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Nirvana in Rotterdam, Netherlands. September 1st, 1991

Photographs by Niels van Iperen

They were pretty difficult kids, fooling around, especially Kurt didn’t feel like doing anything. Once outside Dave suggested as a joke to go into the fountain in front of the hotel. It seemed like a good idea to me, I praised it, but Kurt didn’t want. The other two did like they said after which Kurt had to join too. He sat down on the fountain and it turned out to be a nice session. Strange guy: not really unpleasant, but distant in some way. First moaning, then cooperating and finally enjoying it all.” - Niels van Iperen

Nightangel HC

Kurt likes to snuggle into Warren’s feathers some days and just mush his face into his back, and Warren can’t contain his little giggle when Kurt does it. They’ll be cuddling in bed and Kurt will place himself between Warren’s wings and stay there, occasionally tickling his hips with his tail, until Warren scoots back and plops the full length of his wings over Kurt’s body and the whole thing ends in quiet laughter and squishy-cheeked hugs. Kurt especially loves the way Warren’s eyes twinkle with mirth when he presses their noses together.

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it is currently 1:01 am and i’m crying to the in utero album. kurt has brought so much joy to my life even though i wasn’t around when he was alive. his music made people seem not so alone and like they had a voice that was speaking about for them. kurt was and is king of my world.
listening to these albums again after not listening to nirvana for a year is making me feel happy yet sad due to how i was when i did listen to them. i was a sad teen who was finding herself and nirvana helped me through that and so did kurt especially. anyway i’m getting too soft. all i have to say is happy 50th kurt❤

nightsilver identity porn au

(mostly cause idk what else to call it?? city hero au maybe??)

Mutants are not common at all, but are still known, and grudgingly accept 

Kurt finally moves into his own apartment after staying with Xavier’s school for a time, equipped with some money, furniture,  and a nifty little watch that hides his true blue self behind a human, normal hologram and even a job lined up at a nearby cafe, so he doesn’t have to live off of Xavier forever.

Everything seems to go well. Even if cafe work is a lot more stressful than Kurt originally thought, and his neighbor seems to have a habit of singing really loudly, especially in the shower.  Kurt can live with that, however,cause the songs aren’t too bad, and his job makes him feel more like a person, no longer a different outcast.

It all changes though, after a late night shift at the cafe, with Kurt walking home when he hears a scream. For some reason he runs to the source to find someone being mugged, and Kurt just couldn’t stand there.

So he poofs right next to the mugger, punches him as hard as possible, making them hit the wall and luckily knocked out. And as Kurt teleports away from the the victim, who is thanking him and already calling the police, he realizes, he could use his powers to help people, to save them.

Thus, Kurt’s nighttime hobby is born. It’s one of the only times he takes off his hologram watch, cause heroes need a secret identity, and whats better than being his hidden furry blue self?

The news and papers start calling him “Nightcrawler”, and he slowly becomes the city’s night savior (terror, as some groups also call him)

Or, at least, he’s one of them.

Now there’s a new comer on the scene, someone that moves faster than a blink, being dubbed “Quicksilver”, and becomes known for his smart mouth and quick wit.

but the man always seems to have time to stop and flirt with Nightcrawler, seemingly popping up near him almost every night to lend a helping hand (not that Nightcrawler needs it, thanks)

And Kurt’s daytime life gets a little more shaken when he finally meets his neighbor, a one Peter Maximoff, and he turns out to be really cute and a dork, and really fun to hang out with? and they become quick friends.

But of course, Peter says he has his heart set for a certain someone, and Kurt can’t help but be disappointed.

Nightcrawler doesn’t notice that Quicksilver seems just as disappointed when Nightcrawler informs him that he’s interested in a certain someone else

Warren’s all serious and tough and cocky when he first comes to the School and he stays like that for quite a while, but when he and Kurt start dating he suddenly brightens up a tenfold. He’ll dance, he’ll tease, and there’s a smile on his lips every other minute, especially so when Kurt’s around. He’s kinder, he’s more open. He offers to take the gang to resorts and fancy restaurants (he inherited money from his father’s company) just because. He’s such a different person than he was only months ago. Scott nearly fell off of the couch when Warren walked into the room with a dopey grin on his face.

About Nightcrawel’childhood

*Crack her fingers*

Ok guys as somone who live in a Circus/Amusement park
I feel obliged to explain you guys some stuff.

First thing is aready explain in the comics that Kurt had a happy childhood and was loved by his foster family and the Circus’s crew.

But what i want to clarify are some stuff i see in fanfics ( especially in the Kurt-Reader fanfiction) 
Where Kurt is always portrait as poor or that he never had money and this is dumb!

I mean, like i’ve aready said his parent loved him and circus people are not poor! He of course had food, water and Tv!

Also circus people do not live in tents! But in thing more like Campers or Carovans like this one:

And I swear that inside it look like a normal house!

I don’t want to be mean but keep seeing the whole circus life portrait in the wrong way and this kinda piss me off

Rich DotMidwife

Rich DotMidwife

summary: this is one of those fics that starts with “this should never have happened”. But oh, well, here we are. crack!fic level 20. jane is in labor and there is no one there but rich dotcom. i apologies for the absurdity.

“Excuse me, Sir?” The young agent opened the door slowly and tried to take a step in when the assistant director snapped at him. “What is it? What do you want?”

They were stuck inside the office, snowed in and everyone was on edge. But Kurt seemed especially more so than everyone else. “I’m sorry, sir, is everything ok?”

“Is everything ok? Well let’s see. I’m stuck here in the office because of this stupid blizzard and my wife is in labor in the middle of no where, I can’t get to her and all phones are down, and the only person who’s there with her is a fugitive whose legally named Rich DotCom. So no, everything’s not ok!” Kurt took a step back when he saw the terrified look on the poor kid’s face. “I’m sorry, what was it that you wanted?”

“It’s agent Patterson, sir, she’s found a way to contact your wife.”

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Warren's a singer don't you deny me this

So he gets rescued and yadda yadda yadda right. He’s at the mansion for about a month and he’s making nice with everyone (especially Kurt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and suddenly BOOM there’s a guy knocking at the door like “uh is Warren here because we kinda need our guitarist and lead singer back” because he was part of a band for a while. So Warren agrees to do one final performance before he enrolls in the school for the long run and he invites half the School along for funsies. Kurt and the X-gang get front-row seats because Warren’s a wonderful angry bean and the moment he steps on stage and flares out his wings he’s in his ZONE man. He’s singing beautifully and dancing a bit here and there, complete with hella nice eyeliner and an electric guitar and my goodness my heart can’t take it someone save me

The date || Kurtbastian

Sebastian had spent a long time checking himself over, mainly to meet Kurts standards. He knew the other man held his opinions about fashion as he himself tried hard to stand out in his dalton uniform with the little touches. Sebastian noticed them, the clips on the tie, the random broaches, his bag with the embellishes. His eyes rarely when not focused on study we’re off Kurt and he was rather nervous about this whole date thing. He didn’t do dates, he did hook ups and drops. He wasn’t looking for that with Kurt especially since this was a big risk for Kurt.

Sebastian wrung his hands together starting to feel the beginnings of sweat form and shook himself out. This was new territory, well not really but to him this was trying and he didn’t like trying he liked easy especially after last time he’d tried. Leaving his dorm he walked the hall passed the rooms of his friends to the one room that held the man of his recent obsession.

Straighten his tie under his sweater, and smoothing his slacks. He stood for a moment staring at the door before him. Taking a breath, he a straightened his glasses, reaching out from the frames he corrected he knocked on Kurt’s dorm door hoping like hell his roommate wasn’t there


Sex education II

Sex education at the Xavier Institute part II

Jubilation: So what did you learn at sex ed Kurt?

Kurt: That it is very important to always wear a condom unless it’s been explicitly discussed and you have decided otherwise as a couple, Always!

Jubilation: But….what about lesbians?

Kurt: Especially if you are lesibans, because if both of them gets pregnant it’s twice as bad!

The Show Must Go On

Anon prompted: Kurt has a show that night but he wakes up nauseous but hides it and still goes into work. Then he ends up getting sick while on stage. Blaine takes care of him for two days until he is better and helps him to remember not to care what the critics are saying about him

It isn’t easy being a parent and a Broadway actor.  Especially when your daughter gives you her stomach virus.

1654 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt groaned as he woke up.  Being a parent and a Broadway actor wasn’t always easy, especially lately since Elizabeth, Kurt and Blaine’s daughter had been sick with a nasty stomach virus and was keeping them up all night the past couple of nights.  Kurt began to roll over, and immediately regretted the movement.  The movement had made Kurt’s stomach flip, and not in a good way.  And the last thing he wanted right now was to be down with a stomach virus.

Kurt was currently the male lead in a production on Broadway.  He didn’t have time to be sick.  He had an understudy, but he’d rather not have to use the understudy if he didn’t have to.  Kurt knew a good bit of his fan base had bought tickets to see the show, and he would hate to disappoint them in any way.  

He curled in on himself and laid there, letting the wave of nausea pass before moving again.  After several minutes, Kurt finally got up to begin his day.  He was determined to not let a little stomach virus get in the way of him performing that night.  

“You okay, babe?” Blaine asked later that morning when walked out of their bedroom and saw Kurt sitting there sipping on a Gatorade instead of eating breakfast.

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Written in Ink: The first time that Kurt and Blaine see their married names printed uwu

The house is still a mess of boxes piled up in every room so tall that Blaine can’t see over them—to which Kurt endlessly teases him by hiding behind them and then surprising him with a hug. The crispness of every empty room is a blank canvas. They have their entire lives to plan out in these rooms—especially when Kurt insists he has plans for each and every one. 

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a list of things i love from the white house “my shot”

- anthony, lin and daveed are literally incapable of standing still - oak and leslie are so still in comparison
- lafayette doesn’t even understand all of what’s being said but he’s SO EXCITED
- the way anthony says “give us a verse, drop some knowledge”
- lin looking like a proud dad
- they all break character here and there like holy shit we’re at the white house
- “he says in parentheses”
- hamilton’s reaction to laurens jumping in w “my - shot” (hahaha laurens is the first to really understand ham kill me tbh)
- the “sewing some pants” gesture
- “oh, anarchy!” lafayette you precious baby child
- kurt crowley especially is GOING IN
- i feel like leslie dresses like 21st century burr 100% of the time
- they’re all looking at burr like “…this fuckin guy”
- the way lin leans on the “got/lancelot/hot/a lot” bit
- “we roll like moses”
- time to take a shot - shot - shot
- i literally cannot overstate how fun anthony is to watch he is so IN IT
- they all visibly just. have a moment, when it’s done

anyway i’m emotional