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[Oh god, I’m SOBBING at the final episode of Asylum. And I’m not even halfway through. I never thought I’d cry over Jude when I first started this season and now I can’t stop sobbing. And I know that more heartbreak is coming.

Like fuck I’m glad I didn’t skip Asylum and gave it a shot. Some things triggered/upset me, but most of it didn’t. I LOVED Murder House. But Asylum is so much better to me. It’s just so emotional and in depth.

God, and I’ve had so many people say Coven is the best like how can anything be better than Asylum? So many interesting characters and individual stories. PERFECT character development in just 12 episodes. Especially with Sister Jude.

Sorry for this rambling I’m just in tears because Jude in the last episode is the most heartbreaking thing ever.]

AHS Imagine - Meeting Kit.


“We don’t allow visitations” 

the firm yet blunt response alluded that there was no way to get yourself out of this situation. For weeks you had been trying to get into the facility to visit your mother, but every time you tried, the answer was predictable.

“Y/N, I admire your determination, but no one is allowed to enter…especially little girls” Sister Jude was always known to be abrupt and egocentric which made you believe that the devil himself was standing in front of you.

You sighed; your mother shouldn’t even be in the facility, which frustrated you more as to why you couldn’t see her

“Can you at least give her this?” You motioned to the small blue box you held in your hand,

“May I ask what it is?” Sister Jude flashed a repulsive grin at you; you’ve bumped heads far too much with her to know her grins were perverse.

That box meant far too much to you to hand it to someone like her; she would crawl from hell to high waters just to keep her “hospital” out of suspect. From the second you turned 18; you went to the asylum every so often in hopes of getting in…but with Sister Jude, the chances of that were near to impossible.

“It’s a letter, and her favorite bracelet” you replied, hesitantly handing it to her,


Sister Jude took a deep sigh,

“It’s against the rules… I don’t know why I’m even considering it”

For the first time in years a real smile showed on your face,

“You don’t know how much this means to me Sister, thank you” You whispered, wiping the tears that unnoticeably left your eyes and shook her hand.

“Not a problem, now off you go!”  Sister Jude shooed you off,

“Wait, one more thing!”

“What now child?” Sister Jude eyed you,

“Tell her I love her” another smile curved on your lips, thinking about your mother’s reaction when she hears that. Frankly you’ve forgotten what she looks like, it’s been years since she first got admitted, but her smile is the one thing you would never forget.

“Very well” Sister Jude sighed again and turned away.

“Off you go” She repeated,

You turned on your heel letting out of your relief all in one sigh. As you turned the corner the exit was only meters away. The only thing you wanted to do more than leave was to go back and ask if your mother received your gift.

“Come here!” You heard Sister Jude say; a part of you thought it was meant for you, ever since your attempts to get in Sister Jude was always keeping an eye out for you.

“Yes sister Jude?” an quiet, frail voice of a women replied, it would have been helpful to recognize the workers but the only things you knew for damn sure was Sister Jude, and her irritating long finger that would always point you to the exit.

“Take this box and dispose of it immediately!” Embarrassment tainted your cheeks with pink and anguish filled your eyes with tears, never had you ever been so ashamed to make a deal with the devil. You stayed, listening to the conversation, to know where she would dispose of your precious gift.

“I don’t mean to disrespect Sister but…isn’t this meant for someone?”

“Sister Mary Eunice, I will not be questioned…. dispose of it” impatience was evident in sister Jude’s voice…assuming no one has spoken back to her before.

“I’m-I’m sorry…right away”

“I’ll do it” a male voice added itself into the conversation.

“I don’t care who does it, just get ride of that box!” Sister Jude’s heels clicked on the tiled floor, indicating her exit. Another pair of heels clicked away leaving you waiting to hear the man’s departure.

“I know you’re there” He said, you inched further away from the corner.

“I got your box,” He continued, making sure to shake it slightly.

You peeled yourself from the wall and made your way to where he stood,

“Give it” You said, reaching for the box. He pulled away slightly,

“Don’t you want to give this to your mom?” he questioned.

“I’ve learned the hard way to not trust anyone in here, so I’d rather wait and give it to her myself” With another huff you reached for the box again, but irritably enough he pulled away even further.

“I’ll give this to your momma, I know her…nice gal…doesn’t deserve to be here tho” he said with a shrug. You wanted to agree with him, your mom didn’t deserve to be in there… and from the looks of it he didn’t either. But with the stubbornness you got from your mother, your face stayed unpleased

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“I got your box from being thrown out…doesn’t that say enough?”

You stayed silent.

“Listen, I know this box means loads to you, I’ll give it to your momma because I know she’d love to know it came from you”

“Thanks” You gave him a weak smile,

“And plus, why would I wanna hurt a pretty girl like you?” You felt your cheeks flush pink from his remark; he walked closer to the bard door, linking his arms around the bars.

“What’s your name?…For business purposes”  he smiled, waiting for your response.

“Y/N” you replied, caving into the large smile that hid between your firm lips.

“Well,” He whistled,

“Name well suited for a beauty like yourself” a giggle left your lips as you looked down to hide you flushed cheeks…something you also got from your mother…from what your father has said.

“And what’s your name?… for business purposes” you mocked with a smile, finally looking up. With his eyes on you and his bottom lip between his teeth, he gave you a contagious smirk that showed his right dimple,


And with that, he unlinked his arms from the bars and gave you a wink, before walking back into the place you’ve now realized; no one should be apart of.


First imagine! Any requests? :) will write about any character of any season of AHS!

Ian as the caustic Canon Black in the BBC series “Strange”. A stunning show very well written with great highlight moments (many powerful scenes especially when John and Jude are trapped in the bus with the demon). The viewer is caught by the rythm of the action. And Ian plays masterfully the villain of the story. He also brings to the series a wicked sense of humor, very sarcastic especially when he talks to his young assistant. A good surprise. I highly recommend the series to those who have never seen it. Ian doesn’t cease to surprise me. He did various things never in the same style, in the same way. He had a great ability for playing everything.

@etnonsinthis is getting a thing.

“Hey, Emma,” Caroline says as she sits down next to her best friend. She had made sure to build high mental walls, not wanting her or Jude to read her mind. Especially Jude. “I have to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell Jude.” Say it. Just say it. Blurt it out. Get it off your chest. “I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant.”

Jude checked her watch for the fifth time in the past hour. She understood that Yuri had to practice constantly, she just wished he could get a break from time to time, especially on holidays. Jude sat on the couch in her living room, wine glass in her hand, staring at the television


i hope callie is having a good national siblings day with her siblings mariana, jesus, jude, and especially her brother brandon (whose sister is callie). love those siblings. siblings. callie and brandon are siblings. brallie is incest

Jonnor Drabble: Jude and Connor Make it Official

bitch–duck requested: Jonnor drabble request! Can you please write about either what you think went down in the tent (now that we know they kissed!) Or how Jonner would *officially* become boyfriends? Thank you!!

This is the second drabble I wrote off of this request.

Jude and Connor Make it Official:

Connor had been out of the hospital for weeks now. It was his first day back to school. The only thing that looked different about him where the crutches he had to walk with. The bullet had hit a major nerve ending causing temporary paralysis in his left leg. Jude was by his side the whole day, carrying his books for him, walking him to classes and sitting with him at lunch. Connor didn’t mind of course. He liked having Jude around especially now that Daria had spread that he had a crush on Jude and no one would talk to him.

After school, Jude and Connor met on the bench on the beach. Jude wasn’t leaving until late since Lena had a meeting.

“Thanks for helping me today,” Connor said, “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to,” Jude said, “You needed it.”

“Yeah well hopefully I can get feeling back in my leg and you won’t have to keep carrying my stuff for me. It feels pretty weird.”

“I don’t mind. I mean, you would do it for me.”
Connor nodded his head. “Yeah, I would. We’re never sneaking into a house again.”

“Yeah, why did we listen to Daria?”

“She was my girlfriend. I didn’t want her to get mad.”

“Do you feel any different? You know, after you broke up with her?”

Connor shook his head. “Not really. I mean besides her telling the whole class I have a crush on you.”

Jude fiddled with the bookcover on the textbook in his lap. “Well…do you?”


“Have a crush on me.” Jude looked up at Connor. “Do you?”

Connor looked suddenly nervous. He did have a crush on Jude. The more he denied it, the more he realized he was just lying to himself. The real problem was, he didn’t exactly know what to do about his crush on Jude. The kissing was nice, but he knew Jude wouldn’t let him keep doing it forever without a title or something. Jude was too noble for that. And he didn’t want it to seem like he was leading Jude on.

“I, um…” Connor stammered, “I…yeah.” He said it quickly. “I have a crush on you.” He looked away from Jude.

A small smile played on Jude’s lips. “Really?”

“Yeah. D-Do you have a crush on me?”

Jude was almost in the same predicament as Connor. He did have a crush on Connor. He knew that for sure now. But he had seen Connor’s dad. What had happened when his dad thought Jude was gay. He didn’t want Connor to get in trouble or get hurt. There was a high chance on that happening if they acted on their feelings.

“Yeah,” Jude finally said, “I have a crush on you.”

Connor looked up at Jude smiling. Jude smiled back at him. “So what do we do now?”

“I don’t know.”
Connor chewed on his lip. “We could…go out? Start dating.”

“Do you want to?”

“Do you want to?”


“Me too. But what about your dad and the kids at school?”

“We don’t have to tell my dad. I mean, he doesn’t really pay attention to what I do anyway. And the kids at school already think there’s something going on.”

“I guess. I just don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Connor pushed Jude playfully. “I’ll be fine.”

Jude smiled. “So you’re my…boyfriend now?” The thought made him chuckle.

Connor reached over and took Jude’s hand, lacing their fingers together. “Yeah. I’m your boyfriend.”

Jude blushed. Connor kissed him for the first time publicly. Not in Jude’s room, not in a tent, out in the open where anyone walking by could see.

A Jonnor Story: The Fosters’ Annual Vacation Trip

An anon requested: “Jude and Connor go on vacation with the fosters while dating and being all cute ughhhhh”

(This is my very first jonnor fanfic that I’ve written, so I hope you guys like it!)

It was the end of the summer. The time when the Fosters’ go on their annual vacation trip to the beach. The beach they go to takes about three hours to get to by car. Not much of a long ride, but long enough, especially for Jude. Jude wasn’t a big fan of car rides longer than half an hour, but this ride will be different. Not only will he be in the car with his unconditionally loving family, but he gets to spend this long, three hour ride with Connor. They’ve been dating for awhile now, and now that Connor’s dad has somewhat accepted their relationship, it’s much easier for them to spend time with each other. Jude and Connor have been excited for this trip all summer, and now it has come.

Everyone was packed up and ready to go, but Connor hadn’t come yet. Jude was waiting by his phone, anxiously. We’ve been overly excited for this trip all summer, why is he late? Jude thought.

After about ten minutes of waiting, Jude finally got a text from Connor.

“Sorry, Jude! I’m running late. I’m on my way now.”

“Okay,” he responded. He didn’t know what else to say. He just wanted his boyfriend to be there already.

Since Connor only lived about five minutes away, he didn’t take very long to get there. Connor got out of the car carrying a humungous suitcase, with a huge smile on his face.

Jude laughed, and sarcastically asked, “Why did you bring all of your stuff?”

Connor laughed, then said, “Because I want everything to be perfect, and I didn’t want to forget anything.” They both just stared at each other with ease.

Lena peeked out the front door of the house and said with a slight smile on her face, “I know you guys want some alone time before we leave, but we’re running late. So, Jude come get your stuff. We gotta hit the road.”

Jude and Connor walked slowly to the house, holding hands. Yes, they wanted to spend time with each other before they left, but they’ll have plenty of time in the car; even though they’ll be crushed between three other kids.

When they finally got inside, they both ran up to Jude’s room and grabbed Jude’s suitcase.

“I thought it would be forever until I saw you again,” Connor said. He grabbed Jude’s waist and pulled towards him until their foreheads and noses touched. Connor kissed him gently. It was only a few hours since they saw each other last, but for some reason it felt like an eternity for them. If only this lasted forever, Jude thought, trying not to smile.

“Guys, lets go!” Stef yelled from downstairs.

Jude and Connor pulled away from each other, and laughed. “Alright, we’ll be down there in a second,” Jude yelled back. They quickly kissed each other again, and headed downstairs.

The whole family was patiently waiting at the bottom of the stairs, staring at Jude and Connor.

“Aww, you guys are so adorable. Connor is carrying Jude’s suitcase for him! How sweet! ” Mariana said.

Jude blushed, it was like his cheeks were bright red apples.

“Thanks, Mariana, but we already know,” Connor said jokingly.

Stef and Lena already had everybody’s suitcases in the back of their car, except for Jude and Connor’s. Connor’s suitcase was going to be hard to fit in, considering it was twice as large as everyone else’s, but they managed.

They all crammed into the car; Lena driving, Stef in the passenger seat, and the rest shoved in the back. Jude thought it was going to be uncomfortable, but actually being closer to Connor than he’s ever been before was surprisingly comforting.

Even though the music in the car was cranked, and everyone was singing at the top of their lungs, cuddling in the back of the car was good enough for Jude and Connor. They even joined in. The song, “Don’t Stop Believing,” by Journey, was on, and Jude actually knew that song. They sang and sang until they couldn’t sing anymore. The two hours already passed, and for some reason, Jude and Connor felt suddenly tired. Jude put his head onto Connor’s shoulder, then Connor put his head right next to Jude’s. They fell asleep instantly, despite the obnoxiousness that the family was causing, with their singing and all.

The three hours passed, and the family finally arrived at the hotel they were going to stay at, the one right on the beach they go to every year.

Lena turned the car off, then said, “We’re here!” Jude and Connor woke up slowly but surely, realizing that they fell asleep. They didn’t intentionally fall asleep; it just happened. Jude and Connor looked at each other with happiness in their eyes.

“Yay! Beach time!” Mariana said, with so much enthusiasm. Callie just rolled her eyes at Mariana, like she thought that Mariana was way too excited.  

They all got out of the car and headed into the hotel to check themselves in. They got one of the biggest hotel rooms they could get, the one that comes with a huge space with a living room and a small kitchen, plus two separate bedrooms. Lena and Stef would have one of the bedrooms to themselves, and the rest would fight between sleeping in the living room on the futon, or sleeping in the other bedroom on the comfy bed.

When they got to their room, after Lena and Stef clearly said that they had their own room, Mariana immediately said, “I don’t really care where I sleep, to be honest. I actually think that Callie, Jude, and Connor should be able to choose first, because they are the only ones that haven’t gone on this trip with us before.”

Stef responded to Mariana, “Okay, fair enough.” Lena and Brandon shook their head in agreement.

“Umm, well, I’ll sleep wherever Jude sleeps. I mean, that’s a given,” said Connor with a loving smirk on his face towards Jude.

“Well, of course,” Jude shot back, blushing.

“Okay, stop that cuteness! It’s making me jealous of your guys’s relationship,” Mariana said towards the two, “What if I sleep on the futon with Callie, and then you guys and Brandon sleep in the bedroom? Does that sound fair?”

“Sounds good to me,” Brandon responded, in an agreeing and disagreeing kind of tone.

“That’s totally fine with me!” Connor said, with a smile on his face. Then, took a hold of Jude’s hand and asked, “Is it fine with you?”

“Of course, boyfriend,” Jude responded back, with a slanted smile on his face and what looked like a sparkle in his eye.

Sometimes they call each other boyfriend instead of calling each other their real names. Everyone thought it was the most adorable thing ever, which it was. It was their thing, and to be honest, it’ll probably always going to be their thing.

Now that the whole sleeping thing was finalized, it was time to get their swimming suits on and go to the beach.

“I’m first!” Mariana shouted. Even though there were technically three rooms in one entire hotel room, they only had one bathroom, so they all had to take turns changing into their swimming suits, except for Jude. He had already put on his swimming trunks before leaving the house, and even before Connor got there. At the time, he thought, why not?

After everyone changed, they finally headed down to the beach. While walking down there, Connor said, “I’ve been so excited for this! Thanks again for letting me come, Lena and Stef.”

Lena and Stef, exactly at the same time, said, “No problem, Connor!”

Lena then added, “Connor, you are always welcome to come anywhere with us. You’re pretty much part of the family!”

“Thanks Lena! That means a lot.”

They finally arrived at the beach.

“Come on, lets go and swim!” Jude said, with more enthusiasm than anyone has ever heard from him before.

Jude and Connor clung onto each other’s hands and quickly skipped into the ocean. Once they got there,  and got into what looked like two feet of water, Connor splashed Jude with the water a lot harder than he’d like to.

“It got into my eyes!” Jude said.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” Connor replied.

Then, Jude splashed Connor back with a massive wave of water, “How about that!?”

They both laughed, and then both of them leaned in to kiss each other. Jude’s head was in Connor’s hands. Jude’s hands were holding Connor’s waist. They kept kissing while the family was watching them. They both felt so comfortable; it didn’t matter who saw them. They started going in circles in the water, still kissing, then Connor accidentally falls, which causes both of them to fall.

“Oh my gosh! Are you guys okay? That was kind of a hard slip,” Mariana said, sounding very concerned.

Jude and Connor were just laying in the water laughing.

“Yeah, we’re perfectly fine,” said Jude, still laughing.

Mariana helped them get up, and said, “I know I’ve said this so many times, but you guys are so cute! What’s your ship name? Like…Jonnor? Yeah, Jonnor! I ship it. I so ship it!”

“Thanks, Mariana. I ship it too!” Jude said, laughing.

Jude, Connor, and Mariana all walked up to where the rest of the family was. They were all sitting on their very own beach chairs. Jude and Connor didn’t want to sit on separate ones, so they just shared one.

“Ahh, this is nice. The sun is hot and there is a slight breeze, which I love,” Connor said, laying next to Jude.

“Yeah. I love it, especially because I’m here with you,” Jude replied, then looked at Connor and winked.

Close together, cuddling, holding hands, spending time with each other; it was like they were living in a dream. Jude leaned in and kissed Connor. Connor’s lips felt like silk to Jude; they were warm and soft.

They pulled away from each other, smiled, and then Jude said, “So, do you want to go back into the water or, what?”

“What if I bury you into the sand? It’ll be hard, but also fun at the same time,” Connor said back.

“Umm, okay?”

“Come on!” Connor said, practically dragging Jude off the chair with his hand into the sand.

“How are you going to do this, exactly?” Jude asked.

“We’ll figure something out. Mariana, Callie, come help me!”

They got up and walked towards Jude and Connor in the sand. “Help dig a hole big enough to fit Jude!” Connor told them. They all started to dig a hole, including Jude. Once they got a big enough hole, Connor playfully pushed Jude into the hole.

“Guys, don’t cover his head. I mean, obviously you guys probably know that, but don’t cover that cute face of his,” Connor said, winking at Jude.

“Yeah, I don’t want to suffocate and die,” Jude replied, laughing.

After they finished covering him, the only thing that was visible was Jude’s head.

Jude said, “So, what now?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to see you covered with sand. I know, stupid right. But, it was fun!” Connor said, “Oh, wait, lets take a photo. Just for memories and good laughs.”

“Sure, whatever you want boyfriend,” Jude replies back, then smiles and winks at Connor.

After Connor took a photo, they all helped uncover him.

“Man, it was steeping hot in that sand,” Jude said, now back on the chair with Connor.

“I bet! I mean, it is like 200 degrees out here,” Connor responds.

“Oh, that’s because I’m here,” Jude says, laughing.

“That is definitely true,” Connor says, looking straight into Jude’s eyes.

“I love you,” Jude says without hesitation.

“I love you more,” Connor shoots back.

Their heads touch, both looking into each other’s eyes. Feeling each other’s warm breath, they kissed each other ever so softly. Connor’s hands running through Jude’s hair. Jude’s hands holding the side of Connor’s head. In this moment, everything was blocked out; the beach, the family, the sun, everything. It was just them, and in this moment, it was the best feeling Jude and Connor had ever felt.