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These are Takis.

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Regarding Abby's post about a lady stealing candy: Are open jars of candy on a desk NOT free? Especially in a clinical setting like doctor/dentists' offices, there's commonly a jar of candy in the front desk. I think the lady may not have known she was stealing bc it doesn't seem like a normal response to make eye contact with someone while knowingly doing something you're not supposed to be doing. Oh my god... I've been unintentionally stealing from doctor's offices my whole life.

This is a pharmacy, a store environment, not a doctor’s office. There are multiple jars up front like you’d see in a candy store. Definitely not free. It is the only place in the entire clinic that you can find candy on the desks other than hospital administration, which is completely off limits to patients. Even pediatrics doesn’t have an open candy jar at the reception desk. They give out Popsicles to kids AFTER their doc appointment, but that’s it. Some offices may vary, but this one it’s clear than it is not the norm nor is it free. The pharmacy is a store environment rather than a doctor’s office. It’s open 7 days a week like Walgreens and sells candy, gifts, magazines, cards, etc. It may be located in a clinic, but it doesn’t make it less than a store. -Abby

Since we’re off doing headcanons...

I believe Sherlock became a little more comfortable talking to John about Irene after the events in TLD and TFP. He doesn’t carry conversations about her, but he openly comments on her texts even when John is present, especially if he forgets to set his phone on vibrate and John hears the text alert. One time, John caught them Facetiming. 

He gave a casual hi to The Woman and left with a smirk. 

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Robert's level of denial about the sentencing is the absolute worst, truly heartbreaking. I was trying to choke back tears when he said it will be weeks not months. Why is this happening?! We need to stock up on plenty of tissues,wine and comfort food before Thursday

Oh god anon. I wonder if it’s denial, or just trying to put on a brace face, or a mix of both, but… either way, I don’t think he’s going to expect 12 months at all. He’s going to be devastated (especially if he’s not there with Aaron, seeing as Aaron seems so set on not letting anyone tag along).

Hahahahahaha oh my god I’m a broken person sos

I just thought about how weird it would be to work on a TV show for a fucking decade and then just Go back to eating 2 minute noodles alone especially if yr a kid and u grow up on the set like

That’s so weird

You have multiple parents your real ones, your crew ones and your actor ones


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We haven't been getting much of ANY location shots or spoilers for anyone, not just Robin. They have majorly been filming on closed locations for 2 months already. So, nothing can make out of the absence of spoilers or set spoilers. Especially since this is the ending of the story, I doubt they will let us know anything significant or let the set info leak that easily. They film mostly on sets that are not accessible to the set-watchers, so that no plot-defining stuff can be made public.

that’s very true and could be the reason why with the announcement about closing the narrative that things have been on edge. 

Look at RB, we have not see any filming for Robert or Em, and people are kind freaking out in that camp that Robert might not come back for Season 7. But people on set have reassured them that there is enough content to keep them satisfied. 

Set spoilers have always been good to Emma and Snowing fans, always. I think I have a better idea about what Emma and family will be doing more than anything, and while there is the speculation that people base ALL of their speculations on…. like a vague docks scene with Charming and Hook in which almost everyone thinks is Hook asking for Emma’s hand… which seems way too specific for for actual scene in which Hook and Charming seem to have a confrontation and Charming handcuffs Hook to a bike rack or something. It’s more likely that it’s about Hook being involved in Charming’s dad murder, because the episode is titled A Murder most Foul, since the episode itself is a David centric and the only unresolved part of David’s story is his alcoholic fathers murder, Hook has a history of alcoholism too and murder, or at the very least drunken fights over pride, put those two things together and conflict makes sense. (but it’s still purely speculation on my part) 

If they are ending the current narrative and ending the season on a point where the series could end and give the characters end resolutions, they would definitely not want to spoil anything. I think the cut of the engagement ring was a huge tease to keep people wildly speculating and inevitably it will be a red herring. 

The only real set spoilers we know that we can confirm based on recent filming is that Charming and Snow somehow break the sleeping curse, Robin ends up back in Storybrooke and has some scenes with the EQ and there has been some disagreement between Hook and Charming and Snow and Charming. 

Haha Cole catching KJ off guard while he was marveling over the architecture of the hotel in San Francisco……it’s so nice to see the Riverdale cast hanging out off set…especially KJ and Cole who always go on road and hiking trips together whenever they can! They actually did a road trip before filming Riverdale and now when it’s wrapped. They really are like Jughead and Archie in real life hehe….

I can write a paragraph about how the south really ain’t shit but for the people in NC…. please stay safe. If you’re black or a non-black poc and you go out, please don’t go out alone,… Especially at night. Watch your surroundings. Lock your doors. Set your security alarms. Have 911 on speed dial. Learn how to defend yourselves… I can’t believe I’m giving out these tips in damn near 2017. But this is where the future of our country is heading… This is what the 50 million+ people in America wanted.


clary’s reaction to finding her mother’s body

Cutting Wit


I’ve read the TFP spoilers. Not posting them here. My thoughts:

  • Your feelings are valid, whatever they are. Be happy, be sad, be angry, be hopeful, be ready to give it a chance, be done with this show right now. Be how you need to be.
  • Some of the promo for this season bore a remarkable resemblance to Clue, famous for its multiple endings. Would Mofftiss love to fuck with people this way? Oh yeah. Do they have the budget for a few extra/alternative scenes? Especially if, say, those scenes only involved two actors in one flat setting? Pfft. Yes. 

  • Same-day, NDA-required screening for episode 2. Three day in advance, no-NDA screening for the finale. Are you suspicious? Me too. For good reason, I think. Imagine if they did that with past seasons. “Can’t let people know the hound was a hallucination, but let ‘em leak Sherlock’s fall!” “Keep the secret about the Mayfly Man, but who cares if they find out Mary shot Sherlock?” Like. Come on. This is a finale. They care about keeping a tight lid on it. They care a Lot.

  • Writing and reading metas and being a part of this community has been a blast. I regret nothing, and I hope you don’t either.

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