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Request: Can you do JD x Fem!Reader whereJd stands up for her when she’s bullied And if you do it can you tag me

Tag/s: @hamilton4laurens

Pairing: Jason Dean / JD x Reader

A/N: imsorryifthisisbadhelpme | also what a crappy title i didnt know what to name it lol

You always tried to avoid being the center of attention. It wasn’t because the Heathers would probably bully and trash talk you for it, you just didn’t like people talking about you let alone look at you all the time. You were basically the polar opposite of them.

But that wasn’t the case after H. Duke, being the butt she is spread rumors about you because H. Chandler told her to do it. You didn’t do anything to them but they think you practically attacked them by helping Martha out of a situation caused by them.

The rumor basically went, “Y/N will do blowjobs for everyone!” and everyone believed it because one, they were idiots and two, it came from the most popular girls in school. You kind of wanted to die.

Kind of.

You sat alone at lunch at the farthest table possible so that you wouldn’t gain attention. But of course, one way or another they’d try to bring you in the spotlight just to humiliate you. Especially, Kurt and Ram.

“Please leave me alone.” You watched as the two of them sat across the table abruptly and looked at you with great perversity.

“Aw don’t be like that, Y/N.” Kurt grinned from ear to ear. “We just want to have fun with you~”

“Go away.” You said as you took your tray and stood up but before you could walk away, Ram took a hold of your wrist making you drop your tray. It clattered loudly making everyone in the room face your direction.

“Don’t be a loser.” He said. 

“Go away!” You said, louder this time and tried squirming your wrist out of his grasp but to no avail. You were pretty weak, basically.

“You heard the girl, go away.”

It happened too fast but the next thing you know, Ram was on the ground holding his face moaning in pain and you were right behind JD, the transfer student you weren’t even friends with. You were both relieved and shocked that he came to your aid. 

“JD!” You gasped and he looked down at you, smiling. Ever since he came to the school, you’ve tried talking to him countless times since you were in so many classes together but you never came around it. It sounds ridiculous but you may or may not have harbored a little crush on him by just seeing him.

He punched Kurt when he was charging towards him in revenge for his best friend lying on the ground. When he did, Kurt was just in the same position as Ram was: lying on the ground, hurting.

“Come on, let’s go before they get up.” He grinned and took you by the hand, pulling you through the cafeteria with silent, shocked students as they watched you exit.

“Thank you.” You said. “For saving me.”

“It’s not a big deal, Y/N.” JD said as he rubbed his knuckles. 

“You know my name?”

“Uh,” he took awhile. “Yeah, I do.”

A smile found its way on your lips and before you know it, he was also smiling too. You wanted time to stop right here right now.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” he said. “But I feel like I might be bothering you.” 

“No,” you laughed. “Actually I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” 

“Really?” he smiled. “What about?”

“Uhm..” Shit. 

JD laughed. “I’ve meaning to talk.. Ask you if you want to get a slushie some time this week?”

You smiled. “Sure.”

“And by then, I hope you tell me why you’ve been meaning to talk to me too.”

“Halftime” - Kurt/Blaine

because Blaine loves football and Kurt loves scarves

and because I’m a helpless little monster

self-indulgent (as helllll) fluff about Gaga’s concert at the sports thing. thank you @whatstheproblembaby​ for info about the actual game lmao 

1500 words | AO3

“Mark my words, Anderson: you’re gonna owe me $50 when this is all over. Falcons have the lead and they’re not letting it go.” 

Blaine shakes his head and sets three cold beers and a fresh, warm bowl of cheese dip on the coffee table as he rejoins his in-laws in front of the TV. “Oh, I’m just ‘Anderson’ when there’s a game on the line, huh?” 

“You’re just ‘Anderson’ whenever you’re in a Patriots jersey,” Burt laughs, elbowing Blaine just hard enough to tip him over a little on the couch. 

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Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Come up to Meet You” (Rated T)

When Blaine Anderson meets Kurt on the streets of New York, Blaine can’t believe his eyes. He’s been waiting to meet Kurt in the flesh for so long. The only problem is that Kurt can’t fathom why … or how Blaine knows who he is. (1559 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Prompt Day 2 “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”

Read on AO3.

“Kurt? Kurt Hummel?”

Kurt plucks the earbud out of his left ear when he hears his name weave in between songs.

“Is that really you?”

Kurt, who had stopped outside of Starbucks to check his text messages, looks up as a young man approaches, eyes widening beneath enviably long, dark lashes, staring at Kurt as if Kurt was Clark Gable reincarnate.

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He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

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Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Klaine one-shot - “The Crypt Keeper’s Boy” (Rated PG13)

Blaine Anderson (not his real name) wandered into Gethsemani Cemetery as a child, escaping the man who slaughtered his entire family in their sleep. Blaine was taken in by the residents of the cemetery, and raised by Kurt, the vampire Guardian of Gethsemani Cemetery. But Blaine is no longer a toddler. It is time for him to leave.

But can he leave the only home he’s ever known, along with the family who raised him?

Especially his caretaker, Kurt? (5776 words)

Written for @vampireisabitstrong @todaydreambelieversfic gift exchange prompt - A ‘Graveyard Book’ AU: Blaine wanders into the Graveyard as a toddler, and is met by Kurt, the graveyard’s protector and resident Vampire. The graveyard folk raise Blaine as their own, give him the freedom of the graveyard, and all the while he stays within the gates and grounds, he is safe and protected from whatever he was running from when he first passed through the gates as a child. In this version, though, Blaine grows closer to Kurt as he grows up, and it is Kurt that takes him outside of the gates in the end, back into the world. (Ideally, the graveyard folk would be made up of other Glee Club members. Up to you who the Big Bad is, and what they did that made Blaine leave his home as a child and toddle into the graveyard to begin with!)

I’ve been writing this forever. I had to read the book to write it. I’ve changed it a million times, and I still don’t think I’ve gotten it right, but there’s nothing more I can do to improve it. So, here it is … and I’m sorry. :/

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Kurt watches Blaine shake the die in his cupped hands, taking far too long on this one roll at this point in their game.

“Blaine,” he says with a slight clearing of his throat. “I don’t want to throw you off your groove but could you be a gem and toss that die already? We don’t have all night.”

“Why?” Blaine asks, stalling in order to shake the die a few seconds longer. “Do you have somewhere else you need to be?”

Kurt glares at Blaine, silently scolding his young ward for behaving like a common smart ass, but becomes bewitched by the mild note of teasing in his eyes.

“Not tonight,” Kurt says dryly, the kind of dry that conceals, like a blanket of dead leaves on the forest floor hiding scores of life underneath. “But next week I do have an appointment, so I’d rather not be late.”

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Dad!Peter Maximoff headcanons
  • Peter decides to take a break from being an X-Men because he’s almost 30 and wants to do some things before it’s too late
  • One of those things is actually finding a girlfriend (you)
  • He meets you on accident and you guys easily connect over music and Twinkie’s
  • After awhile, Peter wants to pop the question, but before he can, you announce that your pregnant ( he asks you eventually)
  • He almost doesn’t know how to react. He’s scared and couldn’t be more ecstatic at the same time
  • Once he sees the worried look you have, he hugs you tightly and keeps repeating I’m gonna be a dad over and over. Even to random strangers. You refrain from smacking him when he does this
  • He’s so happy and can’t wait to meet the new baby
  • When the baby finally does come, it’s a girl and he couldn’t be happier. That was the first time you saw Peter cry.
  • She has your eyes and immediately had little wisps of silver hair. (She’s a total daddy’s girl)
  • Peter is always holding her, even when you insist she’ll live if she’s not in his arms for two seconds. (Cue arguments whenever he doesn’t let you hold her)
  • His mom and sister would’ve kidnapped her if Peter hadn’t been smart enough to distract them with baby photos
  • He loves to bring you lunch at work, meaning most days you get to see your baby and Peter before you go home. Thank you kisses to both are a must. The baby always starts laughing when you kiss her nose (I hope it’s ok I based this one on a head canon you have @mllknhoney)
  • He sometimes goes a little too fast when dressing the baby, leaving you to put her clothes on the right way
  • You two always try to make her go to sleep at 8. Then you two snuggle in a pile on the couch for a couple of hours. (Which always ends with you two falling asleep, you snuggled into his chest)
  • More often than not, he offers to see what’s wrong if the baby starts crying
  • On your days off, you make Peter go do something by himself for a couple of hours, but he never knows what to do with out you
  • Some days it feels like she’s growing up too fast and others it feels like she will never be older than a newborn. It depends on how stressed you both are
  • You get them matching shirts
  • They were them all the time
  • You decide to get in on the action and buy a set of three so you can all match (it’s disgustingly cute)
  • Because Peter is such a Soft Boy™ you always make sure to at least hug him for a solid five minutes before leaving for work (he won’t admit it but he wants you to hug him always)
  • One day he gets a message from Charles asking where the hell he’s been and that he’s needed back with the X-Men.
  • You decided it would be better for you guys to move to New York near the school (thankfully your work place had a division near by)
  • But you couldn’t come with him until all your credentials and things got transferred to the new place, meaning it was time for a dad/daughter road trip (“Peter you are not running there with the baby.”)
  • Peter has never been more proud of himself. He was a dad. He was going to show e v e r y o n e his baby.
  • Hank opens the door to see Peter holding a baby. He isn’t sure what to say except for hi.
  • “Why do you have a baby?” “Well her mom and I-” I got it Peter" hank wants him to never bring that up again.
  • Charles is happy to see Peter back. They could really use him right now, as the team is getting overworked.
  • He just kinda sets the baby down on the desk. (“To answer your question, this is where the hell I’ve been.”)
  • He may have said that all a little too fast but Charles got the basics. The baby is asleep, giving the chance for him to tell Peter what’s happened since he basically disappeared.
  • A little sob interrupts the conversation, but “don’t worry I’m here baby girl.” stops the outburst from continuing
  • He follows Charles around, baby on his hip looking at what they’ve done with the mansion in the few years he was gone.
  • Then of course, babies get attention. Especially from bubbly teenagers named Jubilee.
  • The baby gets passed around. She really likes Kurt. Especially his tail. But he doesn’t listen to peters warning of her being grabby.
  • Then Scott and Alex are asking to hold the baby. Jubilee was one thing, but both of them shot beams out of their bodies…hell no.
  • The baby likes Ororo, and the feeling is kinda mutual. She likes that there is another mutant with hair similar to how hers is.
  • Then Peter notices Warren kinda edging his way into the circle to see what’s going on. Peter pretends he doesn’t notice the smile that finds its way onto his face when he gets to hold the baby.
  • Peter keeps bragging about how amazing and pretty you are and how nice it is to be in a relationship and how he hasn’t stolen anything in a long time.
  • Charles is extremely proud. he won’t admit it. But everyone can tell
  • (I think maybe Peter would use this opportunity to finally tell Erik he’s his son.) Peter just sees Erick and goes “Hi dad, here’s your granddaughter.” And hands him the baby.She instantly likes Erik. Erik on the other hand has no idea what to do with himself
  • At the end of the day, Peter sets his room back up for the night and calls you to tell you he loves you. You hear the baby giggling and yell at him for not making her go to bed yet but you love him too and you can’t wait to be back with your babies
  • When you finally do get to move, you can’t wait to meet everyone.
  • Warren begrudgingly answers the door. He smirks when he sees you on the other side, and flirts with you all the way to the professors office.
  • Which leads to him being super embarrassed when Peter calls him out on it. (“Hey bird boy stop flirting with my wife”) (Warren didn’t know. And now he’s blushing and Peters never gonna let it go)
  • “Hi, baby!” “Hi to you too.” “Not you Peter, I want my child.”
  • He pouts until you give him attention too.
  • He happily drags you around to meet everyone. Including Erik, who is kinda still in shock at the fact that he has a family
  • Warren is still embarrassed. You make it worse by teasing him about it. Everyone accepts you into the little group.
  • The three of you easily blend into life at the mansion. It’s not far from where you work and there is almost always a babysitter available.
  • Peter couldn’t be prouder of his girls and the feeling is mutual.
  • Taking a break from the X-Men is the best decision he has ever made

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Ah, do you know clint's eyes are blue and peter's eyes are brown? Cause thery're kinda opposite. (Plus, I really really really really love your art! Especially Kurt ,Clint, Kate, Matt. Love them!)

(( Well in my au, they aren’t! Clint’s are brown and Pete’s are blue. These are my reresentations yo))

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When do you think each glee club member realized brittana was dating ? When Finn outed Santana (still forever bitter) he said everyone already knew even tho just two episodes ago we saw Santana still covering up hand holds and everything. I imagine they all had their separate moments of realization but I was wondering ur thoughts on when each member realized ?

Because two episodes earlier even Santana herself (too precious for this earth) didn’t realize she and Brittany were dating, I think that either the whole Glee Club found out in two episodes, or Finn wasn’t referring to everyone knowing they were dating, per se, but that they were in love.

Looking back at when the Glee Club realized Brittana were in love is a lot more fun to analyze anyway, because we can go all the way back to season 1 (as I believe those girls were hopelessly in love from the very beginning).

Now, if I wanted to find when each of the individual members of Glee noticed, I’d have to rewatch all of seasons 1 and 2–which, bless those seasons, is not happening–but we can certainly see instances where most of, if not all of, the Glee Club must have known these Cheerios were much more than best friends.

The first scene that (I think) truly shows that Brittany and Santana love each other is the opening scene in 1x10. You may know it as the “holy-crap-these-girls-are-literal-soulmates” scene.

Everyone else in that scene is unhappy about their ballad partners (especially Finn, who gets Kurt and thinks it’s too gay to sing a song to another boy), but these girls are the epitome of excited at the thought of singing a love song to the other. Why the fuck did we not get to see even one of those girls’ ballads, Brad?

The Glee Club has a history of being incredibly dense, though, so maybe they thought Brittany and Santana were just two really, really close best friends. Fair enough.

The rest of Brittany’s interactions in season 1 are mainly subtle touches/looks in the back row, which I highly doubt the Glee kids would notice (again, those kids are dense), so let’s look at 2x15.

This has got to be the moment Glee Club realized Brittana love each other, because “just friends” don’t sing Stevie Nicks to each other and cry, okay?

Hell, even Rachel Berry, one of the most self-centered characters I’ve ever seen, noticed how obvious their love for each other was.

Maybe some individual characters saw Brittana’s love as early as S1, but Landslide, without a doubt, is the solidifying moment where anyone with eyes could blatantly see that Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez were hopelessly, hopelessly in love.

Thanks for the q, anon!

Nightangel HC

Kurt likes to snuggle into Warren’s feathers some days and just mush his face into his back, and Warren can’t contain his little giggle when Kurt does it. They’ll be cuddling in bed and Kurt will place himself between Warren’s wings and stay there, occasionally tickling his hips with his tail, until Warren scoots back and plops the full length of his wings over Kurt’s body and the whole thing ends in quiet laughter and squishy-cheeked hugs. Kurt especially loves the way Warren’s eyes twinkle with mirth when he presses their noses together.

nightsilver identity porn au

(mostly cause idk what else to call it?? city hero au maybe??)

Mutants are not common at all, but are still known, and grudgingly accept 

Kurt finally moves into his own apartment after staying with Xavier’s school for a time, equipped with some money, furniture,  and a nifty little watch that hides his true blue self behind a human, normal hologram and even a job lined up at a nearby cafe, so he doesn’t have to live off of Xavier forever.

Everything seems to go well. Even if cafe work is a lot more stressful than Kurt originally thought, and his neighbor seems to have a habit of singing really loudly, especially in the shower.  Kurt can live with that, however,cause the songs aren’t too bad, and his job makes him feel more like a person, no longer a different outcast.

It all changes though, after a late night shift at the cafe, with Kurt walking home when he hears a scream. For some reason he runs to the source to find someone being mugged, and Kurt just couldn’t stand there.

So he poofs right next to the mugger, punches him as hard as possible, making them hit the wall and luckily knocked out. And as Kurt teleports away from the the victim, who is thanking him and already calling the police, he realizes, he could use his powers to help people, to save them.

Thus, Kurt’s nighttime hobby is born. It’s one of the only times he takes off his hologram watch, cause heroes need a secret identity, and whats better than being his hidden furry blue self?

The news and papers start calling him “Nightcrawler”, and he slowly becomes the city’s night savior (terror, as some groups also call him)

Or, at least, he’s one of them.

Now there’s a new comer on the scene, someone that moves faster than a blink, being dubbed “Quicksilver”, and becomes known for his smart mouth and quick wit.

but the man always seems to have time to stop and flirt with Nightcrawler, seemingly popping up near him almost every night to lend a helping hand (not that Nightcrawler needs it, thanks)

And Kurt’s daytime life gets a little more shaken when he finally meets his neighbor, a one Peter Maximoff, and he turns out to be really cute and a dork, and really fun to hang out with? and they become quick friends.

But of course, Peter says he has his heart set for a certain someone, and Kurt can’t help but be disappointed.

Nightcrawler doesn’t notice that Quicksilver seems just as disappointed when Nightcrawler informs him that he’s interested in a certain someone else

What Santana should have said

“Kurt, maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because your relationship is more toxic than a chemical plant. Maybe it didn’t work out between you and Blaine because he cheated on you, and you should have walked away from him then and there instead of taking him back. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine is a manipulative, lying, immature child who thinks he’s entitled to everything and has an ego so inflated, it gives Rachel’s a run for her money. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated, because all he ever did was walk all over you and treat you like an inferior, which is ridiculous because you’re Kurt fucking Hummel and you deserve everything good that happens to you. Maybe it didn’t work out because Blaine just makes you miserable. Yes, I understand you’re hurting, but you should be with someone who makes you as happy as Brittany makes me. Believe me Kurt, you can do so much better. So, just quit chasing after Blaine because you are the biggest, brightest diamond. And he isn’t even a fucking pebble.”

See, I know a lot of people, Kurt stans especially, are pissed off at Santana for what she said, but I’m not because the Santana that I grew to admire on this show was the one who said that she was a hardcore friend. The Santana that I admire was the one who told Kurt (and Rachel) that she had love for him and thought of him as family. The Santana I admire was the one who grew to care about the guys in Glee club and stuck up for them and would always tell them to get their crap together in her Santana way because she loves those guys and she wants to see them happy, no matter how much of a bitch she says she is. The Santana that I admire is the one who would’ve said all that to Kurt if the Glee writers weren’t offensive as all hell and knew how to properly write a television show. So yeah, the writers are the ones I’m mad at because it wouldn’t have been hard to write that scene that way, but those guys just love being offensive dicks, so of course they had Santana insult Kurt while bringing Chris’s own physical appearances into play. Not to mention, they had her seem like she’s on Team Blaine, which is ridiculous because I was sure it was a given that Santana didn’t even give a shit about that overgrown child. But the Glee writers just love upsetting people, so what can I say?