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                                     Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

                                             “Anniversary” by Sid

             “Our destinies are connected, so we’ll surely meet again”

Spencer Reid imagine

Daydreaming was a curse for me especially in a job were I couldn’t afford to dream for a second. Yet here I was at my desk tapping my pen staring off into space,well more like staring at Spencer whilst he talked to Derek about the case.

Doctor Spencer Reid the smartest guy I’ve ever known and here I am just dreaming about him,god I’m twenty four and here I am with a school girl crush on one of the team members.

“You know it’s rude to stare” I jumped out of my daydream when I hear Garcia’s voice in my ear. I turn to face her a smirk creeping on her face “it’s adorable though how you’re seriously crushing on Reid” I shake my head turning my attention back to Reid.

“It’s annoying because I’m me and he’s well Spencer boy genius with a big heart and help me Garcia” I pled to her but she just laughs making me go red.

“Listen to me Y/N first of all you being you is why everyone on the team loves you all right you’re awesome trust me I know awesome when I see it,plus Reid is totally crushing on you as well so just go for it all right” she gives me a wave after that heading back to her bat cave.

I sigh running my hands through my hair get a grip Y/N. I look back up to where he had been talking to Morgan only to be greeted with an empty space,right back to work I pick up my pen and flip through the case file checking to make sure we hadn’t missed anything.

“Um hi Y/N” I froze at his voice taking a deep breath and turn to face him.

“Hey Reid” I say looking up at the tall boy from my chair, “what’s up?” I ask seeing the look of panic on his face.

“I was well I was um wondering if you would like to go on a date with me” his voice came out rushed and frantic. But I understood everything he said and it made my heart flutter.

“I’d love too Spencer” I say ducking my head a little trying to hide my pink cheeks from the rest of the team who were watching from the brake room.

“I’ll completely understand,wait did you say you’d love too” his face was as bright as mine I just nodded looking up at him. “That’s actually really great Y/N I promise I’ll make it the best date you’ve ever been on”

“I’m sure you will Spencer,but we got a case to solve before that” I say pointing down to the file on my desk knowing how we couldn’t be caught up in the moment too much.

“Of course,I’m just gonna go back to my desk but I look forward to our date” and with that he placed a kiss on my cheek and headed back to his desk.

“I have to go find Garcia,but first I need to calm my heart down” I mutter going back to the case.

A/N I’m only on season 2 of Criminal Minds hence why Y/N is twenty four


It doesn’t matter what we’re called. As long as we’re together.


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