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Okay, it’s official. I will be doing some romance novel reviews!

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Just. After the holiday… You know what else I’ll be doing then?


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So if you wanna get in on the nobility/royalty au ones or send a different one, do it! Socially since I might be bingeing on all the holiday movies for inapiration.

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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(x)(x) An update for the wedding! Congrats Matt & Marisha <3.


More art for that one Klance AU i made a while back !! 

I love drawing inhuman ears, they can be so expressive. 
I guess i felt a little angsty today iDK keith is suffering, lance saves him and they watch over eachother a lot and after fights where theyre both hurt theyre just relieved that the other is alive.


Anakin Skywalker: 41 BBY — 4 ABY

Luke Skywalker: 19 BBY  — Present (34 ABY)