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Do you think Wyn's impression of Wayhaught- particularly how Waverly is behaving -would be different if she realized that Nicole isn't trying to encourage it (exact opposite, in fact)?

Oh abso-fucking-lutely. When she and Nicole are talking in the break room it’s almost like she’s accusing Nicole of something. Especially when Nicole asks her if she’s noticed any changes in Waverly, and her response is “were you hoping for some?” 

It’s like she thinks Nicole is being selfish or somehow punishing Waverly for not letting Nicole into Black Badge. Hence Waverly spending so much time with her idk. She definitely seems to think Nicole is encouraging Waverly’s behavior. 

a really underappreciated line is when wynonna starts accusing nicole of being a murderer in the episode with the stone witch and nicole says “you of all people should know better than to make me question MY sanity” like??? what a fucking line. it’s so devastatingly cold while still holding a level of dignity. she held nothing back and then walked away. truly she is a queen.

The Ex

Nicole’s ex-girlfriend comes into town to visit and Waverly is not happy at how close the two still are.

“Wave, it is not that big a deal,” Nicole said with a nervous chuckle, holding up her hands in surrender. “Please just calm down and think about this rationally.”

Waverly huffed and crossed her arms. “Really? You want me to calm down about this? Your ex, your first love has rolled into town and just decided to say hey with no kind of alternate plans?”

Nicole shook her head in earnest. “Babe, no, that’s not it at all. Look, she and I were close even before we dated, so even after we broken up–”

Wynnona from where she stood in the corner hissed in sympathetic pain and took a swig of her beer. “Wrong thing to say, Haughtstuff.”

“Wait, wait, are you telling me that even after this girl broke your heart, you continued to be friends?” Waverly cried in disbelief. 

Nicole winced and rubbed the back of her neck. “Well, when you say it like that, it doesn’t sound great…”

“You think?” Wynonna chuckled from her front row seat.

“Shut it!” the couple shouted in unison.

“Look, babe, just let me explain? Please?”

Waverly sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Okay. I trust you, Nic. So explain–”

Nedley walked over the where the girls were having their… disagreement.“Hey, Haught, some girl wants to see you. Was wonderin’ if you were still on for dinner.”

Waverly’s face became stone and Nicole looked like she had seen a ghost. Waverly straightened and her jaw was set, eyes fixed in a glare that could kill.

“Hey, Haughtstuff?” Wynonna whispered. Nicole glanced over at where the older Earp was standing. “I’d make my daring escape right now if I were you.”

Nicole backed away slowly from where Waverly was clearly trying to keep her composure as she grabbed her jacket and practically sprinted out the door.


“Yeah, baby girl?”

“Two things.”

“If murder is one of them–”

“I need a flamethrower, alcohol, and a place that I can shoot at things and probably not kill them.”

“Oh, thank God. Alright, let’s go get the booze first.”

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The Sleepy Hollow Tag Is On Fire LOL!

So I made a pot of tea and have been in the tag for the last hour reading as a form of relaxation. It is brill. LOLOL. Finally, the basically dead beast has been vanquished.

All the core actors from the first season deserves better, most especially our little cherubim, Nicole Beharie. Hope Tom cleaned their clock financially for the failure of a third. This was never his doing. FOX and the myopic production team fucked this up all by themselves.

It is nice that the voyage is over. It was over half way through S2. FOX, and its racism, fucked up so exceedingly badly on this one for a show they did not expect to succeed to begin with. It was a filler that shocker of shockers worked and then they decided to wreck the formula because they swore there was a more desireable, loud, intellectually barren audience they tried to appeal to. First clue? These were not the original fans who found something original, novel even to watch that defied the usual stereo types with an adorable, beautiful, talented pixie as the lead, whom happened to be an African American Woman. They decided to deny the chemistry, since it did not fit their agenda and then proceeded to screw themselves and the actors in question behind the scene once the original producers abandoned ship. THAT was the first issue. The core team that hired the lead, yes, that would be Nicole, went on to greener pastures and did virtually no oversight. So the dumb fuck contingent took over and tried to remake the show to their concept of what was right and that was the end…

I am so glad this discussion is done. I am so glad, the show can now be buried six feet under. Onward and upward for the cast and most especially, Ms. Beharie because she has always deserved better. Good luck, Tom. You did try and always knew better, but you are just talent. It is what it is.

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I’ve Heard AD is...

Ian Harding said in an interview recently - “With AD one juicy thing I could give is I was happy that this person does her thing & plays her thing… It’s not a complete random”. 

So that leads me to believe AD is a FEMALE. 

Based off of clues or things I have noticed since 6B forward is that a lot of Aria’s, Alison’s, and Ezra’s scenes are questionable IMO. All 3 were in the vicinity when Charlotte was alive at the church. Now flash forward to 7B. Aria is going to be helping or assisting AD in some way, whether she knows the identity or not. Ezra being in New York sounds a bit mysterious to me, especially since Nicole just showed up at Ezra’s loft, seemingly without him. Alison has had plenty of suspicion surrounding her since the beginning. Examples being the prayer when she has the dinner at her house and watches Hanna intently after, “change of plans Alison” - spoken by Elliot Rollins/Archer Dunhill right before being taken out of the hospital {maybe in reference to AD plans?}, Alison Dilaurentis marrying Archer Dunhill - AD x AD = 2 AD ; so maybe that could mean AD is a twin of either Alison or Spencer (as most people assume). 

Spencer’s twin being AD would make some sense, and based off what Ian Harding said in that quote above, I would assume he’s either talking about Troian (Spencer/twin) or Sasha (Alison/twin) because those are the best two that have enough evidence to make AD’s story make sense, and those two are (IMO) the best actresses on the show, so they could really deliver and make the reveal and story phenomenal.


Nate: Come on, it’s not that bad. Maybe they really want to experience something they’ve never had a chance to.

Tobias: Yeah, especially Wendy. And Nicole. Nate… could you just give me a big hug before we go?

Nate: Sure. Come here, and please calm down, because too much tension radiated from one person in the portal could cause irreversible consequences, that may even become fatal at some point.

Tobias: Shut up, nerd! Thank you anyway for support.

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Hey! For the fictional characters dating ask, would you rather date John Watson or Petyr Baelish? Love, Dee.😘

Ello! :D Excellent question. As much as I love me some Baelish (I mean, his name is part of my handle), I think I am gonna have to go with Jawn. 

Because of reasons. 

Note: some of these reasons are because I’m such a Sherlock that it isn’t remotely funny

Is This How You Feel (Pt2)

This is part 2. Here’s Part 1


“Okay Snuff, I’m serious. Is this too much?” Nicole turns to face her cat, honestly looking for an opinion. Unfortunately, snuffles is not the most forthcoming, rolling over onto her back and meowing. “Oh no missy, I know that trick. No belly rubs.”

Nicole tugs at her own belt again. It’s a habit she hates but can’t seem to break. Something about the uniform, high pants and a chunky belt that makes her want to waltz around town like an old school law man. She knows she was doing exactly this during that excruciating crossed wires conversation with Waverly all those weeks ago.

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it’s Murder time and everything’s chaos

College AU based on the tumblr post about a college game named ‘Murder’.

Waverly was just about to leave for her early morning Latin class when she noticed two white plastic utensils on the floor. Sighing, she bent to pick them up and resigned herself to the fact that, once again, it was Murder time at the University of Purgatory. Waverly’s heart stuttered as she read the second name.

Charming and sweet, but able to hold her own against Wynonna’s sass, Nicole was the reason that Waverly had first started questioning how straight she really was. Biting her lip, Waverly checked over her shoulder to make sure Chrissy was still asleep before putting the knife with Bobo’s name back on the floor and tucking the one bearing Nicole’s name carefully into her pocket.


Waverly and Nicole totally like each other, Dolls thinks he’s a super spy, Doc doesn’t know what he’s doing, Chrissy is WayHaught’s biggest shipper and Wynonna is an oblivious shit-ticket who takes this game way too seriously.

Words: 4,920


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Important question: I've always wondered this in my many re-watches of season 1 but do you think Nicole meant the "scissored a stripper" line to be a dirty joke? Because her smirk tells me yes but Wynonna's lack of reaction tells me otherwise. But that could just be oblivious Wynonna being oblivious Wynonna

My read of the “scissored a stripper” line has always been that, like, Nicole knows it’s innuendo but is too frustrated with not knowing wtf is going on in Purgatory, especially now that Waverly literally stabbed a guy, to think it’s funny but is saying it anyway ? idk

That’s a really boring read, I know, but did you see that review on the Workprint that says about s2 that “this year, everyone gets their zingers in, especially Nicole Haught” and “there’s a plethora of gay innuendo throughout the first four episodes” because [i_love_this_song.gif]

Watch an unconscious Colin Farrell land on Nicole Kidman’s doorstep in this clip from “The Beguiled”

Set during the Civil War, writer-director Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled tells the story of what happens to a girls’ school in Virginia when a Union soldier wanders in.

Ahead of its debut, HelloGiggles has an exclusive clip of that arrival, which is quite surprising to the women since the school is tucked away in the woods, far from the nearby chaos…and men.

As you can see, his presence is shocking to all — especially to Martha (Nicole Kidman), the head of the house who has to act quickly and decide what to do with the wounded colonel.

His appearance is shocking, because, did we mention he’s a man?

Also, this isn’t any man we’re talking about. It’s John McBurney, played by Colin Farrell, and he looks to be in B-A-D shape. Like, on the verge of death.


As the film goes on, sexual tension and rivalries eventually consume the women as a result of their, for lack of a better word, guest. But, you’ll have to catch the film — based on the novel by Thomas Cullinan, and also starring Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning — when it debuts in theaters on June 23rd to see how it all plays out.

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why aren't ship texts a more common thing i suddenly ask myself? (what no im not the one whos crying over ships)

I LOVE ship texts! Lol, especially taekook. 😂 - admin nicole 💕