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Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

Hello guys, so today in Japan, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry released. I have seen spoilers a lot today but some I would love to share with you. 

First spoiler, is the starry sky scene. I love it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the movie itself.

Second spoiler, according to a translator on twitter, Natsu says “What do you see? (How do I look?) Lucy…” and Lucy responds with, “Natsu…” and he smiles, “Your definetely natsu” Which makes me scream because I didn’t think that would be her response actually because people were speculating this since we saw the first two trailers and natsu said, “Lucy, What do I look like to you?”

Third Spoiler… I uhh really don’t know what’s going on here but I am pretty sure Lucy was chained up by one of the royal people and Fairy Tail came to the rescue especially Natsu becayse he is the one who broke the chain and now is carrying her it seems.

Forth Spoiler, Lucy in this seems to be crying at first I thought that dude which if I am not mistaken’s name is Zash but I am not completely for sure since I have been mainly looking at the trailers. It seems as if he is threatening her and that’s when it looks like the wall is opened because of who I think is Natsu because he wants to save his bae. (Nalu shipper here duh)

So I translated this page actually! in the first panel natsu is actually screaming: ARGH!!!! Lucy see’s him and says “Natsu?” and as he is going towards whoever, Lucy says “Natsu…Your a bit late!” 

i WAS WAY TO LAZY TO TRANSLATE this page honestly but Natsu is carrying Lucy and I am pretty sure this is the scene was saw from Trailer 3. 

I didn’t translate this one either but yeah, here’s another spoiler.

I don’t know if this is the scene that people have been posting all over instagram where we do see Natsu hold Lucy or if this is just him collapsing in her arms and her confront him. It could honestly be two different scenes or like I said the one I have been seeing ALL OVER instagram that made me scream this morning, lmao.

This is the starry night scene I’m pretty sure. The first attempt of my translations for this, Natsu said “We had a relationship together, and I lost it… Lucy.” and then at the Lucy’s panel had said, “A stella Starry Sky.” and then the one with them looking off said “Love” or “It is cute.” Which I don’t know if this means anything or if I screwed up freaking bad translating but whatever I tried dudes.

The attempt to TRANSLATE this was like me trying to swim, it was drowning me. For natsu’s head and lucy looking up to it, I couldn’t get his translation but for her I got “I will do it. You guard by the guard watch…” and then I also got the translations : “There is nothing more than a crowd, so its hard to emphatize with me… and others…. oh yeah, it must be true.” and for Natsu I got :Come here, here it is/ Rescue Loya (Which is probaly actually Sonya) Actually is the code name.” Which didn’t really make sense to me but I tried. 


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There are five (5) types of Lucy popular in fanfiction! 

1) Rich bitch Lucy. She’s mean for no reason, probably a bully. May have killed a man in the past, but no one knows for sure. This is the reverse fuckboi Natsu. He’s going to “change” her because reasons. May be a gang related AU. Lucy’s father is a dick and Lucy may or may not murder him. Drives six cares. Is unnecessarily cruel to everyone, especially Natsu and sometimes Loke. Has some kind of rivalry with Erza. The only person she’s ever nice to is Levy, but no one knows this until halfway through the story. The only reason for Lucy acting this way is that her mother died.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may be a cheerleader and whoever she’s paired with is either a jock or a nerd. There is no in between. 
  • Lucy’s only friends are Levy and Virgo, but she’s not exactly nice to either of them.

2) New Girl Lucy. Generally canon compliant. Lucy is either a runaway and no one knows, or her father moves a lot because of business. This is the eighth school she’s been to this year and she’s determined not to get attached to people. Utter bookworm. Only friend is Levy, also a nerd, and potentially Juvia/Jellal, both social outcasts. If bullied by either Gajeel or the Sabertooth crew. Natsu (a jock of course) “saves” her after ignoring her existence for three weeks. She probably ends up tutoring him or something. Lucy probably writes poetry and there’s some sort of scene where she’s humiliated by the antagonist, who’s found one of her poems/songs/etc and is now reading it in front of everyone. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • fuckboi jock Natsu. New girl Lucy may be compliant with Player!Natsu and she may “change” him as he suddenly falls head over heels for her.
  • Levy is supposed to be her best friend, but is mysteriously absent whenever something bad happens to Lucy, allowing white knight Natsu to swoop in.

3) Dragon slayer Lucy. She’s been kicked out of/left the guild because Lisanna came back and now everyone is ignoring her. Was kicked off the team. May or may not have been abused by members of the guild, likely Natsu and Erza, maybe Gray. The only people that still talk to her are Levy, Gajeel, Mirajane, Wendy, and Happy. Lucy runs away to become stronger and magically meets the celestial dragon slayer. May or may not be introduced to the rest of the dragons. Is taught all the magic! Probably joins Sabertooth. Meets Fairy Tail at the Grand Magic Games. Beats up Natsu in a fight. Something happens and they realize they’re in love. Happy ending.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may or may not shack up with Sting/Rogue for a bit. Sometimes both.
  • Igneel and the rest of the dragons are utter dicks and have just been chilling somewhere while their kids go out of their minds.
  • Lucy’s dragon is probably called Celeste.
  • Lisanna may or may not have been manipulating the guild in some way, and when everyone finds out she’s either murdered or banished. Everyone tries to look for Lucy but can’t find her.
  • Happy is probably pissed at Natsu. He may even go with Lucy.
  • Alternatively may gain a bunch or random keys. Probably labeled as “platinum.” One of them is the dragon, Draco, and he’s super hot, with dark hair and eyes, but he’s probably an asshole. Has a human and dragon form.

4) Sex appeal!Lucy. Acts like Lucy from the first three arcs of FT. Is vain and naive. Overtly sexualized by the writer but has no idea what a penis is. Is Lucy but with no real world experience. All of her development was rolled into a ball and tossed in a dumpster (writers circa 2006-2010 get a pass on this, because they may only be familiar with early Lucy).

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • There might be really weird, awkward smut so… yeah.
  • Slut Shaming.

5) Actual Lucy. Well rounded character. Would do anything for her friends. May have self-doubt issues, but learns to overcome these without magically learning a new type of magic with no restrictions. Is generally sweet, but doesn’t take shit from anyone. May be witty or sarcastic, but is never inherently mean about it. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Everyone’s little sister. 
  • If AU, probably lives alone in an apartment with a dog. Usually small, a terrier breed. 
SWF 18- Final Chapter

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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A heavy yawn escaped Lucy’s lips as she trudged towards the guild that morning. Nearly four weeks had passed since she and Natsu had returned from the cruise. Since then, they were doing remarkably well at hiding their relationship. Every night when Happy fell asleep, Natsu would rush over to her apartment and immediately their clothes were being ripped off each other in haste of feeling the other’s skin.

Hence why Lucy was always tired in the mornings now. She didn’t get much sleep with their post-midnight rendezvous. Sure, there were the occasional nights that she would allow both Natsu and Happy to spend the night- in which no funny business occurred, of course- but she had kept it to a minimum in order to uphold their cover.

It wasn’t that either were against telling the guild about their relationship. It was just that things were still in the early stage of their official relationship. Not to mention the whole betting incident. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, sneaking around was fun. Sneaking away from the others and knowing that they were holding such a big secret excited them. They didn’t want to just give it away just yet.

There had been two times in which they had almost been caught. The first time was during one of their midnight sessions a few days after their return. Happy had apparently woken up after Natsu left to sneak to her apartment and came searching for him. Luckily, the two were able to slip into some clothes before he showed up. Lucy was glad she was with a dragon slayer because his nose sure did come in handy sometimes.

The second time was while they were on a mission with the rest of their team. Natsu had hugged Lucy after she subdued a mere thief. Since her fighting was apparently one of his turn-ons, he leaned in for a kiss after their hug while the rest of the team was staring at them. Luckily, Lucy had dodged it in time and pulled him in for another hug, reminding him about their situation.

Once Lucy entered the guild, her brown eyes surveyed the crowd, searching for her boyfriend. Thanks to his noticeably pink hair, she found him sitting at the bar between Happy and Gray. As everyone noticed her entrance, the guild roared with its usual greetings.

Lucy beamed at them all as strolled up to Natsu and the others. Happy moved to sit on the counter so that she could sit by Natsu.

“Hey, Lucy,” Gray greeted with a friendly smile, one that was sure to cause Juvia’s heart to throb.

“Hi, Gray!” Lucy replied. “Hey, Happy.” She then turned to greet Natsu, only to find him studying her. He eyed her up and down before leaning in and sniffing her. The blonde gave him a pointed glare and backed away. “Natsu! What are you doing?”

The said boy met her gaze, eyes still narrowed slightly as he analyzed her. “You smell different.”

“I smell different?”


“Good different or bad different?”

“…Good maybe? Don’t know. It’s hard to explain.”

Lucy shrugged. “As long as it’s not bad different, I don’t care.” Turning towards Mira, she opened her mouth to order food before quickly shutting it with a frown.

“What’s wrong, Lucy?” Happy asked.

“I was going to get some food but I figured I would just throw it up again anyways.”

“You are still sick?” Erza asked, joining the conversation with ease. She gazed at her friend in concern. “Perhaps you should see Wendy or Porlyusica.”

Lucy waved her hand in front of her and shook her head. “It’s nothing that serious!”

“You’ve been throwing up the past few days. You really should get checked out,” Gray countered.

“It’s just from anxiety!”

“What are you anxious about?”

“Well, I’m not sure. But I’m sure I’m anxious about something!”

Natsu studied Lucy longer. Her scent had gradually been changing little by little as the days passed. At first, he didn’t even notice it. But now, he couldn’t help but think about what it could be. Usually, he could literally smell the emotions rolling off people. But this wasn’t one of those times. This was different. It was like Lucy’s scent had mixed with something new.

As he listened to Lucy argue against seeing Wendy for her stomach issues, a thought popped into his head. His eyes widened slightly and his mouth parted at the thought before he shook his head.

Nah, that can’t be it.”

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Nalu Headcanon

After the war is done and everyone is recovering, Lucy makes a book. It’s not like any ordinary novel like the one she promised Levy would see one day, but rather like a children’s book. It’s made of parchment and held together by salt water. Inside there’s drawings and sketches etched all around in charcoal (provided by Natsu) and there’s detailed notes from Lucy about the little things; the way Erza looks amazing in silk, how Gray’s ice magic could tear mountains, Master’s stories about fairies and tails, the color of Wendy’s eyes, the sounds echoing through the Guildhall on a normal day, and how Fairy Tail was like family. Once the book is completed, they set it aside until Nashi is born. The book then is passed onto Nashi, then her children, then her children’s children, and so on and so forth. The book is kept safe as a family heirloom, telling all its generations about one guild, one family, and one home.

No but imagine this.

The guild discovers some really old text that’s crucial to defeating Zeref and the Springans and Acnologia and stuff.

But it is written in some really really ancient script. Levy and Freed are just about to head to the library to slowly, painfully and meticulously translate it and the whole guild is bracing for a wait to find out the clue hidden in those texts. 

And then Natsu simply pears over the shoulder of the person holding it (say, Lucy) and translates it perfectly on the spot.

And everyone turns to him flabbegasted, all jaws drop. 

He soaks in their reactions with a straight face for a few moments before smirking and saying “Told you Igneel taught me to read”. 


I’ve been in an art slump lately and drawing original team Natsu was just what I needed to get back in the mood again (even if it did take me like..2 weeks to get this done). I might sell this as a print, if anyone is seriously interested…?

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do you think Lucy loves natsu? i cant really tell with her, but natsu on the other hand i think he does, can you do an analysis on this if you have time, thanks :)

Let me just say two things before I start:

1. Thank you SO MUCH for sending this ask!

2. I’m sorry I’m late with the answer, but I hope you see it nonetheless! ^_^


3. I’m  VERY LATE. I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I couldn’t post my answer earlier, but with Fairy Tail ending, I had to do it. So here it is, my take on Lucy’s feelings for Natsu. It’s a bit long (and a bit all over the place), but I hope that’ll compensate for its delay.

To me, the best way to define Natsu and Lucy’s relationship is as a solid friendship which has begun to turn into something more. Or as Mashima likes to label it, “more than friends, less than lovers”.

I’ll start with something that I believe is a very important aspect of their relationship.

Before Lucy and Natsu met each other, they were only close to people from their respective families (in Natsu’s case that’s the guild, in Lucy’s case I consider the servants in the Heartfilia mansion a part of the family). Natsu had spent 10 years in the guild, going on missions and meeting new people, but it wasn’t until he met Lucy that he made a friend outside of the guild. As for Lucy, Natsu is also the first friend she’s made that isn’t somehow connected to the Heartfilia business and house. So I’d like to think of them becoming friends as coming out of their respective shells and I consider it something very special and important. It’s a turning point for both of them. And if either of them didn’t feel they could trust the other, this wouldn’t have happened.

Lucy’s childhood. Lucy grew up with a loving mother by her side with whom she shared a deep and strong connection. If Layla hadn’t died just before her daughter was of the age when kids start to get curious about love, Lucy would’ve had someone to guide and help her understand the complicated feeling that love is, while also letting her make her own mistakes so she could learn from them. Unfortunately, Lucy was left to grow up with an emotionally-distant father. Yes, she had servants who loved and cherished her deeply as shown at the end of the Phantom Lord arc, and she also had Aquarius. But, after all, the bond she shares with them would never replace the bond she shared with her mother. On top of everything, Lucy didn’t have any friends around her age. She had no one to talk to about love. So, naturally, I imagine she learned about it from books (it’s canon she loves books) and magazines (she was a Sorcerer Weekly reader.

This is where things clash. On one hand, books usually represent love as pure, romantic, all-consuming, eternal. On the other hand, magazines tend to go for “what sells best”, which, yes, is very similar to the image love has in books, but more often than not, is beauty and sex appeal.

Lucy’s first months in Fairy Tail. Lucy keeps the idea of pure love in her heart. We see that in episode 50 when Mirajane suggests Natsu has feelings for Lucy. The Celestial Mage then starts to imagine a fairy-tale-like scenario where they’re in love, their eyes sparkle when they look at each other and Natsu is the perfect gentleman.

The first time we see Lucy, though, back in episode 1, she’s trying to use her sex appeal to get a discount at a Magic Item Store. The girl’s way of connecting to people her age was through Sorcerer Weekly. It’s the cool magazine with cool mages (many of them her age) giving cool interviews and having cool photo shoots. It’s trendy. It’s cool. Lucy’s influenced by it whether she realizes it or not. The way she sees love is also influenced by it.

Long story short: Lucy’s idea of love is a mix between what she’s read in books and what she’s seen in magazines. She has never experienced it first-hand. She doesn’t really know what real love is like, with all its ups and downs. Realizing the true essence of her feelings for Natsu, or any other possible love interest really, would take time.

Joining Fairy Tail has undoubtedly changed Lucy’s life. She went from being uptight, often irritated by Natsu and Gray’s antics, to a more chill and calm person. She grew up in an isolated household with no friends her age and almost no one to talk to. As the sole heir to a huge conglomerate, she grew up having to behave, follow some strict rules and basically be a good girl.

In contrast, Fairy Tail lets Lucy be who she actually is. It sets her free. Her guildmates are loud, often act immature, sometimes destroy whole buildings (*cough* Natsu *cough*), but they are true to their heart. As someone who never had the freedom to truly be herself, enjoy youth and go on adventures, Lucy needed some time to get used to her new life. It’s what she wanted and needed, but such drastic changes always take time to get used to. That’s why I believe the first few months the thought of love rarely, if ever, crossed Lucy’s mind.

Lucy and Natsu’s relationship. Natsu has always had a huge impact on Lucy. The moment they met was marked by Natsu’s breaking the Charm spell that had Lucy under the fake Salamander’s influence, which implies Natsu is the one who’s gonna help her break free from her old life. This fateful encounter is celebrated in a later episode, because it is important to both characters. Although at that point in the series I think neither of them thought of the other as a love interest, their friendship had become very important to their development as individuals and I’ve always believed that people in a healthy relationship should be able to retain their individual identities while building their relationship.

We often see Lucy irritated by Natsu and his antics during her first month or two in the guild. It’s usually used for comic relief (Lucy violently kicking Natsu in the face when he breaks in her apartment for example), but it gradually disappears with time to the point where she accepts him for who he is, with all his flaws and the annoying habit of destroying buildings (that cost a lot to repair). That by itself is not enough to show Lucy’s in love with Natsu, but it is proof that their relationship is changing.

The realization that you’re in love with someone usually takes some time. It’s the little things that add up and mark this whole process as “falling in love”. Things like Lucy shouting Natsu’s name when jumping off the tower in the Phantom Lord arc, her comment on how cute he looks when he sleeps after they returned from Edolas, even her getting all nervous about a possible date with him (ep.50) show that although they are still at the friendship stage, Lucy’s starting to acknowledge her growing feelings for him and to consider him as a love interest.

The Tenrou arc showed that both Lucy and Natsu see each other as “more than friends, less than lovers”. By that time, Lucy’s already realized her guildmates are incredibly strong, has received some decent character development (mostly in the form of her bonding with her Celestial Spirits, helping Cana in the S-Class exam and emphasizing FT’s favorite nakama power theme) and is doing her best to become even stronger and confidently stand next to powerful mages such as Erza. Even though they start off as “enemies”, Natsu and Lucy reform Original Team Natsu halfway through the arc to defeat one of the real villains. The fight shows just how far their friendship has come. Although it wasn’t labeled as such, I consider Lucy’s fire attacks a unison raid with Natsu.

When it comes to Lucy’s feelings for Natsu as shown in this arc, it all starts with Lucy refusing to leave Natsu to fight Kain Hikaru alone. It’s mostly her character development and kind nature speaking here, but the fact that she’s in a life-threatening situation (her skull is about to get crushed!) and still doesn’t want to leave her friend alone that subtly hints at something more.

The fight against Hades and Lucy’s actions when all hope was lost hint even more at the Celestial Mage’s changing feelings. In a dire and hopeless situation, she’s tightly hugging Natsu. It’s a moment where she’s vulnerable, afraid, weak and it is Natsu’s presence right beside her that helps her go through it. Running after and recovering the Dragon Slayer’s most precious possession, the scarf from Igneel, further emphasizes how important Natsu has become to Lucy.

After the 7-year time skip it looks like it’s mostly Natsu’s time to acknowledge his growing feelings for his blonde friend. But he’s not the only one who has some acknowledgement to do. Lucy’s character undergoes even more development and that includes the feelings she has for the Dragon Slayer. The GMG arc was very important for Lucy, because she was doing her best in her fights, but kept losing because her enemies used underhanded tactics. During those times, Natsu was there for her. She could rely on him to help her move on and shake off the frustration of such unfair losses. At this point of their relationship, it’s clear that Lucy trusts and relies on Natsu (especially evident in the f!Lucy’s scenes), cares about and believes in him (the hospital scene before his fight against Sting and Rogue) and is grateful to him (the sweet back hug at the end of the arc).

While we’re on it, the back hug is very special to Natsu and Lucy. In the earlier arcs, Lucy does that to try and stop Natsu from doing something reckless (the first time she did it was in the Lullaby arc to stop him from hurting himself; she also did it in the Edolas arc to stop him from blowing up their cover). The end of the GMG arc is the first time she hugs him like that to simply show gratitude. She’s thankful this is over. She’s thankful everybody seems to be alright. She’s thankful f!Lucy found happiness in the afterlife. She’s thankful to Natsu.

The Tartaros arc was a painful experience for everybody in the Fairy Tail guild. It was an arc in which many people lost someone important to them. When it was all over and it was time to face the future, it turned out Natsu’s approach to things was different from Lucy’s. In order to not lose anyone else anymore, the Dragon Slayer left the town to train and become stronger. Lucy, on the other hand, while not explicitly stating it, wanted to once again feel safe at the guild and rebuild what was destroyed during the Tartaros conflict. It’s when Natsu was gone, not just the fear of losing him, he was actually gone, when she realized exactly how much he means to her.

I consider the year before the Alvarez War a year meant for healing, coming to terms with yourself, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and (possibly) working on improving. During that time, Lucy worked hard as a reporter, trained even harder and got on a whole new level with her star dresses and tried to deal with her loneliness by keeping track of where her guildmates were and what they were up to. While she and Natsu never really talked about his sudden disappearance, I think the tension between them was somewhat resolved throughout the last arc.

After Fairy Tail had once again become a guild, we all noticed how Mashima started using some old elements (like Natsu infiltrating Lucy’s apartment; Lucy getting angry at him; Lucy Kick) with some changes in them. It was attributed to him trying to convey the feeling that everything’s how it was in the beginning (with some small changes here and there), but I also believe it was a necessary process Natsu and especially Lucy had to go through to rekindle their relationship.

During the war, Lucy had to face the fear of losing Natsu, but this time the difference was she was not quite helpless. Albeit indirectly, she first helped Natsu by being kind to Brandish, which made the Spriggan reduce the size of his tumor, thus saving him. When later she enlarged it and Natsu’s life was threatened again, Lucy fought fiercely to protect him. She will keep relying on him, and he on her, but what makes things different is that now they are equal. More importantly, Lucy considers them equal. Yes, she might not (yet) be as powerful as he is, but she proudly stands and fights next to him – a change in her attitude that started back on Tenrou island and that is very important for a healthy relationship between those two.

I want to end this post with a recent panel of Lucy that brought a couple of happy tears in my eyes.

Lucy’s heard what other people said: Natsu is END, Natsu is a monster. But she sees through this and realizes that he’s not defined by that. He’s a normal boy. He’s the Natsu that brought her to Fairy Tail; the Natsu she went on so many adventures with; the Natsu who can’t handle vehicles; the Natsu who has a tendency of destroying buildings; the Natsu who often breaks in her apartment; the Natsu who is loud, energetic, and supportive of his friends; the Natsu who’s always been there for her; the Natsu who left her for a year; the Natsu who helped her reform Fairy Tail; the Natsu who spent the last few hours before the war goofing around with her and Happy; the Natsu who will always support and help her; the Natsu she fell in love with.

Bairy Bail

Bringing to you the new Fairy Tail spin-off.

Involving the adventures of Bratsu Bragneel and Bucy Beartfilia, who get up to mischief with their friends:

Bray Bullbuster, Berza Barlet, Bendy Barvel, Bappy and Barla. 

Based on: link

Haikyuu HC

For the weirdest reason, kids are obsessed with Tsukishima. They just really like him. It confuses the hell out of people who know him because they know Tsukishima as the Saltiest Sass Mccrass to Ever Sass. What confuses people even more is Tsukishima’s patience with kids. Seriously, Tsukki has the patience of a saint when it comes to kids. He also listens to everything kids say and can give feedback no matter how childish it is.

It was especially funny to watch Natsu blabber on and on to Tsukki about her dolls and stickers as Tsukishima just watched and listened. When Hinata asked if he was even paying attention to her, Tsukki relayed all of what she had said. No one knows where this hidden talent came from, but some theorize Yamaguchi had something to do with it.

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can have headcanons for your fav fairy tail ships

Sure! I’ll go with my all time fav Gray/Natsu and Sting/Rogue


  1. When they first discovered their feelings for each other, both refused to acknowledge it. Alas, my first interpretation of their relationship in the series: they’re lowkey in denial ;) 
  2. They can’t exactly control their body temperature while asleep so they ended up cuddling whenever they share a tent. (I’m so going to draw this)
  3. Whoever show their love first loses. They’re pretty stubborn (or very tsundere) but they usually forget about it after awhile(especially Natsu) and starts showering each other with affections. Unintentionally, even in public like; playing with the other’s fingers, ruffling the other’s hair, back-hugging the other in front of the request board, etc! ♥
  4. Gray is a jealous boyfriend (He gets all pouty and grumpy). Natsu trusts all his friends(including Gray) very much so he’s oblivious… BUT when Natsu is possessive, it’s the worst thing ever.
  5. The guild did not see this coming. It’s a big surprise for them that Gray and Natsu are a thing!


  1. My first interpretation of their relationship in the series is: they’re lowkey crushing on each other <3
  2. They’d get married in some drunken shenanigans
  3. They’re both very stubborn. When they fight, nobody can make them talk to each other again until one of them(usually Rogue) misses the other too much and starts apologizing or crying (they’re crybabies ok, lmao).
  4. When the both figured out their feelings for each other, they panicked and don’t know what to do about it. They’d slowly start acting like more than brothers around each other (in private) without ever confessing or trying to define what they had. Until one day they stepped over the bounds and Rogue finally ask, “Sting, what are we… doing?”
  5. The whole guild ships them and is their matchmaker. Sometimes whenever a Stingue moment happen, there’s someone on the back who shouts “It’s canon!”. When they’re finally going out, the guild throws a party with a banner that says “STINGUE IS CANON”