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Request: Can you do JD x Fem!Reader whereJd stands up for her when she’s bullied And if you do it can you tag me

Tag/s: @hamilton4laurens

Pairing: Jason Dean / JD x Reader

A/N: imsorryifthisisbadhelpme | also what a crappy title i didnt know what to name it lol

You always tried to avoid being the center of attention. It wasn’t because the Heathers would probably bully and trash talk you for it, you just didn’t like people talking about you let alone look at you all the time. You were basically the polar opposite of them.

But that wasn’t the case after H. Duke, being the butt she is spread rumors about you because H. Chandler told her to do it. You didn’t do anything to them but they think you practically attacked them by helping Martha out of a situation caused by them.

The rumor basically went, “Y/N will do blowjobs for everyone!” and everyone believed it because one, they were idiots and two, it came from the most popular girls in school. You kind of wanted to die.

Kind of.

You sat alone at lunch at the farthest table possible so that you wouldn’t gain attention. But of course, one way or another they’d try to bring you in the spotlight just to humiliate you. Especially, Kurt and Ram.

“Please leave me alone.” You watched as the two of them sat across the table abruptly and looked at you with great perversity.

“Aw don’t be like that, Y/N.” Kurt grinned from ear to ear. “We just want to have fun with you~”

“Go away.” You said as you took your tray and stood up but before you could walk away, Ram took a hold of your wrist making you drop your tray. It clattered loudly making everyone in the room face your direction.

“Don’t be a loser.” He said. 

“Go away!” You said, louder this time and tried squirming your wrist out of his grasp but to no avail. You were pretty weak, basically.

“You heard the girl, go away.”

It happened too fast but the next thing you know, Ram was on the ground holding his face moaning in pain and you were right behind JD, the transfer student you weren’t even friends with. You were both relieved and shocked that he came to your aid. 

“JD!” You gasped and he looked down at you, smiling. Ever since he came to the school, you’ve tried talking to him countless times since you were in so many classes together but you never came around it. It sounds ridiculous but you may or may not have harbored a little crush on him by just seeing him.

He punched Kurt when he was charging towards him in revenge for his best friend lying on the ground. When he did, Kurt was just in the same position as Ram was: lying on the ground, hurting.

“Come on, let’s go before they get up.” He grinned and took you by the hand, pulling you through the cafeteria with silent, shocked students as they watched you exit.

“Thank you.” You said. “For saving me.”

“It’s not a big deal, Y/N.” JD said as he rubbed his knuckles. 

“You know my name?”

“Uh,” he took awhile. “Yeah, I do.”

A smile found its way on your lips and before you know it, he was also smiling too. You wanted time to stop right here right now.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” he said. “But I feel like I might be bothering you.” 

“No,” you laughed. “Actually I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” 

“Really?” he smiled. “What about?”

“Uhm..” Shit. 

JD laughed. “I’ve meaning to talk.. Ask you if you want to get a slushie some time this week?”

You smiled. “Sure.”

“And by then, I hope you tell me why you’ve been meaning to talk to me too.”

A Few Things

Hello to all my new followers!! I just want to welcome you all to my blog and thank you for following! Since I’ve gotten a significant increase in asks and interaction, I figured I’d make a quick post explaining a few things about my blog and it’s nature to help improve interaction and collaboration between us (since I can’t create the content without your help)!

Firstly, this blog is not specific to Musical or Movie canon. While most character designs and past events are based on the Musical, I’ve always preferring the Movie’s handling of character development and characterization, and as such derive most of my character personality and morality information from there. This goes especially for Veronica, who is a lot more on JD’s side in the movie. She states that she doesn’t really mind that Heather, Kurt, and Ram are dead (especially Kurt and Ram) as she feels they were bad people. This is the mindset I use when writing my Veronica, as opposed to the musical’s more sympathetic take on her character and moral coding. 

Another thing is, I have no plans to incorporate ships into this blog in any way! I simply do not see Veronica being in a relationship this close after canon events, especially with any of the other characters. She has graduated from school and lives alone, she will not be dating or pinning after any former classmates or ghosts (how would the latter even work). I would appreciate it if you could refrain from sending asks about this topic, as it seems whenever I answer something like it in an attempt to end the discussion or make my stance on it clear it simply spurs more questions of the same nature. 

My intent with this blog is to explore Veronica’s state of mind and current place in life after the events of the movie/musical, as Veronica’s neutral-minded, iffy - morality, and unique characterization for a heroine have always been incredibly interesting to me! I’m also hoping to use this as a way to experiment with art styles, so please excuse the varying looks to my answers.

Thank you!!

“Halftime” - Kurt/Blaine

because Blaine loves football and Kurt loves scarves

and because I’m a helpless little monster

self-indulgent (as helllll) fluff about Gaga’s concert at the sports thing. thank you @whatstheproblembaby​ for info about the actual game lmao 

1500 words | AO3

“Mark my words, Anderson: you’re gonna owe me $50 when this is all over. Falcons have the lead and they’re not letting it go.” 

Blaine shakes his head and sets three cold beers and a fresh, warm bowl of cheese dip on the coffee table as he rejoins his in-laws in front of the TV. “Oh, I’m just ‘Anderson’ when there’s a game on the line, huh?” 

“You’re just ‘Anderson’ whenever you’re in a Patriots jersey,” Burt laughs, elbowing Blaine just hard enough to tip him over a little on the couch. 

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He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Come up to Meet You” (Rated T)

When Blaine Anderson meets Kurt on the streets of New York, Blaine can’t believe his eyes. He’s been waiting to meet Kurt in the flesh for so long. The only problem is that Kurt can’t fathom why … or how Blaine knows who he is. (1559 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Prompt Day 2 “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”

Read on AO3.

“Kurt? Kurt Hummel?”

Kurt plucks the earbud out of his left ear when he hears his name weave in between songs.

“Is that really you?”

Kurt, who had stopped outside of Starbucks to check his text messages, looks up as a young man approaches, eyes widening beneath enviably long, dark lashes, staring at Kurt as if Kurt was Clark Gable reincarnate.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Which glee episode do you think is the most crisscolfer?

Hi. I’m in love with this ask, so thank you so much.

My first response was all of them, because there is always something of them in their characters, but for me the most CrissColfer one is for sure the 5x14.

Both for the kisses, the way Chris just let Darren do whatever he wants with his neck like it was a normal thing - and I’m pretty sure it is - and especially for what Kurt/Chris says about their relationship “By protecting something that is very precious to me”. And the way he says that with shiny eyes next to tears.

I think it’s the most Crisscolfer quote of all them, because they both sacrifice so much, just for the protecting their love.

Even the fight was so much them lol

anonymous asked:

Ah, do you know clint's eyes are blue and peter's eyes are brown? Cause thery're kinda opposite. (Plus, I really really really really love your art! Especially Kurt ,Clint, Kate, Matt. Love them!)

(( Well in my au, they aren’t! Clint’s are brown and Pete’s are blue. These are my reresentations yo))

A Perfect Life

Summary: Jeller one-shot. The baby gets born.

They got the call at 5:28 A.M. She remembers the exact time, because at that point she knew everything was going to change. She also immediatly knew who the phonecall was about. Allie

To be honest, she had mixed feelings about the baby. She was excited to see the baby, and especially to see Kurt with the baby. She was less thrilled about the fact, that he was going to have a baby with another woman.

Approximately one hour after Kurt ended the phonecall, they had arrived at the hospital. They'd rushed to the receptionist, to ask where the Labor and Delivery wing was. Third floor.

When they had gotten into the elevator, she’d noticed how tense Kurt was. He had been quiet ever since the call, but at that point she’d seen the questions in his blue eyes. Since they moved to Colorado to be with Allie and the baby, he had been worried about Allie or complications during the birth. His biggest fear, was if he was going to be just like his own father. She however knew, that he would be an amazing dad.

She suddenly had known what to do, to make him stop worrying. She had stood on her toes and just kissed him. At first he’d stiffened, but later he’d deepened the kiss. After a couple of seconds, she let go of him and slightly pushed him backwards. “What was that for?” “To stop you from worrying too much. Everything is going to be okay and I will be here for you.” She’d put her hand on his cheek and looked into his scared eyes. “You are going to be an amazing dad.” She would never know what he was going to say next, because that’s when the elevator had stopped. They had asked for Allison Knight and that was when she had heard, that she had to wait in the waiting room. Only family was allowed inside the delivery room. Kurt had kissed her goodbye and had disappeared from view, when he’d shut the door behind him.

Three and a half hours. That’s how long she has been sitting here. Endless hours of waiting, anticipating and wondering if Kurt was doing okay. And ofcourse Allie and the baby. She had tried to pass the time, by buying food and taking a walk around the hospital. Kurt came out of the delivery room every 20 minutes or so, to tell her what was going on. She was getting a little anxious at this point, because it must’ve been at least 45 minutes ago, since she last saw her husband.

“Jane, she’s finally here.” She barely had time to process his words, before he put his arms around her and pulled her into a hug. She. The baby is a girl. She can’t help but smile and whispers into his ear: “Congratulations Kurt, you are a daddy now.” He gently releases her from his hold and looks into her eyes. “Thank you Jane, wanna go and meet her?” Slightly hesitating, she nods and follows him into the delivery room.

The first things she hears, is the crying of an infant. She immediatly stops walking. Kurt, feeling her uneasiness, grabs her hand and intertwines their fingers. She looks up at him and his eyes give her all the encouragement she needs. She looks at the bed Allie is in. Allie beams with happiness and her eyes shimmer with tears. “Jane, I am so happy to see you again. Do you want to meet little Bethany?” She hesitantly walks over to stand beside the bed. She gazes down at the baby in Allie’s arms and instantly falls in love.  Bethany’s eyes are closed and she looks so peaceful. The resemblance to Kurt immediatly hits her. Bethany has his nose and his ears. “Do you want to hold her?” Hold her? When was the last time she held a baby? Before she can say something, Allie gives her the baby. The warm weight feels comforting in her arms. She puts her focus on Bethany and suddenly the thought hits her. She is a stepmom now. A warm tear slides down her cheek at the realization. “Welcome little Bethany, I already love you so much.” She carefully kisses her forehead and Bethany wraps her little fingers around her thumb. She feels two arms slip around her waist. She hadn’t noticed the fact that Kurt was standing behind her. His thumb gently wipes the tear away. She leans into his chest and looks up at Allie. Conor, who she didn’t notice before, was standing next to her. “She’s perfect Allie.” “Thank you Jane. She certainly will be very loved with four parents." Jane looks at Kurt and then at Bethany and knows. Her life is perfect now. 

Note to readers: Thank you all so much for reading this small fic. I really hope you enjoyed it. As always, please let me know what you guys think. I would love to get feedback/tips about my writing, so I can improve myself and learn how to write better!

sweet night light (jane/kurt + charlie weller fanfic)

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: I was saying to @kate-dammit-run that I needed to write some “daddy!Kurt with his boys” fics and she sent me the sweetest, loveliest prompt for some Kurt & Charlie bonding. I played around with it a little bit – hockey season’s getting started here so I was feeling inspired. Hope this fic makes you as happy as it made me!

sweet night light

The house was dark when the cab pulled up in front, save for the light in the front hall that Jane had left on for him. Kurt quickly paid the fare and collected his bag from the trunk, making his way to the door. It was late already, well past the kids’ bedtime, and he suspected Jane was asleep as well.

Leaving his bag in the front hallway, he headed upstairs, smiling as he approached their bedroom. He wasn’t surprised to see Jane asleep in the middle of the bed, with Sam sprawled out on her chest, his arm splayed across her face, and Eden and Charlie snuggled up on either side of her.

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Dad!Peter Maximoff headcanons
  • Peter decides to take a break from being an X-Men because he’s almost 30 and wants to do some things before it’s too late
  • One of those things is actually finding a girlfriend (you)
  • He meets you on accident and you guys easily connect over music and Twinkie’s
  • After awhile, Peter wants to pop the question, but before he can, you announce that your pregnant ( he asks you eventually)
  • He almost doesn’t know how to react. He’s scared and couldn’t be more ecstatic at the same time
  • Once he sees the worried look you have, he hugs you tightly and keeps repeating I’m gonna be a dad over and over. Even to random strangers. You refrain from smacking him when he does this
  • He’s so happy and can’t wait to meet the new baby
  • When the baby finally does come, it’s a girl and he couldn’t be happier. That was the first time you saw Peter cry.
  • She has your eyes and immediately had little wisps of silver hair. (She’s a total daddy’s girl)
  • Peter is always holding her, even when you insist she’ll live if she’s not in his arms for two seconds. (Cue arguments whenever he doesn’t let you hold her)
  • His mom and sister would’ve kidnapped her if Peter hadn’t been smart enough to distract them with baby photos
  • He loves to bring you lunch at work, meaning most days you get to see your baby and Peter before you go home. Thank you kisses to both are a must. The baby always starts laughing when you kiss her nose (I hope it’s ok I based this one on a head canon you have @mllknhoney)
  • He sometimes goes a little too fast when dressing the baby, leaving you to put her clothes on the right way
  • You two always try to make her go to sleep at 8. Then you two snuggle in a pile on the couch for a couple of hours. (Which always ends with you two falling asleep, you snuggled into his chest)
  • More often than not, he offers to see what’s wrong if the baby starts crying
  • On your days off, you make Peter go do something by himself for a couple of hours, but he never knows what to do with out you
  • Some days it feels like she’s growing up too fast and others it feels like she will never be older than a newborn. It depends on how stressed you both are
  • You get them matching shirts
  • They were them all the time
  • You decide to get in on the action and buy a set of three so you can all match (it’s disgustingly cute)
  • Because Peter is such a Soft Boy™ you always make sure to at least hug him for a solid five minutes before leaving for work (he won’t admit it but he wants you to hug him always)
  • One day he gets a message from Charles asking where the hell he’s been and that he’s needed back with the X-Men.
  • You decided it would be better for you guys to move to New York near the school (thankfully your work place had a division near by)
  • But you couldn’t come with him until all your credentials and things got transferred to the new place, meaning it was time for a dad/daughter road trip (“Peter you are not running there with the baby.”)
  • Peter has never been more proud of himself. He was a dad. He was going to show e v e r y o n e his baby.
  • Hank opens the door to see Peter holding a baby. He isn’t sure what to say except for hi.
  • “Why do you have a baby?” “Well her mom and I-” I got it Peter" hank wants him to never bring that up again.
  • Charles is happy to see Peter back. They could really use him right now, as the team is getting overworked.
  • He just kinda sets the baby down on the desk. (“To answer your question, this is where the hell I’ve been.”)
  • He may have said that all a little too fast but Charles got the basics. The baby is asleep, giving the chance for him to tell Peter what’s happened since he basically disappeared.
  • A little sob interrupts the conversation, but “don’t worry I’m here baby girl.” stops the outburst from continuing
  • He follows Charles around, baby on his hip looking at what they’ve done with the mansion in the few years he was gone.
  • Then of course, babies get attention. Especially from bubbly teenagers named Jubilee.
  • The baby gets passed around. She really likes Kurt. Especially his tail. But he doesn’t listen to peters warning of her being grabby.
  • Then Scott and Alex are asking to hold the baby. Jubilee was one thing, but both of them shot beams out of their bodies…hell no.
  • The baby likes Ororo, and the feeling is kinda mutual. She likes that there is another mutant with hair similar to how hers is.
  • Then Peter notices Warren kinda edging his way into the circle to see what’s going on. Peter pretends he doesn’t notice the smile that finds its way onto his face when he gets to hold the baby.
  • Peter keeps bragging about how amazing and pretty you are and how nice it is to be in a relationship and how he hasn’t stolen anything in a long time.
  • Charles is extremely proud. he won’t admit it. But everyone can tell
  • (I think maybe Peter would use this opportunity to finally tell Erik he’s his son.) Peter just sees Erick and goes “Hi dad, here’s your granddaughter.” And hands him the baby.She instantly likes Erik. Erik on the other hand has no idea what to do with himself
  • At the end of the day, Peter sets his room back up for the night and calls you to tell you he loves you. You hear the baby giggling and yell at him for not making her go to bed yet but you love him too and you can’t wait to be back with your babies
  • When you finally do get to move, you can’t wait to meet everyone.
  • Warren begrudgingly answers the door. He smirks when he sees you on the other side, and flirts with you all the way to the professors office.
  • Which leads to him being super embarrassed when Peter calls him out on it. (“Hey bird boy stop flirting with my wife”) (Warren didn’t know. And now he’s blushing and Peters never gonna let it go)
  • “Hi, baby!” “Hi to you too.” “Not you Peter, I want my child.”
  • He pouts until you give him attention too.
  • He happily drags you around to meet everyone. Including Erik, who is kinda still in shock at the fact that he has a family
  • Warren is still embarrassed. You make it worse by teasing him about it. Everyone accepts you into the little group.
  • The three of you easily blend into life at the mansion. It’s not far from where you work and there is almost always a babysitter available.
  • Peter couldn’t be prouder of his girls and the feeling is mutual.
  • Taking a break from the X-Men is the best decision he has ever made

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Love CBC commentaries, especially when Kurt “bitches" about Yuzuru’s program like this:

“You know you’re a star when you do an Ina Bauer like that and the crowd go crazy…”

“Doesn’t change anything on the score sheet, but when you do a 3Lz-2T, when you could have done a 3T and then skate down the ice, do a 3A-3T, that’s showing off…”

(and many more XD)

to touch with the lips

Because I can count. Ten Kisses. Ten Days. I’m so going to fail at this, aren’t I?

There wasn’t much she knew for sure.

               She knew she liked coffee.

               She knew her favorite color was black.

               She knew was a morning person.

               And she knew Kurt Weller.

               She knew everything about Kurt Weller. Except for, well, how she really felt about him. Or what those feelings meant. Or what to do about them.

               But when Patterson cried and hugged her and said those words, all she could think about was Weller.

               How he was the first person she trusted (and who trusted her).

               How he was always there for her.

               How she felt when he was there. And when he wasn’t.

               How she felt when he looked into her eyes.

               How right it felt when they danced (was that really just yesterday?)

               And how, all of a sudden, she didn’t want to have any more doubts about this. They dealt in life and death situations daily now (because of her, she thought ruefully). She’d already been shot once, and she knew it could happen again. To any one of them, but especially to Kurt.

               And there he was, right in front of her. And she tried to explain, but words fell away when their lips met.

The Answers We Deserve

They eventually get back to work, after a few days off, and everything goes back to normal for the team. Well kind of normal. Jane isn’t with them. While the others go about business as usual, Jane goes through a series of meetings with Hirst to figure out the next steps of her new life. So when she shows up on one of those afternoons at the office, almost everyone is pleasantly surprised to see her, especially Kurt of course.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that those two are finally together, but still, he takes her into a private hallway to talk after she’s done greeting everyone else. “How’s it going? Is everything ok with Hirst? Did something happen?” He immediately asks her, suddenly feeling a panic wash over him as to why she’d end up at the office.

She gives him a smile and shakes her head. “It’s good to see you, too,” she chuckles. After spending so much time working together every single day and seeing each other for most of their waking hours, it felt strange to spend so much time apart. He returned her smile and felt the panic leave him. He leans over and kisses her cheek. “It is good to see,” he says.

She leans against the wall and he stands in front of her, hands on her waist, not caring that anyone could show up and see them. “How’s it going with Hirst?” He asks again, this time much more casually.

“Fine,” she replies, “just so many questions to answer and so many papers to sign. Who knew officially existing as a free woman took so much paperwork!”

He chuckles and before he could say anything, she quickly says, “she did have an interesting question though.”

“What’s that?” He wonders.

“She asked me if I wanted to see Shepherd,” Jane says and waits for his reaction.

“Oh?” Is all he says.

“I told her I needed to think about that,” she tells him, “but I think I know the answer… and I was wondering if… if you want to come see her with me.”

“Are… are you sure, Jane?” He asks.

And Jane nods. Confidently. “We said that when we catch her, we would get the answers we deserve,” Jane says, “and I know Nas is interrogating her but you and I both know there are questions that Nas won’t ask her.”

Kurt nods this time and feels Jane take his hands in hers. “I have so many questions, Kurt, as I know you do. And I need to get answers to them.”

He squeezed her hands gently, “I know,” he says.

“But I don’t want to go see her alone,” Jane whispers.

Kurt moves closer to her then, resting his forehead against hers, “and you won’t have to,” he whispers.

She doesn’t have to face her demons alone, not anymore, not that she has him now.

They will face them together.

And they will get the answers they deserve.