especially nicole

a really underappreciated line is when wynonna starts accusing nicole of being a murderer in the episode with the stone witch and nicole says “you of all people should know better than to make me question MY sanity” like??? what a fucking line. it’s so devastatingly cold while still holding a level of dignity. she held nothing back and then walked away. truly she is a queen.

I’m glad we all acknowledge that nicole not giving waverly the test was out of character but nicole opening waverlys dna test results that she didn’t even know was being mailed to her apartment? super sketchy like nicole I know they did this for the angst but bro that’s a low move

I really love the episode Gone As A Girl Can Get. Seeing the AU of all the characters, but especially the interactions between Nicole and Waverly were well-scripted. Definitely my favourite scenes besides the WayHaught scenes were the ones with Bobo Del Rey and Waverly (the wonderful Michael Eklund and lovely Dominique Provost-Chalkley). One part that stood out to me and that I love, really love, is when Nicole helps Waverly on her quest to return Wynonna. The above photo of Nicole holding her car’s door for Bobo and Waverly I feel is so incredibly powerful. I think it really shows Nicole’s character a lot more by representing firstly how connected her and Waverly are even in the AU, but especially her morality. Nedley passed away and Nicole took over as the new Sheriff, so not only is she a woman in an authoritative position (also who loves women - yay), but I think she’s the only women in the department, which is kick-ass. But really, I just think this scene with Katherine Barrell is top shelf. The uniform, the pose, everything.

An au where Waverly plays Monopoly with drunk Nicole and Nicole either forgets she has to give Waverly money or thinks that the property she landed on is hers so she starts crying about how Waverly cheated so Wynonna comes home to a sobbing Nicole running out the door slurring “she’s a cheater Wynonna” and Wynonna being so confused bc Waverly wouldn’t do that then Waverly shows up and Wynonna is about to chew her out bc Nicole doesn’t lie and drunk Nicole especially doesn’t lie but then Waverly explains everything and Wynonna is like “I almost got mad at my sister over five fucking monopoly dollars”

While scrolling through twitter i stumbled upon this picture:

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LOOK AT THAT HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!!!! We all talk about Waverly being tiny especially in comparison to Nicole, but damn imagine the height difference between Laura and Nicole. Talk about being our TINY gay Laura.

Wayhaught ficlet. Waverly drives a drunk Nicole back to the homestead after the strip joint incident.


It takes all three of them to get the revenant into the trunk of the cop car. Or rather, it takes both of the Earp sisters – Waverly hooks her arms under his armpits while Wynonna hoists up his legs – while Nicole, who can barely keep herself upright, rests her hand on the guy’s knee and does a spectacular job of pretending to help while actually getting in the way.

When he’s locked inside the trunk, Wynonna takes the driver’s seat of Nicole’s car, while Nicole insists on taking the passenger seat in Waverly’s red jeep. Waverly doesn’t protest. She reckons that Wynonna’s patience wouldn’t be able to endure an entire car journey with the company of the drunkenly babbling redhead on a good day, let alone after locking the potential father of her unborn child in the trunk of a cop car, so Waverly helps Nicole into her own passenger seat without a complaint and promises Wynonna that she’ll be right behind her the whole way back to the homestead.

They’ve been driving for about thirty seconds when Nicole’s voice pipes up, words slurred and her tone pathetically sad.

“You said I was in trouble,” she whines. “Are you mad at me?”

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The Ex

Nicole’s ex-girlfriend comes into town to visit and Waverly is not happy at how close the two still are.

“Wave, it is not that big a deal,” Nicole said with a nervous chuckle, holding up her hands in surrender. “Please just calm down and think about this rationally.”

Waverly huffed and crossed her arms. “Really? You want me to calm down about this? Your ex, your first love has rolled into town and just decided to say hey with no kind of alternate plans?”

Nicole shook her head in earnest. “Babe, no, that’s not it at all. Look, she and I were close even before we dated, so even after we broken up–”

Wynnona from where she stood in the corner hissed in sympathetic pain and took a swig of her beer. “Wrong thing to say, Haughtstuff.”

“Wait, wait, are you telling me that even after this girl broke your heart, you continued to be friends?” Waverly cried in disbelief. 

Nicole winced and rubbed the back of her neck. “Well, when you say it like that, it doesn’t sound great…”

“You think?” Wynonna chuckled from her front row seat.

“Shut it!” the couple shouted in unison.

“Look, babe, just let me explain? Please?”

Waverly sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Okay. I trust you, Nic. So explain–”

Nedley walked over the where the girls were having their… disagreement.“Hey, Haught, some girl wants to see you. Was wonderin’ if you were still on for dinner.”

Waverly’s face became stone and Nicole looked like she had seen a ghost. Waverly straightened and her jaw was set, eyes fixed in a glare that could kill.

“Hey, Haughtstuff?” Wynonna whispered. Nicole glanced over at where the older Earp was standing. “I’d make my daring escape right now if I were you.”

Nicole backed away slowly from where Waverly was clearly trying to keep her composure as she grabbed her jacket and practically sprinted out the door.


“Yeah, baby girl?”

“Two things.”

“If murder is one of them–”

“I need a flamethrower, alcohol, and a place that I can shoot at things and probably not kill them.”

“Oh, thank God. Alright, let’s go get the booze first.”

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Until Then

Aparently @jaybear1701 and I dedicate too much smut to each other, so I’ll dedicate this  Wayhaught “not smut” to @kind-of-always-late because she’s the only EHW logged on right now… 

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“Waves…” Nicole’s voice has a warning tone before there’s a bright flash followed by a mechanical whirl, the Polaroid slipping out of the small Camera. “Come on.”

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“So I’ll be there when you arrive
The sight of you will prove to me I’m still alive
And when you take me in your arms
And hold me tight
I know it’s gonna mean so much tonight”

The drive from Shorty’s to the homestead felt dreary and never ending, especially when Nicole had to keep reminding herself to breathe.

She had a daughter.


Beautiful, intelligent, and just overall delightful Whitney.

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The Sleepy Hollow Tag Is On Fire LOL!

So I made a pot of tea and have been in the tag for the last hour reading as a form of relaxation. It is brill. LOLOL. Finally, the basically dead beast has been vanquished.

All the core actors from the first season deserves better, most especially our little cherubim, Nicole Beharie. Hope Tom cleaned their clock financially for the failure of a third. This was never his doing. FOX and the myopic production team fucked this up all by themselves.

It is nice that the voyage is over. It was over half way through S2. FOX, and its racism, fucked up so exceedingly badly on this one for a show they did not expect to succeed to begin with. It was a filler that shocker of shockers worked and then they decided to wreck the formula because they swore there was a more desireable, loud, intellectually barren audience they tried to appeal to. First clue? These were not the original fans who found something original, novel even to watch that defied the usual stereo types with an adorable, beautiful, talented pixie as the lead, whom happened to be an African American Woman. They decided to deny the chemistry, since it did not fit their agenda and then proceeded to screw themselves and the actors in question behind the scene once the original producers abandoned ship. THAT was the first issue. The core team that hired the lead, yes, that would be Nicole, went on to greener pastures and did virtually no oversight. So the dumb fuck contingent took over and tried to remake the show to their concept of what was right and that was the end…

I am so glad this discussion is done. I am so glad, the show can now be buried six feet under. Onward and upward for the cast and most especially, Ms. Beharie because she has always deserved better. Good luck, Tom. You did try and always knew better, but you are just talent. It is what it is.

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