especially in this one

couples who are the same zodiac sign (especially gay/lesbian ones) are CHAOTIC forces to be reckoned with….even if you dont believe in astrology like the sheer self-involved mental stimulation of two people who know they are both aquariuses is exhausting for anyone in the room




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Only in the world of retail is it "reasonable" to take a workload befitting a crew of 8 or 9 people, and expect a night crew of only 3 people to complete it 3 hours. Especially when only one of us is able to be out on the floor.

skewed. skew. skewer. skewered.

Not like a needle, with its blunt one-eyed end; not like an umbrella, with its smooth curved hook, with its barbed tent. Not like a good argument, where only one side wins; not like a political debate where no one… dull dull dull for everyone listening, no matter where they stand. Not a sword with its cross-guard; not a dagger hilted.  Sure not a monk seated. 

Sometimes it is a dire struggle to come up with an example, with a metaphor apt or appropriate enough. Occasionally, there simply is no such thing, in some cases, that is fit to describe a connection this… mutually sharp and penetrating.

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I was listening to She's Always a Woman to Me by Billy Joel and it reminded me of shallura (ok but imagine shiro singing jazz to allura like)

Jazz Bar AU: Shiro in a tux singing jazz numbers on stage. The other Paladins are the band (Hunk plays double bass don’t tell me he doesn’t). Allura comes in most nights a week cos it’s her favourite bar (and she lowkey has a crush on the handsome jazz singer okay). Shiro notices that she keeps coming in and starts singing songs especially for her, glancing meaningfully in her direction and occasionally winking.

One day they have open mic night and Allura gets on stage and sings for Shiro and Shiro is SHOOK

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

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Hi! I love your work, you are very talented and I can't wait to see more!! (especially the nsfw, those were hot lol) But in one of your latest posts you mentioned liking some really good English fanfiction. I was wondering if you had any Snape/Hermione ones to share? -3- Thanks!

Thanks! I’ve read many Snape/Hermione fanfictions….but the problem is, I don’t bookmark them (except a few on The Petulant Poetess and Ashwinder because I have accounts there) so I don’t remember all the title of the ones I like! I will just list some fics I remember I like and those in my short bookmark list…

Doing it for the Order by Desert_Sea
→ I followed this one from the beginning to the end, it’s pretty recent and very well done so it’s the first fic I remember! Go read this one if you haven’t!

Hermione Granger and the Intended Vessels by Severely_Lupine
→ I originally read this in Ashwinder. I really really really like this fic. Seriously. Snape is so…..Snape here. The plot is also amazing (but maybe a bit disturbing for some people? idk. I enjoy it personally). This fic made me feel so much!

Denial by little beloved
→Best adultery fic I’ve read.

In Annulo by ladyofthemasque
→ I read this a long time ago so I don’t remember the details of the story much, but it has a nice plot! For some reason this fic is the only fic I had bookmarked from The Petulant Poetess…

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time by Aurette
Of Muggles and Magic by Aurette
→ Everything by Aurette is good. These two are my favorite.

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal
→  The best story I’ve read where Severus is a dad!

In the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
Outside the Potions Classroom by happilyjaded
→ A fun read XD (the latter is the continuation of the former btw)

Unkissed by chivalric
→ One of the Snape got pranked!fics I like

Don’t stand so close to me by Fayth
→ Great use of the song lyrics!

When I Cursed The Teacher by cathedralcarver
→ This one is funny XD
“ Snape starts to court Hermione. Convinced that he’s under some sort of curse, Hermione enlists Bill Weasley’s help.”

Pride, or What Goeth Before a Fall by Toodleoo
→ That one where Hermione thought Snape was gay….LOL

I think it’s important to refrain from putting political labels on this Israeli Jewish guy who was arrested for the bomb threats. It’s possible he’s affiliated with an extremist group, and it’s possible he’s not. So many people on the left (goyim especially) were certain from day one that the bomb threats were the result of “Trump’s America.” Please be cautious about inclinations to make the story fit your narrative when we have so little information.

Shadows of the Past: The Hunted 《 SLBP x Bleach Cross-over 》 Chapter Sixteen

Three days later, back in Karakura Town; a certain young lady sighed heavily as she tried on a formal kimono.

Masamune begrudgingly went ahead with the arrangement of the meeting with both the Date and Takeda families.

However, this wasn’t just a political marriage.

The fact that Shingen had fallen hard for Masamune’s daughter was public.

Most ladies were quite jealous, and also disagreed with the match.

Lady Date, however, ignored those remarks. Especially the ones flying out of Yoshihime’s mouth.

________, however, was a trifle bit more vocal towards her (evil) grandmother.

“_______. I cannot wait to see your life get ruined-”

“Granny. Do you really want me to feed you to Metastacia; proceed to hack you limb from limb; perform a Konso and literally send you straight to hell-? I mean…I can do it-”

She had her blade unsheathed; Yoshihime backed up against the wall.

“A simple word of advice: if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all. Because if you do. I. WILL. END. YOU.”

Lady Date sighed. None of the Date men were as violent as ____.

As for herself…she was the kick-ass type….but her daughter was on a whole new level of badass bordering terrifying.

In other words….she’d basically raised a dragon in human form.

She dreaded the meeting if ________ went there in a foul mood.


At the Takeda mansion, everyone was rushing to prepare for the young lady’s arrival.

Kiku, Shingen’s niece, had barely known _______ for a short while and was happy that her uncle liked the lady.

That being said, she was quite concerned about the rumours flying around about their age difference.

As if the Takeda Clan even bothered with such trifling matters.

Shingen was his usual boisterous self; keeping his family and retainers in check.


Meanwhile, Nobunaga, who had just found out about Shingen’s impending proposal to ______, decided to steal her from him.

But how-?

Even if he did try anything; he was pretty sure he’d wind up in hell. Literally.

Anything to take down that old geezer would be fine.


Uryu had invited Ieyasu to the Ishida household, where it was just himself and his father, Ryuken.

Ieyasu, though silent and being his usual salty self, managed to learn a great deal about Quincy’s and their archery skills and styles.

“So Miss Date has the same powers as a Quincy-”

“Shinigami as well as onmyouji-” Ryuken finished. “That being said-” he stopped, “- ah, never mind.”


Back at the Takeda mansion, a maid bolted in into the main hall.

“The Date clan has arrived-”

Shingen got up to greet them.

Time to formally meet the one woman who can (and probably will) knock him back to Earth if (and when) needed.


Sorry for a short Chapter again 😢😢😢😢 But enjoy it.

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I'm new to SG and aside from some of the things that have happened this season I love it. I also love Katie and I'm thrilled that she is a big part of it now. However, all the fandom fights make me sad. Especially the ones between the supercorp and sanvers fandom. I would've thought they would get along really well, I was surprised to see the opposite. And I know there's some bad eggs, like in any fandom but it also makes me sad that because of certain people all the fandom gets 'typecast'

First of all, allow me to welcome you! I hope you are able to enjoy the sunny side of this fandom!

I agree with you completely anon. I just had a long post about this type of stuff. It is unfortunately something you will see in any fandom. There are always going to be problematic fans. There are always going to be those that insist on ship wars. There are always going to be those that insist because your ship isn’t canon (and probably won’t be) that you are lesser than for appreciating them or that your ship isn’t deserving of the attention on screen.

I have seen some very generalized hate posts out there that are aimed at an entire fandom and I have gotten to a point where I just ignore the minimal hate and block the persistent ones. Rather than combating them, I seek to be supportive to those that feel put down, or even triggered because of other fans’ behavior. That is why you will never see any blatant hate on this blog.

Expressing your opinion is always encouraged, but respect is key. There are plenty of good people in this fandom that love their ships and even have multiple ships or no ship at all! So it has been my advice for a couple months now to look to them. Pay no mind to those that intentionally seek to tear characters, fans, ships, or actors down with the sole purpose of hurting another. Stick to the positivity and you’ll find that your experience is much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the ask anon! I hope this helps you feel better :):)

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Jw, did you get some sort of sick pleasure by building up your readers' hope then shitting all over it. it's hard af to find bottom viktor fics, especially semi-coherent ones that don't read like they were written by 15 year olds.You said you wanted to break stereotypes?By yet again writing the guy who is whole 4(!1!) years older and like 2 inches taller than his partner as the dominant? Ground breaking stuff here. i wouldn't care if you stayed in your own power bottom!1! yuuri lane but why bait

Since you decided to follow me here and didn’t keep your whining to comments… 

I never once used the term bottom Victor. It’s not in the tags, never was, never will be. I used the term Omega Victor, which is correct. 

Omega DOES NOT immediately mean bottom, so who’s falling into stereotypes if they read it that way, huh?

They switch, get over it. Neither is purely top or bottom. Victor isn’t dominant, he’s actually more likely to tend submissive due to the gender dynamics. Yuri is slightly more dominant by nature, but doesn’t want to exploit it. 

They’re equals. And that’s more beautiful than any discussion of who’s plugging what when. 

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My pun loving student told me this one: Who did the ghost ask to the dance? His boo of course! (Love your portrayal of II btw and hope you're feeling better 😊)

[ oh my goodness, okay - if there’s one thing I love more than regular ol’ silly puns & jokes - it’s halloween-esque related puns & jokes.
especially ones with ghosts?? aaaaa this was so precious!

thank you so much for this love, this was fantastic honestly, and it absolutely picked up my mood even further. and thank you also, that really means the world to me! 💕 ]

Oh my god, so, I get really annoyed and humiliated whenever my mom or anyone else (mostly only my mom) laughs at my pronunciation of words but something I’ve found is that knowing another language (even if I’m rusty avec français, soupir) causes me to pronounce some (even English!) words, especially ones I haven’t heard pronounced before, as a bastardization of Franglais. Which is HILARIOUS. For example, I don’t pronounce “premise” like “preh-miss” which according to Google is the proper way to pronounce it; no, no, I pronounce it “preh-meez” which is totally a combination of the pronunciation of the French word (prémisse - “pray-meese”) and an English pronunciation (following the beginning ‘correct’ sounds of the word with my pronunciation ending with a “z” sound).