especially not this set

i can’t really say anything deep at the moment but i Really loved the scene where maggie runs in when kara’s having a panic attack and tries to help her.

it’s a subtle detail but maggie goes in, sees kara, and then she goes back out and tells everyone to get out of the bank. psi was long gone at that point, she didn’t need to evacuate the place. but maggie was protecting kara’s identity and her reputation as supergirl. she stopped people from seeing their hero reduced to that level of terror. they’ve seen her almost beaten before, but i don’t believe anyone who doesn’t know kara has ever seen supergirl afraid. imagine the mass hysteria that would have erupted had word gotten out that a villain was able to render the strongest person on earth that genuinely terrified. imagine the shame kara, already pressuring herself to be better than humans, would have experienced if people saw her like that.

and then she rushes over to her, addressing her as kara to try to coax her out of what was happening to her. she doesn’t make the distinction between kara and supergirl like she previously had, they’re one in the same to her now. and maggie tries to help her. she doesn’t really know what to do and that’s pretty clear, but she does what she can: she stays. she stays with kara long enough for the deo to get there, she stays long enough for kara to come out of it, and she stays in the aftermath. and once j'onn tries to get into kara’s mind, maggie immediately goes “what are you doing?” because she’s still in that protective mode.

it was minor but it made me feel a lot of things, mostly about the lost potential of their dynamic that would have been explored if the writers weren’t utterly incompetent.

In my horror, I prefer the domestic over the exotic.

I go spelunking when I can. I’ve gotten lost in the woods more than I should have, especially after dark. I enjoy urban exploration when I get the chance. Those settings don’t scare me as much as the house you live in or the place you go to work.

When you go out to do something dangerous– hiking, spelunking, urban exploring, deep sea diving, whatever– you do it willingly, and you do it with the clear understanding that you could die. You have to respect your environment, and the things in it. You take the appropriate precautions so that you don’t die, but if you failed to take those precautions… well, that’s not horror, that’s a tragedy.

Meanwhile, home and school and work– those places have rules of their own, but you know them all already. You’re so used to those rules that you don’t even think about it. Instinctively you know the number of steps to the bathroom, where to reach to find the light switch, where the light will come on when you do. You know the give of the floor under your feet as you move, the shifting smells as you cross from room to room.

What scares me is what happens when those rules no longer apply.

Maybe there’s a stranger there that Does Not Belong– not the kind that can be stopped by doormen or security, but something more sinister. Maybe the hallway is longer than it used to be. Maybe it goes to places that it should not go. Maybe the smell is just a little bit off, and you can’t place it. Maybe there’s something in the window where you know no human can reach. Maybe you know you’re being watched when you should be alone.

The rules have changed, and you are not prepared.

You can tell yourself that you would just quit your job, change schools, move to a different place– but really? In this economy? When you have student loans breathing down your neck? No, you tell yourself you’re probably just imagining it. You’re probably overreacting. It’s probably nothing.

And just like that, it’s won.

Florida mutuals, please start prepping now. Get gas, water, food. Make sure you have copies of your (especially flood) insurance handy. Set up a plan for your pets. Florida now has the highest probability of a hit from Irma, ~50-60%. Lots of models indicate possible barometric pressure of less than 900 hPa, which is a CATASTROPHIC hurricane. This isn’t set in stone, but it is really, really, really not looking good.


The women are the strong sassy ones, truly. - Part Three.


What can a female character do without being criticized mercilessly? [insp.]


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Before I get on a plane and go anywhere, before I discover what it actually feels like to be in the same room with you, before I know what it really feels like to have these lips against mine, and not just in my head, something I might be imagining… I need to know something. Something true.