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Do you have any tips on how to not forget that characters exist when writing scenes? (especially nonverbal characters)

Good question, glad you asked. I still struggle with this and I think most seasoned writers do. Even on stage and in film it’s awkward to have extra characters standing around doing nothing.

  • Begin with making your readers aware who is present. Give everyone a line or an activity explaining their purpose in being there without sounding like a roll call.
  • During the scene occasionally have the nonverbal characters interact with the speaking characters or engage in side conversations with each other. 
  • Let them react to the conversation, environmental elements, or personal issues (laughing, zipping up their coat, checking their phone). 
  • Occasionally a look or gesture can reflect the motives of a side character. You can focus on it, or leave it vague and seemingly innocuous.  
  • Keep the balance between attention on the main speakers and reminding the reader who’s present. You don’t want to interrupt an important conversation by constantly checking on what the side characters are up to or focusing on meaningless interactions. 

Next time you’re in a group, pay attention to what the non-speakers are doing. The same goes for watching a group in a film or on stage, observe what the director has the background characters doing.

Positives From That Episode:

•Sam’s torture getting another acknowledgment. AND FROM SAM HIMSELF.
•Sam telling Mary that his pain matters too (being tortured) and that it should be a valid reason to be against the BMoL
•Sam and Dean sharing that laptop
•Sassy Crowley
•Dean fumbling to put the blade back
•J2 looked hot in that episode, especially in the last scene
•Gavin got a happy ending
•Rowena looked on point as always

Will you help me, Aramis fans? :)

So I guess this mostly addresses book! Aramis fans and everyone else who’s familiar with the d’Artagnan Romances book canon:
According to you, which are the top 3 most significant/characteristic Aramis quotes or scenes described in the books?
Especially from Twenty Years After and Man in the Iron Mask (that is, the years where Aramis gradually transforms into the ambitious ahem, monster [oops] he becomes towards the end, not the sweet peach he is in the first book.)  For example: “Yes, and leave Porthos behind me, to talk and relate the whole affair to every one,- Porthos, who will suffer, perhaps! I will not let poor Porthos suffer. He is one of the members of my own frame; his grief is mine. Porthos shall leave with me, and shall follow my destiny. It must be so.”, see?
Of course, there’s a good reason why I’d like to read a few thoughts on 40+yo Aramis from the devoted fans , but I’m not really gonna tell you, I’m asking for a friend :P 

But hey, I can always gif Aramis stuff in return :3

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You were distracted by the editing in the end Bellamy scene to?! I thought I was the only one. As soon as the piano started, I was thrown. I really thought they could have made some better choices, but I'm also not in the television making business.

I’ve talked to a couple people that found parts of the last scene frustrating! Especially that a lot of camera time was on Echo or Roan in what should (possibly) be Bellamy’s biggest dramatic moment of the show.  That kind of threw me, but I also wasn’t wild into the close ups through the bars…and something about the performance choices of that scene felt kind of off to me?  Bob’s a phenomenal actor and I’m sure he was giving all the versions of the scene that the script or director called for, it just didn’t quite land on me the way it clearly did for most of the intended audience (which is good!  it may not have worked for me but I’m glad it worked for others.)  

I think it was that his immediate devastation reaction is more like what I would expect if Bellamy found Octavia’s body himself, right there. But since it was only given news…I think it came on a little fast?  Like there could have been more denial or lashing out before going right to despair.  The moment seemed a little underwritten. And it didnt seem to me to best show off Bob’s talent as an actor.

But, I still loved the scene as part of the overall story. And i really liked the Bellamy/Kane moment preceding it, when Bellamy’s already looking somewhat lost and disillusioned. The choice to include his frustration and potential loss of hope even before Octavia ‘dies’ is perfect, because I think even after he gets her back, this event will do serious damage to Bellamy’s sense of purpose this season.  The strong guy who told Clarke “We’re still breathing” may reach a break point before we’re done, and I don’t think it will be quite yet.

TGF Thoughts: 1x01-- Inauguration

For those of you familiar with my posts, you know what this is. For those of you new to this fandom, I write obnoxiously long recaps of every episode (and you can find them all here). I started doing this with 6x01 of The Good Wife and I’m continuing the tradition for The Good Fight. They’re obnoxiously long because I try to be detailed, but they’re in bullet points so it should be easy to skip around and find comments on a particular scene. 

As always, I’m happy to elaborate/explain/discuss any of the ideas in here. I’m hoping to get a 1x02 recap up before 1x03 goes live, but we’ll see. 

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Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)


susan/frieda + strength

At this point in episode 5,

I hope I’m not the only one

who actually thought (or rather wished for) that Victor will appear, and grab Yuri’s waist.