufacturers would do to standardize how thick pens are. But these listings aren’t always true. A “0.5” actually doesn’t mean “0.5”. In fact I found a listing last night in Taobao where the seller had a table that “0.38” is actually 0.38 to 0.6 and “0.5” is actually 0.4-0.8 or something like that.  

Now, why would you not buy a Pilot Metropolitan? Besides an uncommon problem of some people reporting that it ejects ink into the cap for no reason, the most obvious are the large step and the design. For quite some time, I didn’t get a Metropolitan because the design didn’t speak to me. They wrote well enough but not well enough for me to get over the weird middle band. I just couldn’t understand why the background of the middle band was different in shade to the the rest of the pen (in MR1), and later on the animal bands just horrified me (in MR2). Eventually I got used to the design and I have three of them right now (I’ve owned five in total). Then there’s the step. From all the pens mentioned this has the largest step. I understand why the step is there but I still prefer a pen that is streamline uncapped versus a pen that is streamline while capped. I look at pens when they are ready to use, not when they are to be kept in storage. I have since been able to modify my grip when using this and similar pens such that they are no more uncomfortable than other pens (my fingers sort of cling to the ledge of the step). You could also get a Kakuno instead! It is being introduced to more markets and it’s a good writer in fun colours. Somehow, my Kakuno felt sharper than my equivalent Metropolitan though.

That said, Pilot Metropolitan <M> sometimes have a tendency to skip when you first write with them. The problem miraculously goes away after a short while. I don’t know if it is baby’s bottom because I haven’t gotten around to getting a loupe. I have bought and handled a few used Metropolitans and none have skipped.

Now, why would you get a Safari instead? While the nib width and quality control is a bit of a lottery and the inner cap does tend to break down, both problems are easily dealt with. The biggest draws for me is the easy exchange-ability of nibs matched only by Kaweco among current pens. Of course, depending on the market a Lamy nib costs more than a Metro… The section/grip of the Safari is also talked about a lot. It really depends on your grip and it’s important that you be able to borrow a pen first before you buy it. There are also people who buy the pen after trying it in the store and then sell it a week later because it’s too big or too heavy but these are unusual people. For me, the Safari is easier to hold than a Metro even if I don’t hold pens the way Lamy wants me too (only one of my fingers is “where it’s supposed to be”).

Why don’t you get an Eco? The grip is the easiest to use and the capacity will not leave you wanting. To me, the largest barrier is again the price. You must be a great fan of the demonstrator look and the piston capacity if you want this pen where I live. In the US it is the same price as a Safari so that might not be a consideration for others, of course. I do like the screw cap (I wish all pens were screw caps) but if you post your pens this has the worst posting experience among all of the pens mentioned. I’m sure it’s secure but it doesn’t inspire you about its security. I also think it looks the worse among all the pens. I actually like how the Preppy looks more than an Eco. The all clear version looks really great though, up until you fill it and ink inevitable gets on and behind the inner cap…

The Eco performs at a comparable rate to the Safari (again, I think they all write well albeit slightly differently) and it may come down to personal preferences. Do you value nib-swapping more than a piston’s capacity? Do you prefer a screw cap to a snap cap? If you want to experiment with unusual inks you may be better off staying away from the Eco. There’s too much worrying involved in keeping the barrel pristine.

Is anyone still reading?

Alright, a Kaweco Sport is alright and I really like the look. Besides the possibility of a poor nib (happens to all manufacturers anyway), you have to be open to dealing with unavoidable barrel wear. Unavoidable! You also need to post the pen to write with it. Another thing is that if you want to use cartridges on a transparent Kaweco you should know beforehand that it looks pretty lame. A lot of people complain about proprietary cartridges and there was a recent post here about someone making a permanent international cartridge; Kaweco needs to make a proprietary cartridge that fills the length of the Kaweco barrel. Short international cartridges look terrible!

A Loom is great and I really want to buy one save for two worries. First, the cap looks really bad and there is something off in the way it clicks shut. It also has a terrible looking clip. It is the pit of cap-shutting feel, at the opposite end of the Prera. Another is that it there is a risk of parts incompatibility. It’s standard international but not all cartridges and converters work on it. A friend bought a Faber-Castell converter from the same store and it didn’t fit..

The Prera is great (I really want a slate grey one) but do you want to pay that much more for the same writing end as a Metropolitan? Locally, it is about thrice as expensive as a Metropolitan. I’m not going to buy one brand new. On the secondhand market? The going rate is about five times. Again, a Porsche 911 Carrera S is just five Toyota Corollas. It face the same problem of Lamy system pens. You really need to want the different, more expensive body because it’s the only thing you’re paying a premium for. You also need to post the Prera to be able to write with it. If you’re Kawhi Leonard don’t even consider it.

For the less mentioned pens a Parker IM I think is the most expensive mentioned here. I have one. The clear coat has come off in spots and it’s very ugly because of it. I think it’s a good review pen because it’s so easy to clean even if you can’t remove the nib or the section. I would not recommend it. It’s a $10 value to me. I also have a Parker 45 and it’s good, smooth, and easy to disassemble. I think it’s also the one with the most “character” among all the pens. I would caution everyone as to nib width though. I bought an NOS “45” that had a “fine nib” and wrote as thick as my Medium Safari. Very smooth writer, sure, but it needs an IG ink to be at a width I can work with. Otherwise I can only use it to underline my readings and that would be pretty sad for your first and only (so far) pen.


Some Dragon Age sketches from my instagram

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈<3

Time for a new set of five ^^’

1) I like the fact that I’m pretty proficient in English, especially compared to other people in my age group. My English teachers over the years had always been impressed with how well I spoke and wrote in the language, even at a young age.

2) My maturity, I guess? My friends (even the older ones) tell me that I’m wise beyond my years, and seem to really have my shit together (though I know I don’t XD). Even when I was a kid, the adults liked how much more put together I was compared to the other kids.

3) I like the fact that I am an only child. Even if having a brother or sister would’ve been nice, I already technically have siblings in the form of my closest friends. Besides, the biggest perk of it is having the attention of my parents to myself XD

4) How, after being on hiatus from Tumblr for so long, the friends I made when I was first starting out don’t hate me XD (Shout-out to @mutsukushiitoorus @reyvenclaw @hyruviandoctor @darthkerri @sea-salt-ice-queen @cc-supika @danganstopa)

5) To add to ^, how I met and befriended so many more good people when I came back from my hiatus :3 (Shout-out to @itshaejinju @blindbae @themissimmortal @ohgodsnowwhat @stunninglyignis @chocobabyporcelain @angelic-guardienne @bespectacled-girl @eternallydaydreaming2015 @misaki-kurenai @misssarahdoll @femmescientia @insomniacapples @swabin10 @poisonous-panda @alicemoonwonderland and of course, you @zacklover24)

Car Insurance Tips!!!!!

Since I know a lot of people (especially my age) don’t know about car insurance, I figured I’d share my expertise.

1) make sure you don’t just have “full coverage”. Full coverage is a term used by cheap insurance companies like Fred Loya or the General to trick consumers into thinking they’re “fully covered” when all you get is liability coverage (which only covers repairs to the vehicle(s) you hit) with minimum limits. Have some comprehensive (for weather damage, accidents caused by animals, loss of control of your vehicle, etc) and collision (when you collide with a vehicle or another object in the road) coverage so you can get repairs done to you’re own car.

2) do NOT DO NOT DOOOO NOOOOT get minimum limits and high deductibles if you can afford something higher. I see so many people not have enough money to take care of someone else’s damages or their own vehicle because they don’t have enough coverage or high ass deductibles. Why are you paying for insurance if you’re not going to be able to use it??

3) Don’t let your coverage lapse. It’s the second you think “I’ll just reinstate it in a month or two” that you get in an accident and a month or two has turned into a year or two and you’re out here with no coverage for yourself or others.

4) get the rental coverage, the medical coverage, the bodily injury liability insurance and the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages too. Cus you truly never know what can happen. So many people end up out here without a car and debt up the ass because they can’t afford a rental or racked up med bills from an accident or caused someone else injuries or got into an accident with someone without coverage and end up screwed. Don’t be that person.

5) READ. YOUR. DAMN. CONTRACT. At least your declarations page. I get so many people who end up fucked because they thought some shit would be covered and it turns out that it’s clearly stated in your policy that it isn’t. Even if you have to have someone with the company explain it, that’s what the service department is there for. Know what you’re paying for.

6) if you get injured in an accident and you or the person at fault have the proper medical coverages, don’t waste your time or money with an attorney. They rarely even know what’s going on with your case, we’re only obligated to speak with them every 20-30 days anyway and they can’t get you anything beyond the policy limits anyway unless there are some extenuating circumstances. Why even use the insurance if you’re going pay for an attorney who’s going to get their cut off a payment you would’ve gotten anyway without their help?

7) keep your info updated. If you get a new/replacement car, if you move, if pure adding someone to the policy or taking them off, make sure you update that with your company ASAP, regardless of whatever provisions are in your policy. You’ll be avoiding a coverage investigation in the long run or not having coverage at all because you forgot to update some info within the allotted times. Adjusters like to get Claims with no coverage because it’s less work for them. They don’t have to do anything because the policy isn’t in force.

8) if you can file a police report, DO IT. They can help a case so much. A police officer won’t outright say who’s at fault when both parties are disputing what happened but the Adjuster will be able to tell based on how that officer writes the narrative on the police report.

I can’t think of anything else right now but send me a message if y'all have any questions.

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After Bespin, Double Agent Anakin gets in the habit of calling Han "Child", a common Tatooine term of address for a younger person. Han is torn between protesting that he's only 13 years younger than Anakin and shying away from any reminder of the age difference between him and his girlfriend's father especially compared with the age difference between him and said girlfriend. Anakin does it BECAUSE he can see the dilemma flash in his eyes every single time.


I can completely see this happening.

Leia is never any help, either. Sometimes Han wonders why he had to fall for a woman who so obviously enjoys tormenting him.

(This is a lie. He doesn’t wonder.)

“There’s this youth culture that is really, really powerful and really, really strong, but what it does is it really discards people once they reach a certain age. I actually think that people are so powerful and interesting - women, especially - when they reach my age. We’ve got so much to say, but popular culture is so reductive that we just talk about whether we’ve got wrinkles, or whether we’ve put on weight or lost weight, or whether we’ve changed our hair style. I just find that so shallow.”

–Annie Lennox (born 25 December, 1954)

Happy 60th birthday, you badass!

I love taking online classes since I can go mostly at my own pace and it works great with all my health issues and work. I feel really lonely and stagnant though.
I’ve never been a social butterfly. I’ve always been a bit quiet and reserved even more so from some terrible bullying in middle school. High school I always felt like an outsider in my friend group…a pity friend. I sat with them at lunch but they never invited me to the movie nights or parties I had to invite myself and I just…I stopped doing it because I felt so awkward and unwanted.
Now I have one great friend (mod Evie) and several work acquaintances but really no one else. It’s hard for me to connect to people around my age especially now I’m not even on campus. I’m not out going to parties or dating or moving from home. I’m working, going to doctor appointments, trying to support me and my mom on my paycheck.
I wish I had more people to talk too. More friends my age. I love Evie but she’s so busy right now and dealing with her own stuff I don’t want to burden her with all my issues.
I feel like this is what the rest of my life’s going to be. Me working and struggling with my health stuck by myself. The lonely freak the kids in middle school told me I was.

Namjoon’s Segment ~ HipHopHada

T/N: HipHopHada is a book containing interviews of artists involved in the Korean hiphop scene. 

When Namjoon Was Very Young

Namjoon: Ever since I was young, my personality pointed me more towards literature and less towards science and math. I am more interested in sociology, English, Korean, and literature. I wanted to write impressive words since elementary school and had a strong urge to compose. I seem to read more compared to those around my age, especially classics and biographies of famous people. I really do read a lot. Once, I made my mom buy me 100 series to read, and I still think of those days sometimes. I read a very popular book, lately. It’s as though I learned something different from the book, but I also came to realize that I need to go back to reading the classics. 

How Namjoon Persuaded His Family About Trainee Life

Namjoon: No matter how much I kept studying or how good I got, I would’ve just been at the level of 5000 people. Through rap though, I can become 1st and become a person that is renown. [He told his mom back then] “would you like a child who works hard at achieving 1st place or a one that stops and stays within the 500?” I then finally got permission and began my trainee life working in Gangnam. 

(Trans. Cr.: soymlk_03)

Frostbitten - WIP

I have this thing where a character of mine (not the Inquisitor) is cast out of Skyhold but Cole fears that they won’t make it through the night, much less the snow, and ventures out to find them. (it’s part of something I’m writing drabbling)


Pulp – ‘Common People’ (live, Glastonbury 1995)

Let’s get this out the way right from the start: Jarvis Cocker can’t fucking sing. His style actually has a technical term which describes it: sprechgesang, (German for ‘spoken singing”), which is primarily associated with opera but which I fully endorse nicking to describe a skinny freak from Sheffield, not least cos I know which of these two have more relevance to my life. (And I bloody love opera.) This style is shared by all of my favourite male vocalists who scream over screeching guitars: Nick Cave, Ian Dury, Blixa Bargeld, Johnny Rotten, Mark E. Smith. (Notably sort of also John Cooper Clarke, not that he is, you know, a singer, but although he’s relevant we’ll get to him later.) This isn’t music about technical ability or vocal power, it’s about the meaning and social context of the words and how they mould perfectly to the voice singing them. There is not a single Pulp song that has ever sounded right in anyone else’s mouth. But if you’re the sort of person who’s going to be a tosser about this, then the time to leave is now.

Everyone still here? Right. Jarvis Cocker can’t fucking sing, but it’s an irrelevance at worst, an active part of the music at best. It doesn’t really matter that Jarvis Cocker can’t sing, because he is one of the single most charismatic people on the face of the planet. Those of you who are aware of Jarvis as a cultural presence but have never actually seen him perform – like many people in Britain, especially of about my age and younger – probably think I’ve lost my mind round about this point, which is not unusual. But he is. Jarvis Cocker on stage is like being smacked in the face with a frying pan, and when he does it instead of saying ‘ow, what the fuck is wrong with you’, you want him to do it again. And again. And again. Ad infinitum. Watch this video. That skinny weirdo stick insect from Sheffield is mesmerising and horrifying and hot as shit. He is one of the gods in The Wicked + The Divine. When he singspeaks you SHUT THE FUCK UP. Okay?

Right. Onto your real introduction to the band, by which I mean we’re going to talk about why I fucking hate the reception of Common People.

The Wicked + The Divine is an amazing new comic by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, about the literal mythologising of rock and roll– rock stars as actual gods.  

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you know a boy by the name d? he's pretty cute B;)

EB: we’ve already been over this. in case you couldn’t tell i don’t really like people, especially not people my age.

((he doesn’t have any friends, and in my opinion sorely needs one, if you’ve got anyone in mind *wink*))


This post does not necessarily reflect anyone else’s experience besides my own. Anyone thinking of becoming an SB should do their own research and be safe. Sugaring is not for everyone. Some people might not feel the same way as me, and that’s totally okay! :)

1) Being an SB motivates me to take care of myself:

I’m a very forgetful and lazy person when it comes to personal care. It’s torture for me to remember to moisturize and cleanse every night, etc., and if I don’t feel I have a good reason to do any of these things they reach low priority and there’s no hope. 

Whether I’m with an SD or looking for one, I find that I look foreword to my beauty routine and fitness routine! it’s magic. It bolsters my confidence because I leave the house looking good, and when I look good I actually feel happier.

2) Being an SB forces me to improve my social skills:

I have social anxiety, and I live by myself (with my dog) in a small apartment. I have a few close friends but we all have very different lives and so it’s hard to make time in our schedules to meet more than once a week. I’m a student and work part-time as a supervisor- it’s hard for me to interact with people when the alternative is to spend the day in bed with my puppy. 

3) Being an SB opens my mind:

Being a Sugar Baby is not exactly an admired profession, especially outside of people our age. Reading reactions to my (hobby?) has allowed me to understand new perspectives in that now I can more easily grasp the idea that the world is mostly grey area. 

4) Being an SB keeps me working toward my future:

I find it too easy to fall into emotional ruts due to my chronic depression. Ruts are very problematic in that I will ignore everything else and lie in bed pondering existential truths and crying. My future is important to me. Sugaring reminds me of this, and helps me conquer my fear of not measuring up in life. 

Stay classy, sugars <3 



After 3 surgeries in 2 months you’d think I’m allowed to complain a little without people telling me I should just be thankful I’m alive.

For at least 2 weeks in the hospital, before my 3rd surgery, I was in horrible pain and coughing up blood, unable to sleep because I’d cough up a lot of blood every hour, shitting myself because of the potassium pills I had to take, I wanted to kill myself just to end the real nightmare I had to relive over and over again. It took them 10 days to give me a CTscan and realize that my heart valve had slid off again, one of my lungs is filling up with blood, and my liver was dangerously enlarged. By the time 3rd surgery had come and gone, I’d pretty much given up trying to feel things. The only thing I could feel was that fear I’d have to get another surgery. Of course by the time I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t feeling that optimistic yet. In fact, I still don’t. I know I will one day, but it’ll take time.
I think should be able to complain juuuuust a little bit about the fact that compared to the people around me and a lot of people my age, I’m a liiiiittle unlucky, especially since I have to get my blood tested and take blood thinning medication for the rest of my life. Just a bit.