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What are your best discipline, productivity, planning tips? You're so inspiring!

thank you so much! :) those three are kind of interdependent, but i’ll try my best: 


  • reward yourself when you achieve a goal.
  • alternate fun tasks with less fun tasks, starting with a less fun task so you have something to look forward to. 
  • hold yourself accountable. set goals that are measurable, i.e. that contain numbers -> read 5 pages, do 3 exercises, write 400 words. 
  • apps like forest prevent you from being distracted by your phone or tumblr.
  • i try to have one day a week where i don’t have anything planned. it gives me something to look forward to, and i always know that if something urgent comes up i’ll have the time to deal with it.


  • do something productive each day (no zero days), no matter how little.
  • develop a routine, especially if you’re struggling with being productive. have set times for studying - it doesn’t have to be every day, but for example every saturday from 10 to 12. 
  • take breaks (try pomodoros if you want! lanes for google chrome has a built-in timer.)
  • productivity isn’t just studying. it’s also cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry… give yourself credit for what you accomplish, even if it’s not school-related. a day spent doing laundry/cooking a meal/vacuuming is not a zero day. 


  • have a good calendar/bullet journal (or both, like me) and USE IT. it doesn’t help you if it’s empty. (it doesn’t have to look pretty for it to be useful.)
  • i have an extra page with all deadlines of the next six months so i can easily see what’s coming up.
  • set earlier deadlines than the actual ones. you’ll end up handing in everything early, and you’ll have extra time in an emergency.
  • don’t forget to schedule time for yourself! studying and school need to be balanced out with exercise, sleep, meals, hobbies, and socialising. 

hope this helped! :)

A gentle reminder

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor the legacy of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price and given their lives to defend this great country of ours.

Please do not thank a veteran today, or even our armed forces… this is a day set aside to honor the fallen, and honestly most veterans and armed forces members take great offense at being thanked for a holiday that is not their own. If you do wish to thank a veteran, do so any other day of the year (I highly encourage it, they deserve our thanks), but especially on Veteran’s Day, that is the holiday set aside to honor those who have served, and returned home alive.

Also, Armed Forces Day is set aside strictly to honor those men and women currently serving our country.

With that being said, I’d like to thank all the men and women who have laid down their lives so that I may be where I am today, in the country of freedom and liberty, where we take great pride in our servicemen and servicewomen, I appreciate every sacrifice made for this beautiful country of ours! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@theload y e, they totally would, but tbh the difference is in the way they treat the angels/legendaries. protestants ofc don’t believe in saints or their relics or anything like that but we believe angels exist, although we don’t pray to them. now i’m not 100% clear on the history but i think part of the reason protestantism doesn’t pray to angels is because the earliest ones felt like it was idolatry to pray to anything outside God Himself. so poképrotestantism would have that same belief about the legendaries, especially since the way i set up the catholic church of arceus it’s practically pagan compared with real world catholicism. LOL


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]


The women are the strong sassy ones, truly. - Part Three.


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine, and not just in my head, something I might be imagining… I need to know something. Something true.


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Achilles heel of each moon sign

Aries moon: Take things deep and personally and can overreact to things and enjoy causing meaningless confrontations.

Taurus moon: Not willing to take risks or get out of their comfort zone, as a result of this they miss out on new experiences.

Gemini moon: Doesn’t stick to one thing and has superficial friendships, often can’t get things finished.

Cancer moon: Very needy, always wants constant reassurance and overstays their welcome.

Leo moon: Bossy and likes to have control meaning they can be selfish, lets nobody rain on their parade.

Virgo moon: Over analyses situations and can always think of a worst-case scenario, they are very stressed people and find it hard to relax.

Libra moon: Lets people walk all over them for the sake of not causing a fuss, they never want to cause conflicts.

Scorpio moon: Rarely opens up to people, prone to “bottling-up” emotions.

Sagittarius moon: They don’t appreciate rules and like their freedom, this can be problematic for them especially in school settings.

Capricorn moon: Get very melancholy when their goals are not reached, they pressure themselves into being overachievers.

Aquarius moon: Being a self-reliant individual is important to them, they don’t take well to people copying them.

Pisces moon: Emotional and puts people through guilt trips, they will never let you forget something you’ve done to them.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you even more of my ridiculous obsession with the arranged marriage royalty AU. You can blame @operaticspacetrash for this monstrosity. THE HYPE IS REAL and I am trash.

(P.S. click for bigger version, I think it looks best like that.)

for a lot of students, myself included, it can be really hard to figure out how to set goals! often, things like new year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions, followed for a week, and then forgotten. here’s my personal step-by-step on setting and sticking to a goal!

  1. think about why you are setting this each goal. if you have a concrete reason, it’s much easier to remind yourself of that later and stay motivated.
  2. set realistic goals. if what you are trying to do is impossible, you simply can’t meet your goals, and you will become discouraged!
  3. make quantifiable goals. this is, in my opinion, the most important step! you need to be able to keep definite track of your progress. if your goal is just “smile more” or “be nicer,” how will you know that you are succeeding? however, if your goal is “smile at least 5 times a day” or “compliment my friends at least 3 times a week,” that’s something you can measure. if you have trouble coming up with these, check out my list of them here
  4. set a time limit. this isn’t applicable to all types of goals, but it’s important for some. if your goal is something that can be completed, like writing a novel or finishing an assignment, know when you want it done by, instead of just “someday.”
  5. break down your goal into smaller goals. “writing a book” is a daunting task, but if you have smaller, daily goals of “write 1000 words,” it becomes much less intimidating. it’s easier to hold yourself accountable. this also prevents procrastination, because if you are making regular progress, you can avoid doing it all right before the deadline.
  6. account for time. make sure to include goals in your schedule, especially if it’s something like “work out for half an hour every day.” set aside time to achieve your goals, otherwise you might find yourself scrambling.
  7. set reminders. sometimes the easiest way to not achieve a goal is to forget to complete it! i use phone alarms with a unique sound and a label, but sometimes all you need is a daily checklist.
  8. have a way to track progress. keep all your information about a goal in one spot, and don’t lose it! bullet journals, google docs, and printables are great for this. at the end of every day, consider: did you meet your goal for the day? write down the answer, and maybe a reason why. it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable.
  9. tell others. another way to hold yourself accountable is with a little help! personally, if i’m the only one who knows about my goal, i’m less likely to achieve it because if i fail, i don’t feel like i’m letting anyone down. sometimes that extra pressure is useful.
  10. reward success. sometimes success can be its own reward, but sometimes you need a little extra motivation. this is where having an outside party helping can come in handy: if you have a partner who you’re working with, they can reward you if and ONLY if you’ve achieved your goal! it might be hard to restrain yourself from taking the reward anyway if you’re the only one calling the shots, so having an outside voice of reason can be really useful.
  11. don’t let failure make you quit. sometimes, it takes a lot of work and a lot of tries to get something right. if it seems like you won’t get it on the first try, see if you can on your second.
  12. work hard! in the end, only you can get yourself there.

good luck with your goals, and feel free to add to this post if you have any other tips! if you end up using my method, tag me with #celestudial. you can do it!