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Everyone should go see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It was fantastic!
Just a fair warning, it’s an action fantasy, not historical, but boy was it epic. 
Guy Ritchie never disappoints. The cast was amazing, especially Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law, and the soundtrack was absolutely flawless.
I went to see it in 3D and I had chills all over my body.  If you’re a big fantasy fan like me, you should definitely go see it.

AHS Imagine - Meeting Kit.


“We don’t allow visitations” 

the firm yet blunt response alluded that there was no way to get yourself out of this situation. For weeks you had been trying to get into the facility to visit your mother, but every time you tried, the answer was predictable.

“Y/N, I admire your determination, but no one is allowed to enter…especially little girls” Sister Jude was always known to be abrupt and egocentric which made you believe that the devil himself was standing in front of you.

You sighed; your mother shouldn’t even be in the facility, which frustrated you more as to why you couldn’t see her

“Can you at least give her this?” You motioned to the small blue box you held in your hand,

“May I ask what it is?” Sister Jude flashed a repulsive grin at you; you’ve bumped heads far too much with her to know her grins were perverse.

That box meant far too much to you to hand it to someone like her; she would crawl from hell to high waters just to keep her “hospital” out of suspect. From the second you turned 18; you went to the asylum every so often in hopes of getting in…but with Sister Jude, the chances of that were near to impossible.

“It’s a letter, and her favorite bracelet” you replied, hesitantly handing it to her,


Sister Jude took a deep sigh,

“It’s against the rules… I don’t know why I’m even considering it”

For the first time in years a real smile showed on your face,

“You don’t know how much this means to me Sister, thank you” You whispered, wiping the tears that unnoticeably left your eyes and shook her hand.

“Not a problem, now off you go!”  Sister Jude shooed you off,

“Wait, one more thing!”

“What now child?” Sister Jude eyed you,

“Tell her I love her” another smile curved on your lips, thinking about your mother’s reaction when she hears that. Frankly you’ve forgotten what she looks like, it’s been years since she first got admitted, but her smile is the one thing you would never forget.

“Very well” Sister Jude sighed again and turned away.

“Off you go” She repeated,

You turned on your heel letting out of your relief all in one sigh. As you turned the corner the exit was only meters away. The only thing you wanted to do more than leave was to go back and ask if your mother received your gift.

“Come here!” You heard Sister Jude say; a part of you thought it was meant for you, ever since your attempts to get in Sister Jude was always keeping an eye out for you.

“Yes sister Jude?” an quiet, frail voice of a women replied, it would have been helpful to recognize the workers but the only things you knew for damn sure was Sister Jude, and her irritating long finger that would always point you to the exit.

“Take this box and dispose of it immediately!” Embarrassment tainted your cheeks with pink and anguish filled your eyes with tears, never had you ever been so ashamed to make a deal with the devil. You stayed, listening to the conversation, to know where she would dispose of your precious gift.

“I don’t mean to disrespect Sister but…isn’t this meant for someone?”

“Sister Mary Eunice, I will not be questioned…. dispose of it” impatience was evident in sister Jude’s voice…assuming no one has spoken back to her before.

“I’m-I’m sorry…right away”

“I’ll do it” a male voice added itself into the conversation.

“I don’t care who does it, just get ride of that box!” Sister Jude’s heels clicked on the tiled floor, indicating her exit. Another pair of heels clicked away leaving you waiting to hear the man’s departure.

“I know you’re there” He said, you inched further away from the corner.

“I got your box,” He continued, making sure to shake it slightly.

You peeled yourself from the wall and made your way to where he stood,

“Give it” You said, reaching for the box. He pulled away slightly,

“Don’t you want to give this to your mom?” he questioned.

“I’ve learned the hard way to not trust anyone in here, so I’d rather wait and give it to her myself” With another huff you reached for the box again, but irritably enough he pulled away even further.

“I’ll give this to your momma, I know her…nice gal…doesn’t deserve to be here tho” he said with a shrug. You wanted to agree with him, your mom didn’t deserve to be in there… and from the looks of it he didn’t either. But with the stubbornness you got from your mother, your face stayed unpleased

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I got your box from being thrown out…doesn’t that say enough?”

You stayed silent.

“Listen, I know this box means loads to you, I’ll give it to your momma because I know she’d love to know it came from you”

“Thanks” You gave him a weak smile,

“And plus, why would I wanna hurt a pretty girl like you?” You felt your cheeks flush pink from his remark; he walked closer to the bard door, linking his arms around the bars.

“What’s your name?…For business purposes”  he smiled, waiting for your response.

“Y/N” you replied, caving into the large smile that hid between your firm lips.

“Well,” He whistled,

“Name well suited for a beauty like yourself” a giggle left your lips as you looked down to hide you flushed cheeks…something you also got from your mother…from what your father has said.

“And what’s your name?… for business purposes” you mocked with a smile, finally looking up. With his eyes on you and his bottom lip between his teeth, he gave you a contagious smirk that showed his right dimple,


And with that, he unlinked his arms from the bars and gave you a wink, before walking back into the place you’ve now realized; no one should be apart of.


First imagine! Any requests? :) will write about any character of any season of AHS!

i hope callie is having a good national siblings day with her siblings mariana, jesus, jude, and especially her brother brandon (whose sister is callie). love those siblings. siblings. callie and brandon are siblings. brallie is incest

I found a few photos from an article in… I believe it was Otomedia Vol. 3, August 2011. In it, they “interview” the Xillia characters over what they do during the summer and the answers are pretty great. So I thought I’d share my rough translations.

Q: What do you do when it’s hot out?

Jude’s Summer

For me, before I even realized it, I was in charge of all the meals. So of course, everyone wants something cold. And Alvin, he’ll purposefully be really clingy, saying “Juuuude, isn’t it hot out~?” Isn’t that kind of cruel? I don’t really mind preparing food, though. Usually, if anyone asks anything of me, I try to do what I can. Jeez!

Milla’s Summer

When it’s hot, usually I read books about humans and history. Recently, Leia and Elize said they wanted to go to the beach with me and made such a fuss until I agreed to go… oh yes, it was that time! Jude stealthily followed us after. If he wanted to come with us, he should have just said so. Humans can be so difficult to understand, sometimes. It would appear I still have much to learn.

Leia’s Summer

Back at home, I used to head out near the mountain and catch kabuto beetles that were thiiiiiis big! Oh, speaking of kabuto beetles, my childhood friend Jude… he’s a boy and yet he’s terrible with bugs. A long time ago, I put a buuuunch of kabuto beetles in his desk and he ended up crying…. huh? That could have been why he doesn’t like them? Yeah, I guess so~ …ah… yeah…. sorry, Jude.

Alvin’s Summer

Gotta be the beach. Open women and fun things to do when you’ve partnered up with one, right? If not that, I guess maybe leaning on Jude. If I do it enough, eventually he’ll sigh and make me something cold when we stop to rest, hehehe. But… when I do that, even if I’m just joking around, one glance from Rowen and I can’t take it. It’s like he sees right through me, and every time he looks I can feel the disapproval…

Elize’s Summer

I… stay in the basement. It’s dark, but it’s pleasantly cool, so it feels good? But… Leia said I should come play outside. Jude and Rowen asked me to play together too. I-it’s not that I don’t want to… but, being together with Milla is best, definitely! What about Alvin? Alvin’s… a liar, so I hate him.

Rowen’s Summer

If you are too careless, you could die, so you must possess great strength of spirit. Everyone, when you get to be my age, the heat of summer is suddenly… it can sometimes be a bit much. *cough*…… it’s okay to laugh there. However, even as summer threatens my life, all the women give me confidence, so I do not feel bad. But as far as I’m concerned, summer is detestable and I hate it.

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You were the reason I joined this tumblr community, and I just wanted to say thank you once more because you are amazing and I'm so grateful!! 💜💜


Dude, that’s awesome. You’re one of my all-time favorite writers, just so you know. I especially love Eden and Jude.

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I am so excited that hit the floor is being renewed more than anything. I'm just a little hesitant that BET is bringing them back because they don't really have a lot of shows with LGBT rep. I really hope they don't try to change anything and I hope James is still going to be involved.

I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED TOO!!! I literally thought it was over, I did.
I’ve never heard of BET, but at the same time they knew what they were signing onto when they took over control of HTF. Zude are the fandoms most popular ship. They will lose followers if they aren’t included. Plus James is so in love with Zude I don’t think he’ll let anyone do anything to his boys that he doesn’t want to happen. He’s very passionate about the show and especially Zero and Jude. Fingers are all crossed <3

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STILL WORKING THROUGH XILLIA and Im just forever amused by Milla. Especially when Judes parents were all, "What are your intentions with our son you cougar???", and she just chuckles at them for being silly humans.

Milla is a riot. She made a lot of the game enjoyable just for her humor alone

Moral Dilemma

I have an opportunity to buy a true mid-content wolfdog pup this season from a local breeder whose animals have impeccable well-documented lineage going back to very rare Arctic lines. The breeder wants to give me a steep discount and pick-of-the-litter because of my experience and connections to the rescue community. He has a take-back contract and his animals have amazing temperaments. This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

But I also don’t want to rush into purchasing a puppy if I plan to focus on rescue after my move. I’ve had up to five dogs in my care at a time before while fostering, and did actually enjoy the challenge, but I feel that I’m able to focus more of my attention on individual animals when I have fewer to care for. 

A wolfdog puppy would require all of my attention during the crucial socialization period, which would mean that I’d have to put rescue on the back-burner for the first year or so of the pup’s life. I feel that it would almost be selfish to set aside my rescue “duties” for a puppy, but at the same time, I have known for a while now that I have wanted the opportunity to raise one from square one, instead of taking on an animal, who, like Jude, has already learned bad habits as the result of improper training in previous homes.

Plus, Cabal and Jude would ADORE having a pup around - Jude, especially. 

I will be established at a new property by the time the pups are born, and can work in the rescue field up until the pup’s birth. Once I feel comfortable in caring for two wolfdogs and a high-octane GSD, I can go back to fostering.

In short, though, I really don’t know what to do because I am torn between my sense of duty as a rescuer, and my own dream of raising a wolfdog like this from a pup to show what kind of companion they can be when bred, raised, and trained correctly from the very start. 

I know that wolfdogs are kind of a small niche in the Tumblr dog-blog community, but I’d appreciate thoughts and suggestions nevertheless. 

#349: 'This Too, Shall Pass'

How Long Will I Love You: This Too, Shall Pass- One Shot #349
+past one shots
No visuals/song for this one.

If you had asked, Harry probably wouldn’t have remembered his own name, he was that tired. 

It was a rough season in the Styles house. Two toddlers, both with cases of ear infections, a six-year-old with a chest cold and a two-week-old with raging colic could take anyone out. There was little sleep all the way around and everyone was feeling a little on edge and exhausted. 

“Daddy, is the baby broken?” Followed by a round of rumbling and raspy coughing. 

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