especially moderation

its so refreshing seeing like… an anime.. but in chinese. actual chinese. I can actually understand like- most/some of it now 

I kinda feel bad for Reylos who still get sent into a spiral of political and psychological crisis when they hear antis, especially the well spoken “moderates” of the movement, talk in circles about race and shipping in SW. I feel bad for these Reylos because in reality this discourse, at least in its current capacity, usually has little to do with them at all. Honestly, the antis’ hand wringing is their own, not ours. It does pretty much nothing positive or transformative on a collective level. It’s limited in its best form to greater conscientiousness on an individual’s part but that’s pretty much it (and it’s pretty dubious about how much even that accomplishes). It falls very short of the grand aim that is intended which as far as I can tell is to get people to stop paying attention to characters that aren’t Finn and all storylines/theories/ships that aren’t Finn-centered. 

That’s nice and all (well, not really) but that is their own obsessive complex to deal with. It’s got nothing to do with us, so I wish some of the worried/distressed Reylos would just rest their weary heads. Y’all are ok. 

On Baldur and My Path...

When I began my wanderings into Heathenry, I did not quite expect such a draw to Baldur. In fact, I always expected myself to gravitate the most towards Odin, or at least the side of him that wanders and seeks knowledge (hence the name, fjorn-wanders). Instead, I have tended to think most often of Baldur and what he means in my life and worldview. Sure, it may not agree with everyone’s understanding of him, but I cannot help what I am drawn to through him. For me Baldur is balance, kindness, and constant renewal. He is more than that, but those would be the qualities I most admire, especially balance and moderation, which Odin shares as well, given the Hávamál.

Anyway, I think it is time for me to gather my thoughts and construct a path for myself. I feel the need to figure out a more clear worldview for myself, which will likely find Baldur, Odin, and Freyr at the center. It will also likely be a very localized practice, with emphasis on the landvættir for sure. I just need a bit more organization. With some stability, I may finally be able to renew my life and better myself and my lifestyle, and perhaps even my philosophies. So, it is time for me to start collecting my thoughts and organizing them into a proper practice of sorts. I have had enough stumbling around in the darkness – it is time that I found a new light.

Thanks, @lyrics-of-war. I appreciate that you are always willing to ramble on about such things. If anyone else wants to chat, I am always open and willing. I love rambling, and it really does help when figuring things out. I am definitely interested in finding a community of friends who are interested in walking a similar path. That is what I made this secondary blog for, after all.

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Your hc on tans of the worst generation? Like getting sunburn easily and stuff? I love your blog btw, keep it up, you entertain me pretty well

Thank you so much! ♥

Luffy, Urouge, Law and Teach

  • Since I hc these to be pretty dark skinned they have no problem under the sun
  • They need very little amount of sunblocker if at all and tan even more actually

Zoro, Apoo and Capone

  • Those do have a moderate tan, especially Zoro tans very easily
  • Need sunblocker but nothing extreme
  • Capone’s tan goes away pretty quickly

Drake and Killer

  • In contrast to their golden and red hair they tan quite easily and the sun… well is pretty great for both of them
  • Killer’s tan stays very long
  • Drake gets a ridiculous amount of freckles if he stays long in the sunshine

Bonney, Kid and Hawkins

  • Those three get sunburn soooo easily, it’s not even funny anymmore
  • They need an embarassing amount of sunblocker
  • But only Hawkins is smart enough to actually use it, Bonney and Kid say they don’t need it and come back with sunburn all over their bodies

Alright I did it pay up Mr. Nocturne


Haha, cool! Alrighty, then.

When it comes to movie quotes I’ve always felt stick with me, there are two, from the same movie, delivered by the same character.

(And I know some of you guys are going to make jokes about it, but that’s because you met someone who said they love these quotes and don’t live by them.)

Here they are, in video form:

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to read two books by Chuck Palahniuk. One was a short story collection of oddities and unique horrors wrapped up in one overarching story called “Haunted”. The other was “Diary.” 

No one has really read Fight Club since the film came out. Fight Club, as a film, gives you much of what you’ll pick up from Palahniuk’s writing, Even Palahniuk himself approves more of the film than his novel. Here’s a quote from an interview asking him his feelings about the movie:

“Now that I see the movie, especially when I sat down with Jim Uhls and record a commentary track for the DVD, I was sort of embarrassed of the book, because the movie had streamlined the plot and made it so much more effective and made connections that I had never thought to make. There is a line about “fathers setting up franchises with other families,” and I never thought about connecting that with the fact that Fight Club was being franchised and the movie made that connection. I was just beating myself in the head for not having made that connection myself.”

Most people who laugh at those who value the ideology of Tyler Durden and his lessons laugh because they feel people who recite them just want to be “tough” or “edgy.” Like with most of the media I cover on Night Mind, I come to say they’re missing the point entirely by seeing the surface and not the inner workings.

The actual Fight Club and the character of Tyler Durden are not about fighting, or “men being men,” or male pride, or anything macho and ridiculous like that. It is, instead, about the meaning and intent behind Tyler’s words (and the intent behind a certain character responsible for Tyler being on the scene we don’t know about for quite awhile in the story).

Potential squandered. Slaves with white collars. An eternal pursuit of material objects for the temporary satiation of a hunger that can’t bed fed by physical items. Working jobs you hate to buy shit you don’t need, working jobs you hate just to stay alive so you can one day taste freedom.

An entire generation raised on TV to believe we’d all one day be millionaires and movie gods and rockstars who, once it’s too late to escape from the vices built by the generations who designed the trap, realize that’s not going to happen and they were sold a lie.

You are not your job. You are not the car you drive. You are not your fucking khakis. You are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world–which is to say, you are not special just because you exist, none of you people are, no matter what Mommy and Daddy told you. And no material possessions, no job, no amount of money or condoms in your wallet will change that.

You are not special because you were born. You are not special for what you come to own. You earn being special by what you do and what you inspire in other people.

Tyler Durden is, of course, a character that becomes less of a hero as the story develops, due to the nature of the same mental compulsion that led to our character meeting him. All things in moderation, especially powerful things.

It is extremely easy to lose sight of what it means in this world to actually stand for something and be something, to be special, when the entire world around you sells that concept pre-packaged, with a full flight plan for obtaining “special.” Buy into that plan and you lose sight of the mission.

And why does society want you to lose sight of the mission? Well… Tyler’s behavior towards the end of Fight Club explain that, as long as you can see the intention behind his actions.

Really, Fight Club is one of the first movies I ever saw that I could claim was Night Mind material. It fits the criteria very nicely. It’s not a “macho man” film–it’s every bit as much a work of art as Alantutorial, Unedited Footage of a Bear, and This House Has People In It.

(And now, I’ll make a separate post for favorite movies, because WHEW LAD THIS POST IS LONG)

Hair Care + Products

So I get a lot of people asking what I do to take care of my hair, usually strangers and usually in real life more than online because yes, my hair really does look like this IRL ;D

As I’ve said in my hair dye tutorial though, even with the right products/habits, when it comes to lightened/bleached hair, less is more. Do the things that will keep your hair healthy, but in moderation, because nothing, NOTHING beats your hairs’ natural oils. At the end of the day, everything you do for your hair should be to boost them, and protect the strands.

And hey, in doing so, your color will last longer, because you’re not stripping it (and your oils) away!

So, here’s what I use.

Shampoo: I cannot stress this enough, I only shampoo my hair once a week. I condition almost daily, but actual shampooing? Minimal, and concentrated on my scalp. That’s a good rule of thumb for pretty much everyone, shampoo goes on your scalp, conditioner goes on your lengths. Clear is the best I’ve found, it’s simple and inexpensive. Don’t be fooled, usually the most expensive shampoo/conditioner systems have formulas that mask and lock in damage with silicone. It may make your hair FEEL nice, but you’ve really done it more harm in the long run. Pantene is one of the WORST in this regard! Keep it simple, keep it cheap, use small amounts. (that bumble & bumble was a gift I use every once in a blue moon, when I wanna feel beachy….it’s actually not that different in quality tho)

Protein: This one you can shop around for, I personally have the means to buy Redkin’s. so I do! Once a week month* I spray my treated lengths with their CAT formula, leaving it on for 4-5 minutes while I shave my legs, whathaveyou. There are other less expensive treatments at the drug store though, look around. Few things help rebuild lightened strands like a good solid protein treatment.

Leave-in Conditioner: Better than any other detangler and pretty much any brand out there is good! After every shower, not matter how much or how little I’ve done to my tresses, I spray ‘em down with Way To Grow and regret nothing.

Heat Guard: This is the one case where I will swear up and down by one brand, and that’s Redkin Smooth Down. Yes, it runs about 18$ a bottle. HOWEVER, I use heat to style my hair once, maybe twice a week? A bottle lasts me a solid year. I have tried a lot of different brands for a lot less, and all of them only leave my hair feeling greasy and still damaged. Smooth Down requires all of one squirt, and my hair feels just fine afterwards. If you heat-style at all (especially if you’re doing the smart thing, which is to limit heat-styling to the bare-minimum) it’s worth it. 

Oil: No matter what is or isn’t in your budget, if you’ve got oil, you’ve got one of the best things you can do for your hair. Once a month I wrap up my hair in olive, coconut, or avocado oil and leave it on for at least an hour, rinsing it out with conditioner afterwards. So soft, so luxurious, srsly send your poor hair to the spa. I also have a rather expensive argon oil mask I use once a week, but that’s to repair the damage of misguided, over-use of protein XD

Vitamins: Really, you should be taking ‘em anyway ;D But I especially see results in my hair and nails, when I keep up with my fish oil and multi-vitamins. CVS specifically sells a Hair, Skin & Nails formula that’s not unlike prenatal vitamins only, yanno, without the odd looks you get buying them along with your booze and soft cheese.


Again, this may sound like a lot, but it’s really not, especially used in moderation! I only find myself buying hair products every few months at most. What your body does naturally only needs a little bit of help, even after you’ve done something so unnatural to it ;)

*once a week is toooo often, learn from my mistake! It can lead to breakage!

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i really loved that prompt about thunder. what about companions' fears? all sorts of fears, serious ones or silly ones or weird phobias, whatever you like!

Ah I love this because it’s pure HC. Shit gives mE LIFE!

Cait: she’s got a deep underlying fear of being made fun of for her accent. Not only does no one else she ever meets have her accent, but it’s so rare and ‘exotic’ to the people of the Commonwealth that she just expects ridicule. She’s lowkey afraid of the dark and somehow finds a way to never mention it, but always avoid it by creating some kind of light source. Also, she wouldn’t call these fears but they fall under pet peeves she never wants to encounter: wet socks, the smell of brain fungus, having a runny nose

Curie: absolutely terrified of bugs, just flat out cannot handle them, rad scorpions are the worst because of all those legs. The survivor and she were talking about this at one point and they describe centipedes and she just looses it. She’s also got a mild fear of chipping her teeth or getting cavities; anything negative involving her teeth because she doesn’t trust anyone to fix them for her and doesn’t have the proper understanding of dentistry to fix them herself. Her pet peeves include being anywhere near still water (because the potential for singwings and other nasty bugs), getting anything under her fingernails, and uncomfortable shoes.

Danse: He’s not open about his fears at all to anyone but if they come up in conversation he will become visibly uncomfortable and fidgety. The big one is open water, being in, around or over the ocean or river makes him very nervous. He’s afraid of drowning, he knows that in power armor he will sink like a stone and since he feels safe in the power armor he would just rather stay away from open water all together. On a lesser scale he’s claustrophobic, but of certain spaces like shopping isles or office buildings, he’d prefer to stay away from them but he’ll put up with them if that’s where he and the survivor are exploring. He hates when people are passive aggressive, the color yellow, and the texture of uncooked cram.

Deacon: He’s deathly afraid of the paranormal from ghosts to demons or spirits, he will not mess around with anything of that nature. The survivor once told him a story about how Ouija boards were big for some folks before the war and Deacon just grunted and shook his head the whole time. He is also scared of dogs, but not as much as ghosts. He claims to have had an incident in his childhood where a dog nearly bit clean through his arm and had scars to ‘prove it’ but they could be from anything. He’s peeved by hats that don’t fit him just right, the smell of cigars, and those damn Atom Cat hoodlums.

Hancock: Horribly afraid of thunderstorms, will not be caught dead in one if he has anything to say about it. He thinks they’re way too loud; the rain doesn’t help either because it ruins his mood, lightning? Forget about it. He’s also got a fear of being alone, he can’t stand it and it puts him in a low where he gets very quiet and paranoid. He gets irritated with people who mock God, he used to be very religious at one point and even though his faith aint what it used to be, he has no room for people in his life to mock religion. On top of that he also hates seeing those bits of fish washed up on shore and when people bring up the fact that he’s a ghoul; he gets it, he knows.

MacCready: He’s very body conscious and he’s terrified someone will actually notice how awful he thinks he looks. Aside from that he’s also pretty afraid of heights and will avoid at all costs having to be anywhere above ten feet up. If the survivor does bring him somewhere up high he will stay way away from the edge of the building and on occasion, if he looks to the horizon and can see that he’s high up, he will get on the floor, he will crawl around or sit and scoot, anything to keep him near the ground. His pet peeves are Travis Miles, not wearing his coat, and having to show his teeth at all.

Piper: She’s very afraid of losing her sister in any way be it actually misplacing her, death, or emotional distance, it’s something she can’t bear to think about. Mirelurks also freak her out, the noises they make or their little beady eyes makes her want to scream, she can’t even stomach the thought of the queen mirelurks, although the hunters and the kings don’t seem to faze her nearly as much. She’s easily annoyed by going without sugar for too long, the song ‘crawl out through the fallout’, and having stray hairs, especially on the back of her arms.

Preston: He’s afraid of radiation storms, the sound they make when they come overhead makes him uncomfortable and he can’t disengage fast enough. There’s also the low-lying fear that somehow the minutemen will disband, he feels they’ve come so far that they shouldn’t, but he still can’t help but think about it at times. He’s got very few pet peeves because he’s learned how to manage his emotions, but he can’t stand when people back out of an agreement, when Dogmeat shits anywhere near the settlement houses, or bloatflies.

Valentine: He’s afraid of losing all of his memories of the real Nick’s life because he’s become him in every sense and that would mean losing himself. He’s also scared of letting Ellie down in any way, he doesn’t want to disappoint her, even though she’s tried to tell him time and again that he could never disappoint her. His pet peeves include but are not limited to a leaky faucet, tripping over cats, and that low electrical buzzing that power lines give off.

X6: He’s not so much afraid of things, more like he hates a lot of things. The closest thing to fear that he is aware of is becoming a free-minded synth with no sense of order or priority and to live in complete chaos. He really does not like animals, he doesn’t want to kill them, he doesn’t want to hurt them, he just wants them to stay well away from him. They are unpredictable and they make him nervous the way they dart around, especially radstag. He’s annoyed by plenty of things, changing his outfit, the sun, and anything baseball related are just a few things.

Strong: Will never ever admit to being afraid of anything, but secretly mortified by the Prydwen. It’s not because the BoS, it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s keeping it up in the air. It doesn’t seem to have any jets or propellers or any other mechanism to keep it there, and that unknowing is what keeps him wary of it. He doesn’t like synths much either, they make him uneasy and he just can’t trust them, even the ‘good’ ones. He’s finicky about lots of things; he won’t go near edible plants, elevators make him angry because he’s usually too big to fit, and radroaches are his worst enemies.

Codsworth: His worst fear is losing the survivor again and he won’t think of it if he can help it. He’s also scared of getting blown up, Sanctuary has been attacked plenty of times and each time he’s so sure he’ll get blown up. He’s bothered by uneven hedges, rude settlers, and Mama Murphey.

Dogmeat: He’s scared of the economical downfall that the use of caps might bring upon the Commonwealth, especially since moderation and use is not regulated by any mint federalization or bank. Also he gets pretty nervous about the surrealism of the human lifespan and what happens to people when they die; where do they go, do they come back as a new human? In addition he’s irked by student loans, the NCR, and hubris.

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Your art is amazing! I especially love that "moderator Jim" sprite you made yourself. Being an amateur artist myself, as well as a bit new to Tumblr, I'd love to know how you made that sprite! I'd love to make one for myself, but not only do I lack the needed program(s), but I'm not quite... Sure... How. Any tips, wise words of wisdom, that you could give me?

Thank you very much!! :D

And sure thing! I’ll make a quick probably ridiculously long-winded run-down of how that one was made! 

This may or may not be entirely incoherent.

It also turned out to be so long that I’ll put it under a cut.

Keep reading

Some Fusion Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about fusions in Steven Universe, particularly in the context of the things Pearl said to Garnet in Friend Ship.

Pearl says that Garnet is the ideal relationship, and for her, this is true as far as her understanding goes. Garnet embodies Ruby and Sapphire’s love, and because of this Garnet doesn’t feel the same kind of loneliness and powerlessness that Pearl (and also Amethyst) suffer from. In We Need To Talk, it’s clear that Pearl also believes that her ability to fuse with Rose Quartz makes her a better partner for Rose than Greg, since Greg cannot literally fuse with Rose.

Okay. So. For Ruby and Sapphire, fusion is a precious bond. They want to be Garnet all the time, and Garnet loves being Garnet. Amethyst and Pearl and feel this when they form Sugilite and Sardonyx. They can probably also feel that, for Garnet, all her experiences of fusion are colored by the fact that her own existence stems from fusion as the deepest loving bond she knows.

That’s Garnet’s experience of fusion, and since it is so important to her, other kinds of fusion probably seem, to varying degrees, superficial/ignorant/horrifying.

But then: there’s Stevonnie. Stevonnie can only exist because of Steven’s relationship with Connie, which at their ages functions as a strong friendship. Garnet is very happy to see Stevonnie, and this makes sense, because Stevonnie exists as a loving bond: so far, Stevonnie is not “instrumental”, Stevonnie is an experience. Stevonnie is more like Garnet than any of the other fusions we’ve seen.

However, Stevonnie is very different from Garnet, not only because Connie is a human in the fusion, but because I believe Steven and Connie would never seriously consider living permanently as a fusion. Steven likes Connie as Connie too much for that and being fused with her isn’t the same as having her around to talk to, and I think this is related to how we saw Rose interact with Greg in Story for Steven. Both bearers of rose quartz want the humans they are in relationships with to live as humans.

Okay. So–would Garnet tell Steven and Connie that they aren’t approaching fusion correctly, if they aren’t striving for the life she has? Well, I think not. If she thought there was something wrong with what they were doing with fusion, she would have said something already, I think.

Also, in We Need to Talk, she encourages Greg to try to get emotionally closer to Rose. So, it can’t be that she thinks fusion is always better, since she knows he won’t be able to fuse with Rose. 

NOW. I think Amethyst and Pearl, and to a degree, Garnet herself, see Garnet as the authority on what fusion should be. Part of this, I believe, is having Rose gone. Rose could fuse easily with Pearl, just for shits and giggles (from Rose’s perspective) and it didn’t make Garnet drop her keytar or anything. Rose did not need fusion to be as deep as it is possible for fusion to be. 

What I’m getting at here is that maybe not everyone needs to strive to be like Garnet. There has to be some sort of middle ground between “useful in battle” and “the most profound connection a gem can experience” because those things both make fusion the site of types of emotional intensity that might be difficult to moderate–especially when the fusion includes Garnet and yet is meant to be solely “instrumental”/battle-purposed.

What I would like to see brought up, especially between Amethyst and Pearl, is the concept of, for lack of a better term, “casual fusion”. Right now, because of the way Garnet functions, neither of them probably feels free to say to the other “let’s be Opal for the day”, neither of them probably feels comfortable talking about when/how Opal breaks apart, because both of them probably can only think about how it makes them inferior to Garnet, who has put on a very, very strong front in the wake of Rose’s death. 

But! Garnet can be wrong, and maybe her version of fusion is not the only way a good fusion can be. I rather think that Stevonnie has already shown this, though all the characters need to talk about it more. 

Like, I want there to be the idea that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel stronger, and that if everyone knows what’s going on, there’s no need to limit fusing to dire situations. Opal should be able to have a nice day at the beach, to exist for a while without needing her bow and arrow, even if Pearl and Amethyst both know that they’re not going to be Opal the next day. 

I don’t know exactly how this could be approached in the show–perhaps by having Steven admit to Garnet that he’s anxious about how she sees Stevonnie? I mean, maybe Sugilite and Sardonyx will never get their days at the beach because of the nature of the relationship Garnet is at her very core, but I would like to see her really examine what fusion has to mean, especially because it really matters now for her half-human adopted son. 

Well, that was very rambly, but I hope it makes at least some sense.


It’s that time of year again! A good amount of us are heading back to school, or have already started, and the days of having nothing to do but plan our meals and get ready for our next run are behind us!

Here are some tips for staying active and keeping on track while you’re at Uni or College~

  • Prepare your meals and snacks. Set aside a time each night to spend a few minutes planning out the next day. If you’re living at home pack some healthy snacks, like carrots and hummus, snap peas, sliced bell peppers, light popcorn, berries, or other fruits. If you’re living in a dorm, try to be aware of the food options available to you. Know when meals will be served, and what the options tend to be. Go for the salad bar in for school offers one! If you have a lot vending machines around you, look for low-cal options or snacks that are nutrient dense. Think Fiber One bars, or nuts, like almonds. 
  • Learn proper portion sizes.  We all think we know our portion sizes well, and some of use might, but when you’re in a rush or have started stress eating, it’s easy to under estimate what’s on your plate. Remember to look at your hand! Here are some quick tips: 3oz is about the width and thickness of your palm, 1-2oz fits into your cupped palm, 1 teaspoon is about the size of your finger tip to the first joint, and 1 cup looks like your loosely closed fist. 
  • Eat your meals free from distraction. Eating meals and snacking when your distracted can lead to consuming a lot of empty calories. Make a separate space for eating, and set time aside to nourish your body. Put away the laptop, close your textbook, and turn off the TV. Nourishing your body needs to be a priority.
  • Eat breakfast. You can’t study well and stay focused if your brain is running on fumes! Have a breakfast rich in fiber to help keep you fuller longer (no rumbling tummies in first class!).
  • Skip the booze, reach for water. We all know how important water is, but it’s important to remember that drinking other things should happen in moderation, especially alcoholic drinks. Empty calories, bloating,  and hang overs in class can all make for a bad semester. Make water you default and you can’t go wrong!
  • Don’t skip meals. Like I said above, it’s important that we nourish our bodies. Every time we eat, we have an opportunity to make healthy choices for our insides. Skipping meals won’t do anything good for you. In fact, you’ll just have a hard time focusing, and will end up being hangry before you know it. 
  • Focus on fruits and vegetables. While it might seem hard, fitting fruits and vegetables into your day can help keep you full and make sure that you’re getting all the essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Walk to class. Walking to class can add just a little more activity to your day, and it all adds up!
  • Make a commitment to take the stairs. Elevators are nice, but just like walking, taking the stairs can keep you moving and add a nice little workout to your day.
  • Look into a school gym. Most schools these days offer some kind of gym for students. This is often times free, or might be included in your tuition. If you school doesn’t have a gym, ask local gyms in the area if the offer rates for students. 
  • Take a workout class. If making time in your schedule for working out is hard, build it into your schedule. Take up a Pilates, yoga, weight lifting, or other fitness class, including dance classes. You’ll earn credits, have a set workout time, and meet people interested in the same fitness activities you like!
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. Turn of the electronics, get in bed, and really sleep. If you need to, take a nap for about 20 minutes, then give yourself time to wake up again. Sit and have a cup of tea before you go right back to working. 
  • Ask for help. Most schools offer counseling,  and have emergency resources for struggling students. Knowing when to assert yourself, ask for help, and take care of your own needs will be your biggest asset in life. Before all else, your mental, emotional, and physical health must come first. 
Moderators Needed

So this blog is still under serious construction, but I’d like to add mods before I’m (hopefully we’re!) finished setting it up.

I hope that AJGU can be a safe community for all Jewish women, much like AAGU is for Asian women. When this blog is fully edited and running, we should feature posts about Jewish women’s positivity; our culture and religion; our history; discussions about anti-semitism, misogyny, and intra-community issues; Jewish womens’ stories; support for Jewish women; and everything related to the Jewish women’s community on- and off-line.

Any Jewish women or girls can apply to be a moderator. This includes nonbinary women / partially female people, as well as converts and patrilineal people.
I am especially looking for potential moderators who are any of the following:
•Trans women
•Speak some amount of Yiddish / Hebrew / another Jewish language
•Grew up around a lot of Jewish culture (I’m in a very…unique situation and was unfortunately not really exposed to my Jewish heritage growing up)
•Women of Color
But anyone is welcome!

If you are interested, send me an ask. If not / if you aren’t a Jewish woman, please signal boost this post!

-Mod N


As stated in the description, this blog is meant as a safe space and a place to connect for Habesha people who identify with being in the LGBTQIAP+ community or are non-straight and/or non-cis! 

My main blog is at neocolonialismkills, but I do want more moderators than me helping running this blog and maintaining submissions/the harmony on this blog! So if you’re Ethiopian and/or Eritrean and aren’t straight and/or cisgender, please send me an ask either here on my main blog, introduce yourself a bit with your url and I’ll add you as a moderator! Trans and non binary Habeshas are especially encouraged to become moderators! 

Also as stated in the description, no homophobia, transphobia, intersexphobia, biphobia, racism, misogyny, transmisogyny, ableism or any other form of bigotry will be tolerated, especially from non-Habeshas or cis-gender straight Habeshas! If we see it, you will be blocked and effectively banned from the blog. You have been warned!

Other than that, if you have any suggestions about the blog’s appearance, resources, or any questions, let me know! 



Mod Abby

Take and Use

by Stephen Ira

I’m a poet and performer, not a visual artist.  I harbor a certain awe of museums.  I harbor deep desire for space where art is honored–this alongside cerebral criticisms of my own desire for the institutionalization that is a museum’s way of “honoring.“  I expected to enter the sacred space of an installation, then work with my friends to put up an mini-installation critical of the other content in the room.  

Instead, I found us putting up our installment during open hours, with the room full of patrons.  My elaborate black necklace absorbed the gazes that didn’t hit Dusty’s fuschia blouse.  Lots of blazers in the room.  LJ looked at the curved paint-covered wall from under their snapback and said, “This gives me vertigo.”  I overheard wisps of critique of our project coming from the teepee at the space’s center.  I looked inside the teepee and another white gay boy looked back at me.  Janani said the words “cultural genocide” several times while looking at the teepee.

No one there could tell that we were working “with” the museum, per se: we appeared to be a group of truculent fags and dykes patrons who’d brought in their own materials to make a big controversial political statement.  Men in nice wingtips alternated between cruising Chris and giving a hard-eyed onceover to the banner he was putting up.  They had no way of knowing that we were a flash collective from the Helix Queer Performance Network, invited to contribute to The Draftsman’s Congress.  In other words, our papers were signed and stamped.  We were allowed to bring something over the border, into the rarefied air of an institutional art space.  But the public didn’t know that. They were suspicious.  

"What,” their gazes seemed to say, “are these queers thinking? Don’t they know you can’t just bring matter in and out of a place like this?  The space must be maintained.  We must be careful with its borders.  This space is safe for democratic art!  Here, anyone can draw on the wall, as long as they use the proper provided materials.”

They thought it crass of us to bring in matter.  That makes sense.  Institutional art reminds us it’s a total top anytime it gets the chance.  No wonder it balks at penetration.  Admittedly, we’d been invited to meet up, so we knew institutional art was ready to flip for the right guy, but still.  I worried less about whether or not we’d be able to penetrate—even if the patrons didn’t know it, getting it in with the New Museum was a done deal—and more about whether our message would be confined and cloistered in the institution.  And if so, how?

two bright pink banners saying: THERE IS NO SAFE SPACE

bright pink stickers stuck in various places around the space, with this text on them:


five clear packets of the same pink stickers stickers stuck on the walls, with signs next to them saying “TAKE & USE”

The stickers held particular importance for us.  They were our collective’s way of breaking the boundary between rarefied institutional art spaces and the streets of New York.  Maybe, having been invited to top the New Museum, we could get it to ejaculate pink stickers all over the Lower East without even reaching around.  Since our conversations about what statement we’d like to make had repeatedly touched on the criticisms each of us had of institutionalized art, we didn’t feel like making a piece that would remain static in a museum.  ”TAKE & USE.”

I had to rush out early that day, back to Sarah Lawrence College to find my little sister and show her around.  Sarah Lawrence is a safe space, cluttered with safe spaces within safe spaces.  I am a senior.  Common Ground, the campus safe space for discussion of racial issues, was founded in the 1980s.  The college administration originally placed it in a rat-ridden basement.  Later, the basement turned out to be full of asbestos.  Now, it’s in a much bigger and more beautiful space–with a broken heater and such bad insulation that the space is nigh unusable in winter due to intolerable cold.  

The Teahaus, a little hut where tea and baked goods are served, has a big sign over the mantle proclaiming its safety.  It’s become the de facto hub for queer students in the absence of an equivalent space to Common Ground, so naturally the abusive trans men of the campus are regulars.  I tend to avoid it.  Yesterday, I broke into an awkward walk/run to avoid a white man who wouldn’t stop screaming at my friends when he visited Common Ground last year.  My first year, at one of the first queer safe spaces I’d ever entered, someone outed a trans man to me.  

This litany shouldn’t surprise anyone, nor should the assertion that “queer safe spaces” don’t usually work.  As long as we insist that safe spaces only fail because of a lack of proper moderation, we will continue to move towards a vision of queerness that believes in securitization, cops, and borders.

“Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Sexism, and Other Forms of Bigotry Are Not Permitted In This Space,” says the Teahaus’s safe space sign.  That is to say, a special kind of space exists.  This kind of space magically renders subjects within it free from their imbrication in white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.  Well, not quite.  What the sign is trying to say, but can’t: bigotry will be marked and critiqued as such rather than passing for ideologically neutral.  This is safety.  I have a problem with this.

Marking and critiquing bigotry is one of the most unsafe activities I can think of—especially with moderators at the helm who aren’t, you know, magically free from imbrication in white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.  These systems constitute us as subjects.  We need to know that to understand and curtail them.  Don’t tell me the work of digging into the systems that constitute so much about me will be safe for me—or anyone else.  Secondly, that bigotry will be marked and critiqued in a space is a noble goal, but it doesn’t speak to the quality of the space itself.  Rather, it speaks to an aspiration regarding relations among people within that space.  I repeat, I’m not bringing up anything new.  People have had this conversation, then stuck an R on “safe” to make it “safer space” instead, acknowledging its imperfection–but I’m looking for health care, not a band-aid.

Will we ever move beyond the rote game that Eve Sedgwick warned us about when she called BDSM “kinda subversive, kinda hegemonic”?  We can say that safe space is “kinda subversive, kinda hegemonic” until we’re blue in the face. It won’t change the fact that it’s a broken technology, nor that it leads to policed spaces that utilize the model of a state that detests us.  The more we play the game Sedgwick identifies in this remark, the more we’ll need to become cops.  I like a good game of cops and robbers, but only in bed, and maybe not with the New Museum–after all, this is strictly NSA as far as I’m concerned, and I will be changing my name on KiK after it’s over.

What if we abandoned this focus on the space where we have our relationships and turned towards thinking about our relationships instead?  I don’t believe that this shift in focus would lead to fewer spaces for queers.  Rather, I believe it would lead to more spaces, because the work we currently do as cops of safe space would no longer be necessary.  We’d be freed up for other dreams.  That way, when we emerged from a designated space for discussion of queer concerns (or just a queer hangout space), we could carry something with us—like a pink sticker in your hand.

Don’t just put up a sign that says “SAFE SPACE.”  Don’t make “democratic” art in a teepee.  Don’t make a teepee.  Don’t obsess about where you are.  ”TAKE & USE.”  Go play outside.

When Dusty came back to the space to show a friend, all but one of our packets of stickers were gone.  Wily Dusty went into the little supply room (god I love a sneaky queen), and there they were, neatly stacked.  They’d clearly been taken down by museum employees.  I got Dusty’s email about this and I punched the air.  Point proven, I guess!  Even when the institution lets the nasty queens in, they’re never allowed to let the art out.  Our effort to make the New Museum jizz pink onto the Bowery’s gentrified back had failed, but I’ve heard some good things about failure and queers.

I’m twenty-two and I had my queer coming of age in “safe spaces.”  Not a single one was safe and I guess I’m feeling a little petulant, like a child who discovers that the mommy-endorsed family dog can bite.  I put up a sticker on the smoker’s pole outside of the Sarah Lawrence library, and then I ran away because I saw a reported rapist whom the college refuses to expel.  When I came back the next day, someone had torn the sticker down.

Fic: Being Green

850 words of ridiculously plotless fluff, featuring spa time and Marvel jokes. PG-13 for cussing, as always.

Blaine was already regretting Sam’s Epic Video Game Marathon of Bro Bonding Time and he hadn’t even gotten back to the loft yet. While he’d enjoyed catching up with Sam and Artie in Artie’s dorm and would definitely miss Sam once he went back to Ohio in a couple days, twelve straight hours of Marvel Universe games had left him a little fuzzy around the edges, especially since they hadn’t even started until one in the afternoon. Any time he stayed up later than eleven, things got hazy for him.

Ten more steps, Anderson, you can do this, he encouraged himself as he finished climbing the staircase to the loft, trying to work up the motivation to get all the way back to the loft and not just pass out in the hallway for some unfortunate neighbor to discover the next morning. Mr. Cooper is going to call the cops if you don’t get to your real bed, Blaine. He already hates you after the Belt Incident.

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