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Is This How You Feel (Pt2)

This is part 2. Here’s Part 1


“Okay Snuff, I’m serious. Is this too much?” Nicole turns to face her cat, honestly looking for an opinion. Unfortunately, snuffles is not the most forthcoming, rolling over onto her back and meowing. “Oh no missy, I know that trick. No belly rubs.”

Nicole tugs at her own belt again. It’s a habit she hates but can’t seem to break. Something about the uniform, high pants and a chunky belt that makes her want to waltz around town like an old school law man. She knows she was doing exactly this during that excruciating crossed wires conversation with Waverly all those weeks ago.

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tbh i dont trust people that put obviously LGBT coded characters in het ships. and i see it why too much in the sonic fandom. especially with nicole.

Oh boy same
I dont know if you know anything about Ace Attorney
But everyone who ships Edgeworth with women just no stop that.

Tiffany’s entire BB experience is her being invalidated as her own person and it’s so frustrating to watch. and I also wanna S/O to Vanessa because she’s been so involved in this season and doing a lot of BB podcasts and you can tell the way she talks about Tiffany’s game it’s hard for her to see her sister being so mistreated because people are associating Tiffany with Vanessa so strongly. I hope none of these BB18 stupid losers (especially FRANK, PAULIE AND NICOLE) get an invite to Vanessa’s million dollar mansion parties. Goodbye

Natalie is literally the most cutest and beautiful human being to ever be cast on the show so I seriously can’t wrap my head around the fact that the other girls (the fatal 5) don’t like her and want her out when all she wanted do in the game is to be surrounded by strong women and for a woman to win the season. Like the past two days she’s been trying to bond with the other girls in hopes of aligning with them and accepting her into the group. She’s been trying to get close with Nicole especially by doing her makeup and hair and asking for a sleepover in the hoh room because she looked up to her on her first season and wanted to play the game with her. But she can’t even do that without being accused of doing it for strategy. She just wants to have fun and be accepted by everyone but all they do is make fun of her and think she’s dumb and naive. like its bad enough the guys hate her guts for no reason but the girls too? I AM SO MAD!!!

So have we, as a fandom, decided if Wayhaught has actually banged yet?

I’m leaning more towards “not yet” even though they for sure made out hot and heavy on the couch, but I doubt they went all the way in Nedley’s office especially when Nicole was supposed to be manning the desk. I bet they talk about it A LOT though because Waverly is a little horndog, trying to get Nicole into a little black dress and wanting to set up candles. 

I’ve been off Tumblr the past week or so, so have I missed this discussion? What’s the general consensus?

Paulie is actual trash. Z said she would still have his back even if they were just friends and he’s going to play her like he wants a romantic relationship and talk shit about her behind her back anyway. What kind of a person does that. He literally took none of the blame for last night’s argument. Also, I can’t believe that no one in that house is a decent enough person to tell her what’s going on. Especially Paul and Nicole who are supposed to be her friends apart from this game. She’s going to be so hurt when she gets out of that house.